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Defiance Crescent News Newspaper Archives Apr 5 1986, Page 4

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Defiance Crescent News (Newspaper) - April 5, 1986, Defiance, Ohio 4�? the Crescent news. Saturday april 5. 1986 Defiance. It Hillpoint of View editorial flight ban for risky airports the International air line pilots association reportedly is considering an overdue response to airborne terrorism a ban on flights to certain nations. An official of the pilots Union said this week that he w ill recommend that Alpa no longer Fly to countries which Are suspected of helping or harbouring terrorists which have a history of terrorist activity or whose Airport Security is inadequate. His announcement followed the latest deadly attack in the sky a bomb planted aboard a Twa jetliner which exploded in mid flight puncturing the fuselage and killing four . Passengers Many observers including this newspaper have recommended just that kind of response to terrorism for sometime others remain critical of such a step however they contend a ban on travel to selected countries would be inadequate and futile it Stop terrorists they say. And would Only encourage them to strike from other nations there is a measure of truth in their argument terrorists like certain insects and diseases display a disturbing resistance and adaptability to whatever measures Are taken against them confronted with an absence of flights to. Say Beirut or Athens. Arab skyjacker and bombers a who Are but one segment albeit the most Active of the terrorist Community a would try to strike from airports in the United states Europe and elsewhere. The Airport attacks carried out last december in Rome and Vienna prove terrorists Are not restricted to one Region or nation and the air carriers of Many countries including some behind the Iron curtain have been objects of hijackings since the 1970s yet the objection to an Alpa travel ban ignores several Points first certain governments a notably Greece and Lebanon a Are notorious for providing inadequate Airport Security others like those of Iran and Libya have directly cooperated with or publicly applauded skyjacker. If they allow air travellers to be put at risk or even contribute to the danger they face it simply does no to make sense to hand them the Opportunity by flying into their cities Locking your doors wont Stop a burglar either but it does no to mean you should give him a key. Second while no Airport Security can catch every potential terrorist toting a bomb or a gun most Western nations have substantially improved their systems in the past decade. That a plus the greater difficulty terrorists May face in bribing Airport employees planting agents in Airport jobs or mingling unobtrusively with Airport staff in the West a could deter some of the exportation of terrorism third the potential loss of International flights a and the Impact that would have on shipping costs tourism and other economic factors a May Wake up some nations that have demonstrated timidity toward terrorism particularly those around the Mediterranean if Egypt had thought that Alpa pilots might Stop flying into its airports. For example it might have thought twice about shuttling the hijackers of the Achille Lauro cruise ship out of their nation last fall Italy might also have had second thoughts about letting the alleged Mastermind of that operation escape to Yugoslavia despite a . Request to detain him finally few pilots have died As a result of terrorism so far a but More May if the hidden bomb involved in the latest attack becomes a favored weapon no one but a masochist or a daredevil would willingly put himself at such risk for that matter its something tourists ought to think about too it May be As critics of an Alpa ban insist that the number of airline attacks is Small compared to the number of flights. But if you like those Odds Why not save the Money spent on a Middle East trip by staying Home and playing russian Roulette while watching travelogues on to Justice denied delayed on Pajack Anderson Joseph Spear Washington the Justice department seems to be digging an Ever deeper Hole for itself in the continuing controversy Over its activities during a congressional investigation of the environmental Protection Agency a few years ago the departments files contain startling evidence that top officials withheld vital information that Congress should have been Given. In fact a recent report by the House judiciary committee accuses Justice department officials of deliberately obstructing committee investigators who were looking into irregularities in Epars handling of hazardous waste Sites. Compounding the attempted cover up is attorney general Edwin Meesey a delay in appointing an Independent counsel to investigate the conduct of officials in his department. The Case for appointment of an outside counsel would seem to be a Strong one inasmuch As Meese has acknowledged to the judiciary committee that some of the Justice officials Are his a personal department spokesman Terry Eastland told our associates Corky Johnson and Tony Capaccio there was no conflict of interest because Meese had not discussed the matter a at readers speak out jeep a Impact to the editor i would like to reply in part to William Becky a letter a readers speak out a March 26. First no one took Sledge hammers to any jeeps being built or finished at am jeeps Toledo Plant. They used their air tools. Since then the six persons responsible have been fired fined the full Price of any part or vehicle damaged and denied All benefits due them All with the help of the Union local 12. Jeep did agree to stay in Ohio but Only so Long As it remained profitable. According to Ohio a attorney general this contract has no Legal Means to Force jeep to stay in Ohio. According to our Union representatives in Detroit Toledo has the most workable agreement at this time and jeep has no desire to leave Toledo if possible. No one a not am jeep or Toledo a has