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Dawsons Weekly Times And Union Newspaper Archives Sep 18 1861, Page 1

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Dawsons Weekly Times and Union (Newspaper) - September 18, 1861, Fort Wayne, IndianaRakim i Viii nil Ilio Irr Fuia Iii Javo Ami with a lev Rolf the Union and vivid. Of i a t Spect t Ilc us spa it a cd Titi a in this Cue i Oiler Llie Rigi it i Lecron it k l fisc. Lipport. Tic , we Thall Hope All will i Dunc right n and Tor. The Itsel Bill icy is such Xiv c in Tiol Mph Roc i Nav m a die Ideiil co inv. G be our reasons and Donihe Salimi or und i litre Llic by Ilc Jiw in Lilii Chi context a tic Precelina Olin to of Jerf Ihan to Malliat inc. Lively Solie iinds the press nce of and the sin re Xiv who Wlinich in Justy in Terni is Tor Ihu Maimi lettice of Lylial we. , and which it is in i sense sir that i in wire Jimh to exp Resit Ymir self a will of t in gun nil government Lollini Iidle Tennial in in i Wii the Nigist ii dial sync Tailin Ohilie till Tor dur1 no llio1 crisis which1 u in through at Lle prvs uni. I in a civic sir tie Csir Osmun of Iny very to ii a. I Autric Torilyn f Joseph a Wright Mantle at of Psi unil rom Prussia i tji ii attract Litu Kelf and he desired Lolo Len Tai old. I j. Its Patriot in input a with hat violence Rmel Ito Wirpi Iacch or Liia Rily Lizard front Are a from such consideration As arc hic of guv. W i ight. A Gri ivc Siili i cd shout j he to Calcis Xith passion and fir while it Coli a course for Lam Inott till to he already Wal is ii Onitt of a party or vie it Ahus the Calin Volant of Inion o list Job i they. them Ulyes to have by he Infix int Ion of Xvi Dor x Tolona of net. Gov. Wright Siita i Are express the of my lil Ai t. , stir Rui India i this Lior. Liliu Kin a Ness of Lens Welc taif. My the Ali Iltchi Tig manner you live re Wivel Ine Wiiri Day so mild gratify urea Itiat on Ori Nili Init . U.lnih-1 in t Cir Why Llic High Miraim Tysl thud been la1 Nizeul Lionie Uro Broadi 1 owe Loyvin la allow Anil of . I inv. Of Ini Luril my old the. Lottie till Fitl ii Iii Nian a. E. Ottil Tho our tue my of Indiana Noel Iliff. Vilh ail Lut Vaud int Crew Oliver 11. Smidili nit i i our Uit lift Pamic Exen us my no Seimah Haiti. Passed away and 1 Ain x a nailed of my u. Inca i Tali Olio Nilis us Williy Law Klinl in Vonjj iad u Kay 1 am Only Cine having Vurven von my Lengli of to new co the sad coi Odilion of a la Ord cd Miry. Chatfi Wra of the two jul Day Init taken Nuli ii of Siulc Rit flow. Ling Kiwi of Tho Cirii i. Sin Jovon Nneal. is Lens . Liim Llie an Al Liv Nam l Ahn Mil. Natii to a Ricl Vui Liwra Jave tip to inv i no Rel Vine Crnick ii curium Jin Ai Iii non a which arc inc to Maloti son in Nallib sol can Ilc Chire Sirur Neil Lin in Idle Airth Liml not in Wii. In Xii ii of thu mix Erx of Ihu Mimir no v Anil h it gov. M i nay Luli Santu no Kiaie Lirida would Ninh in y Wilh Lam Liall no a nit lit Iho which our 1. By the right of United Talca troop l Lumm Ziy of the Ujj Milt Oil and my i win., wet i Floyd Lavonior of Tir Xiv Only i Vilura i i Hal suit1 if n Beau it kill line Al Natl. Tie old hero he hit my Ami. By Law Oziri Hal i la cult lila1 in to Sluck wlilcli1 if thai fully a Lic Nln we in wiil fully to ill Elwi an 4tli1ifiitlluii Tuiai Uttz Riniti ii prot Ccle in in in Hill Florn Hirr in every Thirlon if id Earth. 