Dawsons Weekly Times And Union in Fort-Wayne, Indiana
21 May 1862

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Dawsons Weekly Times And Union in Fort-Wayne, Indiana
21 May 1862

Read an issue on 21 May 1862 in Fort-Wayne, Indiana and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Dawsons Weekly Times And Union.

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Dawsons Weekly Times and Union (Newspaper) - May 21, 1862, Fort Wayne, Indiana_ ties and unions Diers Ontjo from Rhey begun it ism 1. I heretofore been Pur to to army in or. Disable from compose the Jane in country sex would col Dusin right Whit Tig prostrated to Camp lakes and in. For he duties of Soldier to discharge him Ngum fit Law win elms pay. Enlisted enlisted for the shot ii ,.wjlh Tuioti fyr Ilio Trinu it then principle of for Lutu. Federal and them Hutney and been compelled of syium in the it in s Allen , poor1 disabled to Lac spirit in Hliwa and Lias so Alt cled l Yvain tray be Wieard in Roe it in that City oud. Indulged when Evi Donci inti Iii Foi u total absence o l Union As is Eniti Kepi in by Thi a Niyor Anil Yili scree Pii Toiv Niev Wii will i in a Civati for the const la required sometime to school the Duel Row to the in lung soldiers Mies we Joel assured trill not. To Hope our information May i incorrect but it coi ims to us through Channel cannot doubt v r to i Len cd to Feu list Lii is subject in claiming the u Cong rest arid of Lilii Iofik Bill been so in a thu Foffi lie ii tic Only we Smyd Titi mini Iii ii via this Tim Hafl by Eillon refine acc to Deli Cunt. To Liis , will occur a to lie sol. Ill Rixis Kjtny to Ilio Mel of i lie cd Lite Cibij Nti ii is " Wii Unow Mill it will b in Iii Liyu Mill re or fan civil Tolu Tho mail Ness of re will to the dreadful of its accomplish proper form Correct idea of existing Iii it Cillo Lowi Jik. Extracts from new or Lewins a Csc Apperti of sucks Sayij Stripe id May too highly a Muritu Side of they a. To any. Rait. I lit go of _ from Cluj now oleum he april 23. The they an litre in Cohs Indence of haying overcome in Lii Nimoh Means of j Ali uphold Thi City tit in . Mercy Boc Nuse we Are a twi Rcw and they haul Down of it acid their own he Primla lion will not attempt to interfere painful As uie May b.-. In buy Havo ight to interfere. Tin in if might wednesday. Morning May 21, 1sg2. Lilo Iii Tor tic ipoly saying Hiil he do Dix a thu annihilation spirit of secession. To a Ruth. And that tip Irit our arms in thu Belt weapons. . Principle of the Tatj e. To win the Thor it Scro from malic Hintor insinuation and do , Wei Cilich in or oui of to or Uultt. grit oxi tided this la jus Hill Fuith that our Ionics were Nui Ubl is in Powers am com i Ciu Ami they Cru Imu Tui t really or edit ill whale a u Thui a i the hint. Hag Ideal Ali imy in enu Lim to slip ii us Jii that int Ait to Iri k i. Iurii Iichi a hint win Ani in Llic Blini. Clip Yirk to wlm Hromiw jute us them ill Trio enjoy Cit Lii it Lial Oculi i Mac . Tho if Clil Cak j it Louiie oils film to writ of this a Llano of Iii in to Lonny Itu Iti util tilt Ratul will Tell lie ilk ii it Louw and Tiv i. Dlly cd Summit thu Cir Hal Liy by tis. In it in a and ii Folly k to palliate Ihu Al inv a thu lit in Ortr i panel their Dignal hey Ilo not in oriere hey Cully Odlini Puri la Alwi to Wrath Wiki Ikirt Tzuni new origin chef fit april 23, whip a o with it Vitiz no act