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Del Rio News Herald Newspaper Archives Apr 7 1974, Page 4

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Del Rio News Herald (Newspaper) - April 07, 1974, Del Rio, Texas4adel Rio Texas new8hebalp sunday april Del Loans going to Art workshop four Del Roans will attend the second artists workshop in Terlingua in the big Bend for five Days beginning today Ramon Froman is the instructor for studies in portraiture april 8 through 12 at Villa de la Mina Northwest of Terlingua the first such workshop was held in october last year with Harold Roney of san Antonio As the instructor for work in landscape painting in Oil Del Roans All members of the Del Rio Art league who left for Terlingua this morning include Grace Killingsworth Edna Taylor Nita Rothe and Imajo Fleetwood before they left they were joined saturday night by David Jay Kreiger i of Beaumont mrs Fleetwood grandson who is on easter vacation from College another Del Roan Janita Hinds resides in that area and with Barbara Jones of Terlingua has planned the workshop approximately 20 Are expected to attend the portraiture classes All Day from Elliot Gould Robert Blake busting Rolls at up tonight a colourful look this time into los Angeles crime land and the lives of two la vikes is shown in the movie busting rolling sunday night at the Cinema Plaza Elliot Gould who smashed into movie land through his portrayal of a satiric world War ii army medic in the film stars in this contemporary corruption fighting detective film along with Robert Blake who passed through Del Rio recently in the film Electra Glide in Gould and Blake Are going to be playing police partners similar to Many duo Cool super cops that have made the movies lately Only these Guys personalities might provide a lift to scenes that Are becoming a Little bit passe both actors Are natural comedians As their film backgrounds note Blake started into the business before he was ten in a song and dance act the and then moved onto the our gang comedies his More serious roles came with the greatest Story Ever told and later pork chop any distinguishing characteristics of the film busting could be attributed to the main actors but the directors style might make a difference Peter Hyams makes this his debut in directing a major motion picture its a less dangerous Field perhaps than what he was into making Vietnam War documentaries busting plays at the Cinema Plaza through thursday sugar land express which was partially filmed in Brackettville with a Chase scene through Del Rio takes to the Cinema screen Friday Goldie hawn and Ben Johnson Star in sugar land Bat people and night of the blood monster haunt the Rita theater tonight the Veteran blood curler himself Christopher Lee stars in the night of the blood it thrives on the taste of blood the coming saturday Midnight movie at the Rita is play it As it film about Hollywood tuesday Weld and Anthony Perkins there married she s frustrated and unloved and Hes a homosexual movie producer the movie is rated Walt Disney productions then makes its familiar appearance at the Rita theater with two films super dad and son of films will be great for the family and some of the dads might get a kick out of that suave Bumble Bob Crane Heads the cast As a father whose ideas on the Way Young couples should act together Are challenged by his own kids son of blubber stars Fred Macmurray the twin Bill at the Gay 90 is about All the Young wives and the there rated old san Antonio nights come soon special to the news Herald san Antoni oits time for a night in old san Antonio again More than volunteers under the direction of chairman mrs James n Castleberry or Are already making preparations for the san Antonio conservation society annual fiesta which is expected to attract people during its nightly run from april 23 through april 26 preparations mean the Purchase of thousands of ears of Corn hundreds of barrels of Beer and cases of soda acres of tortillas and Miles of tamales and sausages this year it also Means the gathering of As Many rattle snakes As it takes to make a ton of rattle Steak it Means putting together the finest Talent in the area such National stars As singers Rosita Fernandez and Hilda Jiminez the Alamo City jazz band and guitarist Al Curro it Means hundreds of paper Flowers and oddly shaped paper Banderas to flutter in the Breeze of la Villita which is transformed into a fiesta celebrating the contributions of the Many nationalities which made san Antonio one of americas unique cities theres food from Mexico France China Ireland Germany and the old West the top artists of the area have decorated paper bags suitable for framing at bargain prices the youngsters will thrill to the antics of the Pearl gunslingers and the whole family will enjoy the can can dancers in the Bird in a gilded Cage Saloon admission is for adults and 50 cents for children Savoy lounge under new management Dine dance open 2 to 2 live music each sat Nite 51211 1 the thru Sot new books magazines for All old Book Swap shop 9 to 4 at Villa de be mine with a break for lunch Froman is a native texan who has painted in the Bis Bend country he will teach outline drawing shading and full color he holds that the disciplines involved in realizing a recognizable likeness will Aid greatly in other branches of painting he studied at the american Academy of of Art Chicano and privately with Van Amburg Charles Schroeder Frederic mizen and Glen c Sheffer All of Chicago he was the recipient of the american artist professional league Gold medal award the Miriam Burrell award and the Council of american artists society award in recent Wapl grand National exhibitions in new York City at the Terlingua workshop Cowboy and mexican Type models will be available for portraiture study old Terlingua is an abandoned mining town 80 Miles South of Alpine on Highway 170 and 10 Miles Northwest of big Bend National Park it is three Miles from Villa de la Mina the painting