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Dawsons Weekly Times and Union (Newspaper) - September 3, 1862, Fort Wayne, Indiana One a r to i Tony Ines onion fort Wayne Indi wednesday morning a by pet Mem a Iff i ire in uhf ill u mfg. To i Jim of a in my Cirii Sest Sci Iris Ifer to a my a amp a i r in my two worse than cd finals of the darkest. Tiwi Arafat Wack a Ery Patnovic Irish hear a ifoii>md8apqitjaiojir��dptatroriaa Elbe Oon a Chi until ii Rulnik Flinoil in Nike with no film vat us tee Siwwi top we re of in Imp a amid nth a Ltd Tel that of % us Edins of pantry Cailini a Jih iii incl to in rash to the revel. Bim flt protect in the hour a Ciu a life my Rittu tilts which gave hit Obi Fly he will Meie in pwewiar>4hat his hmm Aii ii Gay Marin Grenfe Leahj Zibil str of a iii he i a i iii to do to w a a a a , l Ion a i a a a a pfc pin in Ted to to War Jinai mkt six of Che �����m9m�sil>tmf. Mikhai ten in a of Qew Bjo Tow off r on a a bloc. With not a in _ _ a ism a the met i to Lay Down in a we my . Limra Kejr. When i wee or Erer. Film coca Irti that 1 do not 3np. That la quiere was a Damp ssh of fish my Ntah of a a a a a fed to i in a la och his no cast have longer you that if flit6 i shall Notus a re nil Bho try of a i Rana ined a of film if a the iiiiiimttf4hui4�pibrimri>�l i iiii�i<i�9l a Nur 9� a wire. A sub tip Kotb an to Paas out by i did not want to a bar wis to wet Freaa Sai team ohm thetty a Tver con irn a peso her and the Irish would no . Us we ver we arrived Rie Handi and a Ware told All be i cd a a or Haj in offers in ugh .4��tniti of the the a a or a Liq a Yeh Ting i. As Many Hama by rings As Cher i lewd and let them Lay Down on the boards for Tea of of if Psi tits Ucli alter uhf pc a in Era i Kymm m9m�9fimi�9ni a re sent to Cne Leston i Opi mfg of eff of lbs ill lies. A Tibet As they ate they never o8irid a a i Mii Asior i Oliwek i when a a Dow Sii Igen a Ait a a is my a Hook to fed a Quot a a tip in about up h�8& in a twi Ibi Ltd 4a3yt men who Invar idly eat to z a in to ilm a a Khz by her to the a i i your Liam for a a gift jigs to Smith f Ghetter and x a ass be Irefej cd a As Wjk i convicted Lelo Nof or w1iak f wat Wash def a Oto a i emf to go Slahn Aad a Glt Jast in a crime treat i Ause. J that was the Calm a far Wahidi i was held and there never was an a old win i Stikl w Kwh Meie a Tiomi Hati hat doctors of rails a enter told the a this City and 1 think i half so Teji a upon i any of them to be up and alive also. From theh Iomie a a first Pitt my foot on the soil of in Bis by end be a Onstatt Ectner of fib with me to Bra in i Iab Lieo together to prepare them our fraud Opportunity our fur Fath and lived for and i say to. In looking for Rte Nitiss but with the Bles a will try to Teke one of Niimd. Great a Plau ,. 1 spoken longer than f expected to do. Cues of Igo i i Hank 1 said a Little to Yod iii1 amp hand i will now turn astound aft Yli a Iirth Ligget i i laughter Beairl my while in the by Ruth and tvs a positively that Mary bind was Ripa with sedition that even hear was a a. Stronghold 6f a that tie was Only kept Down the Inion theban Onet but i doubt this and 1 Tell you gentlemen. Chat if. Yoo Only Knaff thekardt>hip5>0 toil and fhe Grinkin g tyranny that exist in the Southern Sites to Isky under the terrible Rifle of that Demon Ardi find and Kwh of a to Pierbon Davi there would be no secession in your hearts. Laugh Ter and Appl miso i told tie a amp or of Jour to to by and i Tell you now Ncry a that Quot in Lulich Monde that City so Nofe Sto or spa a Btl and that but to a Vearsie Gowhe Street to Day Are de i ser in there but the tired soldiers and the ladies and Clibur n in urging. No Able bodied citizen can walk the streets lii a unless he to Iowa Lifs passport carry Proimo thei i a do Freedom there. has depart fit that a out itry land never a hah again Flat there. Applause a i Ani Quot in fever of prosecuting this War Accord inf Iho ruk9�f civilian a warfare All the we rid Ofer. I a favor on matter what treat Southern War in accordance with the i Tii Lapiotis Laid Dow i fat a their treatment no Ketcher and to Woit opium Sod to in Ifo Dueing into the few a any political arrangements i i not to hear nothing about democrats . Abolitionists or know nothing. I want that All shall be buried that Thero shall be Only one object Kep in vim and that is restoration of our inst Tuu Ossi and who Thali i ii Hie cd. We cantle a a Settle Down ind what politics Are i Frusto id doctrine and a a tattle who knows mais aware that i Lve been Novatt now i an Amer Iain Dier. Apoi Ause a i Dot not go Back to new York Ltd a fir in Elyce. A he his nothing in her Power to give and yet she has not no her Power to give and a she has of much but her whole treas Iru would not me in the City when Riby services was needed ii Ithra ouija of j s Good applause i a go Back be be a Loborec. 1 going one night and then i return to a Hington for Iny children of old Quot sixty ninth just Ftp tic Purpo so of fitting them off and bringing them out again. Applaud a i would not be hear to night had i of Groin iced be amp re i left there Camp to to with them again on sunday. A by live would be Perfi my re Dic bus in a Man of my years to attempt to instruct the fish citizens this inter Polis in what ought a tji the duty hut think have seen a Littie and kno a just what is suited to their interests and for no consideration won ild i Davitt them to d a any thing a the a than Fiat lid Viire Goi in Llva Ven right and paper pc Teal do. I to you gent Leiden a is no a Uip Ivity fury re. I Tell you that country never iras Snitch to Fri. I thin the Nocton states a a jotting Topiol Whai i Florin the lug Der states >04 Hare our a Aji Orne suited to on. Out there Wiere i have been the negro is a Man that Rtiz a list in to Editp cyment for and a poor irishman has got to do the hard work and he no or Kave that part or Ibi and As 1 have stated already if Ever there was a Foley n i that Roan to perform and i address to the irim Helfen of i Fate Eity is to let rally under Tbs to Flag that a Vej of a Welcome Here. A voice Quot they Are All voice Quot that s a lie la 1 know is a lie. impossible for Ari irish9 in to Boa traitor thu country anywhere.  