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Delphi Journal (Newspaper) - September 24, 1862, Delphi, Indiana Be our nil. Delphi Indiana Konrad a a a september 94, 1809. From Tho Lafayette courier Pettit a Kansas letter. Below will he found Pettit celebrated Kansas letter which May be appropriately termed Pettit epistle to the Butternuts a though it was generally regarded at the time As an epistle to the marines. But All jokes aside it is a Rich and instructive document and viewed in the Light of subsequent events it indicates More than appears upon its surface. No candid Man familiar with the associations of judge Pettit in Washington and remembering his open advocacy of the election of Breckinridge and his uncompromising hostility to the Patriot Douglas at a time too when Tho Possession of a High judicial office absolved him by the Well settled principles of decency and propriety from dabbling in the dirty Pool of politics. And More than All this remembering the cold Comfort the War Bas received at his hands during All the Long weary months of this protracted conflict in the Light of these events no candid Man can doubt for a moment that John Pettit mat in the full and unreserved Confidence of the rebel conspirators and that but for the firmness of the friends of Douglas who opposed and Defeated his Confirma Tion by the Senate would have been in i position to Render them material Aid and Comfort in the adjudication of vexed questions of constitutional authority in his Judi Cial department. It will be seen that this letter was written immediately upon his return from Washington where the conspirators his Boon companions and political friends were night and Day maturing their plans for the overthrow of the government. That the conspirators plotting in secret Lilied implicitly upon the co operation of Northern democrats is a Jurt of history and it is equally Clear that Bright and other leading democratic politicians of Tho North West were fully committed to the secession pro gramme. The South was to achieve a blood less Independence just As Pettit says Quot with out War or bloodshed Quot while two millions of democrats were to hold the federals at Bay. Then the North West was to secede from the new England states and form a separate Empire which might Realise John Pettit a dreams of a Quot Strong government Quot and Reward the perfidy of the leaders by a Long lease of Power. But Pettit Bright amp co., of the Breckinridge firm reasoned without their Host. The spirit of the Patriot Douglas we abroad in the land. The millions of democrats who were expected to oppose coercion and paralyse the uplifted Arm of the government rallied under the stars and stripes and the whole aspect of the War we changed. Much of Pettit a prophecy thereby come to naught. But to the letter from the Leavenworth times Jlko Tift Thom Hon. John Pettit. Leaven out Guy Kansas March 25, 1801. F my. Editor sino Emy return from Washington City i have been act often applied to verbally and by letter for my views of the present and future condition of the country and the ultimate result of our National difficulties that i have concluded to briefly set Down for publication Tho conclusion to which i have come omitting arguments or extended reasons co Lent that they shall stand As opinions and prophecies and willing that my political sagacity shall be judged by their happening or failing to come to paps. First a the forts arsenals Dock and Navy Yards in the seceded states will shortly be peaceably abandoned by Tho United state. Second Thoro will be no or but an abortive attempt to collect the United states Revenue in or at the ports of acceding states. Third Thore will be an extra session of Conius u Early As june to repeal the Morrill Tariff passed at the late session of Congress. This will have to be done. Or no Vos Bel Laden with foreign goods will and its Way into by of our ports North of the seceding states and the United states will and themselves without Revenue or credit to raise Money upon for the daily expenses of the government. Fourth this extra session of Congress will Call a National convention to consider our difficulties and Amend the Constitution. In it All the free states and the Border slave Statos will be represented but there will be no represent Stives from the seceding Stites. The Border slave states will propose an ultimatum which if adopted will retain them a and bring Back All the seceding states to Tho Union but it will be refused by the free states and thereupon the Herder Llano Staten will withdraw and unite with the seceding states and Here will be the final and permanent separation of the slave and free states and a re formation into two distinct governments which will mutually and reciprocally acknowledge the Independence of each other and which will be followed by like acknowledgement by All other nations the convention which will now consist of delegates from the free states Only will proceed to make Many amendments to the Constitution for the free states adapting it to the new condition of things. Many alterations Are necessary and among them Are Extension of the presidential term of officers a denial of the right of secession and a provision for coercing a refractory state into obedience to the National Laws the obliteration of All state lines or any abrogation of the House of representatives and vesting the Law making Power in the president and his Cabinet and a Senate composed of one member from each state and such other amendments As will enable the government to protect itself and All the citizens under it. All these things will be done without War or bloodshed but whether the two governments thus constituted can or will live Long Side by tide without War i do not predict. A vol. Xii. Delphi Indiana wednesday. September 