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Delaware County Daily Times Newspaper Archives Jul 16 1966, Page 2

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Delaware County Daily Times (Newspaper) - July 16, 1966, Chester, Pennsylvania 9 Delaware county a daily td1es july 18, inc cab oks using supplemental airline service Washington a the increases of about 53 cents an Ivil Narh our Over 36 months. The com Anies have indicated they Are Illing offer slightly More Ian the 44--48 cents recommended by a presidential panel civil aeronautics Board mov ing ease monumental air traffic jams across the nation has authorized 13 supplemental airlines Fly nearly 100 routes of the five struck carriers. The cab action Friday night came As Union and management negotiators were re ported be nearer a Settle ment than they were a week ago. They meet again today. A cab spokesman said the airlines now being handled by the non scheduled begin accepting reservations immediately for most of the nation heavily travelled major air routes including coast coast flights. The cab specifically granted the supplemental airlines authority handle those flights for the next 30 Days that Are not now being handled b the non struck airlines it reserved however the right Amend or cancel the authority without hearing. The walkout by More than 000 of the Al Cio International association of july 8 at Eastern National North West trans world and United airlines. Last weekend the cab had Given the scheduled airlines not affected by the strike authority add As Many flights As Possi ble help the flying Public. The strike came in the midst of the heavy tourist season. But this was not found be a spokesman said Fri Day night. Especially in area not served by those airlines. What re doing he added is trying get More capacity. We re not in any Way involved in the strike proceed the pessimistic report on Thi strike talk proceedings Cam from asst.="" Secretary of Labo james.="" j.="" Reynolds who is pre siding Over Che negotiations Reynolds said Are n.="" nearer a settlement today tha were really a week ago."="" he characterized the lates talks As another Day of futile rather than constructive discus Sions and told newsmen he a asked the negotiators return men questioned in police killing Philadelphia a actives have charged one Man with homicide and Are question two others in Friday morn a slaying of a Rookie police Man and the wounding of his jartner.="" Patrick Conahan 17,="" who sur entered police in Hazleton everal hours after the shooting a South Philadelphia was charged with homicide.="" today with some new preaches the problem."="" a the talks still Are snagged Reynolds said on National is sues affecting All the airline which must be resolved before discussions can move on the 37="" or local issues.="" the focal Point of the dispute is the unions demand for wag ver the same period.="" Levels now Range from "2.25="" an hour for janitors 3.52="" an hour for top rated me banics.="" the strike which has halted bout 60="" per cent of the nations in travel is estimated be costing the airlines and labor around million daily.="" the struck airlines agreed bargain jointly with the Union last august.="" Braniff Continental and Northeast airlines with employees represented by the machinists did not enter into the agreement and have not been struck.="" other struck airlines have contracts with mechanics represented by the Al Cio trans port workers Union.="" flight plan studied liftoff monday for gemini 10="" Cape kennedy.="" fla.="" a with the weather Outlook brightening for their scheduled monday Blastoff the gemini 10="" astronauts today brushed on the Complex flight plan for their also in custody at a Hospital was Louis Lawrence 22,="" of Philadelphia who was captured shortly after the shooting.="" Law rence was wounded by police Nen and then injured further Asle jumped from the roof of a two Story House.="" police also questioned a 17-="" year old youth arrested Friday night.="" police chief Hugh ferry of Hazleton said Conahan Walker nto the police station and said hat he was in the fracas Anc wanted give himself ."="" con Ahan told policemen he had gone of Hazleton visit his Mother a Margaret and after talking with her decided give himself Rookie patrolman George Jacobs who would have been 3 sunday was killed and his patrol car partner Michael Robin son badly wounded Early Friday As they tried question thre occupants of an Auto in South Philadelphia.="" both were hit in the Chest by gunshots from the car.="" Robinson was in critical cond Tion after an emergency opera lion.="" several hours after the shoo ing police trapped a Man on the roof of the House near the seen of the pre Dawn slaying.