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Decatur Daily Review Newspaper Archives Jan 17 1926, Page 1

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Decatur Daily Review, The (Newspaper) - January 17, 1926, Decatur, IllinoisThe Decatur sunday review forty seventh 17. Decatur Illinois sunday morning january 17, 1926. 4 32 five cents i a Coolidge violates Laws Norris says deals in secret with his appointees is Tariff commission. R Itas Hanston. Jan. Pres ident Coolidge was charged in the Senate today by senator Norris. Re publican. Nebraska with violating the of the land through secret with his appointees to Independent commissions. Up Eakins in behalf of ror the investigation of the Tariff commission. Senator Norris declared that the president belonged to the Stroup that believed the commission be used Tor partisan Pur Kioses. And that he had his High Effice to else untrue the letter and of the Tariff Law. Lewis appointment. Charged that or. Re Phil nerd David j. Lewis. Democrat tit Maryland to the Tommis Lon for political but in bid before the appointment Nafle. The Nebraska senator said the president requested Lewis to give my a. Of clanked letter of resignation president would be i Thor Ltd to execute and although Lewis refused to give the letter the senator appoint ment was made. I wonder How Manv More president Coolidge is carry Long round to hold Over members of in dependent he continued. This a very forceful method of influencing Culbertson letter. A letter from William s. Culbert finn. Member of the Tariff commission and now Talmer to . Written sept. Ujj. 19h. To p. Cost Gan. Of Colorado a Mem Ber of the commission read by senator Norris an illustration he was the condition of Mira re Girdle the i the letter in part follows ton will have perhaps seen to May in the press that of. Was reappointed yesterday i reached sunday evening and rot been in my office very monday morning before i was sent for by the president. The result or interview covered by d a copy of which i Day is Oyer t when i returned to t tool. President s up Lewalt later he reached the decision that he would not write the letter of resignation requested president. He. However went to see the pret Dent during the s Ter noon and i presume will writes no the of what took . In general this is what happened tells of meeting j shortly after i reached or of Tbs morn link i received re to come to the. White House j went Ever immediately. The was reasonably Cordill. Began by of Lovinc that the sith beet of interview was or. Reipa ointment. Or. Member of the. Tariff exp red yesterday. The s ated that he intended to or. Lewis but that he desired that or. Lewis prepare Jive to he i a Ritter of resignation a member of the Tariff commas at Flatt t did not fully Tom the nature of the request. J spoke of or. Lewis term having then the Prest explained that he wanted or. Lewis to submit his resignation under the new commission to effective in Case president m sores at any in the future Ito accept it. The president at this Point called in or. Foster one of his and instructed him to make out or. Commission of reappointment i a member of the Tariff commas on. Effective today. The Pras Dent then handed of Rhet of paper so that t could take of non Tenor of the letter Wulc i tie wished or. Lewis to write. 1 Down following words hereby resign a member of the Tariff commission to take effective upon your Jia tse objection raised objection at this that an unqualified Resigna Tion of this kind would imply in the record that or. Lewis did not de to continue As a member of Tariff commission. The pres. Dent replied that this was a mat Ter for or. Lewis to decide. To Typl Anathon of his request pres ident said that desired to be fre Fler the election concerning the filled by or. Lewis. He that if trere not elected democrats might undertake to hold up other appointments which Al ulnar the next session of Tho Senate and he implied that he tales red to use the appointment of or. Lewis for trading purposes in Case of necessity. I thereupon asked president whether i could have his Assurance that of were a elected. Or. Lewis could continued As a Mem Fer of Tariff commission. I Kald that he could hot time and commitments. We then talked of mat ters and at the end the president of asked me to have or. Lewis urn during the afternoon when he scald would com Mission. Was disturbed. West in to president s office and pret Dent had commission. Took up his spa Fri pen and signed it in Lewis pres ence. Then turned to Lewis and asked him whether he had letter Lewis then explained that he did not feel free to furl in the president with the letter which he requested. Lewis said that the president was visibly disturbed and Bald with a Little heat that it did not make any difference anyway that the position would be held Only at the pleasure of the president. Lewis then said to the president that Only the two of them knew that the commission was signed and he suggested that the president was at Liberty to destroy the comm Slon. The. President however did not respond to this suggestion and Lewis left the presidents office with commission. A Little later on he was sworn in. This ends another serious Chap Ter in the Tariff commission s his tory. It indicates clearly. 