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Defiance Crescent News (Newspaper) - October 31, 1970, Defiance, Ohio Cooler sunday Cloudy and cooler set Fiatito res cent news Northwestern Ohio s Complete Home newspaper 83rd year _ no. 104 United press International Defiance Ohio saturday october 31, 1970 Telephone 784-5441 Price to cents us has maintained communication complexes there since 1963two secret Navy bases revealed in Morocco Washington up the United slates has secretly maintained two naval communication facilities in Morocco since 1963 and now has a 1,700-Man . Military Force there exposed in the words of the state department a As a a hostage to Senate testimony made Public saturday also disclosed that Morocco has received $728 million in . Military and economic Aid since it declared Independence seven years ago. The military Aid included 21 f5 Jet fighter planes. The existence of the moroccan communications facilities and the presence of . Advisers and technicians was officially confirmed by administration officials for the first time in a transcript released by the Senate foreign relations subcommittee on National commitments. The United states has maintained in the past that it closed All of its facilities in Morocco after the North african nation declared its Independence from France. Quot what we have done again is get ourselves involved in a country where we Are half in and half out and the soviet Union is half in and half out Quot said sen. Stuart Symington d-mo., and chairman of the subcommittee. The soviets have technicians in Morocco and Are providing economic and military Aid including construction of a dam and Power Plant As the two super giants compete head to head for influence in the Arab kingdom. David d. Newsom assistant Secretary of state for african affairs said the United states has no commitment to defend Morocco either from internal subversion or outside aggression from its Eastern neighbor Algeria. Quot but you have 3,400 americans there including families 1,700 military personnel Quot sen. J. William Fulbright dark asserted. Quot if any trouble broke out under the new theory of the state department the president has authority to do anything he chooses to protect the lives of his troops so he could move in 500,000 men or 100,000, whatever he thinks Quot in this Case a Newsom answered Quot we have a hostage to Fortune wherever we May have american Quot that is right Quot said Fulbright. Symington contended the United states would be forced to intervene if the communications facilities were threatened. The naval communications facilities Are at Sidi Yahia and Bou Knadel located 20 and to Miles respectively from the Kenitra air station. These three facilities a All under command of the moroccan government a form a triangular . Military Complex. The stations provide a communications link to the . 6th Fleet in the Mediterranean. Nixon its time to draw the line Angela Davis sues new York City officials Anaheim Calif just 24-hours after he was stoned in Northern California president Nixon speaking at a rally on behalf of California . Senator urged it was Quot time to draw the line Quot on violence in America. Quot vote for men who have been against those who would tear America the talk was carried on nationwide to. Viet Rains drown too Saigon up Monsoon Rains brought on rampaging floods on the Northern coast of South Vietnam leaving too dead 150,000 persons evacuated Abd destroying about 40 per cent of the areas Rice crop vietnamese military sources said today. The floods and the Rains that caused them continued unabated late this afternoon after a Brief break during the morning. Weather officials said there was Little Hope of a setup before the Middle of next week. Uncounted thousands who could not be reached by . Army and Marine and vietnamese air Force helicopters and boats were also forced from their Homes to crowded areas of High ground. Tie flood area stretched along the coast from the old Imperial capital of Hue 390 Miles North of Saigon to Quang Ngai City 120 Miles to the Southeast. Up correspondent Dennis Gibbons toured the stricken area in a helicopter today and reported that the coastal area appeared As a series of Small islands jammed with humanity. Even the downtown area of Danang Vietnam a second largest City was under five feet of water. In the Countryside Waters were reported anywhere from to to 15 feet deep. At least to major Bridges on Highway i from Danang to Quang Ngai qty 50 Miles to the Southeast were reported out. American spokesmen said two american sailors who had been using a junk to evacuate stranded civilians in Quang Ngai province had been washed out to sea by powerful flood currents there and still were missing. Communist forces stepped up their Battlefield attacks in other sections of the country but there was no fighting in the Northern sector because of the weather. Communist troops in the Central