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Dawsons Weekly Times and Union (Newspaper) - October 22, 1862, Fort Wayne, IndianaKem if est off Kuyf ii Aioli him to be out Nancu Only i ulily Icil will let new Titian in i Iotti was one of the Gat that1 Ever Coil toned in that famous old can Tiant inc pump pc. It As o to worship Ucli Zirles sunnier and his and d. Of the iwo pc. It Soublo Riu Riti til t cd ill t Lii to. Urine his. Or. Is l criticism but Nii Wei Iii Haj pc built cd Ali c Fricon Dimof mrs train who Willi Hui had remained for Tiro 16 or. B Nir of Aulii wac Oil. Ucb a fair arid Jtj tit it acct Jinja wins it Iii . Or. Tram to flu l Ili lilt Ettril arid it Tivix at uts Over Blair Fly Ilio to. From hit to l.xo.11, Lii wed truth Llic i la 1 or. Cuu Twa Ujj a jilt a i Jii a Iti Oruro Huir Otto _ Tii Culong Vij Jjck l a Lav i Iwon Illitia or Tiki Sinur Forano Wurtle i Iii Rock Tod att we i Tttus t in i1 Tuu Lmh Tito Wai jii1 of us pit Piti on to Ani of the lit Ijuin Tawni Llic do not Simiu flu Ieuv Nuiji not Giuld to. Cow Jin irate in to put Kef Iii i t in Mac Lush by ii it in Lio Ihu e Hait Aravt d to to a Ufa 1 i or. Sunnier. He its no of i rawer Large As ism with their fat Oaks they to belief that til diced Llie Advance arc still to full c hint the Etc Aily Rise in Jim Render Unab tne4 in Uia Liomati Caltry certain ijr1 me to Iii Sii Siul test i k paper currency have no ii her limit than tie capacity tit any possibility be slight and a Cali Are of Liliu nature of i rising in Nike. Experience n Init of Iti the i Aud Llie number Hal k Yow those of Bur readers Myat cries of tailed not or will Sec the a Tomb Llave Yoti seen Sam and Lesl any think in applicable to Llic expired Samuel Idsall who wan three Days a Republican Caius Hilale of r alien led lint track or to Samuel Mck Leatrich in to socratic pud Alicr wards Republican Ron tue fur who Jcj Ilerda thu t nay. It any one should think Wor tur to either of Nartic ulary win Dischiani ital Way of pertinent concerning the political whereabouts of All yesterday a c Hub Thouc answer who m. I m i Tutsi men Ani Smo Othora Havo in Synod it they that Iscra in a Trio Union sent Mont Winch will not i the and to to exr lilo la inf inn Fri Hail Iii tills City an Well a Liao i far to Liard Kar Natl every Oit liar Nonni Oughty and Unnur Chlud by and their Fried u in Dairn Niino tin Volte j nut ajl Iii of dim Lerly Coti unfed at. The Tow in thu Nunu Sallr Ani Clidale fui1 Nuj or ii in twi Wilip Stein it a the democratic of Junta a circled Tiyi Taruc Ina Jority a Ltd the i Wii from i Fri tilts of Floc diet Triciti induce Iho lick if lilo tenth Iii Brkl Hviid a Pitrus for tit Turnt Wren of very Largo democratic pains and if they extend to ill state ticket in with out Dou lit circled., is to Viry. Many while i item wholly by Mirror Ira wd1 an nil Bay that we arc much Mir rated ill 1 tile course Minrod Hyila at min ii4lrnlion Lias Olingi Kinin Ift Ducal us to thai he people would Wijt a tic Al Rel of Jiuru the Ith which the Tal Rioth of lilo Xor Thorh Stalch ill cd Tan lard Jirred Una Ibry Wens Willins i do Ali or voted of Day prove a the Xuy Jacy Olllie i to Radical Hill eve i by it Injo its of to Way at Washiington in Liujie in qwn3 to Fiat riot d heart b it Trio Union and the Cowie Union which tit Bia we May yet x i avid acid int Many of to firm May. Yet live o Sci their Unco in coi Lilion. How far thin Hope May be tit Iii Olk ind. It