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Dawsons Weekly Times And Union Newspaper Archives Oct 8 1862, Page 5

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Dawsons Weekly Times and Union (Newspaper) - October 8, 1862, Fort Wayne, Indiana Fort Wayne India to m la 8, 1802. I. Air due ton. Ave i. Of rail Les. Impi attitude of the Outino Crnkic could gel l talk Ca Biily Uii scr f hk.>4i�>fli w ticks in Tiah acid Kun Wurmle gift it Ltd Ltd i t five Hundred of tit Twenty five Hundred. It. ,.r i ill his Lilli it a i in 111- to Tell Rel it i it in ill let i ukr fun off Hgt mgt it i it Iai a a it a a Ami a inn Kim. Magics a a reral Days ago a Hii Ina in a Amiin it of Larriw a lii a fave Quiong Loyd a i Quirno re tins the Tioy Utah should be Pinai Mii m the Condi Ici of this War. In the a a rat meges of the War the a was a neral 80�o�olei�ob� of sly smiely part item agitation by Tomt a Ciyi Jilnick Nufi of opine Fri in Ihu to i Oral states Points incl Lily to the emergence of Dia inst political organi Aatlo is ple it led to in id Riib Najr Tif diverse dogmas and policies fort two he gov amment and cum <xiq8litution and Ibe on evening Post one of theve a Imp Abr nation journals which has been a it Al Fil Tolien i Itsai satisfaction with the 90une of the Aow in Power tqiqilm.of aft Piti Ltd to the want. Of a by he ret ii i i a cd by the no Yin it a Epa Iima a Quot of the m i a he Nii Liber it paid the full owing trib a in la Felm Loyal attitude of the l a Momii by a Xay York As represented by sex a tremor Moar the candidate of the Cun a Gya Tii in that state for the of Floc of gov a it the halt of Tim admit stration that Tuci in it henge hcs Omae about if it Viau used i mfr if had been successful All parties a we i be a Aiying Arouni it. While the Tim of Itti a Fol cd enc was still an open one Simiers cried in to iii to tie people b Ltd Gwinm the he hoards. . Its f a Wersin the government Ain this. The Sph of guv. Biff eur at Albany is full of patriotic express Knirr tip Wdow Iila Wiy awl a abundantly his it Isufi tip a twi Ima tits a Ami tuition of i i gift he Flom Aipa of the conduct of of it a is for the past year by Way a i justifying the rpm in Rte Dir of the Pat to be Law Ali Lis of Nhi Ieti tre in Atid .&Quot a a Lily air to. One of the Lepi Isican in a a mtg to this of inject. Rem turks As Rullus Quot Vang this subject to the old party Fiir Imuta Taia tet 4rhidt we should b. In a str it Nevei the a mind evil. Except Here .d there the to it Feii if cow pfc nil at his is Imp to be conf it und wit i Hie Riwu of a peace to. The majors by of those pm earned with it Are beyond Mph dirty engaged in the War for tie a up Furt of m and Are fully committed to avoid a ii Itei Rissini the Adini Niit traction a Ita of flirts to that end. They have in Many Tfirn ii led their d Votion to the general Faa Efti die Moat emphatic manner and it will Moar pm in int be a most unit Stonate Inis a Osnif list iced Sci is ions Are n to 3 inducted As i8itof the fact and to Mcvey the in Fri a Iier where that be have hero two a Artie stae in d Fence of the a Hinde a a a. That a peace a Tomim my and Dowswell a a at it Solfer this fraction to be Cun Mem lab a it partier a which Hast time -�i�obdll�rc��nitf7 Anil which certainly in of of re Voe p Itri Otic a it Jaenn. D a a in i a Duki Chilic of Galizi Ion a in Csc now exhibits such signs of vitality in Jim a Kukk in iii i in to to the Abii Winant a for pm Ltd in it a is re Eugeniz he Fortl Phi iii Miv Lin null 1hii a Urce of there have been Many Selmor let of slim on he Impap Fukien of the writ of Lieut a a extract Frei the Cele waled a Pafch a f j Edge the Miloc Tiomi of the pull tiit a to the collector a. As tic collectors under the re Dpi Iglins on the Bill to refund the Fine gent it of x the conc a to the National Ongpin. Jackson by Judie ii aloof new latin a i a a. 1 a deliver Din the Blouse of Vepr Enta tives.1 Quot a. Are Nakat Ami we soon Tiee Globe a i Jan iu.18u commence we the important the Sily and the glorious a a feel Risu t a Quot Quot a a. I Lovei Neal Vasiv in Ion to the collectors at tue Loris Villa Tuque by. Ing from the Cau a which that necessity promo. t i Quot t., were acknowledged by the Whuley Quant a. I Winch i Why to a a and he Woom even say by the whole Iviz wll Quot world. Then As far As this b la is conker no a a As he . Douglas could not say w hoi her their acts were Irgal ill Gnu. Lie cured not whether Oon. Jackson violated the Consila Tion not it. He Carel not whether collectors 1. La new Hanics. Cd capt those who merely do repairs Muse lie is ers ail must take out a i Ivnic is such if the annul to Sale i a Taouil to $l.uoi>. 2. Limit Anil Oiher Jackson suspended All civil audio Rita not. a a Quot at tie place if his acts were to the Clefense of who ire Proton tied Nisi not of jinxed to the country. That necessity was above All Law. 1 take ont an Ashli Tortal Lic fuse a Trade. This Gen. Jackson haired c very thin he t Nio Lude recliners who just pay added both life and reputation on that Slep i Licusea Wahidi Wight Ren Jer Hui mortal if he saved a. Fratu have an a fobs depot the country Kiuon the Conti Arv Inake , j St re room , it a place Igno ruinous and a by word and a Rop Rondi a tip Quot g a a a a they Seil tie and the Man Liat dare to do that dese veil tie j i Ifa Ciui los of other.-, in and lotion to their Protection and plaudits of iii country did not new the feelings of that m m ii who oven Tricy in tit pay a tfx dvrs As Well As a Maifa it trim a License. To it in aces Mist we c by in it a the c nein Nati enquirer the fact concerning he difficulty bet wot a general and . Which resulted in the killing the latter by the Forni a. The account Joes Back to their first acquaintance and closes with a Brief review of both generals. The enquirer 3 a is when the alarm Yeta raised in Louisville that the enemy was marching on that City general Davis who could not reach his Cora Mand general Buell then at Bowling Gre ii went to Creneal xenon and tendered his services. General Kelson give him com Ina Iid of the City militia so a ton As they were organized. General Davis opened an a fico and went to work in assisting in the organization. On wednesday last Xvi feral Davis called i in general in his room at the gait i Louse in Lauray Lle when the following took place Quot general a i have the Brigide general you assigned me ready Cor service and have called to inquire if i can obtain arms for them general Nelsons How Many men have you Nelsons roughly and angrily a bout t Wen a Runng the past year of the need of a Jay Peiyi