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Decatur Daily Democrat Newspaper Archives Jul 21 1973, Page 1

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Decatur Daily Democrat (Newspaper) - July 21, 1973, Decatur, Indiana Decatur daily Democrat vol. Xxi no. 171, the Only daily newspaper in Adams count Decatur Indiana 46733, saturday july 21, 1973 ten cents Senate watergate committee told Al Quot gathering system Quot Cottrell and Ramirez Are sentenced Here the camera catches president Nixon in a Calm and reflective mood. By Mike fein Siurek Washington up Sandy haired Gordon Strachan another of those clean Cut youths in politics says his watergate role was Only that of a messenger. But one of the messages he delivered to his White House Boss h r. Hal deman carried explosive implications. It came from key Biscayne fla., where Jeb Stuart Magruder a Young Man running the Nixon re election committee until John n. Mitchell could take Over said Mitchell had approved a a sophisticated political intelligence gathering presumably that included watergate. Magruder had just returned from a meeting with Mitchell in key Biscayne fla., March 30, 1972 of Haldeman was told about watergate two months before the initial wiretap break in did he Tell president Nixon crucial question that becomes the crucial question monday when Stra housing Farmland discussed the Adams county planning commission according to the county director of planning and zoning. Dale cat fee. Is in a Quandros Over what to do about i nit her regulation of agriculturally zoned land Here my in order to pick up some extra suggestions on the Issue Atlee held an informal hearing this week in the courthouse courtroom on the situation in audience of a interned out to hear and by heard although Atlee concluded the meeting saying that it will be several months before the planning commission is ready to make recommendations among those at the meeting were the planning commissioners the county commissioners representatives of he Extension office and a few local tanners Coffee started off the session explaining the a pressure Quot being placed on dams county Farmland particularly Iii the Northern third of the county by the southward expansion of Mil Urban f Ort Wayne and the continual search for housing Quot lies Iii the Rural area Coffee has not completed fits Square mile by Square mile Survey of the county but his Northern third Survey is done and it shows a great increase Iii Home Sites timing set up on what used to he pure farming land this he says is causing worry on the part of Farmers Here a some corrective measures must be taken he urged coaxing it at fee employed a county map tilled with coloured dots to indicate housing encroachments into Tai Iii areas and also pointed to a Large list of la problems which the planning commission must Tome to grips with Over this Issue i Hose ii include sewage efficient land use the retaining agricultural land for agricultural use strip develop menus these Ai e defined As housing developments set lip Iii strips running alongside toads making Access easier the Protection of agricultural land rom injunctive action lie Protection of the environment the possibility of limiting building lot sizes drainage a t i Ess i lie loss of la lid resources and i Ualle. The question id How to do All id lie above a a without unreasonable hardship Quot to land of Liers. Rout township shows the fastest Rise Iii the township growth rate 22 percent according to Calico s findings and his concern Over the drop in land available for food production caused him and others at the meeting to worry Over food shortages. It always a matter of How much regulation should you said it Atlee one of whose proposals Tor combating Rural drainage problems is to set up subdivision plots instead of scattered houses statistics Atlee further cited statistics thai 95 percent of the Countryside building Sites in far Are either present or potential Tai islands Aud he offered a unique definition of wooded areas a a Woods is a potential later on Iii the general discussion local Leader and conservationist Earl Auald pointed out that lie a deplores the consumption of Woodlands Quot hut Only slated his opposition to the destruction it Forest areas for housing locations and not Fields. Daw Ald also suggested that an environmental Impact study committee be created to hold hearings and give advice on How to proceed in matters such As these in the future he noted that resources come just two ways renewable and nonrenewable and that land is renewable. Daw Ald and another Man also called at least twice for people to stay in towns and cities instead of moving out to the country. Revive the ghost he cried at one Point a the country should he for the tanners a one Mon of his worries was that the drilling of Many Wells for these Rural Homes is lowering the water table Farmers need to keep Iii business yet another subject brought up was the problem of sewage from these residential spots dotting the country a the bigger the Cluster the bigger the stink Atlee declared question