Dawsons Weekly Times And Union in Fort-Wayne, Indiana
27 Nov 1861

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Dawsons Weekly Times And Union in Fort-Wayne, Indiana
27 Nov 1861

Read an issue on 27 Nov 1861 in Fort-Wayne, Indiana and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Dawsons Weekly Times And Union.

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Dawsons Weekly Times and Union (Newspaper) - November 27, 1861, Fort Wayne, IndianaWednesday. A ave Ckuj times and Union in canvassing critically the condition of of nation with t reference to Exi difficulties the mind naturally seeks to ascertain the trn Issue involved in the present contest. Will of All ror is one Hjal Issac presented the conflict Betws Chi rebellion arid Loyal Tig t continuance of the government in the fort Man than 8 whose genial influence has resulted i Tia Phineas to uie this then Bici a grave one Vita to our As a necessary i is that we approach its consideration wit i tint philosophic Calm cats to the Straw underlying that deplorable i Public set Impi Throat i which goad id on a was Civje ass Moi then that the one Issue car Rocilo stated but. We i cannot i Guise Ali act men mid minds Jiyto Obein they would certain immaterial matter no pertinent to the ass ii but calculated to dust no he As to tic origin and of tic War Thrift Moss exec tidally Chiin Inthey bad taken tip with then to Lemur. By Loolu it the Quot Knob Curtil by thu dictum of that cast 6 arid we can arrive Ai but one conc la rebellion triumphs there is an end to government to loyalty and Devotion to the nation if the constituted authorities arc no Lichen to tie then in anarchy i supreme revolution living Shtil att Pitrat Fol. Hows and Hoji Elesh ruin to with Liec Loiis of Ihu confederacy will to a much deplored Conw Ifju Cnoc. Then if in Ite True that the Stirp equity the present Republican form of government 3f tha conf Derath succeed will not survive hit. Eliock How essential it is that to Liaku that nay the All absorbing in our it Ever More Tom a rally cry into their linear tit that spirit of lofty Mij deep which will not Stop Short of of lira government Lima i Ion Towaco to the though in the blood cherished we arc compelled to re Bap Dao the institutions we love. Ascertain the fact whether we shall have itt Iho Paramount duty of Only can be done by Ilia Arm of National pm being Laid heavily upon to lion in often resistance to . Causing then to Lily Down their and yield obedient to Tho Constitution and Lauri and perform their Dpi. Tick As Ait to Evl Donco of to licit Luh ally to o l thik admirable object and yet we wee tacit of intelligence but by ii a Ratike final Len forget their Del into thu Colin try Anil i Eclila. By lilo malignant probe o Ellie Crail tracked and excl Parl in to Rapti Hall up and Brint to View what they conc Cli a to origin four press to Lin Hap. By National Iron bit for Iho of Emhart. Action of Whoso on whom the con Mai Luton obligation to mania in the in this course of Cllon Mue or patriotic v Why Scek to know he origin if the ii hint null list or Tho them lot us hint strive to Ihu National malady to find in inti 1 Iee imn it Juii uart Arm he Haiti Doug for Nam Allon trios. Treasonable in Pohls who would Ilo Troy the in Titan reticule in Cir in aits if Wiite tin Luvurt country once therein if Iii in to the . La Rel you Havu n wifi Juht thin Jirou . It will enough to . Ii of Tiu in liter by Vilii i our duty to Ila which we lilt do Ilo lbt. La b m feet find tid know Ami trim bar it the Lun tub Roo Iii we should not be Ungui Tuitui while enjoy in the j comforts arts conveniences of Home ill t arc Nany in our Nii St who arc tint Iho Iho year is upon the Iii who Thor will need to prevent them from us firing. Their to Rorty has not twin the of their own from in which they could hot avoid., is him ii Chiat Clicc that the Rich of to Day Are in ind gent to Morrow the cup luxury is pushed from their Anil called to Wresilo Jovit Lillic of Fortune s whet Hurter Frum Ufa Luence to thed Cpl this change in Tho High ii Fult by out the hearts of these vie 111113 which As a canker Vruyr upon All the enabling elements of human there life widows and children once the recipient of a husband and Fatlich s cans and toil but b Liu visitation Providence Havo Bee to grapple non the Stern rent if o lift Anil gain s pro carious subs he such of Tuosto Una Mui Tiv acid Arnii Iti Aii w ill Stoural ill in his. For. Fruit fill i Biilly t ii Ikirt of fire is Clit by . Aud Virio Iii kills a a fico that triese Uro Kin run i i in great iiwtn1, and fetid ill i v Arm Llinat in Nim Triko a trn Ruh Lun w. That