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Delphi Carroll County Comet Newspaper Archives May 30 1990, Page 4

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Delphi Carroll County Comet (Newspaper) - May 30, 1990, Delphi, Indiana 4a Carroll can my Comet wednesday May 30,1990 Carroll county Comet consolidation of the Delphi journal Chizen cat 1839 and Tho Flora Hoosier Democrat fat. 1917 published each wednesday at 114 fast Franklin of. Delphi in 49929 second class postage paid at Delphi in 49923 and Flora in 49929 postmaster Send address changes to Carroll county Comet to sox 26, Flora in 49929-0029published by Carroll papers inc. To so 29 Flora in 49929-0029 a. L Moss president mail subscription rates in Advance Par year Cerro county 17j All others $20 senior citizens $2 discount All servicemen $17 behind the headlines the Wolf Are squeeze by Philip c. Clark the primary office of a newspaper is the gathering of news., comment is free but facts Are sacred. Charles Prestwick Scott member Hoosier state press association National newspaper association Inland press association to a v a a congratulations graduates the Comet joins everyone in Carroll county graduating the seniors of 1990 at Delphi Community High school who graduated sunday and those at Carroll High school who will receive their diplomas this sunday. Your honors Are richly deserved and earned. Your future holds exactly what you want it to be. We congratulate All of you. Motorists a Bill of rights at its National conference in Detroit the National motorists association adopted a motorists bight of rights. The adoption was made to initiate restored balance Between Highway users and Rule makers because it is believed Highway safety initiatives vehicle standards and taxation decisions Are developed without meaningful input from the people who use and pay for the system. The Bill of rights. 1 the right to traffic regulation based on sound engineering principles and Public consensus. 2 Clear guarantees that Revenue collected from Highway users for Highway purposes be in fact used for such purposes and that All streets roads and highways be properly maintained signed and regulated in a manner that expedites travel. 3 Freedom from unreasonable search and seizure and the guarantee that All traffic stops will be based on probable cause. 4 the right to choose the Type of vehicle and related equipment that Best meets an individuals needs and preferences. 5 Protection from discourteous and reckless Drivers including those who deliberately impede traffic threaten other motorists with their actions or those who Are impaired or incompetent. 6 Freedom from unreasonable taxes fees fines and surcharges. 7 Complete Access to All Public streets roads and highways free of arbitrary restrictions exorbitant fees or governmental attempts to dictate personal travel choices. 8 Freedom from Drivers License suspensions or revocations for non driving related violations or matters of personal conduct. 9 Protection from arbitrary and exploitative insurance Industry practices. A a 10 the right to fair and impartial trial for traffic offences including a trial by jury if requested by the defendant. Referring to the 160 million licensed Drivers in America As Quot second class citizens Quot the head of Nam charged single interest and special interest groups with dominating legislative and regulatory processes. He said Quot Federal and state regulators the insurance Industry and those which masquerade As Public interest organizations have been extremely successful at passing Laws and promoting regulations which Impact often negatively the common Motorist. Nman a goal is to change things As they Are today. We agree. Michael Wayne Dobbins 36, Marietta ga., and Karen Elaine Hufty 30, Burlington. Pray for leaders Tincu Iii Ivolu ii in veil of inc Temple was Tom in two from top to Bottom and the Earth quaked and the rocks were split. It. 27 51 no Jav pm. Adv. Its a Paradox. Despite the recent increase in the minimum wage from $3.35 an hour to $3 80 an hour the pay from an average entry level service Job still is Well below the census bureaus 1988 poverty