Iii response to a question Atlee said that Indiana like almost All Oiler states does not allow for conditions to lie set within a particular zoning designation such As \ for agricultural. It for business i for Industrial k for residential Etc. The questioner had asked him if it would not tie possible for the planning commission to set tip certain conditions which All Home site buyers would have to abide by if they bought land in the country. Atlee told him that there Are just two zoning designations which completely forbid housing heavy Industrial and flood Plain. Caffre did allow that Quot we have to have some development we can t outlaw it he also mentioned that he might use the county a recently acquired helicopter to have pictures taken for a county wide land use map project As part of his investigation one Decatur realtor spoke up and admitted that he and other land developers have a probably been guilty in the past Quot of chopping Large farms up into Small parcels of land to satisfy the estimated to percent of prospective Home buyers who want a Small places Quot on which to live. Caffre supported him with the example of a Man who divided a to acre plot into four Long ten acre strips he then added that maybe it might be a Good idea for the commission to set maximum size limits for land sales to go with the existing half acre minimum Rule Chan undergoes Bis first Public questioning by the Senate watergate committee. He has been granted immunity so what he says cannot be used against him in any future trials. Strachan p r o n o u n c e d a Straw no got no further than Reading his 15-Page opening statement by the conclusion of fridays hearing. By monday the committee Hopes to have president Nixon s response to its request for the secret White House Telephone and office tape recordings which would disclose exactly what Haldeman and others told him about watergate. Haldeman Nixon s chief of staff and his no. I aide until he resigned april i with Nixon a Praise was one of the few officials who knew that everything said to Nixon in his Oval and hideaway offices was automatically taped. Haldeman too will testify next week. Nixon was widely reported Friday to have decided to refuse to release the tapes. Deputy press Secretary Gerald Warren said a there is no change in the president s Basic decision stated in his july 7 letter in which he refused to make requested White House documents available to the committee. Baker optimistic the panel could subpoena the tapes but sen. Herman e. Talmadge i -ga., said that could trigger a court fight taking years to conclude. All the committee members want Access to the tape but few seem to think they will be granted it. An exception was sen. Howard la Bakerr Tenn. A you can characterize me As hopelessly he said. Nixon went to Camp David my to recuperate from his bout big explosion in fort Wayne fort w Ayne id up bout 4,000 residents who were forced to evacuate from their Homes Friday night after a derailed tank ear loaded with a potentially dangerous chemical exploded were allowed to return today however officials still were not allowing residents to return who lived within a half mile radius of the scene of the derailment on the Western out skirts of the City pending clean up efforts by a Penn Central emergency Crew officials estimated the limited ban affected ewer than iou families evacuation of everyone within five Miles of the wreck was or Deled Friday after an explosion with the Roar it Thunder threat cued to trigger a chemical reaction in two other tankers producing noxious fumes a fire broke out that was not brought under control until this morning preventing earlier efforts to Clear the tracks. A train official this morning said a preliminary investigation indicated the derailment May have been caused by a faulty lie Rod on one of the cars in hic linear train no one was injured and firemen this morning were Able to gel close enough to the burning rail ears to extinguish them nearby Indiana 14 was closed to traffic Between . 24 and interstate1 it with viral pneumonia and draft ins written reply to the tape request. Earlier returning to his office from the Hospital the president remarked to aides within reporters earshot a any suggestion that this president is going to slow Down or leave this office is just Plain Poppycock Strachan in his statement to the senators disputed Magruder s earlier testimony that Magruder had fully briefed Strachan about every step in the watergate operation. Strachan s Job was to be the political conduit Between the committee to re elect the president at 1701 Pennsylvania ave. And Haldeman in the White House. Haldeman has already denied under oath that he had any Advance knowledge of the operation. Strachan said Magruder did not like having to report to him since Magruder had been his Boss when Magruder worked in the White House. In any event Magruder barely mentioned his failures such As the failure before that fateful March 30 meeting at key Biscayne to win approval for the bugging plan and he liked to Reserve his successes so he could