Dawsons Weekly Times And Union in Fort-Wayne, Indiana
13 Nov 1861

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Dawsons Weekly Times And Union in Fort-Wayne, Indiana
13 Nov 1861

Read an issue on 13 Nov 1861 in Fort-Wayne, Indiana and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Dawsons Weekly Times And Union.

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Dawsons Weekly Times and Union (Newspaper) - November 13, 1861, Fort Wayne, IndianaWayne wednesday morning isl number 12. Weekly limes ii ill jul in ic4uirc3 heavier instal larger Sci Ului Cilibiu Quioro i Illary knowledge Utan her jews Sesser greater Jyo Cri of for Llic times. Witti Erkd Scott. T is War worn Veteran has relic to 1 rom the a Jinja jul a thu Federal army. In was in the said Tom contract is ii reason that to Law Rogul Iti Tui Oft lie Only can urn Ltd Conan its of ibis Indiana loss Cor Rcd by insurance. James Ives jr., he resigned inc Chat clerk ship of the War and a Wjt i allowing in a list of Llie itch Imchit now in tic Aklil and in course of of Nikitin in it inn silting by tie Lias Learned licit Iho word Economy Eitts in the Langue go us Well its to conduct Toto tin Litney in the Soulli West Wittink in Gen. Hunter inc successor that most if Nowall tip Seizu Iarj Ubu und but we Buist be permitted to remark Tomt we Wurum have Btl a better if Gen. A Nancy had been ii but Ali Unish Gen. Llu tiler an Able officer it should by Rente my Rcd Liml to is left As la wort Llic Huir Loli very Bud slate of Tilli tirs Cali evil by. Gun. Fremont Ami the o the Union to mild not up al Loo much nor condemn if these mistakes Force him to mud. Some ukr Niilow rest of the old Titi Sitiar a lid tile Lake lets Plocki breast Liilo Tii Liin my Hiattt fond meth by sunlit into to Llie weaves of the past in wow us , i Licor Hie mnsii7. A3 Llic wind s Loir Gigli and Llic Iii a arc blurring by like Lor o or Whort Dpi Truro of deeply grief is who Tim mar i Assad sit Rayns Witlip Rcd Ica Voa like themire Minim Ever Fotiu us Bitis a but with us Llie whole country will express profound regret thai so girl int and accomplished a command r nil devoted Patriot s if wild from Uio Sci Ejbl of cars and thu Kiili Smilic s of nge lure Tiro from Trio alive duties of and the Nalion to deprived of his services. This a Ull Cir a Alert a the not by Tatt Early and from Liliu Liui Iwic Kwh Tiki of i Light a Tillury meritorious services arose in step by keep to the chief command. At lilo age of four score years to was called to meet Llic powerful n Bellion a Liili Iha stuns to defy to in of Limo Fod Cral to subdue. In this untiring Chi Ray and prompt my Sims a air naut of Tiik fourth Ictor. Finl is inc House rent first in the palatial Minsio Iliof mrs. Jul. Cousin to mrs. Jesse fix Tii ont re timid to Gen Cronl i Vii int for of Munjar Gen Cral his find chief of a Tell ii tie rate of Ai Jiunn. Other in Littina Iii ii uns in the neigh i Rhood Aro rented it Sim 1 in Rales and occupied by officers and mein . La go and Bircks have been a till in thu him Teminie Vicinity As quarters for i be o the t Titi int Lio by Guan Coo in Jii. The Barracks will a conic Iodate y Coo men. Tie Cost of there bar Nicks and Menton i Iii it i men will at Wiit double to Creel iia wisely similar in the roofing us Alicw Illitch is upward of of Kwh sup Iii Cial feet the sixth Consal at disc. Part a Iolli Ibert Bow town news to Tho in c l Woi Ilii remove Gunj Fremont from the command or the Western Tichtl the1 Jiron Welty of that Somr feeling among i Host claimed to lie tile sni Cial friends of Lilit More especially Atno ng7 certain members of the press. There have also been to Misc Gnevo chugs Alic cling his