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Defiance Express Newspaper Archives Sep 7 1901, Page 1

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Defiance Express (Newspaper) - September 7, 1901, Defiance, Ohio Ere s s. 8th year. No. 103 Defiance. O., saturday. September 7, 1901. Vol. 8 a condition serious peritonitis feared within next 60 hours the latest dispatches indicate a change for the worst. Special daily express Buffalo n. Y., sept. 7, i p. In a the condition of president Mckinley remains unchanged from last night. His pulse is 136. Temperature 102. Respiration 28. The president suffers no pain except when breathing deeply. He is resting easy and is getting along As Good As can be expected. The doctors Are encouraged and have no fears of a fatal ending unless peritonitis sets in within the next sixty hours. This is the dangerous feature of the presidents Case As peritonitis usually follows in wounds where a cavity has been perforated. Senator Lodge of Massachusetts called on mrs. Mckinley this afternoon. She bears up bravely. A change for the worst. Special daily express Buffalo n. Y., sept. 7. 3 30 p. In a the presidents pulse has gone up to 140. His condition is now considered critical and it is feared that a change for the worst has set in. Special to express. Buffalo n. Y., sep. 7,-presi-Lent Mckinley was shot and seriously wounded by a would be Assassin while holding a reception in the the Temple of music it the pan american a few min ites after 4 of clock Friday after look. One shot took effect in she right breast the other in the Abdomen. The first is not of a Erious nature and the Bullet has it Een extracted. The other pieced the thigh just below the abdominal cavity. Standing in the midst of roads numbering thousands surrounded by every evidence of exposition chatting with the president and introducing to him especially persons of note who approached. Upon the presidents left stood or. Cortelyou. It was shortly after 4 p. In. When one of the throng which surrounded the presidential party a medium sized Man of Ordinary appearance and plainly dressed in Black approached As if to Greet the president both Secretary Cortelyou and president Milburn noticed that the Many a hand was swathed in a Bandage or handkerchief. Reports of by standers differ As to which hand. He worked his Way a calamity As had Here befallen the president and the nation. The third was a by Stander a negro who had Only an instant previously grasped in his Dusky Palm the hand of the president. As one Man the Trio hurled themselves upon the presidents assailant. In a twinkling he was borne to the ground his weapon was wrestled from his grasp and Strong arms pinioned him Down. Then the multitude which thronged the edifice began to come to a realizing sense of the awfulness of the scene of which they had been unwilling witnesses. A Murmer arose spread and swelled to a hum of confusion then grew to a Babel of sounds and later to a pandemonium of noises. The crowd that a moment before had stood mute and motionless As in bewildered ignorance of the enormity of the thing now w Ith a single impulse surged foreward toward the stage of the horrid drama while a hoarse cry welled up from a thousand throats and a thousand men charged foreward to Lay hands upon the perpetrator of the Bastard in crime. The would be Assassin was turned Over to the police and hurried away before he could be lynched. The president was hurried away to the exposition Hospital and the Best medical Aid called. At a later hour he was carried to the residence of president Milburn and not a til that time was it determined on that the news be broken to mrs. Mckinley. When the Public came to fully realize what had occurred the excitement in the City w As beyond description. Emma Goldman. Whose writings he. Had read and w Hose lectures he had listened to. He denies having any Confederate and says he decided on the act three Days ago and bought the revolver with which the act was committed in Buffalo. Shed tears As he discussed the affair. Ood will pressed by a mostly amid the Stream of people up to i wrong of people showered with expressions of love and loyally besieged by multitudes All eager o clasp his hand amid these a groundings and with the Ever urging plaudits of an Admir in Assembly of sightseers ring in in his ears the blow of the Jassin fell and in an instant a asure gave Way to pain aviation to agony Folly turned fury and pandemonium. The president though Well larded by United states secret a vice detectives was fully exit sed to such an attack As ochre. He stood at the Edge of raised dais upon which ands the great pipe Organ at in East Side of the magnificent rupture. Throngs of people owned in at the various senates to gaze upon their exit Ive perchance to clasp his and and then fight their Way it in the Good natured mob at every minute swelled and multiplied at the Points of in egg and egress to the building. President was in a cheerful Bod and w As enjoying to the the Hearty evidence of Good which everywhere met his be. Upon his right stood Jhn g. Milburn of Buffalo a silent of the pan american the Edge of the dais until he was within two feet of the president. President Mckinley smiled bowed and extended his hand in that spirit of geniality the american people so Well know when suddenly the Sharp crack of a revolver rang out loud and Clear above the hum of voices the shuffling of myriad feet and vibrating Waves of applause that Ever and anon swept Here and there Over the assemblage. There was an instant of almost Complete silence. The president stood Stock still a look of hesitancy almost of bewilderment on his face. Then he retreated a step while a pallor began to steal Over his feature. The multitude Only partially aware that something serious had happened i the police have closed in on andean anarchist special to express. Buffalo n. Y., sept. 6.