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Delphos Courant (Newspaper) - July 2, 1955, Delphos, Ohio Advertising in the courant pays Delphos courant All the news of Delphos and Vicinity Price four cents july 1955 ten pages steelworkers strike ends today fades in search of lost airmen body found in plane wreckage Jon Island South of Tokyo victim believed to be first Alan Murdoch Mcaneny of Yon n who was aiding in the directing search Are pessimistic about chances of finding any of the missing men Tokyo ins a body believed to be that of one of four missing Marine airmen was found today on an Island Softli of the Navy announced that the victim was believed to be first Alan Murdock Mcaneny of who was lost in a fighter plane while searching for two other Marine airmen missing since Mcaneny disappeared tuesday and a Marine was lost in a search helicopter crash wednes the body was found in plane wreckage by japanese residents on Oshima 60 Miles South of an american search party Hur ried to the scene and sent word to Tokyo that the wreckage of the plane was positively identified As Mcaneny fj2 the wreckage was found on the South slope of volcanic mount officials directing the search in its fifth Day were increasingly pessimistic about chances of finding any of the men weather conditions were reported fairly Good today with some Low hanging Clouds but seas were Hope that any of the missing airmen would be found alive faded during the night with the Only thread of optimism entered on three widely spaced radio signals picked up by the air Force thurs the third signal was so faint As to be almost two of the missing Leatherneck Hagen Montague of and second David Bell of went aloft sunday Only to Check gunnery equipment in montages their twinset skylight Marine fighter became lost in the fog and ran out of fuel about 60 Miles South of they radioed an sos at 3 while the Hunt for the downed airmen was in a search plane piloted by Alan Mcaneny of vanished in a Cloud Batik late wednesday a thus far was believed drowned when a search helicopter ran out of fuel and crashed into the three other marines aboard the copter were rescued disabled bomber makes Safe Landing Columbus Ono of the air forces biggest Jet bombers circled the Columbus area four hours thursday before making a Safe Landing with one of its six engines completely torn from the plane and iwo others out of opera the under the command of major Louis lost the engine near Van Burn shortly after it had refuelled in midair from a kc97 observers reported that the engine fell in flames near the farm Home of and Wil Liam filter centers ordered the plane to attempt a Landing at lock Bourne air Force base near co Garvin said he had to Circle to use up fuel in order to land it safety with reduced Garvin added that he didst think of abandoning the ship because our prime concern to get it Back Down on the the b47 bomber is valued at s3 testimony shows reds plot against government los Angeles ins a who Ness before the House subcommittee on Una Merican activities said that the communists were plotting the overthrow of the american government More than 20 years testimony to that effect was Given thursday by William Kim retired policeman who joined the Corr Monist party and served As a police spy in los Angeles for 11 the reds threw him out in 1939 when they Learned that he was a police in Kimple told the subcommittee that in during the depth of the the communists recruited sailors and marines to Drill a militant red unit made up of exse vice woman and the unit was Kimple As a defense against constituted meaning the its object was to protect speakers from the police at communist the women were instructed to carry umbrellas and use them against any police raiding red demonstrations while the men ordered to Wear carpenters uniforms so they could legally Arm themselves with Kimple related that the reds were instructed to infiltrate the California National Washington tied up by transit strike Washington ins a transit strike paralysed Public transportation in the nations capital to Day and government employees inched their Way to work through a Kin size traffic traffic clog ged Washington principle cars seeking to Cross the 14th Street Bridge across the Potomac were backed up beyond the huge Pentagon More than a mile from the Entrance to the scores of minor accidents occurred but police said no major collision had been reported during the morning Rush predictions of a late afternoon Thunder Shower made officials apprehensive about the afterword the third of its kind to hit Washington i 10 was called Edt when negotiations Between the Al transit Union and the capital owned by financial wizard Louis Wolf congressional action aimed at ending the strike was shaping Morse said he would press for legislation stripping Wolfson of his transit the senator charged that the Wolfson group seeks to squeeze every bit of financial Cream out of plus system and turn the skim milk Over to the state sales tax revenues increase Columbus sales tax revenues from the Sale of prepaid tax receipts for the week ending june 18 reached a near record figure of the state treasurers office said it was the third time i the Calen Dar year that the total reached More than the total reflects an 18 per cent increase Over last years collection of for the corresponding week ended on june no liquor says Roy Brooklyn dodgers sits left with his William before appearing at new York statist investigation commission probe into alleged graft arid in the liquor authority in new Campanella denied them any payoff i Transfer of his liquor License he bought the store for it doing it wits disclosed that the dodgers advanced approximately of the used to establish Ultra Modem store in Harlem International what noted people Are saving Washington foreign affairs committed Jashes d the heart of India is with the democratic1 institutions no matter what their leaders May say and no matter How much v Krishna Menon May try to betray foreign minister Pyun warns communists will renew attack Ori his country if for Mosa Arica is neutralized by big would surely be drawn into Seoul ins foreign minister Pyun world today that the communists will attack South Korea anew if the Formosa Strait area is neutralized in the coming big four