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Delphi Weekly Journal (Newspaper) - November 14, 1850, Delphi, Indiana Delphi weekly journal. Vol. I. 0 e l p h1 w e e k. I v journal painted and published by James b. Scott. A office id Dewey a building of Taire South ride of the Public Square. deep i journal is nub shed every thursday a it a run a rate of $200 per annul payable within year or $100 if paid a a Advance. Inscription will be received for a Shorter Tern than three month. Fly a failure to notify a a it i continuance at the end of the time. Subscribed for i. Be considered a new engagement. Y to no paper discontinued until All a a Prit at the option arrearage ate paid sex Chi Ai i of the . Thu spay november 141850. No. I. Blows among the British soldiers tricked foiled cheated them too often to escape now a few moments longer and they would be reinforced by a Large party o refugees the powder the Arras to the old Block House perhaps his daughter herself would be their Reward. 1 Here was scarcely a Hope for the old Man yet he had determined to make a desperate of blood there is something terrible to these men in the simple words of that girl who stands there with the Rifle Laid against the powder Keg. They stood As if spell bound on the 3 00 6 00 9 00 15 00 20 0o 20 00 30 00 until terms of advertising. One Square of 12 lines three weeks $1 a each continuance one Square for three months six a a a a one year half column six of flee a one yer out column six month the one year advertisements will be continued forbid at the expense of the advertiser of no definite time is expressed. The Aero woman. A Romance of the revolution. K or Nam in a thick Wood not More then half a mile from the Schuylkill there stood in the time of the revolution a quaint old fabric built of mingled logs and alone and encircled by a Palisades Wall. It had been erected to the earlier Days of w Illiam Penn perhaps some years before the great apostle of peace trod our shores As a Block House intended tor defence a gains the indians. And now it stood with its. Numerous chimneys its massive Square windows its varied front of logs and Stone its encircling Wall through which admittance was gained by a Largo and stoutly built Gate i stood in the midst of the Woods with age worn Trees encircling its Veteran out lines on every Side. From its Eastern windows you obtain a glimpse of the Schuylkill Waves while a Large casement in the Southern front commanded a View of the winding Road As it Sank out of eight Shade of the thick clustered boughs a deep hollow not More than a Hundred Yards from the mansion. Here from the Southern casement on one of those Balmy Days which look to upon the dreary autumn towards the close of november a Farmers Dummer Wai r gazing with dilated eyes and half clasped hot of 3 a Evv must Bluff off these rascals a be said with a grim smile turning to his child. A now Bess my girl when 1 Are this Rifle do you hand to another and so on until Tho Bolo eight shots Are fired. That will keep them on the other Side of the Wall for a few moments at it Lea at a Quot a then we will have to Trust to god for the rest a j look Down there and see a hand stealing Over the Edge of the Wall he of Man levelled his piece that British trooper Falls Back with a crushed band upon his comrades Heads. No longer quivering with suspense by aude id a grown firm that Young girl passes a loaded Rifle to the Veteran a grasp and silently awaits the result. For a moment All is silent below the British bravos Are somewhat to iii to try that Wall when a Stout old a rebel Ril e in band is looking from yonder window. Here is a pause Low deep Murr aurs Nev Are holding a counsel. A moment is gone and nine Heads Are thrust above the Wall at once. Hark. One two three the old Veteran has fired three shots there Are three dying men grovelling in the Yard beneath the Shadow of that Wall. A Quick Bess the rifles and the Brave girl passed the rifles to her fathers grasp with a firm and hand. There Sre four shots after the other three More soldiers fall Back like weights of Lead upon the ground and a single red coat is seen slowly mourning to the top of the Wall his Eye the Hail door which he Ai Iother flying a Chuie the practicability of navigating the air by a flying machine has been satisfactorily demonstrated and settled As be Thmas by or. John Taggart of Charleston maw. Threshold of that chamber. At last one bolder than the rest a Bravo,.whose face a half enclosed m thick red Beard grasps his Musket and Levels it at the Young girls breast. Stand Back it or by �?���?