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Defiance Express (Newspaper) - March 17, 1898, Defiance, Ohio Single copies 5 cents w to the Defiance All printed at Home. Vol. Ali. Boy my makes the food pare wholesome mad Ohio thursday March 17 1898.powder absolutely pure Boya Baki no wed co., new Vouk. G1898 Hseuh. 1898 us. To. To. We. The. Fri. Sat. I 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Roll 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 the Spanish Cabinet is not very Bellicose at the present up a pitiful Wail does not like the presence Tho White it encourages cubans. Market reports. Grain and Stock quotations for March 15. New York. Beef family Sio Orr 11 extra Mesa $8 00 68 50 packed. $9 0010 50. Cut meats him it kled bellies 3%f<i7e pickled shoulders 4%<s pickled hams 7%e. Lard Western Stream $5 pork old mess $10 /5. Butter Western Dairy 12 o20e Creamery l5@20e do factory Dionise. Cheese a state Large 8vy�>s%<�?o Small ek.,9%c part skims 4ft/.cfijc full skims 2v/3e. Eggs state and in Pennsyl Vuria Llo 12c Western fresh lie. Wheat�?$1 a. Corny 37�?~ic. Oats�?31 vie. Rye�?30 vie. Pitts it ii re. Cattle Choice. 85 Orcut to Good 84 8<k? 4 tidy Butlein is $4 tio i/4 75 fair $4 my <j/4 50 com 8. 00./4 to heifers $3 5tj ft4 40 bulls and cows 82 206/4 30 fresh cows $20650. Hogs yorkers. $4 056/4 to mediums $4 106/4 15 fair,$3 ii grasses $3 106/3 15 heavy. $4 036/.4 15 rough $3 006/3 00 pigs $3 806/ 3 pm. Sheep Choice $4 856/5 Good $4 706t 4 80 fair v 4 406/4 tit common $3 756i 4 20 lambs $5 056/5 80. Chicago. Cattle Reeves 83 006/5 to cows and heifers $2 1 06/4 4 5 Texas steers $3 50 1 4 75 Western $3 006/5 40 stockers and feeders 83 856/4 05. Hogs Light ?3 706/4 05 mediums $3 70 @3 97 heavy. $4 006/ i to rough $3 75643 80. Sheep and lambs Choice sheep $3 so 5 05 fair. $4 206/4 40 common $3 256/ 4 to exports $3 Cholee lambs $4 006?, 5 wheat�?$1 01%. Corn�?28%c. Oats�?251ac. Rye�?48% c. _ Buffalo. Cattle butchers $4 106/4 50 shipping $4 406/4 05 Best steers $5 20@5 40 Good cows and heifers $3 5063 85 stockers and feeders $3 506/4 40. Hogs yorkers. $4 13 roughs common to Good $3 556.3 65 mediums and heavies $4 17 pigs $3 706/3 80. Sheep and lambs sheep extra $4 60q 4 75 Good prime $5 006?5 15 common $2 606/3 do Choice lambs $5 90@6 . Hugs a yorkers and Light $4 mediums and heavies $4 05 Stags and roughs $2 75<�3 40. Sheep and lambs a sheep $3 906j4 50 lambs $4 256 5 50. Cattle steers $3 906 4 60 heifers $3 3 90 cows and bulls $1 90@3 55. Cincinnati. Wheat no. 2 red 97%c mixed 31%c. 1,1ml-$4 90. �?$5 85. Hogs�?$3 15@3 90 sheep�?$2 i4 50. Corny no. 2 Oats no 2 mixed 20c. Rye bulk meats�?$5 to. Bacon cattle�?$2 50@4 75. Boston. Wool Ohio fleeces x and above 27 g28c xxx 29c xxx and above 30c Delaine 30 <g31c no i combing so amp Sec no 2 do 30<3 sic. Toledo. Wheat�?97c. Corn�?31c. Oats�?27vac rye�?51c. Clover seed $2 95. Baltimore. Butter fancy Creamery 21c. Eggs fresh lev acc. Urn girls strike. Salem o., March 16.�?fifty the girls in the wrapping department the Grove company gum manufacturers have struck against a reduction % a cent per Box. Ohio Man appointed. Washington March 16.�?george m. Lukesh Ohio was appointed to be an assistant paymaster in the Navy. Doctors introduced Muff. Muffs were first used by doctors to keep their fingers soft and were adopted Beladi Cabout 1550 y. 4jj i a. / whip Many Stool bag Isnit Complete wit at a bottle . Thomas electric Oil. Heals cuts bruises stings sprains. Monarch Over pain Alto that for the United states to make War Spain at the present time would be a crime civilization. Washington March 16.�?a statement which is believed to reflect correctly the sentiment the Spanish Cabinet in the present emergency was made by a gentleman intimately associated with Premier Sagasta and Senor Moret minister the colonies in the Spanish Cabinet. It is not desired to give it the form an official utterance but rather an exposition from one whose opportunities for information Are Complete the views animating the ruling authorities Spain. The statement is As follows a the elections in Cuba Are about to occur and the government desires them to he As free As possible. Naturally however the insurrection will prevent Many from voting and it is Felt also that renewed insurgent activity coming at such a moment might jeopardize the successful working out the autonomist plan. A moreover the attitude the United states in having a Squadron so near Cuba Ami the Active War preparations in the United states Are a nature that May exert an influence against a fair expression Public will under the autonomist plan. A