1 think that there is a line beyond which the president will not go in opposing the. Principles for which the three of us have stood in the development of the Tariff senator Norris concluded by Sny inc the letter should furnish the investigating committee a tiring thorough inquiry. Want Coolidge authorized to Call off strike Washington. Jan. 16 or president Coll de had been it tacked and defended today in the Senate for inaction in the Anthracite suspension a proposal was put for Ward that would Klee him full authority to bring about a resumption of mining. A joint Resolution by senator Copland. Democrat. New Tork. Would empower the president to Elie the mines fix the of Anthracite at the Well As wage of employees and compensate the mine owners. To committee. At request of the author the moisture sent to the interstate Cun Nerce Hie fire of discussion As to whether the president can do now indicated rather widespread opposition to such legislation. Before offering the Resolution senator Copeland action on another requesting the president to act to end the suspension but after an hour and a half of debate. It nent to the Calendar under the rules it the conclusion of what is known in tote state is the morn be expert opinion. During the debate. Chairman Oddle of the mining committee Dis closed that his committee has to the Commerce department for expert opinion a measure designed carry out the of the president s foul commission in lie the n Prater measure of authority to Deal with Emery melts in both the ninth Racutt soft Coal industries. Senator Oddie told Tho Senate he did not think that this was the time to consider that legislation be cause of the present situation in the Anthracite Field. No during the debate of a possible combination Between operators and to bring about the suspension Drew denial from representatives of miners Here who declared there could be no such conspiracy As was hinted at in the Senate discussion. Incidentally these representatives w. J. James and George w. Lewis legislative representatives of the United mine workers of America said the miners would Welcome in Opportunity to negotiate with Thi government in preference to the operators. We Are ready to negotiate with any one who will give us a Square they added. While Senate discussion was in Progress four members of Tho House from new York City. Jol Neft in a re quest to chairman Parker of the House interstate Commerce com Mittee committee take immediate action on the recommendation of the president in his last an Nual message that he be Ghen Power to act when an emergency exists in the Anthracite Field. Wet and Drys in Long debate As audience quits Washington., Jan. Sixth anniversary of the ratification of the eighteenth amendment today was made the occasion for a prohibition Field Day in the Senate with of the volstead act re plying vigorously to claims of improved conditions in the country since the Law became effective. The debate was opened in mid afternoon by senator Jones. Republican. Washington who defended the enforcement .act., and it ended the night was Well under Way and Senate chamber had become almost deserted Only eight or ten senators. Being on hand. The participants. Senators Jonet and Sheppard democrats. Texas a Leader car ried the Burden of defending the prohibition Law with the occasional of senator feat Republic Congress Busy with farm Aid proposals Frazier and Little have Bills aimed at violent Price fluctuation. Washington. Jan. Relief legislation continued to claim considerable attention today in con Gress. Direct government control of Grain and other a proposed in a. Bill introduced in the Senate by senator Frazier. Republican North Dakota and one presented in the by representative Little. Democrat Kansas. Though dissimilar the. Measures both Are intended to relieve the Farmer of violent Price and to insure Sale of surplus crops. 