All Calci Ilalov to Hui in shall to Lea in object of Ilia War shall Law our institutions am too dear to and clo Sidy Allied to our Prosperity mid Llma we Mast nut peril ilium Ity Snow it can a of conduct. It were to do i. It Yould be Bitici Elsil to our Livi Lual in i Crest. Then the Nice grown l qui Vitinu Law ask first what u our duty in thu in own in tic willing t duty. Kii act that to Ivity not in thu and the Lorii May i for Wisa and acl Loii in saving ii Avion from Ivy live for Iii Cucit was a truth ii is the Bailie great Ynith Nitu. Itco Inus to Oisin mid Day mid in i lie Cawn it in a Cut voice then in of Trio Ofui civic Ain National calamity let our Miotk the Onu great Issue Aivil All our to exerted to Coni nut Liliu form and spirit of free government to the up Surat Loiis who a Lull Iti Thih is our Hopu and thu great to above Talion uxe8 to to lilt tic Ith. Voi o. Uris. Membea.ui1 cart my Trellu w Onca id All you be bark Ned to your Eom Tiv it c you Hitt Slown rebellion roust be i j All nuni in me your worthy kor let Militig Liua a helping hated tint Flag the Emblem of Tho free of a Clit and joyous Liburt Hiis Luceti by rebel. Vasej dishonoured nud Altaj Tacij it to in Jour Arm she docs cuff Iii to ii Mac lieu and guard the frs. To Trai limit fre Cantu d precious Boon to to Lilac who after Yna May come. Will Wadi Yon in Ile Atli exp Rwjr or thy Jan pc i Juu Ihrl ave Nettig word Rhiw Ivion ii crts not though Jou arc called intr Jour it for. There can lie in prowler. Grave hits a Patriot Linic a if needs be Dru Iii the bitter cup an i cheerful gift tour being up. P i Why you Truiti Bull know you not to Iii Rotor lie ill Phiriol it lot tie traitor All go Nark Liim no nation Long will celebrate the Yaj or rebel s full i a he Forf. Led nil Ami in in own whence Linnoir Tibig. In Watt Stilu Murdo Ami then on with vigor rep Field Ami Muky the yield subdue Thom by your Iron will Ami Eliut Nahi hero you kill. In exc High Thop mix "1u.1, Ali it Aii 1 ill with too rebel Zitur Salitti Iuno and Plant Usu Hunt of Alii Roar loft Slutt Tivitt form in nil a torn . May u Ever wave Alcova Usu of Ileedis Hlll Bino Hie nil in nuo Lull Jenl Iho of inborn. Lint just. Aii-1 Ite Vatti a ii tilt . with Hie Milf it .1 and Mako All of Ira Luira Ull. An-1, i yoiird.iv4 arc Nitt in 1ti inti Chi Tuny it an fall Lam Joys pm nov. I Illi we p. Luv. S it ply or Mlls , the Etc cedi i ital Preiti. It of Iho United Suten re gently i to n tire Witt the District of Virginia Lam Hushel where Are tils pm Feit of undying Loihl to non guile in the Cai to Lviv read with plea Tiltti Liu clip Init add Roth in Iwine in Wei of that , it to tha it a to mind it wat he to stat id by work fntlior.-, then Tonko his in uie Uell tit and Dalil whalely thin Nevice k Tinl lie once by of ill Ulit tid it Elf to support a vial which he no tread thu will not in port Iota in Funcy Prici will ten in Ivi it i Jefron him in Rand in the of Hal int Hill no a Emu Drin Donl will vol its Kwap or i Tinetti How of his i Alv it thu nov. My sin i . i m in i Liv r in i in Livirt Cit i Ulii ill Lviv in ii lilo Rinot of will Rivil Llu Iii uni in n i in Chilli try Klinl it Lulu a her to m Sitivi Cirii to h him Ini most lie Wilt not Evin ii Tii a up Tami d by tin-1 Llort his and i. 1. Ill til till .1 to 1ijl. A v Fly general is Deler mind in act Jilton the him by Gen. To into any by outside pressure which Lohl of Zivra l Wuenker a Duy thu Battles of lilt ilk now our to perform a Duniy to Btu them Llic the Leniu Ivl we my now in thu Gorto h example of those patriotic our proc Imus inti Rilance or Tuny now slum to the world that we Are worthy luring to licit child in worthy thu which 1 1 Limu been lil Nii Itti d i live in the present generation. In our liven we shall in Ilavu in serve i r country to ii Glit tier our Homes fur thine who Foughi fur us and for those who look to to in Edom fur All Mankind. Havo thu Walliin us thu heart right let Tom Lia Uudo what the heart die uts ii. Huttt a by furl Haf whole Genera Tion should in Cut Oil Ami Perch filter in its duty. Hill we Rawll Iii Fauller or fail defeat Only nerves to1 a Router a Florri. Thu kits Fritz tvs Only in Nam Iii Ore Earnest to Ulrike blown hand which would our Lily try nud Wiir Lemk. I life arc worthless when Honorl mid we arc Diulio mired to eternity if tin nol anew our lives our Fot Unck and Wiir Jino Ivil lion ii to Ihu of hint which now ii Pun every Man in new to rally to its defence. Very Success to your Honoru l in i Chimot now acc i Yohr inv Tulion i your of Dinul a u. Kor we Sam Taglis. Tox Tiec a Kofl Lia inking poit Iii ii ii of in it Lloyl and Hunti flirt