it is thought that if the United states were sincere in its expressions Friendship to Spain even if it thought that autonomy could not meet every expectation it should by Friendly acts and not words show this sympathy with the Liberal regime inaugurated in Cuba. A if the Washington government made known indirectly to the insurgents that it meant to have peace in Cuba and that peace in Cuba May be had with autonomic government under Spain the insurrection would certainly die out. A if later the Weyler party wanted to interfere it would be time then for the United states to take action. That action would be then justifiable. Now to make War Spain would be a crime and for that crime to civilization and humanity the United states would he the foregoing statement was called to the attention Senor Polo de Ber Nabe the Spanish minister and his views it requested but he maintained diplomatic Reserve after Reading it carefully and said it appeared to be Given by one thoroughly conversant with the situation. The report in expected. Washington March 16.�?�?othe general expectation the members the Cabinet a said one them after the meeting a is that some report will be received during the present week from the court inquiry examining into Tho cause the Maine explosion. Yet it would not be surprising to us if the report should be delayed for a longer time. We have nothing which to base this Hope that i know Only the feeling seems general that what i have said will be the Case. There is nothing at hand As yet to indicate what will be the nature the findings the court a a torpedo proposition. Washington March 16. A lieutenant very the representative the Howell torpedo company has submitted to the War department a proposition to supplement the defences the larger coast ports by equipping a number Light draft steam launches with torpedo outfits. He urges that by the full use this Means defense the harbours May be kept open for Commerce up to the last moment which would not be the Case were Reliance placed the Ordinary fixed mine and torpedo. Transportation artillerymen. Cincinnati o., March 16. A major Charles Porter United states army the fifth regiment at fort Mcpherson near Atlanta arrived Here to arrange for the transportation artillerymen from fort Thomas to the South Atlantic coast. Companies about 60 artillerymen will be organized in the West rendezvoused at fort Thomas and hurried off to fort Mcpherson whence they will be distributed along the coast. Inn for la Philadelphia. New York March 16. A a 6-Inch Breech loading Rifle intended for the Cruiser Philadelphia was shipped to ban Francisco by an arrangement that will get it to Mare Island almost As soon As if it had been sent by an express train. Some horse talk. Senor it Plano Kiel Mayo Sart Spain will k rep in in. Rome Mardi 16.�?the Tribuna publishes an interview the cuban situation and the relations Between Spain and the United states with Senor cd Priano Del Mazo Spanish ambassador to Italy. The Senor says a relations Between Spain and the United states continue cordial. The Maine explosion was accidental. If her Captain had been Board the disaster would probably have been averted. Quot Spain possesses Cuba and will keep it by love Force. That henceforth is an engagement Honor. Besides the revolution will be suppressed before May i. A i do not believe that there will be War Between Spain and the United states because nobody desires it. Of. However it should unfortunately break out Spain would have recourse to Privateering and America s Commerce would be ruined. A Spain would certainly have the upper hand at the beginning but in the event prolonged hostilities she must not indulge too Many Hopes. A the Issue la absolutely unforeseeable. It is impossible to say what alliances might arise in the event War but certainly the european Powers do not appear disposed to be spectators the sad duets a nation that could not tolerate interference and the laying Down a principle dangerous to the worlds peace. The cuban question concerns Spain alone. Quot the Vatican also ought to recognize this by refusing its intervention to those soliciting it in favor cubans. South America is entirely favourable to Spain. We shall find the Best and prompt resources in the event War and we need not fear the Carlist Republican movements in the Interior. A the american War preparations serve to satisfy the jingles and constitute a legitimate defense. But though i do not believe there will be War Spain will prepare for ail eventualities and is resolved at All Cost never to cede her sovereignty Over Cuba. She will risk her own destruction in order to keep the Island by % Senor Del Mazo says he has received a formal Assurance from the Spanioli government that the suggestion As to a recall Consul general Lee so far from constituting an ultimatum never actually took the form a demand. Movement ships. The Aiu Azona will be manned from the san Francisco. Washington March 16.