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Defiance Express Newspaper Archives Jan 2 1904, Page 3

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Defiance Express (Newspaper) - January 2, 1904, Defiance, Ohio % a Opiyo Sousi map Typ by Donald Miles. 9 Call announced the return tothe a Belt of Gold Nugget. Of fio Webster the vaudeville copyright 1903, by daily Story pub. Co startling headlines in the morning states of favorite from a successful engagement in the Hodyke. Her Fortune was variously estimated with a prolific wealth of by of it Ives. Scores of Young actresses read the graphic accounts of my Ebster a Btu a a Ess How Chamois bags of Gold were show ered at her feet As she Sang and danced to audiences of rough millionaire miners on the rude stage in the cold country. They devoured accounts of her Ilici Presque life and illustrated sunday specials pictured her wonderful i g teams the fastest in the Klondyke and Ber sleds Laden with costly furs. One morning before these stories were beginning to find themselves in editorial waste baskets dubbed matter a a weary eyed woman Stepi Ted from a Han Kom before the St. Menu Hospital and disappeared behind the forbidding Black doors. The drowsy maid within was Bidden to deliver a slip of cardboard bearing the simple inscription Quot Flo Webster to or. J. Wilbur Baltch. Baltch was a Young visiting Surg on. Who spent most of his time at the Hospital and w Hose patients were chiefly imaginary. The woman waited impatiently in the Stuffy office striding Back and Forth across the room stopping occasionally before the doleful picture of a wet Ping Saint or the grim features of a painted Martyr. For All the shimmer of Silks the jingling f chains and chatelaine and the Parl in of diamonds she was not an imposing figure. The Beauty she had once undoubtedly possessed had succumbed to powder and paint Viero Deand Champagne but there was an expression in her face of indomitable courage and strength and a hint of womanly possibilities in her wide eyes. She thought of her heralded Success and smiled bitterly. The old Happy Days before her adventurous journey were constantly before her. She had gained rider she sunk in a lamp Busty chair instinctively choosing amp theatrical pose. A Flo a a Jack a the same handsome nonchalant Jack looking not a Day older stood before her. She Felt his critical eyes on her and shrank in her chair As she thought she read Tho curiously half in different expression. A sob Rose in Ber Throat hut she bravely chocked it Back. He saw Only a hard faced women in a studied attitude who greeted him with that air of worldly Wisdom which men condemn in women. There was scarcely a resemblance in the woman before Bim he thought to the joyous impulsive girl he had known and loved. But he did not forget the Fortune her finery represented. A Jack a she said almost timidly Nerv jes Over yonder. Sweet est spam to prow pcs Over yonder coolest breezes a Piir to blow desk Ovi r yonder. Grassi it Ornis Greener Over there than it tax most an where see Bijj Uke no Lii be i Ould compare ill Jess or yonder. I a self air to walk she reached an eager hand to the lines a Ayag. Pm a a file recognized a familiar step. Wealth in the interim but the Price had tit brought happiness. A when i come Back with a Fortune Jack we will share it. You and i hut we cannot live on expectations a she had said this the morning before leaving the states to Jack Baltch then a struggling medical student and a familiar figure at the stage door of the gaiety. Flower Beer was a slip of a girl in those Days the Toast of the men about town and the idol of Hie gallery boys. She a danced herself into the hearts of theafers goers the evening of her first App Arance. Flattery and attention had not turned her pretty head however probably because her susceptible girls heart had immediately gone out to haul Home Jack Baltch e Man of whom men spoke contemptuously and women proportionately admired. He had said to her one morning Long go with a look which had caused her to draw a Long Ilreath a if i had the Price fio. I would marry you to Morrow but a she did not take it into account that unfinished sentence. There and then she had resolved that he should a have the a after All a she sighed coming Back to the , a i have brought him a fortunes after All a she laughed bitterly in the faces of the doleful saints then a familiar in the Cor Price Baltch smiled his vanity was pleased As he recalled the old words. A and have you thought of me All those months Little girl a a he had Bren wont to Call her that in the past but somehow the words sounded strangely out of place new. A has there been no one else a bespoke in the Low euros Sifrig vol which had once warmed the heart of his Mother