him Chiist urination among thu chivalry. South Tirol him rugs intents on thu i on Jmc Uro Elm Noring to return Honyiu. Char Liston and Iho surrounding country wild with Xci Tenient to Roplo Are lacing in every Dir Clion. If the Twenty thou Wal troops now in the i Alzir to Santo Tut much Iii Lurlre those who first initiated a cession ind pro Clainie a citrate How Wilt they feel when one Huml Rod thou win l cd urn nil Tho necks sir y Niini Tiow , will in investing Qun Reston the Ilmi tin army. I have ii Vuil Ini Hucik third i Imge n n ivus Idt it t your Veitii Scotland nov 7, 1861. There a great Deal of lieu Liy tic. Press Anil the. People an to what course will be taken by parliament when it meets in reference1 to the Atner ican War and blockade. As that Bokiy is soon to Iho members Karls Dukes that the a resident Wilt ave been a Iii speeches All Over the kingdom i have watching every spec Eli to try to arrive at the intention of the inn liars is evident there lie an Effort in tilt by parties interested think they will be by a a Fth North of Well As them districts generally to induce eng Laii id Brink Ihu blockade and a know Edge the South can confederacy. 1 am Cert Iii of this country Wii to be Gowl tone mine Compromise made granting Tom South la right to establish a sup with out any on Thor but i do believe that All Llic pressure that can in Obroin will cause Tom. Isu Glish oven intent to change their present . Re so the at Horican a wait of sympathy by tha press and people on it in not so knowing do it Elf illness of arc Sorin that Alij Ul-1 for Tho Woiken Inry thou a Thoy i lie Iii to to pop Ltd i his country who never loved a Iii Nora to Tom of govenis Manl. alien Welvon or fourteen years in thu u. So under due our privileges and think the old countr but All such should to to hmm Jar Anil Sod what Little is payed the working Clai it woul ibo Atid for lid Union lie religion ii people and Jires of shia country i n be Thornl thing hate that the North Hax not Tom Power to overthrow and abolish to they ought to let the Sottili us of the Union. They declare the War Wil cease in America while slavery u protect. My our i Havo no doubt that Thoy Are Onest in their opine Insi but they do not see m which May from tie lib Atiim it Jyh Many Hlava not accustomed it by Way to provide for . Thero Are How Here that care anything for 10 Iii och to of Iho Stith but for Iho Dhiru to Ripple a i Wuerful rival in Tom commercial there class Here Llinat feel Verj Inch m will Fofiu a Orch and ii it wis not in Tom Luconti proc Littlon and other a Jill would Leava by Tousai Gunnil Jolt i Northern a Ailiin Lucr i in Iho american army have Call 1 411 mtg. But t could give them Tio Mill my instructions1 not it. who volunteered under the italian a cog a com Ishmeil in tie inc Irth Cut i Rcpt Dent , j my Aro will Iii be any an 1 imy to ail ant mis our they Are new i their you May Imti t they will jew Ito to their Vimr Tenily. A to Koui la i strict to Ger a. I Vitura full Ali h. Inapt it. Sixth jr., in lord. Seven in f. allx Marlu. Kiy Juith c. , of Caro lina.1 eleventh u. a twelfth u. Staples. Thirteenth Mcmullen. Kifle enlist and six tix Nulli con . Have Liat clip orly thu cation of or mrs. Us mall my John Ion the present from Ghesu a ctr. M. In Region of tie k. W the Fullow Iii is arc lure Ivett Numier of Mcmahi a of k Conli Trail . Go i on Echo hooked. die Ciul 117 in Milim iof pm latent . 507 dam Lopint Palm Lar. Relief of Milit it Iii of Rell Ranf will. mid Foro ii s5s us wagons 100 Amu . Will a have own received in Washington. Tal Ifa tit Way Warren Uwar Muf Tirie. Null str Tel for Iteline conv Riby. Anil so Ioctl Ihu Kell Coromis Sion Era a Short Lime determined Niton a change of Clit to and As the Public were and i soda were u Oon to take up their residence h i irow and enjoy the society of this elite in tin Noshion Halo incl Ropolys of Englund but Havo Clit Iscil their mind Ami Aru on Thui Way to Boston Topi into Winter inn raters at the Fash Loverni Piont fort 1m any Tunc princijilf4, to that Loix Orn of thu to Hulln Ili Rucj ban in h the Pri Feo inc Wilch in Liuigi Ilch yield to tha Dogma and if there Iwan Oiin than no Tilich they have prac Cally a and ignored ii in thin Virv ii of their to Lilice. In of stale Hig Lili impunity fur All the u of liar cd mid Fitt till by which they Havo Imp Rcd the 1 Vic Rel Ait mrily in eleven a state Liliu Union they arc will to Dit in tile to at Flop Orliw to he cast of every ate Hurt not Yah Hail n ready ecu or Active in la Tiru Ali Sorvill Wonit were Lomarr in their Filo lion to Iho bloc trait t of sonic than u Tai to which in it n no to