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Defiance Daily Crescent (Newspaper) - April 27, 1891, Defiance, Ohio The daily Crescent. Vol. , Ohio monday april 27, 1891. No. 275. Alt the Germany grieves. The fatherland sorrows for one of its famous warriors we place on Sale to Day All our Short length from 2 to 20 a Yards from Only 50c. To 75c. A cd. These goods Are great bargains. Fall line of window curtains poles fixtures and rods brass on hand. And Nickle always Defiance dry Goodso highest of All in Leavening u. S. Govt food report. Baking powder sudden close of the life of count von Moltke sketch of his military career. Arrangements for the funeral. Berlin april 27.�?general von Moltke one of the great historic figures of the German Empire died suddenly Friday night at his residence in this City. He was an interested Spectator of tile proceedings in the Reich Stag Friday afternoon and appeared in excellent health laughing and chatting pleasantly with Chancellor von Caprivi and several members of Tho Reich Stag. After the session he lingered in the lobby a few minutes conversing with a number of army officers and then was driven to his residence. At 9 30 of clock Friday night his physicians were summoned but on their arrival a few minutes later they found the general dead and pronounced the cause heart disease. While the general was sitting in his chair Reading he suddenly gasped and without a word expired. Tho family entertained Hopes that he could to resuscitated but the physicians at once determined that to was dead. The news spread rapidly through the City and on a try hand created the most absolutely pure Avenger. United states troops Lynch comrades murderer dragged from jail by a at Walla Walla wash., he is riddled with bullets. Shot by soldiers. Walla Walla wash., april 27.�?d. J. Hunt the Gambler who killed private Miller was taken from his cell Friday night by a of the dead Many a comrades and shot the sheriff had received an intimation Early in the evening of the purpose of the soldiers and engaged a number of extra guards but All of them had not arrived when a of seventy soldiers began with Hammer and chisel to break in the doors. They demanded admittance and said they would give those inside half a minute to open the door or they would blow up the courthouse with dynamite. Resistance being useless the doors were opened. Hunt was taken out into the courthouse Yard and about thirty shots were fired at him. The soldiers then returned to their quarters and it is difficult to identify those concerned in the shooting. The soldiers actually took charge of the town and would allow no one to pass along the streets in the Vicinity of the jail they compelled the merchants to put out their lights. Hunt who was a Gambler dict Miller last wednesday night in a Saloon. The two began drinking and soon became involved in a quarrel when Hunt Drew his revolver and fatally shot the Soldier. Portland ore., april 27.�?an in quest was held on the body of Hunt who was lynched by soldiers at Walla Walla Friday night. The jury brought in a verdict As follows a we find that Hunt came to his death by sixteen gunshot wounds inflicted at the hands of a . From the description of their clothes supposed to be soldiers but no particular person can be named. The sheriff used every precaution in his Power to protect his strikers jubilant. The refunding of the am percent Bonds amounting to $50,000,000 which fall due september i. In the course of conversation on the condition of the government finances Secretary Foster expressed himself As having no fear of the liability of the government to meet All its obligations As they might arise. There would be no trouble he added about the next quarterly payment of pensions in june aggregating Between $25,000,000 and $28,0i>0,. The available Money at the disposal of the Treasury he placed at about $70,000,000. Killed by the cars. The Detroit Street car company finally agrees to arbitrate sympathy with the men. Detroit mich., april 27.�?at a late hour Friday afternoon the Secretary of the City railway company addressed a letter to mayor Pingree accepting his suggestion to arbitrate the present trouble Between Tho company and its employees. The letter which is ambiguous in its wording has thrown considerable Oil upon the troubled Waters and it is thought the strike will be a thing of the past within the next forty eight hours. The strikers Are jubilant at the turn matters have taken and the City rings with their shouts As one of their Impromptu Bosses passes from time to time. Public sympathy is entirely with the men and Liberal collections have been taken in the various parts of the City for them during the last two Days. It is not thought that any attempt to run cars will be made till the committee on arbitration reports. Uncle same Sall right. Terrible death of an Iowa Pioneer and he Little son. Washington la., april 27. A John Graham and his 6-year-old son Samuel were killed by a passenger train on the Rock Island Railroad about a mile East of this City Friday. They were Riding in a one horse buggy from or. Grahams farm and undertook to Cross the Railroad track before an approaching train when they were struck by the engine and instantly killed. Or. Graham was one of the pioneers of Iowa coming to the state in 1839. His estate is Worth nearly $500,000. Ile leaves but one child about 12 years old. Big profits made by Pillsbury. Minneapolis minn., april 27.