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Defiance Crescent News Newspaper Archives Aug 31 1963, Page 1

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Defiance Crescent News (Newspaper) - August 31, 1963, Defiance, Ohio Cloudy 5unday partly Cloudy and Chance of showers 76th year no. 53 Northwestern Ohio s Complete Home newspaper United press International up Defiance Crescent news saturday August 31, 1963 Telephone 3-1015 Price to cent Rescue workers continue search for Louis Bora finds Cannon balls Don Nis Schomburg to son of or. And mrs. Harry Schomburg 226 West River drive displays a Small Cannon Ball he found in his backyard after some work had been done digging up a sewer line. The Ball about two inches in diameter showed Little signs of corrosion and rust for a piece of material that probably was buried for Many years. The Ball was found in a spot about 300 feet from the Maumee River. A Crescent news photo. Kennedy forced to pick neutrals Kennedy to seek support for Aid Bill Gen. Clay to ask that House cuts be reinstated Hyannis port. Mass. Up a president Kennedy a advisory committee on foreign Aid. Headed by Gen. Lucius d. Clay will undertake soon to follow through on the chief executive s Appeal for Public support of his fight to reinstate House slashes in funds. Clay told United press International he would be talking we Ith several other committee members in new York next week to a see what help and support we can he said it was too Early to know How the committee would go about the task of stimulating a Public understanding to assist Kennedy s fight to have the Senate put Back most of the $1 billion knocked out of his foreign Aid program by the House. Clay gives opinion but interviewed at his vacation Home at Chatham about 22 Miles from Here on Cape cod. Clay told up a the main principle is to try to make the american people understand that while cuts Are desirable. What the House did was to Cut too fast and too far a Kennedy met Friday at the summer White House on Squaw Island with Clay and foreign Aid director David Bell. The presi Washington it Upit a presi to the White House Friday when Dent with Clay standing beside Dent Kennedy today took on the rail Union and management failed him. Then held an outdoor news unwanted Job of naming three to agree on selection of the Neu conference calling on americans Neutral a a middlemen to an arbitral members for the Board. To Back him on the Issue. Traction Board that will decide the under the terms of the rail leg Kennedy had asked the House key issues in the four year old isolation passed by Congress last for a new Aid authorization of Railroad work Rule dispute. Wednesday the president was to the problem was tossed Back Pickle three members if the -1 unions and management deadlocked Over the Issue. One of the middlemen chosen by the president will act As chairman of the seven Man arbitration Board. The Union management impasse came As no Surprise. Government officials already Beirut Lebanon up maj were considering possible appoint Gen. Carl v. Von Horn resigned yes Quot Hen Union and management is head of the United nations officials announced Friday they Mission to the Yemen today amid could not reach agreement. D prix charges by highly placed u. N. Among those mentioned As pos Dick i Vlf sources that the Mission laces sible chairman were Milton s. Akron up a two Ohio total failure because of bungling Eisenhower president of Johns turncoat and one from Pennsyl lat new York Headquarters. Hopkins University Baltimore Vania plan to Appeal the Penta the . Mission was sent to brother of the former president. Pon s rejection of their claims for Yemen 1� try to end United Arab others reported under consider army Back pay. Republic and saudi arabian in on were Harvard president a Lowell d. Skinner of Akron evolvement in that Middle Eastern than s Pusey retired Federal Scott l. Rush of Marietta and nation s civil conflict. The mis judges e. Barrett Prettyman and Albert Belhomme of Ashland. Sjon s two month deadline expires Harold Medina and former Su-pa., were told their claims were wednesday. Preme court Justice Harold Bur made beyond the statute of limb j the 1 High m Orcesi who asked ton nations. Heir identities be withheld. A mentioned for possible a said the Mission a faces total fail pm intent to the Board were Ere because of administrative James Healy Harvard business stupidities by . Headquarters school professor and James j. In new York. . Headquarters Reynolds assistant labor Secre Vas accused of a issuing deliver tary. Ate lies about the work of the the charges came to Light Friday. Shortly after von Horn announced his resignation for a personal the resignation became effective today. Von Horn a swede headed the . Truce supervision organization in the Middle East for five Cio president George Meany said pakistani off cats denied today a a Quot he also served briefly As today the Kennedy administration . Commander in the Congo and Congress Are doing far too fighting broke out in Yemen Little to stimulate the Economy lust september when the Imam s and reduce unemployment. Without directly pinning blame tool of the regime. Loyal yemeni Meany said in a labor Day Mes to ibis Man