conducted opposition. We apr client it air am Pas inca of a vigilant and a Iive of has Daviid the administration a Rran of conduct which a if Piir tors have a it log fixed but a hich Oti Lodl edited them pm opposing a Ith Efly i. Espra Aliy do we think that in oort is the of set ice of an Opp it tuition Mirty Al Rte Wertli 1 i the iw0�zn�tte Well consider d and pm Dent a Alstion where As it we the a ramble bet Mii the diff rent classes and a iii it Ifju pm try a via the same party gave hot lib a a to careful conduct and Mph to. That the of publican a Graf imms Tab outfit to Tafini a Well and air us Itoi Ai times a con Hymmi amp a Oft Ohol have appeared -wwl�l��jhlaii9�ah�i their position in the a fib love Little thought for the fun it Wurden All i4.f of regulating their policy indeed of entering any it the Hec ii for Iffus tiny Toia in in a iia Sehi and Fogt i>iliiii4 Ltd Anat Lmh be und tem weary p0w< Jay a Laira it a Ipp Tii save them from facing into Curg who May Llave an ii if nce up it a my if Efelis pm ctr it than the Abr Iamb of 4mmmilitijfel we tvs the int eve uni a a tit of. Too closely i sub cd wll to which a for the to permit us t a View with in ski Onmi air in by enc that is Likely to pro h��jeihe6ft 8ifld. W one of his letters to John a Fulani a if Mph so a pertinently quoted by i Ervyr. The. Every rec Tiitto Ozety the a inst from tie a a parties. Perhaps a Al it full Liitt Itoi lii a Nee eat by to induce each to Waldi my a Mit 1q Tempe pet the in eed. . Thea was Only a different a iii that the a a of parties i it i t he Giffi of enl icing the responsibility of f i amp void ii lip sneer. Let it i i attn anew York Ger Jet diacu8sing the president i Einan pm Ioa remarks. Nest Catly this pc a nation does not reach Xii a flip of two Tai ship solving the e Oancia tumm Ihm the a a inf Seatran Aci of Yongran As a pin Nople it. A a much Anore of it is. A Only regardless of in Lio Acra Init it disregards the cons Titu a Wal i citrines if the sovereignty of the states it rubs tha Sesta of the Power to Dis-9�s�sft-t , and it sus a gtd Juji right in in order to reach the Indi-viituir4> Emder. The Central executive Power if amp tit is to the Haiir a of the commander in chief then in the hands of the pfc Aidt Prin ends thir by this interference m Flat Allih h ii tends to Nach Only i Dividu us h Circuns Tancos abut rules of court an l technicalities of proce Din a when the City be in , and a the utmost a try Writy might to committed. What were Rolus of court but Mere cob web a when they foun l an e if iii with i Scannon at the doors of their courts and Hoy saw thu Llano is encircling the Cupi it a i ? talk then a it it Tho Nile of court and the formalities of proceedings ? the Man that would a to this to Ihl Fiji j while the Cap ital was burning. Sensation lie i Tom not envy any Man in the Possession of such stoical . Talk about illegality talk Abri it formalities j Why. There was hut one forma i a to he a Bror cd. And that was the formality of Dir King the canons a id do Tny Vine the eni my regard Lessof them and whether it be by the seizure of Cotton a a a of persons if lh3 necessity of the Caso required. The a Kwof nature has conferred this right on men and and therefor lot him not he told that it was unconstitutional. To defend the country. L t him not be told that it was unconstitutional to use the necessary Mineana. The Constitution was adopted Forche Protection of the county and und that 3on-stitution the nation had a right to exercise All the Powers that were necessary for the Protection of the country. If Loar tial Law was necessary to the salvation of the a Muntrym martial Law was 1 Gal for that purpose. If it was necessary for a judge for the preservation of order to punish for a contempt he thought lie thought it was Neon scary fora g nera to exercise som i Over his Cannon to traitors and to arrest spies and to intercept n with the enemy. If this was necessary this was a Gid. A up Ccuen of Abo ii iii in to in ranch was furnished 1 a few Days since in the Uii ode Island let gig Larue. The Comsti Tutin of that state confers the right of Sut Trage upon native iii Zens Only. A re solution was introduced into the lower House proposing an Amendt nent to the institution by striking out the word Quot native Quot the proposed by the abolitionists. We give a few extracts from some of the peaches that foreign people May see with Tjw Friendly an Eye they Are regarded by Hesi charitable philanthropic abolitionists . Newell nip Sai Tojie should want an hour and p3rh� inv to ventilate his views. As to the rights of foreign born citizens they have none in the Case. . Clark rep Saij he moved Indi finite Luck use he opposed to the proposition both Here and before the people. Lie did t want any Irish any germans to fit to help him maintain hts portion of the territory. . Updike rep considered it a piece of arrogance fair any irishman to come hear i of the b �g8 of ire and and Tell us a must alter our Constitution lie contended that the oath of a Catholic was not to he relied upon. Would it not be Well for some of the foreign population of this City who Are now kissing the which smite their Brethren in Rhode Island to examine to is Little Debite phere Are More beaut ii s in it than we have brought to no ice. They jul i d that the into i Rance of extends to them selves. And in Many instances to Aluir Lelia in. Especially if Uliey in jews Catholic it is an inheritance of Puritan sin and in new englant where abolition air a most at funds Tite hatred of foreigners is most Clua Iyo times. _ from the Ohio state Joarn in it Soffey Llang Cru in on East. Ill his line a it in to has Purchase in must Lake by Godl officer and come Here out. La la Liconsi s. Is it must a a drug is. A lib to me and report amt the number of men in also makes p intent articles , &c., Yoiiro com my. God Dan you Don t j of Lor which lie has a private receipt. I know Sij you should furnish my the exact 4. Persons i epic ii bar ruins salons. Ii int for the Sale of liquors must Lake luit a Lieut in j Davis general i did t expect to get the dealers I.Cen&Lt&Lt-. 