�?there is no longer any doubt that c. A. Pillsbury has made a Large stake for his firm out of the recent Advance in the Price of wheat. The Advance in the last ten Days bks been ten cents and As the Pillsbury people have 7,000,000 bushels on hand and in sight for future use purchased at a Low Price it is evident that they have cleared up something like three quarters of a million dollars. Triple tragedy in Missouri. Kansas City mo., april 27.�?a shocking crime was unearthed at Archie to. The absence of e. P. Soper a Butcher from his Home caused suspicion. Upon breaking the door of my House a ghastly sight was seen. His wife and two children were lying in a Pool of blood their Heads having been beaten to a pulp. The murderer left a letter confessing the crime. Thinks there will be War. Washington april 27.�?thomas a. Leenan United states Consul at Odessa Russia now Here believes that War will soon break out in Europe. He says that Russia has by cunning disregarded the treaty of Berlin and has now thirty or forty War ships in the Black sea and that it is Only a question of time when the Czar will size constantinople. A remarkable Case. Secretary Foster says the government is Able to meet All obligations. Washington april 27. A Secretary Foster has not yet arrived at any con delusion As to Hie Dlan to be adopted of a a Tennessee murderer sentenced to death for the third time. Nashville tenn., april 27.�?a special from Pulaski tenn., says Larkin Lancaster who was charged with having Cut off the head and severed the legs of Dixon and then doing the same up in sacks and throwing them in Rich land Creek was on Friday convicted of murder in the first degree and sentenced to be hanged on the second Friday in june next. A remarks Blo coincidence is that this is the third time that he has been convicted on the same Day of the month of april and sentenced to hang on the same Day of the month of j line. Ile has appealed to the supreme court and some lawyers think that the vexing problem As to whether or not he will be hanged is no nearer a solution than it was More than two years ago. Count Helmuth von Moltke. Profound sorrow. Emperor William whose love for Hie old Soldier amounted almost to idolatry shed tears when he Hoard of the general s death and immediately ordered that extensive preparations be made to show the esteem in which he was held by the nation. Residences and business places in Berlin Are already being draped and the City presents a spectacle similar to those witnessed after the deaths of emperor William and emperor Frederick. Telegrams of condolence have been received from All the Large cities of the Empire and from the various courts of Europe All paying tribute to the general a Worth As a citizen and a Soldier. Emperor Francis Joseph has already announced his intention of being present at the funeral. King Umberto of Italy expresses deep sorrow and says the general was the Foremost Soldier of Tho Century. Still further details in regard to the counts death show that after enjoying his supper he sat Down and listened to some musical selections which were played upon a piano. He then took a hand in a game of whist but during the course of the game he complained of feeling unwell and placing his hand of cards on the table he left the room. Those of his relations who were present were not at first in any degree alarmed at the counts indisposition but when they noticed that he did not return to the room in which they had been passing the evening some of them went in search of him and found him in a very weak state. The count was immediately put to bed but in spite of the efforts made to relieve him of what was considered for some time to be nothing More than a severe indisposition he soon expired. Late Friday night the emperor telegraphed his sympathetic condolences to count von Moltke a family saying that the Field marshals death was a greater loss to Germany than the loss of an army corps would have been. The emperor summoned All the princes and the crowned Heads of the different German states to attend the funeral which will take place on thursday next and which will be attended by imposing military ceremonies. The body will be escorted in state from the von Moltke residence to the Railroad station whence it will be taken to Creisa for interment. The ceremonies at Creisa will be quiet and without display in accordance with the late counts will. The remains will lie in state in the apartment in which the count died until thursday morning. The coffin will be surrounded with Battle flags and will be in charge of a guard of Honor until it is finally placed in the family vault at Creisa. Count von Moltke had intended to leave this City next week