24, 1802. No. 43. From the Evansville journal got. Wrights speech at Evansville. The governor commenced by saying that he need not admonish Tho audience of the internet that All parties Felt in the present period. The circumstances by which we Are surrounded indicate an important crisis. He had often addressed the people of Vander Burg during the last Twenty years but mostly on political topics. He came not now to talk of politics or of party but to give a reason for the Faith within him. His first proposition was that in time of War opposition to the administration inevitably ended in opposition to the War. In time of peace when political parties Divide the people we can afford to differ. The people can discuss questions of policy and political Economy in a spirit of kindness and Friendship but in time of War the organization of parties was fraught with the worst of evils. Thirty years ago whigs and democrats could differ and act and vote in opposition to each other without any bitterness of feeling. Now the Man who organized a party in opposition to the War was the worst enemy to the government and the people. During the War of 1812 a party was or Ganrud in opposition to the administration and n ended in open opposition to the War and its originators and its partisans were crushed by the Force of Public opinion. The same was True in the history of the mexican War. In time of War we want peace we want be parties and if a Man is honest to will not ask who brought on the War. This is not the question of a Patriot. An honest Man will Only Aik How can the country be the Man who now talks of party trying to deceive the people. You do not want party you want the blessings of peace As your fathers did. You want to know your duty to your country in this hour o its deadly peril. He said he bad determined the route he would travel More than a year ago in Berlin he had made up Bis mind after Jeff. Pavia had issued his message that he would know no party or Creed till Tho rebellion was put Down. If we have parties now we can have no peace of you have a neighbor who opposes the administration who opposes taxes who opposed the War you can have no peace with him. You distrust him. The governor said he spoke for no party he was entirely Independent and spoke for Joseph a Wright alone. M if i can Point your minds to your duty to your country i will have attained my some Mon Lay this Union party is a he publican party. But when they say this Thoy want to deceive you. I ask you to Day what five men have now the most Power in thin government ? they Are Abraham Lin Coin Gen. Ballock e. M. Stanton Gen Mcclellan and Gen. Pope. These five men have More to do in maintaining this govern ment than any other five men in it. If any one of thew Mon ii a traitor lie May betray and ruin you. Four of thew Are Democrat and Abraham Lincoln gave them their pow this will depend upon the temper disposition and conduct of each. Kansas can now figure for herself. What will be her future Security and Prosperity or adversity situated directly West of Missouri with no Way of january ticket. I d kick everything out of a. Are you not willing to Trust them what should you think of the Man who denounces Tbs administration of our Noble governor and of Abraham Lincoln ? to is no Friend to hit government or to his country the governor then spoke of the recent letter of president Lincoln to Moraco Cree Ley As Tho emanation of a True Patriot and such a letter As All True patriots can cheer fully Eudorse. But another Man says another thing am when Thoy can say nothing else they whig per in your ear that this administration is Abolitz ionized that this is an abolition War they wont say it publicly they Yusid Ionly whisper it about appealing to the passions prejudices and ignorance of the people. The governor then read from the Nashville Union to show How Southern Union men regarded this question. His speech made in he Senate during the last session of Congress had been published in the Union and other Loyal papers in the South but not Ono of the organs of the 8th of january party dared publish it. There Are several great questions to Settle in october. If you believe that a Man who rebels against his country has any rights under the Constitution and Laws of that country you should vote the 8th of january ticket he need not say he is a traitor and take up arms against his country. If he throws difficulties in the Way of the government in time of War and attempts to Divide the Loyal peo pie of the country be is a traitor of you think he has none of these rights then vote As i do. Every one of these 8th of january men voted against the confiscation Bill or Are opposed to it. This government was made for Loyal men. Traitors against the government have no right to either life or property under that government. Loyal men should be protected and traitors punished. We should do everything necessary to weaken and overcome our enemy. The confiscation Bill specifies five classes against whom it operates at once. Jeff. Davis and the men who hold commissions under him Are subject to the Law at once. Privates and private citizens Are exempt until a notice of sixty Days is Given if they then continue in rebellion they too will be punished. The rebels should be made to Bear a part of the expenses of the government and of the War. He spoke of the honesty and patriotism of president Lincoln vindicating him from the false charges and insinuations of traitors and their sympathizers. He did not vote for Lincoln but would have voted for Douglas and Douglas was the first to place himself by the Side of the president and pledge him his support. All Good democrats will obey their rulers. He again alluded to Lincoln a letter to Greeley to vindicate him from the charge of abolitionism. Lincoln was