11 Ulicy also furnish fond he giin4 naw nod Only writ item a to learn if 1 could must in u Misiou take out an eating House get them and where and having learn Ltd the , and the Sale of Cigar Sirc. Inquires a exact number needed would then draw them. Sias s Asu a intents. The following is an extract from a letter dated at Norfolk va., sgt ten jeep 2s \ and Wrt tin by an a Ali prof a new York regiment Quot i amedec ailed Here at Gan. Veile s he id Sartors w a a Lecial Tutor is now on its Maucini Foit Richs Rosrio which you will All hear from soon Quot this Miry account for the movements that have evidonil3 been going a it Ward from Washington for some Lime Pasi. This in in furnish some due to the recall of Sigel and a Leiniz i Man Fiou their Gap expedition Wahidi had hut i it by give when it was coun Vermande Ltd. The Advance Fri pm Norf in upon it Ichii Ond would 1� direct. Would it not lie a Bezati fief i consummation of the rebel plans to lose their Oun capital in their attempts to capture Garriti Birg. Philadelphia. Baltimore and washing on it was rumoured about ten Days ago that a formidable expedition designed Lor Richmond was under Way. The fact May a Cotin for the absence of some of our army Coria from the Battle of Antie tap. The spec Ial Fri a Washington Wlinich we pub list hed yesterday said that bets were freely offered with no takers that Richmond would be in our hands Quot within a it was printed within a month. The rebel Force in the Vicinity of a Richmond is Well known not to by Strong in no Maljers efficient in character. The presumption is that the gunboats will play a very important part in the operations pending. Prisoners be Leaird from Richmond. The Washington repel of of satyr Jay says Quot about 1,950 released Union soldiers Fonn Richmond arrived in this City , and a More ragged and flirty looking set of the description they tobacconists retail dealers i sense and Bagatelle tables arc reckoned . 5. Contini Sion Pierc Humits who Are also slip brokers arc required to Tak i out two licenses. 0 Selling flour by the barrel Salt by the sack and cd a Luicie in the original p Icka a Are re Okoney As wholesale Jears. 7. Stamps must to attached to the papers requiring them at the time of their execution and must to Pohlit crated by the person writ Tih his initials upon them. Telegraph Dis patches must be stamped and Elf iced when delivered to to transmitted. But rail u and and Telegraph companies Are not required to stamp their own dispatch ifs Over their own lines. 8. Arrangements will be made with the c Lle Cocrof this d sti4ct to Supply Stamps to Parl Ieti to furnish $50 Worth Over at the rates of discount established by the Treasury department. 9. Notes and Bills of Exchange drawn for a certain sum with interest will be stamped and cording to Llie principal sum., foreign corp ency will he estimated at the real prof Exchange the Pound Sterling for instance at the rate fixed for overt Igns not at the nominal rate of 4 nor at the Market rate 6f Exchange which is now i Omet Hinr it above real oar. I A and Auer october 1st, the Fuu Wii it a instruments must he slapped All agreements App arsement checks sight drafts miss by notes Inland and foreign Hills for Exchange Bills of Landing to foreign , , &c., per exp amp is Bonds certificates of Stock profit de out ii in Banks of Dau noes and All other certificate.-, charter parties brokers memorandums c a Nve Aiice Mott Ages leases Tele Raph dispatches custom House entries and , polities of insurance life Marine and fire and renewals of same passage to Cut Els to foreign ports Powers of attorney proxies. Probates of will protests warehouse receipts Atid writs other original process of c mencing suit. Also Patent medicines per fam erics and playing cards. In reference to Public houses and Liguor Deal ers excl Isitt by it is defined that a a Lavem Public where liquor is sold licenses must be taken for Ealr business the License to a the tavern to be according to the Neal and the License for Lium in All sales to be Twenty dollars. By a Tail is understood any qua a Tity under three Gallons. To sell above that Quantity is wholesale and the licence is one Hundred dollars. Us tyrants which Amish bedding and which keep let a for Are required to obtain three licenses first a tavern License secondly a License for the liquor bar of Twenty dollars and thirdly a liquor bar License costing ten dollars when the receipts amount to exceed one thousand dollars per baling houses Are permitted to keep confection a without any additional License. All dealers to liquor by retail Are required pay a License of Twenty dollars per the penalty for refusal failure to take out a License is a Fine of three times the amount of duty tax imposed by the Law one half of which g a it a 10. The informer. These taxes a re of court i in addition to the state and City licenses now imposed and the accumulation of x expenses will materially effect the smaller do Alers who Almound in every part of the City. The prosecution of Delilih Fuents is made imperative on the cold actors who hold the names and residences of All dealers. Set Jami. Ebb ape from the penalty is next to in Nelsons pacing the room in a rage a bout 2,. It god i suspend you from your command and order you to report to general Wright and i be a Dan mind to put you under arrest. In the my room sir. not leave general until you give Mei Ift Torofer. Peteon of the h-1 you won By of Dpi put you under arrest Send you out of the City under Provost guard. Leave my room sir. Gene rail to it avs left the room and in order to avoid a arrest crossed Over the River to Jeffersonville where he remained until the next Day when he was joined by Gei vral Burbridge who had also been relieved by general for a trivial cause. General Davis came to Gin Cannati with general Burbridge and reported to general Wright who order general Davis to return to i uis Ville and report to general Buell and Genera Burbridge to remain in general Davis returned on Friday evening and reported to general Buell. Nothing Uither occurred until yesterday morning when general Davis seeing general in the main Hall of the gait House fronting the office went up to governor Morton and requested irim to step up with him to Gen. Nel son and witness the conversation that might pass Between and him. The Glt. Consent cd Ani the iwo Al a up to Gen. Nelson when the following took place general Davis sir you seemed to take advantage of your authority the other Day. Gen. Nelson sneering by. And placing his hand to his ear a speak louder i Don t hear very Well. Davis in a Lender Tony Tou seemed to take advantage of your authority the other Day. Nelson indignantly a i Don t know that i did sir. Davis you threatened to arrest and Send me out of the state under a Provost guard. Nelson striking Davis with the Back of his band twice in the face a there dam you take that. Davis retreating a this is not the last of it you will hear from me again. General Nelk it a then turned to governor Morton and said by god did you come Here also to