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Del Rio News Herald Newspaper Archives Aug 18 1957, Page 1

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Del Rio News-Herald (Newspaper) - August 18, 1957, Del Rio, Texas Direct wire service and Nea feature service Del Rio news Herald xxix Del Rio Texas sunday morning August 18 1957 sunday emf Lois 10 cents communist military purge on in Syria designated red Colony Beirut Lebanon aug 17 up Egypt Syrias chief Mideast ally Syria described As n red col of the soviet Union was re sorted in the grip of a spread ing communist military purge to Day the leftist clique of army of soul it defense minister Georgi Zhukov already has accepted an invitation to Syria clearest indication of growing leftist domination came with re ports from informed sources in in i cars United behind syrian defense ailing president Shukri minister Khi led Axim appear to Al Kuhn tar has decreed the a Havi twon in the for pow to fitment of top ranking com or and live begun to clean out Mill so Gen Afif Al Bizri As their opposition in the armed fore syrian army chief of staff is their next step May be a Bibl was promoted from Colo meanwhile reports reached Bel rut that a number of senior army officers had been placed under arrest since Azle returned from Moscow three weeks ago the Beirut newspaper Al Hayat said the army officers under arrest included col Mohammed Shawket commander in chief of syrian forces on the israeli and col Jevdet Al Matassy Nephew of former syrian president Kashem Al Matassy Al Hayat also reported that syrian Norrod reshuffle of the syrian Nel to replace Gen to Fly Niza authorities had discovered an at tempt to blow up the foreign i Cabinet in Jondon Nicodin who asked to be retired diplomatic sources on a pension at the age of said that soviet Pally chief Nikita thursday Birzl is 43 observers to help have interpreted re s Khrushchev Mav matters along by visit ing Syria and forced resignation mistry in Damascus the news paper said a bomb big enough to destroy the whole building was found in the Entrance Way senator blames president for big cuts in foreign Aid program Washington Auk 17 tip he asserted the president has not sen j William full Emht said to properly for his program Day we silent must j he Waits until the last minute take the blame for big cuts in and then puts on a big he his foreign Aid program because he said referring to Eisenhower Sud mishandled it do the Way trn warning that he might Call j Congress Back for a special session the Arkansas Democrat a Mem u program is Cut too much Ber of the Senate foreign re lations committee said he would plea for restoration the White House plans to Send vote to restore some of the cuts i Secretary of state John Foster but in not going to Knock myself Dulles and other officials to tie he added that he was sick and tired of flu Tiisik for a fellow who wont fight for criminal libel suit in recess Over weekend Capitol monday to spearhead the administrations plea for restoration of 809 million dollars slashed by the House from the 000 for the program and asked by the president Dulles moved up his scheduled if Pirn from a Canadian vacation by one Day to be Here for the closed door Senate hearing he will be accompanied by John b Hollister outgoing director of the International cooperation administration which handles the Aid program i and Admiral Arthur w Radford Hollywood Auk 17 up the criminal libel trial of confidential and whisper magazines former chairman recessed for the weekend today of with some movie stars seeing Little of the joint Hope of embarrassment in although the administration pin forthcoming testimony tied its Hopes on the Senate for letting Back least part of the disappointed at the House Cut he said Eisenhower reiterated that the Money taken out of the Bill is absolutely necessary for the United states to meet commitments to its j allies earlier son Richard b Russell an influential member i of the appropriations committee said he would support the House cuts and oppose any move to restore them Congress moving into sessions final stages to Grill teamster officials Washington aug 17 Congress moves into the mop up stage of its 1957 session next week with its Eye on adjournment in a week or two whether the annual sprint for Senate has three to go including the foreign Aid appropriation on which president Eisenhower to put Ting much pressure the Senate to expected to restore some of the 809 million dollars reduction voted the finish