�?mr. Malster the columbian Iron works at Baltimore has notified the Navy department that he will be Able to turn Over to it the torpedo boat Rodgers next saturday. The new Cruiser Amazonas according to present plans will be manned entirely from the san Francisco. That vessel sailed from Lisbon and will arrive at the Tyne about Friday. The torpedo boat Foote has arrived at Jacksonville. The Machias sailed from Norfolk to Boston where she will undergo some repairs made necessary by her Long Asiatic cruise. The Brooklyn went up to Newport for Coal. The Marblehead which is taking stores at Tampa sailed to rejoin the Squadron at Tortugas. Judge advocate general Lemly has received a Telegram from Havana announcing the arrival there the Derrick chief in Tow the tug underwriter. It is expected that this Derrick will greatly facilitate the work wrecking the Maine. Grover Cleveland says All Loyal citizens should support the government. Princeton n. J., March 16.�?former president Cleveland was interviewed upon the subject the Maine affair and the existing relations Between this country and Spain. Or. Cleveland said a though i have no wish to be interviewed you May state for me that in common with others i think every patriotic citizen ought to loyally support the government during a period trial like the present no matter what exigencies May arise. A i will also say that i Hope the present difficulties will be settled without bloodshed. It is possible that an honorable Way out will be found eventually and that there will be no . Cleveland said he preferred to Reserve All comment upon the possible and probable outcome the Maine affair until after the official publication the report the Board inquiry. Swing Doe to Cork. Washington March 16.�?the Senate confirmed the nomination Daniel Swiney Ohio to be Consul at Cork Ireland. Aqui Badan not to re purchased. Washington March 16. Secretary Long says the government has no idea purchasing the Aqui Daban from 12 wine 11 Herr to trouble for a pain. Denver March 16.�?a troop cavalry. Composed entirely women is a Colorado possibility in the event Wai with Spain. Mrs. Martha a. Shute will organize the troop. She notified acting governor Brush her intentions and he advised her to consult with adjutant general Moss. Mrs. Shute is Secretary the state horticultural society. She is a fearless Eque Trienne and handles a gun Rifle very dexterously Why this haute san Diego March 16. A Captain Charles n. Clark commanding the coast defender Monterey received telegraphic orders from Washington to leave at once for san Francisco to take command the battleship Oregon. The orders were to use the utmost dispatch big shipment powder. New York March 16.�?a shipment 300,000 pounds powder was dispatched Early in the Day to key West. This in the first shipment the 400 tons powder which the Navy department directed to be forwarded from this Yard. The spaniards deserted. Lisbon March 16.�?a score sailors deserted from the United states warships while they were Here. The deserters Are nearly All together. A men shoots his mistress Bud another ruse sinner. New York March 16.�?John a. Petersen shot Henry Pohl a Crayon artist and mrs. Leonora Faulkner in his Home in Brooklyn. He fired one Bullet into Pohls neck and then turning the weapon the woman shot her five times. Neither can survive. Petersen lived with mrs. Faulkner who is said to be the widow an English sea Captain. Petersen who had been out returned and found Pohl in the House with mrs. Faulkner. Ready for the pigskin. Springfield o., March 16.�?the interstate baseball league met Here and each club placed $550 in president Powers hands As forfeit. The league was divided into the Western and Eastern divisions. Grand rapids fort i. Ayne Toledo and Mansfield constitute the Western division Dayton Newcastle Youngstown and Springfield the Eastern division. The schedule was adopted for the season to open in the Eastern division towns. Colonel Church married. Pittsburg March 16.�?colonel Samuel Harden Church author a life Oliver Cromwell a and a John Marmaduke a a Romance and assistant Secretary the Pennsylvania lines West Pittsburg was married to miss Bertha Jean Reinhart daughter a prominent family and Niece the artist Charles Stanley Reinhart. The Koo Ecru Obiefule. Los Angeles March 16.