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Delaware County Daily Times Newspaper Archives Oct 17 1970, Page 2

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Delaware County Daily Times (Newspaper) - October 17, 1970, Chester, Pennsylvania9 Delaware county a daily times w saturday october 17, 1970 Rogers Gromyko talk4 rail Union opposes denial United nations . The first of two meet Ings Here Between Secretary of state William p. Rogers and so Viet foreign minister Andrei a. Gromyko failed to remove . Concern Over Kremlin intent on some major International is sues. This was reported by . Officials Early today following a four hour Dine and talk session Between the big two foreign ministers that lasted until nearly Midnight Friday. The Middle East peace Effort and alleged soviet truce violations improvement of conditions for West Berlin and presi Dent Nixon s latest proposal for peace in Indochina were among the items discussed. I d describe the atmosphere As Businesslike not unfriendly . Spokesman Rob Ert j. Mccloskey said after Ward. A follow up meeting is scheduled monday night. . Strategists have been concerned that the soviet Union despite Nixon s Era of Nego a wire photo Apollo 14 astronaut d. Mitchell Dis pays modular equipment transporter for Moon use. Kent Parent loses Faith in by the press the special state grand jury s report exonerating Ohio nation Al guardsmen involved in the fatal shooting of four Kent state University students has been sharply criticized by parents of the dead students. I have lost Faith in Justice in said Martin Scheuer of Youngstown Ohio whose 20-year-old daughter Sandy Lee was among those slain. You mean you can get away with murder in this asked Bernard Miller of Plain Field ., father of Jeffrey Miller 20, one of the slain Stu dents. This is he continued. I be said it before and i be said it again. These Are with were throwing abuse no bul lets. It s ridiculous. They cannot exonerate the National guard after students Are maimed for life and nine students were in the May 4 shooting which took place after guardsmen were called to the Campus to quell disturbances. The grand jury reported Friday that the guardsmen acted when they thought they were in danger. I think it s just a said mrs. Scheuer. Especially having it the grand jury there where the people Are so partial where the people hate the Stu dents so and rav Enna. If they can t Ijeh eve the president s commission report and the Fri report it s too Federal reports had called the shootings unjustified. We believe our allegations will support the findings of the . Department of Justice rather than the findings of the Portage county said a thur Krause of Pittsburgh father of Allison Krause. Another shooting victim. Krause has filed a so million suit and mrs. Miller a suit in . District court in Cleveland charging Ohio officials with negligence. Mrs. Lewis a. Schroeder Mother of the fourth victim William Schroeder 19, of Ely Ria said in a faltering voice we can t think of anything we want to say. We just Don t want to talk about it any we implore or. Mitchell . Atty. Gen John Mitchell to do no More for Kent state than he did for Jackson state and Convene a Federal grand jury in. Northern mrs. Schroeder added. Mitchell declined comment Friday on the findings of the jury which indicted i have not seen the official papers on the he said adding that it would be inappropriate for me to the Justice department said it was evaluating Federal action until the grand jury report. Police chief James f. Ahern of new Haven a Mem ber of the president s commis Sion said the grand jury s conclusion that the guardsmen acted justifiably was inconsistent with the facts presented to the commission. The commission chairman William w. Scranton said he agreed the commission s report pointed to fault on Many he declined further comment saying the commis Sion did not want to prejudice judicial action. Ohio gov. James Rhodes said he would have no comment but Ohio atty. Gen. Paul w. Brown said the jury did a remarkably adequate Ohio National guard John e. Mccann said guard officials were naturally Happy that the National guardsmen involved in this unfortunate Inci Dent have been Robert Stamps 19, of South Euclid one of the students wounded called the report i five members of the Kent student government including Donna Clark president pro Tern of the student Senate and Stu Dent body vice president Thorn w. Dickerson issued