under Tom Guise this Nam knit Coli to vivid to cloak their m Hoh titty to Ihu Julio jul Plovc Menil it can ural of lilo Kentucky state Init tin avowed Len to pol Ildrid look while tarrying us int Irrwang turning a to can Missimi us a Coufou Katie Lori Gudiva ii ral ready to Law my Ihu opportune to Rel when the neutrality 1 in id no to promote the Intermix twin in Haku Man for in itus Cuy i n s Jna of us u. I Sirius lie in i ii Llie Hus Siitam Tif in inc Utu extra bin to it tide by Tom Dot Kun Olicky Ami in any event to avoid Iho Miu Loii no a wn-ir.1 War within Bur in Helms. Sinking Al in Tunit to the Ruih of August amt he held Tun follow Ilc rising thello wan for Nenon titty and a cacti my thu smrt of Ken Larky Lilit wn.1 a Tilliy to tic Iju instr i m it Sitf uie Jim files to Tad fully Fojt mint Tafi Rii the thu old be la Rosiy Pimento Ali Iii. Thu h titled Tyml he had 1-ot-ti charged with Baing a thin Charjie was Lul Rte. A Jove of thu Union it Eiliv sealed in Livirt nud Liliu upon desire than to did to Sec the whole pm Plu n oiled in incl Ermily and tin. Ail Tiu of All under the Constin in fully and the Lutu Nugeon Thi slate Igetti i arty to it a tack in of the Sute acting Milor Cut Iticia Fly of Wal us it Omli tical duty Ilo Ihu dumb prof the Loyal Shattu. iting Tiu ill known of new of lift try in thin Imi int then Ailor will by thu in re rival w to Pinc Minice n proper judg. Iun in uie Lut tuning which me recon Ltd in a sees Ston journal the Lulu Louis Villu of Osiier my published Iii Lur Ihu a fur tight we know in Ihu Camp of Liliu Nofu Jenilu Larce to invading thu soil of Ken Lucky. Wit quote from n number of that Sheet died tin inc on monday last ocl Lisle i number of cilia is of Southern Ken Lucky met full Villafor Ihu of consulting to i chive to thu Tuiuri feeling thai duly it Hun selves and their in item lion of their rights their lives and Lily try de mantled that re Iii sit of Leif if Tot. it lira and of the Lincoln Dynes in. Lintl in co Fen ecu for several Days with closed door i. wednesday in fore their ital Ihu injun Liun of secrecy i Poi to Weir prom dings was a Mowl and we Havo Ltd before us a Vury a Jill forty counties were in the Cint Trenco. Lion. Ii. C. I Arnott presided and u. Meltee and t. S. Bryan noted . A series of a mint i ions reported by lion. Q. Johnson were Adjip cd. They rec thu thu and oppressive nets of the inlay no pin claim revolution a Melter. For a come Timi the 18th of tie present month recon Send Ihu Nign Nixon Liori of county guards to it placed in of service Mitt paid Luik Confederate. Slates Gaarn since Uio such Ciufu Ciuc Ditoh to tort h Al and Trio other expend Tionel no being prepared., a Largo number vessels arc now in Northern harbours and close Proir Ivity Are Many thousand Well discipline in fully equip kid and rest to pm Lark or some diet tuntion upon the Soull at what particular Poi Larid the administration scums determined i Trent tier the Burden of War Froni the i Potomac to the Southern sea and Gulf coast tills the expediency of Landing it Large Force it Sev end eligible Jib ints in the Cut Toti so fleas the i wis for Elfr civic Wii iter opera Lions nil who reflect upon it admit would be the bight of Folly to keep tha Large army now Walii Ngun in a posit to of inactivity until Ftping but by inv Ndini those states from which a Inge portion of to rebel Arney at and hits be. Drawn would result in a return of a portion of y to protect their of Homes. This would w weaken tic forces in Buregard and Johnson in Virginina Tocoi Pel to hts position fall Back ujan Teiichi Iionia the War being transferred to Liliu Stith la would not prevent vigorous Ami Bri giant Campaign. The tread of the Union cd hurts ii ran to to Loop tic wind waiters the autumn hosts and to Orange Groves would be Voca with tie Happy voices of Freedom s Truin plan warriors and their Savannas would Eslio i Itai idols of a Rico pics returning lure Tor Ali government they assailed. W Beliera the entire it Fml Tjun of Statch Are disloyal and if the Oovi Reimch Viriee enter their territory my Nosy their cities and sul Wist Ili upon to Weir him forcing them to endure the burdens am horrors of War it will r0 very far toward crippling the relic lion. Inter fur materially who their manner of conducting a Osulli Init acid i there ban Union Trenti Nickit the we pc it would speedily in Iii when Trio Mani Mij it Fiji would Nittlo in the Mulhern Hrezo and a l Titan lard through Lieut the entire territory Tow Liikal Aen Limont soon Predo Miliate and Trio fell a peril of properly and powerfully Nam enl would it scrawny before Tatj feeling Boxen Sci cd by returning love for the Tuioi untry.