�?the name of the presidents assailant As ascertained in the sweat Box is said to be Leon Czolgosz who was born in Detroit and whose residence is at Cleveland. Czolgosz is Well known in Western socialistic circles especially in Detroit Cleveland Toledo and Chicago in All of which cities he has lived. The prisoner has been living for the past week at 1025 Broadway and from information gathered by the police it is regarded As certain that he was but a cats Paw in the hands Bof a desperate gang of anarchists and that the attempt on president Mckinley a life was the result of a carefully arranged plot. The prisoner is simple in appearance almost to idiocy and is not considered capable of plotting and executing such a bold and Clever attempt single handed. Paused in Surprise while necks were craned and All eyes turned As one toward the Rostrum where a great tragedy was being enacted. Then came a commotion. With the leap of a Tiger three men threw themselves foreword As with one impulse and sprang toward the would be Assassin. Two of them were United states secret service men who were on the Lookout and whose duty it was to guard against just such arrested the inmates at 1025 Broadway from which the Man hails and have captured five men believed to be anarchists and implicated in the plot. Their names Are being kept secret for the present. Leon Czolgosz the accused and self confessed Assassin has signed a confession covering six pages of foolscap which state that he is an anarchist and that he became an enthusiastic member of that body through the influence an Eye witness. Special to express Buffalo sept. 7.�?robert e. Livingston of Detroit was in the line and close to the president when he was shot and this is his version of the affair a i was standing in line at the reception at the Temple of music waiting for a Chance to shake hands with the president. Three person were ahead of me. I noticed a Young fellow with his right hand done up in a handkerchief. He was a fellow not More than 21 or 22 years old thin with Blue eyes and Light Brown Cutie a hair. I noticed him particularly because he turned several times and looked Back toward the door. I do not remember of Ever seeing him in Detroit. As he approached the president he held out his left hand. At the same time he whipped the handkerchief off his right hand and As his left hand touched the presidents outstretched one he fired two shots. It was All done before anybody could raise a hand to prevent. The crowd with a groan of horror surged Back a few feet where they were held by the exposition guards. Detective Foster sprang at the Throat of the fellow who stood for a moment As if dazed. With a vicious lunge of the right Arm he struck full on the Mouth Felling him to the floor. Foster seemed almost crazy from grief and anger and would have probably seriously injured Nieman had not the police forced him Back and succeeded in partially calming him. A in the meanwhile president Mckinley had fallen Back into the hands of Secretary Cortelyou. Somebody approached the president and said a Are you shot a a for gods Sake Tell us if you Are badly Hurt a president Mckinley struggled bravely for a moment to speak an then nodding his head let it Fallback and seemed to collapse. Supported by Secretary Cortelyou and secret service men he was just Able to stagger to the Center of the room and sit on a chair. His clothing was opened and a Hasty examination was made i was Able to get a glimpse of both wounds. One was in the Center of the Chest the other in the left Side of the Groin. After that the people were driven Back by the officers and i was unable to see what went hang him. Special to express. Buffalo sept. 7.�?fully 50,000 people gathered about police Headquarters where the prisoner was taken and it was Only by the most strenuous Effort of the police that they were kept from hanging him. A hang him a was the cry of the Milburn Home special to express. Bufalo n. Y., sept. 7.�?tile Milburn Home is on the West Side of Delaware Avenue the second House North of ferry Street. It is a three Story dark Green Brick Structure of wide dimensions. It is about sixty feet from the Street Jine the Well kept Lawn sloping to the sidewalk. The president is occupying one of a suite of rooms on the second floor of the House m the Northwest Corner of the building. The president s room is the farthest one on the second floor removed from either Delaware Avenue or ferry Street. Wife informed. Special to express. Buffalo sept. 7.