personally report on them to Haldeman. In one regard Strachan supported Magruder a account that the bugging plan had been approved by Mitchell at that meeting. When he went before the committee Mitchell called Magruder a testimony on that Point a a Damnable palpable Frederick c. Larue a close associate of Mitchell at Campaign Headquarters testified wednesday on his recollection of the March 30 meeting which girl from Portland killed in new York officials said whatever toxic fumes might have been unleashed by the derailment and fire apparently had no effect on anybody in the area which is sparsely populated but contains a number of Industrial facilities. Tankers the problem eight cars of the freight had jumped the tracks late Friday afternoon. Five of the derailed cars were tankers one containing liquified Petroleum up Gas and four hauling Vinyl Chloride. The up car erupted in flames which spread to one of the chemical tankers. The intense heat prevented firemen from getting close enough to fight the flames about two hours later there was a minor explosion followed to minutes later by a thundering blast As one of the chemical tankers exploded the Force was so great it was Felt and heard to Miles away. Feared fumes Wayne township fire chief Paul Fairfield originally had ordered evacuation of an area within one mile of the derailment about 200 persons were moved from some 50 Homes including a few bed Ridden persons who required ambulances. Alter the Gigantic blast sent a Ball of flame 2 it it feet into the air Fairfield ordered the expander evacuation. Brooklyn. N. Y. Up Debbie Phemister a 21-year-old attractive girl from Portland iud., was found stabbed to death Early Friday in her fashionable Brooklyn Heights apartment building where she had moved to two months ago to study acting. The eldest daughter of Miami mrs. Warren o. Phemister was found stabbed four times in the Back and six times in the Chest in her apartment. Her father is administrator of the Jay county Hospital in Portland where he and his family moved nearly nine years ago from Indianapolis. The Phemister have two younger daughters and a younger son. New York mayor John Lindsay announced Friday he had instructed police commissioner Donald f. Cawley to take personal charge of the investigation police officials said 20 detectives have been assigned to the Case. A chief inspector and a Captain were assigned by Lindsay to meet miss Phemister s patents when they arrived in new York by air plane Friday they were taken to their daughters apartment immediately. A 1969 graduate of Portland two hospitalized As result of mishap lie also attended. He said Mitchell remarked the bugging proposal was something that did t have to be decided upon that moment disputing Mitchell s claim that he rejected it forcefully and angrily. Robert c. Mardian former assistant attorney general and later another Mitchell colleague at the re election committee recalled a meeting with Magruder and Mitchell about a week after the break in. When Magruder said $40, he had been Given g. Gordon Biddy the Mastermind behind the wiretapping Mitchell Mardian said expressed sur prise. Magruder said $40,000 was Quot not much out of a total budget of $250,000,�?� Mardian said. Since Mitchell did not question Magruder Mardian said he took the Exchange As yet further evidence that Mitchell in fact had approved a $250,000 for Lidov s schemes. High school where she played the Lead role in her class play a your hearts were Young and Gay a miss Phemister attended Indiana University for three years before moving to Rochester n to attend a drama school a Hometown Friend said. A she was very Active in speech and drama clubs in High school a her Friend said. Who asked not to be identified. A she was most attractive full of life always bubbly and with a very Good miss Phemister shared the studio apartment with another girl and had moved from Rochester to study acting in new York. Police said she had been visiting friends Iii Manhattan until about i a Est Friday at which time she returned alone to Brooklyn by subway. Detectives said there was no immediate evidence of sexual abuse although it appeared her pocketbook had been rummaged the slam woman a Wristwatch and other jewelry was still on her body. The body was discovered by the superintendent of the next building who was attracted to the building by the Barking of his dog police said. A Man and a woman from Ohio Are in Parkview Hospital in fort Wayne today with serious Iii juries they sustained in a ear truck crash on us 27 North of Decatur during a rain at 1 15 . Friday. Listed in poor condition but removed from the critical list is the Driver of the car James Presar 35, route 2, Wapakoneta and said to be in satisfactory condition is his passenger 51 year. Old Minster resident Freida Buenconsejo. The Accident took place when Jose r Guerra 48, 715 Zehir Meyer st., Decatur slowed his Van truck in Back of a vehicle getting ready to turn off of 27 his truck Slid Over the Center line on the wet pavement about i Miles North of the City and struck the oncoming Presar car the Impact of the crash pit Back to Back prison sentences were dealt out Friday afternoon in Adams circuit court to Victor Cottrell 27, Berne for a third degree arson conviction and to Oscar j. Ramirez. 