-, policy of the give Arment u As a Nupp Oxe to Hie Juru to til world for the Chi Metil Olcott ii Oglw Jmc Uliar to Llinat climate it a Iii be a blow filial to a of South info Gorncy and certainly lend to a to most Rullon of the government Ami l rat unit of we to hear that new or Vaith have Lioen invented Cantu Etcil. Theft will cheer th6 smarts of Trio lovers Nair vol Tiniou of our National Koytt Walkk. Ihm. Nov. 19.1601. J. C. It Fujii Chi Iii. Torah of Fory Oiivia Iii Utor and a Lan your in Allen Donnly if direct. Ine in their in Lulu to you did Chi mint of Man Tot Inonu so of esteem than airy More mild coup to cannot deny the Riuo Duco wit i a Liili c with you and yet we Lancer try or Vitice t the More exact Lutil it ii of Tischl Tiru thai before you. In Trio sacred Wirra hich you Are a Bikul to you will ivc m rare privilege of Nerving at to tacit your owl out country and your Man. Frel sur i you will full fully Iii Thart every do your Echo Rillona and a Nyplu will Roani Niatia with new and air the Patriot nol Dir it heart a he us Rinkoi in Funso of that which if Trio last mini tiling Hope of Lily try on Martli Mil if to u dying Couch you should in called to Lund in of your Tinl none could lint with More Hall to Tho just re nil which awaits thu patriotic Donil. And when Chw Liall Lave Beon crushed mid i Dividu Iiene i Mihir and fondly to for your Safu return to renew eth lose Friendly Rul Aliona we new hover. Wilh Hish consideration . T am. Rry truly yours arc. I. Eat Plet go Rusi Tenca to All it Cral liar Ine of the War o d stat the part of the United appoint it Tobl Mckee Trio. A. Humphrey Marshall Leo. A Kwing if. , Leo. B. La Bilge William Qai. A. Johnson la Linton Duncan und 1. Curry out lilo Resolution a. In Tuth Lias written to Tho he prophesies the Kupor Oral Abdi Catloth 1 Wank a Tyr. Left or containing a Lino Hunt of Nouy contribute d by Yum to other much was duly re ived. The kindneh.1 of my Numero us friends thu cily and Vicinity in providing in Ain Plo d comfortable outfit for my position to the Nuy can never to forgotten by to while Ria n her stay and memory recalls the we ii a from and Froid its of. Aitu associations 1 Simu b Annii Stanlly reminded by then out Arti Cle composing Tny of Llu friends 1 in Lionil to. A Lunon Tom March i Khali Imp reminded Liy to my Comfort and conveyance that i am indebted to my Good friends at Home. When in my Camp the evidences of their kindness will Merit thu on every to tide. And when i have of. Feral up my evening devotions and Havu sent my blowing to my family and friends at Home by Way of the throne of a leaven. I Trull bore Liti ded as1 gather aleut me my Parel Aid Camp bed. And Lay to Down to Nat that my kind friends at Homo Wero mindful of my want and Madu ample provision to Supply them. Dear and is Hula Small thing i know and easily uttered to Kay i to link you yet it u All that can do and you will allow inc tha pleasure or realizing my heart a miso of gratitude that Aro too Feuola to should heaven ice it to to return to you again and mingle in your no City i Trust i shall itt no worthy of Yourous of and than Ilion we a parted. And should to Purine thud to meet no More on Earth 1 shall Clie Ruh tie Liopo that we May meet in Ilo Avn an 1 share its eternal grandeur and deathless to attitude. As heretofore 1 shall to Send up my petition to Tho thrum of god. For Ilia mings upon you All. Meanwhile allow me solicit an abiding interest in your Pray cd for Niy Kolf and fur Trio Sohlo of Keni and sol a Rel connected with our Vount for the toils of lion and Tho rewards and triumphs of eternity o. 0. Bkrk3, Chap. 41ui Reg. 1, a m. Tho american Baptist in sew York Fremont ident in 18gl11 Indian Arous ind., nov. 180l facilitate Tho trans Mion o funds by on troops in the Field to their Fari lies in a in addition to the both Kovcin mint by allotment has Ulm cited an arrangement with the Prancl Bank in this City by Ali Isle funds May be con a cycad from to tin through a certain Safe and chant cd. Ainu without coat to the Soldier appointed by us state whose duty it will be to visit ouch regiment in and to receive trim Cal he desires Lotron smut a Bekof Blank will in desics to Sci id the amount at the with the agent f this state the no tint he desires to Send. The agent will prepare Triplicate of attic attn Titial received we inv Rucci i cd and to whom to in paid. Otto copy to be retained by the one copy to be left with the colonel of the regiment and the third envy for the its of the Hank. To Bithoney dec win a at the Sank by tie agent the Cathie a will Condo note Ench drawn by tin