applau4e. There May be reasons Sirhy some of them live not joined the Mili tary and there May be political Dodges around this town. Applause Bat let them understand the question fairly and i warrant there no tar was Enki of them vet found and i sure he cannot be four ruin Baltimore City. As i stated already in Fai or of adopting Mea Iury a no Boatler How severe Tricy May i or for they Are ne3#�ry to us All for the ree very a four rights. Slates no May can walk Twenty Yards unless his business is fully known. Every Man s business is known ail Over the country. I think we want just thing or the time has arrived when every Man should Spiak out his principles and should be known whether he is Union or he Schier he is secession applause and i say that if there is a pot tin of the people Hemier Der Loaner whatever they May be wants to live Hev and enjoy our hic a Ihra and yet Are hot Willit co perform their Day we Don want to have soldiers guarding them Bere,1uit�y might to Besant Down to Dixie and a Tarves was in authority for a bout three Day .1 would Duce give All such a free pass and in Ihu ref so is my re the would be on their Knees crying to get Back again. they Whf a id be As anxious to come Luck As i w.i8. There they have ail the men they can Rake and scrap and Many of them Are armed with pikes in is an insult Hof Over to Call them Pike fora Man with Eno of the Inch pikes they used in Wiull Beata them f laughter they Are living now on half rations. Tfx to. Davis is great on having fast Days and Imir a Yeni Flatt Gator i Tell you i believe in my heart to night that there is Dpt a Buin in 41m a la Southern Oon in the ultimate sue Cess a their cause and to How Many victories they May gain for the time being they eat never Hope far permanent Success. i Exi icily a mathematical a Rublein. We Are Twenty millions of freemen and they Are Only eight and those Twenty millions Are now determined to hurl Down against them in such Oil re Clining Force As will make them two a Day. Are we therefore going to leave Thenn to rot there forever ? no not i a can do anything towards their rely ase. When i entered upon the solemn duty i was called opon to perform my i Lahy is were performed in this i went a Al on that duty with a consciousness and will 9 belief that the Fem Kern be Ojito Foru cd the let Ter str Orr i Thuc americans that Macli fault As they were a Little Tymy won red Kurt them Llue great error they were Cox i of and that even my three service might not to expired until pc act again would bless us with its privileges i Watfy a a we pointed but 1 was not alone in the a Hopr that my so fondly pin pertained the Tiue. When i found he we Var that the South had been concocting arranging and planning treason for lha last thirty years Only waiting a pretext to pounce upon to Ink a of and to Rob Ani plus Ultra the. Ciko Niy of everything they valued then 1 mad Quot up my mind that there was no use in Jakin with them any longer and that to must have a million of men in the i id to give theia such a sound Iron hog As will in aka them Good and obedient Chur ten for All time hereafter. A Ruthc a bios times thus Speaks of the letter of or. Lincoln to Plorice Greeley and gives an Abdor sentient. A we give a por of of the article. is As follows circumstances do certainly a a Ler cases. Ordinary times hitherto would have been deemed a Dpi Liture from Oldal Dimity and propriety for Thetna eident of the United tates to answer Tuco Riih the a in spa cr8 a coi Utai cation addressed to him Ali ugh the newspapers by any private Citize ii a Hlasny political subject. The ii Uil method of making his Pofi Cju known to the country has been by Bisof Icid communications to his Congress and his Public administrative acts. But these Are not the Ordinary Timos of the past and in the a Nituda of rapidly passing and in the importance of the Public mind Labouring under no misapprehension of Ever so Short a Tine As to the purposes of the government to find amply justification of the president in addressing to in Llu race Grey the communication whip i is contained in yesterday s Issue of this Pap a. To thank the president from the Bottom of our hearts in behalf of Tine Loyal and conserva Tive millions of the Northwest for the annunciation of this communication. He has ust spoken a a they would have wished Hync to speak. These be letters of Gold a i would Savoth Union. I would save in the shot est Way. the Constitution. Tho Sopnick. The National authority can be restored the nearer the Union will be the Uii Ion As As if there be those who would not Aeve the Union Unk is they could the same Ime save Ltd slavery 1 do not agree with Tiem. If there be those who would not save the Union unless they could the same time destroy slav Ery i do not agree with them. Paramount object is to a ave the Union and not either to save or destroy slavery. If i could save the a Union without freeing any slaves i would do and if i could save by freeing All the Laws i would do and if could save by freeing some and leaving others alone i