�1 will fire. Still the girl is firm the Bravo advances a step and then starts Back. The Sharp a a Clicks of that Rifle Falls with unpleasant emphasis upon his ear a Bess i am dying a a gasps the old Man faintly extending his arms. A Diu a we foiled the britishers. Come daughter Kneel and say a prayer for me and let me feel your warm breath upon my face tor i am getting cold of dark and cold i look As those trembling accent to from the old Man s Tongue those f a Loose their hold of the the troopers Are secure of one victim at least a Young and Beautiful girl for attic for her father is master no the hero moment. Lock. She is a bout to Spring into his arms. But now she sees her danger again she clutches the Rifle again although her fathers dying accents Are in her ears she stands there prepared scatter that House in ruins the flying machine consists of a car to r. Of 10 attached amp pair of the front of which is wings somewhat like the screw used by Tion Isai of the propeller and a float or balloon fastened to the car in the Ordinary Way at an Elevation of six or eight feet. The wings which May be moved in any direction so As to assist in the ascent or descent of the machine Are put in motion by turning a Small Axle running through the Centre of the car. The machine May be guided in any direction by Means of a rudder the slightest variation of which it obeys with wonderful precision. The float or balloon which is Pear shaped is thirty three fast nine inches in height having a diameter of some twelve feel and the whole weight of the Macline when ready for ascension is three Hundred and fifty Peu mls in addition to which it will carry with ease one thousand lbs. The inventor told us that he had already made ascension in it for the purpose of practically testing us Powers. The ascent was made from the commons at Lowell mass., in the presence of a Large number of spectators. Owing to some fault in inflating the balloon a Quantity of steam was allowed to Intermix with letter from or. Clay. Previous to or. Clays departure from this City at to lip termination of the late session of Congress he received an invitation from the municipal authorities of Detroit to visit that City and partake of its Hospital ties. The following is his letter of reply. In this letter he depicts the extraordinary opposition which he and those who acted with him encountered in the settlement of the difficulties which have agitated the country an amount of Ultra ism he says never before seen by him in the National councils. It is Gratifying to witness these testimonials of the people s regard for this distinguished pacificador As Well As for those who co operated with him a homage the More grateful because without political Bias and without political motive save that which proceeds from love of country. Washington sept. 26, 1s50. A gentlemen i have a High degree of satisfaction in acknowledging the receipt of your favor transmitting resolutions adopted by the common Council of the if a single rough hand assails that Veteran thus greatly diminishing its buoy Ancy so that when the ropes which held it to the ground were Cut the machine of will Force Ere a form. There Are a few terrible moments suspense then a harried sound far Down. In the mansion then a bitter contest one Down it 0 the a Blim nent peril of the the stairs the Echo of Rifle shot and the soon the result is a tided to the height of a few feet when Light of Rifle Blaze. A a known the ruffians in the doorway fell crushed before the Strong Arm of american soldiers. Then a wild shriek quivers through the room and that Young girl that hero woman with one bound Springs Forward into her brother s arms and nestles there whilst her dead Ather his form yet warm lies with fixed eye1 balls upon the Fly or under the into were and stood of of a a j Well might she gaze earnestly to the South and listen with painful intensity to the slightest sound her Brothers away in the army with Washington her father a grim old veterans be f six feet Ttoe inches in his Stock Inge a who had manifested his love for the Reu coat invaders in Many a desperate contest had that morning left her alone in the old mansion alone in this Small chamber in charge of some ammunition intended tor some Brave Farmers about to join the hosts of Freedom. Eve As she stood there re Riog out of the Southern window a faint glimpse of sunlight from the faded leaves above a Spring Over her mild face shaded by clustering Brown hair there not ten paces from her Side were seven loaded rifles and a Keg of powder. Leaning from the casement she listened with every nerve quivering with suspense the shouts of the combatants the hurried tread of armed men echoing from the South. A i there was something very beaut Tutin that picture. The form of the Young Gitl framed by the Square massive window the contrast Between the rough timbers that enclosed her and that rounded face moment is gone. 1 now the last Ball is fired the old Man stand there in that second Story window his hands vainly grasping for another loaded Riffe. At this moment the wounded and dying band below Are joined by a Par by of some Twenty refugees who their half robber uniform came Rushing from the Woods and with one bound Are leaping from the Summit of the Wall. To a a Iti a Quick Bess my Rifle. And look there even when the voter la stood looking out upon his Ftp a the Brave a a a la for slender in form and wildly Beautiful in face she a a Brave girl a hero woman had managed As if a instinctive impulse to Load a Rifle. Bite Laded it to her father and then loaded another and another can the human Tiou picture a More Beau Ellul Slyn a Jolibo Feve the storm commenced to behold a fair Young girl having Surdu , full null the House of Iti sex ramrod fingers Tho lips parting the Bazel Eye dilating and the Cheek warming and Flushing with Hope and fear there was something very Beautiful in that picture a Young girl leaning from the window of an old and apparently deserted mansion with her Crown hair waving in Glossy masses her face