Summit conference at the Rok statesman told inter National news service i an exclusive interview red China must attack in South Korea to save face if she fails to carry out her threats to liberate if there is a truce and Formosa is then the communists will move he de that Way they can claim their threats against Formosa were Only Pyun continued red China now fears two fronts May be opened simultaneously against if one front is then the communists will feel in attacking the other the foreign minister declared it would be much easier today for the communists to score a final Victory in Korea than to take for he said the capture of Formosa would require Hardt Offet planes and amphibious but that in Korea the communists were Al ready poised North of the 38th parallel with a Well equipped army backed by a modern air five years Pyun the communists were hampered by a slow logistical Supply but he said that today they could swamp South Korea by launching a big sustained Pyun predicted the would surely be drawn into the conflict if the communists attack in Korea and that Many allies would prob ably jump into the but he said he believed such action would be Only a move to repel the As and that the communists would be Able this time to Stop Allied sup plies and reinforcements by bomb ing shipping in the communists could push a sustained attack in Korea for two to three Mont Lis without a Pyun i dont see How we could Stop he Washington ambassador Vallarino of president out med the purposes of his trip to which he said was not with the Complete Hope of accomplishment but with the desire of at least coming to an under standing that would Stop the condition with which the world is now Quick Dixon rates Victory is predicted Washington foreign operations administrator Harold Stassen the path before us is Clear the task of building an enduring peace must be Basel not Only upon a lowering of tension and lessening of armament with but also upon the creation of expand dog economics throughout the rules issued for Sale driving Over july 4th weekend Chicago 1hs the biggest Holiday on wheels in americas history is what the National safety Council terms the fourth of july Holiday during the three Day Holiday an expected traffic volume of 40 Mil lion automobiles will be in the safety Council predicts 380 persons will be killed on the High ways from 6 today until Midnight How can that toll be Cut the safety Council gives these six rules in How to stay alive drive about 10 Miles per hour below your Normal Start in plenty of time so you wont have to hurry to reach your stay dont distractions take your mind off the ser ious business of dont compete with the other let him have the right of pass other cars one at a and be sure you have a Clear margin of dont change lanes without and leave plenty of room Between you and the car slow Down at Sundown so you can Stop in the Range of your head avoid driving when sleepy or senator Kefauver makes forecast after orders new study to deter Hift whether the project since Memphis is to build its own Power or Washington m demo cratic foes of the Tho Yates con tract confidently predicted Quick Victory today in their yearlong a tuft with House for cancellation of the private Power new i Elizabeth Slatzer of Somer will observe her 103rd birthday with her daughter Satur Estes Kefauver d made the forecast after president ordered a new study fir determine the project necessary inasmuch As the Cus Rof going to build its own Power title Senate appropriations com May 1 Trio toward killing the contract at c meeting today when it considers for the Tennes see Vauney Kefauver said democrats on the committee would move to Elm taste a proposed appropriation building transmission shies to carry Dixon acts Power to the Tva this Power would replace electricity which the Tva must feed to the atomic Energy the House and a Senate appropriations subcommittee have voted to approve the but tie presidents order has changed the whole situation the White House said he based his order on the decision of Mem Phis authorities to build their own Power facility rather than accept electricity from the proposed 100 million Dollar Dixon Yates the tvs Board of directors agreed that the private Power facility at is no longer budget director Rowland r who will conduct the study for the president together with the atomic Energy commis promised fast action and indicated the Survey would be completed within a Hughes told Kefauver during an unusual night session of the senators monopoly investigating sub committee thursday night that cancellation of the contract was one of the probable consequences of Eisenhower a Cave Omart c at if 0 r in a Assembly than Charles kisses tils wife at portico Sta Tion in los Angeles after re fusing to sign an assault com plaint against she topped on that nude Domo with an antique Glass arid 31 stitches wore required to close International agreement reached by negotiators shortly before noon ins All 18 year old Soldier stationed at was killed late thursday when his army jeep skidded and crashed into a Utility pole abut four Miles cast of nor the Clyde was driving to the Erie ordnance de pot near port Clinton Lor artillery for Senate investigators seek More new York reporters named us spies hearing on Burdette vast ends after two strike lasts less than hours settlement Calls average increase of More than 15 cents an steel employee Pittsburgh ins a nation id strike of the Basic steel usury was ended today an Gree Merit Between United feel orders Union and n average increase cents oven a half per Waga provide for a Basei Dicrease or the f cents in new agreement by any Grants split among the 32 Job of totalling six men Iirth t i w Hood comments Reg Merit which Ivor kers 10 dead in plane crash transport hits Pinnacle Rook on sit Iziak Island Navy search Pilot wreckage Treme air stir Bulander prevents Parachute of medical ins air Force investigators today probed the wreckage Supply transport plane that carried 10 their deaths in a crash a Clou obscured alaskan As 8 portuguese pilots killed in plane crash Lisbon m eight out of portuguese Jet pilots were killed today when their planes crashed into a in the worst Acci Dent i the history of the Portu Guese air first reports said the Accident occurred in a officials