would also do Thau Quot Liis of the president is precisely the attitude of Al de Inoc rats and other cd no Ergative men of whose know anything. If can be stated in fewer words than the president a stated a these Are the words / a Mii Sonve ios Ive i in. Union under die com Imp on. Arid leave slavery and Alo a Ilion to tale care of themist ctr is noi to a str to Mee or destroy slavery Bat a War t0 preserve Ibe a form Lieut to tote extent Foutt slavery Khoii Tion stands in pie in if a a a Umler tahe to put either out of the w in a tier does Vot stand Hii the i in pose to dist wih.r<gritten4en, of a a in Luck a remarked in Public pc sch awhile a that the president had won his can i Lei ice a or Crittenden that Tim a knew the president better than tie cob try knew him but by his Techt acts Theroun try knows him and to Luu by these acts won the Confidence of the country so completely a he had won that of the venerable and Loyal . Air i zionism has Bec demanding a proclamation from the president about slavery and abolition. has g to . Aud is Orth a Hundred thousand men to the army and will add still another Hundred the voluntarily to rho army. What we mean to say is thai will nerve the army in the Field to extra Ordi 1 nary strength and stimulate enlistments Eye i a where Ili the Border states i will revive the int Riotis of go by Meri everywhere and especially in the Border Siateta where the schemes of in let zionists heretofore so Little rebuked Haive work a serious . is a to the rebels in arms that the a nearly the old Nion As is possible is to is saved any rate and Thali upon themselves depends How much of slavery shall be saved with . The president will save with slavery if he can but to will save without slavery if slavery compel him to that alternative. Iron the tip a a and Tik Loli. Go i ties to Motif they convicted felons recoil never to is heard from again. When Bikih robbed mails and i the word Forward scarch Quot is Given their beam Hedv Ofir Serbos of milk they would a a Harmm Tredia Tif Cuba Tinl Flaughter i was thus confined in this cell and the whole two stare with mfg Ohi a furnished me was 2 a a Friy amp a tto i. T.kughlcr.1 i was told that a rms go i a bulb do a Gre or a i the Noiin let a a Llie a tend end i a cd Bye Given Fate is sealed. Every Inch of ground re covered will be 01rs, and there will be no applause i Woi ild now like to cries of Quot Tyfo on Quot strength or the rebel army. The Washington i sitar contains the Fol Law ing film the South we have the following data in relation to Tho strength of the a med Effite forces from the state of the Confederate Retreat front Manassas a our a Tes that Gen. Johnson left Manassas with 40.u�o0 effective men. Gen. Mugruder left kor Towo with 7,5ik effective men when the Union army landed. The confederates act under the advice of Gen. Lee left Yorktown the 67,-�o00 men. On june is 85,0<x rations wet issued to. The conned Turate army before Kicer mind. R retailed reports by regiments and Batik Lions of All but up Venseen captains showed that i 357 older win placed hours do Eom in the Battle of setae Pines. On june 2 lit 12&0q0 rations Wem to the rebel army before a Richmond. 4jy july 20th, a a 000 Tew troops had reached to hip and troth the South most of whom were new iches and not reg3rded As thorough to Safe. On the 13 h Fang. There were six moments of in of Mitry Savannah and a Force of 34,000 near Charleston. Gen. Lee and staff left Richmond Iliad quarters Tal a Quot a farm. Nine mile Hoied for Gordons Vil be after Thi graphing to Gen. A a Erncr Savannah for tha in Landry that Post and to Gen. Pc Imberton for As Many As could to spared from the defense of Charlos ton. Deduct from 128.0c0. On j Une 2l in 10.-u 0 for Doub u rations and followers of your country s calling a a Freedom s Fane is a Linig will be gift to Sfa Vei Bobu Scimto your a do Long Given by fathers Ooyd Arthera Maves. Go for loved ones dear ones. Go for Kindred near ones. Who for you jul Pray go,.alas for your Frieida for Brothers dying a play by . With no Friend Besue Acta them la Yon a out Era Glen do try Jaugu Efthi a Roeii Brave hearts doomed and a trick in for the Lack of men will you a cry inc to nil or i a. Ere they die Una Lnders a unto Youder i ook who is growing stronger to hairy Louger Rouse a a nor Lieros go from the Mountain Valley. Round your film Dnard rally from each North Homo. With your Mceady and your Veu Gewe ready. Let Tucki Fiew be come. Come that wrongs be righted let them la now. Treyve slighted a kit had made their peace Shew them no contrition. Yield on no condition nor the carnage cease till thet yield to reason. And repent of treason gladly Jpn our hand. Loudly shout hot Mana for the starry Banner. Held by Union s hand fathers Brothers lovers. All the love you eel now for Jour Home tre usurps. And that feeling measures by you Brav e Haita Zeal. Go nor Tirry longer. Lest the Ibe be stronger go Mcclellan Waits but your forces yonder. Hark his armies Thunder now Radii Noird s Gate. Go your country calling Quot so yield from woe appalling this glorious la Vidgo la Eavon a rect y a ii. Ever a Hield protect Yott go True hearted band. A a Westrum hone ? m. A. lie to towing arc the proceedings of a meeting . 