and for which women had loved him Ever i since. Fio went Over to him. And placed her hands frankly on his shoulders. A i love you. Jack a she said simply a years could notch Inge a Cdr. Baltch a they both started As a Small Black figure appeared in the doorway and As Flo turned she stood face to face with a remarkably Beautiful girl in the garb of a nun. An inc Pic Able fear seized her. As she looked at sister Elleda. The girls face was almost infantile in its purity. Great serious Blue eyes looked out from the severe habit of Black with an expression of guileless Ness. Tattle wilful curls picked from the White folds about her face. A we we ant you. Doctor when you Are at Leisure Little Patrick of Donahue is her voice was musical and she left them with a ppr Learly Graceful step her Long Black veil float org around her. Fio thought of the enchanted a Rinc ses in the fairy tales of her childhood. A Why did no to she Send a nurse a asked the actress abruptly. A possibly because she did not choose to a answered Blanch petulantly. Quot Well we Shane to Quarry. Jack shall we come what have you to say to me a a Why who laughed confusedly thinking of the Fortune and other things. A i thought that was All settled years ago when shall it be. Flo a the moments up d All too quickly to fio. Baltch was charming As he gracefully told her of love and Ron Staney the while humorously liking his lot to that of the Martyr on the Wall. A i will not delay you longer from your said Flo presently. A How Good and Noble you Are. Always earing for others. It makes me feel that i too can a can amount to something a a Hundred thousand at Jack was thinking complacently. A but i should love to just take a Peep at the she continued. A that you he railed tothe drowsy maid. A Annie show miss Webster through the House a a to Morrow. Jack a called f he waved his hand to her gayly. The corridors were Long and Many and fio was soon tired besides she had much to think of. us sit Here and rest a she said to the girl seating herself on a Bench outside the dispensary. The maid shuffled Avay. And Polo sat dreamily at rest listening half unconsciously to the murmur of voices which floated through the open door of the dispensary. A what soft harmonious voices those Sisters have a she thought. Suddenly she sat up straight. A Many a voice was answering the gentle tones of the woman. A nah. Little sister Elfleda of i was Only Rich instead of a beggarly m. D. Without a practice you should not hide your Beautiful face a the voice Sank to a whisper. It was Tadius a Grill not afraid of poverty a in the woman stones again. There was silence a moment and then a am i so very wicked. Or. Jack a we Hen the drowsy maid returned to the Bench she started Hack half in fear of the bitterly grim features which confronted her. A give this to or. said Fin. Which fused the girl to Start again and put her bans before her face As though warding off a blow. The note was Brief. A i am leaving for Dawson City to night. $.0,000 subject to your order has been placed with Hallen amp fio Webster passed dreamily out through the Dingy waiting room for an instant she paused before the pictured martyrs and there was an expression in her eyes As she looked up at them which seemed to say a i push Tny a the Host be Over struck us Over yonder ainu to no Sich think of Fisherman a Luck Over yonder. 1?1ks Oso Trout All a Mem f lie Hosul up Stream with wary Eye desk a aching Fer the Fly re set Over Yii Iuler. Hills seem Puri or in the fall Jose Over yonder Oil Liob whilst Are sure to Call fam Jess Over Yoni r. A if Youte tied Down Home. I cum a and the up feeling King of Lux to think the bibles grouse la drum Jess Over yonder. Nothing Ever goes Askew is Over \ Onder that a the Way it looks to you Jess Ovir \ Onder. By i. N you git there you la see that yet us Vela a n Foo ii mightily. For Sui King inti r still ibo Jess t \ or r. A a. Nelson Killgore in mags Zilio. 00<> ><>0<x>0<>ck>0<><>0<x><>0000<><>0 i the Young Quot schoolteacher by r. H. Uno Aster. 60000 0000000000000 co a Fht. Inc l j daily Story in us. Cd it hands off a mais oui. But How was miss Margaret to know that her new found Garden held its tree of forbidden fruit the trustees of Leblanc school being Busy with their Coal burning and Corn hoeing. Forgot As they usually did to cinch a teacher and the first monday in May found the Little log schoolhouse among tile Pines shut up and Siciu. N Imi Hirte. Nobody was much concerned. Priests Are not partial to Public schools and All a Kajans Are Good catholics and follow their priests Lead. Still in every Nom Dimity there is a leading Man ready to step in and shoulder that the delegated shoulders shun. So it chanced that m. Lecerf plodding past the school a use beside