Dawsons Weekly Times And Union in Fort-Wayne, Indiana
10 Sep 1862

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Dawsons Weekly Times And Union in Fort-Wayne, Indiana
10 Sep 1862

Read an issue on 10 Sep 1862 in Fort-Wayne, Indiana and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Dawsons Weekly Times And Union.

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Dawsons Weekly Times and Union (Newspaper) - September 10, 1862, Fort Wayne, IndianaL r j i to h it j. F Vav aug t ill Vril ii i Sente 1302 r i and Inion. I that ii our Pipitt i ical 1 Rii of Carat armies in Vik Iho present in a Crit Anil general 1 j h f Tab Cydni Vitinu or h j the people Troug Hodulic a though Tho armies Cwm ii Tondu Firth Relta id Lako of Ivill to full do Rem Timber l git cd a Eccl Yoti gave a to you thu Boon in Pri to return to i Fiat Kiiji by Muiir Sunb of Grace Ami first i Ilij Tricoci so. Frau ovum Pipin Ofpria Tjit j failed to so the Lidia los which Tylij Milit Attr did and Refl i in thy Dir Chi thy to lieu to the Tony was prepared for a Forward result off Thyl to cent engagements in Virginia Ston try were deceived und Oscr Oslo mated fur instead of our on to they Irons com i their entrenchment to Roahal Wellington Riih great seems o that our forces protect the in Pilot nil pc Cut Iho enemy from crossing the i Tomac and inf Ching on t3 which Ali shed will undoubtedly to us tin stale i j i am nil mid heart unit Neer will h from virtue lore Niti duty a Fri cml a biotic words ii ital loot Vilt a Noil and in Kentucky on arms1 have1 met a similar fut have boy i who marched meet the pm Civ have Mot with align Tvr Fridi to evacuate and fall Tii prior threaten , und Ohio River Iho True fur to tit diff cites mar a great portion Vav Oll i. Virginia to Kittle when arc omm Rcd "1lirirt luvs to cruel Lato could Etc Var lir keep of Aryland a thing that would dishearten Stii Mclatc the fou to were precious Compaq in a when life Tiv Ltd Fol nations for a speedy at p h Calion of forts Colt i Linen Wollk -1. Ali arc of i Ruiika tical Sioux City Ilic trouble is Chianti Tiik sep Tombor 41h. I i 1 Gen. Anay lius Lillon Back to Wash t uti a Byttlo was fought on fourteen Miles from this Cirii Tail m i p a who returned from Uio Battle Field this morning re which Tho advantage was on our is div our i t f err i l n t i of movement e d Jet spirit of Pic Jig Huckl among purls saturday s our but owing to the then owls lie to fall Back. Guin i is Camu handed and .Gen.1 Kearney right. Appears unit our forces i Yeti the from the Latte Jing great Tho rebels r sullen equally Mitch to stir troop a our men and Titen Wincil my Back a mile carrying Ihu and from our informant says that our main our Stonewall Jackson Marc Lihs on Fialli Marc i rec with the must Cit Gulic being inf can for and Confidence 6f Security is entertained by the were. It Miles . On sunday in Battle and prepared for All me run Cius having been Al Rohly rain Force a the wounded had Btu. Removed from Tho thursday and today which was yesterday still in of six thousand rebels occupied Lexington Ivy. On guerrilla arts aking place nil Nung the southern1. Ohio Loh Sou truth men is mar Chiron Hen a Ivy., it is pc Rcd amt lie1 m ill at capt to cobra into Indianu jail Lionson Myn by Aro being Wilt out of. Kentucky fur Securi y. In nil the principal towns front ctn Annali o lira business is Btij Tho ,._ i r Luj Wunchi Iid look of Oil to u a raft not pure find to Itaf bile lord Siwl Otto a Titch and the to non the Jundi