for the Baths at k Lunowa where he hoped to recuperate and improve his health. Ile is known to have been engaged on plans for the strengthening of the newly acquired Island of Heligoland when death came so unexpectedly. The counts death was not generally known until the fact was published in the special editions of the morning papers and it has caused deep and Universal sorrow. The emperor on account of the death of count von Moltke will return to Berlin at once. The Empress visited the death chamber at to of clock a. In. And Laid a Magnet cent Wrea trn of roses upon the bed on which the great general rested. The Empress spent a Quarter of an hour in trying to console the family for the loss which they have so unexpectedly suffered. In tilts lower House of the prussian diet the president of that body in communicating the news of count von Moltke a death to the representatives said that the High value of the deceased s services to Tho fatherland would cause Universal sorrow and mourning to be Felt throughout Germany at the loss that the Empire had sustained. The House adjourned. In the upper House a Laurel Wreath entwined with Black and White Satin ribbons Hung Over count von Moltke a seat. The president read a letter from major Moltke announcing count von Moltke a death and then he delivered an address extolling the merits und services of the dead Soldier As a member of the upper House which he attended Friday. Finally the upper House was adjourned until monday next. Helmuth Karl von Moltke was descended from a Well Utown Mecklenborg family. He was born at Parchim on october 26, 1h00. Soon after his birth his parents settled in Holstein and in his 12th your he qua sent to Copenhagen to devote himself to the military profession. In 18k9 he entered Tho in Russiun service As a lieutenant and studied in the military Academy. In 1835 he took a tour in Turkey which brought him under Tho notice of Tho Sultan who advised with him on Tho reorganization of Tho turkish army. Ile remained several years in Turkey and in 1830 took part in Tho Campaign of the turks in Syria against the Viceroy Mehen Ted All of Egypt. In 1845, having returned to Prussia and published an account of his turkish experiences he became adjutant to Prince Henry off Rua Eio then resident in Rome and after his death was engaged with the general command on the Rhine becoming in Imp a member of the grand general stuff and in 1840 chief of the staff of the army corps in Magdeburg. In 1858 he was advanced to the rank of chief of the grand general staff of Tho prussian army and in 1859 became a lieutenant general in Tho Austro italian War Moltke was present in the austrian Headquarters and after the conclusion of Pouce spared no pains to develop the capacity of Tho prussian army. When the War of 1804 against Denmark broke out Moltke sketched the plan of the Campaign and assisted in its execution. The whole plan of the Bohemian Campaign was due to Moltke who was personally present in Tho Battle of Kong Arntz which he led. He in Elko manner arranged the bold Advance of the prussian columns against Olmutz and Vienna and negotiated Tho preliminaries of peace. For these services he received the order of the Black Eagle. To the Brilliant strategy of a father Moltke Quot us he was termed in the German army the victories in the Franco German War were ascribed. He was practically the commander in chief and the whole plan of Campaign was due to him. In recognition of his services he was made chief marshal of the German Empire in 1871 and was created count in 1873. From the Czar be received Tho military decoration of the order of St. George in 1870 and from his own Sovereign the grand Oross of the order of the Iron Cross in 1871. Bargains i test carpets this week at Harley a lion store. We have a Large lot of remnants in Brussells and velvet carpets to close out. No reasonable of for refused for this lot. Come and see them. 60 pieces of new carpets at special Low prices. Harley a lion store. Want his blood. Chilian rebels say president bal Raceda must Dio they declare they will not Lay Down their arms until he is captured and Hung. Took $10,000 while crazy. Money stolen by in new Orleans Man found in he room after he had Coni Iii itt a suicide. Cincinnati april 27.�?a new Orleans dispatch says Reeves Lewis Secretary of the new Orleans Railroad and one of the most popular Young men in town committed suicide by blowing out bus brains. Lewis has been Iii poor health for some two months suffering from insomnia. When an examination was made of his room the Coroner was greatly surprised to Lim a Box containing $10,000 in one Corner of it which could not be accounted for. The family of the suicide could not imagine he had so much Money As he was supposed to be in very moderate circumstances. The Money was discovered at last to belong to the City Railroad company. The president of the company thinks that Lewis took the Money while temporarily insane As he seems to have made no Effort to mis apply it. Battle with robbers. Alabama outlaw Rob several store and provoke tile Authorine to a bloody encounter. New Orleans april 27.