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Defiance Crescent News Newspaper Archives Oct 31 1970, Page 4

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Defiance Crescent News (Newspaper) - October 31, 1970, Defiance, Ohio 4�?-Defiance Crescent news saturday october 31, 1970 of we re almost there exude Confidence nonchalance Savoir Faire writ Victor Riesel Agnew challenging for labor vote fort Worth Texas when in the course of covering election Campaign events it becomes necessary to get to the grass roots you go out and mix with hundreds of mayors a in cities big and Small and at gatherings of state municipal leagues such As the one which Drew 350 top City executives from deep in the heart of Texas. And it is from these assemblies in the lobbies in the Well stocked a hospitality rooms and in literally hundreds of sophisticated exchanges that you come to one conclusion. This congressional Campaign is a horse race Between vice president Spiro Agnew and the Veteran labor chief George Meany. These Are not Trotters. They re moving swiftly. For the prize is the make or break swing multimillion vote of the Blue Collar workers. And to mix these metaphors a bit the vice president appears to have the Al Cio president hard against the rail and has a Sharp Parry for each of Meany a thrusts. For months now the Stocky labor chief has been flying from convention Halls saying the War is no Issue neither Are civil rights Law and order Campus violence or permissiveness in this Campaign. The Issue is unemployment. And there is joblessness. Just ask any group of mayors gathered at these statewide municipal league conventions. The mayors Are worried As for example is Erik Jonsson the venerable mayor of Dallas. This then said Meany on the night of oct. 22 in the first of two sledgehammer attacks on president Nixon a administration should swing the voters to the candidates endorsed by the Al Cio committee on political education on the Senate front All of them democrats. The next Day in Hartford conn., vice president Agnew retorted a saying in effect that such joblessness is simply the momentary readjustment of the a a winding Down of the War. And he pitched a new phrase at such men As George Meany and House speaker John Mccormack. He dubbed them a economic in agnews reply to Meany a speech which has been virtually overlooked the vice president said a a let a be very specific about unemployment. Certainly it has risen. But not to the Heights that prevailed in 1963, when these economic politicians were in office and before the War buildup began. A consider this the armed services have released 400,000 men into the Job Market in the past 21 months. What would these economic politicians have done about this addition to unemployment a kept them in the army a cuts in defense spending winding Down of the War in Vietnam have reduced the number of jobs by 800,000. What would the economic politicians have done about that a raised defense spending and driven up prices and taxes even further the truth is this there has never been so Small a Rise in the rate of unemployment As a major inflation was brought to an end. There has never been before such a concentrated Effort to reduce the Impact of unemployment through unemployment insurance and Job some Days later Meany a sort of human political artillery piece shot Back with a a done to let anybody mislead you with fiery rhetoric about phony the labor chief continues to charge that messes. Nixon Agnew the Cabinet the White House and company Are jeopardizing a the jobs the pocketbooks the Security and the health of the workers he adds political injury to insult by calling on the construction workers to note a and then vote a that the Bloom is off the building Boom. But Spiro Agnew on the hustings believes that the hard hats including the operating engineers Union which has made him an honorary member will vote Republican. He insists that the a working people of America will no longer be taken for the razor Edge of his technique propaganda approach and gut Appeal is in his sept. 16 grand rapids mich., speech. A a in a convinced a said Agnew a that George Meany is right when he says the american Workingman is the captive of no party. More and More the american Workingman is turning away from the people who have sold out his interest More and More he is turning to candidates who understand his needs and respect his views. Never forget this Hie Only kind of government that works is the kind that respects people who work a take it for granted that vice president agnews strategists a and the White House inner Circle a believe they Are beating George Meany on his own Home track. Take it for granted they believe the Blue Collar majority is with them and president Nixon. They pay Little attention to the conventions which cheer the outspoken Al Cio chief nor do they give much weight to those construction Union leaders who agree with or. Meany in Porter blight responsible for higher costs on All sides now you Are hearing and Reading grim forecasts that meat prices will be soaring in the year ahead a with the latest a a inflationary explanation the Leaf blight which has attacked Southern and midwestern Corn. For this blight translates into a Short com crop and higher com prices. Hogs and steers eat com. A Short com crop and higher com prices therefore translate into higher meat prices. Is this the Way it actually will be a not necessarily a say two prominent pork and beef producers whose firms also Are commodity brokers on the i Imago mercantile Exchange and who Are acknowledged experts on Long term Price trends. There Well May be a temporary Price increases a they freely admit if Only because of psychological reasons. But a combination of favourable factors a will tend to keep beef and pork prices in line Over the Long term a they Are sure. A steady to weak a is the Price prediction of Robert d. Rufenacht president of Rufenacht Bromagen amp Hertz inc., who feeds steers in Texas Oklahoma and Nebraska and is a member of the Chicago mercantile exchanges live cattle committee. A there is plenty of pork around pork will be under tremendous Price pressure and this pressure will push beef prices Down too a adds Verlin Jackson who operates out of Henry county di., the worlds largest