41th , in relation to the do a of Piatt , who fell a Ilant by Hiag for Ibe and Constitution of 0 country. Or. Squiers was the son of Flatt Squires Ai was Scipio township in this county lie was deserving of All > Camp near Plattle Creek tenn., thu ii Letb ,1862. A a meeting of the members of go. P b the 44th regiment Indian Volunteer infantry the following resolutions wei4 sized Hei Oft de that we deeply and sincerely lament the untimely death of a late trend and compan Tob in Ahns Platt , we Rome Liber him Only As a single hearted Soldier and Patriot a Brave Man a genial Comrade acid a kind and generous Friend. Lie solved. That Hile cd wild Bate wished that the Goldien last Loeb Imp get have rested of Awell Foughi Fiel 9 or which Tbs Light of a priceless and blood Toi vie tory was just bearing yet while Pitts s Story shall be to gtd Bis no he bearing on will Crown his memory with glory. That we tepid to Bis and friends this slight testimonial of his Worth and and their loss As a Token of our sym Paliy in their bereavement and May they reme Ribeir that he who flies for his country yet lives for her in succeeding generations. Lie solved. That a copy of these resolutions be forwarded or Public to on to Dawt sox s Quot times and ,&Quot fort Way no Indiana. G. 11. Wat Miv 1st Lient. Serg s Roi , Seig James Colleno. Capt. 11. J. Menninger of the medical director s office Evansville ind., arrived in this City to Day with the remains of or. L a Meyers formerly of this City but recently surgeon of Hospital no. 2, Evansville ind. Tab fou being notice is taken from the Eva is Ville to Virnal obit itary notice. Ai Lilb Ting of the tons composing the Hospital corps Evansville ind., held on the 23th August 1863, the i Floe of or be lir Uler to take a urea for paying proper re a pets to the memory of their deceased brother officer. Or i. Wrens late resold act surgeon of Hospital to. Or. J. P. De Valer to failed to the a Hwy my or. W. D. Tunis. Painted Secretary. A committee consisting of drs. Wirtz Temple and a inc by wits Roen appointed to express the sense of Che great loss the Ifor Petal corps of this City and the in fes is has sustained in the sad event., the following report was adapted and ordered to be published and manuscript copies int to the Friend of the deceased has pleased Providence to remove from Amon us one of the most gifted an beloved of our number. Or. Myers was a Young Man of rare Promise. With Large perceptive Fracul we iii i a ready and Discini Ninaking judgment and would leave 115, 000. When our boats Bicjan to make a noise Richmond a 15,0 k. By gasses in Battles number Reinzi Inibig. Of a pow a fill memory he combined the severest habits of stud which i rendered him even on the James River away we went on another Sperai train but by this time they so anti Cipa is a Over., the country until we were so when a Man Pon i Well known that the thing was entirely play Iron docs. Tier ki�p�y8there in de Giitl i think to is a pretty a did a Etiz fib sch my fair Des i a her a Pirimi Tom the Beeli Enaam that by weft not know Al file re a �f1f Uffia Tigli Ter lii of big tsp Brand a a Btu thought description of that part of in but the worst fit for i have Tell you and 1 Tell you the truth when. I May Liat Salisbury. N. C., where i have been for the last Bree Mant sri is properly rated. 1 had about ten acres of ground in which to Iri Arch and very respectable quart Erir in which to 8l6ep but within to to a acres of Roand a other four a Reid Ai id around Olvat was an on closure and within Tai ,.tn sept j Over three Hundred Tinion citizen prisoners. Of. We Arr Tot Tneia and old and aged then men wed Down with year.--, Edil a Foht Iver the j with hoary Heads men respectable in appear Esser i Char Itiat he Doicy u Ance and int exigent put into that prison for Kiwi stir if re r Timil Quot Iri up Quot Quot hut in no other crime Thau Loving their country. Ili Emea who a a o rear within miso some irishmen who wire Tell and Lipse Parent Cui i so in Fortonato e As to be within the precincts of l if my Tabius is any who Are is Daub the whose three men obliged i Only Onia win that they were too Loyal to the Fli Trogi i surs and stripes fipps Susej men who re to tax Folie Abr pet is that fused to take any usher oath but the one they a Primnel of wart Noj lib took when they landed in this country to Tab Tiam so min a Siva Deso Ritmo support the Constitution applause and Laws he whole Maiter. Were not was in the Uniti fees and they never could 100,000, to which wild new Trobok 3p,000. And 1� a Civ age Diin Ian i no he be rows deduct therefrom 20.000 for Llue defense of j Devotion to in profession was unbound Richmond would make the Confederate army i Days were i Assed in the sick aard and of Vir inia on posit our Linos to 110, the dissect ing Robin and its nig fits Devot 000 a elective to the collation of h s observations and the study of the Best authors. But this self in in chm Cpd the bes was to Jjoe. And therefore tic x then can to think i was Jott Anil to Moor i Motif often Way Quot lir lii met Wisboro a to wih iwo Iehl Giti Mhz a to i thit Ibe smell of of of the Tab a cd oat the s so leu of. The other Ulav get a the ave and a Riff Quot to a in cry six and Taftt to doa i inv a a yes a he a Toicen i women a re to Rte i take a Otho one no Natter who set themselves up in opposition Afi Plau i tried to get s4>me of these poor countrymen Ermine off. F pledged myself that in they were Perow fed to accompany me i would guarantee Tomt Primo Ofifi bovid be released in their places. The comm indigo Ott Lccy told my if i would pledge my word that they belonged to a military association he would Loit them go other Wise they Odid hate to remain As they were not included in the there they still remain and if Erer there was a sacred duty to be performed if Ever human nature revolted against anything ought to be against the of those men in that . The 1 know they a id a want in to Muumuu a. Tha Tutra Avera iced iii Tbs Fri Wka a Feofil Volu steer. Quite a commotion was created in the Camp of the 66ih yester ii by the Discor Ery of a female Volunteer in Geraid s company. The Young lady was one among the first to Volunteer in the company. She is a resident Neari in mile switch on the Ijo Ais Lille. New Albany amp Chicago Railroad came into the City Sou a four weeks since or esd in men s clothes and Volun Tereci. She conducted herself in Tjie most proper Mannor after her enlistment and her sex was never men suspected. Yesterday her Voclo was on a visit to Camp Noble where. He accidentally met and recon Niaud her. Slie ii int Diatel burst into tears on being discovered 8ho was discharged by commandant Martin,.