�?director general Buchanan broke the news to mrs. Mckinley at the Milburn Home in a most gentle manner. He said she stood it bravely though considerably agitated. If it was possible to bring him to her she wanted it done. . Rixey assured her the president could be brought with safety from the exposition grounds and when he left or. Milburn a it was to Complete All arrangements for the removal of the shocked. Special to express. Burlington vt., sept. 7.�? when seen Here last night col. Roosevelt said a i am so inexpressibly grieved shocked and horrified that i can say he boarded the train at once and left for meeting. Special to express. Buffalo sept. 7.�?the Cabinet will meet Here. Under the Constitution vice president Roosevelt will probable be called to the Helm during the period the president May be unable to discharge the duties of his wept. Special to express. Cleveland 0., sept. 7�?when told that president Mckinley had been shot senator Hanna said a it is too horrible to think that such a thing could happen to so splendid a Man As Mckinley and at this time and upon such an occasion. It is horrible awful a or. Hanna Beirne. Dull care a Burber was just finishing lathering a customer and was talking voluble As usual. A yes sir Quot he said a a there a no carelessness allowed by our employer. Every time we Cut a customers face we Are fined $1, and of we make an ugly Gash it costs us $2.�?� then picking up and brandishing his razor he added a Bot i done to care a rap today. In be just won $10.�?� accounting for it chemically. A it May be merely fancy a remarked mrs. Seldin Holme since my Hus inn began drinking the water from that Iron Spring he has seemed to be ten times As obstinate As he used to a perhaps a suggested mrs. Exdore a the water la tincture with pig a Chicago Tribune. Pillsbury to retire. Am i it in i Lim f Lin Pion to re Chi in a lawyer. It h stated on reliable authority that my in a ii in career of Harry x. As a chess player will conic to an end in about two years after which lie proposes to devote himself in Earnest to the study of Law. Before that happens however some important events Are Likely to take place not the least of which will be a match for the championship of the world with Lasker. When the latter was in new York three months ago be and Millsbury bad a private confab and tile subject of a match Between them was touched nyx in. Nothing definite can lie had concerning this interesting affair until the american Champion goes to Europe which he intends to do Early in 1902, to be gone a year or More. Pillsbury a fourth tour of this country will be a Brief one beginning about the 1st of september and lasting until Jan. I Wien be and mrs. Pillsbury will sail for England. While abroad he will enter All the Large tournaments in Europe including those at Hanover Monte Carlo and Berlin and will also tour the continent. When Pillsbury leaves the professional Arena for Good there will be do one to take Bis place in the realm of Blindfold chess for Here lie has done what no one else Ever attempted. His record of 20 games simultaneously without sight of hoards or men stands alone aside from the fact that he is Able to Combine both checkers and whist with his Blindfold chess playing. The Champion has such a Mastery Over the Art that he is confident of his ability to handle no less than 30 games of chess in this manner. It is a feat to is expected to accomplish before he retires. A new York Sun. The chinaman. The chinamen shakes his own hand instead of yours. He keeps out of step when walking with you. He puts his hat on in salutation. He whitens his boots instead of blackening them. He rides with his heels in his stirrups instead of his toes. His Compass Points South. His women Folk Are often seen in trousers accompanied by men in gowns. Often he throws away the fruit of the Melon and eats the seeds. He laughs on receiving bad news this to deceive evil spirits. He thinks it polite to ask your age and income. He says West North instead of Northwest and 8txths-four instead of four sixths. His favorite present to a Parent is a coffin. Horse talk. The fastest fifth heat paced this year a Edith a at Columbus in 2 07%. May Allen beat the record of her Aire. Que Allen 2 09%, by half a second. The Canadian pacer Captain Brino 2 071, is out of a half sister to Zenbia 2 11%. Stacker Taylor Lias so far paced this year the fastest sixth heat in a race 2 09%. One of the Best performers on the Indiana half mile tracks is Chestnut 2 12%, owned by l. H. Brown of Danville. Cresceus trotted a mile in 2 02% at the Glenville track in years less four Days after Maud 8 made a record of 2 08% on the same track. Handspring 2 26%, by prodigal made his first Start the other week since his Sale for $4,300 As a 2-year-old. He finished third in 2 20% and was distanced in the next . Him smal Nemm of soul. Dinguss old fellow can you let me have a Dollar this morning Shadbolt no. You Haven to paid me the Dollar you borrowed a month or two ago. Dinguss mortified and resentful a do you mean to say Shadbolt that you remember such pitiful Little debts As Long As that a Chicago for infants and kind you have always bought

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