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Decatur Daily Democrat Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1970, Page 1

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Decatur Daily Democrat (Newspaper) - September 26, 1970, Decatur, Indiana Decatur daily Democrat the Only daily newspaper in Adams count vol. Luvill no. 227 Decatur. Indiana 46733. Saturday. September 26, 1970 ten cents Decatur girls place in Junior miss Indiana pageant two Decatur girls placed Well in the Junior miss Indiana contest Friday night at the Bluffton a Street fair it was announced this morning. Miss Rhonda Henn daughter of or. And mrs. Cecil b. Henn who previously had won the miss Adams county title was second runner up and Winner of the Talent division. Miss valor a Markley of Decatur daughter of or. And mrs. James Markley tied for the miss congeniality award with Sandy Jones miss Norwell. Named Junior miss Indiana from a Field of 22 was m Archie Jensick 17, a Southern Wells student daughter of or. And mrs. Joseph Jensick of Markle. Adult education class schedules i scattered showers Indiana weather considerable cloudiness with Chance of showers or thundershowers today and ending tonight. Turning cooler today much cooler tonight. Partly Cloudy and much cooler sunday. High today 75 to 79. Low tonight 49 to 53. High sunday 62 to 66. Probability of precipitation 50 per cent today 40 tonight to sunday. The Complete adult education program in the North Adams Community schools including the Basic education program was outlined this morning by Robert Boyle guidance director. Part one of the adult Basic education class for which there is no fee includes English and , from 7 until to . Mondays at St. Joseph school. Sister Gemma director. Interested persons should Call 724-2765 Between 9 and 3 . Part two of the Basic education program no fee is at Lincoln Junior High school the former Dos building in room 108, from 7 until 9, thursday evenings mrs. Fleming and mrs. Soldner directors. Interested persons should Call 724-7121, Extension 37. All of the following adult classes will meet in the new Bellmont High school. All interested persons should Call 724-7121 Extension 37 or should attend die class. All classes begin the week of september 28 october 2. Book rental fees will be determined during the first class meeting. A shorthand class can be arranged if enough interest is shown. The classes Days hours room fee time of length of course and the instructors follow welding thursday 7 to 10 00 . Room Guo $5.00 14 weeks or. Whitacre. Crafts monday 7to 10 00p.m. F126, $5.00 14 weeks or. Butler. Painting i monday 7 00 to to of ., f129,$5.00,14 weeks or. Feasel. Painting ii tuesday 7 00 -10 00 ?z f129, $5.00 14 weeks or. Feasel German tuesday 7 00 -10 00 di07, $5, 14 weeks miss Weid Ler. Civics tuesday 7 00 10 00 ., c213, $5, 14 weeks or. Bittner. Astronomy i monday wednesday 8 15 9 45 ., b122, $5,14 weeks or Torson. Home economics thursday 7 00 -10 00, e115, $5,14 weeks mrs Chronister. Typing tuesday 7 30 -10 30 ., cd 03, $5,00 14 weeks or. Stuckey. Bookkeeping tuesday 7 30 -10 30 ., c103, $5.00 14 weeks or. Stuckey. Office machines tuesday 7 30 10 00, c 103, $5.00 14 weeks or. Stuckey. Algebra monday 7 00 10 00 ?z c204, $5, 14 weeks or. Smith. A general interest class in football mondays from 7 30 to 9 30 . In c112, no fee for six weeks will be taught by or. Van Arsdel. Following is the Complete schedule for the adult Basic education classes part two at Lincoln Junior High school thursday nights 7 . October i health advanced and beginning first Aid october 8, health advanced and beginning first Aid. October 15 health advanced and beginning first Aid october 22, health advanced and beginning first Aid. October 29, health advanced and beginning first Ai november 5 health advanced and beginning first Aid. November 12, health advanced and beginning first Aid. November 19, health advanced and beginning first Aid. November 26, thanksgiving no class. December 3, Basic Home economics cooking and Craft. December to Basic Home economics cookies. December 17, Basic Home economics Christmas party food and Craft. December 24, Christmas no class nor any class on december 21. January 7, Basic economics and Basic Home dec. Social Security i or. January 14, Basic Home ec., Craft january 21, Basic Home ec., yeast bread. January 28, Basic Home dec. Pies. February 4, Basic Home dec. Spanish food. February la Basic Home ec., Craft. February 18, health Beauty to an amp Beauty tips. February 25, Basic Home ec., cooking. March 4, Basic Home dec. Cooking. March la Basic Home dec. Craft. March 18, health nurses. March 25, health nurses. April i Basic Home . April 8, health exercises. April 15, health exercises. April 22, health exercises. April 29, health exercises. May 6 health exercises May 13, health exercises . To take action against red sub base Rhonda Henn Washington up the White House has publicly told Nasser Hussain Exchange charges new civilian jordanian government Amman Jordan up a King Hussein of Jordan today announced formation of a new civilian government to replace the military administration he named the Day before the civil War started. Radio Amman said. By United press International egyptian president carnal Abdel Nasser accused the jordanian army today of massacring palestinian guerrillas and breaking the cease fire. King Hussein denied the charges and said Jordan is pledged to peace despite continued in Damascus the Al Fatah newspaper which Speaks for die la major guerrilla Organiza head the military government la Days ago that touched off the War. Hussein also said jordanian army forces in the North Jordan areas of Irbid and Ramatha had been waiting for the past three Days for implementation of the ceasefire agreement he said both the towns were occupied