lost to her impending Fate in the a a deepest anxiety for the safety of a Brave end dating father. Suddenly the shouts from the South grew nearer and then merging from the Dee s hollow there came an old Man run Ninga full Speed yet every few paces turning round to fire his Rifle which he had loaded As he ran. He was pursued by a party of ten or More British soldiers who came Rushing on their bayonets fixed As if to strike their victim Down Ere he advanced ten paces nearer the House on arid on the old Man came who this daughter quivering in suspense Hung leaning from the window. He reaches the Large Block House look he is surround eds their muskets Are levelled at his head he is at to Oiree graphing ski hut look Astrain he a in Fortis life but look Agam is Bis foes aside with one Bolu move intent he Springs through the Gale an in staut and it is locked the British sol a Diers mad Witolf rage gaze upon a he High Wall of logs and Stone and vent their an nor in Drunken look to yonder window where the Young Gin a to Mouth a to a my de that timidity belonging to her grasping powder and Ball with rising and falling in her slender in such an emergency \ j. Now look Down to the Wall again me refugees Are clambering Over its Summit again that fetal aim again a horrid cry and another wounded Man tumbling Down upon his dead and dying comrades. But now look a smoke arises there a fire blazes up around the Wall they have fired the Gate. A moment and the Bolt of the lock will be Burnt from its sockets and the passage will be free. Now is the fiery moment of the old Man s while his Brave daughter loads be continues to fire with that deadly aim by now of horror he Falls with a Musket Ball driven into his breast the daughter a outstretched arms receive the father As with blood spouting from the wound be topples Back from Tho window. Of it is a sad and horrible picture. The old Man writhing in his own blood upon the Oaken floor the Young daughter bending Over him the Light from t e window streaming Over her face Over her fathers Grey hairs while the Anciel nature of the Small chamber affords a dim Back ground to the scene. A. Now hark the sound of axes at the Hall door shouts Hurrah curses. A we have the old rebel at last. The old Man raises his head at the sound he makes an Effort to Rise clutches for a Rifle and then Falls Back again Lis eyes glaring As Tho fierce pain of t a wound quivers through his heart. Now watch the movements of Aughter. Silently she loads a Rifle entry she rests the barrel upon the head of that powder Keg and then placing her Finger on the trigger stands yer her lathers form whue the shouts of the Exira ged soldiers come thundering from the stairs. Yes they have broken the foal door to fragments they Are in Possession of the old Block House they Are Rushing towards that chamber with murder in their Xea its and glaring eyes. Had the Olu Man a thousand lives they were not Worth a Farthings Purchase now. Still that girl growing suddenly White As the handkerchief round her neck stands there trembling from head to foot the Rifle in her hands its dark tube Laid against the powder Keg lamp romantic fact. ,. In the Winter of 1840, a lady had lately been deprived by death of a daughter a on a to new Orleans. A Monist other places of curio my and interest she was induced by feelings of the ten Derest compassion to look in at the room appropriated to the reception of those destitute children to be examined As to it Ness for the Charity of the orphan Asylum. Immediately a her entering the room a Little Eirl of about the same age of her own lost child sprang into her arms called her Mother and by endearing caresses evinced her Joy a being restored As she believed to her lost Parent. On enquiry the following a acts were elicited relative to her previous has a few hours after the dreadful Tornado a Steamboat landed at notches when a servant girl brought % Little girl on Board stating that she had walked Ott with the child. Just before the storm commenced and on her return she found the House of it parents completely demolished she had been look Itig for her mistress in every direction and had almost arrived at the painful conviction that she was hurried beneath the ruins the chambermaid of the boat offered to take charge of the child whilst the girl returned to make a further search and during her absence the boat started for new or leans the child remained inboard. On the return trip every inquiry pmed at Nuta Hes for the family or servant Afie two or three ineffectual attempts. Or. Taggart elevated the wings consider ably above the line of Tho car which had the desired effect and away went the machine far above the Heads of the specie tors until it dwindled in their gaze to the size of a Swallow. After attaining a considerable Elevation or. Taggart proceeded in the direction of Lawrence whence he passed on to Andover and Bedford Over which latter place he struck a current of air which carried him at a rapid rate to Redding. From this again he passed to Salem having crossed a portion of the sea in his passage from Ltd dog and alighted at a it no Lowell acco pm Winti City of Detroit in which after expressing their patriotic Devotion to the Union and their gratification with the settlement by Congress of the vexed questions which have so Long