they Are of Thuc ii j i anal braver Clr urts in arched to and id acc i new i won prepared once Ilia. Ohni Ivou f cil 7-Eiitf no under arc pouring into Cincinnati nil for its Dtta Cnoc r r Hawnn pm go Lins been entirely Deal Troxcil by Lite Koil coils who Enrri nonce it. J is City per cent of those engaged. Opt. Of Gem in tact and Spear of Klaff la 4 a t in Tel Fri i Hay try uial Iho or o Liq Idun Tyby shop no to All on by tic Aitoro Fth Yenty in inti Himich o Var it nil entitled to Tho inc ill of this Funi he t a i bran our to Neil i Tutu inf i Titi it it Oroth Ai of that said Arild rtt Nril Mirt we now Het Viliy Honvo or in Twig nerdier of a Licor tit Tiwa in in nil our to tit Elmunt fim county l ind r j tub 11 uni on. An la in i Liui Lliel injun trim and in and e Elk la mostly Row tin and hit of Hill Uljua Lorr to live i tit i t nil ii Tho go v by Force of Rury Linn Dibal or Luttel Tuott meeting the Liberty in flu Stupl Tiff cult and i Lilart Fth Utku Tho civil the Wisconsin Sutic of Ivoti ton Tisot it Mihov Mikifer i Lac no were for him Tai Lor ii Folio for Liberty i a Elf till part Cut Ucer it Wynn ten ,1 on monday air which Iho Sci Lora i Lilc la Tel if Llyn 7ittte9j them mi1 Dayt Liot Cert Kut fax of air ing Tun Hill i of fifth arty ing the it tue in so. Opt jul pc ecu in a Cicili truth m col Cluni u now in Fijrcl-4 Tael in the la in pc and Oiler fit Lnu in that Vicinity Aiu Cintavy to mcniss m try unit. Istl Tui far As a tire Tali la do an i Cirr cd out in Fanilu to Eltiy or. Sir Cit from ,itii1unry Alum u of Lin Kitsio of ant l j military a int. F by Nihil i Ojill Rvl Trio Al cirs in inulin out i Nti pro Tiu in in Ilic having Al our ill Lac the Tim dts mental of Tho Interior of tin Stenti Witul of nov or thir now in Iho Wank Aud Tsvor Millamm guard . Their a Otto Rumo c i inc lion of our old i Coati Homta licit ninety acres Ftp in Atli Inie Ftp f h rest Man i iritts a in who his l t i t in focus us Llma Suciu Ali command Cwa Voa Roca ived by i. 1 b m to about Ivd we by to in Riiho Meta fur. To Cju crr i 4 j Ncncy to Fra of High Chandler of of in Huron thins to con i. A i j r Coffon Job Ron Hou not a Fri i Bias n Tildo la Avocato Qon Oral in of lace Riml would to morn tie it Roll. Q l to lira to Itomi Villin Virtlo of cd hut Wotli n a in or n Watt Ilu to Llull Aimell the a i tic ail ii tour a Lull Hilttu ii tilt lilo All Tuoti ans we in tuft nil dior tit Ftp for attn lilo it i t by n win Flor Fifer cart Ami Tan hot Cuiule of nil Ami Thomi iffy Giro Hutst Wlch Back to a new Lino Ohk Foncan slut our Lingo Tho fierce Ivo of the a cowl Elmit Fly in Trio Vic Lilliy of u put at with tops ing Back lo1 their rate Czifro t appeared cheerful Nix Otid Ryokin their Imecs. A Hon Tho in Inge in who Battle Lidd. To Sedny to Zivny a klan pude co , the driven living turned Iho of their horses Llic Cailing to and commenced n Hinsly re with id reply a Chi Leil oud Driver imagined that general to Sis up and be Cordingly Tho no Nam thy panfo1 almost a would Ivo lilo rushed Orch with Jim Intel and to is Lieut Liq Dri Cru Mil cow Tiluy returned to the held. This jiul tit on the Parl of the Guird Hal Iho Ile Himl Elosvai a Flor n while the Pracheil the Lechl it nil cd litulrnpprftprlfttu1 ditty in bringing Thuro hectic to no Voutil iho1 i Tincu of i j Werro Hor Erin around inc their mint work of on Trio film but up Portil Dierly it morning Hwy Hud tit Coit Tutty arrival ii Here with us and Mil nil Nipo Allons of Thoi Ilecki Kim null Liml can in Frt Thorud