1 Law i kill Wal pc Fer i. And a Lent Tali wlm in h Union in a i Iiona Iii Iii. And Iii. Inc Mimi Law Stirm in or a Micro Hoim Lor pull ii four in Hilttu Ruih. Writ Tim by attic Many in Iii Iii by. Lire h i Mill. A in in Iii. Rel Ali j sit Cid Luil Huch Ine Doc in Liq Ihal tour Little a a Wnuk Tal. Union u . M on i uni uni. of a Itrat Ottnat Tuider list All our of Illey liitle 1, w Micro will Yon fat wait und nov or Xor Ali i Liy a Midi talc shirt. Ilm tune i Cloat in Vernim ii from thur Millili Priit to til Usu Recouso Ixl May shut of Yoi ii a tiny quid von Tiro Rai idly on to acid i i limit do Liuti. The heir still Ivi i " a Mil fire owl Lylial Hie Illihi Ranii Oxil to any tin in Nti l in Tiu Csc Imi Erik n Iii ten Riby in the Lils vex Iii Iti Mii on Iho at in Nice Tell icy had Lemm Ned in tic Union. The is Luil urdu la at Mckinl hour we All . Inc of our Latte err tic noun ii Ilu Alkons i lieu my , ave Drift inwards whom by nod in us to steal those Olio r. Public. You my Emmr you May look Many t1iii.k to Ili e if Kooim of Iii a is a Gil us Niu mity. Lipil i Lorre hip the Jover inn no Ami the on a which inc Iwakuni d of the re Juise. Slim Ivi it in Lime of there is a Iowa Shin in Uii tale Ivl tilth Hus or ski War drive him from in an Horii i Altero is n dil Clrrnce Icli Vrcic hot ii or to1 in Stdio a Aiice it. We Are lion Reiling Liliu fail let of a Ami out if Iii Resi Ilis of the Ink Iho i neing of Ultra in Ollio Xor i in and the great masses of Ollil be opt did not inti Etc Tow Cosmai nonce to till a jilt Ivl Nch live or Niiro Niin Iwin id Havivi tact a Al cried. Let acc we the pc Jill have met with in a Millic Iii Many states of the Uii Ion. My Canvy Chinn is Linn Ollil Ruih n stronger of Union Mitzi Iii the South Linn u a Cerully known. I see no Way Trio of the Smith hit by tie Irick hug of Liln Row lion. Tito leaders of t he control Public sent ital it try in reals. And Ovir a xviii the Titi it Inui a who no , 0 Lam funeral pyre us an old Erin to our Ilcus inlay then suit will be full United and esp Russiun finn Lam people of lie Stylc of York to the Boulti Lylial if they Hare relied Una Sempill pics Thev have relied , n Naff a n Tims 0 aws. of the kit Sporl of Llie in Ballf Crft Iii Itutti of tic am Jitich a Leith inf toil itself Anlo Public Niimi inc in or Fureno to a of gut Tif so Hal Antii Erivn Rufii m tiny in other Idenys Vahi to t it vision by poisoned the n Rvl Brotice Lois o us Piet imry we readers of Otto paper Stltt is Lillet . or filed. In now was heard in it wins ii Felt Lotic it i Noil. In n Morenci to int. Reyo it fyn Odd in i i sit. In Lylial -111 i flt Sitf Fiffi Bikul Vanwri ii Slimy do no in Tizie of a invt to Iii Noi t Cali dirt Vanl a but when Mieli n slut unit t 1. p. And sue i Aro our views on the Prattt fair Juru in brought Ontal Filici hot Trio oif Civati Iii inc for for Ari lilo Force in thu which Silclr-a1 Ufa tar inv in put re of few Conn Tatj n nil Tajes Dorta Tetil if dual i h Al of Llic St run ii Riff to let i mini a a title ii for Isufi Vernl incl past we lips t gel Pivot in Ihl Livili u1 i Iva Xijiu Terr Bli lit in ii lev liar Trio Harrow polity Llo Jilin Pilj in Al neither til Oxer Ihn in in in us i nil Ali tuiniiw.1 Vii my Wilh ill Coti Lilii Itotia Fediw Lewt k Luimit Clifft i a Lilia Iii intr Lam ii of Lam of lie to civil Law Cisom Ali Wirry minho a kill in Anil Pii Oil of cily Ami , it to of Ilia Kii Oiw Ivro to Law wine. Ono trial Lorr civnlt.lc.i6o. It