determined u save his country and whatever was necessary to that end he would do. Of you think there is anything better than the Union you should vote for the 8th of getting in or out but through a foreign coun try and each citizen of her can judge for himself what will be his future Security for life or property. John Pettit. Of during the seven years War an alchemist offered his services to Ferdinand Duke of Brunswick Foi the purpose of converting Iron into Gold. A a by no Means Quot answered the Duke i want Iron to fight the French and a for Gold i get it from England. But if you Are Able to convert mice and rats into calves and Oxe ii you Are my Man. The former make great Bavon in my military stores and the utter i am in great need ,. I a or an irishman to said to have remarked that the Sun would do very Well but he liked the Moon be Quot because it gives Light it night when a Mon Nades it Quot or the rebels have decided to shoot All their slaves who come within on lines and return to them Tho Way that opposed or prevented the preservation of the Union. Yet some Nice Oto ple go round when i am absent and say i am an abolitionist and say other bad things of me. Lincoln has refused to Arm negroes. Gen. Jackson took a negro regiment and Fira ised them for their patriotism and Gal Antry yet you Call Abe Lincoln an abolitionist. He would not Arm negroes. Jackson would. Every negro in Virginia at the close of the revolution Wio bad rendered any service to the Goveri went was made free. That was a great Way ahead of abolitionism now. Washington used negro 1� the War for our Independence. Was Washington or Jackson an abolitionist ? but Bow stands the account Between the North and the South ? the rebels have confiscated their Northern debt All the property held by Northern men in the South and the property of All Southern men who fyn Mathise with the Union. Even the property of a Loyal negro in Nashville has been confronted new Albany is lost $300,000 of debts in this Way and i have no doubt Evansville has suffered in # like manner if we intend to carry on the War we ought to do something too. Now let us begin to make War. Let not our sons and Brave Young men go South to pay three prices for All they May need and that too to men who have sons in the rebel army. Yet some men say we must practice conciliation. Do you conciliate the life of the rattlesnakes ? do you remove his rattles and turn him Loose with his poisonous fangs among your Chil Dren ? Tho rebels Are worse than rattlesnakes the one May take your life but Hie other strikes at your country. If you let these men take the oath to Morrow they will be at your throats again. When the Laws Are executed we will have peace. We do not realize the enormity of this rebellion. They Atole our mints our forts our Cannon our Enfield Rifle our arsenals and our ships Anc made War upon our Flag and yet not a Man has been punished and now they ask us to let them alone. Tell me to let him alone who murders my wife or child but ask me not to spare him who strikes at the vitals of my country. They have broken Tho Constitution and you roust restore it. They Are striking at the life of our nation and we have not realized it. We want the Laws executed. The Laws say rebels roust die must lose their property and we five not done it the governor referred to the Erie Railroad riot where the Laws were set at Defiance and anarchy prevailed for six weeks had the governor of Pennsylvania sent a thousand men and punished the rioters there would have been peace in an hour. Am a fruit of the rebellion he referred to j he increase of crime in indians while there were but few convictions. The existence of a a Tate of War he said begot a belligerent spirit among civilians and if we wanted peace to roust suppress Tho rebellion. He alluded to the reputation of the Senate and contrasted it with its modern examples. Tho examples had their influence upon our people. We must execute the Laws. A traitor forfeited Bis life and property and he should lose both if any one thinks the property of any oho who holds office under Jeff. Davis should be d sacred he ought to go and vote for the 8th of january ticket. Til slaves of rebels who get within the Federal lines should be freed. You Haven t a democratic congressman or a candidate but will toll you he in in favor of letting the negroes to work for the soldiers. Wall he goes just As far As Abraham Lincoln and Yot they say he is an abolitionist. They would if they thought it would Advance their party interest Arm every negro you must Ioor out my Republican friends or they will Sal your Thunder yet. We had be victories when the 8th of january convention was hold. But afterwards fort Donelson and Shiloh and pea Ridge Wero won and they found it necessary to Boid a convention on the 30th of july and i expect they will Havo to Call another before october. He referred to Tho reported achievement of Sigel and wished we had More such Mon in our armies. If another Battle is won another convention will to necessary. Then they will not dare to say it is not right to use the negroes. The governor said it is computed that we Havo lost $480,000,000 by the rebel system of confiscation. There is a vast amount of rebel property in the North lands Money stocks �ste., belonging to such Mon As Breckinridge Slidell Mason ae., and Why should to spare this ? take Tho Money and property and with it Send the negroes to Hayti and Liberia. Tho properly confiscated would Send them All away. It is not desirable nay it is impossible that the two races should live together. Hate you any Stock in negroes my friends if you have id advise you to get rid of it. They Are now not Worth More than $100 a Lead and in another year they will not be Worth $50. South Carolina has Dono the work now let her pay for