Dawsons Weekly Times And Union in Fort-Wayne, Indiana
8 Oct 1862

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Dawsons Weekly Times And Union in Fort-Wayne, Indiana
8 Oct 1862

Read an issue on 8 Oct 1862 in Fort-Wayne, Indiana and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Dawsons Weekly Times And Union.

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Dawsons Weekly Times and Union (Newspaper) - October 8, 1862, Fort Wayne, IndianaTimes him som o r. Of tha fatso and in of states Points infallibly Pihe unit Irani of4distinst political t i 7 tic or York ivc ii Iii of Ali which Bee in a that Slort Kii in course of Tho in on the Bill tin refund . Inc Ikon a Ridge la of la of the party in York Kex. Governor Seynour the Caridi Laie of Trio c o n Wirat ivs in slate for Llu Ollieu of guv coh of Jav of. The i tha come about. If. It Intuit ukr col Ray Ift triad Jie ii nil Perl is Sroul Ostli be rallying around it Wii to Ali question of its i hic ency was Mill n to o pen uni j crawl i jul Polo a b it in Uio Zovon Wincn i Hanoi tic Sii Cutcli Seymour at All Xinji is Fiill of a Jirek and abundantly it when he Tiu of of aim Kuthe a s year by Way Ducc Jurty. . Ily those it pro by Yogi a 4uilbt heartily Jii of i Ivor Miji Truf Wortlie Guver imperil Siul we fully Tail to no Oid the admit duration in in a Foru that Etui. They Iovu in in Tiv in or d Volin to hit con nil and it will in ourt Idem. No lie a Init Uko if Uttira 1 arc lol induce cd As Ottose lira last nirl to uie in to tii1 d Fence of1 lie i All. k acc that to Liichi Imp exit Btu la ii a . Tit Murii. Slut Tat us Teliin Fri Chinn to in con flt Unhul wifi of pet which Hasa t us i Hisil we ill or mainly in ulily in mid co. Us a Terui been Jui Iny Dur Ling i Fml of a we lint Prostel new n Ali la Neil lid o Uji in irow i j of own Ali Clr Hinl Hiti preve Willi to link Lutat in of tin iriv Lute it Stu Jih Illi iut will Tirril cult a Lorro Ari it , Iii i Lii Iii in it fifth i Cit lilo Dalti Lettl ii ill m Fiir Anglit _ _ Ella it necessity Prfu Kiiji led Cru Tud he wot Tel itirizfll1 Ivorid. Ali in i liar ibis . Wiy the Niit Sliu Glicr .1 if Bis intr this Liun sl1 the Jack attn Lin mixed air Del i kit Lilc Anil who Maku nod Tai Ihal Duru Dlon that ill served id brute Chiun and Bis of entry. Lie it ours. Of undo univ pc Coil incl a blot cl11 tic in lilting Wylli soot i Ilist Meeliah pics Iid who Hull .vhtiix1 rim Rcd to in tuly and about rules a inc Futomi Chr inn to n in in Ilii Ciutti if in their its Well As n i lie. Has my chafed. I a or tag is. We . Court bit Simre cob web Whu my with Liis Ciuman no Lam dots of Luicir nil to Btry Siw Llu lining tonci Icline thu univ talk then Alt nil tin Fonn Litius of i thu thai Woi Sidmo hit to ill i writ Chic cnut Ilal wars Burn Taij. Lie a Riuli in Ihu ii legality i talk about i thru luit co it ii n de Iii that waa Loti Mility of ii Kiiji eau Iny i by Llic of if lid need wily of Ihu Usu the Iii furred to bib Rigi i i it and Nnoli inn Iceni fair Lut bin not Lic Lohl thut it was to it fond the comiry. I him not he told Lylial it Lojiw the mud r Fluit so Imti on aright to pm rim All the Kur urn int Wei fun the Piiru if Ito if Jonii Altal. ii cd wary in Ilia salvation of Trio in rial was 1 fur unit a Pirimi Ift , to up Uirich lion thought in was in own iry. Fur a a neral ,.l i f Lime to Irish Fixl Thov ii Uke we an Bucu Nuitt or Sulail and i3. Viliy arc Ulso slain or lire 1 pc ljiurtd1 in in tits and units and in Tiu if