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Decatur Daily Democrat Newspaper Archives Nov 21 1970, Page 1

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Decatur Daily Democrat (Newspaper) - November 21, 1970, Decatur, Indiana Decatur daily Democrat vol Lxvi la no. 275. The Only daily newspaper in Adams county Decatur. Indiana 46733. Saturday. November 21. 1970 ten cents turkeys turkeys everywhere at least for a few Days before contributing their Ai to thanksgiving Observance. Specially bred Birds Are among the 20,000 processed daily at a Detroit lakes minn., Plant. Murder court martial it. William Colley closes out first week american planes bomb commission denies rezoning petition it Benning a up a the murder court martial it. William l. Calley closed out its first week with a word picture vietnamese civilian men and women piled dead dying in an irrigation ditch. The picture was provided by the last witness Friday Richard Pendleton 22. Of Richmond calif., a Small thin College student with a pinched face and dark hair falling nearly to his shoulders. He had been a Rifleman in the sweep a Village in which Calley is accused murdering 102 civilians. The government has said it intends to prove Calley ordered people shoved into the ditch and executed and that he and members the platoon he commanded killed More than 75 there the witness who attends Contra Costa Junior College testified he saw 40 50 bodies in the ditch in a pile 30 feet in length a in a group top each other with More bodies in the Middle than at the in his opinion they were dead. He said two other soldiers accompanied him to the ditch which was 7 to to feet deep and to 15 across. A did one fire into the ditch a asked maj. Kenneth Raby the defense counsel staff. Pendleton answered yes but made it plural with a later answer a i can to say whether they fired at people who were still under Rabys Cross examination Pendleton said that in another area he saw a child two three years get shot in the presence capt. Ernest Medina commander the company that swept through the sub Hamlet my Lai 4 that Day March 16, 1968 he said Medina gave no order to his medic to treat the boy. Another group bodies that shooting he said was near an area in the Southern part the Village where there was another group bodies a about 15. Of All Ages and both he was the 12th prosecution witness to Tell seeing this group beside a Trail. The witness preceding him Joe Grimes 29, Pasadena general motors pact ratified by workers Detroit up a the United Auto workers strike against general motors is officially Over after 67 Days but the company says it will be unable to Start building cars again until two local disputes Are settled. Both sides were hopeful full production would be under Way by mid december. Law president Leonard Woodcock and Irving Bluestone co director the unions pm department announced Friday evening that 367,573 Union members had voted in the past week to ratify a new three year National contract with pm and that 11,546 had voted colder Indiana weather mostly sunny and becoming mild today. Increasing cloudiness and not so cold tonight becoming Windy with showers Likely sunday possibly changing to Snow late in the Day and turning colder. Low tonight 36 to 41. High sunday upper Tbs hut falling into 30s during afternoon North. Extended Outlook Cloudy with Chance rain probably changing to Snow flurries monday and turning much colder. Considerable cloudiness Windy and much colder tuesday. Fair and very cold tuesday night and wednesday. Highs Low 40s North. 50s South monday lowering to upper 20s North. Low to mid 30s South tuesday and mid 20s North to Low and mid 30s South wednesday. Lows upper 20s North. 30s South monday 17 to 20 North and Central and mid to upper 20s South tuesday and 12 to 15 Over state wednesday. Against it. The returns based votes from 145 the unions 155 bargaining units in the United states showed that 85 per cent the production workers and 80 per cent the skilled workers wanted to accept the pact. Woodcock and Bluestone said. A in Light these results the National agreement has been ratified in accordance with the Law Constitution and the Law National strike against general motors corp. In the United states is terminated a they said. Despite the end the strike Earl Bramblett Gmys chief negotiator said a there Are two key fabricating plants without new local agreements which Are essential to Startup. Until local agreements Are reached at these two facilities the automotive system cannot a pm spokesman said this meant that a few plants May be Able to Start stockpiling parts and Gmys no automotive facilities could get Back into production but that no cars trucks could be built until the local issues at the Fisher body stamping Plant in Mansfield Ohio and the Chevrolet supplier Plant at Warren mich., were settled the Warren Plant makes wheels and rear axles for Chevrolet cars and trucks and supplies front suspension components for regular size Chevrolet Pontiac Oldsmobile and bricks the new contract which becomes effective monday gives the average pm workers Between $12,000 and $13,000 a year and would Cost the company $2.4 billion Over three years in wages alone. The companies which were not strike targets in this Case Ford motor co. And Chrysler corp traditionally accept the virtually identical contract As die strike target. Tex., a former sergeant and squad Leader also said he saw this group. The prosecution has said it will show that Calley helped kill the group by the Trail. It has yet to connect him with anything but one witness Friday said he believed he saw Calley in the area. Medina has been charged with Overall responsibility for the purported Slaughter but has not been committee to a improving economic climate Washington up president Nixon has met with the chairman the Federal Reserve Board to discuss ways to improve the economic climate possibly by expanding the Money Supply. Nixon met Friday with Reserve Board chairman Arthur f. Burns and