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Delaware County Daily Times Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1970, Page 2

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Delaware County Daily Times (Newspaper) - September 26, 1970, Chester, Pennsylvania9 Delaware county a daily 26, 1970 times egyptians charge Jordan violation of cease fire Norwood vow to seek signers Norwood signatures on petitions requesting release by North Vietnam of .1.400 american prisoners of War will be solicited outside of All Borough churches sunday. Levan Smith Raibley Post 7213. Veterans of foreign wars will be gathering the signatures in cooperation with the National vow project prisoners of War. The vow wants to keep pressure or. North Vietnam until All americans Are routine patrol ends in shots suspension of new patrolman continued from Page one charges against them have been dropped. Their Story has ended. But it was just beginning for Merkins. That lie has drawn and fired his revolver on tour different occasions but most of his backers deny that it was a on aug. 21, about three weeks another after the policeman misuse of authority. On the other hand others say having to use a Gim four times in 16 months might be excessive incident he was recently credited with reportedly saving the life of a 3-month-old went to Merkins Home at 10ispringfield infant. He arrived released. The petitions will and told him to report first at a emergency Call and pcr3onallv to the to the police station in uniform Surat ices Manders cease fire that Hussein s com would observe the i were completely a by the associated press where the armed forces t egypt1.accused Jordan today of violating the jordanian i he charged that a number of i cease fire and planning to groups were do Mcl of any Rea i Date palestinian _ the cease fire and Jordan s King Hussein said hissing to sabotage it. Said a delegation of forces had observed the the charge that Jordan Hadour Arab leaders headed by us despite endless broken the cease fire agreement i celanese president Jaafar Al no and called on the guerrillas to was Marje by egyptian reported after returning slam the door shut forever on client Gamal Abdel Nasser in a i from their cease fire Mission in dissension and Cadle sent to Hussein and Broad Jordan that there was a deter he also announced Over radio cast Over Amman radio. on the part of Amman that a new government sent in talc names of nine arabian authorities to continue the would be formed within hours j nations whose leaders have j fighting despite All attempts to to replace the military Leader been holding an the North vietnamese delegation when arrived mayor at the Paris peace talks or Samuel Danna informed him he was relieved of duty and ordered if refused handed to there United be nations ship he named last wednesday the Day before the outbreak of the eight Day jordanian civil War. The military government re signed Friday. The jordanian army has been standing still around Ramatha and Irbid 50 Miles North of Man. For the past three Days the King said. The situation in Amman was Calm he added except for scattered incidents Summit in Cairo. News reports from Friday night said the the message appeared to Nasser and the other arabs Secretary general u Thant. County Bondsmen to compete him to hand Over his service equipment. The next Clay a saturday Merkins returned his uniform before receiving his final paycheck. That saturday Merkins received a letter at his Home officially notifying him of action. In addition to incident of july 27, the mayor s letter stated that Merkins was guilty of improper conduct in firing his weapon in May 22, july 9 and nov. 1, All hvl969. For All of this Merkins had gave the infant Mouth to Mouth resuscitation while a Springfield patrolman drove them to the Hospital. Several people said that Merkins had spent much of his penalized because he used the gun the Borough had issued him. Why give them a gun they re not allowed to use if it if they have to. These crazy kids will do anything several other residents referred to recent news stories of Philadelphia area policemen who were the target of youths. The tone of the conversation was that policemen May have to shoot sometimes. Raymond Lafrance. 213 Sylvan ave., has known Merkins Well for 12 years and Active in the Campaign to reinstate him. However had ended. The round the clock curfew which had been in effect fighting leaders squarely behind the. Palestinians. Earlier Libya s strongman 16. Airline hostages Are freed week was lifted for five hours daily radio Amman said. Nasser charged that a Horri ble massacre was going on in Jordan in violation of All Arab and the Cable drafted at a meeting attended by palestinian guerrilla Leader a col Muammar Sadafi pro posed an Arab police Force to supervise the truce in Jordan Libya then severed relations with Hussein s government. The egyptian Middle East news Agency reported that Sadafi suggested the Force be formed of forces from his own country Yasir Arafat said jordanian As and neighbouring Algeri have their captured countries nist led forces key areas of comm support from with Amman hos tages from the three hijacked jetliners were free today but was no word on the 38 americans still missing. Jordan army soldiers first rescued first 15 of the hostages Friday then found one More As they searched the Palestine guerrilla Camps following a cease fire agreement to halt Jordan s civil War. The freed British six Swiss and two West been abandoned by their guerrilla captors during