his slow moving team looked at the i closed dior and Shook his head. And that night after he had washed his feet and eaten his supper he Shook his head again Over his cigarette and said to his w Ife a Schere Las ainu right. Schoolhouse shot of. Das ainu Quot no. Pas ainu agreed Madam. Madam always agreed. She was As Small As Monsieur was Large and was convinced beyond All doubt that he was quite the brai Niest that Ever was. Madam had gone As far As the third Reader and had been known to read paragraphs from the county paper. She looked at Monsieur now smoking silent in the Moonlight and a Droop of weariness in his Altitude stirred her love to deeper tenderness. She hastened to strengthen her endorsement. A no. Das ainu right. Me and Amelia was talk a bout Das last Wlk. Corn All Plant Rice Clin. Cullun ought to be in school. Des in de Monsieur removed his cigarette. Madam Amelia was the wife and Boss of the second leading Man. A what did Amelia say a he asked. A she say a Yas Das so. my 111�?T Gal fall in de Branch while i was Wash and Dazier get bees foot Mash playing Down to de but she wont Board de teacher Bebe. No. Says de last de Monsieur replied. Time she Board a Adas All right a a we Board a Yas a Madam agreed loyally a Adas All but she looked in consternation at the Prospect of having a strange Man in the House and wondered dismally How she would Ever get through work if she had to Wear shoes All Day Long. And there was Marie Louise with an accent on the last syllable like Antly a a can to i drive please or. In Cerf while you smoke a a you done mind tobacco no a a no. Indeed i done to she assured taking Possession of the Lints he passed Over to her. A Lecerf smiled indulgently at hex eagerness and rolled a cigarette. A i done know it hurts of you done smoke toe he said in a tone of Aji ology. A a a of like to drive a a a its. Margaret a mirth stilled rebellious by. She began to chatter gayly and though out of respect to her m. Lecerf muffled i his mighty a a. Her own laughter rang out unrestrained. And this merry mood was not dampened by her reception for Madam in Hor Relief to find that the teacher was not a Man. Was gracious to glee ulness and As the Long line of clumsily shod Days faded from her future she joyously resolved to break in on the setting she was saving and give the new teacher Fried eggs for supper. I the school having thus opened with i eclat run smoothly through the first j four weeks. Miss Margaret grew right Ozeil and Rosy cheeked from much walk ving among the Pines and faithful doing of her daily Mead. Smiles came easily to her lips and songs lingered there. She Sang often. Too often it would seem after that sunday when she came in from a stroll and found a handsome lad smoking cigarettes on the front gallery for Marie a Benefit. Marie Intro diced him shyly As m. Phillipe and the i boy greeted her w till Fine French Grace throwing away his cigarette and proffering his . Margaret sat Low n to Chat a Little thinking to please Marie. I Mallei Ircul that a woman should be so Dull of wit but she pleased m. Philllps oui raiment. Such a conic Inavon of Dine eyes White brow Pink checks and Huffy hair had never before ensured m. Phil Lipets Ken. When he told her Good by he promised to bring her mail next Sun Day. And next sunday he brought it. Margaret went out to thank him. And St lipped to Chat a Little. She w As so anxious to be polite to Marie a Friend and show him that she appreciated his Courtesy. Which was All very Well. But when she went Back to her room. M. Phillipe talked to Marie about Here i which was All very bad. Stupid. Voila to talk to one s sweetheart about another woman. And then which was still More stupid he brought the teachers mail one Day when it was not sunday j he and the teacher sat Down on the Gal Lery to Chat while he waited for Monsieur to come in and Marie came up the Branch with the weeks Wash in a tub on her head and found them there. The teacher looked fresh Dainty she wet toil stained. A Sucre the next Day Marie was sullen at school and All Marie a Little Brothers taking their tone from Marie were sullen also. The teacher tried patience in vain. She resorted to discipline and All Marie a cousins cd est a dire the whole school joined in the insurrection. The big girls Rose As one Man rivalries among themselves mail oui but no outsider should poach up on their preserves teacher or no teacher. At Home they spoke openly of leaving school and Little Brothers and Sisters True to the Lead told tales of pedagogic injustice harrowing to hear. Every Twilight witnessed the roasting of miss Margaret upon a dozen Well scrubbed doorsteps Monsieur alone stood firm shaking his head with Good natured in credulity at the startling reports and silencing All