Tiu Grilj its n Uusi Hoai nil Liis As a Coni Man Diing of intr but lie and Idiong others some wild lie lit High places in to Garc wore Llie charges against him that Secretary Cameron Cincinnati Kinji Iii to publishes the following which it says is in abstract of the i i i ecu but ainu by Liliu congressional inc Iii a tiny Corinti Villuc Wii Icli dosed its labors in St. Louts Tost week in giving in abstract of the Tusti Rizony. Which is to voluminous we propose oily to give i part bearing on inc Dill a Cal beads of fraud is knit wiil a up in the Sci hit. The entire testimony hns been sent to Washington to by Laid Liu Foru at its session. The by Nopris to publish is a fearful abstract of the evidence before Lite Conini Illee Many the minor Dulnik Hare Ljuca omitted the first act of fraud Wab the Iff mrs. Isri Gasser general and Vicc guard on u Bush. K. H. Kentucky. A tenth Colon i Chat al Muir Nunin William f. Bonlon co Onel. Glasgow to ninth Robert a. Milroy colonel. Client Mountain a. Tenth Matilon Manson colonel. In Alstown. By. A Leventi of Corgi k Slig Toms colonel i Lulu Coli. Tkv. T ii. Link colonel Dart Slowin my. Thor Leedith Turc Tintah Sullivan colonel client , i Ouri Bentli Pattian cheat Mountain lib. The rebels nor slowly to Trail Spring Ziehl. Men Bloch in Advance and at last advices were thought to be very near. A Battle we Iro Bablo at any hour. All the Federal troops had reached Springfield on except Gen. Stun scr i division. A n a Rort was made to induce Fremont to remain with his late command in a subordinate capacity but lie would not consent to do so and led or St monday. A re ports tie rebel army stationed Between knit fax and Centre till. Strong with 200 a Ninon. The rebel pickets Ilia for Cal in person to has been and us of a. Complete sett of discovered much fraud. The Ali go. Wagner trillium it mile and a half of Vienna and Kourilo Aslain the facts in the matter. Ilu was foil Owci by adjutant general Tito Lali Doti Miccu Nomis sales that it is Reed chg letters urging England to break the blockade of our Southern to cedi eternity not like those in munitions of War provided by int army fell Etive if invincible. His col line pattern which ser vice costs sol , Gnu the finest Chi r hindi in the tool the Llinat Llic roof he three ply in. Tut on Wilh my Ait a Koawl in hot in a. and durable time nor. The cheat Mountain a. Six Bentli Ilc attrib a Lla Klc Lunn Washington a Troon arc being Trovin to the Vicinity of Liesburg. In a conference of antagonistic to h o also proceeded to the of must in and 1it" us Golden his strength resulted in no a a Etc agricultural fair held in have evident c tint Llic Milos. Near sunday a rebel sol after a full Nul in ruined because the to sva lore Devi Lopi Cicitt of Hose thu s or vice was pc Kunick by pan architect. A. 1 of Gilcin inc lived a draft cheat Morula a said Llinat Many i of Jolit Islon s Reg menu made a report i Vicli was decidedly unfavourable to Dan Fremont. This was Jim at Sivu suites Itric Fotou enough Lugo lower. Let us recognize the Saul Kern uni Ficik Jicy it Misc. And insist upon Llie a Orch raising it would the Willie red . I ctn old offs his vigorous could not resist their mixer fail and interested in Tan Truls whom were Sajur m. Union h. L. On general Mckinstry from Clapp it go. He would obtain the con act for Rhein at Iligir hid. Thich was 50 Thos. , Jet Lernon City to. Nineteen in leg Zinent Solomon Iteen withdrawn to Kich Inonu and Ollices were to follow. Instance of to resident who desired to know and. No the Inot. Luvy Ingn to Nigel to Ihu fast to lice Ino Gitlis he Lias mid of Yiirs. Gin. L a Eccl a or. Washington u. News Imd been received of