in if Iii pity u Viilu in so exists Wiir Nullo in Iii Purily once sullied in and in Ilianna Iii it Wei Mcquis i i i w i ibo for Wii Fittry Viola lion Iii Illarr. Ulicy to Fri Rbt or f to Kiich Olio Lesoing re i engraved on onry Ajro Nitri Titi we ruin re Liliu trip and so in tiny of All citizens and so i Toni us in Jiudice of one no example a which undue item the Rigil it ,0x11 tent and fill Liviu via Lilian Wlinich Jire weak but. He so Jouw five. Liml it Emu him no proc Clit liw inti Ilici of in other t Lould nol inc. Moment Ofrim Fuji Botu Lam o i fund Hubli still title Llie to uru of out own Tho Patriot ism which lies Norveil on right Arm n kit by a Fairri Ali Rotili Llie wit new to in i the inf with pols kit via d Ibe Hist Ory of thin govern if Crit we Trio Kithca in hut1 we have tithe Bonso Fatiori o is cd Iii fun Blitz to ibi3 Ducis pc Ali ii of legislature i of Diric Titi gov. Magoffin to Una crime Confederate utter generals Polk and in lox to leave Ihu Sli Ilu causes patriots to i juice. And save Lizul slate torn civil War Tike that now n Missouri to us this is just Winil with cd to Clell we Iii the Duldt rated and thai a macs us Lupe thai to action Kijor which will counteract the effect of the resolutions. It looks Well so ii Swart Nimg of Loyal hosts As will Nepal Trio pm of the o old Blum the old people Sny Slot do re Thorn docs nut a. Mar. Fuel Hel of und St Ronger in Llie Hullie of life Lor having fill her and Mollor tinder the i utter of smite Funni just far in it the Higlin of Tiu Pines and or armies liitle Dimity Decoite Liia table us tie Dws he barrel of applet comes Fittim from Usu Tiu Orci Irdi carefully picked out by it declared null and Ilin a cd in a Sha Kitik hand by nipples in Xvi kor Folio tue and Chilili Iod Al Taii enl to Ihu dwellers Bronx to Klu tic and tour ble. Fri hed induces to Ihu old to Wmk up from the country on n Vii. Riihl Mieir old fib Giorei and Stu cd ored and Horn in of All new Hyvl to Linns a tid novel lies. We Catt Kinin of Xvi in Thuv Blowout the pay and sit As fur front Ihu Furnace registers fur fear they should Hurst and Senrt every Lattne the tip Cakmo tubes arc used and pipes Nii Irful and a on Derent to Ling i such Ninaku Tacui feet thai la Weir any and Enera Liuigi Are Over even More than Llic a Vale i elided and uie Silvvia threads in the locks of he Sun air wily mire. Cd there n Hyvatt Lizul Iii la Weir tin in Uller Gnu Rakiec of thu Nui Veu of City lis.-. The dear Ltd Fol sat they Are a Lix tie res it Way an unt iritis end for on r totes of or inn Roii by exc ii fur our there is suing no to a whom Xvi Are still u in Only when tie lira Tilc Dicair Iri of pity Ulm Tiu Kro Wiidik Ovit Usu Jenilyn eyes thai ave feel he i Jolt crust heart hint Tirilli Lin to give when Tiu old Cru ave ate none hit round our Day s menu i , Sli Alfi a Anil Iii on tilt f and Rotmil s Nile niibajiuv., civil ii to anic Ricsin Iii swim to Nai Etna Mil Xvi in Liu tic Hini Guta Wlinich Liik unhappily can Nei Ivr Ijo i Jodi la Rilely our Lead Luud of Kroner or Lalor Mitnic Ellet Ini til Nuisl lie Ninde and thai Thi ii no no inner Ems to Tikili to in Wii i and pure i a Justice mid a i Al Llie or lilo Pishl. Etc Rte of the for mini for a Diperri of Wayne to. Allow cd 0. To Walt and. Tiry red pvt in Init ii to c. Arnold for i loin can uni Nunly Survey or of ii Nail a Minyan ii Vul in Ojni and 15 n Codoni is mid Lens knit of. A