protests with his powerful Quot Das All right Das All right. Mees mar git git Good Tetch Yas. Good teacher was de last but presently the discouraged Droop of the Young teachers shoulders when he overtook her on the Road from school one hot afternoon moved the big Man to More Active measure. A Good even Mees mar git. How a school getting on a he Sung out cheerily Sis he swung from Saddle and turned to walk beside her. A pretty she looked up bravely but that Broad indulgent smile claimed its usual tribute of Confidence. Too much Ham. One time lie Rel item it Good a nth full ii fore Liili a did for oni cers. An exclamation just budding into a the children done to seem to like me any big Trade in antiquities. It Allan govern nent is i Rentle concerned Over the claim Dertle Baal neck. The italian government is greatly concerned Over the Clandestine exportation of statuary and antiquities to England and the United states. Although there is a Law inflicting heavy penalties on those who attempt to dispose of antiquities in foreign countries the Trade in there articles Coli hues brisk. Only a. Few Days ago the Cable signalled the arrival of a Large Quantity of statuary in new York and Boston which is to tie set up in the Garden of a fashionable <3ame in Newport. It has come to the knowledge of the authorities that a Large association of thieves is robbing Many of the museums and monuments of their prize sculptures. Recently Baron Kanzler Secretary of a the Arch geological commission in Rome had to denounce to the roman police the continuous thefts of historical articles from the catacombs. Three persons were arrested the other Day while coming from the catacombs of St. Ippolito to which they had forced an Entrance. New Monk for . The difficulty automobile its find in protecting their faces has at last been satisfactorily solved. Ugly masks and goggles Are now Likely to be cast aside for a new mask which is Strong and transparent and modifies in no Way the appearance of fair complexions. It is constructed of transparent both with the usual spectacle glasses and thus obviates the danger of fire so much feared with inflammable celluloid masks. I a to Date soling or. The student in the geography class says the Washington Post who declared that Panama we As bounded on the East and West by warships and on the North and South by marines is not confining his studies to text Book that were published Day before yesterday. In Lily convince fair. A if it was so dark a said the magistrate a How could you Tell that the Man was a negro a a i could Tell a replied the old Farmer a by the Way he Hung a round the Chicken Post. Beauteous womanhood. But she kept these forebodings to herself and bravely subscribed to the belief of the neighbors that when no Lecerf said a thing was All right it was All right. Cd est Bien. Their Faith was Well founded. Singularly Cool of judgment far seeing fearless with education Antoine Lecerf might have been a Pericles without it he was a Coal Burner. He shot the sheep killing dogs of dangerous men adjusted neigh both of quarrels guarded wife and child and Drudge cheerfully for a living. As for citizenship he could not even Vole. Pourquoy m. Lecerf could not sign his name. In Bien m. Lecerf had reason to know the value of an education. He went to the school superintendent for a teacher and was introduced to miss Margaret. The Young City girl was eager ambitious and anxious to get to work but she was frightened badly a High tend at the thought of Riding ten lonely Miles with this great big Man until the superintendent understanding and sympathizing said a emr. Lecerf will take Good care of and a i Cerf with his Broad indulgent smile seconded cordially a Yas Das All right. Tek Good care of then with a Rush of Confidence. her fingers into a great rough Palm anti found herself swung lightly to a seat in m. Lecerff a High Wagon. \ crowding his own huge Frame Over the Side of the seat that she might not be cramped and forbearing to smoke although an hour without a cigarette was a thing almost unknown he told her stories As they Rode along stories of the neighbourhood in which she was to work with shrewd comments in passing that Margaret Laid up carefully for future use. So rapidly did their Friendship Progress that when they reached a bit of heavy Road and the horse slowed with in the skedaddle so Day. Lien flail Var Lle fiercer Sno Klit Szufel it fru Iii Hie let gift Vertina tile t line. In the Days of the civil War after the beginning of �?T02, there were stirring times Iii the a North country a or those portions bordering upon Canada says the Boston Herald. West Stewartstown n. Ii. Beecher Falls. Vt., and the township of Hereford p. A. Are those most frequently mentioned in Tho tales of the