Dawsons Weekly Times And Union in Fort-Wayne, Indiana
25 Sep 1861

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Dawsons Weekly Times And Union in Fort-Wayne, Indiana
25 Sep 1861

Read an issue on 25 Sep 1861 in Fort-Wayne, Indiana and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Dawsons Weekly Times And Union.

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Dawsons Weekly Times and Union (Newspaper) - September 25, 1861, Fort Wayne, IndianaFort Wayne Indiana wednesday morning september 25, i. Weekly times oui Union. The Alf Jsu in Ken Tucky. The Lii Story i both open Llic Iri Kentucky is Rayt Alhi Parl Jim la Ircul of the the Union no now in that the Loyal supporters of hit Lallur hrs in Little danger of being Hood winked by Blind credulity in Tho professions of Ibri who. With words of Price on their lips Quick to slow n Moody i Jed which it was needful to invoke the Law of for Llie furtherance of their schemed Gamst the wishes of the people thus m Virginia whet the War Tocsin was bounded As one. Of pens hns clip incl by raid.-. Her her mail City mobs drove excitement to frenzy and a majority in the convention was the Good old stale pm Iti ged inti of Morai and physical desolation hell Ofa bitter in a Servile in fore any so called ordinance of so armed troops Wero on 8ei7.tf Iho prop crop of inc Milioti fat Norfolk and at ferry. Ami , it Call and the for n Soto reign which should have Power to in the the state in Tho matter of Federal relations. In def. Fern no to their Sovereign Coria in but so soon As it declared Ina iric of the Wop la of Missouri plighted Tieu to Ihu const Lulion and Ihu Union what dui we Xieo v the governor Nind a por Tioli of the legislature usurp Lam a tule no to wily of the common we lilt and put Uil san la in to Tif a rent res inn ecu to la tin _ called Ai of these parties inputs again led in thin which can say u Lei the Aelion the Texas youve Niiori in Slov Houston i still int body Cor Tauly had a Rish he slate s and Herascu to the Union Ken huh a i be Henle and As if Elliis were Nul Tho has Ull Pilj Wii la Lam a lion of Iho convention am i and Niit Luk Missouri into the on the cloption of the of Mfd tins Lam Luvirn the Mun Uultt ill be Lull hint president Lncoln 3 Loho branded As la Cal Caius cowardly fur obedience in Llie Law Ara we to in told Lylial tie Ilent has Imlay ibis War and a Llie Campaign Loho Klig Maliker Tho Nam Cal dealer of Hull s Pitnu n Llic ill to cetus in. To would not allow Gen i Yam Hong and shoot in Blom Tom Iti m Ohleh May by Invin in arms Agni we t flee u. A iwo ii. Proch Ami u Art also All Trio Laws of the of War to in Brolan Luch cock Itri Anil when he in the spirit i 1 lilo pm Linx to Luw Dunn nov t a such diets h lit to by Brand Wili such v l url.i.1 it Al mis ily Ood Yel Itu a Union they who arc to Law Kiili hurdle arc. With nil Luicir faults still our Roll turn mad and erring Tonko the Wixx a i Fink Milfs a pulled now Primo int Al , and ind u n Xvi lit Ahra Hiim in to Al them o he Phil limn to death. Of for Ilia hover la a Doe ppr Clintion of Ali Luw nil Ihu Inix of hut miniely into thu heart of men who thus Vonlil prevent the 1 from Phil actins Iho nud enforce the who big will hta duly and to limn i. Blush Liml Miulli tiling no Pul of i Neil Xii inc Tinl la Cru u Obj wlm rail in Imi a Patriot things. To find in Ihu i 1m Lette of Ihl Wiull licit he of the have a tier run airy Tkv the butt Hill Tului Idanel the tar Tecsi Crail Wil nil Len Prili. Our Minos. Rusl the u f to wit appropriate form i might or neral a. Lin if Kentucky or Htu tit to Tom did 1 i of of tier i i tint and lilo in so Octal incl of. F. M m in i ool Matton no richly nil not in Cecal the ail of Are Puma in it our Uyton in fit Ion. 1 a Filu. Kill Inte of pm Imp Tom Ollil Limanti in of Iho of St Kiiji i upon ice Allioli the to Viii. D Folly approved by Lam Loval Iwin of Lam Iii try. In limit Dak inlay of i Olura. Tion to til Limitt Milne no in tit Jim re tin Nam Tom Jim we div nil Huayi h Ulitin to a plot in ill their Milru Minim a s. Nerhy the Pic in . , of a i. A Anim no. Insult a Luis i Ionti h Ihu it thigh Lusu Saiid Hal. Tin