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Del Rio News Herald Newspaper Archives Jan 5 1983, Page 4

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Del Rio News-Herald (Newspaper) - January 5, 1983, Del Rio, Texas On Roll Flo new Irmald in Mitaly jul Hartry j ital loses congressional Battle Washington Aba at one Point during the recent Lam Duck session the Senate set a modern record by staying in session for almost 48 hours straight this led to some Odd sights with none perhaps More implausible than that which occur red just before Dawn on the second morning of the legislative Marathon As exhausted senators stumbled out of the Senate chamber to catch a few minutes sleep they were buttonhole by lobbyists from the american medical association who had been stalking the Halls All night the doctors message was simple at some Point in the predawn hours the Senate would take up an amendment to the government funding Bill which the Ama Felt was critical to medical practice and which they hoped each senator would support at Issue was the Amas Long fight to have con Gress forbid the Federal Trade commission to in Ezfere with the Workings of professional associations the am aft feud has gone on since the mid70s when the Etc made a series of rulings for bidding practices practices of medical societies which it claimed were kickbacks Price fixing and ant competitive when the Ama could not win its Battle in the by Robert Wagman syndicated columnist courts it turned to Congress to have a statute passed which would ban further Etc interference in the last several years the Ama has tried to grease the skids for this legislature by becoming the single biggest political contributor in town in the last four years alone it gave away a total of almost million to More than half of the House and three quarters of the Senate earlier in the year it looked As if the Ama had won the House easily passed an amendment pro posed by rep Tom Luken Ohio who had received in Ama which would stripped the Etc of All authority Over professionals the Ama was sure it was Over the biggest hurdle since it believed that Senate approval was almost a forgone conclusion but the Ama had not counted on sen Warren Rudman a Little noticed freshman who previously had shown Little interest in the Ama Etc fight in the Senate appropriations committee sen James Mcclure Idaho in Ama contrib offered his version of the Luken amendment and All were shocked when Rudman who refuses to accept donations from political action tees Rose with a counterproposal that would allow the Etc to continue regulating professionals As Long As its regulations did not supersede those of state regulatory bodies this permits the Etc to regulate the business but not the practice of Medicine which was exactly what the Etc had argued that it had been doing the Rudman amendment passed by 1514 and so the Ama lobbyists found themselves off the Senate floor at 5 waiting for Mcclure to try again to have the Senate As a whole accept his amendment not Rummans the Dawn debate began once again Rudman passionately argued lets give the american peo ple a the full Senate agreed by a vote of 5937 passing his amendment and rejecting Mcclure but the Ama still had one More shot and now it overplayed its Hart sine the House had passed More restrictive language than had the Senate the matter had to go to the funding Bill conference the Ama had its friends in the conference push and push hard for the Luken amendment but the conferees decided that they were sick of the argument and the pressure surrounding it they voted to drop both amendments thus reverting to the status quo for the time being the Etc is not restricted in its regulation of professionals of the Amas decision to push for the Luken amendment in the conference Rudman said my language would have limited the Etc to going after things like Price fixing but the Ama was just too Etc chairman James c Miller Iii said that the american Public had been Well served conferees who had the courage to stand up on a matter of he added that he looked for Ward to working with the Amas leadership in resolving the dispute but no one really expects this dispute to be resolved As one Etc source said on the first Day of the 98th Congress the Ama will Start All Over again they May have lost this Battle but they Are deter mined to spend whatever it takes to win the news Herald editorial Board make it easier to vote i changes to improve Texas voting have been suggested by Texas Secretary of state David Dean who is leaving a substantial list of recommendations to accomplish that end the record of participation in elections in Del Rio is poor prior to every election not Only Are politicians pleading for those eligible to cast their votes but organizations and the Del Rio news Herald Point out the importance of the vote and the responsibility to exercise the right to take part in elections the pleadings have had Little effect one of the changes suggested by Dean is for consolidation of local elections on three or four specific dates each year at the same polling places in each precinct having the same polling places is important if a voter has to go from one place to another to cast ballots that voter is Likely to give up and not go to any or to go to the one most familiar on More than one occasion voters have had to cast votes in three separate polling places sometimes this confusion results in the decision to pass up the election and not vote sometimes a vote is lost when a voter goes to the wrong precinct ballot Box near closing time then is unable to get Back to the proper polling place before it closes Dean has numerous other suggestions for making participation in elections More popular but this is one that pro Bably applies to More towns and cities than any of the others the suggestion is valid the present system May discourage casting ballots but on the other hand there is the responsibility of the voter enjoying the right to vote on mat ters of importance to the Community the state and the nation to do so to continue to enjoy that right How Many individuals in How Many countries have been denied that right continued lethargy on the part of voters May eventually Lead to loss of that right along with making voting simpler and easier we should try to make the individual conscious of the responsibility of exercising the right to vote Berrys world no i didst order red wine with our fish because in so self assured actually i dont know what in doing Del Rio news Herald published every Day of the year except Christmas by the Del Rio publishing company inc a Marte Hanks communications newspaper Mary