hog raising area and who is associated with Heinold commodities inc., of Chicago. If you re a typical . Family you have doubled your per capita consumption of beef since 1950 and you will consume More than 183 pounds of meat per person this year. If you Are typical meat now takes one Quarter to one third of your total food Bdl a making it the costliest item in your food budget. Thus these comforting projections will be Welcome news to you a even though you May be sceptical. The Basic background for the comments say both experts is that beef and pork have entered a phase of definite downtrend at the wholesale Price level. Despite the relentless up pressure on prices at read from costs of processing packaging transportation distribution etc., As of Early fad official figures show read prices of meat poultry and fish less than 22 percent above a year ago i a first fundamental Factor which will restrain wholesale Price increases is the Sharp improvement in production and efficiency on the part of producers. A in itself this Means we re going to produce livestock As cheaply As possible a says a we know the meat packers Are going to buy our cattle at the lowest possible Price a Rufenacht elaborates. A we also know that housewives Are going to Cut Back on buying meats that Are too expensive for their budgets. So we have to keep increasing our efficiency if we Are going to make a 2 a partial solution to any squeeze from the Corn blight will be for beef producers to leave their steers on the Range longer so they can eat inexpensive grass and for hog producers to extend the finishing period for an extra 30 Days or so. 3 another solution is substituting other feeds for com. The percentage of com in the ration for steers can be reduced and replaced by wheat which Rufenacht says a has been overproduced and is relatively Low in Price a Barley is also abundant and cheap. Both authorities forecast that steers and hogs jul be marketed at lighter weights and that we will get leaner meat. But the vital Point is the great increase in Overall production and in efficiency. Jackson in fact says wholesale prices would be 15 to 20 percent lower a year from now were it not for the com blight and even with the blight he shrugs off the threat to Price Levels. A a done to let them scare you a he cautions. A we producers done to scare easy. Done to you meaningful drug control As he signed the drug abuse control Bill president Nixon said a in order for the Laws to mean anything they must have Public support. The whole nation must help save the lives of thousands of Young people who would otherwise be hooked on drugs and physically mentally and morally it was a Strong statement to emphasize a Strong Law the third major administration crime Bill approved by Congress this year. It focuses Federal Law enforcement on controlling the flow of narcotics and dangerous drugs and capturing and punishing pushers. Penalties for Possession or use of dangerous drugs Are reduced from felonies to misdemeanours punishable by no More than a years imprisonment and allowing probation parole or dismissal of charges at a judges discretion. However punishment for the Sale of narcotics is increased. They Range from five years to life depending on the nature of the Selling operation and the Type of the drug or narcotic pushed. Manufacturers and distributors will be licensed and reporting and record keeping regulations strengthened. The addition of 300 Federal narcotics agents with a no Knock Power will enforce the Law. The government now recognizes that the use of narcotics and dangerous drugs has reached a crisis. Stringent controls Are necessary to curb these uses. Education treatment and re habitation go hand in hand with control to reclaim As Many As can be persuaded to kick the habit. Ordinary citizens and local governments must help in reporting pushers apprehending and penalizing offenders. Those who a keep still and protect the lawbreakers help to destroy americans Yong people. Lloyd Jones Xiv my Are conspiracy a rumours factual i a icon Spir Acy a a combination of persons for an evil or unlawful a new Century dictionary. One of the sad hangups among Many otherwise intelligent a a liberals is that there simply cannot be a communist inspired conspiracy against the Security of the United states. To hold otherwise is to be Gusty of a mccarthyism a Joe not Gene. It is to be a Little old lady in Tennis shoes. It is to be an overheated patriotic paranoiac. The advantage of this conviction that red conspiracies Are unthinkable is that it gives you the Opportunity to explain that All bombing burning cop shooting and riot is caused by the desperation of the Young and the deprived. And the Young and deprived Are desperate because reactionary forces have bucked Liberal philosophies and inadequately funded Liberal programs. The trouble with this conviction however is that it assumes an idiocy on the part of americans enemies. If the communists have not taken advantage of dissent in an Effort to blow it up into chaos they need their Heads examined. About seven years ago in a publication called new left notes the budding students for a democratic society began laying Down the strategy for taking Over american universities. The technique was spelled out in de Tau. Violent confrontations fou owing nonnegotiable demands would win either Way. If the police or guardsmen were caused and particularly if there were shooting this would help radicalize the students. Where there was no resistance the left would win by default. The ultimate aim was to gain for the activists the right to a a Structure courses and pick professors. About the time the first experiments in this direction were taking place at Berkeley there was a meeting of the inter american press association in puerto Rico. Or. Jaime Benitez president of the University of puerto Rico said he had been Reading the news and he expressed amazement that most North american editors regarded the Berkeley affair As an isolated phenomenon. Or. Benitez asserted that the communist technique for College takeover got started at the University of Cordoba in Argentina in 1919, that it has been generally successful in South America and often tried in Europe. Revolutionaries attack Anderson Berkeley he said were following