will come next week by the House in the foreign of Ltd pends largely on How quickly the j funds but differences Between House can handle the civil rights the Chambers must be Iron Oft oat Bill the deadlock Over that Mea sure seems to have broken but there is still no Assurance a Settle Merit can be reached in time for adjournment by next saturday thereafter the administration is sending Secretary of state John fatter Dulles Admiral Arthur w Rad Foid retiring chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and retiring foreign i Washington aug 17 up the Senate labor rackets com meanwhile the lawmakers will i Mittee today schedule More grilling be working on a list of other Aid Boss John b Hollister to the i for two teamster Union Vic Epresi j must Bills including the Una Senate monday they will ask Denus and ordered a search for four finished appropriations for the j for All of which i new Yak witnesses who have Seal year which began six weeks j the administration wants in the eluded Federal 1 marshals j ago chairman John l Mcclellan Einar Mohn and James atomic h hour a will testify when the heart Ings resume next week i j Hoffa will be confronted with charges that he supplied Gangi a Steps criminals and j with Hunting licenses to prey i main Ofeild Constable Tom Beard using phone and Tan an j legitimate business honest county sheriff Marlon Wright stand Over body of Mansfield j Wor Kiim people and Union Memi Secretary j i Hayes who shot mayor Roland Turck Over an i Mcclellan told newsmen the House still must vote on a appropriation Bill of Energy commission the foreign Aid Bill other unfinished business in a argument involving a detailed audit of the cites books then thirteen clays of hearings have1 killed the was shot in the hand and was not j shown that Hoffa Crown Prince of i seriously telephoto the opened Case Kri not prospects still were Cloudy to due by in Kin James Craig 2 manager about testimony from a former theater a cuddling incident involving film Reen Ohara and an escort Craig testified that Day key republicans conceded the i program faces Stormy going sen i ziment among Many senators on Stai Mani sides was for holding to the unidentified nouse cuts should be restored in crude press Secretary store published in the March is junes c Tagerty said Dulles and sue of confidential about alleged the of errs would Tell the in a group Why the president and eve Irr Yone else in he administration believe the cuts should be restored misconduct of miss Ohara theatre was True miss Honra denied the Story shortly after its publication and House gop loader Joseph w sued the i Martin or said after a defense attorneys put Craig on i breakfast meeting with Eisenhower he stand in an attempt to prove j anal no president is very much that articles inn cd by the magic about the private lives of celebrities me True jul published without malice Craig said he told he Mory to confidential because he did not think the alleged behaviour was proper in such a Public place he said i received a Sloo Check for the into Rution Loconti Rie tial even though he had not asked for Muney Michael c o in Moi unit Smith 30 another defense tidied himself As a newsman irom London who Hud served con Livien tial its Cement workers return after 35day strike Dallas 17 i letter from dead explains shooting of family Colorado Springs aug 17 a letter from the dead explained today that a War heros family of four was shot to death thursday so their life insurance could pay their debts or and mrs Irving Harris own ers of the cottage in Colorado Springs where m sgt Leo Dandys family of four lived and died said mrs Magdalena Dandoy 34 wrote them a Long letter explaining Why she killed her family and herself police said mrs Dandoy shot her 41year old husband and their two sons Daniel 11 and Edralin 10 while they slept and then turned the 38 calibre revolver on herself mrs Dandoy said in her letter that they purchased a new car july 19 for and that she Bor rowed the balance above an from a loan company without her husbands knowledge she handled the family she said her husband thought they had the Cash to pay for the car he believed me about tie letter stated i have a Confes Sion to make i lied to she said they owed a bunk an other in addition to other Bills amounting to she wrote that she didst know How to make the payments until she thought of the life j president Eisenhower was ill smiles As he escorted Senate minor Ity Leader William Knowland from the White House a breakfast meeting