Praturi by of Ivan in. Atm Chi r list a lit of tint in i to Linin or not shall la nil if Ronsi wins in hint Tatry Liall i Himl in ii . Tic net in i red Towill Tjit d to oin Luule i i in Riim Ivi Tivo Jio icy of Upun Iliili lit at t Ati l Lily Loyal Himi of Llie Uin Dur slave Shiuli Jinni e i div Vod it will it nah of Tuy atlist Jit on Lett Pirl of Lam Loverti Melitos Lold to. S. To Lily id limit1 old Rel a population no not Lipil to Paovn n Nii Olid App Nulu Siim if n terror to the and fall. Y of inc near tit no Len 1 Mijoi for Alfani. By Mir. K., s. 14mit i Walt Iliad her Livelong l lid Lone Wiit Gritte a fill Oil l hut Rrt a licit Gared we on lick Anlu Lilin Facco but and mint moan Tom a that yet she Lii inc Cal a Ionah Hiis it and m Nolc us Pray Liat Filio in Igil go. Hers Ririe burst tie Clinin Tomt bound it Lierck on Earth Belin we knew inti Mist Dic a must k us c the one who Iolj had watched for Lilia hour with Toni Raul Brit Hting Liepart with Clia Deu brow that Phi tic Tom ail a int Iii Rcd Bricf e in she use Only laughter Dunn who with us watched Llie Aoril s Relief. Whoso Lia "0 Noil in the of la Trio Din Ini Illier clip or Linin mip Uli Ilu. Ait la Iii Liappa Hiowt for h guar t aug on eur the Aye i inlay lingered car Idney Speed Hanou the Intini Iliad come Lonn to Vns Irea to i foil my Luv. To us Lwiws lit her Eliecer the hissed Eliecer of lick Ivan Niove and Ute Havo Laid her Down to rest kor Erer from Earth u Atnel pain ail though they hum her feel Khu n b Foon to nil Blent again in Yonitch m Liere Liviem a tide Liisu Are Over 1 or tits and Hihl run Liopo to meet in Ihu thin in aliorc.1 years Liat Alltis trouble f Wyld i now it is . Tit Lewt. Ii , the Cix. On Bolli sides should Init Der Timidi ices and Tisler. Could but of a Iii should Fordiin . With adjoining farms running Norelli Wilh no hint Yogi filial of i Ivy a in liar Moziy and kindness promoting Inch other a interest each tid so and Dulk hot b car rally our Yeimi Ai id Hullit cd wac e. Nind pros Wrils will Jire Vail Ninon Tom but Dilk of that Liege to Aii Noy each i other in every conceivable manner in their and character Bolli my Law Ulick to in Tio wonder Tiu Una is ultimately broken up. Us lilith n. Rob lion with ii Tobo no in View of the Lii alot a and Tho an Leci do tils of our own race whal is inc his tory of num. Atuf what is h composed or warriors and i Aller Liukku it jts tid Bilges hut Ihu two latter sink into oblivion and Tut to Ulii a i Villi thu Inonu Euti Fitzig and Imru Stivis Glare of the f i Tuer. The hebrews i Al i in Tribis Al cd Ltd in states Whyl would Law knit we of them if it were nut for Loti Edjir. Mar nah Indian chief gave of his lie said to land Virlier father nor Molln a but wet i us produced f the lowered All above was Polc Klinl Iho Light i in in Llort 1 of Nev tid Lull a a Liis Lory to Itil Torvi if not Lom despite Ami my Oloizi Cinco of could Tell thai the i. Look up Lurk in int Ith and i with to get id. Liliu thou Misti ranch Why Ieav Mil Why Timu in dentil Only tic pure u ski Tux i Tui our Lily Ioctl a Hugo to in thin at Indiana to Ikhi. Or. Ami Grant fimm i Tia to in ii to Vird in nil Lre to Yon upon thu sent ii million four my imply Imi m the Rchull or Iii Ilion thin i shall idled to to pm Ninati Din Cir mrs in Oviln Fot cd Milivo and Willi nut in till urn tory or Ali cleric non ilk Finy that in Viii by it nil is Ruble in Sik Reehm us in Wil Ami morn ally to in Minim of War win ii prompt action Dhoti to hike lilo Laili in in by wimp it no it Nuarl nil lir to and fill in Iii Lio by much proc. This a Liolich in former Yettra i Yon lui.m-, pm Terr in Lal having had nom.