�?the first ceremony connected with the obsequies Over the remains the late general w. S. Rosecrans was begun at 9 45 a. Rn., when an impressive procession was formed and the remains the old Warrior were conveyed to the City Hall where they lie in Tate. Lout her Tow. Pittsburg March 16. A the towboat Rescue met with a series accidents the Way Down to Cincinnati and lost almost her entire Tow. Six boats and several Flats were sunk with about 150,000 bushels Coal. The loss is estimated at $10,000. Bringing the body Home. Key West March 16.�?the american yacht Anita having Board the body mrs. Thurston wife senator Thurston and the members the congressional party who have been visiting Cuba arrived Here from Matanzas. New probate judge. Columbus 0�?z March 16.�?governor Bushnell appointed j. O. Mcmanus probate judge Adams county vice John w. Mason remove by the court for violation the Garfield corrupt practices act. Turf Winner. At new Orleans Joe Shelby free hand Mazeppa brakeman mount Washington Dorothy. The weather. For West Virginia fair and warmer southerly winds. For Ohio fair preceded by showers in Northern portion warmer fresh southerly winds. For Indiana fair southwesterly winds. The re Quot strikers shot. Bilbao Spain March 16.�?the strike that has broken out in the great Iron mine at Somorrostro 15 Miles Northwest this City has led to serious disturbances. The rioters stoned the police who fired upon the crowd killing three outright. Troops have been summoned to the scene the outbreak. Gold for import. New y Ork March 16.�?th� fourth National Bank Philadelphia has $350, in Gold engaged for import. This makes the total the present engagements by All importers $21,825,000. The Coart letter Havana. Havana March 16.�?the court inquiry sailed for West the expose his wife who conducted fake spiritualist Roques fall g. C. Atoll believed Iii wife had supernatural Powers until she aked him to play ton federate for her. Anderson ind., March 16.�?elder w. R. Covert who is reputed As an antagonize spiritualists writes from St. Louis that he is go lug to assist g. C. Stoll formerly Dayton. In an application for divorce from Hazel Stoll. The elder declares he will expose in open court Many the ways mrs. Stoll has conducting seances. Stoll says he believed his wife had spiritualistic Powers until she asked him recently to assist her in a seance. He was then convinced that her medi mistic Powers were much a delusion. Stoll says he has worked Dayton papers and is known in Cincinnati and that he will henceforth denounce mediums and return to newspaper work. In War Lause la i a lira be bolide May a knocked out. Columbus o., March 16.�?repreeent-ative Cox has a Bill providing that no insurance company doing business in Ohio shall cancel in any Way impair the obligations any endowment life policy any citizen the state deduct any part the face the same account the insured enlisting being compelled to serve in any War in defense the Honor and credit our nation. Any insurance company violating the spirit this act shall be debarred from doing business in the state until any and All claims made by policy holders Are amicably adjusted. The House Defeated senator schaeffers Bill to repeal the Dana Law. Senator schaeffers Bill providing for a state commission to select a uniform system textbooks for the Public schools and for the publication and distribution these books was reported Back to the committee schools and education and recommended for passage. Senator alexanders Bill providing a Bounty for the production Sugai beets and for the manufacture Sugai from beets was reported favourably by the committee agriculture. Senator Finckh a cuban Resolution demanding a that the Monroe doctrine have Force and vitality and the struggling cubans their blood bought Liberty a was adopted unanimously by the Senate. The House adopted a joint Resolution by . Wiley declaring it the sense the general Assembly that it is Gross maladministration the part the railway officials to vote themselves Large salaries ranging from $5000 to $50,000 per year while paying track hands 90 cents per Day and like pittance to the train hands. Id the Senate. The following Bills were introduced in the Senate senator Robertson authorizing the acceptance the Bonds safety and Deposit companies As surety for judicial affairs. Same making it discretionary with the probate court to require Bond from an executor when the testator expresses a wish that the executor serve without Bond. Senator be <01 authorizing the incorporation Mutual companies in