="" Conahan of Philadelphia was noted by chief ferry As saying hat he caught an Early morning out of Philadelphia Friday of visit his mother.="" the two of hem walked into police head quarters chief ferry said.="" ferry quoted Conahan As say he was out of the car when he shooting took place showing Lis License and owners permit of an officer.="" Jacobs graduated less than months ago from the police Academy was married and a Ather of three.="" he was an sex marine.="" Jacobs will be buried at the Loly Cross cemetery in nearby Yeadon .,="" wednesday.="" three Day space adventure.="" the schedule called for Navy cmdr.="" John w.="" Young and air Force maj Michael Collins take the Day off.="" however space Agency officials said the astronauts would spend consid Erable time in their quarters reviewing the Jam packed flight plan.="" practice Craft in the was a possibility they would run through exercises in a practice spacecraft in the Mission control center.="" after considerable concern about tropical storm Celia Fri Day weather experts said prospects had improved consid erably.="" the storms Peak winds dropped from 50="" 30="" Miles an hour and Celia was demoted from tropical storm status an Easterly wave.="" Wilson leaves for peace bid London a prime min ister Harold Wilson left for mos cow today visit a British Trade fair and hoping talk soviet leaders about peace in Viet Nam.="" asked at the Airport whether he hoped for Success in his peace efforts Wilson said this is something can Only discover when get mos cow.="" the purpose of my visit is visit the Trade fair and give encouragement our exporters who Are doing a magnificent Job for Britain."="" soviet newspapers have said did not want make two trips the airport.="" some observers said Kosygin May not have wanted make too much of a show of Wilson a arrival.="" Wilson is travelling without any Cabinet ministers.="" lord Chalfont his disarmament min ister is in Warsaw Poland but Here Are plans for him oin Wilson in moscow.="" diplomats said the Kremlin attitude apparently is that it should intervene on Viet Nam Only if Hanoi wants it and Hanoi apparently does t.="" the soviets also Are sensitive Job Hunters vow hunted Pittsburgh a two Pittsburgh Job Hunters have be ome the hunted.="" James Sayer assistant personnel manager for the City a Humble Oil co.="" office told police Friday two Job applicants stole a camera from his of fice during their interview.="" on the present course weather experts said the remnants of Celia should pass Over the key West fla.,="" area monday.="" it is a wide spread storm and could produce thundershowers around Cape Kennedy depending on the ultimate path.="" physical exam Young and Collins easily passed a physical exam Friday and were pronounced in perfect health for the flight by .="" d.="" Owen Coons astronaut physician.="" a Mission review Board heard reports on All phases of the preparations and gemini mis Sion director William Schneider gave the go ahead proceed toward a monday launching.="" Nasa air Force and Industry Crews from the Martin co.,="" Lockheed aircraft Mcdonnell aircraft and general dynamics con Vair division readied the two rockets and spacecraft in volved.="" liftoff time an Atlas is lift off at Moshiro Matsuda takes a Nap in a coffin while his wife and two children watch.="" peace crusader rests in coffin Tokyo a Moshiro mat Suda a determined Man is not1="" satisfied with having spent 000="" advertise his views on world peace.="" he wants More.="" he is embarked on a 30-Day="" fast sometimes resting in a wooden coffin and is making plans sell most of his person Al property that he can pub Lish More advertisements like those he inserted recently in new York and London new spa pers.="" Dean named Pittsburgh a Albert w.="" Frey has been appointed Dean of the graduate school of business at the University of Pittsburgh.="" he has been a University faculty member since 1961.="" m.="" est monday boost an Agena satellite into orbit As a target for gemini 10="" Chase and link with.="" Young and Collins Are ride a Titan 2="" into space at m.="" Start the six hour pursuit.="" later the astronauts Are rendezvous with another Agena left in space by the gemini 8="" flight last march.="" during the three Days in space Collins plans two 55-minute="" work Peri ods outside the capsule.="" tin trying raise enough Money publish another advertisement in the new York times and also in the Washington he said.="" each will be a four Page advertisement."="" Matsuda estimated the new York times and alone would Cost about he said he would also like a similar one in the Christian science Monitor but May have give the idea because of a Lack of cash.