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Del Rio News Herald Newspaper Archives Apr 7 1974, Page 2

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Del Rio News Herald (Newspaper) - April 07, 1974, Del Rio, TexasNixon huddles with europeans Neth j freed associated press writer Paris Cap president Nixon met saturday with Era european leaders and stressed the need for stronger cooperation and consultation within the Atlantic Alliance the discussions could be a Start toward making 1974 in tons year of administration had hoped to vote major attention to Europe in 1973 but was sidetracked by other foreign and Domestic matters the presidents most Tant sessions lasting More than an hour each were with West German Chancellor Willy Brandt and British prime min ister Harold Wilson Nixon also met with interim French president Alain Poher danish Premier Poul Hurt Long and italian president Giovanni Leone he meets sunday ing with soviet president Kola Podgorny and japanese Premier Kakuei Tanaka har Lingsau that after ing with Nixon and the other european leaders he was a Little More optimistic about the prospects of improved european relations in addition to transatlantic cooperation saturdays discussions Abo touched on the status of arms limitations to atom Between the United states and the soviet Union and the Prospect of troop reductions in Central rope according to informed sources Nixon had flown to Paris to attend a memorial mass for the late French president Georges Pompidou he originally was scheduled to return to ton on saturday afternoon but delayed his departure until solemn tribute paid Pompidou by John Vino up associated press writer Paris leaders passed through notre Dames Gate of the last judgment and into the solemnity of its seven centuries of French history to pay tribute saturday to the late president Georges Pompidou bachs St Matthews passion and the Gregorian chants that Pompidou thought were roman catholicism most Beautiful prayers rang through the great Cathedral As princes dents and premiers from More than 80 nations were asked to Pray for Pompidou soul and for Wisdom in guiding their tons president Nixon occasionally turning his head to look at the cathedrals magnificent stained windows and soviet president Nikolai Podgorny stood with the congregation As it prayed Light with your Light the leaders of nations and give them courage that All tries at last free and in peace May take part in the ton of the the ceremony simplified by the absence of the incense Ter or Cross was essentially the same one that Pompidou had personally supervised in notre Dame at the death of Charles de Gaulle in 1970 the dents widow did not attend and was resting in the country after her husbands burial on wednesday the leaders entered the Church under the grimacing devils and Angels that scribed the Battles of Good and evil for notre Dames owners in the Middle Ages one by one they walked Down a red carpet to their seats near the with six Golden and a Crucifix an immense French Tricolour Hung from the arched vault of the Church lit to daytime brightness by television camera Nixon was one of the last of chiefs of state to enter the Church in a morning coat but without the top hat worn by some of the other guests he took a seat Between italian president Giovanni Leone and hungarian vice president pal Losonczy to onions left was Queen Liana of Holland and behind her the Duke of Edinburgh West German Chancellor Willy Brandt prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau of Canada and Crown Prince Harald of Way the service lasted 45 utes residential aides Alexander Halland Ronald l Ziegler told reporters the five leaders sponged to Nixon Points with wrong k there was any one Clear theme that came out of the it is that Amer ican leadership and american vitality Are vital and that in that context a viable Chis Cornerstone of rope an relations the president appeared to make a Point of being Public and spontaneous during his stay in Paris he walked out of the embassy residence twice to talk with urge Slasyk crowds crowds also cheered his motorcade Nixon Effort for spontaneity was evident in the Quick arrangement of his talks with the europeans Nixon has always said in the past that any High level meetings need intensive and careful preparation to Tain serious results the five leaders Nixon met saturday All represent member nations of the North Atlantic treaty organization and the european common Market in sundays meeting with Podgorny Nixon was expected Todeal with the arms limitation talks balanced troop cuts in Europe and his scheduled visit to the soviet Union this Mer the presidents talks with Tanaka probably will cover pans relationship with nato As Well As bilateral Nese issues on several occasions Nixon has indicated an Effort would be made to form a new and proved relationship Between the United states and israelis Call in jets by the associated press israeli forces opened fire on syrian troops on the Golan Heights front saturday morning and used warplanes for the first