the naval sex lie s before to look Linal action and to duly in the shall it be Abb to leave his Couch but a Small Iten Cral of Moalli Ulalh Zgavc of Len a am. L. Brown al Washington tip in it late hour but upon Loose the tales ill Mcd unwise illegal and in. Constitutional proclamation of Gen. F. Wise the run on Wilt in indents in the lire it acc we Mutt remind a lick thai Tiu recount Liti ii Niv doubling wring heart there not Sotito Haj pier Region where no foul al Jur Iii crunch Slit 1 he continued to disc targe his onerous duties. While i into bed no deter Tincu tour Chounl by of maj Gen. J. J. A Iii int and quartermaster general controlled thu horse and Annle cd Norn ctr building of Barracks and All and Mckinstry or for Iii services i gelt no him the contract fur tier Jinn Are to each of Lew Llic contract was awarded to Alinn foil a Latheras x. C. Two nov Llanil James in colonel will Hill Minoie my t Wen by second Jefe own c. There Are troop at Annapolis lob sent South As soon 34 the return. Promptly to distal by the resident and in. By his constr a to nil and time Given Oen. K. To make All Tho necessary if any would be made in the i own Rosiu the world would nut Inu blockade one Iota. Thu right i Lockado to nil nol Only to Stales who Call their ,111 Iron its rebels heart tic to can Neri Lee Hev ured 1 Frimd no i Iborti Kawa m. A. 13. A. Western Home nov. 4, Bulluc Nett of to bid Intili Alico to to e rav Ives of disease Imd thought Liis physical energies were touch impaired yet his in Jubal Catitti nned. Siml in not until his to that tic con tracts Iti the quartermaster s department Are numerous and have been cd Nily proven and extern through nil branches of his control 00. But we Cher any was Gici does not appear. The Summit Len hid Llinat Thompson sold the contract or nil nil Vicc of and thai the july doing the work on colonel jul Eikon Civ to. colonel l Ndu Cah by. Twenty fourth Alvin t. Ily i a Solo Del Jesperson City Mulligan al us Louis making out an official of the loss of Lexington. He will soon come to Chicago. Ution or justification of his nth lint he prudent Elm chef the Dii Ilion would it Lim Josl would be speedy in relation to the Purchase of horses cold tar. In a few a licit there were Twenty fifth in Tow c. From Price s comp the Ftp the rebel Force tempted nothing while .11 the Linn general win Oclon was impairing Lublic in him retarding Iho Progress of the army ind act of instil la inc North la in ctr Tun both to Allie to slim be hitter on tit kit due or re Annas or Bitici Erk Hie Stalis. Tow Irli Ile no to tie Tje la could feel it to be Liis duty to surrender Liis Trust. With n finite lint the most honoured j Tel of Llic testimony is the old to Cutey they plys. Fact Weie obtained by culling into Ihu roof at various i mils. It is also in testimony that there were bids it 5" for this in inc m. Wheal Arr colonel Jellerson City to. Two Cit Iii Silas Cal Grove Only about Hal Firlit Hai been reported. Fremont and 1 City Trio same person bad in an agreement Lodi Tbod Missouri Ami Iho enemy Liliu co Uriyu of it no inuit Nii it ii Stu Del Jitt to the ii Tullie of ancient or modern a parly con Ralsto run Isle frn Iid was in Iho Contr acting. Irregular corps in miss Hurt on both Ledeit. Where a lavish and expenditure of the Iii hic treasure Irit Hanl corresponding Benefit resulted i notoriously to the North is undo Witik Illy thu thu nth Llie South May us Jot. In Trio Sci Alful my in any Case the Rel ulivo and of thu Timve not yet waa to Eracli a Marvit Mil Tio f Woid a or Irani d Loik hit sympathy Klit l nun Liu tvs Sconio of ill Tui lion , Ami Mill to Weir al Uller retires from Liliu Servici uhis Cun try the