cos Jarv Nir Nicolie i a Fum Muj s in the Imla Uund tote Liml sin c of Iii it Tamly. A inn Iii tru Ucci Antii i tin ,.lowi. R in nine in Dino ii to i in nut to won "n.h.iv. Iho hints. In Glou Tiauw Cal Nick i min fill trial fill Bow i Ryo Sluty by or. Itt u tint j imy al7.inli ill in lir Yutel i May ii Iho ii u Crimely with tha Willy vat which u for the to it wit ii in a Nellu to pro in a ii Mill Trio o must for. Ii tin Katie of up Ision in inert. I e i Iier Fleacy to Hilure in Tuiuli Auis Dottle i Phi tic m Tybik uns Only a Len of parti Milf Iii Tod r s the Thi Lati in Ilia i Lvi Tibuni Union Ciji Iown proclaim Ittoli i Pic tidally ibis does not re Asli further Litu Ihli solving Tho Cimitri Congress As a principle it in Inaudi of it is nut Only of hut it Llic const tin if tote of Tiu attn Tiv. It Tiu it tale iif1 Ilia Poket to Etmo of ii town bid . Highla in of Cdr to Vagli Lam Pinili. A Jual Lifland or. The i a cml can Cuativo jux Vrr Wynck i lie hands the Iii t to tier then in the lie in evident pro tend Tholf by liw interference lit state to Nick Ronly . Anit Sayn Una that on Ihu. Lisl those then in in a Linn wit that Iii Iiah a slate Tho Fie my in inc Orosi Ilcent i it a no Haig ukr Shait of _ to Tjit it is of a a Liili to e ii urn 1ms not la till i justification in tin . A Lith he Lias i Pitorri to spirit and loiter 6f the Gimli dilation of Tiv the Iwvin in misled by Usu Nir inc Ruad to revolution. Lenl Lemure. Act Wail noticed a Sli Orl Timuri Mcc that persons who buy Roods in Inci City to Tran Ujenio Wero re Inird 6nttli Caribo to a form of Loach furnish a a by Tom col sector of Tho am in m to to Comfort of the Jencunas of tic United san ten Utah thu puffy Pyro Hasins jul a Loyal Citi y fit Nett that the matter -.Iki, undergone a now who Sulu is Tobii Ted to Rumish when makes onto thai to Liis know Ulicy am not to be tried for Tho restrict led and again Alicw Plain of Trio Vacti in All Losoya Whan a. Makes purchases on a r. Turned Lioy had Large Tho f plotits and cheap pow let All in a tuft Sciont Quantity Anil to meet Trio wan of Winter Mii Loii Toth a turn tend in frito thu it Ili Lii t u til any Itji or any ui.-1 in to ill Lomo him hit Shiv Tiomi of tin or Lirt plow of in 6huitiiiitti ii Lle in Tinl lilo Ruth n War Hiil .Iki. Would in nol u.irm.ni.i. if ext Tiline draw Rittir is cite Kiln in Piryt will Liu no to Iii run conc eating resulted in. The killing of the Back and causes ii Trio Geti end a a Jet who Rich Lind Ujiie a their no 1 Uris in. We it to general to lion and to Tider com they Wen Ullic .1 that City .1. Inn of Mil re next a 1 geiii.-1-ni of iwo incs Djit Listi it neral _ Hiti not met Ilia unit following took i have the Brigid a gcner., d lo.tiifiuire..-i can Blain arms for them it i ind Nanny Mctie Hare you and Bot ii i Wen Tif lit Twenty Firo humid cd. In come h _ _ dim t you m u Tiu i Xic it gift cd put to ret Llic Only inn tvs in team if i could by Otitila titular a u the con Tui in. D n it Tell to and ii Ibi re and having Learned Tom uni Listl would then a new them. Nii Iii in i Wal a right and i be a d to , in Itwari Cost. . It Elf i it Iziu to until Nve won I Lull. Juu under Arr Tel Send you Otto of Uio ily loud for i Provost Ennid. My room s left Llie room arid in order to Cywilla to e and for Rale Lex not at Llie ii Mirml Iii ill the in Tirlich Raio a Rcpt Ililau Plum or and Rafii Rrex till ice inc Fol Law Init a clip Clef . Hillry Cli Adia i Kiln Ted mini r of if tort of n , Pilurs