�nd, dres de in her Soldier clot lies immediately left for l Omo. She belongs to a highly respectable , and we Are Reid United to ?3 her name. What induced her a Volunteer no one a Eio Allany Ledger. Cir the Quincy Lurdell a ays Quot in his great speech the court House the other night or Browning said he stood upon the same platform with the president non the great Issue of the Day and that the position of the president was his pos Ion and the views of the president Scro his follows then that those abolition papers which assail Senater Browning Asail also the a Side . Those who have asst led him in the past have also a8.<iailed the president in no other Way could senator Browning have so president in the popular confide since a by the foie oing Anno Anee posed labor the Earnest of future Fame was to much Fos his be cols Way and was he Cou of cutting abort a Kef so valuable to Menee and so dear to tis All he Iino an intellect so Good a heart so Noble a Man is a not Only to Bis profession and i friends but to society and so excellent an example of entire to cause of suffering humanity cannot be too Long remembered. He did not die upon the Battle by the Side of those who bid risked their health and lives in the nation s cause he imbibed the fatal Poison that Imide him a to science and a willing Sac Riika to his Conakry. I. While a i deeply Fisl the wow that taken from our midst this Young spirit so full of Promise we Al of desired to express to his relatives and friends Home our sincere condolence and Trust thai the memory of the Virtues of the departed May have their soft Ning influence on the grief occasioned by Bis Early loss. J. P Debruler president Quot a. D. Turner inc rotary. Rent Liattia the a levied by Jec Davis a to Arch traitor jct 1ias sent lacs Sage in the Rybol a Bilge Ofifi in which he pro poses act aviator measures exceeding in cruelty the action Nero a edict is the necessity for these u eau raft a ii Fages sup posed to have Len upon rebels by of army. Thes Volt rages Only in the Dis tempered Flincy of diffs having n j found lion in aet for never a a War Brien conducted wit i More leniency u Pfoh the part of any government than b the Federal Anthor iries towards the Rob cos scrupulously avoiding All semblance of the spirit of retaliation and giving Protection to those who Hadl tidily forfeited All claim to the pro tuition Tif Law. has Oceh Ono of the faults comp amid of that the govt Crement treated with too Mitch those do setting Finis he . Its humane course is met by the Man seeking to overthrow the Nat Joir with the spirit of flt dish hate and premeditated Quot revenge. Of w1iat can Davis ? to Lipri bleat feta be be of Wiell treated while those they have taken of Oura have been subject do to Ewy species to of cruelty the right of Buhil a Biira Deal Dill some instances to the Union Sij Ediew fid fell upon the battled iii and the bodies Herr Rel a intr a cd even to making drinking Caps of their skulls while on Hll occasions our government has had proper respect for the did of the enemy giving them decent interment. Our wounded have been Bay netted As they Lay helpless upon the Field Hen they fell in the Bandit on troops have been kindly cared for an very Effort of medical skill was made to hasten their recovery. Property has been wantonly destroyed by the rebel sol Diers while in All cases the Union army has Given Protection to the property eved of to base in arms against the Given mint. They have Ablated All the Rales of civilized War while we have respected them and now the rebel chief As a return for the humane acts of the Ger emment proposes to a Augustale a system of in Natal and Bai Bailem. Mtr fiure Wimch would disgrace 8ava& the ibo Winf is n Spe Eroen Quot oar ii lbs of with Raimone Iran ton destruction of Prunine. Property murder of an Tives and Speaks of the confiscation Bdl As , while the Nib Iea obligations of the Confederate get verment Are formed by citizens of the United states and Leam two generals of the muted states be engaged exciting Servile insurrection another has been found of instincts so brutal As to invite the Vio Lehde of his soldiery against the women of a matured City Quot Ilis declaration a de Itule of truth but we Piume they Are made. To excite the bad passions of his Hue loliwer3,so As to prevent the Quot sob a second Mboi he Quot from leading the people to Biff the Vorpi their Way of and bitten their return to Loy Alty Well knowing As he doc9that of i ror most kept up to exasperate them against the president and Trio on Whin the Constitution imposes of prosecuting the . In this be evinces some sagacity for if he can keep his adherents blinded to the purposes of the Vern tent in subduing Reb Eunoa Only to restore the Union and Constitution he can continue Forai Ime his pretended government and save himself from expatriation for As soon As they realize their True position they will not of ii return to tacit first ivc but themselves execute their unscrupulous