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Defiance Crescent News Newspaper Archives Apr 3 1965, Page 2

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Defiance Crescent News (Newspaper) - April 3, 1965, Defiance, Ohio I a defiant Crescent Newi saturday april 3, 1963 unmask be terrible weight control is possible but Worth the agony.? 0mifmii psf of control of the human figure is possible but hardly Worth the agony. Mine is shaped like the Ace of diamonds. It is 5 feet Vuk inches from North to South. It tilts the to ledges at 176, and looks almost right in a dark suit. The legs and arms Are too thick and too Short for the rest of the package and the Gray hair and lined face give me the sad expression of an in rocked cleric who has been caught with the choir Singer. Its going to be sadder because i am on a diet. A few Days ago i sat at lunch with Jackie Gleason and i began to think Skinny. Or. G. Is a tub of love. He counts his calories on a computer. Still he does no to eat As much As our Karen. She a 12 years old. 5 feet 4 inches tall and knocks off a Steak five baked potatoes two Servings of Macaroni and cheese vegetables soup dessert with whipped Cream two glasses of milk and looks like a frightened exclamation Point. There is a suspicion that its the fourth meal each Day which fatten me. Could be. My wife and i go to bed with food. This in our House is the Goody hour. By the time the late news goes on television we Are propped up like maharajah. She has her family size bag of potato chips we turn the volume up on the set to equalize the noise can of Beer and sometimes a bowl of salad. I have a pot of Tea a Peanut butter Sandwich two bags of Candy and a package of cigarettes. This gets us through the news of the Day but Seldom lasts through the movie which follows. Kelly makes additional trips to the Kitch poetry contest in Melbourne. Tile australian intelligentsia Haven t forgiven these humorists either. The other evening in a conservatory of music in an Eastern City i stopped in the corridor to listen to a student running through a Chopin Mazurka. Midway in the piece there was a difficult arpeggio and each time there was trouble. The instructors Baton would tap the piano. The music would Stop and after a conference the piece would Start again Only to run aground once More. Here was Devotion and labor and maybe one Chance in to too of becoming a successful concert pianist. What the student should have been doing of course was practising fatuous smiles in the Light of blazing Candel Bra a la Liberace or perfecting the gags and pratfalls that transformed Victor Borge from a competent Journeyman into an International celebrity. This is the age of the bizarre. Millions hunger not for Quality but for caricature. Maybe the Cherry Sisters knew it All the time. Waif r Lippmann u. S. Must realize that Viet revolution is Home grown Nam and extended the War in the air. We would have on our hands an interminable War without the Prospect of a solution. To talk about Freedom and National Independence amid such violence and chaos would be to talk nonsense. In order to rationalize that is to sell the wider War we Are being told by Secretary Mcnamara and others that this War is a decisive test for the future. It will decide the future of a wars of this is a pro roundly and dangerously false notion and it shows a lamentable Lack of knowledge and understanding of the revolutionary upheavals of the epoch in which we live. It assumes that revolutionary uprisings against established authority Are manufactured in peking or in Moscow and that they would not happen if they were not instigated supported and directed from one of the capitals of communism. If this were True the revolutionary movements could be suppressed once and for All by knocking out peking or Moscow. They Little know the Hydra who think that the Hydra has Only one head and that it can be Cut off. Experience shows that there is no single Central source of the revolutionary upheavals of our epoch. What is there that is common to the Irish rebellion. To the jewish uprising in Palestine to the civil War in Cuba to the Arab rebellion in Algeria to the huk revolt in the Philippines what is common to them All is violent discontent with the established order and a willingness of a minority of the discontented to die in the attempt to overthrow it. What has confused Many Well meaning americans is that in some of these rebellions though not by any Means in All of them. Communists have became the leaders of the rebellion. But that does not mean that they have owned the rebellion. The resistance to the nazis in France and Italy contained a High proportion of communists among the Active partisans. But 20 years later it is Gen. Charles de Gaulle who presides Over France. It would be Well to abandon the half baked notion that the War in Southeast Asia will be decisive for the future of revolutionary upheavals in the world. Revolution is a Home grown product and it could not be stamped out decisively and once for ally supposing we had such delusions of grandeur a by stamping out red China. In Southeast Asia we have entangled ourselves in one of the Many upheavals against the old regime. And we shall not make things any better by thrashing around with ascending violence. Gen Maxwell Taylor to president Kennedy and by defense Secretary Robert Mcnamara to president Johnson has proved to be unworkable. The government in Saigon has not been Able to pacify South Viet Nam even with the help of american munitions Money and 25,000 military advisers. The crucial fact today is that for All practical purposes the Saigon government has lost control of the Countryside and its followers Are increasingly holed up in the cities. The roads and the railroads connecting the cities have been Cut by the Viet Cong. The cities now have to supplied in great measure by air and by sea. This condition of affairs has been