it. The rebels had the Power in the Senate when Lincoln a elected and in Congress and the president could not have drawn Money enough from Tho Treasury without their consent to have bought his family a it Airel of flour. They Havo sinned doubly against the government and against their own state. Now if they have lost their Quot niggers he would say amen. They talk of Southern rights old daddy Quot Williams As Loyal a citizen As Ever ived said to his son John now fighting against his government that he would give Lim $1,000 to name the first Light he had Ever lost under this government and $2,000 to name the second. Ill give anything i have got to any Man who will Point out to Roe a single right the South has lost under this government. They lad the courts and Congress and the armband Navy and yet you have men among you who talk of Southern rights. The governor then spoke of the tax Bill vindicating its necessity and it impartiality. When a Man comes to me to prejudice me against the tax Law i ask him Quot what Are you after Quot every Man in the Senate but one Powell voted for the Bill. Ill say the tax Law May not to equal but what Are you after i am for my country. We can change the tax Bill but we cannot get another country. But the Law is not unequal or unjust. The Burden Falls upon the Rich on he wealthy manufacturers and capitalists in the East. The Only men who have a right to complain Are those who Are excluded from paying any part of it. You have men All Over the town who talk loudly of the Constitution Congress passed the tax Bill constitutionally. Congress declared War and put men into the Field and now you Don t want to pay them or you must vote for the Means to raise Tho Money. It is easy to Voto appropriations but it does the soldiers Little Good if of done to raise the Money to pay them. We had better have a country without a const Tutor than a Constitution a country. We can make # new Constitution hut who shall restore our country when lout ? but they talk of the Freedom of speech and of the press yes traitor Jour Mouth should be stopped and i Only biome Lincoln for Ort being exacting enough. The governor then spoke of Wickliffe tried to Amend it if it was bad nor offer any substitute. Why this Tho governor referred to the proclamation of Gen. Jackson and Washington a letter to Gen. Loo in proof of his assertion. A a a Southern senator was asked in Congress what he would do if he were attacked by a band of outlaws if he would allow his negroes to fight for him if his life was in danger he promptly answered yes a speech at Indianapolis denouncing the sentiment that he must first know if this War was waged for a certain purpose before he would give men and Money. Wickliffe speech was treason. Had any one refused to obey Polk when he raised an array to invade Mexico he would have been punished As a traitor. The duty of every Patriot is to obey those in authority. No Loyal Man will complain or refuse to pay his taxes. None of your products Are taxed you May pay some indirectly but Loyal men will do it cheerfully. But who voted against the tax Bill ? it was passed by 123 to ii. Vallandingham Voorhees and John Law voted against it. Judge Holman and Crawford voted for the Bill. Only two men from your state. You Hays got them to mule with. Non of them More than one Many a life is now at stake. Tho life of the nation is in jeopardy and shall we not use every Means that god has put into our bands to save the nation and weaken the hands of its enemies there is now one Issue before us. This Issue is confiscation. Whether we shall punish traitors and protect Loyal men Quot the governor said he was not a great advocate of party creeds. He had held Ivory office in the gift of the state but had but once been nominated on a party platform. If he had Ever Given offence to any while governor of Tho state he was not aware of it yet in an administration of eight years As a governor he had never been endorsed by a democratic legislature or a democratic convention. But they had always endorsed Jesse d. Bright. He had preferred men Foi Merit. He had divided the offices of the benevolent institutions Between democrats and whig. He had appointed judge Gookins to the supreme court Over Delana r. Eckles because he had Confidence in the one and not in the other. If they expected to save the Union by party platforms they would be terribly disappointed. The honest patriotism of the people must save it. James Buchanan was elected president on a party platform and his Cabinet became the school of treason. He said slavery existed in Kansas As legally As in South Carolina yet not one Man in a thousand even in his own party believed it. If you believe it you should vote for the 8th of january ticket. I never believed any Man could to enslave cd where there was no positive legislative enactment establishing slavery yet Buchan an said slavery legally existed in Kansas where there was no slave code. I Ara not sure that that declaration was not Tho foundation of the rebellion. At the Charleston convention one in two or three Hundred from the North stood by Bright who represented Tho administration while the rest stood by Douglas who repro muted Mio free democracy of the North. Iti have to go with the abolitionists or traitors i will go with Tho abolitionists. I will stand by any Man who will stand by Tho the governor said some thought it strange in could accept Tho office from gov. Morton. He did not let party stand Between him Aud duty to his country. Ile never had done so. Ile did not expect to please All. Ile expected to do that which he thought would Best Aid in putting Down Tho rebellion. In con Gross he had voted against abolishing slavery in the District of Columbia. He had always relieved Congress had the Power to do so jut to thought its