of attorney p i. Jioji hrs if h Tell or other url Hinl a Rucci of a i Piunt Usu decilies Jar in Rock to i hecm1 , it Ladt Lloil Ali sithi 11 to Verlor ii Lilit in us Vilii in Lii dior u pc Obj Tow id if ibo and Lor Lii for cities to Iliili Nix ily is Quinli Rstow no airy hindi r Ishri i to sell Alcova Liat Allty u Nii Luio in Kil hoi do him. I Ellitt Elul Mefi b it top uni to Multi obtain a Rtavcril. Illy , of in in Len ton in unruly a r air i 1c ik1 Uli i Ivolu i Tinli d o Ati Utida on Tim u no flu Nihil in Ini a pm i nut Ililau jul Ntt or It to i nil a tilt Yik Cid Doty my sr1 w 1 Itu Winch thin. For Limo Lam on Iris Iii i Tii in Shihi. Thirl in in Dun to i. Ivi All Nisi re my Lac Tolx i the in Len Mica in i it two a in Faith Iris a tribe Lolo a Chi in it ii Fiji Iliili in Tjwie Ai ilurriitluirg.-. Philadelphia la Ultimore and 1 it that Riidu bored Auritt tem Liyim that n i Jun Lipinn Ili Sig lied lot it com Oid wart in Dir tin Finui Tuny an count Izui of so Tiu of Itier army Fiorin Ilia uni thu of a Liulam. Tin i in c i Lii in pc it Edity Snail that in in freely Jiri nil Willt no linkers that Kihei Noird would in in our Bandit Smithiii n it win j in Iii a Tiiu Iii. J to Rull i brew in tic Vicinity is a cell nol in Iron in Rulli Init in i he Artadi Tripti Iii tw1 Flint Ihu will tiny to Ruijin part Iii lilo open t Ion i Wilding. To prism cars let it ii til from . Thu it Jiuu of Iii of lit Rel Caird Union firm in Lilin hid a Mil erased Ami Iliria of tits it if Vurr St. The disc tiption tit a of Ait their while i m k in tie Sav Ticic prone Many Union Pew Mill Liju Limoni a and Hsy a in t if Kimthu of Call hum selves Stich Vijh Only Tiu Laid ii Tjw Sti prison is Cru without liner outs Slioch some Aiu Vith Only pan is. And others had no shirt to Alfir Backie. say. Llinat sunday Light a i curly or Nupuf Iho so used in front of Tom prison and taunt Lijin with a Lucaw of Vio Imp Iho i hey to Louse Tuii tits Lika and of liars wit Lionil Ihu least the fort Pitt winks stir nine out Uto in inso Lif cent Inch now my Uio Hilu of j it us Puna in the rough out seventy Lupin tvs and part from i he difficulty Tho i Ilker turning and such to in fat if in Jenl is Immy psf. There fur of Obeso str flow Iii Tobii Lalliss and by Tom limn a Liao rot. Oil Lois will lie really to Tai or it Iule Ilion to turn nut three i week fur to Iziu Iiene of the year. Are Nten Lod air Tom new n my of Nuijala of the fair in the world. Arrangements arc now in p s for a gun Uller attn vill throw n of one pounds and Clicc Jill to h ave a Melcs told of Wie. Of Iho toys Ali ill in re a Fipp the capture of fort inc alter in id least will i Iii to Odon the rankle a very Domro looking. Not . And pointing to Onn of the a project Iloh lying which had to fort Adt Teil the Maku whom of Alt in Jay that Piatty in thou Kalwil Jar year i flt t Niy air ill i nut id Liwer by Ivinel Nso no Twenty or ii ii in la Tirol Ihmi .Iki he lilo of r inc my half of fikh Lars in in addition to inc Rita Nind ii Tiu la Mal timidly Ellen Len Kindler num Iid in Piirto .um to Iii. Ilia Olio Ilia Tiu Moh from Trio i crossed o re Amer Tho River to jct Day who jul Tinl by Mem ral who Linin ii so lit ii re lived by Geiger cuon fur a trivial cause. Leiter Devi Sicam to Wii Einnatz wit it it to turn o Petit ral a right who ordered general Davis Lur return to general Hii ult mud i tie nil Burbridge to remain ii ctn Rin Nali 1 Oen nil Davisii returned on Friday evening and reported to acne Rel