by guerrillas. All fighting in Amman had stopped except some shooting by a criminal elements a the King told Nasser. The guerrillas claimed in radio broadcasts that shortly after the cease fire agreed to by King Hussein and Al Fatah Leader Yasser Arafat went into tons said fighting Between the Friday morning Jorda guerrillas and the jordanian army was continuing in Amman and other areas despite the cease fire that began Friday. Huessen in a Cable to Nasser following the egyptian presidents charges the army carried out a a horrifying massacre of palestinian guerrillas said a we have not and we would not think of liquidation of the palestinian new government planned As for the cease fire he said jordanian forces were observing it a in face of continued and supported provocations. A yesterday and before we were ourselves target of a heavy shelling part of which the Arab mediation delegation witnessed a hues sin said. He apparently referred to an Arab guerrilla attack on the Kings summer Palace of Al Hammar. Hussein also said he would name a new government to replace that of Brig. Mohammed do us who resigned As Premier thursday night. It was Daoudi a appointment to Nian soldiers invaded an Amman Hospital and shot wounded guerrillas with machine guns and attacks them with aces. Arab Heads of state met in Cairo into the Early morning hours to hear reports on the War from Arafat and sudanese Premier Jaafar Al Numeir who acted As Arab league mediator to gain the cease fire. Libya which backed the guerrillas in their fight an homed it was retaliating by severing diplomatic relations with Jordan according to the sem official Middle East news Agency Mena. It recalled its ambassador to Amman and ordered the jordanian ambassador to leave Tripoli. The Cairo newspaper Al Abram said Libya also offered Brig. Mohammed Daoud who resigned As head of Jordan a military government political Asylum. Piliere still was no sign of 38 americans held hostage from the hijacking of three airliners. The 16 other hostages All British Swiss and West German were found by the jordanian army Friday and were expected to be evacuated today. A report from guerrilla sources said the americans might be in North Jordan or even Syria. In Israel chief of staff la. Gen. Haim Baricev said the nation will take a military Steps if the situation in Jordan deteriorates. A should Israel face a Choice Between evacuating settlements and civilians from the Border and taking military Steps of a serious dimension i assume that the second Choice would be the one taken a he said in an interview recorded for broadcast today. In Cairo after hearing the reports from Arafat and i Numeir one Arab league Delegate said a we have gone Back to Square Nasser sent a Cable Early today to Hussein couched in some of the strongest language the egyptian president has Ever used against another Arab nation. However he confined himself to condemning the jordanian government and not the King himself. The soviet Union the United states will take a appropriate action if the russians construct a nuclear submarine base on the Southern coast of Cuba. Eight years ofter president John f. Kennedy forced the soviet Union to remove offensive and based missiles from Cuba the Pentagon announced Friday Russia May be building a base to support missile firing nuclear submarine operations in the Western hemisphere. A defense department spokesman said however it was too Early to say if construction activity in Cienfuegos Bay less than 200 Miles from key West fla., was definitely intended to be a submarine base. A the soviet Union can be of no doubt that we would View the construction of strategic bases in the Caribbean with utmost seriousness a said the six Berne business establishments burglarized while the City of Berne slept burglars were Busy As six business establishments in the downtown area were burglarized in the wee hours of this saturday morning. Members of the Adams county sheriffs department Berne and state police were Busy investigating the break ins late this Tang Krak captured Cong Block thwarted backing up Singer Engelbert Humperdinck is his new $36,000 Rolls Royce. The popular vocalist currently is on a world tour. Phenom penh up a a cambodian task Force Friday captured the town of Tang Krak where Viet Cong and North vietnamese forces had blocked the Advance of the biggest cambodian offensive of the War for nearly two weeks. Although the estimated 2,000 communist troops in the town 52 Miles North of phenom penh had put up heavy resistance earlier in the week cambodian spokesmen said today the attackers moved in easily Friday. A the Viet Cong pulled out before our final assault a the spokesman said. The cambodian command had said the army was trying to entrap the communist defenders in Tang Kauk but the strategy apparently failed and the defenders escaped. A by this Victory we can press on with our drive to Kampong Thorn a the spokesman said. A it proved the Viet Cong even when they Are firmly dug in cannot Stop the cambodian army. American spokesmen in Saigon reported eight Cis killed and 34 wounded in Light and scattered ground action in South Vietnam Friday. Four americans were killed and to wounded when their trucks hit mines in Quang tin and Quang Ngai provinces 50 Miles South of Danang South vietnamese spokesmen said government troops killed in North two 54 Viet Cong and vietnamese soldiers Battles Northwest and Southwest of Svay Rieng in the parrots beak area of Cambodia 72 Miles Southwest of phenom penh. The purpose of the drive was to Clear Highway 6 Between phenom penh and Kampong Thom an important communication Center of 10,000 persons colleges hold 80 Miles North of the capital 9 morning. All six break ins occurred in the downtown Berne area. Four on main Street. Harold August Adams county Deputy