supported by saudi Sage that there was a a shocking u. S. May demand big shakeup in Viet Nam $4.5 billion after voluntarily trimming the total from $4.9 billion As a result of the Clay committee s report. The House foreign affairs committee reduced the sum to $4.1 billion and Clay said this measure met the standards of his group. Turncoat to seek pay in Mission head resigns Man image turns out to be rope plug should know today of missing Miner is still alive bulletin / Sheppton a. Up a state Deputy mines chief Gordon Smith said today a Volunteer would descend More than 300 Lect underground sunday in a search for missing Miner Louis Bova. High Speed drills continued to Ream out a Rescue Hole to Bova s presumed location. Smith said if no obstacles were encountered a Man would be Lowera at the end of a rope about 6 . Sunday. Sheppton. A up High Speed drills today were expected to finish reaming out a Rescue Hole to the presumed location of missing Miner Louis Bova. A Volunteer May go Down to investigate. Bova 52. Buried in an aug. 13 Cave in along with David Fellin and Henry throne has not been heard from since aug. 20. The Ether two were rescued Early last tuesday. A tense silence descended on this Dusty Valley Friday and on Early today halted disorders by a jeering Rock throwing the men who have tirelessly crowd of 500 Whites outside the Home of the first negro probed the ground for Bova when. ,.la Beecher Cha re Bury state Sec to Quot love into the neighbourhood. Rotary of mines reported that a television camera lowered into an i escape Hole had picked up what seemed to be the form of a Man. J that silence lasted until late in the Day when Charmbury emerged from a tent after a con-1 Ferince with Andy Debrito who had been lowered into the Hole to investigate. Charmbury report-1 cd to a crowd of More than 1000 Concrete plug a it was a Concrete plug along protest negro neighbors a Pennsylvania state troopers were called out to guard a negro family which entered a newly purchased Home in an All White neighbourhood near Folcroft. A. Hero troopers restrain a demonstrator near the House. Race disorder is hailed by police Folcroft a. Up reinforced state troopers the angry crowd gathered in front of the Home of Horace Baker a chemist and his wife Sara a nurse who moved into the previously All White neighbourhood under a state police escort Friday. If i 1r i the Bakers tried to enter the Home twice thursday but were repulsed by the crowd which pelted their car with eggs and i stones shattered w windows and Northern Ohio Tooler today a Flam # with paint about 60 troopers and local a weather with mostly sunny skies Western i sections and partly Cloudy East Skinner said Friday he has $1,-705 coming. Rush formerly of Akron who Calls Marietta his Home claimed $4,700. He is expected to return to the United states soon. Belhomme filed for $4,850. Shakeup is not result of pressure Karachi. Pakistan up a that american pressure or t h e coming troubleshooting visit of a High . Official had any a a a a in Man Palace guard tried to seize con with a recent government 1. V. With a piece of rope. It could a Jugh 70.75 Wes and 07.74 was Tolmen stood guard outside the Clear and Cool tonight. Low 46-52 Home after the Bakers moved in sunday partly Cloudy with Occa j but were unable to Cope with a barrage of rocks and stones Laid temperature Friday 55-80. Down by roving bands of Young temperature a year ago Friday sters the crowd numbering 300 at the o7-90 precipitation for 24 hours ended says jobless rate too High Washington up Al lion shakeup. The officials said the shakeup had been planned Long before it was decided that . Undersecretary of stale George h. would come to Pakistan to discuss developing friction Between the two countries partners in the Southeast Asia treaty organization Seato. Some pakistani newspapers have charged that three former ministers had been transferred aboard in response to pressure a jul Minn from the . Embassy Here. The National Farmers charges were denied for the Sec end time Friday by the presiden tial secretariat. Car Driver sought saudi Arabia resisted the seizure while complacency in some quarters . Forces backed the new about a jobless rate that exceeds 15 per cent of the work Force. The chief spokesman for 12.5 j million Union members declared that the Federal government s of Orts so far have not begun to i solve the economic dilemma. Ile said the Only Way to restore a full employment in the nation was to adopt a Basic 35-hour week Cut taxes increase pay and provide broader social Security benefits. Meany asserted that More jobs were needed to help provide equal i Opportunity for negroes since lowering of hiring restrictions would do no Good unless employers had openings for them easily give the appearance of a body we Are very proud that we have men like Andy who Are Quot a j a. Vision Al showers by afternoon willing to go Down there and look Debrito walked off. And drills which had been silent All j Day suddenly went into operation again filling the night with the whining that meant Louis Bova. Alive or dead still was to be located deep in the Earth. When Charmbury first saw the television image he had reported excitedly that it seemed to show a a miners hat. Head shoulders j sit Ion against a hopi is revived the picture had been taken in the 305-feet-deep Hole through which Fellin and throne were rescued and though they reported no communication with Bova since aug. 20, it was believed the third Man might have crawled into the chamber after their escape. 