a dilated the nation they Are pleased to express their approbation of the exertions of those in our National councils who have contributed to uphold the confederacy against the attacks of North Ern fanatics and Southern disorganized and they do me the Honor to associate my name with those of the distinguished senators from Michigan and Massachusetts As having aided in the preservation of the Union. The common Council also do constitutional convention. The South Bend Register of the 24th ult., contains a communication from its editor a member of the convention from. Which we cull the following statistics in regard to the members of our constitutional convention birth is the birth place of 23 of the members Virginia 20, Pennsylvania 19, new York 16, Ohio 16, Indiana 12, North Carolina 10, Tennessee 7, Maryland 7, Massachusetts 4, s. Carolina 4, Ireland 3, Scotland 3, Connecticut 2, new Hampshire Vermont Delaware and new Jersey each thus showing 72 delegates born in the free states and 72 in the slave states and 6 in foreign lands. Occupations it a Farmers 03, lawyers �7, physicians 18, merchants 10, printers 5, manufacturers 2, surgeons 2, accountant 1, Tanner i Joiner a millwright 1, teacher i professor 1, county clerk 1, recorder 1, bricklayer i Miller 1, banker 1, Morrison of Indianapolis one. Time in the 44 years Newman 13, Carr president 43. Carr was born in the state and the former two each emigrated Here when he w. Two years of age. The Delegate to has de the shortest time in the is 1 Aylor of Michigan City who Barf resided m Indiana but four years. The married delegates number 137, the single ones 10, three not stated. of Montgomery is the youngest 23. Mather 25. Is the youngest senatorial Delegate. Twelve Are under 30 42 Between 30 and 40 57 Between 40 and 50 24 Between 50 and go my Honor to inside Reeo do 63. Frisbie m from the whole voyage in an hour and Tjw minutes. Or. Taggart says that at one time Neh a s lined an Elevation where the sir became so rarefied that it was the greatest difficulty a could retain his Powers of animation. Handa and other pail of i body swelled and blood spurted from i Mouth and nose. The invention he Tell us a met with the support and of several of the scientific men in Massachusetts. I i intention to make an scent in this City in the course of two or three week. Ii has already some of Mir most eminent machinists and men of science to examine i York Post _ tic Homestead exemption. It in not improbable that on the first presentation of this subject. of lasses would be found to oppose Thall c Homestead exemption As an innovation was but nothing could be heard of them. The child continued on the boat until the Captain objected to her remaining on Board. She was then placed at an infant school in new Orleans the chambermaid visiting her and defraying her expenses on each arrival of the boat until the yellow lever deprived the Little outcast of her last Friend the Good chambermaid. The woman who kept the infant school then turned the child into the Street Fri a whence she was taken to the room where she had the happiness of finding a second Mother. The lady whom she believed to be her Mother determined to adopt her and since then she has been treated in All respects As one of the family so careful of her happiness has this truly charitable lady been that though the Little child is now a ring with suspense As if so father struggling for Bis i life a to Tuat old Man himself his brow 1 hand grasping Ibe Rife it hic hairs wave Back a read her stands i red Bis his Grey from his wrinkled toc blood dabbled face that was a Fine Pic Turo of an old Veteran nerved for his last fight a Stout Warrior preparing for hi3 Deal struggle. Death struggle yes for the old Roan Isaac Wampole had dealt too Many hard his is upon established custom of doubtful expediency. The Man Well to do in the world who has no fear of want a he Talisman a touch of whose fingers turns every thing to Gold the morbid sons lies m to honorable dealing the Man of grasping avarice who plots to Day the Aeq Stii on of his neighbors property to Morrow the Man who adds cent per cent to gains and wrings from the withered heart o poverty its last red drops of these various Eisses will no doubt be found in array against the measure. B even their opposition will Dot disprove its just humane and merciful character. Misfortunes Are common to Al. V return from Washington to Kentucky Tannehill each 66, to accept the of the Eirv. A my Quot it a a 1 beg to tender to the common Council an expression of my grateful acknowledgements for the flattering testimonies of esteem and regard. The adjustment of the question to which you refer is i think a just cause of general granulation it was attended with great difficulty and that difficulty was augmented by an amount of Ultra ism from both sections of the i Nion which i have never before seen in the National Council. I think the adjustment would have been effected considerable earlier but for objections which were taken to the form in which it was proposed without however dwelling upon that let us All rejoice that it has been accomplished. It was not to be expected that it would everywhere meet with unanimous acquiescence no More than it is to be expected that after a viol out storm has ceased the Ocean will instantly