Well reported by Richard Dudman in a series of reports to the St. Louis Post dispatch and his findings Are confirmed in All essentials though not yet publicly in the Well informed quarters in Washington. The surest evidence that Dudman a reports Are substantially Correct is that in the Pentagon and the state department there is mounting pressure for the commitment to Southeast Asia of american infantry. The current estimate is that the president should be prepared to Send 350.000 american soldiers even though this would compel him to order a mobilization of reservists and draftees. This Call for american ground forces is the logical and inevitable consequence of the virtual collapse of the villages. Having lost the Countryside. Saigon has lost the sources of military manpower. This deprives it of the Means for winning the War. The official estimates today Are that the Saigon government commands forces Superior to the Viet Cong by a ratio of not quite five to one. Experience shows that no guerrilla War has Ever been subdued with such a Low ratio of superiority. It is estimated that in Malaya the British and the Malayan who were fighting the indigenous chinese guerrillas reached a superiority of 50 to one. In Cyprus which they gave up the British had overwhelming Force. In Algeria though the French army had unmistakable superiority the country became untenable. It is the deficiency in South vietnamese military manpower which explains Why the pressure is now on to put in americans to fill it. After two months of bombing North Viet Nam. It has become Manifest also that the bombing has not changed the course of the War. As a result of this disappointment the president is now under pressure to extend the bombing to the populated centers around Hanoi and Haiphong. There is no doubt that american air Power can devastate North Viet Nam and if China intervened could do great damage in China. But if we had an american army of 350,000 men in South Viet the War in Viet Nam has reached the Point where the president is wrestling with momentous and fateful decisions. For what has happened is that the official theory of the War As propounded by Louis Cassels Why not try Kre Biogen Catholic changes do not affect Basic teachings or. Andrew c. Ivy americans Foremost medic has been advocating the controversial anti cancer substance called Kre Biogen. Kre Biogen s extracted from horse s blood by various solvents until it is finally obtained As a Brownish powder. This is then dissolved in diluted Mineral Oil and injected into a muscle once per week via hypodermic Needle. Even the foes of or. Ivy admit that Kre Biogen has no injurious medical Side effects. Thus it causes no headache vomiting pain fever or damage to vital organs. So it will do a cancer victim no harm even if it might not banish his malignancy. But i have personally seen scores of formerly hopeless cancer patients who had been operated on repeatedly and burned with All the a Ray they dared take but whose cancers were still swelling up till their livers were bulging. These patients were often in agonizing terminal pain that our medical drugs would not relieve. And they had been told or their doctors had warned their families that they had merely a few weeks to live yet i have personally seen them now As Long Asio years later with no symptoms of Church did he realize How much of the furniture might Start blowing around a the same thought must have passed through the minds of a Good Many Catholic laymen who Are bewildered by the sweeping reforms set in motion by the late Pope. These Shook up catholics find themselves in a Church which is no longer the staid and predictable institution it used to be. Things they have taken for granted All their lives a such As clerical celibacy and going without meat a visitor once asked Pope John Xxiii Why he summoned roman Catholic Bishops to the first ecumenical Council in nearly a Century. The Pope replied by throwing open the windows of his Vatican study. A i wanted to let a Little fresh air into the he said. Recalling this incident an american Catholic Magazine asked recently a when Pope John opened the windows to let the fresh air that was to ventilate the country flavor april like november is a month when the realities of the environment Are dominant. Traditionally March is the period of winds but in recent years it seems to the countryman that the fourth month has taken Over the role. Perhaps it is Many a impatience that credits april with More than its share of Gusty air that swirls Brown leaves into Corners and lifts Clouds of dust from fall slowed Fields. April is a Long drawbridge from the Promise of March to the soft Beauty of May. One is conscious of the Earth As he walks his acres lighter thoughts for today the u. S. Treasury says tile life expectancy of a Dollar Bill i is about seven months a but we be never yet had one die on our hands. Nothing is More annoying than to have someone repeat word for word what you should t have said in the first place. Its been claimed that women never Tell lies _ they just rearrange tile truth in their own favor. I if you done to think there Are two sides to every Story listen j to a Man discuss his finances with his friends and later i with the income tax examiner. Intercepted Lefter miss Wilma Schroeder it. 3, Leipsic Ohio. Dear Wilma congratulations on being chosen the 1965 Putnam county Dairy Princess. Yours Trul Anthony Wayne or. In 1865, the Union army occupied Richmond va., onetime capital of the confederacy. In 1882, outlaw Jesse James was shot and killed. In 1936, Bruno Richard Hauptmann was electrocuted in Trenton. N.j., for the kidnapping and murder of Charles a. Lindbergh or. A thought for the Day author Thomas Paine once said a society in every state is a Blessing but government even in its Best state is but a necessary evil. In its worst state an intolerable

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