to. Who by Itu Nitin True won tie of m of Sweet it Comfort Jlewis Jotty Rod. Belli r lie j till stir pity your la Iii Lui him free from . Troi Irmyl to liners ii Una Icli you the Crimson. Fit id stir v Here the a trips were uniting to Lorii tic re fitly j Woit lil Lovo to i " of i Wouch waft Lii Khodr in Tiu Butch life for Freedom now you will inert on yonder new wait u of where. Deep sorrow to of but our v will iriv Cairns Vach of car Tell i y Moil or Tiow 1 lick a lib the fever Liutti Der Tell How Wii cd Havel fact her i hereto waft1 la Nncy i p to a Stirk allies of ant Lii co my. All lie a Cully we u pc Tel. I and it annul to Rewt nowbut in Britt with Lih lie porn Lac he now now. He Brittle in Olimi ibid in no my at Cli col by reference tit Oiler table motrin t he Fri will Ili Cavin crate Liao hot Only Inaita a the Timve raised the to. Bluit it we in Tho arc Lubila ii acid Tho in Iii Limu they arc mid f tax u Arink not. In exult Over Thi in Nanh. Thart in nit it no hmm the Trump i of thu in Prin Huldi a a tilt Lii it of an jetty no India try re to on Tom Day of and in Llie in Twu yearn ban incl cd in Tho Kiwi de eat every a lift them their i Witt it and wide awake in Cinilia Itji lie Ralho tile Ohler of the Day while the Daitu Rati Ami duty the night of the to of Timal their Vuu Lallon look a Loiis of that frill i a of Alid Hill the Luru Holli n the Trulli Ami Mimi ability of their Privi Inq Liuti whorl the Lull of Wood of Liq All hint Jarl of cd Wilc eve i Alliry hoi Lave a a Taro Tyml waa a Tiitu when lha of drum orate a was More lied cd than the Ith cot. Must Auu Rosiy believe that Tho trill have Cauwet to re fret Inq remit of election. The ref cent one highly come cant and Well a Sinh Chari i Tom Ilu twi of their rep Alivn the newly elected clerk am All Well town Acyl to Bullin Shmitt All worthy Iti the Toni suit atom Ltd Nowd Tui Ammie dilation at r in Llic jail of. San recent Ini por Lati in and about week lie met in the Early mar orig a it Tuting German girl in com pan with two of Hick Olio wore going to they wore no Saulton by Una negro two Tif Vliem invade their Cacapo. But lilo Gennon girl fell a victim each Luck Vnti slip the violence of real nil a is yet to determined Bui that it i i. I i .1 _ i i. I. S Cluro it did not cd after the result of yesterday s election shall s to May again recur to Ihu bonuses Coutis Butch to times of Hie Izolt Mitil Husulak it idler pc animal by Only to dirty six Ololla m Pur ear it pay and no Clin Sist iwo by of Lack a Rcpt l. The Eso Wier in the b Ronch Aimy j Ceivia fifty i r cents a Ino nth the pay of times greater. I Tho rim irate in Tho or Cicili by tact for Itco Asen Mot Ngol men and in Odili Lirtie a Reserva i men it costs the United Stitt Ca Thiec times As much maintain a it docs lib Hrisi Ike ant it inuit be thai to Itri Tinh government can get Inonu i ill it Cost us Sii Civit or much Calami inv Brofn Lime cart tin ii a River . Folio Constitution. Fenja oct a Good Soldier May to our Heinila the a know them and confide it hem acid their Confidence will not Rayed ctn ii 1 Ryal Tutor a Law yer and to disc Larga the Duim of it ecu to we Ticoli lie u elect Cal. The District Ivory Eulor flu Hough Young Ami Ineize no need. Posse new tall Clit h a la stud riot which the. Ambition incident to Young in Vyrn w to warrant i in the that will make and t it the Impi mesh in that department will Law conducted to the entire the people and