-, i Tuny Well Fen that Khali t at i iut Crint nil. I Mil truly to inlay of Flo Nln Ilinor in Clit of my old or. Hero Ofell Slu Ulert of will tical is Ullh nud canc Al ,0 hear my i d it re Icidale tar it Lam Way to Tiu icky in i nut ill in so remand at of Good p inf Dent of Iho Senle. I Orivl thai the legislature did nol do Elliis tilt Oil a More warn nil direct set apathy Willi we i la. Our grapes and ii children. Nil . Whale Var you would that Sci Oioi ild do Milo you d Vav even unto Hortn it any Law rendered Ihus Wajih it or As you do ii to Ollier no you May re not on Piini Vivot. Lint w to in every vol Pitt a lashed the Thunder rolled a Oak with out sprang i no twin in a a much Joir grown., and Arini a ii of the evil Usu it wintry has Stillfred and is now Sull ering Hick no dui iut Iwen about by. And 1 shall Hail the Day Juluin they arc both Pul and to spunk inc unrolled Lomis Lead country War , Huw Uver on Vul r nil it is Bur duty to suppress in. And warning that the. It and in your exer inns to Tuy cordial sympathy no voter Quinn i to Success. Long thick and Down the stages of future time. U hat havoc has this Al ready made and Whyl Good Lias it a Rouglin to any fireside in thu Whyl individual has it whal cloth Ruy has in Whyl religion has it encouraged what it has in Nind what has it done til wrong my violence and blood Home once Slu Oil upon her. Seven Hilja in the might Ziess of her it i sworn by Thi Wood of la Brulia thai every vestige of a Tiu Itin Fulty re would be expelled fro we Lind in titter Tim that Jito Ranftl the Umpire of the s in did to a Induc do so you hav the Kew York Jait Riml of Commerce which g not Lii Hurlo it Keit he most Rici of Ihu Fuji re of the cd ulry save in Ita Issue of inc igl instant Opi Idom men May ivc of til Varinus for investment of Money i Llic present times in cannot to doubt etl tha Laii is the a Lionel Sec of Ercillo a Purchi scr. Who to i Juk no lilo debts in which Oil Ler Goren Ikui laity will do unto re Volt d from Lii at Ali Laii have Eil enraged and Lal tit or anti it of the Irish to it. to Day n Joku to ice la inlay dons we ivc Many Nic Iii lol Danei Tho to revolt her Ai Moil to Lily Utu inn pro Hahir in nil a should we think it Orcut Triu Loci Souhowa ivly nil u us Mctiller us y undo you a exp Oil Slipy will do ii nut Xor in met intr of our Mii Forni action Villico we uni 3 Ticomi n nation in it Gurello re Lill Loith usury when Honvo to ii to lint Lively sympathy of Solhei Tiu in and Ith 1 out no in her i Roll Ion own Frlj in a menu Lonco to Agni Mil fur Anil re Aii i Mytil 11 National pc incl t. Herr Rvl chief to Ihu country to tied Lioret Vod or nov nil in old incl of him. In i lie info rut Ollin Italy our a lilt so up Atli Dullni Iuni Lik it All Wilh in 1 , initial ill. With the Lolini in a nitric in we Honvo we syn with and in Many Illo nil Cunino and it Mill a in Llanee the Iminta fur a i our army and visions of the War. It Lido air. is to Mako or a civil proper terms nor Imi until we a Vii org Niue to we have hot Only Luicir i pals Bill in arms am your i mix is wiped from our Ami on hag Tho temporary to Nuli that in i Watt Huvil Noiin l lie in la Osifo or. in Pru cedi do i my fellow in of Lilii Pronier Atid in Lolu so to i tily enlist1 of icy it the Law Anil Iho to the War Luil and whose it will be to in Elouine think Wec in Hono Rahly Manku or no eel Tunis of i shrill rejoice and Hail Vilh pleasure their Naclion nud the Day when neither lion nor interest am a of Llie Forl lil a Micro leu of life. Until that time let the War 1 nun much is i did when out of the stale during Ami after lilo a Xian War Llie it Diann troops wore dunked Wilh and Al other when our stale Watt a Wilh dirt Honor of a Public my will Marlc. Hotly sat like lorning upon my fact. And i would it willing to in id Sixl Tiu or life to remove Ihei will thank1 you not to Mako in Public until general Fremont to Hill Honvo to receive Liliu original. Your obedient servant a. . Ali Ami not Makk a Lieut Onnet colonel Faw Talent regiment now promoted to lie col Nelcy of r new relates Llic following conversation Wilh l schtinicnl1 6f j Oung Iii ill thai Sci inc Lor not ii Inlet can in this 1 by riled Ipoh .th6 Kurt roof cd cry Man in lira up save de cry Imiru i nerf Fiat Iret that to to off a omit is in Iho of Creed of on unlit if child in the a inc army. Ire Ozymy Cal Cronin i to ii save the country and i Tut to see our reverses let in a Fremont is co i cd. Pc Stanlay i an curl Luvirn imm i feel Hutnik Liale ii i n letter to him by mail on Nti tji it and which is to Public when he receive.1 in. 1 Heru Vilh nil Yon a of that letter Lii Eli perhaps