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Delaware County Daily Times Newspaper Archives Jul 16 1966, Page 4

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Delaware County Daily Times (Newspaper) - July 16, 1966, Chester, Pennsylvania Published Billy by in Tel publishing ins. My t. Eth St., it. William b. Sweetland pull str continuing the Chester times founded Delaware county an Independent newspaper More than i copies daily saturday july 16, 1966 editorials make most of Parks to be quite Blunt about it we never thought that we d see the Day when a Dela county its own and _ without need of massive be looking ahead in regard to recreation. We say this looking Back Over a number of years and a number of former county commissions in which Parkland and open and recreation were almost forgotten. If anything they got faint lip service. Accordingly we urge Community sup port of the should let county commissioners realize that Prog Ress is not unnoticed. Commission earlier this week consid and discussed at length the possible appointment of a director of recreational development for the county. Considering How rapidly recreation facilities Are expanding such a move could be one of the Best made recently in Media. A Well organized and coordinated recreational program would offer far More to Citi Zens per Dollar if skilfully it need not be prohibitive in Cost. Actually we already have too expensive an investment in Parkland and other recreational facilities not to operate these in an effective manner so As to get our Money s Worth. For Long years Delaware count ians have been starved As far As outdoor recreational facilities go. Now we re getting the Parkland. Let s develop it and operate it the Way it should be. Make up for lost time As we push Delaware county from near the Bottom to near the top of the list. Dana Bullen what to do with unfit judges Washington with great care and comparatively Little a consensus is in the making on How Best to Deal with unfit Federal judges. The process is slow because the questions Are difficult and Dana Bullen because there is no really great headline scandal to build pres sure for reforms. The problem is that Federal judges like All people Are human. Most of course serve until eligible for retirement with full pay at 65 or 70, depending on their length of service. Federal judges Are sit Dur ing Good behaviour and this really Means for life. But As sen. Joseph d. Tyd Ings d-md., said in a speech earlier this month some become ill and fail to realize that they Are no longer capable of performing their Dut ies properly. Some after Many years of distinguished service become senile. Some Are Lazy. Some drink too much. And few May succumb to temptation and sell Justice to the highest the fact such tragic uses Are rare underscores the High Quality of the Federal Bench. But such things do happen marching together atom Era and every close observer of Judi Cial activity knows it. The sole answer provided in the Constitution at least at first glance 5s impeachment. But in practice this has been a failure. Only eight impeachments have been attempted in the his tory of the nation and four ended in acquittals after congressional trials. The process seems especially unfitted for situations involving us judges. So a new search is on to supplement what Thomas Jeffer son Long ago called a bungling Way to remove impracticable Mere scare the move now seems to be toward creation of a Brand new Federal body a commission on judicial disability. Before such a proposal be comes ironclad however it is Worth taking a look at what is going on. The main activity is on two fronts in Congress and in judicial conferences across the country. Tydings Senate subcommittee on improving Federal Ial machinery has been develop ing a big record on the nature of the problem and the solutions used by states in their courts in hearings in Washington new York san Francisco and los Angeles. A former . Attorney in Baltimore he is most impressed with California s system which permits any person to complain to a unique commission on judicial discipline about a judge s actions. The commission lacks Power you re Gettine weary very War weary to Force a judge to resign but it can recommend that the state s highest court do this. The commission s main Impact is through its authority to investigate charges and 30 judges have been nudged off the Bench since 1960. Two Bills that would set up a similar system for Federal judges Are being discussed in Federal judicial circles at the request of the . Judicial con Ference a top flight group of Federal judges headed by chief Justice Earl Warren. Under both Bills which the conference will consider after the round of discussions is Over there would be a commission on judicial disability made up of five Federal judges and two non judicial members. All would be named by tha chief Justice. One measure would auth Orize the president to name a new judge to handle a disabled judge s work if the commis Sion s investigation indicates this is necessary. The status of the judge in question would not be affected however. The second Bih would go fur ther and permit the . Judi Cial conference to retire a judge involuntarily on the commis Sion s recommendation. The president would fill the spot with a new Man. At some Point probably next fall Tydings subcommittee and the judicial conference quite Likely will arrive at some rather similar conclusions about what should be done. That of Yankee today the atomic age reaches the status of maturity age 21. For 21 years ago today a Small group of scientists soldiers and other observers at the