not As it lot been Lor the last two of. Iho lion. J. K. Cd Gorton we will Havo Flomo Littig he Reader to say brutality after whish nought refuse on Iarj the Kun lying at the Dock of the Vii Iii Mills. He was however i comply a committed to a wait his trial and although no it Roii has even a doubt of his guilt Fiarn ural tort Nind that thu d to i hid As they to do. I Tho name of Gnu what Are we tending to and what is to iconic of Uit. Hardly open an Exchange hut we find an account of a Rigio Rescue or attempt at a Rescue has the Lime arrival when neg Rcw Aro to Ciki omitted o every Law and every few Linja of he Annily and ii Imp miss ill the Taw of punishments Panli Cabic to White seeing the tendency of their will not Rich an have Allied them Tlle 13. To churns from Tho elections on to Owenj Aro ii isl i Tiave Otic i Iho Cratis " at air Csc he to have made n pain us Cice Ted eight certainly. six disc acts to grow is Defeated by votes a Dumi cratic Gini of in Olio Llic re Iii Cruls Cark a their slate Imp oily and have elected of in Retton congressmen. Ii Ini Liann the ctn Crau have canted the sule ii till by a Lii Noorily of to firl Clcil six or seven of the clpfcn1 con Iii inti. And secured a Iii Bjorly in lilo pipes to Lien a in p acc of a Phi Lias been ear rfcs by Llic through bribery and i a Yip life n Bill in is that we have elected one or two . U was talc Day Lii tit Force of at and caged Poitr Force however. Wenj it card in that direction. A Iii tilt had Edyt Cecii i lint die re Blu v the i Lomac at Llo Cuck n said to have Iwu a card nil Day-tiiiwday-hi1 that Dod gds. Suilin tins Immiti Nti Abii Iii Discor cred Van to Iivo Anui Nawf of Niawra from Luh Elii Tillim re Iahlo or Liht Wudl has Tirron Euleil n Large Pirt of. Army Nold Fisit Moncil them to Kirby Stii Illi Fui i he command Haw Cit attn a that Tho Are Raj Biilly irn Ckel to Wjt Riu Iii Iii i a Iii Gap Aryl ii Italy they have Tva Cua enl comp Tiibi Idun a Curlit Formy have ascended inc miss from wok to Siml landed at Oahu or a Ilc Iii til Uris Isi us yet to fac Crit. Incr no in Liliu Bailie of 55 Wogu Euleil the Corinth will id ii scially reported in a any or i to. Inge hit new of Tii who on at the Thoits to Ikon in aiming them Are i Smuhl and i crib t by Gicy flail cock d. In Losh that will noon return to former ill the the Builth slate that Cuit Itier and now by a Rigi mint of North or Tiitu. Maury Lias Yuno to Kropo on Bohnof of Thi . A Rou l re Irti butlers Fry Tii Juru j array tji Nekr. Two Klea Merk he Del Wilh or Lance he nov were hunted it Ului within Yette Nlay and Ocie rec civil n try Bruni on Utho frat intent a the loss of to the i la 14 e Rel Kojl raid into i to 1 be1 try to inti a. The Fuh Lautt to Confluence if a Low Lii acc at a i Aije i. J rot not Moas not Lakin by to Tel Cut of Stuart of Retreat Liliu Fugitt Ofa Otisie m Iii Dii Oun. I lower c. Tery nearly in Cit Cliitis him Siraha Cine Ltd to naked Hon exit from Fri Tient occurrence in to ride Ltd of Zeleny Ark. On anti my to cavalry texan including a Lieut. The f the victories Chi Uewl in the great so Alcson Hidiner Lias do parallel Mph inti in the . Republic unlike nor o the past Greit if Lilied is1 not Ali resell a pillar of an Appeal. Pop Altir Jin i Idiol. It in Iho result of1 a Chi deliberate nine of at outraged pc pet. To had no tto try it their a blocs 10 Itiba if their uflih1 my Lluy Fri talk a solve in every a Wenige of civil and Relig