sheriff who is helping in the investigation said late this morning that an undetermined amount of Cash was stolen from the business establishments. Businesses hit the six Berne business establishments that were burglarized Early this morning Are we. Reusser lumber Yard 518 e. Main St. Moser motor sales 218 w. Main St. Kirsch drug store 151 w. Main St. Riesen amp Smith motor sales 269 e. Main St. Adams county farm Bureau elevator 301 e. Water St., and farm and Home Center 163 n. Bearing St. The farm Bureau and farm and Home Center Are both located directly off main Street. The burglars apparently entered All six business establishments through rear doors. The Kirsch drug store was apparently the hardest hit according to the sheriffs department. And to relieve the siege of the Northern City the target of almost nightly rocket attacks for two months. Communiques from Saigon said three americans were killed and eight wounded in separate com Mist attacks on two . Army units in the Northern sector a Viet Cong mortar attack near qui Nhon 250 Miles North of Saigon caused Light casualties. Appellate court judge Here tuesday for walk Bird with empty nests. A the base recently was deactivated As an Lane lumbers past empty hangars at Tuy Hoa airbase in South Vietnam. Or Force installation and turned Over to ground forces. Thomas j. Faulconer democratic candidate for judge of the appellate court first District will be in Decatur next tuesday afternoon to participate in the a in step with the people walk in the downtown area. He is expected to be in the Uptown area at approximately 2 . Jay m. Devoss Adams county democratic chairman said this morning the a a walk was proposed that All democratic candidates participate in a massive Well coordinated state wide walk in order to visit with hoosiers. Local democratic candidates Are also planning to be with Falconer next tuesday afternoon in the Uptown area. The a in step with the people program will provide All democratic candidates the Opportunity to shake hands and talk with fellow booties. Federal state and local democratic candidates throughout the state of Indiana will participate in a walks similar to the one in Decatur during a four Day period beginning september 28 and ending october i. Visitation Days in order to acquaint High school students and their parents with information on admissions housing student aids and educational and career opportunities available a number Ai colleges and universities hold Quot visitation Days a on their respective campuses. A tour of the Campus is usually included. Information and dates for the visitation Days usually on weekends Are posted and Ai it bounced to Bellmont students. Students and parents Are encouraged to take advantage of the programs planned especially far them by the schools. Students Are asked to sign in the guidance office if they Are interested in visiting a Campus. If there Are enough students who plan to go to Tbs same Campus arrangements will be made to take them on a school bus. A guidance Counselor will accompany the group. Otherwise students must provide their own transportation. Some of the dates for visitations follow Ball stats october 3, la 18 Purdue october 17 Indiana state october 22, 23 Rose polytechnic Institute october 22, 23 and Hanover october 24. White House official who asked not to be named. A we Are watching events in Cuba. We re not in a position now to say exactly what they mean. But at the right moment we will take whatever action is the official said in response to a question that Kennedy a warning to the soviets on nov. 20, 1962, not to introduce offensive weapons into Cuba is still american policy. Kennedy said there would be peace in the Caribbean Only if a fall offensive weapons Are removed from Cuba and kept out of the hemisphere in the future in do adequate verification and the russian activity at Cienfuegos Bay was spotted by american u2 spy planes As late As thursday seven soviet vessels were spotted near the suspected site. Bulletin congressman Adair Learned today that general services administration is awarding a contract far an indefinite Quantity of Wood boxes to Wayne novely corp. Of Decatur. The contract runs from 11-1-70 to oct. 31 71and the expecting work amounting to $318,404.00. Bailey reelected to ask committee Lyle t. Bailey Well Adown Adams county Farmer was named to the county agricultural stabilization and conservation ask committee by delegates to the ask county convention held september 25, 1970 in the Adams county As is office. The delegates also selected Richard a. Martin and Lyle t. Bailey As chairman and vice chairman of the three member county committee Roy Ballger by process of elimination was named regular member. And named Fredrick a. Myers and Harry Kershner As first and second alternates. Or. Martin is beginning his third successive year As county committee chairman or. Bailey is beginning his second three year term or. Ballger is beginning his second year on the county committee. The county ask committee is responsible for local administration of government farm programs such As allotments and bases Price support for eligible crops and conservation Cost sharing on agricultural lands. The vacancies were filled and the county ask committee officers named by delegates who Are newly elected ask comm nit committeemen. Community committees assist the county committee in farm program administration and help keep Farmer informed of program provisions. County committeemen Are elected by the Community committeemen to serve three year staggered terms so that ordinarily one vacancy occurs each year. The county committee alternate Are elected to one year terms. The Adams county ask committee and All Community committees take office on october i

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