Yulun Teer. The draft will lie Whitby Thea genl to and on endorse Rise it by tent a Tino will to paid Kutany of the Sninch is in the of regiments re to have tilts re Ltd to their and All office Raj to will lib in so in incl tic did by our troops in the govern roof Indiana. F a pcs the slate will con nth a favor on the soldiers to copying Tho above. Tohn Law in a card in the Evang All Tho Vii split Iii stir by he Sicri tiry direction of the. 1 Rizii Lentif the i rim states. The , mfr after Thi stated. Thua we have he Zenuk Kania Ohio North Carolina and Vir the Are Ninie after the i tin i jul a Tver As for ii glance tin Waltash the and Itman demo Atid St. A Luowik of after our principal Huu the Only instr mentality i had Iii Christ in the in Kwh Wii in Mai Dmato it in Quidore the continue re of the Chaimo and lev it. In Iho Constitution frigate. War with great Britain in 1818, at the Thiim the Vaynsh we launched at i Liuzhen Wing commander of the Navy Yard there a Kittle us water taken ,.river, which when Lier ii sum was was broken is the a nil custom on the tic Gat film saw in tend lbs i to Geiger in Maul plan was use Orttel on the occasion of he Brand review at m Inson pitl y a of cavalry two Miles Long. This was an scene and Ono owl Icli Tho soon make not Lar Call Lur two Hundred thaw Sand additional troops. Nay to him in Diana will Furth Hor int in of Jit Kister Smies fail to respond promptly Khe will furnish b few Amiti Otnel regiments to Aid Iti Ein. ire Konoir How Many men ail lick csatary and if her portion does not of of Tho grand Union Nanny to Lyra Hinming. The blood of her sons is up and they will Light for the maintenance of the Gorch Tofelt they love they will now at least Worth they Wili not Fuller in the contest or Sintil the rebellion is crushed and the Fiu Prem Acy of the Laws acknowledged in Tel portions of Pencial Ila Nuy is. To an m Taij rant command in the Southern Jex Pedi fact to take pleasure in Annn unc no to our readers. This Veteran has too Long Wen inactive his valuable services Are needed. We do not believe that the array hot cont nine a More Gallant and accomplished commander or one More devoted to the government. Ira lib that the placed at his disposal lie is one of the "0v stamp that moves expedition he finds to do. He docs it tear him .More., Tolian any other Cotuit Naider. Give him but and Victory will Perch upon his the steamship United kingdom Hui in Rived with european dates to Tho 9th inst she brings to of the to to Tilc Fem Afla Ira. Bill Haa Bacn passed1 the of Tennessee Obj Crowto scan All priv Alt arms and to men into Tsante service. T maj. Kochu Field and of pal Tibuc a who fam in Ufi Ssotiris hive been Matij f can Sorrick vol nov. 2ijtli its Meyer ant o Zuur g r the cavalry Gau Tjian. Fart in hot been r the scr acc Ami is Drair cil to it smrt Era no Iho earliest pos Siulc moment for dimly lie Lutrick and arc and t Lia already partly Organ bad. Yon will draw Oak a Camp r thu company Nind Siili stench from the c lilo 4 1th . Hasten up the Olga Niolion and. F Iho attn Joiny Horn without delay Youm lax Wohlk adj t Gen. C Are glad to know hint this company has Mand of first to talmud Tho Niaj Jackson , and if Olmus the third. Great excitement prevail in East tonnes to and sm-ral1 skirmishes arc Izill Cofler is still Cuini Erlind Gap with sever no troika my Rafn the former in a volunteers and the latter r Sli. To Jet Mson bail a clip Tarcil 22 wagons and oxen of tic train recently seized by Ali at i summary of ii. The Brand Cost military viev witnessed bit thin continent took Plaeve near Washington of Rise of the Poto wag escort Iho fluid by a cat Fly two unites in length and new Civco uie Saulic of Twenty Bat Iwen accepted and As they Wil e Here Short nil wishing logo Nusl Enllie Ini Uidl Lely. Trusvill be tie lost Chance Limicy Wil live of getting in the cavalry. and Kun Lorae. The arc tit Keiit to Nihles in Ere tinder tin direct Idun of German obit Muho grooming of lint while Charger will Rath a rpm the Tho night Defuro tint owes euro expected to in Ridden they were ivc Rcd entirely Over of which was the principal component part in i he animal was own Alicd in body a Johes and Eft to under cd in Mew. N the Moru he composition had become hard was Teeth pm cd and cleaned and the com re hopi sing i re Pray the Whatu general May feel justly mud. Tho Well Nihil ill in Ami curried and brushed which review of Fil to wis wan Sycz Taco process gave to the Glide by flu Tat n Nix it in in Hist Layson a appearance. Thi heft were then it Lilit was once icon of , army ofll1 it Puli c Aid it enu Tigli to beget Coll ence in Trio