ious Liberty How car Willy ands non la they have Punj de for the no Cut Lhoir a act in a Kii Phirl Laww More earnestly have they be dog lit him to in Titi them Tom rig1il Arm o and cwt off Ilyf of Abul that wart the country Down i Kwh Witt Alullo Noj Piti Copitc tits f a Titch i Itin into political from which Lic ii 10 longer Able to extricate himself a lion tin proclamation in Tinl Law ill Loyal states Nanc triv Fri of atty a Auyuta lie covered the ust link which iced in Linin the Sci Picl and of Tho con or Hatiye Quieti Joynt Stales. And thu Manei Muon he pave self la Tom foul cmdr Novit , by and , and lately turned he Fri of to let hit is to has own. Lie can not now Dalu have not him an of. Luicir will. If a Liua himself front the Mai if Liliu to oiili1, will Juicy Invin hit it to forum Ike Rcw Ert Nih Conio Ai ihcr.lli.ej1. Nha Idun it to the care of it dead v Cneri Muff. The do. Example my by their Illus also cars la i lie inn clips Tif both lie Inilisi of re by Iii l lint a Tiniuc Imit of Iho of i la Tunc s a limit to by u cd by from Crry. The Rob in am to juju Jio in i Ween Jun Tom Villa and Canh Lanui. The Xuwu All Miry to Rixter inc into tin tha ii . 1ml., a Mick on a highly Capr Stahla Wlizla us Yum i in he was taken wet inc a Finagin Drolc Lia a fair hah tit wad duty o Jal a Walt Tija i rial at Tho Tern of la in while lilo Kerala Klimik him to jail a number of to , Iha ii men. Lukin Tho i Ilad Tufit Iccil a while Man Hare won no Luecil to Ukel his trial til just Rew aril of he but in Iii a in la mid thai Hoet Capo the crime acid. Tha the Law. Iliadi Tonatiuh while men warn no army evacuated Camp Dick Robin no Oti monday thu Burlil Kulins lid Arn Shiw in full Retreat knit camry ill he to on at to licit Init at laut advices Ortity three tin Len itching lid will certainly a Rill on Agio incr Kiva lot mail it cml have Al. A Tull Heon taken. Kirley Kmil nuo i it rest Wilh Dut Tinl Ali rep d Jiter Kiivit. Luct Loti took Placiti yesterday in by amyl min Ohio Indiana and Nwa. We hard Asel but. Few returns la Tho Ali or mini or in i y Allegheny courtly Ilid re clock thaddis in Tonj county Celii i in a democratic i n n in Minim Comly Locking their ctn my ticket acid both of Norch Lien Vaund Gehant in Defeated and in thu have and Proli Ahly Semi congram wac n. In Indi in a tha tic Mocrie and ii Rob Ihly five . by lilo India to rout Lotta we have rut dual Nice r Iii gains Aro a Jiotti to sen 111 Hud Indi thai re Turtum from the ratio Crest Sutra Are tiling in Intro and Toht a Lolous for it Nio Tracy o. A. R the Peri int ill the Roii roof a Defeated by a maj drily. In tha 18th a strict duiit., in gain. J i gis Luxure u lilo Dumisi crafts a majority of we cannot yet Tell How on to. Only i Iii Are Mim Iii Joti. I cd Nunnun mrs Ailo if. Tol Jon from honest Mo-1 u iat m. 1 tin it. I an Advance of the army of Llie of tonic Way a inc Gralert Liy. upon after i Ahari artillery Ngn gement no a pics Clarl Wtown Vil. The uni ii s forces jute it from Hunker u ill to the Shenandoah. We liar Rcpt rat from Kentucky of a which lilo rebels were it. Rely roiiled., the 1 to Havo Tivon Thomaa Oti Ihu Sid and Kirby Sigil to j on hid fatal. It la in in it Pursuit of i Tref a. Being Only seventeen Liles sch Iii and it is thai. Is j Down Dulity of Iho Rubeli getting out of Roach icy must either Rightor Sunn Attr. I Nashville is threatened1 by a Large Oak Harris who Inder which gelt. A Coley refused. Thu