this state to insure valuables in shipment. Senator Dodge creating a commission consisting the governor attorney general judge the supreme court president the Senate and speaker the House to select a site Foi the contemplated new building and to erect it. The Bill carries with it an appropriation $400,000. Senator burkes providing that the Standard baking powder shall not be less than 14 per cent Cai Benic acid and not less than 35 per cent starch flour. Senator May providing that foreign assessment companies shall comply with the same regulations a to the amount capital etc., As Are imposed upon Home companies. Senator la Ngy providing that municipal corporations which have no sinking fund commission can refund Bonds at a lower rate interest before maturity. Senator burkes to do away with the Premium practice the giving prizes a by retail dealers to purchasers. The measure provides a penalty not Mart than six months imprisonment a Fine not More than $1,000 for failure to comply. Lodge robbed. Rome o., March 16�?the Treasury the Wam Leyvi be Lodge i. O. O. F., near Here was robbed $300. An am kid an. Murder will fuel twill to be w United de citizen. Johannesburg March 16.�?von veil Helm. The Man who shot and killed a Woolf Joel the in phew partner and More recently trustee the estate i the late Barney Bania to in his office Here when charged with Tup crime described himself As an an Crinan. He is said to be a former Soldier and to be identical with Ludwig von velt Zeim. Who figured in the new York newspapers in september last. Biggest Pool in Fie coif Btry. Cleveland March 16.--one the biggest pools the country has Ever known was formed in Cleveland. All Bessemer pig Iron producers in the Cleveland. Mahoning Valley and Shenango Iron districts Are bound together by a Combine. The Only firm in these districts not included in the Pool is the Cleveland rolling Mill company this City. Prices will lie advanced 50 cents per ton immediately. Pack train Wilt Bel urn. Portland ore., March 16.�?the government pack train consisting 20 packers and about too animal which went to Alaska six weeks ago in connection with the Relief expedition has been ordered to return to Vancouver Barracks with the exception three parkers and 25 mules. These will be left at Dyea under command lieutenant j. A. Ryan ninth cavalry. Kale confirmed. St. Paul Marc h 16.�?judge Sanborn sitting As a circuit judge has confirm eur the Sale the Kansas City division the in non Pacific Road which extends from Kansas City to Denver. This was done under the Middle division and consolidated mortgages. The consolidated mortgage amounted to about $19,000,000. The Middle division mortgage was about $4,800,000. Prairie kilo bulging. Cimarron. Kan., March 16.�?with the wind blowing 40 Miles an hour a Prairie fir has been raging within sight this place sweeping everything before it. Thousands acres pasture lands have been burned off and reports Are coming losses live Stock and buildings but so far no loss human life has been heard . Bridge manufacturer meet. Cleveland March 16.�?bridge manufacturers f from All Over the country were in session Here for the purpose forming a Trust. The meeting was held behind closed doors and was extremely secret. There is some Chance that a combination some sort will be made at the present meeting. Prominent attorney wandered. Dubuque la., March 16.�?w. O. La vake a prominent attorney was shot dead in his office in the business Center the City. Four shots were fired All taking effect. Although the streets were crowded at the time the murderer escaped recognition. May cilia Fleat it. Paris ky., March 16.�? Revenue officers Are Here investigating the charge that the purls distilling company had a a equalized 50,000 barrels spirit the charge is proved the entire lot will be confiscated. Walsh amp company Cincinnati Are the proprietors. Beal i brain gut. Carroll ills., March 16.�?perry Gardiner enticed will Rogers into an unoccupied building at Pulaski ills., and beat his brains out with a club. He then escaped although officers Are searching for him. They were playmates aged 16. Led a Gold Quartz. San Francisco March 16.�?a ledge Gold bearing Quartz has been found by men engaged in grading at seventh Street in this City. This Street is being Cut through a Bluff varying from 4u to 55 Fet Hugh and about 300 feet Long. Got to Kay. Louisville March 16, William Shephard charged with conspiring to assault Deputy marshal Byrd who was afterwards assassinated was sentenced to a year and a half in the Penitentiary at Columbus and $10 Fine inheritance Luff not valid. Jefferson City mo., March 16.