the Book and he predicted that within six months an Effort would be made to seize a major Eastern University. Six weeks later Columbia blew up and we have gone on from there. Russia unable to exceed the military potential of America can skin the cat another Way. It can get americans to weaken their own armed forces. Thus while Russia builds its super Navy at forced draft and speeds its anti ballistic Issue system american student activists shout for i the end of the draft 2 unilateral disarmament 3 end of College based of Pitary research 4 no Roth and 5 no american antimissile system. Thousands of our idealistic Young geese applaud madly. Internal chaos will Render a great nation incapable of action in Case of an International crisis. Chaos can be most easy produced by hitting the police and paralysing the court system. So we have the Tiu the pigs Campaign of the Black panthers which is no longer merely rhetorical and the attempted disruption of the courts by acknowledged marxists As for example at the trial of the Chicago seven. Black militants have no reason to be anti semitic. Jewish organizations were at the forefront of the civil rights Battles. But russian foreign policy aimed at Arab of is anti semitic. So the mutant negro organizations Are cursing jews. People Quot fio still cling to the no conspiracy theory might Ponder the marvelous escape record of Radical fugitives. Eldridge Cleaver rap Brown survivors of the new York bomb factory Bernardine Dohrn the Wisconsin University blasters a a Are safely underground or in communist countries. Is this just Good Luck what fleeing Bank robber love to have Luck like this or is this Cool and polished organization there is no reason for panic. Nor is there any reason to Brand As traitors All those persons who out of idealism inexperience or ignorance have bought most of the Radical program. What is necessary to understand however is that if International communism eventual by Hopes to deliver a whammy to the most powerful counterforce in the world a America a it will in Good common sense use All its conspiratorial techniques to further the new left. To cling to the belief that this cannot be so is to take leave of your brains. Poverty corps produces Campaign Book for gop Washington a the poverty corps has taken time out from helping the poor to produce political data books for campaigning Republican congressmen. Anti poverty workers whose salaries Are paid by the taxpayers put in hundreds of hours overtime to get the booklets to the campaigners on time. With the fact books any legislator can Bone up on the precise area where he is speaking and convince the voters he is a sympathetic expert on local problems. The information goes far beyond any primer on poverty. It deals with read sales Job losses school attendance numbers of households salaries and even gives a racial breakdown. At least 20 republicans have received the poverty corps booklets each personalized by name and District. The beneficiaries of this poverty project include such affluent congressmen As Bdl Ayres of Ohio David Dennis Indiana Hampton fish jr., new York Manuel Lujan jr., new Mexico Martin Mckeady new York Rogers Morton Maryland Thomas Pheuy Washington Don Reigle Michigan Earl Ruth North Carolina and John Zwach Minnesota. Democratic congressmen on the other hand have had to pay up to $1,000 to nongovernmental researchers for such sophisticated Bone up books. A Rush jobs to get the booklets out in time for the Campaign poverty director Don Rumsfeld a office put project on a crash basis. It took More than 200 hours overtime ending with a Marathon session on october 22 and 23, to finish the booklets. The Job required considerable research typing and writing As we As substantial computer time. Max Friedersdorf the acting associate director for congressional relations took responsibility for the project. He told this column that he not Rumsfeld authorized this unique expenditure of Federal funds intended for the poor. Any congressman could have had the data books free of charge said Friedersdorf. He was at a loss to explain Why the democratic party which lately has been a poverty cause itself got none of the booklets. They went Only to congressmen who asked for them he explained. But this runs counter to the experience of at least one Republican congressman Maryland a Larry Hogan. His office was first approached by a poverty corps representative who asked if Hogan would like a Booklet. Indeed before he could request it the Booklet arrived along with the letter responding to his aseged one report had it that Republican National chairman Rogers Morton had caused for the booklets but this was vigorously denied by his office. His staff said he had merely requested a copy for general data purposes. Ill million squeeze another Survey known As the a programs evaluation by summer interns a paid $125 a week to deserving but do trained ghetto a webers and students to evaluate hews Community programs. Total Cost to the taxpayers a whopping $1 million. Yet office of education officials have warned confident Auy that the program would be valueless and the $1 million report would be a thrown into a file nevertheless internal memos obtained by this column show the office of education std had to squeeze $403,000 out of other programs including migrant education to pay the Lions share of the Survey. The memo shows other Money was taken from the budgets for pregnant ghetto women vocational re habitation Foster grandparents and mental health centers. One official whose Agency was bitten deeply for the Survey said a we can to use anything put together by people who Aren t trained for he said that a a Pepsi a As the Survey is called in bureaucrat Ese is now such a sore Point around hew that officials have been subtly warned to shut up about it if they want to keep their the million Douay Survey has been Given priority Over other programs however because it was the pet project of Robert Finch the former hew Secretary now a Power inside the White House. Government auditors meanwhile Are looking into a Peb six to see whether salaries paid to blk group inc., the contractor Are too High and whether blk wasted funds on expensive rented office space

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