Alamogordo air base in new Mexico witnessed the atom bomb detonated. This Rise group did from a distance of Yards lying on the ground face downward Heads away from the direction of the blast. In the words of a War department re port at the appointed time there was a blinding Flash lighting up the whole area brighter than the brightest Daylight then came a tremendous sustained Roar and a heavy pressure wave a huge Multi coloured surging Cloud boiled to an Altitude of Over feet the test was Over the project a Suc Jerkin Lloyd Jones we spent billion in what president Truman later called the greatest scientific Gamble in today however any country willing to spend a Mere Mil lion or so for its first atomic weapon can have it and the Cost is going Down. Which brings up the problem of whether the atomic Era has truly reached maturity in any sense except according to the num Bers. Either the soviet Union or our own nation can Many times Over literally blow up the world. I yet other nations continue to talk about getting into the nuclear act and at least a dozen have the capability. Obviously the More nations with atomic weapons the greater the danger of a nuclear War starting especially if less responsible or less stable nations become so powered. Perhaps the question of atomic maturity on a global scale is a Little like the attitude of Many americans towards smoking it s probably unwise for us to do it but we re not about to Stop. Just Don t let the children Start. Vandalism what a race these fighting half a Century ago this month the name sir Roger casement was on the lips of the world. On june 29, 1916, a London jury had taken just 55 minutes to find sir Roger guilty of High treason. Although he had been knighted by King George v for Long service As British Consul in Afri Ca and Brazil sir Roger had sneaked off to Germany after the outbreak of world War i and tried to persuade Irish prisoners to join him in starting a rebellion against the British in Ireland. Naturally the germans were most cooperative. Sir Roger s expeditionary Force was a Flop but he kept trying. On Good Friday 1916, local police caught him and two companions in a Cave near Arfert Ireland. Footprints led backward to the Beach where there was an abandoned boat a coat contain ing the stub of a recent German Railroad ticket and a buried Cache of Mauser. A German ship filled with Jenkin Lloyd Jones for it there then they Are trait ors to their country if we Are to be indicted As criminals to be shot As murderers to be imprisoned As convicts because our offence is that we love Ireland More than our lives then i know not what virtue resides in any offer of self government held out to Brave men on such a petition for casement s Pardon was promptly signed by such British luminaries As sir Arthur Conan Doyle Arnold this week vandalism hit once again in Delaware county. The Darby Colwyn joint school Board requested additional Protection after a rash of window breakage. Meanwhile in Norwood the school Board voted to try to Force parents to pay for vandalism damages caused by their Chil Dren and authorized their solicitor to follow through. The irony in this situation lies in the try to Force parents what is needed in this state is a parental responsibility Law with Strong Sharp Teeth. One that will give notice to parents that it will pay to exercise parental responsibility. Bennett g. K. Chesterton and John Drinkwater. The . Congress passed a Resolution hoping for clemency. But Britain involved in a Des Perate grinding War was not inclined to mercy. On August 3, 1916, casement was hanged in Bentonville jail and his body buried beneath the scaffold. The great Story of their ish people is a Story of Martyr Dom. Laid upon the Anvil of British stupidity and hammered by the greed of adventurers and the Zeal of bigots the Irish gave Forth Bright Sparks. They Drew strength from their disasters. The massacre at Drogheda gave them Unity. The excesses of landlord ism gave them Pur pose. The Black and tans gave them a common demonology out of which Dublin s Abbey theater Drew themes of protest unmatched in the drama of its time. Irish heroes o Don Nell Turone o Connell Parnell the imagination of All Peoples. In the Days of the potato famine Ireland poured her Hun Gry sons and daughters out into the world. Denied revolution at Home irishmen promoted revolution elsewhere and the Calles and a Anidas of latin Ameri can cities abound with Irish names. In America the protest ant majority treated them cold Don Oakley harsher Viet War ahead Small arms had been captured the Day before off the Irish coast. Sir Roger s trial was Al most perfunctory. You could hardly blame the outraged British jury. But then the judge made the mistake of asking this flamboyant foot in the bucket revolutionary if he had anything to say. He did. In Calm dignity he made one of the greatest speeches of vindication Ever heard. A Para graph we Are told that if Irish men go by the thousands to die not for Ireland but for Fland ers for Belgium for a Patch of Sand on the deserts of Mesopotamia they Are winning self government for Ireland. But if they dare to Lay Down their lives on their native soil if they dare to dream even that Freedom can be won Only at Home by men resolved to fight a few months ago the great imponderable concerning Viet Nam was How far the United states could go in carrying the War onto the soil of North Viet Nam without bringing red China and possibly soviet rus Sia into the conflict. Today since the bombings of the Oil and gasoline storage depots at Hanoi and Haiphong and on a radar control Center near the capital the