a Tivon i Leas int Mil enl ii ult trim ii in in Lavor i Hereof Road Onk red by Oji Citel in i tact a Tel lie Vul Wert were Yaeli Al need Sec touch the Fame men viewers Nfn Road m Lanny Ella to Iriti Ruilin favor of unit Ned and tin Hoard ordered. U to the of a owed the vie Vera Ratcli go Lor Inch. Allo Ved a Titch for to adj i turned till to Morrow. Tui Irav in allow ii Illi Ujj Viliy 1 Iliff Kirifi r 511 a nid tilter 50 fir a Kvitni of St id in Iii Rii us is Cir for a pair it Niiya inv wit i n it it oxcw.1 s2 Jar Woi a to each hit Nily of Liose who Friia to in lilt War tire e to Llic War nut Vii Ihn Volitis Lucr in it Fugitt i l Atli is a h to Lintt Kirin Mil test. the and win so Hui to View Iho name mid Hippo Ingwl of inti Der for Filurin l at Miheli Vihti of Ltd by cur Rural in Ami Ilia Iii it Uil Jshii Zwil Lill to . No Styli it i la Tokuki Minim fills Lilii t a. 11, Khlil tin Rillito Olla can of Yttri Dunlay. Jesse to a Insp Cir Ovett Ilioiu in Miry or in Mph i an Nadur lift Lylw Anil tiny to 15 a Wiiri a Lulitu n urk r allowed Sim l h 110 for win. by Llic Hoard it Cullell All . of due and ill find Liml new ton ii a tit ill Vili Noli Oil Elloh thu ii 10 inc cily o Kirl for Iii Mich Annac hid John Al Uii Powk no Lonn. Allot and a. A not .11 Art infill during Llie u. Hard. Adjo onic 1 till Toto Trinu in Aro informed by or. Uii Iley Quarter master of lilo of this a Lack that the contract supplier for the . In is let to Tobert a Ned a Lowr. And to me comb All other supplies. Thop Ricafor is a fraction of n lower to trios. Ii Ritt plied Hislar Liolu hereto lore and up to Friday Iii i on account of the stall and the Supplitt Are not cheap generally a were i ices mid Byor. Ii. Fur Lite it will he by lists Ihu uni led sinus i ii after for what the Sutic has Heen Herculo fur a the Tea tar of Antlions Lor Elliis Reg Zinent or. Bailey a Furnis in curl her that Liliu cos for rations each Day per Man has then Nadu Ceil to 12 vents and 8 ii ill urn Cut still gives thu men a Nupur Albisu Utice and Lent Loo o tie Mility of fool to Knox. Liat in Well for the jul in i Ett a Simonson tin by raise in Tir Tillury comp imy hic District has Lleti far Ettl cd i it. Sotui fur More a Lynn Condioti my the . d. Al Kurt waver . In Wilu Eiliv. Jit. By 1 till. J u. Lor i inv Var. N Rmour tier in of Tinl hid so Uditta to i col fac Orri mainly Timlow Jidi a in Mant Invar in of . Lit nil Reil Vale it a Liujin cof move Leili Ilij Jar us n hit of Iii Len u Ali Itow. look cil i Inch to Fiur Ulicni 1111-Ih-r hit dorm inn of c. U Deli 1 1 my Joel Urtiew Lect Rcv. Levi hurl i or. N w veil lie me Wiiki allirtinptdu.ct., la i Iii pm loud n maj Louary to Van not if m Houi ctr i Llic sinn Merwyl Irilli lit coi Iii Iccil Hon hit Orrt no in h i incr. Hint in hmm cold . A till Liv Evua thai Pluck mint i Liili Lull inulin la Untim in and n tit inn Illish fail from Van Mara i Dud Iii 4.il. To is h-1 Rotl Elvn it by i Vilii Asili to idl7, Vuin in tin. A Jiu to fir Islip Yuan Liu Wim 1 rail of ttictitofii1, Kami 1 is Noc. Of Nii a Luiu Iurco. Full Lam ural to Oculi by Lylial All Rorsi no Milit a it a liar has Uitti i Unm inc Lun Lull Liin Giitl Hinti ii m pfc Futol it to us upon tin . lilt Ilire Pricr l in 11 tier Linco Iii Lilly Consul Tui or limn Lial if Alu Tuil hit litre j 1 it is Etc to or to o i Iii Villi Aliv will learn of lilt a Illi Jwj i m. Ii Vuu ill at Tiu Jubilee in will in Loiis 1 Lonj of Len Vilii Loury Mellom of i in Oen Apton Wim work of to Tiu Ulm ii umut i u ut.1 Olizi i in i lorm by i-.u.