become Calm and tranquil. There will be ebullition a of discontent and passion in different quarters Era Ana Ting from the same cause which obstructed the comprone but with dim Imset Force. And i sincerely Hope and believe that these discontents will find no by Ropas by with the great mass of the people in any Quarter of the Union and that they will soon die away and disappear. I should be extremely Happy gentlemen to accept the invitation which you have so kindly conveyed but after an absence of eleven months from my Home 1 am so anxious again to revisit it that i cannot consent to delay my arrival there by any deviation from the nearest route. I roust console Mystic by the Hope that May yet live to gratify a wish Long entertained to visit your City at some future Vanbenthusen 72, being the oldest Man in the convention. Under the head of remarks 12 members stator hat they Art a fir Cass or a he Cass platform 6 for of Lane 1 for Benton and one for Buchanan. Only two whigs have named their Choice and both select Scott. Democratic nominee three opposed to slavery agitation three no politics in the convention eight voted a or delegates in 1816, correspondent of one of the n. York papers states that the late King of France left an estate Worth Twenty millions of Dol Lathis son Prince de Joinville is spoken of As a probable candidate for the Pudence of France in 1852. The Prince is and always has been exceedingly popular in France the Republican party have already begun to think seriously of him As a rival candidate to Louis Napoleon and serve themselves with his popularity to gain their own ends. They Hope the Cadet Branch of the House of Orleans will be tiiu3 ruined by a Cadet of its own family As they ruined the House of Bourbon in 1830. The name of de Joinville will unite All the moderate men in France the powerful journal la Presse and emmy de Girardin will support him with All their strength and they can find the Prince a Good Republican. It is Well known that his sentiments under the late Monarch were so Liberal that he wag suspected of the door is burst open look there Stout forms Ere in the door sir with muskets in their hands grim faces stained with blood Glare into the room. Now As if her very soul was coined in to the words that Young girl with her face Pale As ashes Hazel Eye glaring with deathly Light otters this Short yet meaning speech. A Advance one step into this room and i will fire the Rifle into the powder no oath quivers from the lip of that girl to confirm her Resolution but Tkv the she stands alone with her wounded father. Add a it not a Soldier dare Cross the a Fine intelligent girl of Between twelve and thirteen years of age and associated with the lady a own children both older Anc younger than herself a she has not the faintest suspicion of her real position. She was at the time of her being adopted about two years old a very Beautiful and intelligent child with uncommonly fair Complex ion Brown hair Blue Eye with Long Blac eyelashes. She had forgotten her own name and that of her parents but from her knowing the names and uses of various articles of luxury and speaking of her fathers Carriage and from her entire Freedom from any vulgaris in manner or thought it is presumed that her family were respectable. If any Reliance could be placed on the conversation of so Young a child it might be supposed that her parents were foreigners perhaps scottish perhaps catholics. It Wai supposed that her own parents Wero dead but from facts lately elicited such probably not the Case and it is for the purpose of gaining information that the Little that is known of her history is mad. Public. Any one knowing anything Likely to Lead to a discovery of the orphans relations is requested to address Box 3�, Mobile Ala. And As giving publicity to t�?o1 May be the Means of restoring a child to bereaved Mother the writer Hopee that Edi-1 tors throughout the Union will give it a place in their columns especially inthe Natches and Philadelphia . O. Picayune. Liberation of Kos a eth. The Newark advertiser Hao received private letters from Genoa to the 11th september stating that the United states steam frigate Mississippi which was then at that port with the Independence and the s. Lawrence was to leave in a few Days for constantinople for the Noble purpose of bringing away the hungarian Kossuth and his companions. The austrian government is reported to have protested against the immediate liberation of the refugees on the ground that the term of one year stipulated in the convention commences at the moment of their incarceration a hut the fire Quot the Flo of Tho unavoidable a Celien the Security debt the a Klein eds of speculation the Drain of dissipation pro Day. I have the Honor to be your obedient servant Henry Clay. Republican tendencies. Bringing to the Humble to level to Quot were grasping atthe Topmost round n the ladder of Fortune. None Are exempt from these Calu Aitio none Cun assure then Eveth it Fiat such will not to them Fate in another twelve month. And when this calamity comes when the hand of the officer is Laid upon he accumulations of a life not alone of the head of the family but the woman notice a threshold. Imbued As they Are a deeds Sultan is determined to let them go. A Kim a nah Sally give me a kiss and be done