time since the october truce observers reported israeli air Force jets were called in for a second time in the afternoon to strike syrian infiltrators who attacked an Rae i position on it Hermon the israeli military command said Israel said it acted in both cases after the syrians crossed the Golan truce line hours fore passover began and tacked an israeli position on the snowy slopes of the Moun Tain Syria said Israel struck first meanwhile Egypt Middle East news Agency claimed libyan Premier Abdel Salem Jalloul had stripped libyan Leader Moa mar khad Afy of Power and pushed him into a figurehead position but the libyan news Agency said it had no information on reports that khad Afy had been ousted a libyan government spokesman said he was aware Briscoe endorsed by Abilene paper Abilene Tex a the Abilene reporter flows will ounce in its sunday morning editions its endorsement of gov Dolph Briscoe for another term the newspaper which has morning evening and sunday editions endorsed Ben Barnes inthe first democratic primary two years ago after Barnes failed to make the Runoff the newspaper ported Briscoe in the second primary and the general elec Tion the editorial endorsement will say gov Dolph Briscoe is Ning for a second term and texans would be Wise to Ward him with it As his Campaign theme restly has delivered on the major promises he made two years ago he pledges to pursue the same worthy objectives and other new ones and on the basis of his record he is believable his prime achievement to Date has been the restoration of Unity in the same government he alone has not been sible for it restoration of Ity but he alone could have prevented it gov Briscoe also has performed to restore Confidence and integrity in government again be did not do it alone and the legislature is due a Large measure of c Relt for it but he supported every gubernatorial election is important but this years is even More so for the first time in the states history Texas will elect their top state officials for terms they need More than Ever to choose the right person and Dolph a Rifice is the of foreign press reports that khad Afy has delegated his pow ers administrative and Politi to Jalloul Israel said its fighter bomb errand big guns were called on to repulse the syrians in the morning that the syrians with Drew after a half hour and that Israel complained to the United nations in Jerusalem Butsy Masaid the israelis tacked a syrian position on the Mountain first it said two Rae i warplanes struck twice in 30 minutes without inflicting casualties it was the 26th straight Day of fighting on the embattled Ian and the adjoining wedge of land captured from Syria in the october War israeli troops still stood on High Alert along the Arab of a repetition of the last yom kippur Holiday when syrian and egyptian troops launched their attack Abo worsening in the jewish state was the political juror stirred by the report of a Blue ribbon commission fixing blame for israels initial backs at yom kippur israels Roost powerful opposition political Leader Menahem begin chief of the righting liked bloc called on Premier Goh Meirs government to sign israels chief of staff la Gen David Elziar already hat resigned from the army cause of the report but there was a growing clamor for the resignation of her defense ister Moshe Dayan or the tire coalition government the israeli parliament will debate the commissions in thursday despite f Del Rio Del Rio 78840 Public had afternoon saturday and Alto sunday morning by Oal Rio inc second Catt paid at dal Rio subscription rate by Carrier mail in town or out at town in dal Rio by Ben Dan i Majo editor Carlos mgr Pedro mgr any erroneous reflection upon the character standing or reputation of any person firm or corporation will gladly be corrected when such occurs in the columns of this newspaper and Are brought to the attention of the management the publisher is not responsible for copy omission typographical errors or any unintentional error that May occur a Thor than to make corrections after being to attention advertising accepted on this basis Only Del Rio news Herald 2adel Rio Texas newts Herald sunday april still no word from kidnappers of attache by Chris Angelo and demanded for Ejeri Bow pm prom writer Hermosillo Mexico Cap the Mana prof of Viet Consul Pitterson went motto 10th Dav today with no word from hta to Doctori and no indication from mexican or us authorities As what by happened to the Man meanwhile police to Mexico City announced the Rescue of a kidnapped Chlof for whose lift kidnappers demanded a Ransom which was not paid he is the son of a wealthy haberdasher newsmen kept up a Vigil around the clock outside the House of american Consul Mer Yetton to Horm Ottoo where Patterson year Oil wife Ann awaited tact with the abductors of her husband March to after leaving the consulate Here with a still unidentified Man shortly afterwards officials found what they said was a Ransom note threatening the vice consuls use reliable sources to total the peopled liberation