slows my us any new one 1 could write. I is said that the War is not properly or Vigour urls enough pose cited. That Tho minis ter of Ivar or. Cameron is an unlit Perron fur that Llinat lit is Duhon Eft nil is Stei Diimig nud Tiu to mlle Fumu nil petitions Are in for Iii removal and the appointment of Stih Holt in liar mend. Of inc St things or ten in propriety 1 know link and Hiiva no charts 10 Mako i Havo n Puri Omil Noj Iain Tance Wilh who 1 Orcsi Anil a Olieva him u Ite in Hoik St upright to does believes to i Jarhl and for Tho has won and is fully entitled to Ihu sobriquet a Liili hns Ike ii Given him of Ifo Niesl old a that he will Nei her Recal himself or kno Tinsly allow others to do in 1 will not Hatter hint or his Fric Tiu by saying that a is Etc Tost Man mentally Hal Lilii country Ever Proiti iced but i by no Means menu to by an tit inn Ting thai to is a weak Man it it Scro my pro Vinci to live advice Tom Subj Cal of Ihu no Oval of or. Caneron and the of his successor. I would say to Iho president Phil most honest and Noble Lind in onh r Tomt voter ill his place Willi you c May Al cd is Well As Ivar. Sir Holt is an Ablo Nicra Ojeino Cratti and t Secretary acc Rawi in make Randi Date and limn and to Silil of would he Yon Maui tier of in l to the country. Oil Atid Llic country filyis Ejen to think it in ii re at won Dir that. nil the Tittio no of in Semi Alliv. I not in put Down. To m Psi to Richir 1 knew Volt i Slian nud nil we Havo than Onci. Oll Hur do Nutly o. In list Eily to i Miliru tji Ilia Tom Lon Bra. Mow Mizii and inn Jivu Siivo licit Wilh but n sum and flick. Lend Over her Llie Broad panoply of our Prole urn thu Mui , i omit Haiti of i Viii if Iii id Hern lon5il.lyl.nnv you do unto Oil in in Llu a will to unto Bax ii Tahiti Earth on no Nind o it i com incl ii Hal thu a lint of w with us in our you Aik no whal. In my opinion will Lull mall and cud our Dill Loulai a Tel i wish it would ref i could Mure answer and i coolie in from my Tii ital Llyl Imi Naau Iskui no ill Xcvi a Crick fur or Ilc Vot ii to thai uie Ion in licit no by ice Lens Ibi ivc tid in font of this Kimlun Ion in Skull direct Roll iut in can Only in scrim a by Seq cd ctn stick id nil Eccli Dikof hut you kill ask wlm is Tuy is to and 1 Nln forced to answer Lylial my l lil is to slip Tell to Evite Lii tvo n Union. A Umlor Wndy of Ohio Madi .1 Xii Tavdi in Maine in is to nud wind tint Union was then to fact dissolved. Thai there was tin two pud Ihu Earth who Moru cordially each other than Len we of the nor thu Rii nud . If this h line and Contin a to Law no Ulieru can la no or Profil i Jimm of the i. will he no in Ionly Tho Hilory of Liliu world if such no Conolry in resourced nil vast Jion. Inn shall be reduced by War to Lui o nil in Nuss Lini arils la Weir or to Sunli Lonny other Tuliau la Iii of their Nwaki Iier Vel 1 hold in i your duly Uit Ler Iho Onker to try to store the Union if possible und should you successful no Onu will Mic sincerely cull nil it it is said hut i a Milent has Trio ution in Many us Pecos. Thu a cowls narc this com plaint with a nil in the 1 reside ii has not it Giuily Llie constitutional right to due Ratiu thu army and Ivy incur Dehls or liabilities on hit nation Tom writ of Corple nod i run linry1 not i in nil to suppress icon diary tokuppru4iiiiuindiary speeches my either in the pulpit or on Lam Rospriim 1 say if he ha3 nut sir imly. His Power under Ihu Oug lil to Nyu Ritli in und War and never Honvo peace. Pitcl and order till Hinl diver is Given to Ihu president. He exercises t now in War and Tho Power Iri no less needs Ryan Timof peace in prevent brining on . Anil if tin now of the preside Uiti in Csc shall form precedents for Othur a twi uni to follow Lith shall . In my if nil incur Lindy t run Cheri Sik Akem and had been mip pressed years Ngo by Elliis War Tiu Al now Ohio Iro Blu us. Ill h to Liliu extent of thu injury done to thu country by and of Konc newspaper them us soon As Lilicy have. Cloth and to nil shiite i ult. o f t licit Stool 6 Neils Cru paying in Crost Nind land that Man of those which pay very Low rates prices we Are not the the a. My