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Decatur Daily Democrat Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1970, Page 4

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Decatur Daily Democrat (Newspaper) - September 26, 1970, Decatur, Indiana Page Decatur daily Democrat Decatur Indiana saturday. September 26, 1970 i vat a a a this column of questions and answers on Federal tax matters is provided by the local office of the . Internal Revenue service and is published As a Public service to taxpayers. The column answers questions most frequently asked by taxpayers. Q a fellow at the place where i work after school says i can Stop income tax withholding on my if i want to. Is that right a yes you May Stop income tax withholding on your earnings if you owed no Federal income tax last year and expect to owe none this year. This is done by completing form w4-e and giving it to your employer. If you earn less than $1725 this year you wont have to tax. Q the $70 payment i sent in several weeks ago was not deducted from the tax Bill you sent me. What should i do a reduce the Bill by the amount of your last payment and the difference. Return the Bill with your payment and note on it the amount of your previous payment the Date paid and where it was sent. What might have happened is that the Bill was issued before your payment had been processed and credited to your account. Sometimes however payments Are received that cannot be credited because there is insufficient information to identify the payment. This happens when the payment is received without an accompanying Bill or notice and the payment is not identified by the taxpayers social Security number. If the payment carries a social Security number then it can be readily identified and credited to the taxpayers account. Q my neighbors Tell me i can sell my House and not any tax on the profit since in a Over 65. Can i really do that a yes All or part of the profits from the Sale of the Home May be tax free if you Are 65 or Over before the Date of the Sale and owned and used the House As your principal residence for at least five of the last eight years. When these conditions Are met All the profit is tax free when the adjusted sales Price is $20,000 or less. When the Price is above that Only a proportionate part of the profit is taxable. For details in this and other benefits for taxpayers 65 and Over Send a Post card to your District office and ask for a free copy of publication 554, tax benefits for older americans. Q in a thinking of buying some shares of Stock. Is there any advantage of putting the account in my wife a name As Well As my own a there Are Many considerations to be taken into account. From a Federal tax standpoint the owner of Stock is entitled to exclude up to $100 in Ordinary dividends from his income. If the Stock is jointly owned then each could receive up to $100 in dividends tax and booze the term booze for whisky originated from the fact that bottles produced by a Glass factory in Glassboro. N.j., were filled by a Philadelphia distiller named e. C. Booz. The bottles became known As a a booze bottles and eventually a a booze crept into the american language As a synonym for whisky. To guide Channel 15 saturday afternoon 12 00�? Scrooby Doo where Are you 12 30�? monkeys 1 00�? dastardly and Uttley 1 30�? jets oms 2 00�?do wit to Earth 2 30�?showplace Homes 3 00�?call of the West 3 30�? Woburn Brothers 4 00�? pro football 5 00�? Stone soul evening 6 00�?death Valley Days 6 30�?evening news 7 00�?big new 7 25�? business report 7 30�? Mission impossible 8 30�?my three sons 9 00�? Amie 93j�? Mary Tyler Moore 10 00�?mannix 11 00�?big news final 11 30�? football scoreboard 11 35�? award theater a Bend in the River Quot sunday morning 7 30�?faith to Faith 8 00�?timothy quire mouse 8 30�?mjrning movie a a dimples 10 00�? religious special jewish religion 11 00�?camera three 11 30�?face die nation afternoon 12 00�? news conference 12 30�?showplace Homes 1 00 High and wild 1 30 nil football Philadelphia at Chicago 4 30-Nasa film 5 00�? 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Dick Van Dyke 5 30�? what s my line evening 6 00�? news 615�? Gateway to sports 6 25�? weather 6 30�? nightly news 7 00�? truth or consequences 7 30�? red Skelton show 8 00�? laugh in 9 00�? monday night movie a Hie lost Man Quot 11 15�? news weather sports la 15�? might show the people s voice this column is for the use of our readers who wish to make suggestions for the general Good or discuss questions of interest. No letters will be accepted unless they Are signed and verified As coming from the author. Pseudonyms May be substituted for your signature at your request but no libellous or strictly contentious letters will be printed. To the editor although i am sure this letter should be on the sports Page i feel it should be written. Material has been written in the sports Page about the football team High school. The reporter has not gone to one practice session since the two a Day drills. I know he has to because i be been there three times out of four. The writer makes it sound like Bellmont in t any Good and he has All the solutions. I personally would like to know How he would go about changing the