and traitorous leaders tie proposes to retaliate upon our troops for the treat Myya a iii to. »1, a Iki be a Gen enl Ona and Ioc Liidi Witlip Tea a a i i arg District of Teni Tovy. Advice from Brit Yatew state that there he now fishy Lif tiie Illinois Rej a a ii of in Pii of jut fifi Ebay hopi appointed a Stem to a a the mate us to to is .pajr��s�#rb0thtojt�mt�<�t��atv the Corna Mcc Zeljah a for a re joining via Alexandria. Al or Terfu cd if Bas i a fone Jar. Ward from thai Ini and the follow the newly levied try a Ira to tiit by during into feb. ,. Forwarded t9 the in is greatest 4he War has pms Daad of Are an engage Ghent look Ali we a Renton on in which the a try a Fern Doit a of and Ciren out of the tap. A dash was Nutly made by a Small Par of Maoai de rebel in Catlett s station time did some Danias to Public property and tap bred gup. Left forint last Chi Raday with Otao 30,000 Mph Tiosh of Lwi town to by a if a rebel under Arn in . Aril s Tupelo with i probable that he will wite new York int by which embarked a ill in sur by quid give los�ncrstts.4>at in. The rebels he ave a Foi of 4o,0ls l\1i a be Finity 9r,gttmbcria9 is Asj i that no alarm need to Felt As to Gen. Morgan s a situation. High Hast Ovidina for a month is Pont Iokim a a a erf a to mag of and reinforcement Are hasten big Chi Mai a Large Force of rebel has be put to other bide of the Gap Quot a Gavin the Meta Emkhy rebels open fort Dene land of monday their loss was about thirty la Llyd and wounded. While the Fud Eti a Flor nil i single casualty. The troops byte a Iati wis Griir Mimi wit Mami bar companies of the seventy Orst Ohio under major Hart the same regiment of Whit six Raub i rend red by Ciol. Mason Clarks the forces that Aua teed fort Donelson Murm Ihu sense Bat a Apt ared grf Casville. Tue contrast Beizem the conduct Idt Gol. Ila son and i Banc of major Hart will suggest is to eve Imp one. Col. Lowe with four companies i of ibo a fifth Low oae Alry who bad arrived Foci done a son after the attack pdf8ued <th�>caem1e awl Oiver Iakiri Tom had a fight of half an Ikno s duration capturing their Tannum Ling them to Retreat. Geo. Mocker and been ordered to sprig Field iii., to assist fastening. A Howard oar new levies. Earl Russell has written a letter the. American difficulties to the British charge Washington in response to a rotary sew try. Lie Saya the Briti gov Ermei a pot Wert he one. Inch Fryni an Impan Iai neutralityai., in has nothing ii feat Beart Aii. To see the far Bro to a speedy and satisfactory .concii�Ion.,Missouri has be a cleared of the principal Kansas to escape Lei blunts Jiu Kuit is be Jeveda however that they Grill re enter Missouri on the first favourable a a Rte Init. The trial of or. I Hoh a of of of a Ltd bog uie Ile Vaid will take place this wee was Ciao to Saunders Quot who a pit passed into banana in disguise and hot Licha l. Yah by Quot Ai first supposed. Said riders left Richmond on tue a Ltd to amp to ,1iifd a a pfc Europe in the Etc Shekmer tint he Ondo Tib Teddy carries a is Ibby Fth Itterl bet fat us Quot tub r. A with lha Irish Ugie had ibo a blonde of in a go a Eim. Wilt be wed by the War i ppr Al int t6 Takk com Naod of the Chic Ray if regi meat a Hasty of $600,1100 has be i otdere4��tte pro cry of secs soon a itt Qiu Eji in Ltd to militia and support to car air Csc jii Folk a the that us in Pmj or Ite Tomas a a a went to Tebo Tfir Ira amp a mkt a Kly Tifis 9f�kw a us Ina Ted 4ibputtw� a Sta Lur in arse a or uen main May de by Rols in Der big we a men of guerrillas and the con cation of slaves i More men in re be near a to no a tined to become their 83ltled after and his suggestion b iii of the character in an attack on the Gap is by by jntiat4d the following extract have been in Buell is i i Jug up to of to brim produced into the rebel Congress and. Seem Desh is expected that he will a i by. Quot Mont with the tatter s Reserve. Officers on urk gym Gonei Fca army Baye bseiirder., return to Corintio by prox., m is intend of commence Active about . I be guerilla. Chie amp Orrin to Inci Woodward have concentrated their fp.ree�,a Are Ipa Ching upon Bowling Green to Amir iting in atom a govt in intent Refus Quot to treat our partisan soldiers As is no is and Bave also punished inn Ltd nth private citizens for their 80ta& provid i apr per a nay Bave ordered Suh deities he put to death if Captai de. An equal number of prisoners office a preferred taken from the a Nanny to re i get Wei or and a number of prison Etc a they Tim hut Larga no her of Hontz Aid a a and in itt vhf of. A the a Oss to a a Tain a a Ift Asifo of fax find sum mail ton Wodny Meljay they Pross Adad far As la Ai fax Hgt no a a Tiili to a a Quot tto airy Imp a dash Onvy a Nha we ii 3i twelve or thirteen Miles from Washington daring these proceedings fever Al fits Joearr de Zadoo Fosa Iafe parted As Laige. Genl to sends i Dii tech to Geth. Ilal Leek Oifer Date of a a p clock thursday night of a ,.aa discovering that bag Bis be Abdrew Noih in my Jam Tuott to Massar Jan on arriving Chipi after Jat no Jan a a hated Byj rur of Taamai by me dowdy Sadr Sigel six to slim Fri ii lib placed late in the Altini Donl when severe Flag lit took place which was Terni Naties by the a Kapesi. I us were not sed a every Point iils Ian s corps Ware to move of Jas so a by Koght yesterday Ai arb ing and Pope Coald Abt so a How the ene Tot were to escape without Way if a. Tai Bava a teen several othak.ei�ageimaca�4iiltn��f Oblek of Turiga a said to have Loet Amflia a i Ion i and the in Weber Hooker a tiered a a a my tet a in tory. A 7l.ere id a Large Lee Boig and a believed that they intend