Italy to kit Tom United hut Lonn Xvi Rich of trs sine of the largest Rales Hillier old provid i by 3. National Sci Rity. If any i Hinds in Chw world Are Good the Amsl be. The world May on us last Ltd nud in set nicely nil Koi Iio morning i other Fly Btij Oubol orbit the Allan Inay the pad lie on the Summit of i Hucky mount Nitis Klier of these event Likely in occur just now a the or n Piid Misiun of the Uniec the l is a St Tinc cat any Aoe Lell we Cincu Art Twil Teliin a Titi ibo four Lxiv Heth ii ironed Konii Joni Mph and which Vvan Home of Amsl Ai Dent and no live Hippo item of Ihu admin dlr. Lion have done so to nuclei to encourage w ppr theml the i Moro limn Niiva where Els it uni incl origin in Lam which Iovu irl ii Piwin cd tin the Nevit Blu re mull of n a my Nuu by ales to in forces of the government couple with Why idea i ten kit Truini Nicil in he fur Ihu Public thai we Havo Tuii a to con void with As Well As Oliosi it h we have endeavoured to show the a ppr Liun Scuttt of with nil i Annc Nix ten ii iary. They Honvo received color fron he Coti stunt Onui ily of n Londi which doct nol nov Lead nil never Lei Public Onielou and has not even i Cen n fur e x Itutti thu Lem Liim in Tho Penive in the in event ick i like in now than for any Tim fur Al void Olhs past in is no Icnatz a delusion i who mice that millions of Tho u enlightened cd ply i a country Whoso res ii Ihu with n lion of i Nulli As that of Iny lentil in ibo world no joins to h or will Law Mirabl any a. Nal Lonal Tachl of Twenty Allty or a i 11 it la dollars head of lilo it Minc Llic of Thesa is leaving tit fir Delics their factories i hit farms All their Gold and Jill i a Ali Conj in min a and whether la would in we Rah Lillo Fiir nation of of to Ulic Tom with n Moriyasu of a Olioun find flu lot not can Rel in Miti do Tiht Tomt it be Worth Twenty of Mich tax allot i tied Imrij in ii Nuiji i to in the City of voila fur the Pant Timur yen Rit Toltl not n dolt i in lilo of increase would if Trio pro Lillie Wilfy time carefully App Liotla we hit Duhl Ullh have Cir Refl Ali in the value of tin o a by Ullh to m i la full in nicely Tenil wit i in 11 Nock no into in debt unil i Holly have Only lilo Fred Liili Sill in it. In Hinl in ii a. N Jierou i Woisil Oil Uhi Ali that in set. Tittl Lle u Timinal n Mold and Litov hourly r the u in not Likely to 1m in inc Brinl Pic Echt is not going to muoi Ilott to la min Lor to Many Lump milk of millions. The pics lit which in . Will Cut Iott fully Oik to Laird Phil Lily Otle Lulf by Ieuv. The of the Cost of a we , now , will Imp Bio l Low n Lam or it least o Man nud Lam Whid i i Wii planed tit to Day will u fully on Hinl a Vii with an no army Linzu n work the not to Badoux movie tid of lif.-. I lie ass Illaci tile of saving Ihu tuition in the re to ill in fearful it Cut by and Wilh such remit Irwy duly looked on n course of action arc Lomi Long As it Ivo tin tin n. _ acts of aged Iii Nell nil super Cut pm Iasi nil am Clu lir a Foru their Ichii Iii a Uto Jimd a. Mako the following cd track Fraini Tho Bitri Otic of lion. Onnick s. Dickinson n Tho Ryli Elliam Al the Lutu Union Lilu Clilia til 1 know vol where this Terri lilo War is to Erin Emilw. 1 know full heart Lealu it nil exit Rii leu Ica Chus me Lam history of he world teaches me Hinl if Elliis Rchull Ion can i put Down no All in h lobe put Down by you cat never Wirsu n Reli Ellioit you an in Var real Wilh a Reli Ellioit in is Ono of in foulest crimes on cur i fur it Vury Othur nud Theiu is Lio prium in this Durk but what has Ixion count titled in this War. I inv Uku my i allow Iii Riih Wilhour distil Ilion of arty Wilhour Ntgard to party lims in nil Spoti the altar of Luicir country to come in and help Pul it Down. Come Forward Nen Volunteer enlist March away to that Fiat to it Down this re Euion. Com up and counsel by your Wisdom and inspire by your Patrow Tim and shh ii i Liliu Noble Denudy of our to show Olesi is Ihu country. in up her Ami inculcating of drily and her lend Bur gentle Itilla ice her mighty controlling Hua Vonly influx ice to clip air on to go nil he this real fora country that has a Ruutti a or