abolition should have been gradual that Alt born after a certain tune ors certain ago should be Sot free Aud then he w Ould not have paid a cent to the owners. Tho proposition for emancipation he thought should come from Tho states and should to gradual. He had also voted against dividing Virginia and against the Pacific Railroad Bill but to had voted for every measure to put Down Tho rebellion. Be voted Afao to acknowledge the Independence of Hayti and Liberia. These wore Coroner isl questions that effected the financial pre sporty of the country. The Trade of these slates was Worth $ too too xxx a year and we should share that Trade with England Ani France who now monopolize it. Henry Clay had advocated their recognition 20 yrs. Ago. In the Senate Only seven voted against these Bills. In the House Cox of Ohio moved to Amend so As we should Only receive a Consul general inst Cai of a minister from the so countries. Cox was willing to give the representative two Star he voted to give them three. Quot now republicans How did you violate your platform you declared that the territories should be free yet you passed three territorial Bills w without saying a word about Freedom or slavery. Then you used Douglas Thunder but after Douglas was dead you carried out your platforms. Thus you see platforms Are but of Small account. I would not give a Copper for a political gov. Wright declared the Imperial pres Tige of the South was gone. Hereafter we will have no More brow beatings or cowhide or the using of bludgeons in the sen ate. The Days for such things Havo passed and henceforth men would have to stand on their merits. He said we had some men among us who live by peddling ignorance and appealing to the lowest passions of Mankind. Hence they wont do Justice to these countries nor to their own country for fear of being called abolitionists. De cited the Caso of Robert Small who had performed an act of great bravery and of signal service to the government. He had taken from the rebels a ship and nine guns which were to have been used for the destruction of our government and the murder ing of our friends and children. Yet because Bob Small is a Black Man they would not pay him a cent for his patriotism. Had he been White to would have been entitled to and would have received $13,000 or $20,000 Salvage. Yet these men were so much afraid of the negro they voted against paying him anything. Every Roar. In the Senate voted to pay Bob but in the House la voted against it. Among these were Voorhees and Vallandingham practically declaring under oath that they would not give a negro a Dollar for saving the country. No honest Man would have refused it. He referred again to the confiscation Bill Quot we have erred on this subject of using negroes and confiscating them. It is not a political question but a military question and in that Light alone should be viewed. It is As much a military question As anything else. Of you Are a discreet military Man you want to know the strength and resources of your enemy and then you want to weaken the one and destroy the other. This was the Rule of Napoleon to learn the Strong and weak Points of his adversary and to strike him at the weakest. If you were a prudent general you would know that every slave in the Flold of his master in a Good As a Man in the army. The men who have slaves can go to War without inconvenience. Take his negro from the Field and you take Hie master from the army to provide for his family. What right has a Man to run for Congress who says this is an abolition War and then Iowa out Tho other Side of his Mouth that he is a Union Man no one is a Good Union Man who is not willing to Rouse every negro to Savo Tho country. If you want to put Down the rebellion you must strike the rebel where it Hurt the most. They voted for 500,000 men and $500,-000,000, but vote against the Means of paying. Is this consistent you can make up your minds. It is easy to vote appropriations but what use is it unless they vote the Means of raising the Money the Man who goes round the country complaining of Anc trying to prejudice the people against the tax Law is no Patriot. Three fourths or nine tenths of the tax is levied on the East if the Law is wrong you can mend it but done to Send men to Congress we wont vote for anything. These men voted against every measure to sustain the government Vallandingham Voorhees and Law. They also talk of Tho terrible debt and of stealing. Do they expect to pay no Price for their country i done to like to talk much about stealing because there has been so much of it done on our Side. Buchannan a Secretary of War who was a Democrat stole More than All that has been stolen since. He stole 300 Cannon and 300,000 Small Arras with which to kill our children. He and his friends stole our forts our arsenals our mints and our soldiers. There Are bad republicans and bad democrats As Many of the one As the other now Fil Ching from the government. This too is a fruit of the rebellion. I have but one fault to president Lincoln. I know lie is honest. I know he is patriotic and desires to save the country and will do whatever he believes necessary to save it. But i think he wants Backbone. Perhaps he is waiting for Public opinion. I wish he had gone As far As i would. The most important question to be decided is the next election of representatives to the general Assembly. Jefferson said the government of this country would be the Power that held the Mouth of the Mississippi. Tho Mississippi is ours and if Lincoln and Congress can to open it there Are 300,000 freemen in the Northwest who will do it. Your interests demand it your Freedom demands it. Will Yon Ever consent to be a Border state of that confederacy if you can you should vote the 8thofjanuary ticket. How did Tennessee and