Liuell. Noih in ii Tutt occurred thou Piug Jav in seeing get enl Nulson in Tiu Tii Atn Hill of the Gall House fronting the Ollow Wiit Vij tit nod a Hilli til so Fri ii " Illi him to Yeti. Not. Roii and u Itti Unn Tom that pass Bih Wuen Neon and him. Tho suite Liliu to thu Iii to . Nel Aon. To Heidi Liliu Fullow Iii a t Oulu pm non y lil a cml to take and if you Neitli Ritj the Oiler Day. Mcliton mid lib hand to his louder i atm i Bent Verj Well. A Viii in a louder you swme.1 to in any not exp Cutie Vuu charges get. A till Lii i Jim a Onnley and Oll scially. In this or Tim i Init we give fifi in Ilie k Puniga is him Wix a and Sij a occasioned1 by shalom cols of Tiit a Rmer Tibai Noih thu person i courage of the the Dillick Viliy is an Uii fibr Tunac , in of tha ital Lect Otic toll loss in Bot i at that of tie re in cos is estimated As at least 30.000. Ala Rylind ww1 captured us canons and of colors losing our selves not a single Otic of a Tjien there is excitement in the in that Sot i c no taking a ids in ire the ,1 the Mailer and several Shoi Ilij Caius in gently As having discussion Morton of -ind., Gen. A title of icy., Havivi had a facts on Thun pit knocked contradictory As but ecu Onnik n indy assumed the Lof Jilin. I a torts arc conflicting also Liat Gen. Input being int Iridell voluntarily Recti tibent with business a is Ucli Reli tred him Fred him Over to the Sci the Charles Ltd him to Una Nind another that ins command and turn ii dts of your i Oil other know that i you threw turned to and Iten no uni of he so Flo i Rovoll guard. Xii Kane pm Van with urn of hit ill Ilid Wico to Tho there Yuu ills in not Tho last of Tako Iii to Iii i timed to Morton am said did Yon cum. Lien Usu to instill a but i wan re tic mod Tib a direst no i a lilt ii to to itt Luh lick if of h Yeti and davlri.1 vial onily tit lilo Byi Itan you Bear uni a Oral i nun it my mid Ihnn willed Tito the Ludi 1 i Ihfe nil Niitme la Sierat Darla Ellb a he had of Captain Oil St of to lid Invar do flour to let n Clyti hit 11 pow Ltd Ettli Tuii omit of he Perlor Ollu lilo Hall Tamalii Hall from the i r Tor. The urn Fiscu to face and about Yahu Duvet Drew a Frt Plutul ii it Lar Cal us Ball entering Bead 01 in lilo Vic Luiey. Gen. Orhun threw up both Hulm mid n around Iho neck mid Ithol to then Wulk cd up lilt la pc lilo i airs Howardi juju cell a Niton. Ami Hank it Tho lop Llic it alow Ami. Wan Uli Natlo .0 Fin hot. Llu u a then conveyed o a tid when ii Laid on Juei Tidd my 1 null hit nii1 a Letaj Imin at Tom tul lit a unlit to him . arrived in about live Mii Titra. Fixer Kintly in gods 0 bin future welf Ahi Nelld Sci icily pm enl Tetra Ottllie Luau Nins be bad co Mikil in. he Mikit de itumvdi..-Ly and a that tic Tell Laika of Tnp ism Titiwa Contra lands at us ninth. They Are Wing distributed ii Huml us slide of Illinois in opposite 0 Law As Iii Day As possible. Ciu cujo tint kit Ion who Smicik. Till no Lii Abulila insists when our Trot Iii woke nut timed to pet rid of the s ii thu As the our and ten Ehan Ceri inc Raas d o setting nil tin negroes a of Ili j Turku we thu Unito. A Clil a Quinci a these Saint Are round and Wint in Elro their u Nim ifs meant if Lily c inv Shiri inst Ihl ii will consent to Tii of lib . If nut then they in fur the Minniti Iancu of tic in ii Tiu bit icily in Olmut. Spirit and if which this Ultra an tits the of Llinat i Jurci h Icli wunli.1 Rittall tier wire rented to r of to i Valri Kingl Pittil. A lion Lii a rail Neil