govern Thant to Over Lirow and nil Ute the enemy. There will be no re Tori had War cry of Adrance Tho Cotin Tarui i Sastri of armed love Forwand will maund Ihler foot to Flea a stricken Deer from the hot ind of the Niin a the country Wilt a Tho on j e prove i by were old out for such the grooming in ancient men of of Iron the 44t id. Vol. H.11 Cronawalt Lynul col i tap ail ulant ii we in runic tax of an fill fancy o 10 ked fral army Tho Init Mae. They a prove an j it no the country will la etl Ere Many Days by an Echlov Cinet Iti Kiich As he twin eleventh Century Tiaa not jowl. Thero u in hid hearts of wih of and Luen a determination to thu Inch or e. Tow Uli iry Ofsha Iho n y of Lite that move mint if Nadio that ecu. My Cutlan la to Csc Runcy. To Luve conf Seiko in bin ill and tha formidable he do Mutl Mako the army under Hui coins am if Maii Tthum Falu lha Rel Wurf will Taitl Ite Loru sixty they will i fair upon which will Lead to of nil Dill Eulliea based upon the in at Mam Ami the re of a iut Heni Cracy Jvn Tom Pink Lucas a in Irani in certain Juar Tarj Flicits much in. Re. In cup Cotta retitle men it in All right Ilc Sam to a powerful old follow Baa a win. . Gap Wesley k n. Campion 1st , c. Aldrict 1st Lieut t. To. 11. Wilson 2d log reaching Over land and Flea and Hoodie ii Gwal and soul u in thu urn As upon Tom livid and the nyx will play it there Hough Ilii hould Nuku me other Power Huffy. A urge Mii tiber of Iho Cit Imit s. Mid Georgia some of them by ladies came within View of tin port Itoyo oru to Nee Tho kinking Ofilio United hips. Sex. Wonder if they did t return Homo with a Zleit in their t. W. a its railway for the us week of november in pare with of the correspond tit to year As follows Jis n Iff 47. We Are main Linig Shroad Eiichii Ali edit com Jurk Nuil Harri Leil Ohi i of produce nut huh u. Uro Iii a fill ii Rex with Iii Tom Junt intr it will in in Tom following Hulen Priit of uie Raj Korli i m in Vork Fai tic Iff i on Tia Iii ill Indio. Twit. Pure of Cut i red to limes Wlms a lips were i us a Lulf of till Bultro is Orda Itte Mill Luri tour Ilow nine i Iii a. Cut him iwo Mihi taken in Uon Crl u i thu Eatol by the apprehension of Femini Ecie importation will not Agni jul in Deni tid for our pro Kii rope. R i. 0 o. F. Ilia in tie s a hot Wifton of a Neil h hit if Ali i e Tom Otic tort elected at the u Torin elective Orricer. R. W. G w. H. Dixon. . U pro Slauta it. W. G. Dent Orect new Alhani it. W. K in Larrr it. W. C. To t. I Laue hey . . Ormid Wallucy k. Clair Chian Ulm ii. A. Fletcher Intili Ntapolis. Khz. W. 0. To , Moore d Hill. . Hupton. W. 11 . Do pub g. . A. Milns. Owe Mville. Eur ctn by the ii ii which elected in Nevi Ait tue Shiy evening i. K. G. A j. A. To Amiin . K. R it. A. Jetor. It Krille r. W g. I. , North to w. G k. N Hwy . A w. A t. To dip hey Inmam Pill g u a lie. W. It. W. G. J. T. W Illume Lud tint following ind j Yvo m or. Itch Riel 0. A it non chaplain 0. W. Mcc Mel q. M curvy. Sini l l. A Syllm h4rkcsnt major j. A. Luna Max Paul he cart Wagon master. Time Tonty a. Ca. F. Clinic. K. Kim icy Capto. W. A Mill Rajil. K. 0. It we. Lut Lieut. Colgrove it Urce t. C. Kim Mont cd Fri. A. I. To. Murry Udel. Ii. 0. Williams Vijil ill. Itar Tor 1st 1 it. C. L. 1c. Tan chill vivid jury. O., i. win Story. Irful m. Dancer. It. I. Brut no. j. Newman l o. 0. H. Way tic. 1st la ,1 c. Uni a Brut. Three thousand re Blu j in a Omac Munty va., sum the Advent of in it cup oltion. 1 our Stepun attn arc Mur Coaling Al a their Dmit Naium ainu port Toyal. I us who Hia Betti by o Rollou Ever Cinco Toto breaking out of Ihbe Lullion ant whole Caw la newspaper re Mark Haa Exchange no r a Rabel Oiler and lit now at Pott Monroe. Wan Fanti tend i us Miffy n u 3. Uaral Ial Aribu dial Rich of Culum iia that Lio it lit Tako Cummard of Ginia brigade bilt Tho i Reid and Eafum Torh i for Tho proc a jul Ca. It. H to Church breaking us Al length he k Mary in to a dash Cli urch members related by John it. A Man had m. Moved Fiou Church each As Al in the i ready Dorian Church where to won Inak ing thu preacher in Evia Eul Dutiful Snail to Otien Fligh elders tto to Wlllie "0." re Pliml lib Ildur i have Lieen praying to the i or to Send him to uni Thor what do mean what 1 Hoim. In will get to he. Would do Good Thuru lie would Nyji Titi in six weeki1 a j vices from Purl Royal Are to the itch is. Item Ufort had Iwen Fonyi gently by in to nope but not occupied thu place in do Birtcil military works were iting rapidly erected. A hug of truce had proceeded several Miles into the country and an inter View was had with Juliel Oili cers. The Fleet ii a incl at port 