�?a special from Atalla ala., says Friday night a gang of five White robbers broke open several stores and terrorized the Community by shooting at random. After committing the robbery they fled pursued by a posse of of fliers and citizens and a half mile from town the robbers stopped and defied arrest. They were armed with shotguns and revolvers. The posse surrounded them and a pitched Battle followed. J. S. Wilson Alderman of Atalla was fatally wounded and William Bentley one of the robbers is dying and All the gang Are arrested except two Robert Bentley and Kayle Lattrell it is believed they Are the parties who wrecked the Alabama amp great Southern train near Springville. Fourfold tragedy near flip la. Leipsic april 27.�?a Farmer named Damm living at Albrech theirn lost heavily at cards in the Village tavern and became crazed by his misfortune. Upon returning Home he shot his wife dead. He then attempted to annihilate the whole family and after having As he supposed killed the four children he committed suicide. Two of the children Are dead but the other two though dangerously wounded will recover. Caught in Cuba. Philadelphia april 27.�?-after eluding the Pursuit of detectives for two months the defaulting Teller of the Commonwealth National Bank George w. Ritchie of this City was captured at Havana Cuba. Ritchie took $8,300 from the Bank s coffers. Sewer builder killed. Omaha neb., april 27.�?a sewer Trench caved in Friday evening burying six labourers under 9 feet of Earth. Charles i Holmes and Frank Olson were killed. Latest War news. Panama april 27.�?a dispatch front Iquique dated the 8th inst says that the news hat just been received there that Arica and Harkna had been taken. Provisions were recently so scarce in Iquique that $20 was paid for a can of preserved milk and beef sold at $10 per Pound. These prices were caused by the port being blockaded by the rebel chilian Squadron. The officers and Crews of these vessels state that they have signed a round Robin binding themselves not to Lay Down arms until they hang president Izalina Ceda in the principal Square in Santiago. Tile Schooner Gleba which bus arrived from Iquique Pisaga and Lendo brings terrible details of tile combat at Poso Almonte March 7 Between the government forces and the rebels. The whole of the regular army was routed Ami broken in pieces with the exception of the cavalry which 700 Strong retired toward Bolivia hoping to join the forces which it was expected were marching from Tarapata. Five thousand men were engaged in the Poso Almonte affair and it is said that about 500 of the government forces and 800 of the revolutionary forces were killed and wounded in that sanguinary struggle. The German Steamer Seton landed in Valparaiso 73 refugees from Iquique. At Valparaiso women and Young girls distributed bulletins Adverse to the government and in favor of the revolution. The following narrative is from the pen of a newspaper correspondent a on the 4th Martin Lar run arrived Here. At 6 30 a. In. On the morning of the 3d upward of 3.000 workmen collected at Tho Poso Almonte in order to proceed to Iquique and make a for Mal representation respecting the Scarcity of provisions. Shortly after they reached the works the manager or. William Johnson gave them ten barrels of biscuits and 1.000 tin of preserves which were distributed among the strikers. They remained there that night and on the following Day sent some of their leaders on to Negreros. There More men wore to to collected. Suddenly however a train appeared loaded with government troops under Martin Lar run. Without halting or Parl eying these troops opened lire on the 900 defenceless workmen women and children. Shortly afterwards Tho forces marched Forward and killed All Tho men. Meanwhile the men from the Negreros works with the commissioners from Ruml Ralz returned to their houses other Wise they might also have Fullen victims. Some who escaped from the Slaughter tool Refuge in the nitrate fluids hut were subsequently followed up and killed. After these deeds had been committed about Kio men were arrested and of this number eighteen were London april 27.�?advices have reached Here by the Arthurston that the american bark Lottie Moore had been fired on and badly disabled in the port of Pisa qua Chili on March 24. On that Date the rebels took Possession of the town and turned the guns upon All the vessels in the Harbor. Capt. Adams who makes the report says the air was filled with bullets and Lead rained Down on Tbs decks like Hail. The Lottie Moore a Yards were shot away several holes were made in her Side every window in the Cabin was shattered the steering apparatus was badly damaged and it was All the Crew could do to get tile vessel out of port before being totally demolished. The Strathers a British vessel had Lier rigging anti shrouds Cut away and was badly disabled. Several sailors were wounded but none seriously. On the Day the rebels captured the town there was a frightful explosion in the neighbourhood of the docks. The insurgents