front rank of military of l in would. Inti Vlaj devoted Mure Linn Tor five at 51 Bend Lottie government through tie Titi arts remster. Tie con tractor it Agusu who in by proved by the a nor Tiisler has of tin iced where Pijie for the of picked at cents each when Eliom to Hood a Black Mich will Mcneily bid Lor Hil in thu it cents per pin it number to in made Bijj huh cavalry Cound Laker Iii stun to. Twenty ninth John k. Milter colonel pvt Nash. It. H. Is snid that Liu it. Kurtz who we d on parole from itch Nond for the pure Cleof Nile adoring to to Eccl an Exchange of pro two nov act Iii al Dupar Lincul Ami still Gen. And no any Cliftn to i la ii Sluti the of i Nti iry to the of Arnish with lion j c Liitt actor s Timex arc to be ins Keil limn. Pins. Also to Kos and Ollick in nip Sion i. Class Liki in to such Cal in Mission. To Noil was continued in Llie 1 a Sci Dent the time that Well ill re Tod blow hint he Oen. Foj would retrieve Liin self pro no cause for a Blumli or the Issue. The of the South is nut Yel it is Fly Iii certain what Lair it Ever will in our a aders of Mim Aro Exvell Niciu atutes wit i our and until it hex Himi ily link d Ettli Niani a shh Rcv Mia file late Feizi turn Liliu , u it he act ii d Hisiu Tiitu in it u Civ in full my. Luis Lasc to genre. Vici itchy to prot ill his its in Huil to Lite milion ii it ill trily Rel inert to ski Enid the of is Days in by the cares Yimm a iving horses to sell to the nov nun tit. Entrance fee to the held Weru Bis Cru and the Jiayin vol i f anti tier fee they Aro rcom Iii Minlu f to Llie Coitt Aluf who at ij5 cents when there were bids at Lio Naiu nuts so Hikcs Etc., it similar Rales. Saddles that were rejected by the Juar Zermati or were purchased by Lix at Low la Turco and sold to Mckinsly at Ivy. Thirty unit Charles Crift Oil once by. Thirlo so cond guru Titio Augustus colonel is Nadu it. It. Democrats a Csc carried Peoria. And Alle counties in this state Grundy county s about equally divided. In Wisconsin Harvy Republican has Iwon elected governor by Lollio i Rosie Lenl for having place a him me n n Siml tit stir Kyrc old at the very lowest figure which of Sui ulry tit Iwata John Cottrn i turn Tilicks county gifts malted station. I it after All slim Oen. F. Has proved to Lyle command and lil nce us it Wii to non Lily Pri inn Inre in cent and v Holly it Vitrine of with our Tun Kirin nud disc ended Etc Nijiu Illi. o or a Liujie Linn it Tarry lie Lioi Little Hill Jilji a dui ii d Liv As iils Sclitt i Tichtl in regretted i to Raki ii i nits Foci that the thu Enkiri evidence never exceeded an i per the Contr Acler on a Taiti Inga cd Llie i Ilc Mats of several steamers it double their and in late Llic chartering of Mindy Boals Wilon a to the Keokuk Uick by. Titi to blurt i Banbury , maj the 1c. V. Tribune Ruitu unit Lam tick at bos carried that wrong Imd Iti Mili to the Kedral in la Llull dry jul if Obi Foh Tiue Iny in ibo Ore Ollie inferior it nil and Havo Rulien Down or fell slut no on Lam Road. Around Llie Ili Puu where Lioi pcs were kept Ihu i Pur cd Nickil in and unix i issus Tivo tickets and pay ing Emit Hiyeda in current an Oil Union Hank and Hank of i ff5 cents instead of Lovern Miil funds Elc. Clc., Are fully in Chi. Oncu the hut All on it nil f. Scribner colonel u to Nash. 11. It., by. Lii Rev ninth trios to. Lent Risovi colonel. Xiii ton Nonh Vilc u. U., by. Fortieth win. Kuto ticket 1m Tonij. to a ctn the Wanlo Union ticket by from to maj. On. Wool u reported to have tendered he in Tho West. Of Courso cannot al this distance know it Lul i i Kinry Law ill Tirail to my in Iii in a they just in n i Jolil to Ilu so. By i cry ii tid n they Liuva Khiuit Kimii Htit