15m-. News is expected from fort 1 Ickens that a of the rebel batteries has been Gen. Dix won a peaceable Victory in comae and Northampton counties a thu item Laid Down their Arm i and the u. S. 15 now floats in every town. A number of rebel prisoners have been Row Washington to kor truss Monroe to be changed for unionists in the hands of the ene there arc now a uni Liber of Olli cers in so Losiff in readiness for sir vice in gunboats on Tho thu urn Tonyah selected to carry urn Flag of yesterday Gen. A Linlor retired Anim the command of thu Dupart Munt of thu Missouri and gun. Lenl Lack assumed tin position. It is stated that Iio volunteers will to received after the authorized by Congress Aro raised except in Ihu regular Etc Rico. Trio Ltaif million will proudly w made up ii for Iho meeting of Cong new. The Memphis Appeal slates that the Rebd loss at Tilmont was g25 kill a wound etl and missing. To. W re mired that gun. Banks command will noon on ered to Sci ivc duty Tho Roll in a. Tvo Lioon in Grothm i on run teries. The troops paused in review at Quick inc and Occil Jwied five Houre inhodbinj.1 All the foreign be a Lions except Tea Uritis. I on Lyons is said to Hyvo Aipia Nied unofficially a in inning tone in the it Xoa so Del to nor and to have i Clarid that ample reparation Mist be Mattl for the Flenoe to great Ijiri Nih to a la Ces from tort Koyal Botalo that a per Tina of Tow Fleet with Guk arc a oat in open another port Anil vent Ian Railroad hag not b on Lierman a Holla paper Hiattt Liliu Prico i pro baby to 1 1 in rvportc.1 thai of cavalry Batto Al sir moxie and that rebel fora since parties arc pent rating every of 1 Loyd How gone to Wantt it Cliville. When it thought to will . Den. Tomti Craft will make a Forward Ninvi punt As Loon tha can bed. I a having Roca add in Cluro thai Adf Thompsn Lud stopped ugh ctn mar ,1 at 1 Piru d an an expedition Stu mint to intercept u did not Mcleod in its object he having the Oil scors of the Umi Hava icon amatos m illusion with tha u u looking by another Htu Tuor have no on Board Annamerl now gun Leauv which Bat arrived away at Wirg. A. L in it that Khz Sitwal went up Riv arts bpm by two Boll Urett. Titia Roll icel by throwing All Rou Toji Tiv n Lull l inc 4 to i Havluj Capi Rcd a Large att Junt up Cimarra. Tow re Blu who in Lead Union Supply mid on Mii Muy l Lam wit Hill. We paean Inrod on near by i Tjw go d cavalry. About 150 Iru court wan taken. No More cavalry regi Tonu will a letter from i Alteras Inlet under o Iho Isth inf Tel n jilt that a Coria cation too of Prii Pinr it Gate from count Iea of North Caro Hua had repudiated recession Reaf firmed Devotion to the formed a Provitt Lonal of scrod a special elec Tion for members of con of Cha. Moblo n. Taylor was named provisional govern or 1 Ricu is reported in Harry county miking to Nova no on Springfield. Tho Sanil cavalry under Harris Aro on their Way to invade a mans. Line Baa throw infantry to resist them. Jackwon ii legislature Havo Passco an Odin Rioe of Sec i in. I -1 i fifteen Hundred ton county have Laid Down their a re ind Tho Union Are ii ohm Viiu Nion of that and a balloon ascension Tho cd tha t he rebels Intro til font Crille in about their usual it is a lived Liat portion of Tho Liel forces on thu Tot Uniac Havo been withdrawn within a few Dayn. There Cru now in Liliu Field and preparing Union volunteers. 1 Ort Khynl Dales arc to to Helsch inst there s no news of Jinp Ortance a lairs remaining in Titan Yin. Ii is said that Tho soldiers and Tho is cried slaves will be set at work picking Tao Cotton Tho report Towt Lyons had Ive remarks on the Paxqn and Slidell Caw la contradicted there arrived at Cairo yesterday fire imn seamen from Washington on he gunboats. Tho steam thin Lias or Rived rope an to the Lola Irot rec. F the great Oxstern olved to to a nip act the or Iliili jew ration of tic me aleut ready to depart. A Striho i Lent among the Cotton sinners. Oar Iraldi announces Ulm to will provoke no love Nunt in giver of Home or Veix Hin. It is pm Joseil to Odd to Delaware that Ion of Virginia in Wuen Tho civic Samiko Hay Ondr duh Are Stiver and to a Ruud to was Toni counties of Virginia Spain engr talks Tho design of imposing a King upon Mexico. Whether England by Franco Hare Agil to thin itt not known. Important information having been conveyed o the of Fugit Lre ordered amt such. Ponow shall riot hereafter be allowed to tha Uiva of my Camp or of any on us Larett a York we Imit threw in logo for oink Ivi Tumay in inner. A now Kiil Tont Fri Iago Over thai valium and the chief River b to by c

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