asked the workers or Union to attend the talks or even participate in the talks. This is our livelihood they re talking about ending we would give am jeep up to a $2 per hour pay Cut along with other concessions for a Sav Ings of Over $36 million a year but no one has asked us to join the talks Toledo stands to lose 8,750 jobs from jeep alone with another loss of More than 21,500 More jobs in related industries and suppliers for a total of More than 30,000 jobs in one fell swoop just imagine if everyone in Defiance was suddenly put out of work at once and you begin to get the picture the layoffs already have started More than 2,000 Laid off from jeep alone with no recall in sight Dana already Laid off permanently More than too people due to the loss of a contract with jeep if you think the jeep problem is Toledo a alone think again. Toledo would lose More than $450 million in taxes and other fees a 236.8 times More than the loss in the . Crisis. This includes taxes to operate the City a schools and unemployment for All 8,750 jeep workers will Cost the taxpayers of Ohio More than $1 billion in lost taxes foreclosures Perks to get new businesses to come to Ohio Etc. The worst hit will be Northwest Ohio with the loss of More than 30,-000 jobs loss of businesses More than one business depends on jeep to exist empty houses people moving away a just to name a few problems. If jeep does pick up what a to Stop other businesses in Ohio from doing the same keep in mind the Only thing we re asking for is to keep our jobs and have jeep abide by the contract they signed with us. Daniel e. Gray 319 Ralston ave. Defiance Paulding a program to the editor one out of every to families has a member who is mentally retarded and or developmentally disabled. Facing this Challenge by helping families to encourage one another to find appropriate education for their loved one and to plan for their futures have been task of the association for retarded citizens at local state and National Levels. Throughout Ohio March was designated As mental retardation developmental disabilities awareness month. Various activities were held to increase the Public a understanding and perception of mental handicaps. In Paulding county 1982 brought the realization of a 15-year dream with the opening of the new building for parc Lane training Center. The local association for retarded citizens arc in 1969 conceived the idea when a few dedicated parents sought and fought to make available appropriate services for their children in Paulding county instead of accepting the idea of institutionalization. In 1977 another Agency formerly Hope industries and now pc workshop was established to provide services and meaningful work experience for adults who Are mentally retarded and or developmentally disabled. Due to increasing enrolment and contract work pc workshop moved in june 1984 to the renovated building formerly tag industries at Grant and Caroline streets in Paulding. The new building and newly renovated building Ace by no Means an end to the needs of persons who Are mentally retarded and or developmentally disabled. Now arc of Paulding county regularly invites or urges All communities to join in the continuing support of promoting Public and Parent education providing the Means for participation in special olympics and procuring various materials equipment and services for Stu with the officials named by the committee. The department is following the Law by conducting its own preliminary investigation before deciding whether to ask for a special counsel Eastland said. In fact one of the officials former Deputy attorney general Edward Schmults went to College with Meese and has known him for More than 30 years. Evidence from the departments files shows that Schmults told Justice officials to withhold certain documents from the House committee even though the department had agreed to turn Over All relevant material. Most of the material withheld consisted of Handwritten notes. A a according to senior department officials i Schmults made the decision to withhold the Handwritten dents of parc Lane training Center and employees of pc workshop furthermore new dreams Are being formulated in the areas of workshop expansion group Homes and better Public awareness. Naturally these goals require funds and people who Are concerned. The continued participation and generosity of Paulding county residents at the various arc fundraisers throughout the year Are sincerely appreciated the Money from these efforts has been used to Purchase and provide various materials and services. A partial list of these includes the scoreboard playground equipment therapy equipment special olympics registration fees and occasional summer programming at parc Lane training Center and the electronic counting scale heavy duty air compressor hauling fees Tor driveway gravel and uniforms and Gas for trips of the basketball team at pc workshop. Also arc funds Are used to sponsor Parent Public seminars and to pay for the printing of flyers or Church bulletin inserts. Deborah Williams president Paulding county arc route i Box 788 Payne notes 2 there was a series of meetings at which the withholding was a judiciary committee report states. It quotes another department official As saying a Schmults was the ultimate decision another Meese acquaintance who is a target of the House investigation is former assistant attorney general Carol Dinkins. Committee evidence shows that Dinkins at one Point told division officials to put All their documents on a conference room table then Dinkins instructed an employee to Mark All Handwritten notes and place them in separate files. These files were a red flagged and withheld from the committee Dinkins and Schmults could not be reached for comment. To make a convincing show of complying with the Promise to produce All relevant documents Justice officials gave the committee a few of the Handwritten notes. Eventually the committee got Wise and demanded the rest of the notes which it finally received some 18 months after its initial request. Some of the material held Back the longest was political dynamite. It showed that a Justice employee was sent Over to Check Federal election commission records on Campaign contributions to two Epa critics reps. John dinged d mich., and Mike Synard okla. No information was obtained on Synar. But the names of Dingell a contributors were matched against a list of companies in his District that generate hazardous wastes. The departments implication was that dinged was badgering Epa for information which he would then turn Over to the Compa Nies who had contributed to his Campaign. The Handwritten documents con Tain such abbreviated notes As these a every member of Congress could get records and could turn them Over to contributors with impunity. A dinged cd. Check his Pac contribs.