Highlands fired mortars into an american artillery base 225 Miles North of Saigon Early today. Several americans were wounded by the 25 rounds that hit the Camp but a spokesman said there were no deaths. In phenom penh cambodian military sources said additional troops had been ordered into sweeping operations on the far Shore of the Mekong River 6 to 15 Miles Southeast of the capital. They reinforced at least three government battalions put ashore Friday by Landing barges to Root out communist concentrations threatening the other ring of the capitals offences. Military spokesmen said cambodian forces suffered one Man killed and 28 wounded Friday but added there had been no significant Contact reported since the reinforcements went in. Communist losses were not known. The Broad Mekong River acts As a Barrier Between areas where there has been heavy communist operations in past months and the capital of phenom penh. Some communist forces have penetrated to within five Miles of the cambodian capital but have not tried to Cross the River. In Saigon South vietnamese president Nguyen Van Thieu rejected any form of coalition government with the communists but offered to alter secret negotiations to end the conflict. He told a joint session of the South vietnamese parliament 1969 was for South Vietnam Quot the year of decisive Victory while this year Quot the fighting is As though it has died new York up a Black marxist Angela Davis sued Friday to get out of solitary confinement contending her constitutional rights were violated. The suit filed on her behalf by the National conference of Black lawyers names new York mayor John v. Lindsay corrections commissioner George Mcgrath and other City officials. It also asks for $250,000 in damages. Federal court judge Walter r. Mansfield postponed a hearing until monday. Miss Davis a former University of California at los Angeles instructor and an avowed communist is accused of buying the weapons used in a courthouse shootout in san Rafael calif., that resulted in four deaths. She was arrested Here oct. 12. A lawyer for the City a corporation counsel said she was being kept isolated for her own Protection and because she might be Quot a serious disruptive influence on other a Federal grand jury on Friday indicted David r. Poindexter on charges of harbouring a fugitive. Poindexter was arrested with miss Davis in a Manhattan Motel. Tile charge has a possible penalty of five years imprisonment and $5,000 Fine. Zodiac makes new threats Fri contradicts report san Francisco up the mad killer calling himself Zodiac has sent a ghoulish halloween card which threatens the life of a Veteran crime reporter who has written of his slayings. Paul Avery of the san Francisco chronicle Friday revealed that he had received the message from Zodiac who claims to have slain at least 13 persons. Police believe he has taken five lives. A a in a not frightened but i think Zodiac is Quot said Avery who refused police Protection. Quot peek a boo a you Are doomed was the message neatly printed in White artists Ink on a children a greeting card signed Quot from you secret new York up a an Fri investigation into the killings of four students May 4 at Kent state University in Ohio contradicts a grand jury report that said National guardsmen bred their weapons in a belief they were in danger the new York times said today. A 35-Page summary by the Justice department of the Fri investigation said most of the guardsmen who fired did not say they had done so because they believed their lives were in danger the times reported. Quot rather they generally simply state that they fired after they heard others fire or because after the shooting began they assumed an order to fire in the air had been Given a the times quoted the summary. An Ohio state grand jury found on oct. 16 that the guardsmen were not subject to criminal prosecution because they fired under the belief that otherwise they would be injured. 1116 jury however did indict 25 persons students former students and faculty members. The Justice department report said there is Quot some reason to believe that the claim by the National guard that their lives were endangered by the students was fabricated subsequent to the event Quot according to the times. Six guardsmen said Quot pointedly that the lives of the members of the guard were not in danger and that it was not a shooting situation Quot Hie Fri study like the presidents commission on Campus unrest determined there was no evidence of the presence of a sniper the times reported and that the troops still had some tear Gas supplies. The Fri also found that Rock throwing was not As great just before the weapons were fired As it had been earlier. Only one guardsman was injured enough to require treatment and he was hit by a Rock some to to 15 minutes before the fatal shooting the report said. The summary said the guard Force was not surrounded by students and that the