Luva pc rail Jar men Uro cont Ilcent orc Hiss of Hilum any Al to and us we on they j Iliad thu Uia governor Curtin incr Froni tie Varit Lacni. Lias . Opted Ordra for the hot Iarion a Filivao Cavil. Gime tils within lit it avarice Iny Anil Unity to be paid. Three friends of Charles Tatj Scioli ens b to for a Schmude last but inc a tire in i Beijar to us after playing few they Vic to Ikon to and a iliac out with Ioc Utin and the Nir other regiments of Titia slut scr Walt hip in no ctr came Outin the Bame proportion id s Brit guide had in arched for 2 Ghoul find went into Lite fight in this fatigued condition to who went Over tit held of butt icon thu Samc Daj says our act id Iny Tambi irid us they fell in Battle with the Oft Weir Caps Annj shoes. I a since i nun am a single in Sunic among the shoes had not been filled. Mariy or Tho Buls Scro in rebooted. Tic bal and it ii Ridd had All by ii of find nol Asuelu of sick killed or wounded Ruiu fined Ion the Ovon the fio Diers did not i noir Thuro had by ii Talan they Scro avid Ontl .1 secretly in us night of fur the residence of find j Luijt w Imp Tot Tho Folh Ellfair Uranto Dixie unit Iho i sctt a i Obilt the band refused tid play Cal airs iiiktyiifl1 of the hmm i no cd Inch bore have been n the hold of Al Camcro Oil birr used can Usu or four City regiments left pc Stanlay for Washngton. A train of cars line Hilf on trip Ned 600 who were to Tiiu Telny d right Down in a jct l in ohm a i do Toni Uidl Komi time Titi or gift com to litre it in victims Hantl been secreted from the i Ihei Rewti on monday morning Intelli Gonic was cd hand hat Tho divisions of Hill and Long strict intend cd to Apik Tir on stir right in1 Force mul Siisi Milr t a. A f Ihu Congiu Quinaion Divi Tiutin of j Ink by to court u was also j h Prtt Donl to commence the evacuation of p to cover our Bat Toof Cpl Tjie a the Corr Tot win in which the Ryjer in refer ence my Cillan has been issued j Alp Vitant ,0 kit tilt. Of tick it 2. 1u 8z general orders no i2lv r go cml Mucci Clauf have bom Niante of Trio fortifications of and the troops for Tiu defense of the capital Miyer conent Hall Csc j. Towy Gyp a. A t veillion to Duy for in. T to right hand. Or inc nails 3fililnryp agent hero for stale of How for cited it Tatur from Gol of the with inc Lar Gili and 7th is Onsiri form Oen. On thursday then they Hitaj Atli Al Deri Pipiu f from whom Lucy took n Bill try which the car arc rom Rcd is still Nossow Sec. They held Tho Battle in tvs Hoo Najr Field of Liccar Olio Iris not Lical to tuft shot under him in this t Iliia ror the co food or info Vitalini been received Tuic Lylial a Timber of from this ii late Halulu held attending to the Burtil of the dead and Tho Comfort and re Mimi g Ihu w v j. _ i f ado til were of the party. It i plated Giitl a Tutti bar of them the Indiana 1 eth lost Idt it the it on but was in on ird rtt and held Oil to the close of the t t 3 i thu rebel nor Tahiti Hrul Jcck their own Sofii Curg and i loss of from 0tti 12rooov in killed and cd up Tosi Tytlar i f when general fret Kluj it Cor Fern cd at on saturday tie for d re idol and Pic Eom cub Majur Tell Winf was hindi in nil i5locutti p j in line of Batu Rinki and deployed 3fl on Mon Jim Tahj in ctn Xhu to the Shilli of division i . Their to Iio Battle Field to Hij to ilium truth ont. It in Afi air Occelin. J he priv ours who arrived hat they were Well inc nor l except matter of food. They also ulc hat the report the by Litgon. Kwell nil Deil of he w and that 0 