though the president suffered one of the worst defeats of his administration Warrn the House slashed from ins ni1 program he has Wun Senate to posture same of the Cut aka Telryl Man to dedicate Blue Star memorial Marker a ugust29 j the nations biggest Union a i ranged for chartering of seven phony teamster locals in new j York City staffed them with thugs i and gangsters and used their votes to Rig the election of new York cites joint teamster Council Mcclellan said committee counsel Robert p Ken Nedy said four witnesses have so far eluded subpoenas to testify Federal marshals Are searching for them two were identified by Kennedy Carmine Tramunti and Solly cot Lair henchmen of Anthony Tony ducks Corallo a new York Racket figure who was Allied with Hoffa and Johnny Dio in Hoffas bid for control of new York truckers also missing Kennedy said Are Benny the Bitch Boss a former in Paniker for Dios local 102 in the old Al Auto workers and Leonard Geiger a new York team Ster official Mcclellan said Mohn right hand Man to retiring president Dave Beck will be called monday Hoffa May take the witness stand on tuesday blame operating costs for weather Bureau reduction rising operating costs in Dice the dedication of the Blue Star me Morial Marker across from the woman club on Highway 00 East is planned for August 2 the Del Rio Council of Garden clubs in with the at the Trinity Portland Cement on her husband and returned to work alter Oll herself and the boys j he sai1 he had checked out lie tvs Etc 700 am Kun sories for truth and ainu re y Mclure submit in them fur publication he testis Neil Only about had been accepted and unlike Ilia pub usher albeit Harriman had warned a i Day strike at plants in went to Money borrowing Foit Worth and Housum forging his her husbands Signa the members of the United she wrote 1 have ruined in enl Lime and Gypsum workers j his future and our these met with of trials of the Portland i must All come to an company last inight and agreed the Harris family did not sex to a new wage scale from to Plain How it came into Possession an hum plus 10 cent an of the letter hour increase Reti Unitive to May 1 the Texas Plains were the last the la reach a Settle him that if there is any doubt ment a her a series of strikes which about the truth of the Story let it j half the nations Cement to be Frances oldest citizen died Jared Wert k plants Lor a Linus three months Friday at the age of 107 woman killed two injured in bus Accident a Home Tex Ann 17 one woman was killed and sons were injured of Sulu state department will be Lul m personnel at the u s in charge the Ine Munal weather Bureau in Del Rio Man Way do ii1s been designated a Blue Futory chief of Bureau p w said in washing a Reinli Alderfer nations armed Ion d c in response to inquiries from re Del Rio to Host District postal convention in fall the fourth postal District which incl Tettat the area of Southwest Texas Wilt hold the annual District postmasters convention m Del Rio novem Ber 9 and 10 Ray Ross Del Rio Host Post master or the convention said he expects More than 200 guests he said he and the chamber of Commerce Are cooperating to plan the today meeting Dan Quill District Post master from san Antonio will preside at the convention tentatively planned Are talks by the regional officials from Dallas and panel discussions concern ing postal problems Ross said Del Rio was chosen for the convention site be cause of its Central location Many requests and the fact that we have the a commode summons Benjack Cage to appear August 26 Austin aug 17 House committee probing the failure of it insurance co today summoned Benjack Cage to testify in an open hearing aug 26 and directed Texas rangers and the department of Public safety to search for him Cage was reported by his dal Las attorney m r Irion to be out of the state and Irion indicated he will not return until sept 3 when he has been subpoenaed to appear i ij4mior Abion both houses Are expected to pass a Bob tatted Bill to carry out some of the administrations requests for a More Liberal immigration Law atomic Power a Bouse Senate conference committee must Settle differences Over versions passed by the two Chambers pub Lic Power advocates in the Senate Defeated administration supporters who wanted to go along with the House version providing for a greater degree of partnership with Pri vate Industry Fri Senate Lias tentatively scheduled a Bill to define How Fri files should be made available to defendants in line with a supreme