team. Or. Vanarsdel is a coach who in the True sense of the word is dedicated to football and coaching. He drills the football players in his Best possible knowledge and does one he Kuva Job. His coaching staff of Larry Rothen Hofer Al Lindahl Ken Webb and Bob Pilkington has to be one of the world s greatest. For All of the downtown quarterbacks i would advise them to attend a practice session and see what goes on. It surely is not All Coffee and doughnuts anybody can sit in the restaurant Uptown All morning and drink Coffee while discussing the various aspects of the game but unless the person played on a very successful team or coached a successful team i feel he has no right to criticize the Bellmont coaching staff. If they think they can do better let them try but i doubt of they could do a better Job than is being done now. Yours truly a any Normous Quot mental health matters Bertram s. Brown . Director National Institute of mental health Community colleges program Community colleges which number Over 1,000 throughout the nation will be aided in starting and developing courses of study to train urgently needed mental health workers under a new program. In the program administered by the National Institute of mental health of the health services and mental health administration . Department of health education and welfare the Junior colleges will be supported by Federal Grants aimed at the end result of encouraging More Young people into careers in mental health work. Colleges which propose sound programs will be aided by awards made on the basis of competitive reviews of All applications. Priority consideration will be Given to institutions which train disadvantaged students or train students for service to groups not receiving adequate mental health services. A a the programs should Lead to an associate of arts degree or its equivalent a said or. Thomas f. A. Plaut acting director of the nigh division of manpower and training programs in announcing the program to the Community colleges. The colleges receiving the Grants will select the trainees themselves. The institutions will also be expected to demonstrate the availability of employment possibilities for their Decatur daily Democrat founded in 1857 As the Decatur Eagle vol. Levin no. 227, saturday september 26, 1970 published every evening except sunday by the Decatur publishing co., inc. 141 s. 2nd St., Decatur Indiana 46733 second class postage paid at Decatur Indiana Dick d. Heller or. President mrs. John shirk vice president mrs. A. R. Holthouse. Secretary Ralph w. Sauer treasurer office phone 724-2121 by mail in Adams and adjoining counties one year $14.00 six months $7.50 3 month $4.00 by mail beyond Adams and adjoining counties one year $16.00 six months $8.50 3 months $4.50 by Carrier 45 cents per week. Single copies to cents our country in her Intercourse with foreign nations May she always he in the right but our country right or wrong. Stephen Decatur reporter Power letting employees have an Active voice in management of a company is one thing but when that company publishes a newspaper and the a a voice turns out to be opinions for editorials on How news should be covered on what should be printed etc., most newspapers the size of the Democrat still rely heavily on the management. It is always useful to have the opinions of the employees such As reporters this helps Sharpen the editor and make his views More easily understood. But ordinarily a Young writer while being technically excellent usually lacks the experience to make a judgement that would be considered sound by his elders. Dad shares in childbirth Joys by Vicent Lipari Philadelphia up an International organization wants to make childbirth a family affair taking dad out of the waiting room and putting him beside his wife for the birth of their child. John Haire president of the group called the International childbirth education association ice says his organization a is geared to making the childbirth experience the most satisfying to the parents that Means not Only helping the expectant Mother to enjoy pregnancy and the birth of her child hut also making tile father to be More than just an interested bystander. Icea a federation of 40 member groups throughout tile United states Canada and Australia is a non profit organization with about mme volunteers. Haire said it educates the expectant Mother toward the graduates following the training period. Pilot programs of this kind have been successful in producing and placing mental health workers in jobs or. Plaut indicated with about seven colleges currently conducting demonstration programs with nigh Aid. Priceless postage. Curator Stanley j. Hodziewich office of the postmaster general shows off letter which was postmarked on the Moon by astronaut Neil Armstrong. The historic document was an outstanding feature of England s Philipia 1970, largest stamp exhibition Ever held. Most satisfying delivery possible a preferably a natural childbirth a through classes and exercises. The husband attends classes Witt his wife coaches her during her exercises and they decide together whether the husband will remain at his wife Side during labor and delivery. Haire and his wife who shares the presidency of Icea