a state ment in which they said the were very disillusioned Over the report. Ike leaves estate of nearly million Gettysburg a. Up1 the late president Dwight d. Eisenhower left a Gross estate valued at according to his Pennsylvania inheritance tax returns released Friday by his executors. The former president and general died March 28, 1969, at the Walter Reed army medical Center in Washington . During his later years he and mrs. Mamie Eisenhower lived in their farm Home Bor Dering on the Gettysburg Battlefield and he maintained an office on the Campus of Gettys Burg College. The return and accounting. Tiled with the Adams county Register of wills showed Tan Gible personal property consist ing largely of cattle farm machinery and equipment House hold and office furniture and historical Memorabilia valued at intangible personal property consisted largely of Bank accounts securities and notes valued at royalties earned on books and publications under an agreement with Doubleday co., were valued at and Worth of assets held in Trust by the mercantile Safe Deposit and Trust co., of Baltimore md., and the former president s son John Eisen Hower ambassador to Belgium also were listed. The accounting listed the in Terest in the Gettysburg farm property which the former president and mrs. Eisenhower gave to the Federal government in 1967 to be used As a National historic site. His share of the gift was valued at a the time of his death. Mrs. Eisenhower still lives at the farm House. Under the terms of his will executed May 25, 1965, and a codicil Eisenhower made cer Tain monetary bequests to per sons who served with him of years. He bequeathed i papers and documentary mate rial to the Federal govern Man for Deposit in the Eisenhowe presidential Library at Abilene kan., his boyhood town. He bequeathed Bis office furniture medals flags and Mili tary equipment to the Eisenhower foundation also at Abilene the foundation subsequently transferred the items in tha bequest for Deposit in the presidential Library. The remaining personal prop erty including the household furniture automobiles farm machinery and cattle were bequeathed to mrs. Eisenhower with the remainder of the estate left in Trust for mrs. Eisen Hower and their son. Astronauts to take no cart Washington the Apollo 14 astronauts will go about the Moon collecting Rock samples next february much As the housewife cruises a grocery store with her shopping cart. In fact the space ship will carry along a fancy version of such a Art. It s been called everything from a wheelbarrow and a Rick Sha to names unprintable Astro naut Edgar d. Mitchell said Fri Day As he showed off the vehicle or the first time. Mitchell is lunar module Pilot or the launch scheduled Jan. 31. The spacecraft commander Ivill be Alan b. Shepard Ameri Ca s first Man in space. Stuart a. Roosa a space Rookie Wil be command module Pilot. Officially the cart is a modular equipment transporter wore familiarly it s known As a Viet like the new York base jail team. It s a gadgeteer s dream with place for everything a boy scout or Moon explorer needs a socket Here for a Sample collect or a Latch there for a shovel a Fastener or a map. And mounted on top is a camera. The works fold up for storage in the lunar module ascent Tage equipment Bay. The idea is to save astronauts Shepard and Mitchell the trouble of carrying the equipment. Even the handle is designed so the Astro naut does t have to curl his gloved fingers around it. A squeezing operation gets Mitchell explained. He said the Apollo 14 Prev would like to bring Back 60 or 7c pounds of lunar material by will be Happy with As Little As 25. And they won t be too choose on what rocks they pick. We will work quickly to get f larger amount of samples am will let the sorting out be Don on Mitchell said. I would be Folly to waste the Tim available to us trying to Mak Field the Apollo 14 flight is planned to carry out the same objective., As Apollo 13, which had to be aborted after an explosion. The Apollo 14 command ship i being modified to avoid such mishaps. Apollo 14 Wil land in the High land areas of Fra Mauro Anc the astronauts will have two Moon walks of up to 5 hours 15 minutes each. Mitchell said h and Shepard will try to inc their stay time on the surface a. Much As possible and they l also try to climb to the rim o Cone Crater thought to be feet High. To nations policy May be veering toward a Tough cold War line they have been particular up set by what they term blatant soviet violation of the .