immediately cancelled an air Force show being held in Celebration of air Force the Jet Squadron took off from Ota Airport for a special flight part of the celebrations and were under command of Rangel de pour planes later including the captains and the search began for the other wreckage of the planes and the bodies of the pilots were found in the Caralho Mountain Range near about 150 Miles North of Lisbon men to against dispatches from Kodiak said eight bodies had been recovered and two others were believed held fast in the tangled Oil covered the transport hit a Pinnacle Rock on Remote Siminak Island wednes an initial military announce ment indicated the plane called Only a Fourman but an air Force announcement thursday said Turce civilians and three sol Diers from the Alaska general de pot also were the civilians were identified Only representatives of Western electric they were to clinicians aiding in construction of a far Flung air raid warning system on Remote islands off alaskan main one of the warning stations is being built on Siminak the transport was preparing to drop supplies to an Advance construction Crew on the Island when it slammed into the wind lashed a Navy search Pilot sighted the wreckage out extreme air turbulence around the Peak prevented Tho Parachute drop of a medical flight sur Geon at Kodiak naval air and two Hospital corpsman flew to the Island late wednesday commander Jones radioed thurs Day he had sighted eight bodies and said he presumed two others were in the Oil Drums that were to have been dropped by Parachute to the is land project split apart and Cov ered the wreckage with thick Black Rich Ard of was killed thursday a leu he ran from behind a parked car and was struck by an Auto near Lus his death was the cites seventh traffic fatality of the com pared to five it Liis Columbus heres the Case of Tho Columbus robber who was an honest Man when it came to paying taxicab a glib talking thief forced a store owner to empty the contents of his Cash Register and then de parted in a waiting the cab Driver told police later that the gunman paid his fare when dropped off at apartment Washington ims Senate investigators searched today for several new York City who named As of Setimo communists by a former red chief counsel Jay court Ohio of the Senate internal Security subcommittee said subpoenas have been issued for David Gor Don and Hyman Charniak As Well for of liars whom to did not Columbia broadcasting system newsman Winston Burdett Testi fied that Gordon Tomij Charniak were am orig the communist cell at the no defunct Brook Lyof Eagle in the idiflfeff1 Burdette also said to later served overseas As red spy but quit the party in reporters told Sourwine that a David Gordon now employed by new York daily news has denied Over being a Sourwine said he does not novy whether this is the same Gordon named by he added that investigators have found two other David Gordons but neither of them was the one Burdett had in Sourwine added its a common twice thursday to called for a David Gordon to take the stand but no one responded to the hearings on Burdette own past and his allegations about former colleagues ended after two Days thursday with a Parade of wit Nesses who refused under the fifth amendment to say whether they had been Charles a reporter for the new York admitted joining the communist party i 1937 but said he quit in he was among those named by Bur Dett As members of the old communist unit at the Grutzner the times later backed him a Story he filed from Korea in 1950 May have Cost american Tho Story reported that the had used an f86 Sabr Jet for the first time in the korean Grutzner insisted the Pentagon had cleared the Sourwine said the subcommittee made in Quiry about this at the Pentagon but the defens department reply was in the new York times state ment supporting Grutz Nurs Testi managing editor turn i Cut Lodge rejected any implication that National Security Wai jeopardized by the Sabrije Catledge pointed out that grub Rier had filed the Story from Korea with a note to the foreign Edi Tor suggesting it be cleared wit the Pentagon before a member of the newspapers Washington Catledge said read the Story to a responsible civilian member of the press Sec Tion of the air and tha official said to publish the Dis Sourwine assured reporters tha the committee is not investigating newspapers nor television no radio but has questioned news men because Burdett happens to belong to a newspaper pared the Teel t which Oss i he Tion of production quickly As possible so loss i shipments the big Ninga record Pauff St expanding both Lave made concessions in order to Ward steel 1alsp Fasi Ieve the action and is employees can continue to Makas substantial i Progress the agreement came shortly be tween us David Mcdonald trial relations vice president John the two chiefs Ludd cd until the1 last i Tinute before toe deadline last night without reaching the Union members All the r production workers in the Industry automatically went Oil strike in Confer Mance with their tradition of no no bargaining teams for the Union and seven of the nations top producing companies had been dead locked in Pittsburgh hotel since steels initial offer of about 10vi cents in hourly wage increases last the steel companies had been making preparations for a full scale strike which was expected to Deal a paralysing blow to the Auto Industry and have serious effects in All other segments of the ikes 39th wedding anniversary Calls for Celebration Washington ins president and Eisenhower celebrated their 39ui wedding anniversary to Day with a gala picnic at the first Home they have Ever their farm at depending on the the president will either Fly or drive to Gettysburg to join the first lady who has been at the farm for nearly two he plans to leave the wite House at about 1 several Hundred White House staff members and wives or husbands have been invited to the anniversary which will Mark the beginning of a Long fourth of july weekend for after the Picoc he and Eisenhower will go to nearby Camp David for the remainder of the was expected that they Are having some personal guests Over the weekend and there Are More Saccom nations at carny David than it the

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