the White House said the purpose the talks was to a make sure the combination fiscal and monetary policies Are consistent with the expansion needed in a growing the president is known to favor a somewhat easier Money policy than the Federal Reserve Board has been following. The Independent Board takes the View a tight Money Supply is vital to control inflation. Earlier this week the administration was jolted by a Reserve Board report that Industrial production declined 2.3 per cent during october. This was the sharpest dip in More than la years. Unemployment in october was placed at 5.6 per cent. Also meeting with Nixon Friday was Paul w. Mccracken chairman the Council economic health gift deadline nov. 28 the need has by no Means been filled and Many additional gifts for hospitalized mental patients will have to be collected in order to have a successful Christmas gift program according to mrs. George White chairman the Christmas gift committee the mental health association. Mrs. White said a i know All the patients look Forward to the Christmas parties sponsored by the mental health association perhaps More than any other affair we have during the year. Quot Many the patients realize that their families can to will not be with them at Holiday time. The pleasure they share with groups sponsoring the parties at which gifts Are distributed gives the patients encouragement and a sense the deadline for delivery Christmas gifts is nov. 28. Collection centers in Decatur Are Debolt Mack in Brooks store Cass ready to Wear Village Green pharmacy Murphy a Decatur Plaza nips co Jani Lyn Villa lanes first state Bank Gerber a supermarket. Sgt. Mitchell cleared massacre charges heavily populated area North Vietnam today Saigon up a Hanoi said Waves . Planes bombed heavily populated areas North Vietnam Early today causing a number civilian casualties and hitting a prisoner War Camp where . Airmen were being held. The North vietnamese government said a a certain number american prisoners were injured and added that antiaircraft fire brought Down three . Jet fighter bombers and a helicopter. The Hanoi statement released in Paris by its delegation to the peace talks and broadcast by Hanoi radio said a the american planes carried out provocative attacks against certain heavily populated regions causing losses among the civilian population. A Camp air pirates captured in North Vietnam was hit and a certain number the latter were the raids hit the provinces Hai Phong Hatay Quang Ninh and Hoa Binh which Are just East and South Hanoi the broadcast said. If so it would be the first time american bombers have hit that area since april 1968, when president Lyndon b. Johnson ordered All bombing North the 20th parallel stopped. In Washington defense Secretary Melvin r. Laird said the air strikes had been ordered in the Southern Panhandle North Vietnam in retaliation against North vietnamese attacks . Reconnaissance planes. He said the attacks were a limited duration but did not say How Many aircraft were involved if there had been losses. Figures released by the . Command showed that 13 american aircraft have been Strong words have passed Between Fri director j. Edgar Hoover left and former atty. Gen. Ramsey Clark. In response to hoovers calling him a a jellyfish a Clark said the Fri has become a a ideological under hoovers direction. Lost Over North Vietnam since the bombing halt. In other action communist troops with a series coordinated attacks in Cambodia Cut phenom Penhos Only land route with the Deepwater port Kampong som military spokesmen said. Of the seven National highways All but Highway i running from phenom penh to Saigon now Are considered unsafe for daytime travel. The attacks along Highway 4 leading to Kampong som were directed against a disused czechoslovak munitions factory a tank unit and forced at the Kir irom dam the cambodian High command said. The communists also mined a Bridge the Highway. South vietnamese infantrymen in northeastern Cambodia killed 30 communist soldiers and seized a Rice Cache in the Only significant War action Friday military spokesmen in Saigon said. The South vietnamese suffered no casualties in the four hour action they said. The Adams county plan commission met in Public hearing thursday in the court room to consider a rezoning petition brought by Robert Marhenke new Haven in which he asked that lots 13 14 and 15 in the Village Williams be reclassified from re to r-2 to permit the placing Mobile Homes these lots. After Long and careful consideration the plan commission voted to recommend that the petition be denied. The vote was six votes to deny three votes to take under advisement. No votes were cast for approval. The regular meeting was then held. Minutes the october 22 meeting were read and approved plan director Caffee then gave the staff report and briefed the commission new business. More consideration was Given to the Highway needs study. The meeting then adjourned. All commission members were present. Moon Rover mane Vered to Moon parking space Moscow up a space commanders pushing buttons Earth cockeyed the soviet unions Moon Rover into a a parking place where the robot machine will remain during the Long lunar night an official report said today. The Tass news Agency said the eight wheeled device was mane Vered to a spot the sea Rains where it could test a physical mechanical properties Moon Rock during the 144 Day period lunar darkness which begins tuesday. Scientists held a one hour and 55 minute communications session with the machine Tass said As it transmitted television panoramas the Moon while mane vering into place. A top soviet space official compared the Moon cart to an obedient child who has just Learned to walk and is ready to go onto bigger and better things. The official identified Only As chairman the soviet commission space research Large Chicken House is destroyed by flames a raging out control fire Friday afternoon near Berne destroyed a Large two Story Chicken House which