the heavy fighting of the to _ Ujj j i i Wujs Utju War in the area of the guerrilla Teng rat overlooking v _ i i a to t _ Allied troops win key areas Saigon a government troops in Cambodia and Laos from american warplanes offi ers said today. In Cambodia a Large Force carrying out the first major government offensive of the cambodian War seized the Vil Lage of Taing Kauk driving out an enemy clocked its weeks. In Force that Progress for had two Laos government forces a Hill position called Camps. Army sources said they probably would be repatriated to their respective countries today possibly evacuation flight aboard an to Cyprus. The sources also said they might be flown to another destination depending on the routing of today s evacuation flights. There was no word on the Fate of the 38 other hostages All americans presumably still in guerrilla report from hands except a guerrilla sources Uncial capital of Atto Peu. Atto Peu is on. The Bol ovens plateau in Southern Laos near the North Ern Border of Cambodia. Both Battle Sites Are on North vietnamese River and land infiltration corridors that have been under daily . Bombing at tacks aimed at curbing the flow of enemy troops and War mate rials southward into Cambodia and South Vietnam. Taing Kauk. Along route 6 be tween phenom penh and the in bunkers before the final As Sault on the Village. The final drive came from the West after a North vietnamese Strong Point in the town s High school was destroyed by air and artillery strikes. The cambodian troops who Concord Garnet Valley High school s 88-member Jaguar band will be among 10 bands to appear tin the school a n d s tonight in Boyertown High cavalcade of b Competition at 7 Boyertown. Boyertown originated the cavalcade Type of Competition and Garnet Valley has been invited for its second year of Competition and is the Only county band to attend. Last year the local band received an excellent rating a both band and band front. Band director Howard e. Weigh than theme will said be the band s watch out captured the finding four Village reported enemy soldiers dead and a Small of arms and ammunition. A spokesman for the cambo Dian military command refused to disclose the government casualty figures in the Battle but indicated they were Light. Local America and will have three to for he marching Competition a warning on inflation featuring Novelty number and we re rot id of America Why Aren t for the finale. The bands will be Given an excellent or Good rating by the College and professional musician judges. After a 10-band finale at the close of Competition awards and ratings will be presented. A crowd neighbors and commanders thursday that had More reported than 200 cambodian troops had been killed or seriously wounded in he two week Effort to take Taing Kauk. Enemy losses were not known the spokesman said the Vil Lage was not heavily damaged. Villagers who returned after the lighting ended Friday said they Ivere unable to say where the North vietnamese and Viet Long Force had fled. The aim of the cambodian of ens ivc is to reopen route 6 All that some of them had 80 Miles to the North was transferred to Northern Jordan capt ured the cambodians or Syria after the outbreak off midair associated press correspond ent John t. Wheeler reported from phenom penh that outnumbered North vietnamese and Viet Cong troops apparently had evacuated nearly All their troops and casualties from dug provincial capital of Kampong the Way to Kampong Thorn but it _ c7 the War. Jordan army units combing the wahdat guerrilla Camp Friday heard shouts of help from one of the houses and upon knocking the door Down abandoned hungry and thirsty. Later in the evening Amman radio said another hostage had been found but gave few details of his Rescue. The hostages w Ere Abo a re three jetliners hijacked by guerrillas from the marxist popular front of the liberation of Palestine on sept. 6 and 9 to 3 desert Airstrip Northeast of Amman. In Geneva the International red Cross which had figured in the Early negotiations for the hostages release said the 15 had been taken first to the . Embassy in Amman and later to an army Camp. A spokesman said he was Uncer Tain when the operation would begin moving northward again j Wheeler reported that tie feel ing in phenom penh was that it would be Many Days or weeks until any new Effort to move North was begun if at All be cause of possible enemy Bushes. Addition completed construction has been completed on a addition to the Chester Heights Central Bell on office building of the Telephone co., located Baltimore Pike. The addition consists of a basement and one upper level. A dial Hardward equipment installation will begin this week in the new building and scheduled to be completed March 1971. At a Cost of approximately the new hardware will provide switching equipment to serve More customers in the Chester Heights Exchange area. Boston patrolman slain 800 Hunt suspect in Bank killing Day of prayer is proclaimed Washington presi Dent Nixon has proclaimed oct. 21 a National Day of prayer urging americans to Pray that the courage of War be lifted from the Earth and that the anguish of those who have Felt the horrors of War be he a mation that is through the hearts of of perhaps friends of John Merkins was at Borough Hal on sept. 9 All were concerned Over the Fate of the suspends patrolman. At 8 p.m., the audience settled Down figuring it might be to hours or More before it got to say what it came to say. Borough Council however had other ideas. It first passed