8 . Edt Friday none. High Low Atlanta Clear 87 67 Boston fair 70 61 Charleston sc., rain 87 74 Denver Clear 79 53 Fairbanks Cloudy 75 51 fort Worth Cloudy 96 73 Little Rock partly Cloudy 88 61 Miami partly Cloudy 88 82 Portland. Ore., Cloudy 67 60 san Francisco Cloudy 65 57 St Ste. Marie Clear 65 41 Spokane Clear 90 59 Defiance weather <24 hours ending Al i 7 . Temperature Max. 1 to min. 49 temperature at 7 . Today -51. Precipitation none. River stage�?.3 feet. Barometer�?29.92 inches. No May Start to store Corn three new and two old ordinances on Agenda first and then swelling to 500 during the evening yelled obscenities and catcalls at the Baker Home. The House remained dark throughout the night Long demonstrations. Several groups in the gathering made news photographers at the scene the principal targets of their missiles three photographers were punched by men in the crowd. Joel Schrank of United press International was struck in the Mouth by an assailant who disappeared among the spectators. The front seat of the automobile of Joe o Dowd of the Philadelphia daily news was set afire. Mrs. Betty Tinney 32, was struck on the head with a flying Rock and w As treated at f Atzger it Ald mercy Hospital. At least four men were reported arrested on disorderly conduct charges. Anthony Savarese 35, charged that police beat him As he stood on his own property near the scene. Expect Lodge will demand Nhu removal report government is removing All Gold to Palace Saigon South Viet Nam up a . Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge probably will meet with president Ngo Dinh diem within the next few Days for a showdown on the Buddhist crisis diplomatic sources said today. The sources said Lodge is expected to demand the removal of diem s influential brother Ngo Dinh Nhu As the Only Way to end the crisis and press ahead with the governments drive to wipe out the communist Viet Cong guerrillas. Nhu who Heads South Viet Nam s secret police is thought to hold most of the real Power following the government s crackdown on Buddhist opposition elements last week. Diplomatic sources interpreted die governments removal of Gold and foreign Exchange from Saigon Banks to the presidential Palace As a precaution against a head on clash with the United states Over current policy. The sources i said the w withdraw Al of the currency is in preparation for shipping it out of the country. Melody inn has hit skip three accidents reported to police included a hit skip Accident at 2 39 . Today. The Driver of a Black 1951 Ford left the scene without identifying himself after hitting a canopy Brace at the Melody inn Harrison ave. And Deatrick St cars driven by Junior Lee Schlegel. 20, 611 Washington ave., and Richard Ray Davis 18, 625 Nicholas St. Collided at 12 02 . Today at second St. And Jefferson ave. Schlegel was cited to municipal court for running a red Light. Davis told officers that he was driving North on Jefferson ave. At 25 Miles per hour and entered the intersection on a Green Light. He said his ear was hit by the eastbound Schlegel car. The front bumper Grille headlights and front lenders of Betty j. Schlegel s 1962 Chevrolet and the left door and rear fender and left rear wheel of Ted Davis 1956 Page 6. Column 6. Please t Sec it a a act escaped blast a Matt Rau Hala looks dazed As he thinks about his close escape in the 1 explosion that trapped 25 men in a 3.000 foot deep Potash mine in Moab it. Rauhala was in a Shack above the mine Shaft when the blast threw him to the ground. Wants Juk to set example j for Economy Berryville a. Up sen. Harry f. Byrd d-va., suggested today that president Kennedy might set a Good example for government Economy by cur a tailing the White House transportation Fleet. I Bvrd delivered a Broad indictment of the Kennedy administration s programs in a speech prepared for delivery at his 41st annual picnic for Virginia neighbors and politicians in the nearby Bvrd Orchards. The president is a Busy Man and he must be Able to move and act quickly and i certainly do i not begrudge him any recreation be is Able to Byrd said. Quot but consider the land sea and air transportation available to the White said this transport included to twin Jet helicopters costing $1.5 million apiece an $8 million 707 tan Jet three other 707 s assigned to the White House by the air Force an air Force dc-6b for airports unable to handle jets. A 21-foot Lincoln and three other j family cars along with secret service cars and the regular White House Auto Fleet a special Railroad car two yachts and another i available from the Navy and a coast guard yawl. A maybe All of this is necessary but somehow or another it seems to me that the president could j set an example by getting along with a Little less a Byrd said. In a sweeping indictment of i Kennedy a tax program Byrd termed it a irresponsible and he predicted that passage of the tax Bill would