line of $12,091 for a family of four according to the bureaus most recent computation. Whenever the income of a working poor family exceeds the poverty level even by Only a few Hundred dollars a year it risks losing the Public assistance needed to help provide a minimally decent Standard of living. A study of current welfare benefits in five major . Cities conducted by the Washington based education and research Institute Eri found that in each Case the value of the Public Aid package for a single Mother of three school age children was significantly greater than the current poverty line. In Boston the benefits totalled $15,495 a year equal to a pre tax annual income in the private sector of $19,183. Ifs a Small wonder that Many poor families prefer to remain on welfare. Statistics alone done to convey the dimensions of personal crisis. Based on a study of welfare cases Eri editor Chris Warden Drew a composite picture of the kind of dilemma often confronting a typical single Mother caught in the Quot poverty she is the Mother of three Young children. Her husband has left her. She has thigh school diploma but no work history. Soon she has no More Money. So to feed her kids she applies for and receives food Stamps but the rent is due As Well. At the welfare office she a told she can get other help Cash and housing assistance. So she applies for and starts receiving this assistance. Only temporarily she tells herself. Then one of her children a boy of five becomes ill. He needs to see a doctor. The Mother has no health insurance. Panicked she takes the child into an emergency room. Quot no insurance no care Quot she a told. The anxious woman is forced to admit that she son welfare. Quot of medicaid will cover you then Quot she is told. Her son recovers but she is shaken by the embarrassment More than Ever she is determined to get a Job. At the welfare office she discovers that Job training is available. So she completes a clerical training course under the family support program and starts a new Job search. Many offers come in. Quot can you Start at $5.50 an hour Quot Quot we pay $6 an hour to Quot you qualify for health benefits after six at first she is excited. But later after drawing up a rough household budget she is dismayed to discover that none of the jobs will enable her to make ends meet an application for Public housing stares up at her. She realizes she strapped. Far fetched not at All. Consider the actual Case history of Nancy k. Murphy 28, of Clearwater Minnesota. When state benefits Tot child care ran out is. Murphy the single Mother of a two year old son was forced to give up her Job and go on welfare. She expects to receive about $663 a month in benefits and that a without a housing subsidy. Comparing this to her former salary of $640 a month before taxes As a children a photographer. Is. Murphy made the Only practical Choice. Quot i saw an and for my old Job in the paper Quot she told a reporter. Quot it made me sick at heart that i had to give it it remains to be seen whether the governments latest family Aid reforms will make it easier for parents like Nancy Murphy to get off Public welfare. Certainly Many if not most Aid dependents would prefer such a Chance. Distributed by America s future inc., Rochelle . Scott Edward a Wagoner 23, Laplace la., and Michelle Lynn Pullen 22, re i Cutler. Kenneth m. Roswarski 39, it. 4, Delphi and Larinda l. Onken 28, Plainfield. Rickey Gene Delk 28, re i Bringhurst and Stephanie m. Mayhill 26, it. I Bringhurst. The following were assessed $10 judgments and $53 court costs for disregarding Stop signs Susan r. Farrell 19, re 4, Delphi Stephen j. Anderson 20, Monticello. Judgments of $25 and costs were assessed the following for speeding Teresa Houser 29, it. 2, Delphi 71/55 Brian d. Hahn 34, re i Flora 56/35 Robert l. Boyer 47, Delphi 56/35 Frederick e. Snowberger 26, 59/40. Assessed $10 judgments and $53 costs for speeding were the following Gail c. Bunch 57, Lafayette 49/35 Loretta a. Lewis 38, Battleground 50/35 William a. Circuit court Donald r. Myers judge Chester inc., an Indiana corporation filed a co print against Delphi warehousing