Resolution to dismiss Rucins from the Force. Then i was sitting behind a pillar. So i could t see a president William said James o Reilly who lives at. 114 Sylvan ave. Directly across the Street Tom Merkins. I heard tie Gavel and wife said it s1, i raised hand to speak and so die other people. I looked at the clock. It said we were mad. Everyone wanted to say apparently a lot of the people stayed for by the next sunday. Sept. 13, a petition was circulating in Morton calling for Merkins reinstatement. By tuesday sept. 15 the night the Council s Public safety committee met in closed session per cent of Morton s population had signed the petition. An estimated 60 persons picketed Borough Hall that night the Merkins awaiting tie outcome of the hearing he is working at a part time Job. Shortly before the july -27 incident binding arbitration forced an annual raise for Morton policemen effective next Jan. 1. Merkins led the fight the raise and increased fringe benefits so some of his Fried ids believe the Council was out to "get1" him. Pugh denies the arbitration proceedings had anything to do with the firing. There is no personal vendetta a g a in a t Merkins he said. Demanding that Case be brought out into the Haverj ill mass. A Gilday Bond and Valeri All More than 800 policemen searched through the night in served terms at Walpole state prison and had been associated open. Among the people on the scene but not taking part in the demonstration was mrs. Mary Charles. Republican committee woman for Morton. I was dumbfounded at the Council she said. I have been going to Council for 26 years and they always let tie people talk. I be never seen a meeting like that and i Hope i never see another one mrs. Charles was concerned about Merkins hear he s a dedicated but she was More worried about the treatment his supporters had received. I be always told people to 50 to the Council when they she said. They did. And look what Merkins grew up in Clifton Heights attended High school there and in 1963 joined the army. He served in Korea for 13 months. He married the former Darlene Dercole whom he met at High school their daughter. Patricia Ann. Will be two years old in october. The Merkins moved into a Brick twin Homes at 111 Sylvan Procla ave four years ago. He worked tinn the path to peace Boilera e rv h Philadelphia. In april 1969, it was one of five proclaim tons Nixon issued Friday commemorating special occasions. The week beginning oct. 4 was named National newspaper week and Nixon said he was doing it not out of sentimental Ity but because a free press is essential to Liberty. The week of oct. 11 was design Liila Delphiia safer Amono 10 Bio cities Philadelphia a Philadelphia s c r ir rate is increasing taster than the National average but the City of brotherly love is still safer Thun any other of the nation s 10 largest cities. Fri figures released Friday show Philadelphia recorded the lowest violent crime rate among the nation s big cities during the first six months of 1970. With crimes of violence increasing nationally at a 10 per cent rate. Phila Delphia s decreased by per cent the report showed. Crimes of violence include murder rape Rob Bery and aggravated assault. Northeastern Massachusetts and with Brandeis through a convict rated National school lunch new Hampshire for William program called Weck oct. 5, child health Day Gilday one of five j and the month of october coun charged in the machine gun j a Bracis official said miss try music month slaying of a Boston and Bond had registered during a Bank robbery. A Lucre this fall but have not the officers from 18 comm Wjk can on the Brandeis Campus lilies also manned and apparently have were Gilday 41, of severed All relationships with was spotted several times Campus 1 Clay. During the Chase police Gilday was a night student at. Said he stole three cars took1 northeastern University and two persons hostage and was Valeri had been accepted at cornered once but eluded lure after exchanging shots with i Poliuc said ammunition and police. Military supplies found in miss also sought were Katherine Boston apartment had Power 20, of Denver colo., stolen in the bombing and is Rcd As a senior at of a National guard a University in Waltham Susan Ivory at Newburyport last Sun Sac 20, of Albany n.y., a Day. June graduate of Brandeis and Boston police commissioner Stanley r. Bond 25, of Cam Edmund l. Mcnamara said the Bridge. Police said they be equipment showed a positive Lic cd the Trio flew to los an link Between the robbery slay Geles thursday. Aug and Radical revolutionary Robert Valeri 21. Of Somer Campus Villa was arrested a few hours Bond miss Sac and miss Merkins joined the Morton police department. Since that time Merkins has had an eventful life. There is general agreement Junior High school pack a and grades 1 to 9 private academic school fou cud 1950 Chester Christian school 3515 egmont ave Brookli Aven Aithur Nai Ipjian administrator Ware uie i use of marijuana in Morton. He in and part time p a t r o 1a i William Birmele staked out two o locations that were later Raider e by them and other officers. 