sex that hns Ole ruled her to a condition High Vic inn hits Nathem Ulfo Iwen Csc Vawl in the history of Llie world a it Little i invoke cod s i limping upon who Hull rally no Ulm Llu in country to Suvo that on n try to them in order that they my enjoy tic heritage thai their fathers a Mia led to hem. All come loge her an one comm ily laying aside the miserable of n Lili Cimi and Iho cold i y All and conic with Onu heart j no that Buirt. Own i hand sincere i it Doi Vii this a Clellion and Nul in Down re Var. Urea applause the sons of new in Glanita far and near have Wen Loyal. has travel in there you May find the so is of now King my they go by the Sido of the you May Lind them the f the the Nim Irren Sihle Ncry carries to Lonjin Linvard. in lasted in maj not More than Tho Minory of Mil go Iho Sirgo Down n stood to Hill it go town in in go own in Elliis terrible Limsi who Havo it i who Havo Nui Seil Fon it wins Hall i hey ii permitted to Down in Ihu illness of Pride in Ihu of arc Ngoh and Desiny it nit time to Conio cries t in never Tho end that in Miry Liol we Puoplo and put Down lilo re Jacl Jim it of Itil Lilii world to Iii twin of Wylli owe it to Tho it v to a Gmo Flor with rough Iho Al. Nut tiny for Money. This Stanert us Iii her seven Hills no wind she will urine to1 the cry of going Gomp. Going Imless Gitlic Nasser let her proud Pron Tjai ivc in the Nigl Ilinca of her Here tight and put Bell Ion. .apnluuse.1 an important order find col. Wood among Voln nicer to be Pun Ink Taxa the distr inc fill occurrence enacted in this City last night by Hsihe undersigned if. Anxious to believe Only n por Lionor Iho 27th regi ment Indiana volunteers justly i Calls for inc moist a Somjen Maloti and richly merits the so Vursel the under i pied has Hillier to sought to Imp Rush upor the Lucers Anil inc Northi India it Volun Lccy the no fad that armed ladies with out discipline Ami the observant of the Tori Catesi obedience to Law and order Cru nut Only a and Mure injurious v theitis Clvis and their country men than Lottie then dict of the 27lh take night would the Etui to indicate that thu cell Ort been attended with set Phil Suc Cwi. The Illi cers and inn of the 37th regiment have very lately taken n solemn alb calling Jan the supremo Ching to to of their Iule Ulii states of a Rio inc United and to observe nud obey the orders of Iho president conf to the Mill of Uio us Len and articles of War and have been enabled by the of the Ifni cd states and n proved by the i res Ideal Rcpt Iris All Olla new d soldiers to Ilia pc then Salvu i orderly on talk in from commit i Liny spoil of any Prus tarty a trials Iever belong to to Iho inhabitants of the the Inlo and disgrace Ful conduct of seems to the to demand nil unamary Mcnairn incr choir. Hikes thin to Aunanu Isicc Tomt on lilo occur Nontia of any riot or inn Lionti nation in any of Indiana into thu Civico of Lam a Tiik glitch. Thu of Licurs of the will he immedi Sloly Dos bonded Niu Ihu Only Dialion Sei trial both Halx of Iho countr. The fit Lucr directs thai on Tho Day of receipt of Whitt order it the or no tier Whittit rendezvous n link Lar the Gelli of thu and articles if War together Wilh this order Law rend it the head of every Chi Ipaty or fraction of a co Paliy. . Wood u. Col. Act. Jon., and full tial fring Lilit in Indiana. Tho re Immy Lia Loly Ilist Wmk a and of Tho Dimi Lei Rotor Itic Tab no Anil livid for v Tho civil and incl Inry Irish a Teleg Nuhic Gauitt of Orleans t Ted press were arrested on charge of treason. Telegraphic comm Sikat Wii soul been . Col. Cincin Nti it 1 to ionian g. Tic acc to Camp dem Taon. The victims of the railway catastrophe Wen buried afternoon. I according to the nil Iohani. i hurts is no danger of inc navigation nip fun Opo Lomac being Clowd by the Rob can. Thorb is a report at Cairo that my fled ky., has by ii occupied by negroes fully Hare lately kurir de Al Washington from new York with Tho proffer of a regiment. The Secretary of in i Olin cols to wearing nor ii uniforms Ohio Indiana and go much of Kentucky As lies within fifteen Miles of Cincinnati have Boon constituted a military department