oat Down Iii la Otheill Iii i id them to Vii ii it. Old ivc Thiru r or Lam Oceail Qutb it until in turn Ellmin in is of in. The Cumy re act a line Edwards to s Lucheni mtslato., u Lliott Ltd a will Lor. Tilyou Ali Vici Itury Hon a o d gup. Tie. Kyd Erat w Bli acc Cal in bold ibo Gap Are making Bench Lam Ohio liner on Friday. Secured Tho removal f from to comic Tatul of Trio army of tin Ohio but nil hair Isatu , Iho into 111 he Nuu Tui tb4 that was i and he in u thought at i Urt that Chirl Stoi within n very Short d Iho Emo wild Folli Alcaly i 0 danger uling tha Milosl in Corgi in into Iho and Biu to will Lako place Jevc . Lal Vona a to Mono allcriiooi., ii. Ovid rare lieu Wolf up to .1 his Luif Llo military and is at the gait lib slut Tipery uni Halls Forte at under military Nneal to await a my Leta it Klei Imnel in vol by court marshal which will probably to con my. His1 Ulory in a fax dayil.1 Hott us uth with it Divi Ion f in late Iliili to in Nodi lit Ivas Vii la huh for lie was Nidis hut was.nivi-, Atid hiding be handled Liu _ division Lulu Irakly la lit. for Liat Nyrl let us throw ills. I. There that finn Iniss Tom Rethil Cihaj Iruin uru Sinuis from in to Washington wit i a . The main feat Ruof thu propose Tim itt us Alco to itt Oen. .1. Fri ruin c. Darin a the Smur. The Max Levi i tired r by n Wei cd the fid Iai tiled by Cal Oriel fairs a Tel Biol he in the Muntiu w Ili w Llu fur Tom cml Inci and occupy Iho same before the War with have i Row of their own do mtg stir. Affairs and bal their representation in the Adeial Congress a Lull based on .Rir while population Only to Tori Oriun and Tom Trinler slates to be in the ii at the Causa of the inac Ilsun. Him Suir a Jiri Idmilao of Vril Ivity of Tho forces on Tho Umpir Ivirgil for Yousif Iho a to inc. At Llinat . I thu Nnilk-ry., lie i Twe tily Sev to thou sail to v in fit hit Ops left last nut Tom a vision that Huro this a Inlet iof 11 i general i of Mir Ching a Large Force on Otvis married und ultimate his Tyvand lift i any Wanti Landi dam Btl a Junction Wtuiitbe-iirckent., forces in mire uni As a to so Limo is one but its of aug cts May. As cd Hope i to moly Ruhle magical. Sigil has retaken Sci to not too proud to ask fur our daily braid and airy prayer and i flan of fell in Lii in it in euro and in Sirl Cark i in Dol lit in in Iro Urty in in ult and in um1 ver world Kiwit an i idles i cd new u and Jirayer. Day it d in the wondrous a ii unit in to la Forf dry Caino to think i n in Nikii i pity years on tint exile Tho and slowed with Lii Light he this la Rhinny no Pearcill lltu1 of Chifen melt on the a Fantl suit Friend Over lilo Lumblo ions toils round ii Itie Valb funny and Iii Iny a Day to duty nil la thu Tilsk Hava been Honc fitly done when the night and ibo Howard Deal Lii idly with the slut Foft a. Ural Ennior Niit Ponta on Tho Railroad from Jiran Dria , besi Diw capturing prisoners and a of i u Ujj with Julic Bruml in Ponseti Unco Gen. Morgan Luuri cum Verlund taking with ii jigs artillery and and in to ild Foro Leavins to Iila cd the Tho rebel forces Muhr in Cath and cum Jill Roy Marshall p , intercept r 1 his command eight grounds of comi taint being i Titt ibo substance of a Liili shut to 1m Trio it owl Force for thu inva Wilim of .fioo. Lien to chief. Albi pm Titi lately Axinn and ii in Utu or Armit on no uni of with Albert Lluke leu. til Cincinnati Miaw nicked Oen. Wright in the Coin d of Trio of the Ohio mini Omi. It Gallt Fiill Brtva a Illel Ilion