200 million fund. Senator trailer s Bill would appropriate to create n Federal agricultural marketing Board o handle Corn what. And Cotlon representative lh4it proposal to set aside. For the five o clock Lias blown Here s cat Coll take Mulini in a Home. Just Ull Wath in Tim can Ohio. Senator Republican new Jersey Lbruce. Democrat Maryland and Democrat Louisiana vigorously to the Olla Nave. Sharp exchanges Wero frequent senator i Ess said he wanted to Amend the volstead act but Only to it More stringent and measures to that end would be offered later. Senator Lbruce wanted to know if the Ohio senator Fato Rcd capital punishment for or the volstead act robbed of at Point of gun t. D. Pope and son Holdup victims. T. D. Pope of 1c20 Wist Avenue reported at 6.20 in Turcany evening that he and his son were held up by o Large men in to a Hoo lil ocl North ill Noli Street of about j200 a doping to the no Dulcy company. One Man he Sild struck a in government to establish bonded elevators store wheat in them and sell it at Home and abroad at prices calculated to bring the growers fair returns. The House agricultural committee continued hearing. John and Irha in. Publishers of Oes Molnes endorsed the Dickinson Bill which a Federal Export Board and Levy an equalization tax for disposition of surplus Kropt. Supply menaced. They declared the food Supply of the nation was being menaced by agricultural depression. William Adcock of Galesburg 111, the Illinois Gen eral Assembly urged an Export loudly on wheat Corn and livestock. He. Advocated an excise tax and of the important Tariff revolving fund to be by to for the . Compromise tax views Senate republicans and democrats finish report. Washington Jan. Atn republicans and democrats on the finance committee compromised to Lulu differences on tax reductions today and ordered by unanimous vote a report of the House Revenue Bill to the Senate ult considerable modification. Tho Compro else. Which involved principally farther reductions in the cur tax rates and repeal of the in Herlt Anoe tax increased the total reduction prodded by the House Meas ure for this year from j230.000.000 to j3co.ooo.ooo, and cleared the Way for Early a stage of the Bill by the sen ate. Senate tuesday. Chairman Smoot said he would re port the measure to the Senate on tuesday but would hold up its consideration for a couple of cars at least it the cloture Rule was invoked to permit an Early vote on the world cot fat spokesmen of the two in the Senate exp rented satisfaction the Compromise a final vote on the Bill by the Senate Early in february Nas almost cer Tain. Sudden end. The a Crement came suddenly the committee concluded its consideration of the Bill in a cordial spirit. Ending its work two after the Bill was taken his nil him hold up comm turn a new or. Pope and is on left of Rev to nor car and walked in and re Pori the off nor. Lie the two my wore Caps and Lori voc Coats. Harold leaves Ganna s ship new tort. Tan. Unexpected Knpp Milns mailed the Lepai Titan tool rat for la rope it mine. Ganna , polish Oprin Singer and wife of Harold f. My Coral Cut. Madame Walska is returning Rte term led to Triumph Over the critics who received her last Continental appearance so coldly. The events which featured her de parture after she had boarded the steamship Paris first she was served with a summons in a suit for brought by dim trl Ono Frel. San Carlo opera company Tenor. A few minutes later or. Me car Mack the Harvester manufacturer who had hooked passage with his wife and taken has is race abroad. Suddenly left the ship had his taken off and declined to say Why he had derided not to sail. Mrs. M Cormick also court foe Peoria Iii. Jon. Mrs. Mcdill widow of late my Cormacl Otilli Nois and like her husband a sturdy foe of the world court was in Peoria today on a political visit. She was Here in the interests of the Illinois Republican women s clubs for whom she is an organizer. Industry in High in Middle West Calcao. Jan wheels of Industry in the five Lake Wisconsin. Illinois. Indiana. Ohio and it a High Speed during december a Survey of in Dustral conditions made Public to Day by Barney Cohen director of the local Branch of the a noted plates department of labor showed. Asks arrest of health officials Rockford 111. Charging that three men tres passed upon her properly when they attempted to put a smallpox exposure sign on her biome. Miss Eleanor Holland member of old and prominent Rock Oral family warrants to be Triue d for the arrest of dr., n. Of Gunderson. City health commissioner. And c. And a. Plans motor bus use May try motors from Jacksonville. Chicago Jan. The Chi Cago and Alton Railroad is consider ing motor busses to replace certain of its trains Over runs which Are paralleled by hard roads said a. P. Titus chief operating officer Here today. It has not been decided to make the change but two of three of a new eight wheeled Type May be tried out certain runs Mich As the Jacksonville Iii., to fit. Louis to. It is thought that to replace some of the poorly patronized trains be tween cities also connected by hard roads might be a proposition. On h runs. Motor cars now Are used on four teen runs replacing steam engines with a saving of two thirds in expenses said or. Titus. Some Are used in Missouri and coma Between Harding and Colllns Volle and Spring Field and Pearlk. The proposed motor busses would used for passenger truffle Only Druggan and Lake sought wanted