to Cross into Fth re is a report 1& >�1sville that Boer Bas bad a Battle with Bragg sad won a de vieto>7. A a. A a re Kirby my thirst ky., with 90,-d�di�o ind a Bra ii Ltd to Anarch to the fit a Fortis cat in i Adamatis >1 to eff i Elk to in debt a lows Latifa Foth Indian raid into that state. A of if to air of Are recoil ism Dawa a in a West Bank the djs Maia a la Orer la urling their prof Resa with Muir dlr and eat Fly float is Ramore that Sterling prior to Vel general a Tbs inst Gator of Fie Indian Tab Eaks a no the Ems a by mag a tie fora if i by him. A the re la a Hattu Moog Kho Icv of amp a Kew Ira my by a Tim Moa and to of a Lack a Pim a mss Ai loll Heideb Etc of her Mia Riihl s the Lieg Istatt ref now we Quot Mitke Lin. Session on Thi ii he Lina. Us amp a the Fate inflict cd on our captured soldiers Pidi i a pouring Stroppa into. Kentuck a or citizens. And an Illinois regiment leased Troua i int Quot also a Bih to punish negroes in arms. Anapolis yesterday a i Rotruc for the a provides that Federal Armi composed of White and made shall not be held to the privileges of War. Of such As May be captured the he resumed to their masters or publicly sold and the commanders publicly Hung or shot As May be into on lenient. Also offered a Bill to retaliate for the seizure of citizens the enemy. provides that of the prisoners held the a cited states a a Timber equal to that of the Eit inns seized shall be held As hostages for their safety and Jubic coed to like treatment. Ariy officer civil or Milita concerned in their seizure shall be imprisoned during the . The policy if persisted in by them will entirely change Tho. Policy of the Federal for Crement for will become Indi Snible to punish them in the same manner boy punish Bur troops. Let them not department Issue a Strin emt Orter to the a a Lela to that Tobise a sad to carry into effect any of the extreme measures pro used by the rebels shall if Apt Rod suffer death and Davis will not i Strum a ready to execute Bis barbarous enactments. The time has come when to maintain the gov a raiment is necessary to punish with severity those in opposition to . Card from Colum cd Dunham. Llk.\uguatea4 United states Fouces , ky., August 2, 18g2 to till Lili litre a i Tho Joi Irnel 1 find the following in the to Arona of to Day Quot we learn from the Bedford Ltd Ivi so that colonel c. T. Dinham of the fiftieth Indiana regiment is under arrest Murfree bom tet Insi Bat the nature of the a Barge against i is not i very much regret that the duties assigned i me since i have been in the service though laborious have been such As to attract but j Little attention and no Ink Vita oth r j you would probably have known Liat Fence j january 1 have been As i still on duty in of .1.� Ken Lueky and hence i not under arrest in 1 Quot a of Tii Cre noon of Tea Day we Murfreesboro Tennessee. is were being Forward strange that Kentucky papers should take so Row Alej Tdris. Tinatin. There is a Rumor that was shot by general a on the Battie Warrenton but u. Not Cit item men eral Mcdowell s brother Cincinnati. Cause is mentioned for the re trat Van of an act. The rebels Are gathering in a Trong a re a Fth the Vicinity of temp and rum is Are Rife there hat they iii an attack upon the. A Sinois is again threatened with an Avalaz a oif wild oath Are a ii fuse applicant of Crim go. Which would is a iii Lect he Aji blog Ter in be off the i ,.m Chicago rag makers a a ,t.�g� t with he Sioux new Ulm mind Qto a the. Jim in a and Cre Blig to Eya been a my lately veral persons have been Murr a Vages in ibo Vicinity of fort a a Crumbie. Gen. Johnson captured by morn near Gallatin on the 2l3t inst has arrived i a is ill living been . Our loss in the engagement was 26 killed and ?3 wound and the rebel lose 13 killed and 40 wounded. Morgan s forces numbered 1,800�?More then double that the federals. The expedition lately sent out by Gen. Curtis and com David a suite l satisfy cd Only ii having taken considerable property belonging to the end my destroyed fit a Road to la Graphie communication and captured several times. The Quot the rebels made a raid upon Maui Ltd on Winloe fuday and de troyed our stors. Fht a copying rom a dirty lying and cowardly abolition Sheet shoes Only object is Tho gratification of a personal and political malice article against Quot an of Ellisjr who we have contradictory acco Ataii to a irs Cumber and Gap. One report if that the Piip plea general Morgan Bava Uvea cot off. Who has Laboured faithfully if not Well for the and that to is in a perilous. Situate while a Protection of their people and state. c u Dunham colonel fiftieth Indiana person wbk Lef the open the 23i ii Tes that tier Iaan ample 9v>re of provision for sixty Day % and that the position be Bibl against any for that May to brought against prostration 01 car Tui Bird lies Lite niggling in the dust with 1 spreading 10i9 Low is reported that from Bro Hon Wing and wailing cry longing Only for ten to fifteen thousand Savages Aro coming pinions to Fly away fro ii a weary world to the 1 a own the Des Moines Valley who have Burn to i wit i Yon. Of amid that prostration of earthly Hopes i Dea Marato ask tax r car wet. Tue fwd re a Tjw a Cuba Antii the Quot Suta aia Ofinn Nai Levaaia recently adj Waswil a in to Wil. Seward Buclo be in. In Kaied a Ati Forini in re Aea iii a Paioa of . Mfg a sewed sep Iliad of Sifrid a. A Imide Fri if or j pc a a a in committed Bia list lib Lik Ali Pihrt Frt a Mic news a 6�orf do Tai a my a Lif of Rby by a Fri Tow wet Oon Amiin Sayfi. J the. i _. is aah few Ai or a a Jepy a the Kanof ther a Pahari i mfg Porter with a Tery by Ayr