army of Mexico claimed Sponsel bitty for the abduction tenons Safe release a Mexico source close to the investigation of the can do Cattett was a hoax because authorities apparently were too embarrassed to lease More information on the matter the consulate text officially Donitz the hoax Story As late As Friday night lean officials text still were Ductant to consider Patterson cases kidnapping one police Fleer said it was regarded As a disappearance meanwhile a family on its Way from Mexico City to a cation to Acapulco Friday night intercepted a speeding car on a Highway South of Mexico City and rescued Francisco Javier Munia who Ted teen snatched off the Street thursday to a Swank residential Section of Mexico City by unidentified kidnappers escaped after the interception on no Highway about 150 Miles South of the capital the boy was taken to to by the family of Cacoilo in and from there they called Tho boys fatter who flew to Acapulco in a government plane to pick up his son co Rosorio jury takes weekend off streaking has gone Continental originating on College campuses in the United states streaking is now titillating Europe where British Rock band Willie Flasher and the raincoats has released a song everybody wants to be a the bands members however wont divulge their identities despite the fact they obviously have Little to hide Rock fans converge for California jam7 by Steve Fox associated press writer Ontario Calif a thousands of Youthful Rock music fans crowded the motor Speedway Here saturday for the California Jam after police unclogged a 13mile traffic snarl caused by abandoned cars the promoters estimated a crowd of parking lot was jammed and autos overflowed into ing vineyards the scene was mostly tul although some fans broke Down a Gate and poured into the Ontario motor Speedway a policeman surveyed the Gersin shorts floppy hats and sleeveless shirts who sat on the Grassy infield braving smarting smog and temperatures to listen to Gui tars blasting from a giant plat form they All look the policeman said the traffic Jam occurred on interstate 10 the main artery Between los Angeles and Las vegas Nev police officers with Tow trucks managed to pull the empty cars to the Side of the Road so that by the time the concert began there was Only a on Emile traffic backup were Over the Hump and were getting them in Here a police officer said people just gave up trying to get to the concert parking and just parked on the freeway and the streets every time one Guy jumps out of his car a Hundred others behind him do the the featured such popular groups As deep purple seals and Crofts and rare Earth it has been moved As a sequel to the past Woodstock and Alta Mont festivals in 1969 Altamon Drew persons Woodstock got a crowd of a Watkins Glen festival last year Drew an Esti mated the concert sponsored by Abc entertainment is being taped by Abc for its in concert television series Ontario is about 40 Miles East of los Geles and the style Speedway is surrounded by acres of wine vineyards by Sylvia Lee associated press writer Dallas Cap a Federal jury recessed its deliberations late saturday in the fraud and conspiracy trial of former Texas atty Gen Waggoner Carr former state insurance commissioner John Osorio and Dallas businessman David Hoo ver deliberations were to resume 9 30 monday shortly before recessing rows asked to hear parts of Timony Given by defendant Hoover and former a defendant than Dameris the panel already had asked for and received documents and charts entered As evidence in the Case deliberations Gan at 11 therase was tried indirectly to the 1971 Sharpstown dais in these the government alleged that Frank Sharp and others conspired to make Tio Nable Loans to state officials so they could buy Stock the Stock was manipulated upward said the securities and Exchange commission so the officials could make Quick Large profits the Sec called this a form of bribery to get Sharps pet banking ures through the legislature none of those on trial Day held political office when the alleged Stock manipulations took place mexican americans present complaints to state Board Austin Tex a a Bright mexican american girl was put to work washing test tubes instead of taking calculus because of biased counselling says or Omar Garda Burg phys Cairn the girl who had an a rage in biology physics and chemistry worked in his office through a vocational training program recommended by her High school Counselor he said Gam a member of the state Board of education chewed the Board and its staff saturday for dragging its feet on his propos Al to help Correct the arbitrary manner in which Selorus determine the destiny of our eight months ago Garda posed that the Board require Counselor to put in writing their interviews with pupils showing youngsters personal vocational and educational sires and recording the Selorus reasons for assigning them to particular programs i Felt it would make the Counselor More objective in their Gara planned i was told that this report would be studied and its ability