in. Connection with Schneider slaying. Chicago Jan. Terry Druggan and i rank Lake wealthy Beer runners and storm can text in Chicago gang Faudt for the last two cars. Wert sought a Pollut tonight in connection with the slay ingot Harry Schneider 68, year old of the once notorious Val Ley gang this morning. Orders Are also out to round up other former members of the Valley gang once Lead by the Young Beer Barons. The police profess to tee a direct connection Between the shoot ing of Schneider and the killing of big Steve in talked to police. Schneider is alleged to have in formed Tho authorities last summer that was billed at the instigation of Druggan and Lake and later to have been instrument Al in starting the investigation of charges of bribery by Lake and Druggan of officials of the county jail where they were held on a liquor violation charge. Druggan and Lake out on Bond pending a Federal investigation of the recent jail scandal were last reported in to Lorida but police say Thev have information that they were in Chicago As late As last approve five debt terms Washington Jan. The War debts agreements with Belgium a to Iona Ami 110-Slnyakla, involving approximately were approved to Dav by the House in rapid succession. By adopting resolutions to author acceptance of the terms recommended by the american debt com Mission the House disposed of the list of the settlements negotiated during the summer that with Italy having been approved Jess today. Year period. As sent to the Senate All of the nor elements provide for a funding of the respective Over a year period. Including the italian debt the United plates will receive and would lit rotted from station Tol from the six. War of the. 19 War Loans to foreign nations. A file tent with great Britain. Finland Hungary. Lithuania. Poland and Nicaragua have been ratified b Congress while the action by the House today halt a dozen More Loans to the last step in their con no journey. Station on the Chicago Ami Alton. Freight and mall would be re. Talked. Juie legislation. The following changes in the Home Bill were voted today further reduction on surtax rates implying on incomes Between did Sidocon. Repeal of the inheritance tax. Kotor Atlon of the or cent alcohol levies which the had to Cut in half. On House action for re tin gift tax. May put limit on league talk seek Clear path for tax measure. Washington. Jan. Move to Rio uric on the world court Issue so As to get it out of the Way speedily to make Way for the tax reduction Bill developed late to Dav in Senate circles. Some of those initiating the movement said the Effort to limit de Bate to one hour for one speaker Nischt be made monday. A two thirds majority would be necessary to make the cloture Rule operative. This subject was discussed today in the finance committee with a number of members favouring such a step under the apprehension that some opponents of the court undertake to delay action on the tax Bill it that should displace the court on the sen ate Calendar. Some democrats. Democratic senators also Are identified with the clo tire move ment. They conclude that relating tactics have been resorted to b opponents and that the Senate should act on n matter which has been for nearly three years. Delivering a prepared Eddre senator Moses today attached world court league Al not Only is a creature of the league of nations he talk but the lawyer and apologist for the league As Well. Another reservation to the court Resolution was offered by senator frailer. Republican. North Dakota it would propose establishment of an International police of the and destruction of armed naval Croft and would set Forth that american adhesion would be conditional upon the police of the sea operating to the satisfaction of United states. _ boy 11, drunk hold bartender St trills Xio. Ian. A p in trs a Tenn of the into Callon of n 11-year old school Bov to the arrest today of Larrv Hunt n Barten Der on is Ispirian of liquor in Viola Tion Anil to Dell quench of minors. The Bov was sent to Rita los Platil Vest crony it the Hlali school Princl pal. Who called police and told them the youth became boisterous in his room. A lome Melon toll police he had purchased a half pint of ii nun from Hunt for a tits. Hunt Len led it. John b. Quinn officer of Lin Board of education said this was the second of Schoolboy intoxication called to his attention this school year. Another involving Rudolph Kjell Quatt Johnson inspectors Llast Holland said and Ernest Pottol and told the health depart ment representatives to leave and they left on the run. Police mails Trau Norton reserved until monday. I dealt Lon two Hoys at the Elloh Schnelt. Clair county i near St. Exit was reported yesterday. In shoots prisoner in hotel lobby Jan. Of Atid women in the lobby of the Intel Sherman in the heart

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