Missouri go out of Tho Union. It was through tile influence of the knights of the Golden Circle and the treachery of bad legislators. Did you Ever hear an 8th-ofjanuary Man speak without attempting to prejudice you against the new England states now watch these leaders. Remember what Jesse d. Bright said As he left the Senate. That lie would Appeal to Tho verdict of the people. And that speedily. You have raised 100,000 i qty for the War. Has Jesse a a. Bright Ever com among you to say a word of your duty you have Many Ipoh men among you. If there is a Man in Earth you should loathe it in Tho Man that can stand silently by at this crisis. There Are knights of the Golden Circle in Indiana. You May have some Here i Hope not. You will have no peace until that organization is broken up. The gov. Described How they manage Anc How they operate. He gave As the evidence of their existence the finding of the Grant jury at Indianapolis composed of republicans and democrats. One of the members of that jury told him that to had tried the sign As revealed to them by one of the wit leases at the30th of july convention anti More than fifty member of that convention was composed in great measure of that kind of men. Sueh men took Tennessee Virginia and Missouri out of the Union. Jeff Davis understands that no Power on Earth can keep the Northwest from the Mississippi. The states South were almost Al Loyal but Tho Loyal men were Over Awod ant the states secretly Turtle Over to the confederacy by k. G. Cos. And wicked legislators. Indiana May be taken out the same Way. Davis supposed that Indiana Illinois and Southern Ohio would go w Ith the South or the rebellion would never have been lie gun. Men in Indiana said before the War commenced that if any army started to sub due Tho South it would have to pass Over their dead bodies. This was taken by the traitors that they had friends in or. Wright alluded to the speeches made in the 8th of january convention and in that of july 30th, to show the speakers were aiming to make Indiana an appendage of the Southern confederacy. Why he asked were not Joe Holt and Andy Johnson and Mallory invited to Indianapolis Crittenden was not there and is letter purporting to approve of their Obj act was a forgery. Wickliffe Carlisle and All their traitorous allies were there. He spoke of the fact that the Cincinnati enquirer was Tho favorite paper with All secessionists North and South. Quot traitors in Kentucky look to Voorhees John g. Davis and the 8th of january party in Indiana for Succour. Quot but they say to me you Are in bad Coli Pony. I am in company with Lewis Cass with Amos Kendall Joe Holt Andy Johnson gov. Todd and All the great men of the True democratic party. Now who Are you in company with who Are you going with lie could not Tell when this War would Cense. To Morrow we May have news of the decisive move which May determine the contest. But when saved we will be the strongest and purest nation on Earth. Party will yield to patriotism and in love of country will be More deeply imbued in every heart. Quot we cannot fail. We not Only have the resources of men and Money the will to accomplish the work the inspiration of a Good cause but god is on our Side. He will not let this country perish or this government be blotted out. This government has done too much to ameliorate the sufferings of Mankind to be suffered to perish. I May to enthusiastic but when i visited Naples and saw for the first time in six months the Flag of my country and heard the sailors sing Yankee Doodle i could realize How much i loved my he said that among All the hundreds of flags in the Vatican at Rome ours alone bore the stars. He accounted for this singularity bist when our fathers sought for a Devico for our Flag they looked to heaven for direction and caught the idea of Tho stars. His peroration was most eloquent and touching drawing Tours from Many eyes. He contrasted t ie8lh of january and 18lh of june platforms and preferred the latter saying he stood or. A platform that did not sympathize with treat in which he feared Hie bib of january platform did. To Drew a parallel Between Jefferson Jackson and Douglas and Between Burr Calhoun and Breckeridge. He exhorted the aged men who were weeping to dry their tears. They had no Causa to weep. They had lived under and enjoyed the blessings of the Hest government Ever Voe chafed to Man. The Young should weep for they knew not to what they would be brought if the rebellion triumphed. A he dosed his eloquent and impassioned words was is the voice of a father pleading for the life of his first born. 07�?o list of causes As they Are set for trial at the september Teim in the court of common pleas. First Day sept 22, 1862. 1 state is Elias Mcguire 2 state is James Jones 3 state is James Reed 4 state is Henry Reed a 5 state is John Knock 6 state is John Newark 7 state is John Newark 8 state is John Newark 9 state is John Newark 10 state is John Newark 11 state is Christian be Rachler 12 state is Christian Kei Puhler 13 state is Christian Kempler 14 state is Christian Kemp hair la state is Henry swagman state Vuk Godlove a ureter it a1 second and of third Days sept. 24 and 25, 1862. State is Lucinda Kendall guardian Kendall a heirs state to Craig Overly guardian Joseph Grandstaff state is Charles Banks administrator James ii Banks 24 state is Enoch Stansel or guardian Henry Stansel Susan a Wolf is Teresa Ballard it a1 Speers Case amp co is l b Sims and la Allen administrators Hiram Allen William a Barnes is same Cassandr Hen Ald is Paine Sami Thompson administrator of Moses Thoro son is Stum Adams Earl is same Elizal eth shirely is same Nancy Auslee is same Jacob Bingaman is j h Stewart administrator of John Willims Georgina Ross is same Corbin guar of epoch hedge Vel or. Hedge adm of