�?the supreme court decided that the inheritance tax Law passed by the legislature in 1895 for the Benefit the state University is unconstitutional. The opinion was concurred in by All the judges. Six instead Tiree. Washington March 16.�?a majority the naval affairs committee is disposed to substitute six battleships for the three provided for in the pending naval appropriation Bill. Arming Tho Chicago. New York March 16. A fourteen mounts for 5-Inch guns were hoisted Board the Cruiser Chicago and a big Force machinists was set to work fixing them in place. Wooten convicted. Columbus o., March 16.�?Charles Wooten who shot and killed his wife at John Betzis Saloon last october was convicted manslaughter. No. 14 Maine Villi ims heirs Are to be looked after by the is to be considered. General Drill e in the pout office Bill took m w id in Tige and in omit Libi q teat Ion War Din c uncool. Washington March 16.�?the House agreed to consider the Bill for the Relief the Legal heirs the victims and survivors the Maine disaster As soon _ As the Post office appropriation Bill which was taken up in the House la out the Way. During the general debate the Post office Bill members eagerly took advantage the latitude allowed in committee the whole the state the Union to discuss various political questions and the debate accordingly covered a wide Range. Messes. Griggs dem., a and Walker rep., mass discussed the conditions the Cotton Industry and . Tawney rep., Minna member the ways and Means committee replied to the speech . Johnson rep., i drape some time ago against the advisability annexing the hawaiian islands. Wont an Early adjournment. Washington March 16.�?the Republican leaders in the House Are pressing for an Early adjournment and it is said that their course meets the full approval the president. Sharp reprimand a ii in Inlet ered. Washington March 16. A lieutenant commander James d. Adams attached to the coast defense ship Monterey at Mare Island cal., was acquitted recently by general court martial the charge drunkenness duty. Secretary Long being the opinion that the circumstances the Case As disclosed by the evidence justified a different conclusion issued an order disapproving the findings the court and administering a Sharp reprimand. National system quarantine. Washington. March 16. A after the p Sage numerous Bills from the general Calendar the Senate began til consideration the measure providing for a National system quarantine. Little beyond the Reading the Bill was accomplished some desultory Dis Mission occurring an amendment to it red by the committee but no Progress being made the general Bill. Bullion to be coined. A Hington March 16.�?the hour committee coinage weights and measure a reported favourably the Bill authorizing the coinage subsidiary Silver Coin from Bullion purchased under the Sherman act and also the reclining aged worn subsidiary Coin now in the Treasury. Will it admitted free. Washington March 16.�?representative Dingley Maine chairman the ways and Means committee introduced a joint Resolution providing for the temporary admission free duty naval supplies procured abroad. It was introduced at the request the administration. Powderly pm cued. Washington March 16.�?the nomination t. V. Powderly to be commissioner immigration which was adversely reported was considered in executive session. The nomination a not disposed and the Effort to securer confirmation will be resumed. Five dry Dock. Washington March naval committee the House has agreed to provide for the construction five dry docks. Bolide Are illegal. Jefferson City mo., March 16.�?superintendent insurance rear rendered an opinion in which he holds that the issuance joint policies by any companies now licensed to do business in Missouri under the name a a underwriters policies Quot is a violation the state anti Trust Law and the policies Are illegal. Forgery is charged. Los Angeles March 16.�?the chief police has received a dispatch announce ing the arrest at Albuquerque Jav Chandler brainer son a prominent new York lawyer a charge forgery. E. G. Taylor a Money broker la the Bradbury Block this City is the alleged victim. Paper purchased. Columbiana o., March 16.�?mrs. Or c. Firestone who publishes the Independent Register this City has purchased the reporter Leetonia and will Combine the two papers. Baxter Defeated. Delphos o., March 16.�?after one the hottest fights in years the Dia crafts at their primaries Here Defeated mayor Baxter for a fourth term and nominated Frank a. Weger

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