under Gen. And to Macb of Virginia lies Watt of the Ciuc Vidgo Mouti Itti rih another department under Gen. Itose Conns. A prisoner a Latch that the. Rebel Troolis cur a Iii Igloi number about , and that they have no Denof attaching that City while h. The Confederate a nip says that they talk of talking Arlington Heights Atio Alexandria this week and from Tuhcic Washington. Pitico big rounded. On saturday with men and summoned col. A Lilligan to surrender., which he refuse a to do. Ali probable that Mulligan has Iwon reinforced by thin Lime unless Gen. Topo has gone to St. La to hold his position till they arrive i opposite impression prevails at so Louis. In who to reinforce Lex Lisa returned loss Louis by order of in. Fremont. Tie Rob is arc fortify ing North and West of Imson k Hill. In is Iuliu cd that their r in attack on Washington Havo com Euly frustrated by Ihu arrest of Tho Levirda Edessi Onisto in of Aryland Nind that they ill not nou make an is null Tiu n. Y. Commercial advertiser announces int., Hofue As troops arc concern 1, Llic i no Proui Hilly Ofa wit us no wish. Glon within n Mouth. Of course if Llic and y make in a Lack n general Halle Mil ensue. Holding Back on our no reference the raising of More Ivien Toto Ivins nil Al Washington that la requires. It is understood Hal Kraii Tofit Lins or ill in on charges of Irarra Junro and i Xii to Etc Imi Millic up cml Orswel inc in refer ice to. Fremont s Llic the nil Rich Wai r Over one Hundred person have Jacc n massacred by incl Ali t on the Northern route to tha mryt Ted wilp Jirol uhly Nul Law Able to do any Lowin cow for want of to Tortini. j. resigned the a Coral by arc tary shop of War and been succeeded ural Teleg Kph Rcpt. Joul. Col m Trotel of Trio Wilcot Iliin Rotim Lydra wan Hui onily front to rvs a of phys edit it ability la endure thu Fali enu of Camp his retirement u Universal i v re d by Ihu regiment for was an ahla of la car in Lam Volunteer mar vhf. Tint Oil Tieu Lime i Wii Nuj Wintch take comic Jailil of Tom Kentucky Volt mute Ilif attry Ami Rev nary regt Mcham Thos. .1. 1st Ian Lily s. S. I Yil Nfn Norv . infantry Frank i i cavalry i lilo Tovern men of the United file to arc Ihu writ oily can under the rules of War u Onku Caru and protect Lam Henlly of the re owl now in Luicir posh Sion n or la or All of lilo it stopped and Jurnei i act. In lilo Tinc on Michnal of the to tier was aleut with. Liui Mccomi Danied by a of arrests the and who con would keep the machine go to mail n Al would nrrivc., Tho Llanil occupant of Trio guard Khotim the Clit rec of Ihu Louw Milton y. Ii Moore fun Iod till Laic in Iho Creuling hut via am Teil. Tho clerk of Tho Kil Muiir his assistant or. Also found with much Dell Mculty and taken to Tho same destination. Or. or. Fauty Jinny Roro next Ukon or. Solnin and Durant Scro at n Lute hour or. Ketuu scr we or. Milu no inn aeon until had not thanum Tif Tho was i who ruled fyr or. Report Ghoul Obopta of a Rte Telny i i wit in during the Arlen Louii thu Union cml Antof tin 11 oust a Tel Sena to met in Vej Hal Tho action of scan airs or cent in nol virtually brought Titi tit an Lime Avroum la Weir Homes nil nut again attempt to if. Ahmoi Uble. Or. Init in in attic meant inv Wpm to Procaro a Brief Tulcz Clit i nil published by Tatj meiotic in tic arrest of cd Crit will juror tit them front railing Tho Roll Atid the 0 inn end. It hic of most Toisy Raul Sis in town Tiava Nesit listen Tiplic Iri Koicim will Rani Itti f Rii Airai limit All Rii jul and be to Kort my Lettry to Tomt Havo Kent our to Castle Pine Iho nearest fall to inc City of Char Letim s n itt Rrt Over pfc Jilji Mawn of Llic year. If our of Locum Vlious they live taken prisoners find confined in Cash Pinckney Mir tvo the present Stason i 1.will in in Larry to Well to Nairn 1 Ioor of Sou ill cruets for they a Hans ass troit As n reason who Blavo Lawr to list to employed there that northerners could not uti Vivo Tho melt Briaun fevers thai prevail in thai Section. The relic May suppose that hot confinement of oleic Nii the Union army in Olar Lestyn May prove a Protection to that Pinco. last evening Iho rebels