were on the slope of the Hill and began dropping shells into the town. Half a dozen families had taken Refuge in a warehouse in which was stored seventy five eases of dynamite. A Shell dropped into the building and bursting exploded the mass tearing the House Down and blowing the inmates to atoms. Madrid. April 27,-v.lt is reaffirmed Here that the insurgent chilian ironclad Blanco enc Lnda has been sunk of the result of an attack made upon her with torpedoes and that the loss of the War vessel wus attended by Grent loss of life. A jul Uirl murderer hanged. St. Louis april 27. A dispatch from Herrmann mo., to the Post dispatch says Webster Jackson was bunged Here at 8 15 of clock a. In. He made no confession und met hts Fate with Tho same stoical indifference he bus shown during his Long confinement. On october 2, 1886, near Lagadic Jackson shot and killed Alexander my bikers then Cut his Throat and rifled his pockets. I Olio died her father. Appleton win., april 27.�?wu-Helmtna Backer of the town of Washington Shawano county came into court Here Friday and pleaded guilty to having on november 25, 1889, poisoned Michael sell. She was to Nten cd to for life at Vav Sunun. Illinois. The compulsory it Lacatron ii pasted Liy the House to a third Reading its Provit flon. Springfield 111., april 27. A the House on Friday passed the compulsory educational measure to a third Reading by a vote of 77 to ii. A synopsis of the Bill As it will probably become a Law is As follows it provide unit every person having control of any child Between the Tatge of 7 and 14 shall annually eau ii to attend for at least sixteen week a Public private or parochial school eight weeks of which Hull be Between september and june jul. Tho penalty in Section v for every neglect of till duty in a Lino of from 13 to 20. Section 8 make it the duly of every Board of school director or Board of education to inquire into Uil supposed violations of Section i and upon evidence to proceed against the offenders a provided in subsequent sections. Section i says that in every City and school District having i ski population or Over the Board of education or Board of school directors aha i and in cities Aud duh trots under 1,000 inhabitants May appoint truant officers to inquire into supposed violations and report to such boards whose duty it then becomes when Tho evidence renders it necessary to proceed against the responsible person As hereinafter provided. It is also made Tho duty of Tho truant officers to apprehend ail children of school going age who habitually loiter Aud have no occupation and place them in charge of the teacher of the Public school which they Are by Law entitled to attend or in any private or parochial school the person having the control of the child May designate. It is then made the duty of the teacher to assign All such children to classes and to instruct them in such studios As they Are fitted to Pur sup. Then it is the duty of the officers to apprehend us habitual truants and to return Thorn to school. The officers must immediately report All apprehensions in writing to the clerk of the la Oard of education or school directors. As Tho ram May be. Truant officers Are to be entitled to such compensation As Hull be determined by the boards appointing them. The comic nation to be paid out of the District school fund. By Section 5 any line or penalty mentioned in the act May he recovered in the numb of the peo pie for the use of Public schools of the District in which the child resides. Under Section 6 it is made a Good defense to any suit brought under sections i and 2 and 4 that Tho child has already acquired the brunches commonly taught or that he has received private instructions in such branches or that his physical or mental condition renders such attendance inexpedient. Section 7 repeals an act entitled a an act concerning the education of children Quot approved May 24, 1889, in Force july i 188a going crazy. Many alarming Iii Rase of insanity in the Rural districts of Iowa. Des Moines la., april 27.�?assistant Secretary Andrews of the state Board of health has prepared an interesting table of the number of cases of insanity within the state and the alarming growth of the malady especially among the people living in the Rural dist Rieta in june 1886, there were at mount pleasant 428 males and 336 females a total of 764. Att Independence there were 390 males and 370 females a total of 760. At this time the Clarinda Hospital was not open. Up to March 8, 1890, there were at Independence 439 males 384 females a total of 823. At mount pleasant there were 350 males 448 females a total of 798 while at Clarinda there were 307 males. This gives a grand total of 1,525 for 1889, with 1,940 for 1890, which is an alarming increase. Or. Att Drews says that the increase is larger in the Rural districts among Farmers and especially so among their wives and daughters. Ile is unable to account for it unless it is that the humdrum hard working pleasure ignoring lives they Lead is to blame. A
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