-.1. Tull Urlini tit will in valued m it Liml Urr of Lair Iliili nuo lol. Ami Ltd tin Uii it Pittil Nii Liok Tho Ivy Iii no it Virv lit., alumni Ali Urief i a Vircil lie Lynn Ciui Loyiel i or n Wiik. Lam nerdier no us sonic to to re Lilia ii Wrath mrw Ovrut ill Tiu or 1n11, liw 111 f.ullr.1 us hit t i Ucli in Wii Ilmoni. Olin la id Ali Irlar Ficon Liili i Iii Lrroy Wen nil owl id Llic hut nil n tin Vlra to u Pool Lirtsm a in ill upon ii Mil. Linux Virner a Alii or Slbil i nun slim Lime mail t Laju in until Lio Hec Vittli to tally i Viii Mill his in Chilli lie re u l i will in. To Trio Tralli us Hift will Vilh in in in lie Hul lit i in Hilf u u a Milf uwmimuc1 by lout Mill Nevort about Lirl of july in a i tuck.-, nil i Pirulli until gradually rink Mill us Mhz tit lift.-, Ami tic of 11.m.-.71i. At Tiu Bilo of Midili Burn to Iota Villi of Llou Bliwas to us Abtin Tii us cml with liens of ttliiiomiiialw.rrov.-. Sci Rel of who during la i Uiti Iii Watib air -. Bore to Uirl sri urn no c Linn i of him an in hmm air. Rev. Lynnn Oil ii of in a i Tyml lie a nor Iii in Najr it Plant of he Nihil in try to Iii i a Zsidi in dec Lori d 111.111 in Atid int i of talc Tulliu list Poliuc Neil ii Itric Titus us Llie i i i. 1 Furllow left of Tai Kra. Of Tut tint in Iwert in Natl of lift Vilvall us Rev. Ivol. Lit if i with profound and in i Bijj Vilii spiels of on a Elm Lor non i item my Lou Iliof it be Ili iry it Ccuin Al am highly tin Rill Lilimus til. In untiring l Urtle Tami hit wac boxy to tin Livim vill in i Itilla Iii , we to Nilor our Ethie no i bereaved fat nil Ivich ibis thai i u frit nil soul to him no fuel to Tini parian Lilii worx Oliv if. Kilimi Joti lit , thu Mimi Lebu by vill n Lions Ulm co Jim of Len s tint be unit Lollio Lalli Teit icily. life Iliff. 10.-a of the Tieh. received Here most article of inc capture oi1 cons Kirin by implication inc Conseil Cranle and which Cimic Cucca in it us ii Nittalo tint Chincie by All Lilian. I to fort has been Itken Many Huni reus of Nen have Suire nildred Vul Salilo prisoners a Largo at Noiin of powder tie Insl sour Oast for priv teen Iii Piir irises in n Iho Liandi f Lam enemy and the Gallant Yorth stale ii on Lawi .i.sien. High in Sainati Itiiu-1 or. In will Ink men to it Lizul trial mulling ilk in tick Iii Oki Iii have Lino Rigod Tui. Now in dont Mil scion Chism ble Clfon. Ref ii it Iid in lit ii Riihl Neil n mite Iii tnml.1 Ciesin m Oil a ill Sci limn in Divide Ali i Ilu to a Linton Ottil Shtil. We maj St on Rille Tigh. Innit of must 1 m r Rich i. Al Loffi nine i u ormi.-Furu u Lur annl Nul iiini4t4ir-c.ui co-Cki-il., it in Britt in Ihu North to of Ilio Suimin Ali Ronglin he 1 in or any Ali Cratl ii Smittl Lioi he if Ilind at Ull. U will u Ilia Llu ii irtely n Iii Imor nil w i Hij lit Chi my i k a Noil life Only if Noveh Tilv Turlot fail Tif ills o Ili Lumi 11 from our vicar and i in ways ol1 i Rini Ilcare fail ill i in Ihu Ilian id try Tow of Imiri Ion. And air Iliad Chi Rini ipod and in t m a Iho hum scan i . n it Liinar. 1 1 bile Hoyu of l he lion. Or. Lois. Air. So. Sin i Iii Law of hid Cynilia xxx High Divot i set of Lifavi urn Iloh Biyd id Uin Kii Lite non Lolly lit Alec j nil Nih Livich in Iii in Salt a xviii o Lar Xiii Liliu Union. Tin to that Alix Ady in Natl not Guidy to uti Imi map in Elmir l in Iii ill Vars Hal in i tight Ziril Tail Lett Union Mew iiidqi4-i.dt-n.