insult met Quot governor Morton no sir but i was requested to be present and listen to the conversation Between you and general Davis. General violently to the bystanders a did you hear the did Rascal insult me ? and then walked into the ladies parlor. In three minutes general Davis returned with a pistol he had borrowed of Captain Gibson of Louisville and walking towards the door that had Passi a through he saw walking out of the parlor into the Hall separating the main Hall from the parlor. The two a rare face to face and about ten Yards apart when general Davis Drew his pistol and fired the Ball entering Neh Ion s heart in the immediate Vicinity. Gen. Nelson threw up both hands and caught a gentleman around the neck and exclaimed Quot m shot Quot he then walked up the flight of Staik toward in. Buell s room and Sank at the top of the stairs and was unable to proceed further. He was then conveyed to his room and when Laid on his bed requested that item. . Talbot an Dpi Roopal Cleri Man stopping at the House might he sent to him at once. The Luv. Gentleman arrived in about five minutes. . Talbot found Gen. Nelson extremely Geye Hals Aux anxious As to his future welfare and deeply whose a Udden death at the hands of a penitent a bout the Many sins he had commit brother ffli3, appeared in the Telegraph this Ted. Lie knew that he must de immediately morning was a native of Ken Ricky and a and requested that the ordinance of baptism brother of lion. Thomas . 6f this state might be administered which was done. The and now a representative from this country to Gen. Then whispered Quot it s All Over Quot and died one of the american state general in fifteen minutes after he was conveyed to his was a naval a flier and his name a room. His death was East the passing away pears in the Register of 1s62 in the list of 3om- of his spirit was As though the general had Manders at the breaking out of the War he fallen into a quiet sleep was at Horne in Kont Ocky and entered zealous j his remains will quietly Lay in state to Day by Stu tie inject of organizing forces for the and his funeral we understand will take place government and organizing Maui pfc in his a to Morrow afternoon. Tive state. 11. Was appointed brigadier Gen Gen. Davis immediately gave himself up to dial of volunteers and his first Battle was the military authorities and is at the gait with Humphry Marshall s Force at und. military arrest to await a Milita he was soon in Chat be of a division and movies by court marshal which will probably be con South with Gen. Buell s army. His history vend in a few Days As a Devi in it a c Timander is familiar to All Indiana raders. He was us popular with Bis soldiers for he was exacting rude 4rfd Over bearing. But he was Brave and for that anal Ity alone they respected i Quot. At Pittsburg Linding he bandied his division admirably and was everywhere in the tues Nevis to. 1. Persons we never saw. As it says not. That on the first 1 gave of Richmond and their sufferings whih in those states then in rebellion shall a son there is sorrowful in the extreme de Hilt that in such a state the slaves 1 i hey Sav there Are a great Many Union peo but whatever clause there May be pie in and about Ali Chiron a and they d n t in the pm ident s proclamation it is against a people of All Lutcs nothing less than hesitate to Call themselves such but speak out openly and boldly. The most of these prison a of try a it is the user path up of a Era Are without hat Coats shoes some Are Ali iii the president does not find a in the Constitution which he has in a nil it. Spirit and letter of the Jig a Imit a Are violated by this priv Lameti a Fate a Bole foundation of these states has been Omodei by it the government is on the food to Roro Lution. And Oak 1� Baj More. Fidei was noticed a Short time since that 1 a to buy goods in the City to be Iran Tom min veal Dkl were required to sub Al crime to a form of oath furnished by the to port that such goods Are in no a a pm to he for Tward pm Comfort of the if Pil Ftp he the United stotes a ill tin top Fwy purchasing in a Loyal Citi Liat Tik matter has undergone a a bum to Iod in iii the Narf Hant who Sulu is Dapko ate Bill a when i we Lori a if Mot of goods Hatco is require a a a a a a Barite to Aii oath that to his know a Lilia Milij a of net to he used for the restrict a a id a Ain the attain of the pcs ill my vim to Taka a a Huniu Roath in Ali Limp Meta a aah a purchases on orders and a la Tyml fir for whom such purchases May i pc etude we net a meet. Quite a number of fipl�i41 Froais to Kay Tatem chore have a turned Tike present week with Sif crib though they had Large i Ioil a Teing declined to Nake the a Adt Ike the Reapon ability of the Ikic of a Tjit. With Only pants and Otheir had no shirts to their backs. They say that every sunday night regularly the citizens rather the secessionists used to Cong regi e in front of the prison and taunt them with threats of violence and called them the did Yankees a they bore All these taunts like patriots and soldiers without the least there re rumours that commissioners from the rebel Congress Are on their Way to Wash Diirck a sri of to e in ton with a in Itman of peace. The main fight. His conspicuous courage was his red a in feature of this proposition is stated to be that ing Quality and for that and for his Debotkin hah a a Man into the Union to his country let us throw a Mantle Over his. A a a Yum i and occupy the same position As before the War Gen. Jiff Orson c. Davis is an Active of dark with the exception that they shall have a con county in this state. When quite a boy at Gress of their own to regulate their own do the breaking out of the mexican War he in j Jug Jurj and that their representation in tired a co Topany raised by Captain . And Ujj served for twelve months in the cd regiment commanded by colonel James ii. Line. He White population Only the territories and the was at the Battle of Buenav Sta where he Border states to be placed completely in the Wai for that Cool courage that hands of the North. The Pendency of this has since so eminently characterized him. Position is Given at the cause of the inac when the iii intent was in Banut a Captain. ,.chilson. Hit Seli a Nul uate of West poin pro a a by opposing forces on the upper to cured for 3 Oung Duvis the appointment of a. Tomac. Cadet at that institution. He graduated and advices from the upper Potomac state that entered the artilery. Ice was with minor i Advance is four Miles out on the Virgimia Anderson at Ort Sumter and after its fall ,.a j a l to duly at this place in the and that the rebels Manifest a dispose Quarte Naster s department. He was appoint Tion to dispute our further Progress. Lee is col. Of the 22j in Iana rear Zinent and went reported to be preparing for a movement North with it to . He was soon in my from Winchester. He will very Likely Maud of a brigade and while yet a colonel led a a. 1 a u a A division. Ai pea , . As the rebel term obstacles in his path. T Wenty Sev it Elkhorn he greatly distinguished hit self. In thousand troops left Washington last Sun Liis was the division that bore the Brunt of Day night their destination is not that bloody fight. He afterwards it ined to in s a go vis is believed to have concocted the .1iore big Cilins. The fort Pitt works turning out the immense if eco Inch guns now at the rate of it ,. 