court decision final action on this measure is Uncer Tain government pay the sen ate May act despite administration opposition on its version of House approved Bills to increase the pay of civil service employees and pos Tal workers postal Kates a Senate committee is holding hearings on i a House Bill to raise postal rates 500 i million dollars but is unlikely to act this year some parts of the Eisenhower legislative program have already been shelved at least until next year these include statehood for Alaska and Hawaii broader coverage under the minimum wage Law amendments to the Hart Ley Law and membership in an International Tariff negotiating Agency present few 411vjv4u it o i i will 4v i o c Fisher of the 21st a Dallas county Braud j Nal District Reich elder because it is Manda operate within the investigating the it collapse Cage former head of it was new York fears wave of teen age terrorism new York aug 17 up new York today feared a new wave of teenage terrorism in the cites gang Ridden streets incidents of Youthful violence in which 22 persons have been killed so far this year mounted with a sniper attack on a police Man patrolman John Stiscia 24 was Emht when a Ore Bleu ii on a comic i rental trailways Causi Uii it to Dies Nantes France aug 17 miss Anne Marie Nedelec believed collide with a car the killed and m up nits of the car Cecil Hill Public i memorial tribute to the Himy Horn president of the Iid the Dedi Cuilon will be held a ii u August 29 she is Ler wrote Cli airman for the pro Lory thai Tkv i scope of our current Opp Opria of embezzling from Harlem when a 23 Cal was Pind Vised by Lou Nous we must lower our total costs he company Ibre slug ripped into his Lef int of the Lour i to do so it been necessary to no Power beyond state in the the morn readjust our service program at col Homer Garrison or director Hun a ins thu in purple Del Rio and a other stations r and Cin Rilen clubs under the adjusted service pro1 safety frankly admitted a Leisi Kang Callej the Harlem u k Small or of Gram the meteorologist will pro native subpoena has no Power be Clairman of vide local Public forecast service Pond the boundaries of Texas in Midland a contribution und blood warnings from a Down town location indicted by the Dallas jury on i walking his beat thursday night police swarming through the area after the attack arrested three of uie Texas As leaders of the Harlem touch punks officers described the surly Trio North Carolina nature girl finds Park Avenue like any other Street new Volik Auk 17 Tupi not used to sidewalks 16year old nature from Mountain Folk Arent used North Mooi Isiline Moi i haul cite sidewalks vhf finer Lor the department of Public safety said the Vittli Wilma hum Tooms 40 Ulia sin died at the scene of the her husband was j at Uci air Alons Vutla Del Rio weather information Cage also has been subpoenaed a Toush punks no wout tel1 routinely during six for in appearance before a Travis us a Lunins More than they feel Days or tin week and at such other i county grand jury next tuesday like a 22 calibre Rifle was 1 Jound at the Home of one of them Only an hour before Stiscia was t Iines As emergencies May require special Niitani cements will be made Tii distribute forecasts and warn Ings during the hours the Del Rio Hio Vicinity urn weather Bureau is closed Lii and con i Ichii Peratin ump i Tui e a it u August 20 the chairman of the House com Mittee Reagan Huffman of mar shot police had scattered two gangs shall said if Cage cant be found to the area in search of Trou eighth Divide to help her poverty to stricken family explained things began to happen gains took a at Haik and heeled shoes can be o for u girl a High school and College Educa Avenire today and said it looks Tiuliu like any flier who is to going Barefoot every Tion Luu Lorothy May several lotu1 Jim Dorothy in run who has Lite sunday j women save her hand Down on to lived her entire life until now in out broken Down Mountain shanty after another in a part of the world Siciu also of Wichita Falls Hill Mill the left Irvint lire blew out on the bus causing the Cirini John w to i control of the bus i the bus passengers he i Continental trailways us minimum 76 to tune of humidity urea it Ial where there Are no streets at All spent the weekend living in Lux Ury m a hotel on Park Avenue Dorothy May us the pretty tall clothes to replace her two Only Brunette prefers to be called came dresses a department store pro to the big cite Friday As a result video her with a