-i-, ils Lxvi Rini Riser und ill 1 Iii Pirsz a i lilo Concow in of in onion a ii list. Ini Nilor by Tai Icli i ave urn Altti two Wilt Ira ii of uie a try of Luicir event the san Elivs which Hwy the Nodi Iii to Inisi Nunin Ilaw Wii i i Host Xiv Hill Wii let Zirins after it. United icy in milled Tiluy can u Villitta Law hit a nil to if in Nilal Ilester Rii or litter to will he ii scary to Lial Snover Immy Hilrich tit cot Vikt. Aini Rii Mii new icon Sliwi pal Licul lil Figioli Zilb i file a a Iricia tier dirt Ilgah acid Jirim c a it Risali shall Kiaira to it vat a no Alibi it i in tin two per Clef the . Of told ill their mint not mid Iii lift nun. Inv inmate. Of i hair and poor i Titus l nifty Stirr Connol a sign himself to ail Ink Sincli Milci in Rait e his Coll Ile Icin in of the Coli zins or that so Hiu or slav no i Jinty i in Nippy in Brieva Lilit Ilia and lilo men will Kizu All and will Iii Ilu All i Weir la its of us Thuro nor no Inu Resl so 1 Init Pricil that in not wins Stile Ift Leco Cilc to lick by in Hering to Flint end with Uhl and per Fern acc ill a spirit of i Siliec an i . 3 Poitr rim Ltd Yrtti in no nag mid your coi Siciu inny y Ortii Grill stir to the of his Iti the Viking to to Tho a Sohni Itil Lynno we incl Yogi Niny Linic Iwin of thaw tit Quiro in Ritj and the which i belongs to your Clingm scr tuft Limo if u. Saver Tipti Anni Hyllen Minifri kindly fit Iii Nellh Len Union u tint Simily Iii element Diw tial to thu uni be Neil Pali ficht it hides a Vnti Tii to Init try nut Tho Mott Friendly in for plan Cal Ai thu of Usu in Tho ending per lids of their development Appun Tia Ltd of interests am of a Shioli they have1 already giver of Coli i ii nations which Divido the Hviid in Khz Ani idl unit Alier up a charting Len Mil Liml h Oivind Tulliu Ienuso Ujco Peri in enl with in. Lila Vii Liceri n ii apr weight nit Art Reil Radii Taitl lilo Witul of Iti Tii of i Ucli Tif Iho Hamill in mid religion i Titi. Up wik i Rench. Some Lulitu. Olin pm and others jul to Tilisi a Tongue. Shir ant of uoti Uin git to ii and Oilie Rel Shl it it ii. On u lit lie salary of a did Canton remit Calu on Lam i Pittil All by to the Rev tto m Liliu com Moil Joven Imant us Centre or to ulc. Liew Imp a in two Atu in Sal Tim icon which Llic untied of in Loyiel Onn Voitk Iii Dit in Villi n Lund. Tu1. Ihu Riv Chi of Neil Wal re us an Freij Ami Lupe in Cluro l of lilo slain in Uro Tidi a Iro Toction and slip my Arm Iho lulled re Pii Liliu lot us Havo u i m a n v Oili ral Liliu of Iho Tilou a i tit in u of Mimi a h tax Fri to i Witt Lent a i Ilion to Dafesh inti in Misc Nihil Hlll nos o Small in or rec Ion Loim Xvi us to who in Usu Goral Norilia Vrsic us of lieu a cult i tin com ii a Oonah j v All nov Lului to i Siisi Tho Alizine Paul Liitt hut not i xxv Yifru. The Yipu Oliou to o Flen nuke ii Vhal vill to in us we Thi. Ali Jinan la jul Vilh it it Ami Ihu of Ihu univ Ivind j 1 har Lilc ii will la Weir Ihler Stockn nil in Imd War. Von Xvi lit Yon a new m Yter and idl you mid cat and Vati Wittik if Yogi hex c no in Init oct talk to the Riihl Ninn a i nit Union irs list to Volt my Len Mart in Tho rail turn to our parly banners according our of r a jail andtliily., him to no Rcd 116 into Patriot who will not abandon All j9-Shch in to Ink Jakc Chw again gentlemen ice int me to thank you for this Wolc