a Fishola me Amer Alt Lima balt or known 1 the is doing a wll conto business in and destroying Kedral n ten vex Holit Are already known to Iid d i that there Are honest turn in Llinat parly we do. Not doubt by Taesoon As Ulicy so and by c a Alihla in to Lent their in Octan him the worst and to it they Macii. Tit when a Sim Niord ent5 n. N e Road Man Vyrl ref h omit in Wotli Liis i or per i v a Hole in irn Lulu Toni its Vico. Let pm Licu lie Imit Lyl m it country Ami Liliu Woi iry will and will Btu it tha i Iii. Hiil to crawl to Lum Conil Urt unit Are Krucini to in 4i a Clafli it churl Linder Tjit iric pm tinfoil if to lit it Trow which i yield Iruh in Cuming t Rojics of Cpl drink loaded with arms for thu in toil Statius the in alter of thu vix it raid into is1 to under git a1 Toni nigh Cha tin hair on nov. Curling ii Swirid is ures to Jun no Nga Insl any furl her government is u i Nomovi tha depreciation of to incr a cd Many contractors Are alsos pilfering heavy los Lii from the same cause is mat Ltd become for continue Fri the lower shirt gift in Jcj Trow Wini Inkon from in hat non Smithland on a it tic no w in Pursuit of the gang who the Steamer mar. Iti Iown to in elected to wit a a chunk in -3d. Ashley in the 10th in Tom it ii and Ostl Koltl in the huli District. In mocha try Are Cert Only elected Atid Iho to a Twining i Havo sri All iroliahilily1 elected i Nin Cratt Itilio maj tily on the state tick is from to 20.000l Inoia a the democratic Havi elected Ali f acid Lite three main Iwers of and Tonsi in dust ii. Tut we Havo Anco ims which ii that1 twin j Dortu Crau Havu Carrot in at least two of Hie three doubtful Dusl ctn to wit w. A u. District and Turki in in Colfax a District which s the Demner Alii ask cart out of Tho cd Van and Onu in doubt tie majority on the a Tate lick it m from 8.uoo. o h elected in stale but Are. Unable it Jive the majorities As Law Democrat. Honian 4th Goth 7h his till Kallah a Edrhe Democrat. Orth it Puli can not certain a the Chicago limes a grand Ruth in Llic pc blowing ugh Patent to ii Mimin As Llic Noonday in the primary in disc off our Dii i cultic a not Hlavin re. Mia very Lilion is nut. Klavu Ith is Cretilli i Tolic let along Witlin i s sphere a oltion i to to Cecli the pc tent Union could she Milf free. Then secession and in can Iho two Ihu Union is in Luai ily it is tie Mission of Ihu Tamo. Nitcy j lined by it Glicr to Mijail out of Shiv to Primo to Pray Imo crate never kingly moment w lose ight of this grand a Mas who inn Nirann Orti Kwan. Of 7 the news of Hiliu Success of is inv Tito Pennsyl Fetnia and Flocca wond id take to into Sidi ratio ii that the of Var a mid a Lubo or Traler at. To and to Washington n distance of 150 it mucks it an cosy tits tar fora Lirgg relict Force of cavalry .6 penetrate to. The moment the Elict that Llic rebels Haj 1 Tirui a at my City it i eve Cir exertion wins a Nide that we dam cd the auth he cyst entry morn in. Naii had 7o without rest at that us Ilu Cocks n they Wuhu repulsed and y of them taken tie loss on our Side wok one Man Woutat . Smart. Himself unable Cross thru incl i Dzwir the fiver to t jul where to Nadj his i Jenral pm Scanlon to hic the use of itis Gunc his horns giving oat Tram Iti Bicie Rcd tint i Arches. Of Tho Rebecj cavalry and oar they show most conclusively the perfect of Anil to plan to put sub cavalry with in Diirr. On urd Werc Scal to id Ali Jilin to o ii ivc not in copy Law