a a a Community fertilizer service inc., do a Delphi warehousing inc., a a a warehousing corp., a a a Delphi warehousing corp., and Indiana corporation. The Jess England Trust was admitted for probate. Proceedings in May 21 25 hearing on motion for change of venue hearing on modification of sentence heir tag on motion for change of Vemic and proof of will in Unesta hearing on attorney fees Diwi Button in an estate delinquency review hearing one sentencing hearing on modification of visitation hearing on contempt and payment of support hearing on modification of support hearing on motion for default judgment nor inn on Milinn for summary judgment hearing on support delinquency hearing on termination of support hearing on contempt for nonpayment of support. Veach 50, it. I Camden 49/35 Johnny l. Gattis 33, Indianapolis 68/55 Gary d. Long 36, Kokomo 50/35 John a. Longbrake 20, Bristol 66/55 John c. Rowe 47, Otterbein 40/25. David w. Martin 28, it. I Flora assessed $10 judgment and $53 costs for operating on expired trailer plates. Jerry l. Edwards 28, Lafayette assessed $25 judgment for front seat passenger restraint violation. John c. Gould 21, Star City assessed $10 judgment and costs for count ii no Light on rear registration plate. Count i speeding was dismissed. Larry g. Bradway 35, Warsaw assessed $10 for count i charge of Dws amended to driving without a License while previously having one plus $25 judgment for count ii speeding 60/40, and $53 costs. Geoffrey Shawn Newman 30, Logansport assessed $300 Fine and $153 court costs for count i operating a vehicle while intoxicated a class a a Misdemeanour. Fine was suspended for alcohol program at continued Page a c Delphi City court Don Burkhalter judge _ in playing Lottie no thanks a has a an that s All assessed $25 fines for seat Belt violation were Michael a. Fritz John c. Stewart Rhonda j. Strasser Jan Mcglothlin. John m. Walker was assessed $25 for no child restraint. Robert d. Witt assessed $15 and $53 costs for violation of no turn on red signs. Tracey e. Hinman assessed judgment of $5 and costs for following too close. Rocky a. Goodman assessed judgment of $5 for violation of a posted no passing zone. Judgment of $20 and costs assessed William m. Cone for no registration. Sandra k. Silcy judgment of $5 assessed plus costs for allowing dog to run at Large. Jeffery s. Storey assessed $5 judgment and costs for no bumper when required. Kathy d. Revils judgment of $10 and costs assessed for no Light on rear registration plate. The following were assessed $15 judgments and costs for disregarding Stop signs Robert s. Blick Ensaf Robert b. Slagel la. Assessed $15 judgments and costs for disregarding automatic signals were Joseph m. Benge pin Iii a. Lewis Danny e. Traylor. James p. Plummer was assessed $10 judgment and costs for disregarding automatic signal. Assessed $10 judgments and costs for operating of expired trailer plates were Stacey a. Long Michael Lane Brian m. Scott. Judgments of $20 and costs were assessed the following for speeding Kimberlie Radcliffe 51/35 mar Clite m. Parish 52/35 Melynda l. Peters 53/35 Jennifer b. Ness 55/35 Gregory a. Jacobs 53/35 Paul d. Hosier 73/55 Steven a Hickman 52/35 Thomas e. Hoffman 55/35 Randal j. Garrett 72/55 Joseph n. Griffin 54/35 Stuart a. Dye 51/35 Erie s. Silcy 74/55 Dustin d. Crawford 74/55 Michael l. Clevenger 55/35 James r. Baker 52/35 Scott n. Ador 52/35 Devon w. Shepard 55/35 Marlyn a i. Smith 72/55 Pamela a. Zimmerman 72/55 Doug g. We Stan Dorf 43/25.assessed $15 judgments and costs for speeding were Billy w. Pensinger 50/35 Debra a. Newkirk ?v55 Charles m. Mccollum Quot Ltd 50/35 Roer a. Mccormack 68/55 William e. Minglin 50/35 Kimberly s. Lawson 50/35 Jerry w. Huff 69/55 Rhonda s. Hughes 69/55 Dean a. Gardiner 68/55 Gary l. Cook 50/35 George l. Barlow 50/35 Leslie e. Babcock jr., 40/25 Rosemary butt 69/55 Thomas l. Anderson 50/35 Katherine m. Shannon 68/55 Daniel l. Shanks 69/55 Richard l. Shockney 70/55 Bruce c. Young 50/35 James r. Whitworth 67/55. The following were assessed $10 judgments and costs for speeding Jill m. Pluhar 60/40 Denise r. Clevenger 51/35 Robert w. Corwin 