with her husband believe the Hest endorsement of the group s ideas conies from the fathers themselves. Michael Gettis a Philadelphia chemical Engineer is a father who witnessed the birth of his three children. He said the a baby was a product of our love. Why should i he kept away from the birth it is no less important than our wedding Henry Riddle of lower Wakefield pa., an electrical Engineer at first was reluctant to attend Icea classes. A i thought it was kind of Sissy a he said. A the delivery room was the biggest Sun it Rise. It was so orderly and precise. It was exciting to see my child Charles Lindquist a College professor said he thought the prenatal classes did much to reduce fear of childbirth and added a i was moved and very glad that i participated in the Haire said that to years ago the practice of allowing husbands inside the delivery room was ridiculed by most Hospital officials and their staffs. He said now nearly half the hospitals in the country can be persuaded to let a husband attend tile delivery of his child. Mrs. Haire added that opposition comes from Hospital officials who do not Welcome change from traditional procedures. Some doctors she said fear their image As the Center of attraction in the birth process will be disturbed by the presence of the husband sharing in the a Joys of the Icea philosophy was summed up in its Philadelphia chapter Magazine which said a fatherhood has Many facets hut a great dial is missed if you delay being a father until you take your son pigs the Guinea pig is neither a pig nor a native of Guinea. It is a rodent of South America first domesticated some 3,000 years ago in the Central Andes of Peru. Urive Ivy a eth ref vent sat. A sum. Six a of a Galle Hen a i Oil reporters who seek a voice in the management of their newspapers May expect publishers of smaller papers to resist the idea. Although the a reporter Power movement has taken hold at newspapers in several major cities it does not appear to have spread to papers with less than 50,000 circulation. Publishers react vehemently to the idea that reporters be Given some control Over what goes in the paper How it is played and the editorial policy itself. Only a few of the publishers contacted by publishers auxiliary said they were willing to hear the reporters Side. Douglas f. Attaway publisher of the 46,021-circulation Shreveport la journal said he would meet with reporters if they requested a voice in the papers management. Quot up certainly talk to them. My doors always open a he said. However the publisher of the 37,921-Abc Pawtucket times Chester m. Spooner said he would oppose any requests from employees for a voice in the papers policy making. Re a there is a Clear distinction Between employees and management. It is management a right to determine policy a he said. Spooner did add that any a intelligent approach by employees would be accepted and advocated employ yes use of the suggestion. he reiterated that any employee demand for a voice in determining the newspapers policy would be a out of . Roy Smith publisher of the 41,198-Abc Lima Ohio news said reporters should not have a voice in policy decisions or on editorial Content of the paper. Reporters on the news have not asked for Power Over editorial Content or makeup. Smith said a such decisions Are delegated to the by the same Token he added reporters done to have a voice in whether the news buys a new press or what the and lineage rate is. A and i done to control the Price of Green Beans either a Smith concluded. At the 37,077-Abc fort Smith Ark Southwest times record publisher Donald w. Reynolds is willing to listen to reporters individual requests but said none have approached him. He is however against reporters a a demands for a greater voice in the management of the paper. He said a suggestions will be accepted not demands for rights. A frequently you can get excellent suggestions from reporters. It depends on the individual his beat and the particular Story he said. . Ashworth publisher of the 31,972-bc Columbus a enquirer and 31,579-Abc Ledger said reporters would not be allowed to set policy. Ashworth said a reporter could not do his Job properly if he were Given a say for example in How the Story is played. A the Job of a Good reporter is to write a Story the Way it happened. Allowing a reporter to determine policy would interfere with his objectivity a he said. Ashworth does not favor giving reporters a voice on the editorial Content either. A when they Start running the newspaper they can have it he said. However the publisher did say that he and the editors Are willing to listen to the suggestions of a qualified reporter on a particular subject. The of the 34,220-Abc Norristown a times Herald Robert i. Mccracken said he would never consider consenting to reporters demands on a mass basis for a policy making role. A a that a our prerogative As management a he said. But Mccracken said he would be willing to listen to such a request from an individual staffer. A it would depend entirely on the individuals capability his years of experience and whether he has the potential to become an editor a he concluded. Editorial today by Dick d. Heller or a a

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