="" i a planning raise the Money by Selling my office my wife a dressmaking shop and a 16-room,="" two Story he said.="" Matsuda started his one month fast june 23.="" he first took Only water but now drinks soybean soup milk and fruit juice.="" Matsuda said an annual fast with a coffin has enabled him achieve Clear headed Ness and is soothing the soul."="" he said he started using the coffin in 1955="" overcome the fear of death.="" it was a Shock at first going in it but now i think nothing about he observed.="" Matsuda claims have a solution end the Viet Nam War but he refuses divulge it now.="" in the new York and of May 23,="" Matsuda called on the s.="" government set 50="" paradises in South Viet Nam for victims of the vietnamese War.="" in the London and a month later Matunda appealed pres ident Johnson and the prime ministers of Britain and Japan for carte Blanche negotiate an end the War.="" he said he bluntly that soviet leaders wont discuss Viet Nam with him.="" Wil son is scheduled hold talks with soviet Premier Alexei a Kosygin monday.="" ostensibly Wilson is making the trip visit a British Trade fair.="" however foreign Secre tary Michael Stewart told parliament Wilson would press the soviets reconvene the 1954="" Geneva conference on indo ohina.="" Britain and the soviet Union Are co chairmen of the Confer ence that ended the French Indochina War and thus Are theoretically in charge of keep ing the peace in Southeast asia.="" Wilson initiated the trip after disassociating his government from the s.="" bombings of fuel storage depots on the outskirts of Hanoi and haiphong.="" this landed him in hot water with both left Wing and right Wing critics of his Viet Nam policy.="" the extreme left Wing of Wil sons labor party wants him Stop All support of the United states on Viet Nam.="" the opposition conservatives called his disassociation from the bomb Ings a Stab in the Back against Britain a Best ally.="" communist chinese charges that the Kremlin leaders Are Selling out the communist cause in Viet Nam arrange joint Rule of the soviet american world.="" the russians issued an offi Cial denial of peking a claim that they were informed in and Vance of the s.="" air raids against the fuel depots near Hanoi and heiphong.="" despite this parliament gave support the prime ministers Moscow trip thus giving him breathing space.="" the soviet leadership turned Down a proposal reconvene the Geneva conference made by interest rates Are reduced Washington a the government has reduced Maxi mum interest rates that some u.="" s.="" Banks May on time deposits in an attempt Lessen the competitive War be tween Banks and savings and Loans associations.="" the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Deposit insurance corporation reduced Friday from 5="" per cent the inter est rate Banks May on time deposits of 90="" Days or More that have More than one maturity date.="" on similar deposits of less than 90="" Days the maximum in Terest rate was reduced 4="" per cent.="" Indian prime gandhi.="" mrs.="" minister Gandhi Indira leaves Vio scow today an hour before Wilson arrives.="" Kosygin asked Wilson and Vance his arrival time by sever Al hours.="" soviet sources said he new Host Hollywood a actor Robert Taylor has been named replace Ronald Reagan As the Host of the death Valley Days television series.="" Reagan is ="" candidate for Gover nor of california.="" daily times Community clock tonight monday All notices appear in daily times Community clock must be submitted not later than noon four business Days before the Date of the event.="" bake food product and rum Mage sales and notices of games of Chance will not be included.="" Call your local correspondent for Complete news coverage.="" Jglen Oiden .="" Georges Catholic Church Bazaar 7="" 11="" m.="" sunday Marcus Hook children a service 10="" a.m.,="" children a Chapel Undercroft of .="" Martins episcopal Church.="" Media first Baptist Church service 2="" m.,="" Bishop nursing Home.="" first methodist Church 9="" a.m.,="" women a Bible class.="" Linicum Tinicum township swim club Board of directors 6="" m.,="" swim club lester.="" Aston Penn Delco school Board 8="" m.,="" administration building Concord Road.="" Concord Square civic association m.,="" municipal build ing.="" Green Ridge fire co.,="" 8="" m.,="" fire House.="" our lady of the Rosary knights of Columbus 3876,="" m.,="" Towne House Media.="" Brookhaven Penn Delco school Board 8="" m.,="" administration building Concord Road aston.="" East Lansdowne tops club 9="" m.,="" Immanuel lutheran Church.="" Folcroft Folcroft fire co.,="" 8="" m.,="" fire House.