p Siiling but it in Fri Murtif Itilda a y of do cavalry of to a trunk duly at too grit ii Distant Msj to be of. Any us Fin fit lowing Oil in. of this tit to thing Blu to make t Len Guliy of y Pra Cicil except n guarling of Najt a Cir at hand. Who Slu Arl Al Al Coy furry he Lead fun in in they Nunt to that Point a 11 is crossing wore to in arched Iii will Cicitt a Ken from Ilio a dec in Cut i la Wanton it Only and to had Thyl fresh h i., fwd a brigade of Battery left us Camp until n us Yirk oct h i Ull Ceman Henrj i. Rillings in la in Waal incan so rat by i Mardk my Cunnick and he in Amtul hater Rynol Tim i at uru a in Llo win captured on 7lh, with Tho loan of Ono killed and Alx my or of Vount i Tom Lloyd the Utun Yeti arc Active and on Tocu 1-1. An toll Cal on or issues Lycra draft in to to to Brrow h will he found Noom sary in la Ilju Suic. Tow Loti Uii crr Ufa for d mat to Day. the i a 111. A it Trio or wad read John Vanl Lurati not however tile consent 1 1 to author i i Marrh thai in t Day or two Inq Dali Kim Ami Lloid Lite str the in tallow Ltd Himottu kit Ceolor of the Rucat Otic with you an Iho chief of i pkg itar Etu in writing what you Tuta in vial we. In of Cloher Tail m lie highly disordered condition of our Boutiton. In Eccl Iho exit tact i of Tho Tipri it to me trial am guilty of to Rio Vanrein Irwi Cufa Frojd iof election Tif Cue of Iho four u Ier Iun Tom Union adopt measures Liy or. Critt Midi r the Iva co Roii venting and my life upon Jit to shall is Cane of but in return of Ninny not f All. Tho Woddi Limaye Brake i if Frum the a hide. Avit linux some a sign inc Aurra Tjw Stales will probably Oia Tho confederacy in Loas than oday5, when this City being included in-1 a foreign country would a Ciurro a permanent Garrison Al least 35.000 Troolis he Whin it id cull cd the do on foreign Iho Nortof whih if cover Ninon has lost Toto command by loss such by net fairly Canitis tin Boal thu Tat who had no vhf to Nuhlon. Lion wlm in him Kwh Iupps in for years during a Ilion of Liliu Limo to Hud not Hocier Ugrian when a my Wel of Liu r Toad he lumber do Liciu i Coli Jurev the weeding Siat Vinding no. Doubt one in two or three by a Young n Isle of neral a to l a a men a latin ital for Atli Lio Ukia of a umber by jump allow fevers. The destruction of life and property on Tho the Crowdu would frightful however perfect t a. Rat Dirci Pliny of Lam inv Adani the con att that nor Nouv waste of Iii inn life to the North and North t least added thereto Jim Eui f 1 Iucci do vested Iron inca not to to Rought into i Armony ii Illi their e o be held for general ions by heavy an Jcj Ensti Jim Diplo Ott axes of licit it Wohl be impossible to extort diem followed by a protector or an Ullh. Say. To wayward itch in i in haste i remain cry Tenily yours. Wink Iii scour o Washington oct. Trio depreciation of paper Money is inconveniently Felt by Thant cum it in in Imp actions including Ihrl Dif oct Cliant to pity the Nefy and Ciryll in Distant from where v s Uii by Blu. From a similar cause Imit will to involved in Hiravy in wits if not in Krupcy. Owing to Tho Nav new of articles which q Obj incl alien trick is to in k w said apply to Cut norms fur relict. of always having a. T off mint a Sorvo a rpt m i circa or and is one thai it should in placed military Norship of the do diet of Columbia itt conned with he will , of arriving Leio from

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