�?�. A a he a protect and a give this information on dinged to i or More reporters. Put spin on it that it jeopardizes Law defense at expense of common sense George will Washington a americans Are about equally religious and litigious so they have made a cottage Industry of litigation concerning the first 16 words of the first amendment a Congress Shad make no Law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise those two topics a a establishment and a free exercise a can become interestingly tangled. In 1981 s. Simcha Goldman an orthodox jew and an ordained rabbi and air Force officer decided to fight air Force restrictions on the wearing of Yarmulke the regulation restricts the wearing of headgear indoors. Goldman did what any real not to mention devout american would do. He sued. He said the regulation infringed his right to a free exercise of his beliefs. A . District court agreed and permanently enjoined the air Force from enforcing its regulation against him. But permanence is a sometime thing in this rollicking Republic and a . Court of appeals held for the air Force. In the supreme court Goldman had four justices with him but that was one Brick shy of a Load. Justice Rehnquist a joined by Burger White Powell and Stevens a reiterated the courts View that the military is a specialized society and that judicial review of military regulations should be a far More deferential than review of similar Laws or regulations in civilian society. The essence of military service is subordination of the individuals desires and interests to the needs of the collective Enterprise standardized uniforms Are Means to a valid end a sense of hierarchical Unity. Goldman said studies might show that More Liberal regulations regarding religious apparel would enhance morale a thought that Cut no ice with Rehnquist who said judicial deference a is at its apogee when dealing with decisions of the armed services. But Justice Brennan a Dander reaches an impressive apogee when such deference is mentioned. He joined by Justice Marshall dissented. Of Connor and Black Man also dissented mildly but Brennan understands that if you Are going to dissent break some crockery. The court he thundered has abdicated its role As expositor of the Constitution and protector of individual Liberty a in favor of credulous deference to unsupported assertions of military All is fair in love and War and constitutional Law and Brennan never met a Straw Man he did no to like. He said the court had affirmed the air forces Contention that a More Liberal policy regarding Yarmulke would mean a your fighting forces slip Down the treacherous slope toward unkempt appearance anarchy and ultimately defeat at the hands of our enemies. A that caricature is Jolly fun but the court was saying something More temperate. It was talking Only about the allocation of discretion within particular agencies of government concerning particular spheres of individual autonomy. However a fascinating facet of Brennan a passionate Ness is that he is equally passionate about guaranteeing a free exercise and preventing a a establishment of religion. Whenever government action can imaginatively be construed As a establishment a Brennan so construes it using the courts baroque a tripartite under that test government action touching religion is presumptively unconstitutional unless i it has a secular purpose 2 its primary effect neither advances nor inhibits religion and 3 it does not Foster excessive entanglement of government with religion. However in 1972, about the time the tripartite test was concocted Brennan joined in a ruling that in effect established a religion and did so in the name of a free Jonas Yoder an adherent of the old order Amish disobeyed a Wisconsin Law requiring parents to Send their children to school until age 16. The Validity of the Law was not questioned. Yet the court upheld Yoders exemption from that Law. Walter Berns a distinguished constitutional scholar argues that in a sense old order Amish now is the established religion of the United states because its members enjoy special exemption from a valid Law. The tripartite Rule for detecting a a Stab Lish Mentz expresses the courts View that the establishment clause requires government to be scrupulously Neutral a not merely Between religious sects but also Between religion and secularism however Brennan a sensitivity to the slightest Trace of a a establishment a the most minute departure from governmental neutrality a illustrates a problem. Such punctilious concern for free exercise a concern expressed in exemptions from state Laws and military regulations violates the spirit of the tripartite test. Government in the form of the court becomes entangled with religion in ways that suggest government favors policies that Advance religion. Under Brennan a sort of passionate Fine tuning extremism in defense of a free exercise and in opposition to a a establishment produces an incoherence that keeps the cottage Industry of litigation humming. George will is a contributing editor of Newsweek Magazine and a pulitzer prize winning columnist of Washington Post writers group

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