66/55. Judgments of $25 and $53 court costs were assessed the following for speeding Terry w. Mckillip 72/35 Billy j. Marchal 58/35 Chris m. Matthews 60/35 Shawn c. Gabcert 56/35 Regan c. Eckstein dy/j5 Edward l. Baker 76/55. Assessed $5 judgments and costs for speeding Angola k. Yoder 51/35 Jay c. Zuehl 53/35 Michael e. Appleton 50/35. Glen r. Floyd assessed $27 judgment and costs for speeding 62/35. Aaron n. Deaton judgment of $26 and costs were assessed for speeding 61/35. The following was dismissed James k. Miller operating on expired trailer plate. Causes of speeding Transf red were Mark s. Briggs 70/55 James f. Stackhouse 5 v35 Sidney Kulak 70/55 Kimberly m. Konyvka 57/35 George h. Mears 56/35 Douglas l. Nolen 67/55. Fro Iii file of Hoosier Democrat and journal Cut zen to years ago two sections of Wildcat Creek were named a Scenic by the Natkal resources commission of Indiana. It is included in the states natural Scenic and recreation Rivers system. A segment of the North Fork approximately 39 Miles Long which stretches from Burlington in Eastern Carroll county to Peters Mill Bridge in Tippecanoe was designated. Twenty one students from Delphi Community Middle school National Junior Honor society gathered at the Wabash and Erie canal restoration site to clean Brush and prepare a bicycle path. Brook Mccain was named Quot most valued Quot Carroll High school golfer. Women a Christian Temperance Union held a special service where mothers of Small children pledged to teach truths and dangers of alcohol tobacco and drugs Aid promised to Lead a life of total abstinence. 25 years ago Don Brosman will close his Pittsburg grocery at the present location and open in the former Ranger building on . 421 in West Delphi the Pittsburg building was damaged recently by fire. Nine Delphi High school seniors who were Junior rotarians this year Are Ned Brookbank Doug Watkins Jeff Smith Dave Bowen Bill Hathaway Steve Hancock Tom Bolinger Bill Coghill and Fred Bradshaw. Ninety eight persons offered to donate blood when the Bloodmobile visited Delphi. Hope Coomey of Delphi and John Mccain of near Camden received four gallon pins and Rev. John Laprad of Delphi and Alfred Moss of Floral were recipients of two gallon pins. John h. Kimpel District manager at Lafayette social Security office announced the part time social Security office at Delphi will be discontinued july i. Mike Cannady son of or. And mrs. Howard Crumpacker of Camden was named valedictorian of the 1965 senior class of Camden High school. Judith Kesner 1 daughter of or. And mrs. Frank Kesner was salutatorian. 4 it 50 years Agoa a spa project for laying water ?. Mains in South Delphi through a new addition to the City was completed last week. 1. The Delphi senior class held its j picnic thursday at Riverside Park. They made the trip in school buses. A the Sophomore and Junior classes a went to the Park at Monticello and the freshmen went to Lafayette. Seven Carroll county students will graduate from Indiana univer sity at Bloomington this Spring. Mann Eaton Chevrolet co. In Flora advertised a 1931 Ford / Coupe for $25. I for Good Kitchen management a United Telephone advertised a a / Kitchen Telephone. Carroll county red Cross was urged to Rush All available funds for Relief of refugees in Belgium and Ric Northern France. A anyone desiring a child from a Knightstown Home for a two week vacation in june should Contact y. Nettie a Baugn or Hazel barium. 75 years ago the Flora Library movement and it appears that it will be a Community project Wimb car a Roll ton and Jackson townships join a a ing. Of they do a substation will be in Nummi Milt inn flu a Lull la Iii Livia a $10,000 from the Carangie Library a fund is hoped for. . Dowell has a Large consign ment of Fly shatters to be Given away May 31. Each carries the. Slogan Quot help make Flora a Fly less us bids ranging from $19,875 to $37,627 on the Flora school building were opened tuesday. . Kitzmiller was Low bidder. A Dpi Hoosier High risk insurance inc. 1-800-327-risk. We can solve All your Auto insurance problems. Subsidiary Al Bradshaw i

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