tact a la a Oil 4mrr�ri have joint a my Ahtl go a in i mme not forget that bums Ida uhf Ai Edwinl Wimet the a Stro is imm of a a a finn u in foam tha i jul Thlu la Aei a . A san i ats Aadu thai Mhz Millas Al Letl aha Liesik Erofile right la a Rdv by so a Aap Mii a a Ike Iod of me a a Tragos a la Faw i waging Fraaz beat lok Prim Oshe penal my mfm9timi a a or Abutin Litis Mich iii to a a mostly a was a i a in a Elf i to file Rio Tea. Poa Soila few Thamvi Samf icel Xoma adar Man i to the a by i fifty meat he arrived . Feb tia �71 rebels Tow to �111 i Wii if a Iti Ollk a Rte Uit in air a a a % a Hitty lir a a Rda in ii a i met he Art i ipad in my la Wpm Dower of a Dpi a hmm Tiff two Wail ally my a age dior Tiiu Ira re Tiloso a i of Titan Tow win a now my to say ibo to this Barbir both in aged no for in Polit Btl eat Fri a to to App a Inge a tics Abonit question is of evil admit but Ion to. Bat in a civil Iraq o ip0si�ig Armie Lonait Issue off no Cir a Taf ufos Quot k to i Lutito prevail the a thrill Baw questions of administration left to a Elk if r amp in thei will be time Noog to Settle my questions. A 1 Atif not to Detate a soars Abr a a mfg by i Irray in this crisis. 0iit i most a j in myself that neither As a Publ officer Nof Irisia a a Tifen i Kimhor write boor a Dis floor a min so Moat he sappers of a a Vii he a tates my my Marthaa Flaa Mibu a Diattra Fly Imfelt a in Iak whih Van Tehi a Muff i��4emltiek a a a Fiailoa like a Hidir Mofal can Only do Ana thing Ell rally a in Imo. I Moi Ihu Milf a a frn Asilo i the a Folia Ilia i Ike to a msgr my iof in Mimi by or real. A 1 the Wrangle of which occurred Che Podadera Sibolt Thair wipe Tiwi cml is when they Down to tha a Jib adj Jet Salem were Pateas rational aft Jat Asi Niord. What is unwise in the Camp Sivh East Whir two a moment cannot be Wise in the Cabinet or in a Liventa of oav�l>3r. A i up . And corroborated the . Else in watching and counter acting the in a a he Hett Ato a Trig Nee of traitors in Kapepe. But i some reached the Rappas Spac times think that if instead of being charged j Jug 20 we kit iii of with these duties i wore Liberty cd jets Force of tha Hick a Tiht he a Natii Lillya to in a a air a Tri my Rieti Yuhi a a. A Contr and who River. He Quot seem to be t04erve Tho Eoo atry a my own way�l<oeal4amka-aa4ippealtodem�krat$and,y rep Oblenis Abolt Enst r and slave oilers in Der camfjs4 behalf of Eoo atry that would bring the whole people Onee under arms and and treason a re no Back into the f Daric less from whence sprang. I Ijmte know Bow this would be. But 1 do Kim that if i Srere in your place i should try. Juif sep to stir of fire Thap cd riot la now. Plainly visible to the naked Eye Distant a intr red iii Biff Fren Lee Potar soup 0� a4ino who a a i a a rav few Hng w the h h la Wii a Riofta in of the lii my a Alstn Sinthe body or4he l Tala be a the. Los i Tail. Dimly perceptible streaming to no use 11�� a w a lag Quot a Fulo. U Earth the Raie Tamrat Lobi a a of Fiji. Or cml Anda half Day. The oar Pio Katby Fml Olih 1 planet Mars now Onteria of Arief Tiara about p. M., and a a Tolian a rear Sinca la former appear Anea Tihe w by Isu Rasida i a. Co Nievo Strong my Pinoos bad a Large vet Seir. The Detroit advertiser a ays i of largest vessel on the i Kes was to be launched in that City yesterday afternoon. Her name is to to Zimny Side 4nd Quot her dimensions Are As follows length of keel 164 of a beam 34 feet 6 inches depth of hold. 14 feet. Her capacity is aleut 32.ixx bushels of wheat and a he will draw twelve feet of water when loaded. Her strength is extraordinary her Bilges being nearly solid having Over a Hundred extra fut tick of a in ancient Daya a App f a mtg to we. Of visioning warlike Tima. bacchae a. A a rest of the grave of Desola Tion. He who has the kids of death is his de two villages and committal a number of ii the Strugg be. Newhar vent Nar Abt tired in the Smi a by to eater Al Putar Ance and in Motet Ahsona with Inch cd Umid urd every Job qty in the glory and in a in to Abie a too Naim fat big a a thai to Acil a Irtie who list Ted Deaia i inulin and bet murders. Settlers in Emmet a Quot a Ter still who hath. A Kayed draws near counties arc Heel no South. Help is asked and into Ehing tenderness saying to i a a with troops Are to be sent up. Tip latest advices Tou. I win come in to lib place of your la Ved ones. I ii,.t the Battle i with a to cheer you to rom fort you. Jon ii Dunlav the Whites Sulla a to supp ii and Sustin you. I who once a p�"�&Quot.�. Jug grave Bere to weep with you i will be loss of ten killed and he one Wood and. Your Side in thallis railing. Future 1 will make feeling too weak to resist another Alta cd. Irith my grate suf Flient for you and Iny promises Mankato. Forty ave a of a re now be sat a the tied Yeii iii a i ii a and baii�te3ted by a Naod Lelwko awl with a slender Craso ent of pkg Jet la doa a Fow degree of c Precio Asto you and my love better than earthly aft Clion. Che oth i a changeable the one must perish. I the strength Ufa your Bear and a ration a Retif to. Ported murdered a Point sixty Milea Loath West of Stew Ulm but the number is thought y the Otto Bank appears to Willii him adm a await of the blah Ira la a or tha preliminary a a Mia Taiafi of a Jelp. Prei iceman on a a Shargo for the Eai Iet of Tab Burty that Doir a one Timea Iam in Mark towns ii. Was bad cyst i or s9th aug test before Squire Milliman Wahidi fest led in committing the defendant Ila jul watch Doe process of us. The Cabinet bad Gawalt by Jno the pro Hildat a a Adan Tyd j the Craw is past Aai to toned. I % a

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