1 a it a 1. A three a week. These guns weigh Cash in the Davis married a daughter of . Athon of. Pittsburgh and , to form ultimate rough about seventy thousand pounds and this City and has Many warm and devoted i3a Junction with the present rebel forces in apart from the difficulty of casting the labor friends her who Admire him As a Soldier and Kentucky. The scheme is a bold one but its of handling. Turning and finishing such a mass respect him As a j chances of Success May a considered As sex Hope Friend Yoa and i Tremley problematical. Sigel has retaken Sev not had fair treatment in any regard andean not expect it. He charges Gen. Ilal Leck with a Ising him personally and officially. In this connection we give the following from the n. Y. Kri Tress Quot a correspondence is said to be in Progress Between Gens. Halleck and Sigel occasioned by statements of the that there Are serious against the personal courage of the latti.&Quot the difficult is an unfortunate on Gen. Mcclellan in his report of the Battles of South Mountain and anti Etain gives Nur total loss in both at 11.791. That of the rebels is estimated As at least 30,000. During the enemy s stay in Maryland we captured 13 canons and 30 St Nde of colors losing ourselves not a single one of there is great excitement in l Alsville Over the recent m lit Arr homicide in that both troops and citizens arc taking hides in the fatter and several shooting cases Are already n ported As having resulted from the heated discussion. Gov. Morton of ind., and Gen. Bole of ky., have had a fracas on the subject and one of them got knocked Down but accounts Are contradictory As to which party assumed the involuntarily recumbent position. Reports arc conflicting also a to what was done with Gen. , statement being that Buell told him to proceed with his business As usual and another that a quell relieved him from his command and tamed him Over to the civil authorities. The Charleston expresses the his of that heavy Federal reinforcements Are being received at Hilton head. This Mir Hottie. As Gen. Mitchel the new com minds of our forces at that Point info Ines his men on his arrival a few Days ago that Active work might shortly be expected. The Aifiti Maine lewites in new York have endorsed the nomination of Horatio Seymour for governor. The Gallant Standrad bearer of the Empire state democracy will receive the support of All classes except the Quot infernal Quot Chicago Timet. Ti1� news october a. Bebel recon loitering parties have made their appearance within eight Miles of Sharpsburg. Gen Cochrane arrived at Washington from Harper s ferry expresses the opinion that Lee s army is exhausted and must soon re i rat. Sigel has retaken a Large amount of the rolling Stock captured by the rebels on the Alexandria Railroad. Over 5, xxx rebels have been buried on the Field of Antietam. The greater portion of Lee s army a believed to is encamped Between Winchester and Martias Burg. There will probably be no Advance of our forces for some Days. Important movements of troops Are taking place at Louisville and . The larger part of Buell s army it is stated a moving into the Interior of Kentucky. The enemy Are ret rating towards the Southern Border that state. It Issup omd that they will fortify on the Kentucky River occupy Cumberland Gap. The Federal Fotoes who recently the Gap Are making a successful March through Eastern Kentucky and Are expected to each the Ohio River on Friday. The abolition Quot pressure Quot it appears secured the removal of Gen. Buell from the command of the army of is Ohio but All his subordinate generals including the one appointed to fill his position. Notified the administer atom that his detainment was indispensable and he was according reinstated. It is thought at port Royal that Charleston Wiir be attacked within a very Short time and the people of that City in apprehension of danger Are using the most ener Getic defensive measures. The rebel Force for the invasion of Missouri numbers about 41,300. Gen. Vol my is the commander in chief. Hindman lately in comma ind to Arkansas is under arrest on account of some difficulty with Albert Piki. Gen. Mcclernand it is believed at has superseded Gen. Wright in the come Mand of the depart amp ent of the Aniio and Gen. Lew. Wallace it is said will have a Devi Ision under Gen. Mcc. Gen. Wright s new position is not stated. Gen. Jeff c. Davis is under military anal Public sympathy runs largely in his favor. Guerrillas Are swarming on the Banks of the Mississippi Between Tairo and Memphis and an attack on new Madrid is apprehended. A rebel Force is encamped within eight Miles of Bolivar Tenn and it is anticipated that unless it retreats thers will be a fight within a few Days. Eli Thayer is to be appointed military governor of Florida for the purpose of Quot carrying out his colonization scheme. The underwriters would require a rather heavy Premium to insure the Success of the Lime. The new oct. 8. Of Metal is immense. There Are four of these Bun Quot now in the lathes and by the time Are out others will be ready to take their places. It is the intention to turn out three a week for the balance of the year. Thoy Are intended for the new Quot monitors Quot and Are the daily prayer and of the myriads of fellow men most formidable of their character in the uttering it in care and in sickness in doubt world. Arranged cents Are now in Progress for i and in property in health and in wealth. All casting a Twenty Inch gun. This latter gun will throw a Ball of one thou and pounds and i is expected to have a Range of four Miles. Arc not too proud to ask for our daily bread eral important pants on the Railroad from Aland to a thankful for getting it it a a a Jan Ria to Gordonsville besides capturing to Ouight to me awful and Beautiful that of the Large Quanty of Storos. Lee s communication with Richmond is in Prav imm a a Pieritz and cheap Poir let All 17 i a sub giant Quantity and Fco pm the to mud the Tau of Winter. 