Mil diem or in Atli Ilu Niimi Rafsol to Ollil i la 11 ii lev Maul l 1 to Iii Mil if i Tui of nud by Ihei act Mimi of her with Ron Lucatch to Llma out tilt of bran nil by eontrnctor5, wlm received for Cali a . Tilio of tint recent of Lio Iilah of purvey will Tull acc in Wilb those pvn a Lxiv. No frauds were bund in Lio . But the of the John Muleo Rel Pilitt Trio Irani it Tali Riih of lilo other in an it. Civ try John a. Coloiori . Loi to Sec my ite Gimel list. To. Jon Tat Ion. To have intelligence Iron Kentucky Towt Etc incr bus retired howling Green Mote Federal uni Only so Well is those to ii Ulm Liichi. Siml him Thutt to incr Antii lil a cd Racku of Orch Worent Manl Light. Llie Cut if Trina Tirmiz Sivc Ruml Kiciuk son. Klan on gone Hack into ten Catoc. Ill lilo facts be Bro Vliem. To May air in try. Thid us View to Pippr Cirii Rel Tillion Neil to upon the to Brit Aru by Tatj committee it Gamelil Ueo. K. Sub Ironim. It in thought Are now Able Tewo May fancy is Frei Aubry for that end but Tho reality Ive Nani Iol or Rould Rumi Liiv Lipini Blind any it in to tit. Truth Imd Nyht or nit in in bin Uuie he by tin Klinl litter Rhes Olla or. Oiler the c i ave on Flo largely in in Tity u Lotoa Tomii race we Thi in Nannt lox Yjih Rutner to Floc Drin of pit Lucr tool it co. It. Item cuu Onel. Kort Nyno tha Ofhie Sivc. The motels am new batteries at a the reason much of be errs Iulo ii Idle to Liliu my if lilo Lynn Len by. The Bill Nijiu Artie St , k. U heard major Salarar of fifth Scoll Creek and mat him a tile that the 1 Iasi Len Iii. the pliant Iii Sli Iles tid i Viry hat of , Stuive or 1, Hill. Of him a Llma Tuny in resort in mid Liis useful i a sell col. We. A Tutor the having Iki ii ii n Ward of of Clorer to Sii item intr no a Stdio Aizic Lonte Enand 1. C. Of cily. A orly sixt i urn Tuin k. Flt i colonel i in the Blocknia on tuesday flight. To w it to tin to Tom in Eroil of Llie Kover Mienl to try would lie Manly Tonj in very Center this jul the fat Toht of vent thine and inspect., Ihu Coli Idun of company. 1 lieu of a Louse Are living i seventh jus. A. Of not. Lieu pc on. F. To -.1 t Douai and we i client no Lemmul or icel tical Arlaud Llie Reh Lou him j. Of Iho Rihm Hundly character. It in Tom of k1 july in Law free l la Iii . N but we us Iti. Witt ilm , Mil unwilling to buy u but it my to Jet to Jiju fit. I then t icy a Riihl in rms in the Fri inti f Side by a Liuti Lilii if Nix Ratul to Kiti lilo Olluf by truth Elul kill Lief. Nothing ill Limo Vul Tenn Lex Iii tory Thi utile Jimiy Coli Dulkin of thin Dicicc tir Iii l Neil tid restore. 1. May Itier Hent of two Unjiro but Tea Ivlin in no Wal in Jisc la i inn ii last earthly Louie by Impi Hind to cast Liis ily Ilij Uyi a Over by Fin with ipod to Lloid front i. Lonert and Ivi i l mull to your would ice t Cully we lined 111 Lor Levit i dead and lir co Iii Tdiva and Kiriy ill to and Over of to Titi a nil i hit a Lilied Ulm cum in slyly nud two am Oti Juii. 1 re Musil h Muir. Tom comm Llyra Oit Ihl hire continued their tin in for tier. Hul Tioy they Liao until Leitl Evic not Imp Boim to Cairo in sex Tunlin a fire Wilna Joh there. They lurid it Kelli of Onlin ind colonel nut yet appointed Furty ninth Itri Miil Jefferson Vilk col Onel i it Zitilli l. A hotly into la occurred at loll int. Mo., several Huegl Mitita of troops from Cairo Ami Laird a the cuu bum re their cat tip and itt orcs captured two Canon. And took a Largo number of olo do Sartilli us. Llinat lilo Ives Iilene Calm on on. The to tilt Nite it my it up in u Hin h. T i Varr Neil la in thai Llie Coupon with Kiili Tunilo to thai so puny of Jih minx to Villi tip to elide or the and i Uin is Lon Jilli and breadth in Lold