sixties As having been the scenes of bloody encounters and such w wholesale smuggling As to Render them More closely iia trolled by the government than almost any Otho r Points upon the Border. When the boys in Blue were fighting for their country the Reeni iting sergeants found it necessary to a a draft soldiers to enter the struggle Between the ii it rth Aud South Aud they scoured the country for Able bodied men who had not come to the front voluntarily. These men. Who were to he forced into fight against their will rebelled and Large numbers of them made their escape a Over the line into Canada. At that time. When Good roads were not As frequently seen As now. Hie main artery s of travel in the North country were the roads up to Canada on both sides of the connect Lieut River in Vermont and new Hampshire. It was a Eon Imon o eur Renee for a Man who had been drafted to make his escape from Home during Tho night and Irive at a mad Pace up River to Kinda where once Over the Border he could not be touched by Uncle same a officers. Gome of the a men journeyed All the Way from Massa a Hus its and connect Lieut baking roads off the mainline slinking through Tho Woods Day sleeping in barns or haystacks a. Naglit and begging or buying hero and there at Wayside farms food and drink for their sus Len Alice. Over too of the men who held their i own safety dearer than the or country a Honor went to Hereford and Pequette Ville alone and were dubbed by the residents of Canada who had Small sym a a Jim for them by the suggestive epithets of Here once safely Over the Lino they and built for themselves from logs Fence rails or a few dollars Worth of lumber quaint Little huts barely Large enough to a Ommo ate them and their belongings. In pasture and Forest they built up their settlement and even now an occasional a is Kedah Dler shut May be seen slowly rotting away. Some of the men who had sufficient i Money dubbed together and built log houses which Are still standing in be Quetteville a part of Hereford. The a i got my we Oral Hurt a said a Smilinng Corporal relates the Chicago inter Ocean a at West Point by. Where Tho regulars and militia we Ere a Short Elmo ago playing at War. We had been marching on half rations and sinkers for nearly a month in september 18g2, anti were worn out ragged and starved when one after Ikui a glorious vision burst upon us. Coming out of a stretch of Woodland we hulled across a Grassy Plain where were piled As High a a houses All Lite articles in the soldiers menu. Here were great stacks of hams there other stacks of shoulders and Bacon. Just beyond were boxes of crackers corded into solid my is 2d feet High and spreading out into Lim Liko great fortifications and still beyond the Ohio River wherein Gen. Brigg. Said he would water hts horse. A this was Lite scene that met Tho eyes of Buellis hungry men As they til urst his �n1 t into one of thl i Lar Wiist. Came. warning up a it. There had i my i great Dep res Don among us that Day. Lkrause we Felt that we must fight Bragg on empty stomachs. But s Ody had planned better than we thought , and Bere was plenty. Of Peers and men Wale hilarious at once. Even tile dignify d Gen. William Sooy Smith Hun Eom Madlne our division lode Down to us at a Gallop to assure us there was plenty for All and to invite us to Bel ourselves. We could scarcely Beli ave our eyes or ears hut there before us was such an abundance of army fare As we had never seen before a Shams in Ilie army were reserved for officers and it seemed incr Diablo at Gen. Smith could be inviting us to yelp ourselves it oui that pile. But a Tho thousands of men marched up in order and filled their Haversack with the toothsome hard tack. The More toothsome of cause of the memory of sinkers or flapjacks our regiment passed the pile of hams and one daring private thrust his Bayonet into Ono of the largest and carried it off at a right shoulder shift. Another did Tho same and another and there Sal Gen. Smith on his horse smiling indulgently of not approvingly. So it came about that Many of us ate Mote Ham that night than was Good for us. I was sick As a horse end my stomach has nov t been right since. I have always insisted that i w As worse Hurt at West Point than i was at Stone River where a Tullot went through my right they were comrades. Confer Leute 0�l�cr the ode Aud Llu lived u Nehru Soldier. Frol More a she faltered. A i know me a he said soothingly a but Das All right. Beeg gals get Cranky some times. Done Lile people to talk to Des Young Fellows. Mek Mem mad Yas but Das All right. Me and Sylvan been talk a bout it. He say bees Gal Tell him sch x l go Irvy be shot of. But i Tell him me if does Beeg gals done watch out Des be shop of Das what. And Sylvan laugh. Say a Das