was being readied for the arrival poultry saturday. The fire occurred at the Richard Moser farm which is located state Road 218 five Miles East Berne. The building could House approximately 50,000 chickens and turkeys but no poultry was inside the building when the Blaze occurred. The fire which started at approximately 2 p.m., also destroyed a trailer Home and several other buildings were scorched. Firemen from Berne Geneva Monroe and Chattanooga o., fought the roaring Blaze for several hours and were hampered by Cool and Windy weather conditions. The fire apparently started from a faulty heating unit As heat had been placed in the building earlier Friday in readiness for the chickens. Moser is the former head the Indiana state agricultural stabilization and conservation service the department agriculture and owns several poultry farms in the area. The Decatur fire department was not called to the fire. Said Lun Khod i a is capable performing a much wider Range research and experiments than All previous types lunar a after the Landing we taught the Moon buggy to walk around the Moon a the government news Agency Tass quoted him As saying. A now we Are testing its he said the lunar buggy began using its second gear Friday but he made no mention the vehicles Speed. The official said Lun Khod i transmits panoramic pictures which Are used by earthbound controllers in a a plotting its path Over the sea Rains. The vehicle has transmitted 14 High Quality closeups the lunar surface and carried experiments determining the chemical composition lunar dust with the help an a Ray spectrometer Tass said. Commanded by a five Man Crew Remote controllers Lun Khod drove 90 Yards in four hours and 25 minutes Friday. A was a result these Maneu vers Lun Khod is now 125 meters 137 Yards away from the Landing stage Luna 17,�?� Tass said. The unmanned Luna 17 Mother ship carried Lun Khod to the Moon after being launched from an orbit around the Earth. Former president Johnson win play Host to South vietnamese vice president Nguyen Cao by nov. 28. By in the United states an unofficial visit will Fly from Washington to Texas for lunch and a talk at the lbs ranch. Warns epidemic danger for Manila Manila up a president Ferdinand e. Marcos warned today an epidemic could break out in the Wake typhoon Patsy and urged As Many Manila residents As possible to head for the Countryside. At an Impromptu news conference at Manila International Airport Marcos expressed fears a major epidemic because the typhoon left most metropolitan areas 3.5 million residents without electricity and drinking water Marcos did not specify which diseases might reach epidemic proportions but cholera and typhoid Are normally spread by such unsanitary conditions As caused by the typhoon. Visibly worried Marcos revealed a series emergency orders including a two week suspension All school classes and shortened work hours for government employees. The typhoon which struck Manila with winds up to 125 Miles an hour at midday thursday killed at least 105 persons and left More than 1.000 injured. At least 165 were missing. The tolls Are expected to Rise As Fuller reports come in. A we Are concerned about an epidemic and rising prices a Marcos told newsmen after saying goodbye to visiting Burnie Leader be win. The president also announced he had ordered a More modest preparations for the visit Pope Paul i scheduled to begin next Friday. Several major welcoming Arches which were nearing completion were ripped Down in the High winds which also destroyed Trees and Power lines beached oceangoing vessels and ripped off hundreds rooftops and signs. An official the Manila electric company said a virtually too per cwt our electric lines have been either totally partially destroyed by the typhoon in the Manila area the company said 600 emergency crewmen were working the broken lines every eight hour shift and they expect Power to be restored to All residents in the City and suburbs within 15 Days. Said. A i think this will have an effect the smaller my Lai cases but not Calley and he referred to it. William Calley who is now trial at it Benning ga., charges premeditated murder 102 vietnamese nationals and capt Ernest Medina the commander the company that swept through my Lai Village March 16. 1968. Medina has not been charged. A seven officer court martial jury deliberated for More than six hours Friday before reaching a verdict in Mitchells trial. When the jury came in at 8 38 p.m., Mitchell saluted sharply then stood stiffly at attention As the court president. Col. Francis Giacomozzi read the verdict. A sgt. Mitchell it is my duty to advise you that this court after meeting in closed deliver actions finds you not guilty a Giacomozzi said. Mitchells wife jumped to her feet sobbed a loud a to huh a then fell into the arms Mitchells father the Rev. Isaiah Mitchell St. Francisville la. The government tried to prove that Mitchell along with Calley pushed and shoved a group mostly women and children into the ditch then gunned them Down with automatic rifles. But a series defense witnesses testified Mitchell was not at the ditch when the shooting took place and Brown brought out numerous inconsistencies in the testimony the prosecution witnesses it. Hood Tex. . David Mitchell was found innocent Friday night charges he participated in the alleged my Lai massacre. The 30-year-old career soldiers civilian attorney believes the decision May open the door for acquittal some the other american soldiers charged in connection with the incident. Mitchell who faced a sentence up to 20 years at hard labor if he had been found guilty charges assault with intent to murder 30 vietnamese civilians at my Lai smiled broadly after the verdict and said he plans to make the army his career. Chief defense counsel Ossie Brown Baton Rouge la How appealing can a Puppy get five week old a a secret makes sure no leaves get away As they blow around his Home at Bowie my

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