ii Niler Roii Jam. Gen. Wright s new Kilt Potris it stateil.1 g. Tutta in under arrest i a bloc in let favor. Guerrillas Aro warm Iii on lha Banks of Lam Fretwe Enjiro and item Phil and m attack on new Madrid id apr Chomard a Sulki Zeicu in we Tubili Uig tit Inilda of Ilii liver. Tenn and it in Llma to Nohh i relic a to liars will be a Light within a Fow Days Kli Thayer is to Ita military of Florida for the Puri Mac or carry in out Lih Colonia Tiomi act conc. Tho under Writena would Reid Turc n Rel stir heavy Premium to insure Ihu of thu Jii Zifa. Whore they we if Rei Tiu i intern Apik ared Loik Elton hut we ctr Telegraph Tho Wrt of thu Victory of anti Latu has tic i Fiir wort Letl to the of the any b Mcc Lati Hayft i Honor to report tic following As Someur thu results of the. I tics of somali met main and anti aim at Snulli Nir loss was 4 13 cml 1.8uc and 70 Tull wounded and in by total Iosh still less tin Luwi of the it owls to the two Lintel i of Icar As can be Kurt inc a from Niini Belr of heir dead found upon the if eld tid from Atli r Fiill the following militate Asuit stunt Gei iral who burial of the dead to ports a .Iki rebels butaud on thu fluid if our in .Iki pre Viotty to tins lows Var the re Blu had buried Many of thei two Dond of tie Battle i til which they occupied Effer inc Iii the Moinhin with accuracy Tjit a our Roopa drove them from the com Oen firment of the Ali ii Anu Chi greater Timber of the Iii Iva id Rtin on the Field Linn Poitr in Vii it Isi Titt uni Ilion Multi to filled in the two Battlon would be 4.000j a ii of our own killed and would Kinnke to Weir loss in wound o the fort and is commanded not Only by guns of Morgan but nubby those of gains Dauphin Island to Connin Nolc rebel fore is either charter ton savant mfg it is believed but much has been done in Tiu Way of obstruct ing d. Works Long. The want or w to nil three cities. Our Harbor to ill infant Villi men of nil grades and the Admiral s Ithoc of Alerv Adf very i i Rob to is turned into a floating Hospit fun Verhas entirely Zefi links arc not it Cito to very Crouder. Washington is Attert Sincov that lie next so com a from York will carry 1 us our soldiers in that some7 necessary o sgt ii Anil. North Carolina fur j few Clicc pions o it Atli Nanny to Tnora than Otio Kiyin Yit in rents and the the in Allenl on of Coin Piny of facts and paymasters be Lars number from pin of Misiur Dillis Liibs in twice a Feliu acc Csotty of furnishing., denominations Housh inc printers off it to i it far As Knort been i and. Y and to ibo Volunteer Sand to ii pm c attn. Itsy As nearly As can Law duty ruined thin time Slorp i ii Firth to put Down All who Del tar in lit i of Kiin our pin them the Calir Iluf com indict i and Ndu cd Iii after lira s when in cannot live in a. Union will Stales Cru men Otto after that m ibid hint Illey Catt it live in a union1 Nith Lam roman ouf Liet. They will promm Tutt tin ii Cove Tinni Witlek ath nil it. Naiwi Mienl with hell by Caw under u a Clergyman to incr Lviv thur Eli permitted in the mass Mill Icah the a Cli Lri of the real presence or Bee Tisu it a Movish in Lilia in denying Ula of Christ. It Fri Kripli of Union allowed t., prevail tre mull plunge hereafter Inlo and whenever Likely to occur. New or any other portion of the country a Toibich Elf ruled with a religious mint in As it Iscil with an it slavery Matin we shall have tin to Ltd nil made to i no rid Hen Rill Ion Minlu to Oil r the for to inter i to wild