Headquarters for the workshop Dallas symphony in deep trouble author of fire and r Fehrenback visited Del Rio saturday to help promote his Book a narrative history of Mexico and its people the Spanish speaking writer also is the author of Lone a Texas history published by the Macmillan publishing co in 1968 news Herald photo author of blood and fire discusses work in Del Rio by Roberto Ochoa news Herald staff author t r Fehrenback said his new Book blood and a history of Mexico contains information that is largely not published in that country official government records yet he said from his Many years of research in Mexico he considers it to be a remarkably free Fehrenback visited Del Rio saturday to talk about his Book and dedicate the opening of c Bookstore 1005 ave f he said he has been in and out of Mexico since he was a child bom in san Benito in the lower Rio Grande Valley Fehrenback has lived in Brownsville and in California and for the past 20 years has lived in san Antonio the setting for Many of his previous works the books tale he said is written for the general Public not filled with details or a proliferation of facts and figures but in narrative fashion trails the evolution of Mexico from its prehistoric inhabitants through the Halls of Motel Uzoma to the Indian summer of new Spain and finally to the Man in the High a portion of the books summary explains the Spanish Conquest erected a new tyranny upon the ruins of the old the tragic experience of Spanish racism left More than scars it left practices values and structures that the bravest and most rational modern mexicans have been Able to cleanse in the fire of revolutions or Wash out with martyrs blood Fehrenback paints the agony of Independent Mexico As a struggle against the whole weight of a past whose relevance could not be erased by acts of will and from this struggle emerged a new Mexico that is still three nations peasantry Urban workers and ruling class divided by aspirations that May again Lead to fire and blood unless the new custodians Are Wiser than the blood and fire and another recent work by Fehrenback the texans Bible Lone a history of Texas and the texans Are widely used by universities they Are books that students will the Middle aged author commented and the former he says is Selling Well to the Young educated businessmen in the Northern mexican Frontier already published but not yet released is another Book by Fehrenback its called a history of the prevailing Indian nation that once existed in Southwest Texas and new Mexico Dallas symphony orchestra he been tit Long a poverty Tightrope Molt of Iti 74 atari it fell off in March Prim Dent Jack Vandagriff announced then that the orches tra had impeded operations the remainder of the 1974 Nill be eliminated Uncle i More Money 10 found at weekend Vandagriff announced that there Nai Hope that at tout a part of the son could be revived after trl buttons totalling nere received he Sab the orchestra could continue if that total reaches drop in that earlier Nas named As the sum needed to Complete the season deterioration set in quickly As top musicians sought jobs kith other orchestras when the suspension was announced the is ing no symphony can support self when contributions failed to come in this year for planned reasons the Dallas a animation found itself in a deep the orchestra Omed to Banks and other institutions Vandagriff said another 000 needed to Complete the season scheduled to end aug 12 the Dallas symphony Nas founded May 22 1900 there were Only four other phonies in the United states it has or had 86 musicians and a staff of 13 the players base pay is a week the orchestra always had been kept alive by a handful of financial supporters which some Call the it seems to boil Down to one Stark Choice significantly broaden the base of Large or admit honestly that Dallas Doest have the Terest to support a major symphony Olin c his m music editor for the Dallas times Herald Competition forthe in Dallas is fierce there Are season of musical shows dinner Heaters and night Tabi featuring bit name performers a tremendous number of tors Are drawn off by clonal football Tennis bib at Golf hockey and soccer Bern methodist uni Wetty and other schools in the area have extensive sports programs the orchestra has a budget of million to play an average of about per sons each concert earned come was projected As Only season subscriptions fell from in the 1967 68itaion to 1 404 in the fall of 1971 is ticket sates average about auditorium usually is Only 60 per cent full pared with sellouts in san Francisco and Pittsburgh Cannati reports sellouts or by so and Detroit and Seattle have 90 per cent filled houses the orchestra has tried Many things to broaden support it has played a series Park noon concerts town and shared the stage with such pop outfits As the fifth Roe Sion yet the orchestras family has remained the chief support when the orchestra was in trouble in May last year the family anted up the Money didst appear this year the orchestra hat had a series of distinguished doctors but this year prime need with guest doctors while musicians rated artistic advisers As selecting music and interviewing emits latter Bunny suggests you shop Adams Flowers for Novelty for your parties one Day Tel Rio rain or sunday april 14th Shne shows 2 jct ways 90 it 277 Spon american go forum great news Complete fantastic program top circus acts and trained animals truly a show for the whole family admission of cos weft conf can afford 22 elephants Inmai to minion Libato on 8aut pet Keek half Price Center Bala if Deaire e a to Vance save tickets on Sale now reserved and admission tickets on Sale circus Day at showgrounds Kiev Whf Bif Likiu 4 s v frames largest selection of custom made and read made frames priced within the framework of your budget layaway 90 Day credit gemini gallery gifts open men thru sat am to pm Hwy 90 w fort 277 at the y phone 7756431

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