our loft Ilij in Force destroyed several rack and other properly mid poisoned a number o cat Tio belonging to Union banners. It . On n Falso alarm it a. So Cut was unit arms in four mimite.1. U turned out Tomt several Contr Alvils Haj Arrit cd on their in Ashcra horses and sovino of our own men and straggled in Iho Bushes. An intelligent negro from Fairfax Arrivoli ice Tayti Tho or lilo Rcw to arc a it Altig Between Muir fax and Alicia Noirin where hey hive thrown up breastworks. Lie Hanl lawyer Hunter owner of Tho Hunter Mills May that Tho rebels would take Arlington Heights and Alexandria this week Wilh .100, 000 men und from Wilto Shell Washington. After Tho fight at a Cainsville Itea regard Vas sent for to reinforcements from a lassies As they feared to would by cow hem. He came with a. Considerable body of Roopa. Ottini lit info nation received the tit inc department Tomt the Hannibal and St. Osi pm u. It is entirely unprotected Fram thu it St. Losch nov in their hands it him Ihu California mail Loht carried pm and Council i luflk., the depart nent has also received info nation that nil the officers Ami employees of the Overland mail it Are rebels. Frederick sept. Of morn no. There will not tic a Jii origin. O Only Mincu is , nor will c la psis cd Tho Maryland secessionists be nothing to Hope for from tic f Jiff Clatur. Van Forl sept. A rom Civ. Eng Olin Wafi received column Nim ing n icle graphic from Clun. Thai Trio safety of Tennessee do non did Ihu Ocon Puntian of Gap us Tarco Long Iti Kentucky and Hal he and done 30 and should his lift until the pc Cral forces were Treitli drawn id Tho i cd Oral comps Heniken up. Also n Noss Ngu from Thomas c. Itcy nolds lieutenant of Missouri what. Intended to late in View of the of. Tion of Ihu River lie Long Trio Lohof Llic Ohio by the Ledurn Vio Altun of Hor neutrality u Suu livid a received ctr Ontott oily mo., Corr following acc tent of an Ilin role last to Hon ovoid after the Light Hud lasted no omit Anzio or Llic Success whom 1m Hud of Yeti it Liin by Cate so restless Uliey to Nehm one of their nit Iuler to i Flor of and Ank in Anu Liliie. Tjas Como Wick Spon Falc Avants while men ctr a fir Iii with the Toki Lrroy inns. 1 then demanded withdraw Lam Cei Union forces two Miles from he City nol to molest any of on Fame lick or other Union people to Leno the killed and Xvi smiled on the Root incl wide it incr full while j promised to net thu. Prison nerf tree whom i and who Para chef Pointer who 1 in firmed Uick i would Tih ool in Caso they did riot honorable keep their Promise for seven Days. Thoy Lefi town according to this Thun the Pilunt fellow with Only men it Cinalli dictated his own terms to Ful y Traca Hon own Mim bar. Tho a Neuzy fought Little while. Imi out of anly six could he Ibi ind to Stork the Woitte. Of ill few is our men four. Their. Col. It own ital Liia Aon were killed., col. Lbrown fell so near the Tomt hit Rcw him in and . La Side theae lost 8 or 10 killed Anil a minted. Iii Trust from the rebel of Jyce was towards i Rocc ii am. Ither s col. Atlrott a and son they last to fed col. Watts armed with three a Riili sword t Hirte knife. Tho weapons Aro now in tha Liwes sinn . The correspond to tit of the . Says reliable information to hns been received thai Toni still Ziehl out on monday and fuel Iteen Kli Giitl Reil forced. Two thousand men from Here Hail arrived at Arrow la trek Green and Harris had left with Boxx Kab in Takin i a southwestern direction. Cin Dzhali 8qtl night at half last eight a in Iii on thu Ohio Jenl. u a Triton of col. To Chiu i Dili Illinois regiment while passing Pter a near Olumn Indiana 1-1js Miles West of inc Miali fell killing and wounding i or 100 Soldier intelligence of lilo Dit Weir Here late last night when special Nin wait dispatched to their the following u a Rocc for tort lie Huron dated ten tent inca nist Noi Hirt Nikorn Iii i vhf Ridge to. 18 is Bro Ficini lit it our cant Down into Trio id of thu Creek and Iii her in the top of the .00 men . Lvov Nikki Ltd. Lionel of Liliu Regima tit 9nyn Ulieru y Are anti song it

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