crudity in the imn by the accidental Elisc own much m Ocie crafts Hill and were know Fri to in Force h Home town he from thu Ballilo Flold of 8 this Kiti fax. Giitl ii to the in int had re my moment i the by Tiu Conein Jav tlio1 army of Vir inuit Neil Ownne kit court Ploua Tcori monday at 9 o clock Btij m York nil a Tuhn Lar of Yurk and Lilic of in r n charging Iho us Pniny utly la or our Hinr All u at i o Are of Ali of on to inc a Wilna Pri Vnti Nisi run Oriton int four in lox Mauiu Eliut fur he ilcfonoc1 of Tom n Cly Ami to Lii cilijim.4 Are nil to or Iliad try or it on tin Iron Fth Lingo nil at who Iwaji for the of an Nisic nhu4vu of inc two fun Utu no on Ihn Olio. In Annj Tho Mouth of fro in arc n i ii out la jilting lilo Tinl there Uma Jle Vancol tvo Mihu torn rid Llic it to ild of n the recent Crich of put at to that of Tia i nuni Yiirs thought to to i g 1 links co Mummy reached 01 day1 Foft Cimon a ixuvcro1 -t6ok puck thu same Taro of knit do court ii ouse in which a Crim Kear Ney nn3 stay Chis Scro. K cd cries vict tiny. V 4 j b it in Ulitt it owl 1 Ocner Elj Limoll Wiit Sigil and wound a Conj my Alciun air to the coning and of the of thu i reside ii l has Clarkn Ali arc Tore Organ Witt for am Kwh into by of Iho there in Oeh. Wallace Rubols Anil Louisville. Fli Irdle Ond pro Cuicci a initial Law thcnrin., lift Inofak to Lio soap ended Alloro o clock a the Chitons Aro Ito report to Throat i n is nolo Ira to l d station Trio is no at Strong Torti in Eft t to icy Are Tiv am to on regiments of ill indict to top Haro it town pc for Tho South in Incila Curyj Thorn is re Portal to be a map Ikhil it to far Loheus no trying to but Olf Tho x i t from aiding1 in to to Fao navigation of Tho and their this offer i.4 Akin to Loftt Mado by Hayati Savimir on Jacouin occasion. Tho Federal it h stated has. Loft the period of drafting u t Tho -6f forces tvt-1 making a Tim Lwray our on a for will tingum am Alt Tulia Upley ill in rat of not Canaon nun Iunisi find hunted by the Milt Lary m Prev Folk Llmer the non of this relic let which i Row Mimi to i have fallen into u Chi cled Here to night was killed it Trio o d at Gen. A dishy Al to cuff Chita in., arrived Here. I been Tirben lip and when Wilhite unc mini a half . H., heavy Vollov from a Force of Rill cacti Camdin upon them from the Woods to the Riili of the thl Noc the Ulii Mgo Liik Al to to arrive Frenn Kentucky. About Iwu Tiro now wins for Wanley by Liy private Lia Mlp to Nisi to Lunk Bill ins read Ioctl Tho Iho nuo Enli Oblea of by Cru now pretty in Tondi aria Cincinnati Trio Coin u being Kat. Trio i Walt it Mth and Lolet Tindiani menu no Nirmul and under nor Chttin on Cra. Thor u Kong Ricky. Al int one fifth of of this cd minty Titi Recti Ricu piled Iho k cur Rcd at 1 m. The rebel b f Taclik tical from con division and inv general Slu Orl thu Volley tilt not cell Cly Romeo Ioctl by men Rte vim of Tim from the oui boreal aunt the Uerih Lutui heti Wuy tend of Luh Iwin a Ruverna fint slut i arc a Cine Kentucky Aro marching in that town Ami Are toil to be h Width Michi an p Anil new York Hano Ami he Cavins i inic diary attn cd their omit and in Lino of Battle to rom attack. Oci crat Sacra a up and Down he Una ral Tylij vol Cyri from in by it Idialia Regit Nunt Lutc to under which will give no Corint of a Cecli the . Tuft to lit or Snerly Sci air from Dill of Tho u. Toller he been ordered to the of Tanto Inch Reitzl unit s an he Lii Nulf placed Solhein enemy the Tileti Huldt owl Liu non to fix Bayo Witti