boost the Federal debt to $325 billion within j three years. Up it the organization info May Start tuesday to withheld marketing Corn soy i it eans and sorghum in 19 states. The groups president has warned Oren Lee Staley told about 200 Farmers at the Minnesota statement contrasted with a fair Friday they will be asked to labor Dav message issued by bit Ore the Grain during the action. Kennedy we Tbs said the nation Payne a a 1956 Ford was son Oral test holding actions in a oud Ake satisfaction in the demolished in a one car Accident Illinois which caused the Pine of steady gain in living stand Between 4 and 4 30 a in. Today soybeans to Rise Horn it to Ards and new for income. On state route 49 at the North 12 cents Over the Market Price employment and production Edge of Payne. Were behind the scheduled action. The president. However. The Van Wert Post of the state Staley said. Called for a Speed up in the of patrol reported it is still looking meanwhile no officials in in forts to reduce joblessness Esti a for the Driver who apparently left Diana said 300 Indiana and Ken mated at 4,250.000 in july the scene to care for an injury Tucky dairymen were urged to Meany a theme reflected a the car was southbound on route Boycott the Kyana milk shed in growing impatience among Union 49 went off the right Side of the Evansville ind., if the co opera leaders with the administration s Road and broke off a Power pole. Tive fails to consider no con failure to Cut into jobless indeed and corporation limits sign. I tracts. Tals. J / three new ordinances including two routine measures in connection with sewer projects appear on the Agenda for the Defiance City Council meeting at 8 . Tuesday. One new ordinance would Levy special assessments for a sewer 690 feet. Serving lots 154 through 179 in the the third ordinance authorizes East View addition and lots i and the mayor and auditor to enter 26 in the Knapp and Hays Addi into a new contract with the do Tion and a water Itne serving Fiance mausoleum perpetual care part of lot no. 34, auditors plat association inc., setting up a cast of the a Glaize River. Trust and providing for care and the sewer lines Cost of $3,939.55 maintenance of the Riverside me j and the water lines Cost of $1, Morial mausoleum. 702 89 Are to be assessed to abut also on the Agenda is the third Ting property owners at a Cost of Reading of an ordinance directing $2.81 and $4.10 per front foot re the Public safety director to respectively. The assessments May move Curbstone on the South Side be paid within 30 Days without in of Arabella St., Between Wayne Terest or assessed on the tax Dup and Jefferson aves., and placing Licate Over a 10-year period. I them parallel with the sidewalk a second new ordinance pro line instead of the present Angle College freshmen Vides for issuance of a note imposition. Anticipation of the issuance of second Reading will be Given an Bonds to finance construction of a ordinance vacating a portion of sanitary sewer on Power dam Seither St. In Shawnee Heights Road and Powell St., a total pm addition. No paper monday because of the labor Day Holiday. The Crescent news will not be published on monday. Jenk Jones writes article for freshmen do you have a son or daughter going to College this fall if so the feature editorial column in tonight s Crescent news written by Jenkin Lloyd Jones should be a a must Reading. The article was written Forit should even be read by College sophomores. College juniors and seniors would understand its value ,. And enjoy it. Mother of identical quads faces problem of support Chicago up a How do you 23. A $75-a-week factory Assem support five children in a $193 a Bier. Month apartment on $30 a week 1 i it even Vav amount she that was the desperate plight pm still need help from her Over today of mrs. Delores Harris. A a burdened parents or. And mrs. R a Lawrence Smith who occupy a Mother of the nations Only Iden-1,i $114 a month apartment on the tical quadruplets. Or floor below mrs. Harris on Chinle quads Sheena Shawna cag0a South Side. Smith Parks shiny and Shannon 2 months cars Al a Jde garage and old Friday presently sleep in Carns $90 a week Nils donated by a furniture store be maternal grandparents cat Toimela Centi in Tod by a Lave Een Var Flauy supporting baby food company and Wear mrs Harris the quads it and mrs nightgowns Given mrs. Harris by Harris. Oldest Chad it a Shawn a department store. 17 Mon is a result the Smiths but the babies can to live on and their three school age Chil formula forever. And what Are Iren Are Down to two meals they going to do when they out a Day. Grow the nightgowns a asked a if 1 could get an apartment mrs. Beatrice Lewis a pro that is cheaper than what we a ies Sonal homemaker sent in daily paying Here. Everyplace we to help care for the children by went we find a thing a i Chicago s child and family serv frs Smith said. Ice. Judge Crosson in ordering the mrs. Harris was awarded $30 child support payments said a i child support Friday by Superior think the Young couple might he i court judge James Crosson from Back together again. At least her estranged husband Bernard that s what i m encouraging

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