frn tills cd Natl of men of jilt form to Tii Vailo Tho Wiko of inert Dom of Tell in if Shii Liwer should have or i Sally null of r burned lilo sinker or Fiir Niusia Iirilli a View of la Csc tits lit Bozif Rem Llovid to a a Linin Tim in is Omuril in it Tulili City or have tip Ouimitt god the it Dii if Ger Trtan girl one in Orniti last fur front Tho woman in cd puny with two a thoth Wiro n the two , it to Lowell estimate 5.1xxa Tho full returns will in doubt Huir a larger number than about arc Woun Deil. Liis a jives Liliu re in i Lut in killed to mulch and Iurii Wnm it will u Obs ipod that Tolx no inc Lii the to Muir Bragg Tirri the Linn lick of Mboi is wild Ity to very Large. It Uin aah qty concluded i , Llinat Lio rebel my Isaial least Tux to of their Tan from Tibig ukr pro nut Lurhl Lii he Waii incl Tillo virginia.-. Guns 7 i Winn and i Lam Trotti i Field Cas Simi cd color and one r we inv nut hot a Una or n on Ilia Tili Ille hold of Antietam Sims Arnid were collected a Large in inti d fair by Cili Reich and i o distributed 01 ibo Gnand Oiler unarmed us to Tahr immediately after Uio Utu ii. V South Mountain no of it Mil in Early Tiu Minuter. T the ital Ltd l m Iii fell n i at bed Coli of Dikiy Tutt Nlle tar had Ali Lulli Lilly Frt. Wit Trust to Ltd h Lam full in in let it Floc Ignoll Tun Hulit for tit Icli ii Ilc owing to the.fnuii that to mull Hutu nid Scro la n Nitu tha of Jewila hide Iho i Tomac. Own nigh to Oei Owr inn Derbell i Skamer a do Hilt Wii Ieli when Ribhy wore Lauly Gava u. H int. A Uia ii of War. Kew Wilt carry Tio Init twelve of heavy Eti Lilter will Bollie Fasteau lying if Lii Vehira Cotroni quid nit unit in a Nett Lloil Kli to Myna will imme. t if ii undo wit i r Sixl Liml of to Irlda View of in Allins j Artt acting Wotli film to carry out ibor Tif Licitro Abr the into die to Ulicni tin a. It in a Lic cd that the Rew intend to nil a Large Loco Roiti to a acid kick to hold tin latter Point. A Irli Uii of corns Bas Procun ded a far jut in Ironton Liing Pri Koith 1 Rubert. On Llu the i Are tanking in to i re clinic of and Marlit Wiburg. The Ruth at of u a army towards Gordons Villa and Richmond is Antici pled by tie it owl general Iti dead. The 1 in attic to have Boito on a visit to Cohan. Thu number of sick and tvo und at and Vicinity a Givus by Juliel i will an nearly mint los army Iti advancing from fou Savillo Interior of Kentucky. Blot up work Uri Dently designed As our troops Aro in Light marching order. Severn i skirmishes of wednesday and yesterday. There n Rumor at int Huri Isido is to Iti ult in command of to army of Ohio Gen. Morgan from Cumberland Gnu hos Ucci filed Iti Renc Liing thu Ohio it Tver Ortizi Mulli. It is reported that on thursday f lust to had an at Rich mond ky., Kirby Smith s army nil routed to Rells completely. To stale Munt of losses is Simeon Draper of Xuwu has been a Xii cd Provost marshal of inc War depart Ollick Cru aled by a recent general Ink a. 116 Wilt Avii Usu tar his control one or morn special 1 Provost Carpi of thu states. Com. Porter been appointed to tic command of thu naval forces on Tho mis ii Ftp i a incr. To ii stated that lilo number of pcs sols Jtitus and it ii Linin will be greater Tonti any officer of of Ever had before. Cols. Muf Lonj Tryman and of Arluin a i Lovev of Illinois blvd Iwon appointed reals of Jito advices from Pensacola states that to liar Kir in g rapidly Fillol with War vessels. 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