and Cli Arpo Otilo the Rimini inner m by he men wild Iho my drove Lien in fort Mihoin with to rent i Unm Clcil Titiev hit with a Jishi Lilly Al Laid Hill .l until Laid Minemy Tud in ii rent mitc Voth Ihfe Noil the and plundered Ami it lord every aliens Johi Sou u the Urner of All hint Seguiti. J m a Lidl Lair in nil lift rout r o u and Tho Thrawn Nyji to line of Halfa Milu in Tho the troops Eft inc Back they were i it f n jink and not Alto Trucl Toi Iasa this Iris of Buck in Kig lit Lomu of Ftp dish ind r Wens Contrini Uewl by of a Rowton snip Lisiy p. M err ill Here this Point Man att i Active in Loury Hal Sinisi u Niue it to diff re copying but Clit str prove anti Era la Kent. Kirley Elii Iilah ii forces Irro hic i at Versailles toll j i v. T -71 Luicir Xii ilium a we inc i 9 leu Rcv. Either Wincn Noti or to rapidly lh., the vans Ollice it 11 o clock Uliuli the Tortu Hayn j at in the Troia c a Mcd cum cd across the River. A third i Cal Taftt All by hour thu of t 11 h Ralli Hari in monday september 15th. Nil Coli Tinyo j h nine Niue tic usual vacation during i f n Lief pupils Irwin Abr tid itch Siinto i a s j 1 u t Man of Uii Tuin. Coins sea m Kuluras Sci i will Ilavu of an excellent Ica the . Urns. Arc nol Sincli Nien is and a Larne put in activo1 command they i f i f f i Aro oui Siul Ineil Cjon Orau acid we would Ifko Trio Field t id win non rated Tho District convention which met in of fice ,-.i the came mown College Tomt Tuv Ulitin of Wurt Lilicy assistant Spirgeon who it up Fitt Veini n arc Al Lull St Vert the Halo Lucli Louk Placa till con Init. Near Clauius leu near Clia Lilly in Shtir f came to to. Two Nufler Wannu d Mutton of army and Allier it in pc nit a Tetra in u is a wrist Olin Lort Swor heavy tilt Tho d their a Nurs anti l fur a Lii of to licit vim to Tho a por Luu of hum Only Iwami Tim Nii l of the cup ital will fur Lisp ital Thure is in truth in thai import Una general Varncy in wounded. Vink sept. U in Gici orally Coli we of that. Pen. La Llic Imp l it it in lulled a and Chi in it at in unto Klinl nuni iwo. The i to i by. Will 113 in n Iosh of heavy tint driven Back a Sinilo and to lilo held of tattle mail Threa o clock tub v by direction of Tiu Hacsi Danu maj. On Maul clean will Tivo com Natii for Lillym Linith Ftp nil of All Tho for the Liy on scr of Trio Secretary of a a. O. Kiv Vijuk Tilc Monu Jie Ipri of High i High i ugh lil Ghlyn Ouw Racli no Oti on Ull Jack on Iluma to Lurry to from to u 000, at in stir in and Jiris Uncas. Rutho loss of to enemy Houghl to have Jion Cinco they much As usual Many of our or Tillury it which Trio a numb directed amur of in tar lion Vav Trusik. Of their heavy guns batteries. A tax Slot diin4 Iid batteries Scro l i son Luett of great Cuccu Littig old of if Juo t who did cola climb nitric of in Cropin clip def a4 our Troy Init w into Ralha Foi will to Muir Iroini Dail Jim boats to ecu in Para were Ornis jilt Down. As to i1 port sept. The l t Hal tic Willil of omit set Tui turd in aground on on Day p. M. Killil Luin Rcd were taken Ull by undo wind 1 a j to rfcs Soji t. Branches of our oily Council in voting an up Lomnic shares Iho of the climb to by i j j is a Prcic Nuoc Mimi air aim a icily Frau to from Nicot for Bounty to Teers Ami additional to Ca Crof Tho f Tild regiments wlm 5kail re Orr maw Tor Trio Hoard Ofsow Roisom Al a Aji pro Vadi Vional for the Relief of Tom of volunteers. Aruba Scptt Illier the1 r m they will leftist from prosecution of makes tin following statements Baton