07 a Good anecdote is told of one of the boys while in conversation with a rebel after the capture of fort Pulaski the latter said Quot at least with All our faults we have never made wooden the Yankee a very demure looking Spe Jinfen innocently replies Quot we do not make them of Wood any longer and pointing to one of the big projectiles lying near. Which had breached the fort added quietly be make them of Sucesh subsided. Consequence seriously interrupted Over this world what an endless chord a is Ign. Morgan has evacuated Cumberland singing love and thanks and prayer a a Yacap taking with him All his artillery and thus to Day the wondrous Story and night of ,7 recounts it to night. How do i come to think of a. Of a Sunrise whisk i Law it near Twenty years ago on the Nile when the River and sky gushed and glowed with the dawning Light and As the luminary appeared the big amen Knelt on the Rosy deck and adored Allah a so As your Sun rises Friend Over the i he housetops round about your Home shall you Wake Many and Many a Day to duty and labor. May the task have been honestly done when the night comes and the Steward Deal kindly with the labourer a Thach Cra Stores and is now marching North Wardly towards the Ohio. Before leaving he placed the Gap in an impassable condition. The rebel forces under Heath and Humphrey Marshall Are making a push to intercept Morgan but it is believed he will succeed in getting through. Gen. Sigel has requested a Relief from his command eight grounds of complaint being Given the Sui Taupe of which is that be his it is believed that the i rebels intend to Advance a Large Force from Mordansville to Manassas and seek to hold the latter Point. A portion of Sigel s corps has proceeded As Warrenton toking 1,200 prisoners sick and wounded rebels. On the upper Potomac the federals Are making reconnaissance a in the direction of Winchester and Martinsburg. The Retreat of be s army towards Gordons Ville and Richmond is anticipated by the rebel general Longstreet is reported dead the president is said to have gone on a visit to Mcclellan. The number of sick and wounded at Richmond and Vicinity is Given by rebel papets As nearly 100,000. Buell s army is advancing from Louisville into the Interior of Kentucky. Sharp work is evidently designed As our troops Are in Light marching order. Several skirmishes occurred Ca wednesday and yesterday. There is a Rumor at Indianapolis that Burnside is to supersede Buell in command of the army of Ohio. Gen. Morgan from Cumberland Gap has succeeded in reaching the Ohio River opposite Portsmouth. It is reported that on thursday of last week he had an engagement at Richmond ky., with a portion of Kirby Smith s army and routed the rebels completely. No statement of losses is Given. Simeon Draper of new Yak has been appointed Provost marshal of the War department the office created by a recent general order. He will have under his control one More special Provost marshals in each of the states. Com. Porter has been appointed to the command of the naval forces on the iii Sissin i River. It u stated that the number of vessels guns and men under him will be greater than any officer of our Navy Ever had before. 0>ls. Mason Bryman and Charles e. Lovey of Illinois have been appointed brigadier generals of volunteers. Late advices from Pensacola states that the Harbor is being rapidly filled with War vessels. An Early movement is doubtless the object of the gathering. The Gierada miss Apical Cums that the Battle of Luka was a Complete Relief the same paper also states that the rebels have already Oba Ned 23,000 recruits in Kentucky. Members of the Rehul c egress front Missouri assert that the new levies of militia in that state Are deserting the Union cause in Mnew. The rebel army under general Holmes Are enforcing the conscription act in Newton and Mcdonald countieme., and express a confident expectation in wintering in Saint Louis. The decl aviation by the administrate in of its purpose to Issue letters of Marque is regarded by the foreign ministers at As equivalent to the official recognition of the rebels As belligerents. There is now it is said about 5 000 Contra kinds at Corinth. A they Are being distributed the Quot a shout the state of jninoi.4, in opposition to Law As rapidly As possible. Pc ii ago Timet. From the St. Let Onia Bepari Waii. No Ifni of with a Ian Bolding states. The Ultra abolitionists when our troubles broke out. Were Tor the Union. They write Ltd to get rid of the Klav holding s it ugh. As the War and the chances increased o Selling All the negroes free without a thought of the consequences these same Ultras turned Square round and went in Strung for the Union. Their unionism Means pure simple Uckless abolitionism. If tbsp can have this last then they will in sent to the maintenance of the Union of not then they Are fur the maintenance of the Union. The bitterly intolerant spirit pm mom of Whit this Ultra Spring in an Imit the continuance of that Hite it nil Rance which would not allow those who we re Tor edited. Fay it to live in England. Who a a in Lea England and sat Down i i my a Lahip i t Loald not Sutler them to a live there. It .ve them Over the Ocean into wilds where they were re to indulge it until the quakers appeared to disturb theft in its gratification. But Sheik the quakers appeared these in told rants we to not obliged to move again. They were then Strong in it i go to put Down All who Dir a lit opinion from them and so after first whip Ping them they abandoned them. The journal of Commerce describes this class when it says Quot the men who cannot live in a Union with slave holding states Are men who after that question is disposed of. Will find that they cannot live in a Union a Lith the roman a the lies. They will pronounce the of institution m Covier Nant with death and an agreement with hell because under it a clerk Man under the Church of Rome is permitted to cd la Bra to the mass and teach the Dot Citrine of the real presence because it protects a jewish rabbi in denying the Messiah ship of Christ. If their principle of Union is allowed to prevail we shall plunge hereafter into regious wars and whenever As is Likely to occur. New England any other portion of the country Beoties affected with a religious mania As it has been with in to slavery mania we shall have an attempt made to in