following Day it is apparent that we can do just about anything we feel is necessary to destroy North Viet Nam s War making Poten tial without running those maj or risks. The question now would seem to be not How much can we do to defeat the enemy but How much More must we do according to Early assess ments by the air Force the raids of june 29 wiped out half of North Viet Nam s fuel Stor age capacity As Well As seriously damaging its port facilities for unloading Oil tankers. Even if exaggerated and these things often Are the blow will undoubtedly place a severe Strain on Hanoi s ability to move troops to the South by Mot or vehicle. The strike was dictated by military necessity and in most opinion was Long overdue. Military necessity however is not the sole governing fac Tor in conflicts Between nations. Battlefield strategy dictated that our armies ignore Berlin in the closing Days of world War ii in Europe and allow the rus sians to take it. Later events proved this is to be one of the gravest political mistakes of that War. We should also remind our selves that the North Vietnam Ese army is not the kind of army that depends upon Gaso line for its life s blood. It is impelled by something else an obstinate determination which our bombs so far seem to have been unable to defeat. The Oil strike while telling is far from being the knockout punch impatient americans would like to think it is. Each stage of escalation has led inexorably to a newer and higher stage. Only a few Steps remain be fore we reach the final formal declaration of War on North Viet Nam and All that implies. It now seems Clear that the president is prepared to take those Steps if no dramatic re sults emerge from the present level of fighting within the com ing months. It is not too soon for americans to begin asking themselves if they Are prepared for that eventuality As Well. Letters to the editor does t agree with editorial to the times your editorial of july 11, implied that the constructive efforts currently applicable to the advocates of an Extension Cam pus and the advocates of a Community College Are both right. I Don t agree. Why letters to the editor met in Public Irr trait Art and Tinmu mint m Tat tart can to will Brit for is to rim 4k it radar Vaal. The county commission after due deliberations gave approval to the Extension plan. And instead of saying you go your Way and i la go the advocates of the Community col lege should now join forces in the democratic Way and make the Extension Campus work for our communities. The 18 county districts voted to support a Community col lege when they were Given a Choice of the two plans. I would Hope that your editorial will not Sway them in their new Deci Sion which they must now make on a completely different basis. The Burden of two plans at the present time is not feasible since we do not know exactly what costs we Are talking about for the approved Extension plan plus the approved county vocational technical schools plus the unknown anticipated in crease in Federal income taxes. There is one final area which i think we should All take a look at and that is How can we make the Extension plan one constructive suggestion would be to gather the county commission together with the advocates from both groups and invite progressive educators within our own county one of whom is the superintendent of the Rose tree Media school District to a brainstorming ses Sion. From this meeting or meet Ings Well Laid plans could be made. I am sure that our goal now should be to create a Model Extension Campus that will satisfy both groups and put Dela Ware county on the map As a county that did make the Extension Campus work for their communities. Harold l. Grist 630 Rosemary Lane upper Providence by. No Irish need apply signs went up on factory Gates. Know nothings cried no the Irish merely held their chins up higher. They marched in proud Defiance on St. Pat Rick s Day. They got each other on the they cheered their hungry Young prize fighters. They clawed and climbed upward. Then ironically disaster came to the quid Sod in the form of total Victory. The Brit ish gave up. In 1938 Ireland became As Independent As Norway. You could Wear the Green. You could talk All the gaelic you wanted. The lamp of martyrdom was extinguished. Came world War ii. The Irish Irish did t like Hitler but they could t stand helping the British. So this nation of fabled fighters sat out the greatest Brawl in human history. It lost a lot of friends too. Many a Brooklyn Kelly arid Boston o Toole Riding the Dang Erous convoys thought bitterly of the a boat Wolf packs lying close to Ireland s Cliffs. Irish agonies began to fade into the mists. The Irish legend became stale and dated. In the Light of Tarawa and the bulge and the blazing furn aces of Buchenwald it was hard to weep for the Irish. Respectability struck the Irish in America John Ken Nedy was elected president of the United states. Mcnamara s band is the greatest fighting Force on Earth. Jewish merchants and list preachers began wearing Green ties on St. Patrick s Day to show their Good will. A lot of fun went out of being Irish when there was no More reason for Chin up Defiance. This Spring the British quietly gave up the Bones of Roger casement so they could be reburied in Ireland. No need to invade the jail Yard. No Chance. For a wizard jape like swiping the Stone of scone. The bobbies stood politely around watching the exhumation. It was a dirty trick and May be the rascally English knew it. The Irish have proven that they can stand anything except perhaps to win

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