-Spon sorted Mideast truce by putting now missiles into the Suez standstill zone. . Officials said Rogers raised the violations Issue but did not show Gromyko . Aerial photos of the new missile installations. They also said Gro Myko denied any soviet violations As Moscow has previous in general they said the american Side still came away with questions As to whether the soviets Are seriously interested in finding ways to reach a mid East settlement. Earlier in the Day the . Effort to get Arab Israel peace talks going suffered another set Back from a strongly anti-. Speech by Egypt s foreign min Ster Mahmound Riad. Riad accused the United states of wrecking its own peace initiative by siding with Israel against the arabs heat edly replying to Riad s general Assembly address . Ambas Sador Charles w. Yost charged egyptian with raising new obstacles to a negotiated Settle ment. . Officials said Israel and her Arab opponents for their own reasons May not resume shooting when the .-Spon sorted 90-Day cease fire expires nov. 5. But they doubted that the Arab israeli peace talks under in mediator Gunnar jarring could be resumed soon. The officials said Rogers did not ask Gromyko for a Suez missile Rollback As Israel has demanded As a Price for attend ing the talks and they said he did. Not specify what kind of rectification the United states wants of the alleged Vio lations. The officials portrayed the Mideast discussion As exploratory and said there was no change by either other major subjects. Rogers did not ask about so Viet intentions concerning a missile submarine base in Cuba they added. Some . Intelli gence has indicated the rus sians May be setting up such a ase. Rogers could raise the is sue monday. Rogers and Gromyko also asked about the .-soviet strategic arms limitation talks due to resume in Helsinki next month. On that the officials said the two expressed Hope for a Ogress. Rogers Here for 10 Days to meet with foreign leaders at ending the . Fall session had separate appointments with dignitaries from Lebanon Fiji Yemen and saudi Arabia today. He will return to Washington briefly Over the weekend. Rogers met with Riad for two hours thursday night. Newspapers published in Cairo reported today that the discussion was Frank and they said Nixon telephoned Rogers during the meeting and asked to speak with the egyptian foreign minister. Nixon then conveyed his condolences on the death of presi Dent Gamal Abdel Nasser the papers said. In his talk with Riad the Pap ers said Rogers described Egypt As the key to the Situa Tion in the quest for a peaceful Mideast settlement. Riad replied that Nasser had courageously accepted the peaceful approach to a solution the newspapers said but that America now holds the key to peace through its ability to sup ply Israel with aircraft and weapons for Israel s expansionist Rogers according to the Cairo newspaper Al Abram said the United states had pledged not to Supply Israel with additional arms provided Egypt did not violate the cease fire Mili tary standstill. Riad denied that Egypt had violated the1 agreement and accused Rogers of seeking to find justification for supplying arms to Israel the reports said. Washington the bankrupt Puhn Central rail will not be allowed to deny its workers retroactive wage increases Union president warned Friday president . Dennis the Union Central was trying to take Cas but of the of its pm Loyes when company officials announced the firm was not it sound enough financial shape to pay the retroactive in creases. The railway clerks and three other unions Are negotiating for contract with the Railroad that would be retroactive to Jan. 1, 1970. College 2nd terrific a a so r color 6 8-10 . I whence Arklo 6 1400 Media 2 Foat Urti Walt Disney s love Bug and Jungle an immensely romantic movie with style and critical the Virgin and the Gypsy feature at and Edgemoor gov. Printz blvd., Wilm. I 3300 Irett pah Kino for 4000 Laks now playing Richard Button Geneyieve Bijold in nit Hal Wallis production features times Man. Thru Fri. Saturday Ond 5un 9w special kiddies matinee Sal. Sun. At . Or. Do Outtie wild animals sparkling streams breathtaking scenery a True Story starts _ wednesday sat. 12 s Early Bird special Mon. To Fri. Tel wed. T sat. At Stanley Kramer presents it s a a i d evening i r Mon. To Thun. 10 Fri. 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