modest wardrobe of a series of experiences that including the first evening gown would befuddle even a Cinderella she has Ever owned she wus discovered at a Well she stands before a Mirror in her in a Clearing in the Woods outside Lavender evening gown once or i she Caine to new York to be on i Mooresville n by Tom Mej twice a Day but so far no Prince at television show but she did what Kex it editor of the weekly charming has turned up to take comes naturally to any feminine Mort Seville Tribune he wrote a her dancing in it i tourist in the bit City she went piece about stumbling on now Dorothy May is about to shopping j a White goddess fetching water in become a celebrity de Sullivan and the Liivik Slu bought he i brought her to new York to a was u pair us shoes nut just any the caught the fancy of Pear on his chs television show thoes comfortable Tut heeled Oary a columnist for the sunday plus All walking shoes her sunday go to Chalutte observer he spent 10 expenses for her and two Chupe Nice King Spike heeled pumps the Days working up a Story about roues Dorothy May Rode on a train Only ones she worn Dorothy May the Backwoods till for the first Iuie in her Hie to Zimeles Tion from Dallas approve authorization of for Laughlin air Force base a Telegram from Texas sen Ator Lyndon b Johnson to the news Herald late saturday Aluru Oon said conferees approved fur use at laugh Iki air Forie base Ilie re Purl Mill be Mulback la the two houses and Wuhu adopted be sent to presi deut Tor Laud turn Olaf trials were uti ill tit air Tillot 7 la i in 1 Ujj i Iii 71 Lii cd in j r Icil to Litas w1st of Lajti ii i through Loi Ihui p nut i Waim in Thul is Shah ill Jalink Aiu 1 hindi Ilie p 1 pus Clinin Oil lie Liadi t Box Eon a Skunk Luci had 111 appear for the August 26 Date the ble in their fl8ht the Young Side air Force base pro group will hear him later Savages dropped baseball bats Vides a full program of surface j the chairman bluntly added i lengths of Chain and a Swilch Blado and upper air observations these j we Are not disposed to set Ouri Tolfe Hie distributed on the uni hearing to suit the convenience of night two separate groups weather teletypewriter syst those who run and hide nor those01 teen a8ps ran afoul of the Law and Are available to pilots j who May be harbouring any personal were arr6sted Ili Glits into the Del Rio we seek now or in the rounded up four of five aviation forecasts and Spe the special fireman committee tou8hs who allegedly beat dus ories on severe weather was named earlier this week by i another youth when i Issue Tel by weather Bureau i House speaker Waggoner Carrne walked Piast them on his Way Tust centers on a 24hour basis i who joined Garrison in sitting Iii Nonie work of Texas and Are j on the Brief organizational meeting All by teletype and Bruu Casu South up disorder in conduct today j another 15 boys were charged commended committee j Wun disorderly conduct for Refus Carr commended the committee 1 1i1b to 1ulet Down when ordered to been to make these and members and said he was very i 0 housing project police every Effort will be made pleased with the manner in which the latest wave of teenage i Itiat the most essential you have gone to work i predict Ltd Rorum reached Friday to regret that it has ecu ii r of Del Rio this will be a fair and hard hit11 a up a Anui i i Oil ice Hie act the letter to Fisher con Ting committee this is the kind c i dial j intend to sent a copy of the letter i Garrison pledged the co opera to Sidney Humphreys democratic j Tion and Best service possible of chairman for Val verde j his depart taut i to a protest at i gov Ben Ramsey named a the h of Grade mansion the Home of mayor Robert Edward t Kroski 16 was Ai of Suav Liuigi a Tomaas purse police said Kros granted the purse of in stuff members j similar committee headed by sen old Anna Rehe sat of a pwn so tips us 17 ill is Pivk Here Lullo wimp ukr b Tilini Pant ii a i Jun l it i Molyneux Mill be the Only to remain in Del Rio a William Rosemary Don Mas d Micua presently at the local Sta Tion me to to other i Etc 1 regret i cannot Charles herring of Austin in the Bench mrs Renes Samui Senate that met the committee has not red police who caught us youth in an Aparto enl House committee is empowered u investigate with aug it wants to but Huffman said the groups immediate attention will be Cruceru Over the iftcre46iua juvenile Ted a Agir to Call a meeting a the prob kit tuesday with ally

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