determined and would be brought Back to the Board Ive not heard a word about it he said acting chairman Herbert Willborn of Amar Luo said the matter was not on saturdays published Agenda and could not be taken up because the open meetings Law requires Day notice education commas Soonei Edgar said we could have something for you in with about 20 leans from the Estaco area present Garda also challenged the Board and the legislature to respond to the civil rights commissions report on ton of he said the report showed 47 per cent of All can students drop out before calving their High school Mas in addition More children Are too old for their Grade in Texas than in any other state Tho flawed passover tens of thousands of israelis ready have taken off for a Day at Mountain desert or Seaside resorts Camps and Nic grounds passover commemorates the jewish flight from egyptian bondage years ago traditional seder dinners were held in religious Homos throughout the jewish state saturday night thousands of Christian or los continued to arrive in Rael to celebrate holy week which starts sunday with Palm sunday the roman Catholic Arch of Jerusalem msgr g c by trim was to take part in the annual proct Isipa sown Tho mount of Ouw to the of wired City of Jorwa Jem Tea traditional route of Jesus i entry into the holy Days before his five q Tiby is everywhere even roads As evidenced by this cortege Lage automobiles seen in new Jersey As part of a publicity tour the classic ears eluding models from the Early imps items Are All display at the new Jersey Lique Auto museum and Are valued at Ever leading the cortege was a Ford Model Cabriolet above Texas leads with 16 per cent of mexican american eighth graders being averaged this compares to 2 per cent to bilingual education which offers the greatest ise for both mexfcan4merican and Anglo students is the most infrequently used reaching Only per cent of the c a Garda said he later told reporters of the girl who was sent to his tory to a vocational training program the girl had told a Counselor she wanted to be a lab a clan and the Counselor did not ask Why or encourage her to rain her sights because she was a mexican american Gar a said she was going to be washing test tubes to my lab instead of to have a Chiw this gifted put to a program that would discourage her from Acarter to research that might find a cure for leukaemia or these Olter dread diseases if a he said later the Board approved a Kog Raro to certify teachers for i new Btl Toual education program approved by the Lite the program will Start with tint users this fail the Board Laid Kijoo to tatters May add the bit Toual Indin Tibuni to their current nearly pm Wren Grade to 1973 tog Only and More than enough English to make their the Board said Center of the trial was the government allegation that the defendants improperly used Stock of Ric International As collateral for Large Bank Loans the said the transacts egg and that the Wise committed it was the for Carr he and Osorio were acquitted by a Dallas jury in March 1973o12 counts of mail fraud and wire fraud in Necton with the Sharpstown Vest Gatlon Osorio was found guilty in january 1973 of two counts of misapplication of funds and one count of conspiracy the trial took place in Amar Luo Tex the conviction now is be fore the u s supreme court after being upheld by a circuit appeals panel Osorio still faces one charge of perjury resulting from the Amarillo trial defense lawyer Emmett Vint old the jurors in final ments that the governments presentation was the most despicable thing Ive Ever seen in a courtroom Treyve tried to perpetrate a fraud on you added Colvin who backs credibility in this courtroom the department of Justice i col to said the prosecution want interested in guilt or Nocent there head he declared Carr acting As a part of his own defense team made a furious attack on the ment Case the former attorney general declared brother if they get away with something like that none of us is Safe Carr particularly has charged that the entire Sec civil suit an is u b s e q u e n criminal charges were brought by the Nixon administration solely to Embarrass leading Texas democrats and to destroy the party in this state the prosecution led by asst atty Robert Mahony called the defendants men of n a n c 1 a 1 sophistication and shakers and movers in the High flying world of High migrant workers to got gasoline Washington Cap the agriculture department says it will help assure migrant farm workers enough gasoline this season to follow crop harvests northward plans for aiding migrant workers were outlined last week in congressional Roony by Wliam e Simon other Federal agencies now Art system for getting fuel to travelling Field workers main Highway and roads under programs aged by uhf Oderat Energy it migrant win the Abb to from truck Stop if regular gasoline stations Art com dorhout of the further to Artw Tobii Farmers will be encouraged to my line to worker when they Art a tidy e move to stir

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