="" auxiliary Murray Stuart Post 566,="" american legion executive Board 8="" m.,="" Post Home.="" inter Boro music.="" boosters 8="" m.,="" High school.="" Board of trustees 8="" m.,="" ble Croft Baptist Church.="" lower Chichester Chichester District school Board m.,="" senior High school.="" commissioners 8="" m.,="" Muni Cipal building.="" Marcus Hook Chichester District school Board school.="" m.,="" senior High uuou.="" Folcroft boys club m.,="" 1015="" Market .="" Field House Montgomery park.="" Glenolden Borough fire company representatives and Borough Council 8="" m.,="" Borough hall.="" discussion of fire House Houseman a salary.="" columbian Squires .="" Anthony Scircle 1262,="" m.,="" knights of Columbus Home Middletown Lions club dinner meeting m.,="" Clover Leaf inn.="" hidden hollow Nassau swim meet m.,="" hidden hol Low club Linvill Road.="" Norwood auxiliary John Wesley Cross Post 507,="" american legion m.,="" Post Home.="" Norwood fire company 8="" m.,="" firehouse.="" inter Boro chapter t.="" 0.="" p.="" s.,="" 8="" m.,="" Continental Bank and Trust company Parkside Penn Delco school Board i m.,="" administration building Concord Road aston.="" school Board m.="" Penn Sylvania ave.="" school.="" Ridley township Best vow Post 928,="" 8="" m.,="" Post Home.="" Scott american legion Post 777,="" 8="" m.="" Home association follows both at Post Home.="" modality 8="" m.,="" Catholic Church.="" gunman Dies in Hospital Philadelphia Burkhart 84,="" who barricaded himself in his apartment thurs Day night and fired several ran shots before policemen him died Friday of an apparent heart attack.="" Burkhart had held policemen at Bay until they used tear Gas rout him from his apartment.="" after his capture he was Tak-.="" in Philadelphia general hos Pital where he died.="" a .="" Georges court .="" George 1575,="" Catholic daughters of America m.,="" .="" Georges school hall.="" center.="" Media Smith Howard Post 93,="" Ameri can legion 8="" m.,="" Manchester ave.,="" and Jefferson .="" fawns drum corps m.,="" Prospect Park could bring world peace in one Day.="" if he failed he said he.="" would punish himself by self immolation by fire."="" Matsuda is a native of Pyon a gang North korea.="" he has a South korean passport.="" he uses the japanese name he adopted when he came Japan As a 20-="" year old youth.="" he operates a mail order business Selling body building equipment.="" his pretty korean wife Eiko operates a dressmaking shop next door.="" i have received about 400="" letters Matsuda said.="" i can read English but some have been translated for me.="" some writers say they Don agree with my solutions for peace.="" but most express admiration for my motives.="" i was surprised because i wrote in my and that i did want letters.="" some even enclosed Money.="" i a planning return the letters and Money the owners."="" a letter from Martha Gellhorn of 522="" fifth Avenue new York said you Are a Man of Gooc outgoing and newly elected officers of auxiliary peace Council 4518,="" knights of Colum bus 8="" m.,="" Home of mrs.="" t.="" Karl Peterson 113="" Jackson .="" Trainer Chichester District school Board m.,="" senior High school.="" upper Chichester Chichester school District inter Boro Optimist club Board m.,="" senior will.="" and you have made a truly respectable gesture on behalf of humanity."="" another sent by Eugene a Cohen of 124="" Spear .,="" san Francisco said because think you Are a Man with a Good heart i am enclosing a Dollar Bill and Hope at least other people likewise."="" 1="" Sweet Corn pick it yourself and save ear bring your own containers open 10="" am til 7="" daily Fox Hill farms 249="" Smith Bridge rd.="" phone 4-8253="" Elam .="" m.="" Walbers on the Delaware tinicum.="" thin line tops 8="" m.,="" Continental Bank and Trust co.,="" a Osland Road and Chester Pike.="" Chester Pike Lions club High school.="" Yeadon kiwanis dinner Kirkwood kwy.="" Almart Concord Pike dons restaurant Church Lane and Guenther ave.="" school Board will meet in the m.="" Broomall Macdade blvd.="" Evans school at 8="" m.="" and Bugle Media youth summer special hair is cuts i for appointment Call in 3-9732="" a hair styling Salon 403="" s.="" Macdade blvd.="" Glenolden .="" daily 9="" thurs.="" Fri.="" 9="" 9="" sunday open 12="" noon-7="" you want a pet will you give it a Good dogs and cats of pet Jendayi in 1="" Many Typo available Tring it loss or injured animals or for Den Tiant appreciated animal Dep red from the Law Art for House its Oniya closed All Day monday for inventory Delaware county c.a.="" not a Branch any Sandy Bank Road Media 10="" 6-1370=""

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