Jane Bode executive editor Fri w Wirt publisher Futel Garcia acting managing editor i Majo Fleet Wood associate editor the editorials on this Page Are the position of the Pel Rio news Herald editorial Board on matters of Public interest As determined by the news Herald editorial Board the Board consists of those persons named above signed columns Are the views an opinions of the authors viewpoints and opinions of readers Are solicited and encouraged through letters to the editor letters must be signed include mailing a dress and should not exceed 400 words in length the editors Reserve the Light to edit for length accuracy of information taste and Legal reasons Back whew Happy new year five years ago Tom Santry Hospital administrator spoke to the rotary club on his daughters activities in Brazil As an Exchange student ten years ago Val verde county Navy Recruiter Cesar Ziegler opened the Branch recruiting office at 410 ave f Twenty years ago a film what is a was presented by the Del Rio District of the Spanish american Mission of the Church of latter Day saints thirty years ago mayor Kennedy announced the change of local bus routes to eliminate traffic congestion on main Street years ago silk and Rayon stockings were being collected to be converted to War uses with mrs Mann in charge of the collection committee Utility sensitive about natural Gas increases Lincoln neb Nea the Utility com Pany providing natural Gas in this City has become so sensitive about its escalating rates that it recently purchased Large newspaper advertisement to justify its Price its time to know where your dollars go when you pay your Gas says the Large headline atop the and on the left Side of the Page is a photo of three quarters accompanied by the explanation that 75 cents goes to pay for the natural Gas bought from Northern natural Gas an interstate pipeline company on the right Side of the Page is a photo of a single Quarter along with the explanation that Only 25 cents of the ratepayers Dollar is used for construction and maintenance of a local distribution system salaries and benefits for employees and Host of other items the and was prepared by Minne Sacco a Minneapolis based Utility with approximately customers about half in that cites metropolitan area and half elsewhere in Minnesota and South Dakota Iowa and Nebraska we think that whats happening to Gas prices these Days is More than the marketplace can says Betty Gibson a Minne Gasco spokeswoman who notes that her firms pipeline supplier has imposed three Price increases in four months a sept 27 increase of percent was promptly passed along to Minne Gascon customers As was an oct 27 increase of 7 percent another increase of 3 to 4 percent is scheduled for dec 27 of course that Robert Walters syndicated columnist going to be passed along to our customers says is Gibson that pattern is being repeated All across the country with residential commercial and Industrial natural Gas customers facing rate increases of 20 to 60 percent this Winter compared with the substantial Bills they paid last Winter the Cost of Gas for residential users last Winter averaged per thousand cubic feet Kcf but the department of Energy predicts that the Price this Winter will average per Kcf and by the end of 1983 it will Rise again to or Kcf representing a 600 percent increase Over a decade and a doubling during a fou year period a rate increase of this magnitude is difficult for ratepayers to absorb at any says rep Philip r Sharp who notes that the current increases coincide with the worst economic circumstances since the great those increases also Are being registered at a time when natural Gas supplies Are abundant and consumption of the fuel is slowly but steadily declining circumstances which should in theory pro Duce a reduction in Price that is not occurring for several reasons inflation has forced up the Overall Cost of natural Gas production transmission and distribution while the natural Gas policy act of 1978 authorizes the phased elimination of Federal Price controls on All newly discovered natural Gas much of the increased Price is related however to the pipelines acquiescence to producers demands for unjustifiable provi Sions in Lon term typical 10 to 12 year contracts signed in the late 1970s among those provisions Takeo pay clauses which require pipelines to take delivery on or pay for As much As 90 percent of the natural Gas quantities designated in the contract even if there is no Market for the fuel indefinite Price escalators which tie the Cost of natural Gas to the consumer Price in Dex other economic indicators or the Cost of other fuels All arbitrary formulas which Bear Little or no relationship to the Market value of the Gas area rate clauses which designate the Price paid for Price increases in existing contracts on the basis of higher prices agreed to by subsequent pipeline buyers favored nation clauses which Call for Price increases in existing contracts on the basis of higher prices agreed to by subsequent pipeline buyers in other words the Gas producers who Long have clamoured for an end to artificial Federal Price controls have structured their contracts to ensure that there will not be a truly free Market in which the Laws of Supply and demand govern the Price of their product Tiivi Ely quotes Israel can no longer remain a nation apart from the rest of the Region there must be an integration with the arabic culture we can no longer insist on being part of Western civilization because we Are Middle Eastern to a certain extent we must col Zvi Elp leg israeli array official saying its time for his nation to assimilate More of the Arab culture the swashbuckling Clint Eastwood Type Doest in Terest Michael Morgenstern author of How to make love to a woman forum Ive never had any acting experience except for trying to draw fouls since basketball players and actors Are both pampered and spoiled i think i would have no trouble making the Paul Westphal new York Knickerbocker player say ing he might consider an acting career when be retires from the Aba hell appear As a policeman on the Abc soap opera Edge of sporting news if j had known then what i know now by Golly j would have sent him away from Washington As fast As i could have i think he is probably the worst thing that has happened to the cause of land use in the United John Ehrlichman former White House aide saying he regrets that he did not fire James Watt who held a lower Echelon Federal Post in the Nixon administration before eventually becoming Secretary of the Interior on Trie Wilt be efficient to heat

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