Ebenezer hedge George p hedge guardian is same c m Jackson is e j Daggett administrator of Jqhn Barnes a l Scoville a co is same Henry Bussard is John executor Sami Shafer Eduard t Jenks is j of Sampson and Jno t Troxell adm of c Hetman John Stevens is e j Daggett adm of Geo Bear Wen a Barnes is John Crowell Adin of Mathias Timmons Hugh ii Graham is ii p Scott adm of Andrew Holloway Sims a Allen Adin of Hiram Allen is Nancy Cress adm of Simeon Cress James b. Scott is we k Winegard nor adm of Joshua Ray Elias Sagers is John Crowell adm of John Bingaman Milton ii Graham is j c Applegate Adin of Geo Mcfarlane Samuel Grimes is same Amos m Ballard is j p Davidson adm of we c Davis 50 mrs a Mcgrath is win s Montgomery adm of James Mccabe 51 Michael Cailan is sumo 52 James la Well is p Waters est 53 we m Spears guar Randolph heirs 54 Ambrose Phelps is e g Dewey Etal 55 Moses c. Watson guar Leo s heirs 56 s a yerkc8 guar a Eikost heirs 27 l s lash guar Leshy a heirs 58 James Odell Adin s. Holmes 21 22 23 Jih 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 Union platform. A Faerene the National government is engaged in a War waged against it by its enemies for the avowed purpose of its destruction Ani the subversion of our Republican form of government therefore be snivel that Tho present civil War was forced upon u3 by the disunion St of the Southern states who Are now in rebellion against the constitutional government that in the present National emergency we the people of Indiana in Coria Verlion assembled forgetting All former political differences and recollecting our duty Only to the whole country do pledge ourselves to Aid with men and Money the vigorous prosecution of the present War which is not being waged on the part of our government for the purpose of Conquest subjugation or the overthrowing or interfering with the rights or established institutions of any of the states but to suppress and put Down a wicked and Causeless rebellion defend and maintain the supremacy of the Constitution and to preserve the Union As established by our patriotic fathers with All the dignity Equality and rights of the several states unimpaired and when these objects Are fully accomplished and not before we believe the War ought to cease and that we invite ail who coincide in these sentiments to unite with us in support of the ticket this Day nominated. Resolved., that we demand and expect of our executive and legislative bodies both state and National an economical administration of governmental affairs and the punishment of fraud against the government As Well As a fearless discharge of their duties. Resolved that As Long As patriotism courage and the love of constitutional Liberty shall be honoured and revered among the people of the United states the heroic conduct of the soldiers of the Union who have offered their lives for the salvation of their country will be remembered with the most profound feelings of veneration and gratitude and that we now tender to them the warmest thanks and lasting gratitude of every member of this convention. Resolved that we tender to the 60, volunteers from Indian our Heartfelt cob gradations and Hail with Pride the fact that upon every Battle Field where Indian ans have been found they have displayed the bravery of patriots in defence of a glorious cause and we pledge them that while they Are subduing armed traitors in the Field we will condemn at the ballot Box All those who Are not unconditionally for the Union. Jest so Quot i Tell mine Frow de order night i goes Mil gun in the wars to fit. So tells her broader Jake to come and leaves to Frow and the children borne no Petter Man in world i tee who ates roil Sigol and drinks Mit me Quot 59 Jno Crowell guar 0 Herriman it a1 co j l Johnson guar is b Barret Al 61 Edw slander guar and Kunkle it a1 62 i b Graham adm Jos Weist 64 Laz Rothrock adm Jno Williams. 65 win Winegartner Adin Jooshua key 66 c w Cochran it a1 is Jno Stoner it a1 67 g w Pigman guar win George heirs 68 j h Dewey adm John Southard 69 Jas Mccain adm Francis Mccain 70 Simeon Wilson adm Joshua Dunk in 71 Bani Shaffer adm Jos Lontz 72 Jno a Jones guar Ann e Jones 73 Moses Plank guar floras heirs 74 e j Daggett adm goo Beal 75 Jim Zinn adm Mil Pickett 76 ii p Ted to d adm r Hull 77 la s Conklin guar conk Lings heirs 78 John Shaffer sex is Noah Shaffer it a1 79 Charles we Tia guar Susan Geiger it a1 80 Elizabeth Brower is e Kirkpatrick 81 Jas Mccarty it Ai is m Campbell it a1 82 win b Timmons it Al is Marish a Timmons it Al 83 John Hathaway it a1 is m a Atkin son it a1 84 s a Ellis it a1 is Susanna Mcgriff it a1 85 Jos Landis jct Ai is j w Glasscock Etal by Jno Stevens adm is f a Shultz 87 tiros l Wasson is Lydia a Kendall it a1 88 Jno Crowell adm of p s Timmons 89 Jno Stouffer us Matilda Stouffer it a1 90 g w Moore it a1 is j d Campbell it a1 91 Jno Hart is Polly Hart it a1 92 m a Barnes is h Allen it Al 93 w a Duck Wall is w d Clarke it a1 94 n Henderson is j m Kenniston 95 Jonathan e Moore is Aaron Cline it a1 96 j h Stewart is m Harper it a1 97 j Williamson it a1 is d i Aroson it a1 98 f a Linscott it a1 is m co Here 11 it a1 99 s Grimes is Isom Young it Al i of Mary Dale is r Fairchild 01 James Matthews is Elias Axtell 02 f Mcclerren is Sami Grimes 03 c c Brown is s me Curg 04 w a Barnes is Elizabeth feathers it a1 05 j a a Roe is John Finley of Richard b Roberts is Elizabeth Roberts 07 Geo a Smith is Joseph ass on 108 James Reed is j s Arini Tage it a1 09 David Jayne Etal is Vav h Ewing it a1 10 James edging is c ? Freeman it a1 11 state sex Reb l Hutchens is w curse 12 John Walls is John Bdl 13 John s Armitage is a Garrett it a1 114 Daniel Stout is p Hetrick it a1 115 Rebecca Sanford is John Sanford 116 Theodore simmer is n Black 117 Jacob Whisler Van w Weaver 118 d b Graham it Al is