18, 946 n. 12th st., Decatur for a statutory rape conviction judge Myles f. Parrish dispensed a two to five year sentence at Pendleton state prison to Cottrell who pleaded guilty several weeks ago to the amended third degree charge after count it prosecutor Dan Burry dropped a second degree arson charge. Cottrell in the company of another Berne resident Eugene Clark was responsible for numerous fires set in Indiana and Ohio in 1972, but this sentence was for a fire set september 13, 1972 in a building owned by Henry Schwartz or. Of route 2, Geneva. Cottrell was also Given credit for 105 Days spent in jail Here and was ordered by Parrish to be treated for alcoholism Ramirez who pleaded guilty july 9 to having Intercourse with a 13-year-old Decatur girl was called before Parrish s Bench Atter the Cottrell decision was announced and through the court s interpreter Mercedes Villagomez of Decatur. Parrish communicated with Ramirez who does not speak English Ramirez was Given a one War prison term at the reception diagnostic Center in Plainfield hut the judge also recommended that he tie transferred to the Indiana youth enter. Credit was Given Ramirez for eight Days spent in jail Here. The incident for which he was convicted look place March 23, 1973. In reaching his decision. Parrish pored Over numerous state statutes and court opinions to which he referred during the sentencing and ended up stat ing a i feel that two to 21 years is too much for a boy 18 years of that was one possible sentence Ramirez could have received hut Parrish lessened the time to one year the judge also strongly suggested to Ramirez that he should learn to speak English if he intends to continue living in the United states. Alcohol number one drug problem in United states died both vehicles from the Highway and pinned Presar inside the car for about to minutes. Guerra was taken to Adams county memorial Hospital where he was a Rayed treated for a Cut to his head then released damages were estimated at $2,200 to the Presar car and $700 to the Guerra truck. Boart to meet ii ext tuesday the North Adams Community school Board will meet in special session tuesday at 1 30 ., receiving bids for the Sale of general obligation Bonds and the letting of Bonds for the remodelling and addition to the Monmouth school editors note the following is the first instalment of a live part series on drugs their origin use and abuse the Law and drug usage and information relevant to indications which parents should be aware of to determine if their child is abusing drugs. The series is broken Down in the following parts i alcohol abuse 2 marijuana 3 narcotics t drugs in athletics and 5 drug traffic in Adams county and surrounding Rea by Gary Rutledge recent studies by government officials have proven that abuse of the stimulant alcohol is the number one drug problem facing this country. That in itself is nothing new but is rather startling since the drug has been abused in a legalized form since the Days of prohibition. While Adams county is becoming increasingly aware of an apparent drug problem among our youth citizens apparently turn the opposite direction when confronted with the definite and More realistic problem of alcohol abuse Here. Day in and Day out our papers carry articles relating deaths on the Highway attributed to the Drunken Driver arrests made on those driving under the influence crimes committed while intoxicated and hospitalization although not publicized of individuals who Are abusing alcohol. The statistics on confirmed alcoholics continues to swell. Vuk Ohol like marijuana and other abused drugs can frequent attribute abuse to a in this instance Hie Pusher May in your neighbor. Hest Friend leaders Iii the business Community religious Field or for that mutter in the Field of Law enforcement. The person who entertains and serves alcoholic beverages can he classed As a Pusher. The term a a Pusher As applied to the Field of alcohol abuse carries with it not the Strong connotation of a person tray Licking in drugs As it does when applied to the illegal drugs simply because of the legalization of alcoholic beverages for Public cob sumption. Alcohol much As cigarettes High taxes and environmental destruction has become a part of the everyday Lite however ooh now Are we beginning to realize the full implications of alcohol abuse just As we Are becoming More concerned with the Day by Day destruction of the environment the soaring Cost of maintaining a free government and tie fact that cigarette smoking does in fact cause cancer. All this has come about As a result of concentrated educational programs aimed at a specific need. The Best method of reducing future alcohol abuse can begin in the Homes with the parents Godfrey m Hockbaum re in in an article which appeared Iii the october 1968 Issue of the journal of health physical education and