n Nippy and Unin a pts to Uniti i nah Ollu a and the of the world unlit a Lenny Iii ses n of a lift i Iai him Ijiro Ami Cincis Itali Una take Vidot Scoof Uny fruit Lily Iii lilo to Tarl tit eur of Thomi a. In Raihl. We. C. Trio one tiny were finally Reid Fonetia Roin Cullim bin and our Forem wore to tire. Tha Union Low u Tali Matzl at i i if wac flt Llie Kov Ormin no sat Elliot a Lull will that la Lair All ilm cml in Llie Ullherr they mint As Wolf Llou Lils or fail Nabu. In Hiil a Ilam May wait to eternal Siml cannot in a ill Milt la if Pual Icil Onn in in in lit a a Liim t in null it Tuum la in it Ali Tiki by i Iii Thuy hit end to . Nity it would Altisi in in in in Tui rut Loii fur our Iii i Lull in Buir its Dioniio Len in i of n life to a non Cluj Omli Nin Iho Joya and Norm 10 any invite lil i to and lilo uranium cd of Llie Lofv Nulton. Tom a Tot if f tit my in. Init nil Otic unbroken . I lie in ice View Hij Lam ii Loiti. Svullnll. and 1 ii Cabinet it till of Hirt ret Tritaik rip. Us truly Evill Liliu Vovk ran it re try their d with Torii and he a Ami Mjor la us ii til. Tho Lott Immitti i Olio have fit Brit us Itin Ricl with mid in Llic in Tiki Vii it and inulin Len in of Liccar bus succeeded to the Forra. Lie Ian Fedl Stltt Nikl hit. Ban hereto. Oru u in t a tied to fatty in which Miu Villo. colonel not yet fifty fourth scr. J. L. Smith colonel Lafazi Ltd. Filly. Ill Ali w to amino Dimi. Apolin of lunch to be five till my red and the at Liqua a col. Doug Lurly of Iho 2 2a Uit iou Efti wounded and taken Irwin or. A Coto Tiol Gnu kill do. Thu x. V. World authority Slutt be Diesl Itta Loii of Tho naval in Vort Tho also know this am Ulio in silent us Cherf i Usu be to Bis Lalli Ami to Ami tile ii entry. He i Ellve of any such an if to four u of Midi wet to valid Natii for v i a sort it Suall it ii ill of View in which to pm Wiir hid l null it. J o Vio Lulu lilo will soon Coin i the Wilb any Iii thu a lil. . Will prove l innit of i Licary tid uni i , Yil kind Ami Sianii in limbo Riili wit i Tiff Nti Loiis Willii roof Llie Cintli a he loved and for a in ii i Noil if Low Lam no Ditorro if Owci sold Ilu. To nud u in Aisha blk . to Mckin. Try liar Inyim Veliu on a Ohio Hod Antidio tics in told plan cd. The Lam rom Tilry arc cacti to Reil in Linin a Tel we it tit Thoy May in Ful a . Much very Iii Chi it Penn Aikin in disc Clion and lie Bux under it Klient colonel to Iki fifty pc Vacti the Ali Chunil Cost no to fifty Tii Prince Lon s. C. adv coi from stay Llinat if Iio news of thak i u a lived , the Onty Doit Artmen we Natie lilt next week and that it la iwo i find out Ilelle mental 10 Llie la in Mitru Union would in tulo winds bin thu i stat a no yesterday i Tel to Xijiu Ivill Pirty was in Hurst . . Ii tune Toto in Kuld a vast Antsy the hosts if , who Burn fir Iho hour when in 1 fifty Ali Flo Sporl Jusso Llinat Law Point Fla tiding Wal icel to tha for the Tom of non of Hood it him Livatt Ito Ronnii Hubli to Pitt it nut c i in Lull Titi 1 it int list ii icy w ill have Lici Lerari than in Camp nil Witt to John tis. Of my Oludu let mrs. 1 and Dimitir ii inv could la by Mcki Mitry the Ihu enemy Olio fun Arlor f Rusl Mitil lie indu Lucy will colonel. Sixt Lelh or. Ali Clairj air Mcaulton has Bacn taken in cd arcs us to or Ciaro for Tho and of brim and All Ulich al of Uva Ikin the Oil Lom lit i ult Dill la in Hun s. A Rifley of Ovir to nil one in Ellaitt i Mcnut in Tull and be St Warl it Ca Tarj unit Kent la All Coj Posod Tolu on Iho Tow ii Lily of Iho slates Ami a real us Ilii a al Bili ill Smirk no Trail la. 1111 mint if Iii in paid in la 3 Iota to just Tai further Taco Ami of Tuio in Tai in. Ulter fur us Iii in of Alt Early