sumo 119 Mary Smith is same 120 Dudly Baldwin it a1 a s b Dimer fifth Day september 26th. H i d Baldwin it a1 is Hartzog 122 w j Thompson is Lase Low Man it a1 123 d Leonard is James Mcdowell 124 same is r l Cochran 125 s Mccain it a1 is m. Mccain it a1 120 8 Mccombs a m straight it a1 127 Jacob Wolf is John Hardy 128 j w Gripe is n Black 12g l Hutchens a win curse 130 a Hoover a win Sidenbender 131 d Parks is Catharine Parks Lush a War meeting in a suburban town the other night one of the speakers was an irishman a recruit who called upon hit follow countrymen to come Forward and enlist saying that the Stout arms of those who had constructed our Rai Roede dug our canals and Laid Tho Quot atone Wallah of our buildings were wanted by the government. Quot in fact said he there in a certain Quot Stone Wall in Virginia that sadly needs laying and by the blessings of god Well finish up that Job traveller ooh the 73d Illinois volunteers is commanded throughout by methodist preachers. Ciez Munson report. The Indianapolis journal publishes Gen. Manson a report of the Battles near Richmond by. It is quite lengthy. We copy rom the journal the following Lucid summary of its contents. It is tie first and Only faithful and accurate account of the disaster of the 30th of August. This plainly written history shows 1st, that on Tho 29th. Near noon general Manson was informed by a courier from his Advance cavalry that the enemy were advancing in Force some five or six Miles off that on receipt of the information messengers were dispatched to general Nelson that col. Monday commanding the Advance cavalry was directed to hold the enemy in Check and if possible ascertain his strength position and movements and that four companies were sont Forward to strengthen the pickets while the men in Camp were placed in readiness to move at a moments warning. 2d. That at 7 p. M. The same Day a messenger arrived informing Gen. Manson that the Advance cavalry and infantry pickets were rapidly retreating before a Force of from 4,0c0 to 5,000 of the enemy who were posing close upon them leaving Tho Gen Oral commanding our forces Only to choose whether he should allow the rebels the attack him in his Camp and upon unfavourable ground and meet him. He chose Tho latter. 3d. That in making the Advance a Large Force of the enemy a cavalry was attacked and repulsed and upon reaching a High Ridge and forming a line of Battle a conflict ensued for an hour Between our orind the enemy a forces in which the latter were badly worsted. 4th. That the next morning the advancing enemy was met and an engagement of near four hours duration ensued which resulted in our forces being outflanked a portion 0$ whom gave Way and retreated in disorder and that in this Battle three regiments of crufts brigade did not arrive upon the Field until after our troops were in Lull Retreat. 5th. That another stand was made on a he same ground occupied by our forces in the engagement of the previous afternoon and for a while the enemy was kept in Check and at one time their right gave Way bus finally our right flank was turned and our men were forced to fail Back that while the Battle was raging at the fiercest a courier role up to general Manson and delivered Nelsons order dated at Lexington that morning directing Manson to retire. 6th. That being compelled to fall Back upon his Camp another attempt was made to rally the troops and while this was being. Done general Nelson Rode up and assumed command and that after a resistance of half an hour our forces were completely repulsed and routed. 7th. That our loss in All the engagements was about 250 killed 700 wounded and 2,000 prisoners some of the latter being captured at Lexington while the rebels lost in killed 2go, and in wounded 500. 8th. That the troops who fought under Manson had Only been in service from ten to Twenty five Days some had never had a Bat Tallion Drill and had no knowledge of what of Battle was. 9th. That taking into consideration the rawness of the troops there Bas been do Battle during the War where More bravery was displayed by officers and men than in the four Battles near Richmond. 10th. That the enemy a Force numbered 16,000, of which 4,000 were cavalry they had fifteen pieces of artillery and All Tho troops had been in the rebel army since the beginning of the War the Union troops were less than 6,500, of which not Over 3,500 were engaged at any one time. Or when the Hon. A. 0. P. Nicholson formerly of the u. S Senate was arrested recently in Tennessee by order of Gen. Neg Ley. His Loving wife bade him rot in prise to rather than Tako the oath of allegiance. He affectionately promised her to rot. No Dou the is rotting. But we guess she keeps far enough off not to smell him. Q3r punch will Continuo to poke Sharp Sticks at us. La his last number is the following Quot latest from Washington Gen Halleck is to assume command of the Federal armies under the title of uralic Ksander the or a distinguished Clergyman was asked by a gentleman who had doubts about recruiting on the Sabbath what he thought of it. Quot Wail a said the Clergyman a eth scripture justifies a Man in saving his of on the Sabbath Day and surely our country i Worth More than an the first will kiss you eve a said the father of us All to our common Mother. Quot i done to care a dam if you do Quot she replied. _ or mrs. Partington bless her old innocent soul thinks our Annie have been driving in pickets Long enough to have the confederates fenced in. Ost a John a said Dean Ramsay Quot in a sure be Ken that a rolling Stane gathers a Moss May a rejoined John Quot that a True but can you Tell me what guid Tho Moss does to the Stane a the safest and my h the commonest Way to steal la to buy and not pay. S %

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