with a i wont so there a a in la take it whether or a do it if you f # sort it we went rough Anc to awful destruction of starch w. T a the Bow of Iris Cravat a i a Snake. At the next b a a shirt Collar and at the seme time some of the head fastening give Way and Down came Sally a hair like a flood in a Mill dam broke Loose carrying away a half dozen Combs. One dig of Sally a Elbow and my Blooming ruffles wilted Down to a dishcloth. But she had no time to boat. Soon her neck tackling began to shiver parted at the Obront and who Rah came a string of White Bai scampering and running race3 Devraj a a Yon could think of about the floor of it Ikey if Sally Jones Ain t the grit there a no snakes. She fought fair however i must admit and neither tried to bite nor scratch and when she could fight no linger for want of Reata she yielded handsomely. Her arms fell 4� he her ride her hair Back Over the chair her eyes closed and there Lay a Little a limn Mouth All in the air. Lord did you Ever see a Hawk pounce on a Robbin or a Bumble Bee upon a Clover top say nothing. A the administration a a e have known an administration which possesses More entirely the Confidence of the people than the present. The president himself is universally respected As a gentleman Well qualified in every respect for the distinguished position he occupies and he has chosen for his constitutional advisers Able experienced and attentive such men preside at the Helm there can be no fear that the ship of state will be wrecked or damaged a balt. Clipper. Doings in , Pittsburgh has a jewel of a mayor a Man who seems determined to be Captain anyhow and make the Power As Long As it lasts. Last week he ordered the or rest of certain members of the City Council for conspiring and destroying the mayors papers. They refused to give bail and were sent to or Feu. A writ of Hareas Corpus was immediately sued out in their behalf and a hearing was bad before judge Hepburn. After a full investigation concluded before an immense of Feenix inure i Feo Ltd a my it rite i my and the committed tote parties to jail Thuy wet. Discharged on writ of the common Council met and a the mayor it watch. Diligent band a dded to and prese Theu earning a she uth. Homestead on geared to them by a Vly struggles and Early Joy the roof which first sheltered their children the soil which gave them sustenance Hill go Loo end want and famine and thankless toil thenceforth be their portion humanity a a a were no end so a a were the voice of Wisdom every where. The Greet object of popular government is the happiness of the people. ,au.\rc Hereof the government and �11 a hould cared for the children of one Tody. The Rich should not be pampered nor he poor oppressed and left of 11 should the misfortune or vice of the Man be visited upon i Uno fending wife and off Spring. Make the Homestead a Boly a 1 sacred thing Castle of refing. From the storm of the world where the Bur thened and oppressed May gather a bout him household and prepare himself we tics we my uni iii. The storm has swept by for a new venture the Bill a pay red by he to cd a a icon a with renewed energies upon the sea o. Cede8 t0 the new states All 01 the with renew g within their respective Shmitb which Are designated in the Public surveys being wet and unfit for cultivation with Corpus. By formal Resolution Depron of All control Over the Ciu the mayor therefore threatened to imprison All concerned and has appointed a new set of watchmen with to arrest All old watchmen to persist in going on their regular bears. -6ve a the old City policemen have act or been arrested. On thursday the mayor himself was arrested by the held to bail in the sum of charge of false imprisonment. Oread excitement prevails in the Cir Annj apprehensions of serious disturbances Are . C pro a the flux the bowels in rates like a Charm. So says eminent physicians in Louisville Ken a to pour warm water on thie disease frequently of one of the most Tucky. A the population of Buffalo,. Is 42,266, showing an increase of More than one Hundred per cent in ten years a i Appeal to the Sisters a Eaid a Down East Parson a and ask them if they never Hau a Feller feeling in their Italy and Germany Yiek the it Cipal Supply of rags to great Brittain and the United life. We entreat the convention to consider Well this a object to break Loose from old prejudices to cast under their feet the Rusty of Antiquity and act for nos Tyrity. And n conformity with the humane spirit of the Gend. State Man. The legislature of Wisconsin. Law to Fine a he owners of land who should permit the Canada Thistle to grow to seed. As out draining. There Are in Cincinnati about fifty Reg alar publications including the dailies weeklies and monthlies. There Are Twenty six churches in Cincinnati of Tho methodist Faith. This a Cluife All sections. It is stated that during the severity of the cholera at Harper ferry the cats in Large numbers migrated. The night watch the Railroad Bridge saw As Many a five or six Cross the Bridge of a night. I hey became very scarce and if one was observed at the place it would be found on a Bill with an air of great alarm. There has been a serious riot troit caused by an attempt to arrest the military were called oui in de a fugitive

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