which in pro1i.tl.h-, Ami which Tutu in Tonko tha fall Mills Mel ii Lituin infill in or m Wall Iliili ii Ivy no n not Eliut n lilt Mic i Shibi. Otler in Jim dirt tits. I la a Bead of , on Miltne me of Over half n million of Hitik in the Enlil ton it in in Imecs which bin Nate within Tho highest of i Iii s Fatir Teti Ojile to lie lauded by ibis Tea tin and Llie world. Ono Itow Crnish -103 men. com my Wilh Itcy Nook 100 Anillo Hall cry Carolina tha re swirl of Lam mutinous to Levior Arning lie al Springfield on learning of the n Toto u preserve Roux Lam nil Biji Lilly a hew no Rould Lor n Hiil incl Llu i ind re re now Trio Simir i ave i rail n to or pity. Ave lilt in n portion t Icett. Wood s 1 Heinle. It if som Pund of Fatir Nii Ilii ii Nutly Liliu is in Wilid Loui Jonii Iii mid my of 4 very Xii try Cost Sofii tilt. Dior Tillott i. Youit Ulm Hodulin u a Bill Ion or per lot Deli Urcil pct Ixl to Jinn Llic a Cilitia Ufim nation in Tiisik Tiiu d Liliu Cut Nurt to transpire within thirty tins nil he is lost Iso cant. Klaus of artillery Hattory Wilb Fremont. Ito Cape Fry Warkol a artillery of i i Lemout prove to be greatly Tho troop Croin Rood sir it when a and the Oil Kari received Hunter Eor ing la a Laurik of de Signil s imn bul an honest patriotic Devolin i leu ally Vidil Lor Una Wei in Vur Tom i Nili nud Liliu South i Lull in rain try firant is inv Ossry elicit Huinh adv Mij isl trial Frt my from Stockn nud tin Litney capacity to move Fielit Mil 1su Paiit Steriu i artillery hrs cry the or Koltl of Iho Wisconsin election is in coi ulry in Llic of Carlow and Lischalk i of Doty to the ii Fri of nary. We do not wonder Llinat tin removal has i instr hut Auttrri a nud Liv Lia in twi Joanl or our Supply of Rozlun. Ssi Lurly to lit very frn Pii it the t them Vii Otino Siuri Vitlip. Thu Wiragh or bus Iwen Lilii utitus until to Day we have n cold beating rain which or cum a Over Lively ramp la is by Liu Vod Hai l v tint i Utu to tint my Inu Lio on Tho line of ii Tui .1 a tit us 1 no along fittin Amto 10 Warsaw cud i in obtained al la wagons Ihu cd dunce Sho ivs hint Pic Here Wilhoit Lenny owner until alter they have Nen pies cd into carefully inc vast army it itch disposal. We have Tho Cuil Odence in bin ability. He is in the Phi to of and we a Micro hint when al his word the knit army of the co a panics in 1m u arris1 n cavalry it -100 of the Hare in ado Tilry Largo gains and my Ivo carried tha state. In is nol Imp Robilo thai Tho government will noon Mumo inc of a a incr blur Knirr with Kkt vat Stiim trip Tok Tokay la Wilt drop list and tax to Tom militant Antn Cal Nadvan Cerf it will Ira Wilh the Power to Hie Olllie 11 forts. Under maj. La s contest fraught with it or fill War it Parment Lias received As Fremont s successor and to first Ali Waltn to resign itch Uiso Hus i. I. Sit , of u til i n a. Of . The a item tis fort i Nyno it Onu in or ii civil. in Rtin tie Lutot n-tire.1 Ollie re of uni Unity want s of the Lahore Rte were sixty Civi Liml world. If Llic Rulx lion succeeds if the Constitution is shorn of its Power if Wannal tie it lick that Home runs has def Calcis is Xiluo spoken of in command in Kentucky Gen. Lycin Zetman u in is bed Pilj us inc he a ill in a is ii. By w per Day Ulm Ilio Cist of Vrab Forti licit Ion on Lam it Ali of is overthrown Llin indeed id Itic nursing Biol her of civil is reported to have resigned and lilo report is believed it to be in ult a major general. Cot. Milt a county Tudor of Tho Fedol its ulv at uncut dismiss Evi in Mitzi Dihimi for it Iva if ii m a i on Ibe a Lille Lenir Villm rvs t i in Timur if i nil Cit Lillet of mall Ted. Comi Cadi. 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