1 Birmele resigned in anger a the Borough after the Council s i Riff of believes that Mertens did misuse his gun on july 27. It was a misjudgment on his Lafrance believes but the Borough is just As guilty As Merkins for not providing better training. In addition the Way the Council handled obvious question is we the mayor listed three time in 1969 that Merkins used Lii weapon when there appears be no written reprimand. A those times. It is argument whether rebuked 1 even a criminal is not denied a Birmele said. Got us up in he said. We feel he got a raw is also a dispute a to whether politics a a contributed to the Merkins in his eyes Merkins is j is a fact that the Merkins friends Over control of the mrs. James Meagher who 5 lives in the twin House i adjoining the Merkin said their families Are Are loud in their defense Borough officials Are mostly silent. Police chief Arthur Graefenstein has had his from councilman Frank Dimaio last summer there has been no official explanation Why he did. Dimaio was the on Lyman to three full time against firing Jack has a True desire to help she said describing him As a Gooc i himself and one part time Man. It can be assumed that each person that tie policeman on the beat should have More flexibility to act tie. Thinks department must. Carry 30-Day suspension o a Check of a dozen workload but the similar might showed that almost All not discuss his signed the petition to the officer although a few admitted that they really did t know much about the Case mayor Samuel Danna likewise will say nothing to the press and refers All questions men will decide Merkins Case Kennard a West chairman of the hey solicitor Donald commission most who signed though Dino and so for one of two reasons they either like Merkins or think said he has directed Council and police officials the he a r in a probably will foe closed to was doing a.="" Good discuss the mrs.="" Ralph Smith 215="" Sylvan ave.="" said i think he a a Good policeman.="" i Hope he Borough civil service commission hearing which will be closed to the said the Only Choice the commission has is to support the councils decision to ginstcttgcl.="" William Ford 222="" Sylvan ave.,="" first met Merkins when the patrolman was giving him a Larking ticket.="" As it turned out.="" Ord a car was legally parked and the ticket was the press has been scheduled for 8="" p.m.="" wednesday a Morton Borough hall.="" if Perkins is reinstated it might do him harm if the charges were made Public Pugh or to reject that decision.="" either Side ".could="" Appeal to the courts.="" Merkins said he definitely wants to rejoin the Morton voided.="" however Merkins a result the Borough wanted to be following orders and adequate spokesman since i was respects him for argue the Case a he said.="" i know John pretty i a Good be said.="" he a one Heck of salary As a events of next week ellow.="" he a honest and i was his future for be needs to be Back on neighbor of Reilly claimed hat hippies appeared out lie Street again As soon As they heard Merkins had suspended.="" he did to do them nether Providence injustices but he scared them off who counts Merkins As one of he Best policemen Morton Ever trash will be Picke cup by the Highway department on the following Days wards 1="" and 5="" september 28,="" 29,="" 1970="" wards 2="" and 6="" september 29,="" 30,="" another woman 3="" and 4="" september 30,="" october 1,="" that Merkins was trash must be placed on the Street More plus 1="" compare for the stately Drexel Only a few left convenient Cha a financing with a financing thai never been easier Down payment Liat i really law.="" Emmet closing costs an included in the and no mortgage hunting.="" Capano arrange everything.="" you just do the packing writ Central air conditioning Wood panelled rec sliding doors Lead to Patio garbage 3="" bedrooms 4="" available separate laundry garage taxes approx.="" per you la Jove living in Delaware i after the robbery wednesday of a Branch office of a stale Street Bank and Trust co.="" patrolman Walter k.="" Schmo Cdr Power worked together last Spring at the student strike in formation Center set up at brain Deis during Protasio of the Dis 41,="" was killed during the Rob a Patch of .="" troops into cambo bcry.="" ilia.="" spot announcement free glaucoma screening project september 28th="" and 29th,="" 1970="" the Delaware county Branch of the Pennsylvania association for the Blind in cooperation with the Chester Lions club and the Delaware county medical society will conduct its fall glaucoma screening project at its Headquarters 100="" West fifteenth Street Chester pa.,="" on monday evening september 28th="" from to p.m.="" and on tuesday afternoon september 29th="" from to p.m.="" the simple test requires Only a few minutes and is painless.="" it is designed for the possible detection of glaucoma and is not a Complete Eye sex amination.="" All persons thirty five years of age or Over Are urged to attend this free screening.="" remember the dates september 28th="" and 29th,="" 1970.="" also remember that glaucoma is still one of the three leading causes of blindness in the United stales.="" Don to take chances Sei your bust a test minutes from Pennsylvania using 1-95="" convenient to All the new shopping centers 7-Day="" shopping and no state sales tax take the initial step.="" come out to Carriage run now and see what Good living is All about.="" it could be yours in just 4="" weeks.="" that a fast.="" but then life is Short amaze Rapano in the Cap chicle srm of Qiu Tity Yum inf sunday 12="" 10="" .m.="" often Mondoy thru thur try 1="" p.m.="" it i p.m.="" tin it p.m.="" saturday 1="" p.m.="" 5="" p.m.="" sunday 12="" it i cd tied frifcy.="" directions from to Knuth Chu Rehmon a rd.="" exit.="" immediately ofter Thorp lift Church Man i rd.="" turn right at right onto air trl m.,="" Corri Oft run fcmplti.="" fhan.="" 14014ii.71m="" i i i

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