induce religion into politic f6 elect officers on religious platforms to evade the Constitution fur the Sake of enact has to interfere with Freedom of worship acid if this class of men obtain Power we should have jews Catholic episcopalians. Presbyl a is quakers possibly All of these Rei to dials burned at the stakes charged with Tea Sam ser sustaining a View of religion Vrzich these Natica believed to he of necessity resell Kim by tending to a monster a a negro is confined in jail in this City for having outraged the person of a German girl one morning last week not Fiir in it a Venice. The Young u Oman in Pany with Taro others were on their May Market in the Early morning when they ��1� assaulted by the monster. Two of Tham succeeded in making their escape while the other fell a victim to him. The negro belonged to the propellor eur photes which was then lying at the Dock warehouse of the Venice Mills. He was promptly arrested an i committed to await his trial. To some Means until yesterday the affair had hardly Harome known to but few. We Trust the brutal monster Wilt get the full Benefit of the Legal penalty that Teing All too Light for such an regi Lupul Krauft sept. 20. Appointment of act Fig rear Admira l8. The following officers have he in appointed acting rear admirals on their respective stations Commodore thales ii Bell commanding Pacific Squadron. Commodore Charles Wilkes commanding special West India Squadron. C6minodore L. Lardner commanding easter n Gulf blockading Squadron. Jon Moore Chas. Henry Davis commanding naval Mississippi flotilla. Potora sat Vel i Irlam Lee Comman Ding North Atlantic blockading Squadron. In our Telegraph column of to Day May be seen the official report of Gen. Mcclellan of the recent Battles at South Mountain and an el2in, which shows a total Ion to the Federal arms of 14,794, and that of the enemy As near As can be ascertained 30,000. We think the Battle of Antietam judging from he Ruji Ort the hardest contest that Ever took place on Amer Kan soil at a meeting of the directors of the Toledo amp Wabash railway held at Toledo oct. Is 1862, the following of amp in were reelected president Azariah Boody. Vie president Warren Colbum. Stefy and . N. Dmm Moni. Superintendent Geo. U. Burrows. The bus mess of this Road is gradually increasing and owes its Success principally to the efficiency of its officers. Little Rock True demeral has the following obituary of Twiggs showing to what base uses the Mother Tongue can be put in calling men and things by the wrong names Gen. Twiggs is dead. He died full of years and his name is and will be honoured by a grateful country. Unlike the traitor Scott he gave up his position As maj. Gen. In the u. S. Army and sided with the cause of Freedom Liet us Honor his memory for he was a to inter and Patriot. Each of the Many candidates now in the Field Are busily engaged in electioneering and each Are sanguine of Success on the 14 h mat. The race for county office seems to be Between l. To Bourie and we. Fleming. Boys keep cools next tuesday a week will decide whose pole knocked the Persimmon. Exports to following table shows the value of exports from Toledo to Canada ports for the Quarter ending october is 18c2. September,.i4194�4 00 August. 258,fi09 00 july. Toul for the quarter.$831,173 to warehouse of a. Ii. Bowen at Delphi Indiana was destroyed by fire on monday night last. Quot the House a a twined about 25,000 bushels of Corn in the ear 3000 bushels of she cd Corn Between 4,000 and 5,000 bushels of wheat and $3,0c0 Worth of flaxseed. The House was ins Ureil. The Grain partially so. The Sui reme a ourt of California has decided that United states la Gal Lender notes Are not to a received in payment of tax a the Point of decision is to a Mehto within the meaning of Congress. The prevision of the state constr Turon requiring taxes Washington s it 30.�?the Folb Wing report of Tho Victory of Antietam has beco for warded to the Headquarters of the army by Mcclellan near i sep. 2�ih�?1 30 . I to Mij. Men. Ii. . Timleck i have the Honor to report the following As some o the Tesi Ilu of the Battles of 8o�th Mountain and anti Atara at South Mogalian our loss As 41. Dead ,8uc wounded iii 76 missing total 2,010. At Antietam was 2,010 killed 9.41& wounded and 1 missing Toul 12,469. Total loss in lha two Battles 14.694. The loss of the rebels in the two Hattle i it As near As can he ascertained from .4h9 number of their dead found Nipoa the Field and Eva oth data will nut fell Short of the fou owing Rati mate maj. A it avid ass ant inspector general who superintended the burial of the dead reports about 3.000 Rebechi buried on the ii of Antietam by our troops previous to this however the rebels had buried Many of their own dead upon a Distant Poi Tion of the Battle Field which they occupied Coler the battled probably 510. The loss of Tho noels at oath Moumin cannot he ascertained wit i Acea Raey but air troops Iove them from the cow Menc Emem of the Nul Aber of Hiir in sad a atm m a pm. Mid than to is Nodi mum amt of so tip lilt ii a in a Irttie ruled in the two fast Tow Woald the Iowa As Cordi Fis to the Ratky of our Tom killed and wounded this would make their loss in Lauid As nearly As can be deter Mizied at this Tom the muncher of a spa a taken by our tro9� in the two Battles will a i the fewest estimate amount to 5,000. The full re Tori Wilt no doubt a my a larger number than to cd a about 1,200 Are Wou led. This Fivas per rebel it in killed wooded and peso Btty a of 2��?4s. It will u ohse ived that this Diml include their stragglers the number of who is said by. A vixens to he very Laisk it safely concluded the Lefevr that the Rebris w Myles at nit ,000 of their he film the time ride troops first enc Nate file even a Mayland until he was driven Hack into Virginia. We eap wed 13 guns 7 Cas Nomad 0 tto hers. 2 Field forges 2 Cas amp Iun Hodges elms and ene signal Nap Havre not lost a single gun a Celoso Quot Quot on the Tettis Field a Tant Iolar 14�p00mi arms we collected besides a Lafo it Surrie Oft by it ions and these do strip Hirtz 0� the a Newt i oink pm fimm a Viag Afler the built leu at South Monn i no Oell Estoil Oil Simil waa made owl to Thi Basto of us Ifo soit troib that Post. Foar Hoad i wow to Kam from Tbs Offe Oito Ohio of Taco Eany it of tuned. Etc mob b. Mcolan cd i i Ilvy i new York. Stoher a toss. Traae is the Leo Igor Vandoil Iko Kitely gave to the u. 8. Geve Semsel into a Nai War. 8h� will carry Alai guns heavy Caliper ind Wilt to Tho iii a Alkol Tho Litimo stood that the Boa Sii the Yor who Issy Stii Katelyn Dvo the a tia Etc to Odt tip by gov of a Orida. 