Oino. Allow Muti Kitzman Jiichi this Cumuli Only the wild enlisted sumo in Cupl. A turd i com Penny and Ever Tineo lil Ilc Schlud sonic Jan s since he Hen it source of . In Salon any he sch red end that Uii to any. Llic Sam ii have Lien after him Villi out Duccos one of them Camu Litin Whitt a Gimlet took to hut Llie Scott Liol him lha and Iron Gill him Down lie it once taken to Catnap. Ilia Ihu Only Way to Servo daily will hold on Lite toil Nihil l Atli Solo Lar of visit a Liili we Are to Koto Tyror a ticket military. Ilii Rinh t for Kikeh enterpri7.j.s, Iwuc in a rust Mottio Polico Woitiw Dpi Lalit ii of the Xiv Arnidis by Yuri item it woiil.1 to the Heulit of Folly Nind trevion o no Csc any Hie Cabinet of we o Al know too Well that the Energy. Vigilance and of til tar Leniu for a moment n non due of f Tiv Wirt Irma att Oao near or Noti by Iii to Caird with pm can leave an to Miry Vicil us lie s in Lite Forth of Yorlli it Irolita. Of Iru on Xvi Iii i Licetti for Ilavu to not Lviv in at. Sit Itin Iier of Tim Niimd militia Gen. Lii Linn lilo of nor to Coli Binm Llie Jiayi Keiit of inc jul Amlice nti.1 mayor Lbrown vex Lille Iho by Anil homily to interfere Lias Signi Tarj Lluc oui Al Otic Are l in Union Siale ticket of Ohio. Tony a democratic and arc Iii to. A to tiling a is it inc lion ill it Viry it tiny to we Llie tunes fire in l and Llie i if running we and venal to funny Lukco Usu i in m dealer and the Ili lying blown u xxx ill hard to nay just like Iii Willit id Jont Mitil .111 hit Siati. Of a ill. Ill Uris Tilky. We la ilk the follow Viliy from Usu editorial of tin flip of Llie Solh the Neil Raliey of Kentucky i to Fiur Iligir in us shown n toll Iun Lilily to Hrosik up the ill the Coj Inird it talk a with a construe Lionil ii Iii idled Wurn fully by lilo Loyal mini o Llic have even in lion Vit daled the anti Lually att la i Umof and Ihn Liy. Vilh Ihn i nut tin of uie leading Sis of Linb inv Molcil to tits Umler. Are Vliem Selich in on and. In my it. No Monen Thaviu Iling our Wii i Ihu t Jintil of Llie i Nix limit and who have do tji Mollii Irilita of Nalick have a our nou Indita Ihu revolutionary no. Iho Rilius of Inch Mui Ivo our Bro litre in up Piini Tlacil in Inlo the Dusl Neil to do ivc u our own Wood. Lick urn and have flu a. 1 Adu Waii if the Union Imo Jii in of Ittu arc Mil a informed May Nuriu and then or to a Haw the i Loti of in to and Hill will Cidell to a Camp it Shont an Ollio a of full an thirty. Tuu of Cape Only n pin t of tilled . thins Elvis Nuiry to go onto Camp and scr Vici. Cil. I Tasel pro Nilly Don Lilc the Previ no d tin disorder acid 10-Day Llic it tvs Afler Vahidi lie them and it loud ilium to Clio Oso it in conijuinv.1 Mosi in o Gail. A new Waile of Liott Jinar Terling Kwong s Wardi Miiko. Night Oill of cd mint and he nov no tron Hli a in Uvion and Thia we fed in i a of and while it in for Tho in no fit of Hil Hallier it i i of a greater to Tiu order and h Aue of Lite Riby and from it we May in Tor that a Lieut will it no to of Coin milled with impunity solders on sooner Liliu Soldier u taught the piincl1-Illiooflhat he hinder Iho lilo Tuori Tho a Cut by Onier Llic Luquer for Lill it is i Hijii Aikwij Tow duty., to forc every one is so Gravo acid Scroi that it should furl id idol. Ruml it in n that levity Anil rioting1 Xhu told Consoli Liitt to Iii routine of oct opinion. 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