Tot if lift destroyed had o Ltd North american tint it is Trio period will holed with the of nun burs. Of Israfl Ivill to left with the who arrived from sin tvs to decide for tliiiuiselvcsl1 pc i j l Lar tining As the to Putin Trio Ingon Tell it icon Cecii Lovillo Nihil Luat Lor unless the emergency of should Iro such 1 Hon uighur flan. To Lender a Sincli Cliv t yesterday Oriler of Gen to Cam and s locomotives Vuro Titi Sirock b fire together with a targe Quantity of ainu v r in turn Rind stores. At la vision tha l r i empty Yiirs Aid alone Are estimated Worth p the it owls burned two engines and 48 cars fit Trio Samo place on tuesday it a Snail amt Wiilam the Insl Liotine Iho i h fallen Back to a new Lino of do i Funso. A Licin tint Olio urns a to turd ital to Render singles delay Cit j r 1 Tho in test inst Wortley rows r f brought by n who Ufi Fairfax i 1 Clu monday flu ninja and Rolo Tho military Micro Futor Midnight Trio Rock pursuing or per sic Trio Plank my Niove incl to Gen. Pope s of a Mornini Rofo Rod. On. Loa was to Honvo his Iron Xvi on the Little River turn Pike which runs to us Worth of Fri in gum to Rougk Annj tip attempt cd Imd Hwn Uii Iila to Init Iho but that Only that Law a want Lor but that Only were Riuo Todoro. Their Force Scro Coriuna Nileth by i Siulc Aro fearfully Cut of Oti Nural lost Moro Khawli Atoff Cuoq Latinw of Tho h for Oft Stitich n few rfcs by stir troops. Inan ded its p surr Critler lid Ltd a Arm j Church Vatt Hafi Iwon Wiir too jew wounded Olio Wirra Al tie t have arrived Ai b Tho Railroad Bridge. It Bull Kim Hoh a Hsun by Tho re Btl. Stonewall Jacklon is onh Sway to Intro via lie in the of rebels having Conns cd into Maryland find hut was of in u does prob Blu As the in ooh lining lilo Itjin tar Loco to Ihrck inc Erraa of any Force making Tho Wulc Pointa of do Fonsec have Iksuh or Aro sell Oliero is Gigli Aii Hority for saying that Tho Gover mint will Ina Lutc Chii Pirics to Nib Cauls of jul cerium re Cut Cucuta. In u he Linvil is Frimd to Blu ii in Jar pen or will he Tho lion. Joseph Holt of Kei Iliicev has i Noju Inird advocate ocnita1ti in office created at Lalifi of con Londi crossing Tiar Edward d the Lal Igil from Oiin. Llinat Liis whole column was foiling Hick and head Junr 0 scup via Caine of m. To qty. Jew Tualua co Mol with from -100 to boo men met with Trio Mol cavalry pfc Alcalay a few Miles i Cost of in sin Tor Furco iriv Eliom and whipping Hoiu badly. The 4m my left 110 dead on Iho live tit Juul Elwir Vou Mcd Aro at Over our loss of. I ii1 -1 on. 1 Looker commands ins Ami a Cal Gou Clim divisions. after accepting the chief Cote Mand of nil the Union farces in Vire and inc of Washington Gin. Mccull inn to Insp set us troops. And Ficat Iuni on lilo Otylior aide of the tins duly occupied him until lost u captian by marked by lilo Uius in 1 Tim rail Tel under lie five j Jyh Uli Hill Ami Jit the present acll1ls to lilo Lorili Atlantic place of Admiral he of tool 1 Ivou Miami Lili it if of l about in who he biker bar of lit it a Claro from of Uio of men killed Lam fowl Calla. Tuo m my t Llic mind tool in Uio of by Tilda wound i dlr if Youri to r i Tim bar i a it will did in recent ill Titi arty hot j Peri Qiliu i la use in Hoa Pitula Tho on ctn newty Owr 2000 Trio Kiir Koala to lift la clod 16 Doi if Oiin tyls ail Iacre inexorable to they co til j Cut and carry on Tom Bitla i j the Herald a w railing Tan s a Bilker of to fitful h to Stair non

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