1%is appoint not is mtg a vile i a View of Oak Hung in Okafor Anil shoos who Are eating with Hon to awry out their for the introduction Faith the a of Ollie re go tto of a Loyal Lahring population. A Providence. I. October 1.�?gea. Rodwin Tii died ii my of if Midi received iat he do of Anfio Taia j., of la two Bride dings 186 feet Lowig a a option of the it Sitf Masieo meat leather Nami factory It Stew of was destroyed by flip Tuo Dio Talli. Wet a Laise Quantity of Kay Psi a a la my a it. You uyt aids Kew re n. J., 0ql9beir a a a a a w. Siuw a Juiz Ted so Leo Fli Nator died a i a is Dejaco a Morfi Stowit ipad sigm. A. Philadelphia october. s Detector Ca twas the pah ii of a Aow Aad danger of counterfeit of Tho City Biak of Moat Totle 0fcso�da.ofded0iiiinaliob of u to m follows Viglotto Vole a with u Avail a . A Tho dista Aoe to boat of and a of Ganada and an Lahm won mama the Rij tend. Lipid Riding a lion a a Quot on the a Canada to fix is lil Aspre buob Lwy Amy be largely also Spario a Flea of Thomac Ehaase s Boak of new York Are be if tersely Cire air to a Tesi to the Fon Aad i not Abaiy Lei guns of Morgaa Bat Aiso Ign Tsao org aim i Samll Erfort of a Apia Suaad. Kabie Rebd a pcs to too muh Ilear Aiva Noii a a i Isle Road. Amineh has Heel Dodo a the Way of my def i Sivo Worlton Alsa Tho is to All three Ciupik oar it by Tecil with Mea of Alt Grade Aad Tho ate Halifi dirt is Aln Hwy a eau Hobo. To Ivelo a a Lornso a a a a site a a a a Ion fever Koi mtg a a bunka Are not Skeif Bosoty reads do Wash tip Eoa to 1 the next Staar it a from of Owfook will is indent Money to the of t0bf oui due our soldiers in that la time a Otte a Cedeary foods we pal to amp Julih and a with Quoin by a far i purpose a Quot with cd Tai it Arat Tver a few of Epati Oei of the army a More Thoa Opo a Saipt a rears and the a to Taama the Large number of St a a Llos a of Eoas Fly i Sofo Viator. Digraph a of it Utt a in my pm a sods Otto Alai soil it of Fuiz Isis big gift of the denomination i up Flo Tai w la though the inn i my off Tio la pm Tbs Sovetky Largo de Owada Quot is Fiji Jcj i to Liaty Oad adva Aso Ltd Tho Kmit Mymit Ostili Tammii gtd is he Anim Sii Mirml. ,.� a Cifali in to a Avis to be paid in Gold a we to remain of Rativo. Loui Illo sept. 3a�?qoou Juc a is Ander arrest Aad will he tried by a Portial the Itati eral of a choral ads of took Flam to Day the Corpse was enclosed in a Olsch Subt lae Alicc it. Tho following of two Selod As pall bearers major Oen orals Mccook Orit Tenden and Onsager brigader Oehms a k son and Johnson Captain Jenkins chief of Stoff and other staff office of. The Proe Essieu was formed at the gait House at 3 o Chick and was composed of cavalry and artillery and about seven regts of infantry. Thero was in Addison a company from each regiment of Tho old Diviaio that coms Shadid. The remains were taken to Clarias Charcho where Rev. . Talbott delivered a eloquent add enl and from thence to needed to Rev Hill cemetery and were placed in a a a Alt where they will remian a til they can be to Nord to lamp Dennison a Aenoi Dateo with Gen. Nelson s request aide yesterday. Washington october 1st.�?seerataiy stand too has appointed Sirmo Draper of now York Provost marshal of the War depart wat. A a Noar York october 2.�?wsohingtoa up eds say that Eli Thayer has from one thousand per alas to Jan his fair Ida Colony. Lectors from the Anay of the upper pe6>moe say the rebels commenced the work of devastation on Tho Baltimore and ohm Nail Road Bridges culverts and pm Bank a Are do stroy id and excavations filled of. D. D. Porter of the Navy has a set App Dat cd to the command of All Thenaud form on the Mississippi. His rank is acting bar Admiral the Foroe Nader his Coati Saadi in , gone and Tea is Lan Rylian any Ever he of e Imper command of any it. S. Favat Foll corp us 9juadroo to to distinct from far Rogat s. New York oct. 3.�?a letter from eat Seo u says Tho Harbor Aad Defean aim be have lately of Doos Stady a Itaf and a a by Dodoo Keve Ai that Wil Obb ably be the first . Fri Loloma motto i Sudie 90 Gutis the juju ii re May of no a Trio Ziril in Sii hiniit33r ruled in coat Onaiti to Tho 88tl a to i excise Law a my in Pareto min to my a emm my a a la pm a est Kia Drmic Sia mar he Mem m military pastas Olhorn a fee Ort a United a Tot Lati Bow Matote Reohr Imp ii i m to Bra Tio of Ami a Lith Omasito uni us a a ass swat w hts re doped Oane Rhi Tho a it Josiem a Katf by re Alai i a Nants Bujo by it suing imn a a it spiiil8�i��kf�ili��lii a Kaferi idlis i 3 pm a a vhf ii sir of of a fit Ami Mai ill it i 8i�is�. To i Jill Iliia a eve i a a a Obsi Atod feg a it in we a a Paioa Mai Oil Loila Lka Hohil a in it Quot i to Mai Imp a a Coati Grid if a pm Arnm West of in Ilio adm Ossee Adofis Fea. Lbs pet a it i Goa eff lib it Law in i l at Pau got a a pm 1 Oad of it Corrou t00 Soati a it Asor risk sol. T0wwtiirsei Iisley mob ids Fumi ibo a a soft if la Uil it oar a in tto i a a a to it toss s3ifloo him map Khi Hofmo Oalko Oiw 19 a door a amp a fimm Aad satos Tda Atta iii awol to Towl a a a Isis do we a Ioia m i a Kofu Feal a miss ties. A a tiaras of the i a i Aad loan ills str trim the t . Alao Eftheia Orlf Khz ? toil a Obriai. Ii to Klesat he gwm of a a Idi Psi owe a lelsgiaai01tkobbiftfe ii met in the blockade Al Ohar Limor a it Alius la Uve Pool sep a so wich a Fri Koka of Mihi a i Char Stoa Aai Wiso of sept. 28, gives Tho Folly it in of successful escape a a. Of Tho night of Tho imia Ting Date pm Steamer Sapporo so to to the Huiai wet of Oer helpless oels Tea into of 13 u Ima Iff Tim Santiag a eos Gava to Lato for Tho oar Otom Salt Hood to Mio her a Cosamy. Tho did Raa Tho Blo kids fed s Ehrand. head re Tornado this Mora hit _ of Tho rebel Steamer a i Senor cd a a a a stat ahead been Ufeo us Rel got under Way. A he a Anay Sulja Tikia mme a a a Tioga dab by Jim i Jet of Vit ii in Gobber pod Tison it tin nmn i Juat wait a far As to Tosaw Dowa Tea in Tomlo before teak that try wih Loa Toto Fovea at to Chester a not pro Mil file to Tho Anaf i he a i in have Thero Witk oat pass Sadaf May it Imbie is for rec diag sap pile Luff him i believe it my my be Pra Aioso Al lev will not stand a Sot Wadi Lifcia ii cads of oar throats aft mme ado a a it a a ii Eden a a. V Yuste Day. To a Dies who a a of i Poti Didawi took to Moalli of Aad were sat to of kill dip Kiat Madi applies Tina far Irdine iii a of _ Osl ii Rog Siasat. We a dlr to la a atle Oft 150,0� a by. Salmi not Anat a Kedio Fiket to Al to Sii

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