recreation and in the resource Book for drug abuse education wrote a Elf we begin to instill in the child proper attitudes and values with respect to these habits alcohol abuse and smoking Long before adolescence we could fortify and help him resist such influences later. Take for example tooth brushing. The child learns to Brush his Teeth Long before he understands the health reasons. When he is old enough to learn and understand the health reasons he can easily accept them because they fit in with an already established habit. In fact they help strengthen the habit. In the same Way i believe that by proper Means we can instill in children certain attitudes and ways of looking at smoking and drinking when the child is still very Young it can Start with using doll play in pre school years and it can go through All the school years by the time the child becomes a teenager there would have developed within him an ingrained Way of looking at such matters. As he becomes exposed to other influences toward smoking drinking and similar Behaviours these influences will be contrary to his Normal Way of thinking. Therefore education in this area should Start As Early As possible both in the Home and in the in relation to school health education Hochbaum writes visits to hospitals to see cancer patients or having an emphysema patient visit the classroom May have More Impact than All the statistics. A teenage let of who was crippled in an Accident while driving under the influence of alcohol will be More persuasive than a Booklet. There is some evidence that Many adolescents take up smoking or drinking or drugs not because they particularly want to or enjoy it but because they believe that it gives them some status among their Peers or in the eyes of the other sex or because other teenagers talk them into it or because they consider it a Mark of adulthood. In the same respect the Parent who drinks to excess will have an impossible task in persuading his son or daughter to desist from developing the same mannerisms or experimenting with drugs. Making of Xii alcoholic one of the problems of the great emphasis which is being placed Oil drugs today is that we tend to forget that alcohol is a drug and that alcohol taken regularly Iii Large amounts can either addict or habitat cute the consumer. Estimates today show that foul and one half to five per cent of All the adult citizens in the United states Are alcoholics although the percentage of those who admit to this is not As High. To View the picture of alcohol abuse in proper perspective we have to look at alcoholism As we do other types of behave rial difficulties As part of a Long process. It generally takes a fairly Long time of fair quantities of drinking to get into trouble depending of course on the individual consumer s physical composition some become alcoholics by Only taking an occasional drink while others May or May not become alcoholics via a steady diet of alcoholic beverage. To show How severe the problem of alcohol abuse is estimates from government sources show that there were approximately 5,500,000 alcoholics in the United states 1959 estimates compared with a Federal Bureau of narcotics estimate that there were approximately 60.000 narcotic addicts in 1965. Both Are conservative for today. Legit Macy of alcohol use Only increases the Chance of concealing growth of drug dependence. In turn due to the legality of alcoholic beverages for consumption in All private and Many Public places As opposed to the illegality of narcotics criminal sanctions brought against drug addicts Are More severe than those brought against alcoholics for instance. In most municipalities penalties Tor Public intoxication Are relatively mild rarely exceeding 30 Days in jail. Some unknown yet significant percentage of persons arrested repeatedly for intoxication Are chronic alcoholics. Both alcoholics and drug addicts alike need to come to terms with Labelling disapproval exposure and sanctions. The fact that alcohol abuse definitely is the number one problem in the area of drug usage should be concern enough for parents users and non users alike to come to grips with the problem a realization which could Lead to the reduction of abuse in All drugs Burin resident taken a death p Neuen died at 4 Berne nursing been ill seven Abraham Schwander 77, Friday in the Home. He had weeks surviving Are one brother. Chris in and one sister miss Anna p. Neue Schwander both of Berne funeral services will be held at to a Monday in the evangelical mennonite Church. Friends May Call at the Yager funeral Home after 2 pm sunday burial will be in the Church cemetery he was born in Wabash township on sept 29, 1895, the son of Peter m and Catherina Nussba urn Neyensch wander. And was never married two Sisters and two Brothers preceded him in death Indiana father Cloud and mild with periods it showers and a few i ii ii ii d Erst or Iii s of a tonight and sunday. Highs today upper 70s. Lows tonight mid tins. Highs Nunda mid to upper 70s. Hance of showers Honda

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