right Bas All right the big Man laughed his big a Haas he climbed Back into Saddle and then leaned Down to Margaret with a twinkle in his kind eyes. A better let me bring your mall he Mees mar git a a Pii be Ever so much obliged a she flashed up to him with Swift comprehension. A Adas All right Yas. Bas All right a and to his horse a Gallons Cheval miss Margaret was very matter of fact when she addressed Marie Louise Chat same evening saying a ooh Marie of you happen to see or. Phillipe will you please Tell him i have made other arrangements about my mail i know it has been a nuisance to voila. The big girls were All gladness the Little ones All glee. The school was running again on its Well oiled wheels. Pourquoy a Mon Ami the teacher had bowed gracefully to that unwritten Law of theirs a Bas Les huts were built in curious shapes some being octagonal others triangular still others Sexta Gorial. Square ones and round ones were frequently seen and some of the men exercised great ingenuity in the building of their temporary abodes. Once in a while a wigwam shaped hut Mav he seen built around the trunk of a lamp e Spruce or Pine tree the branches of which served to keep off the wind and rain. Very often one might have seen a conveyance i lorded with blankets and provisions or Ven by the wife of one of the a is Kedah doers a drive up to the line. The husband would be in waiting quickly snatch the supplies and Dart to the other Sld of the Little Granite sign Post that Divi led the United states from the Queens dominions. Here once past the Post All the detectives in the states were powerless to touch him and he might visit All the afternoon with his wife who generally kept her Side of the line with impunity. Mark Twain Long ago arrived at the conclusion that it is a very serious thing to be a professional humorist. Recently a society youth of the a a Willie off the yacht sort was introduced to the author. A Law i say or. Clemens i think it must be awfully easy to be funny done to you a it is for you unless you try to be a grimly replied the Man who has made millions laugh. Con federate Bonds. Back in 1863 the Southern confederacy Issei cd $15,000,000 of seven per cent Bonds which were placed in London. It was to have been supposed that All Hope of Ever realizing anything on this investment expired in the breasts of the British bondholders about 3s years ago but net so apparently. The Hope still lives and the current Issue of the London Stock Exchange year Book records have raised a fund of $g0,000 a to obtain the recognition and settlement of these Ami other similar but where Are they to apply for the recognition of the confederacy debt a Springfield Republican. Porn Lily. A a i wonder Why i am not More a perhaps ifs because you Spind in my h time Post. Wearers of the Blue and the Gray alike were Brave in daring the fire of Tho enemy to save or Succour wounded comrades. One would hardly expect however to find the instances numerous of confederates who risked their lives for a negro but the Osceola Democrat cites one moving instance. George Macdonald one of the few coloured Confederate veterans in his stale was wounded at Wilt ones Creek where a Minie Ball slowed through his hip and a Buckshot struck him in the face. He Lay groaning upon the ground when he was found by Owen snuffer lieutenant of his company. For snuffer the negro had All the affection a pet slave lavished upon his master and the master knew it. The White Man Bent Down examined the blah Many a wounds and Stancher the How of blood from them. The wounded Man As soon As he could speak begged for water. The lieutenants canteen was enmity but Midway a tween the firing lines was a Well. To reach it was to become the target of sharpshooters but the groans of his Black Friend moved the lieutenant deeply and he determined to take chances. He pushed Forward under fire until the Well was reached. And then he discovered that the bucket had been take away and the Windlass removed. The Well was an old fashioned walled one of great depth. After an instant a thought Lieut. Snuffer pulled off his Long cavalry boots and taking one in his Teeth he made a slow and laborious decent of the Wall. When water was reached and the Boot filled he began climbing up the same Way he had gone Down straddling the Well and clutching with hands and feet at Tho Rocky Walls. Reaching the surface he picked up Tho other Boot and crawled and wriggled Back to the Confederate lines. He gave the negro As much we Ater a he cared to drink and filling his canteen poured the rest of it Over his burning wounds. Have n Good memory. An Atlanta paper refers to a Man of the name of Aguinaldo some editors have wond Tufui memories

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