troops could have continued toward the commons an open area that is the Center of the Campus. New measures Dot Agenda settlement Hopes Rise Detroit up general motors corp. And the United Auto workers have decreed a news blackout on negotiations to end a 47-Day old strike and appointed a special negotiating subcommittee to break the economic logjam. It was the first major break in the nearly seven week strike and raised Hopes of a settlement. News blackouts in the past have indicated the beginning of serious bargaining. The special subcommittees appointed to probe into key economic issues met for several Friday and meetings were anticipated through the weekend. On Friday afternoon j. Curtis counts head of the Federal mediation and conciliation service met with both sides and said that for the first time in Auto negotiations history the Federal government would step into the dispute if necessary. Both pm and Law bar gainers said they had not asked for Federal mediation and knew of no authority of the government to step into the negotiations unless asked. Both the Law and automakers have shunned government intervention in the past As too Tim consuming. Counts contended he flew from Washington d.c., on his own initiative and denied there were any political implications in making the visit four Days before elections. Named to the special subcommittee to crack key strike issues were Law president Leonard Woodcock and pm department co director Irving Bluestone who will face pm chief negotiator Earl Bram Blett. George Morris director of labor relations and Victor Zink director of personnel research. Woodcock said Quot the parties have agreed that during the period that these probing sessions Are under Way there will be no Public comment concerning the Progress of these discussions. Quot we plan to meet throughout the weekend and Are urging our local unions to intensify bargaining on local issues during the same pm added Quot we Welcome this probing of All the outstanding National issues and also urged intensifying local negotiations. Only two new ordinances appear on the Agenda for the meeting of Defiance qty Council at 8 pin. Tuesday. They Are an ordinance to proceed with a 12-Inch water main from state route 66 to Carpenter Road. A measure authorizing the service director to approve change orders in a contract with k. Kessler company inc., for repairs to the City a three elevated water storage tanks. This measure would authorize the replacing at a Cost of $9,800 of the present Riser on the North Side tank for which repairs Are now believed not feasible. Four other measures will be Given second readings tuesday evening. They Are an ordinance to proceed with a 12-Inch water line on Baltimore St. From Westwood drive to an Page to column 7, please Crescent j features a area pages 2-6-9 a Church special 11-12-13 a j qty news 5-7-10-20 classifieds 17-18 a comics 19 a coming events Calendar 5 editorials 4-5 v entertainment to 16 Bijj lutheran Church Cen a j Tennial 11-12-13 a obituaries to i society 8 a a sports 14-15 is world news 3-10 a my \ out of season a mrs. Francis Powell 918 Karnes was surprised Friday when she discovered two lilies Blooming in one of her Flower Beds. She attributes their prematurity to the Protection a Rose Bush provided and also its location on the North Side of her Home. Crescent news photo. Seeks defeat of londoners of violence san Clemente. Calli. Up a calling for the defeat of candidates who condone violent dissent president Nixon today takes his plea for election of Senate republicans to four Western states. Quot this is probably the most important and decisive Senate election in the 190-year history of this country a Nixon told a crowd of about 10,000 republicans in the Anaheim convention Center in a televised appearance that was broadcast nationwide by the gop National committee. Referring to such radicals As Biose who attacked his automobile during an appearance in Northern California thursday night Nixon said it was Quot time to draw the line against both them and their congressional apologists. Quot it is time for us to recognize that candidates for the Senate and the Hoase who. Have either condoned this defended it excused it or failed to speak up against it. Do not have the qualifications to take the Strong stand that needs to be taken against this kind of lawlessness and violence a he said. White House press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler said Nixon would amplify his views on this subject in a speech today at Page to column 3, please i i tonight s the night a halloween is observed by Young and old alike As the night for merrymaking and masquerading. David Frey and his twin sister Debbie Are shown above getting an Early Start on the festivities with a traditional halloween game. They Are the children of or. And mrs. James Frey 1490 s. Clinton. Crescent news photo

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