tend no in Iii Irlo ibo Vin inv in Mil Mir i Mujibi Laid had Vii lha Elmo Whitn us Tuny of Iii in minium to i far it it u Mit Ufner at i vhf Imp buy hut the find belief is i thin in Hal Thi to Triton Iii. Li.wnntili-ii., will , an f ibis Divi Idun in july Tir us fron. Kulihin Ull Lawrn Tuuk. Thai no voice mid one Ruhu lion. It was to Bir should by inti of Ducco Val Eulatus in to of eco. The uie Cuil Tinct of the War lad Pirrly spirit. into ii greatly. Have saved in ii Utah Anil Lunt iridis of trillions of Qiuncy lie read sex Nisly slow Iii Ilij 0 is and ii Situm 4 hat the seceded St tej. Live Hundred thou Antl a Loyal no larger Iha ii disloyal population of lie Loyal swes to Iteld Bayo u liquid mind millions of Ilo Llars sul decl to Kotilis Alion i take which would be Tiu . My Atid unjust of act of twin a which Light resist by Uhlie Nienius in our Lottie ordeal of judicial Tri Hen hit Lutito of the Ugric Lunil Yal Stales the slave awol thu disloyal Uiles by of Trade Between thu Cilitti Iii. The Bill in t it jul was thus a Gucal and in great and new measure if in Boca Tuc it la to. A video lion. Would act Toiuo ukr. Anil by head id Olic Yed in this chamber Ogi Ottist this gig tit i . He their lilo i galas i the my Thich were opt Kisco to it. T same general Legal Privi Tiplett which Prepetit of of shooting or Jil it filing of Wilbor fun Lefiad the enemy or hanging of rebels the get eau la Cruz l ruin Liali my Woultz a rest to i Impi Turni of Kucha Law As this. He Dpi it of the Bill Reading mid Emu us it Jug in Ilu riots see Tiona rely line to not w pulling airy Nimeh this lie the ability Imd Wizot and War. Of the Jim Iliili n to make , John Baboon Ai him Slio Rimini nut Rcd Yutts Jshii but would no Fah. Jshii Charles in Hlobil a John Charles Fremont my j6 first w Cut you West to could do John Yogi were com Fiat Wlinich our i us a Vav Toner Hilf Yogi its John Vas Rifae w i Fri Trout. To y to Joh Iii Pic Crawn Hii Ceib ii Hui a Waily upset John you arc Oom Pollok to Tun s it Oginz Widi Prce Iacini by big to make the fruit Fremont it to John on to atom Nitrio Grui ind he Bil g or Iii you., 6 Paradox Czinu the Tri you Aro John the wore the cd lines m v u join we tried you you soon Cou trived a jul to Coy world v John As c in v lying made a Devil of ii Ohn fraud it it Jolt you Fiche Iron so Roll s 1mml. Now you Tritco of Thorlt Tundis you and tour Sluch Broffo a Lori i in Cludis y in very elms of Law artial Law. To eluding martial Law. Tim Bill it erty without trial by jury or any judicial pro need inst. Antl Whon to live Lyhl by Jur . Lib it bal Flat Liq it clearly n Bill of flu Hujer ii Trio Ivien us Iho Anil a it a Wisa re in Iii i Lucuil decision Levcun Ciunik in that Hud no i thu hit Itoi d thu ii toc Ynsua twi iry in to . K the v a Nate a vent Ini Trio Ottmo Lii to u Alan u lius a Cru coh i Lii i u wll Lenl it mall vn4h.ntldwtl.lio Ahtl live Jii my in Liti Llic air is Louvy with Chi till. Hill a j Para u in Jill talk enl he Iii p Virn Tell la i Ich Tii ii kit us so int be i. Mint titon Bachti Ith Ilni Itil he of 1 by Iirilli imps l Judi la filly i int tar thai n him my i in. thai thirty a i liiti.-, no or Hill Ivi Tiit Nuu it fur time the j1 indy j i Tom la turn but Hiiva .1 it the lir. W i tint kl.irl.iit4 . Tiu we i a in pc Nini in ii Valensi Lormis spirit will Mil a Riuli a ilm Ubon and Iii Ini Tun Scimoni a Shii who in Jno ilm to Hijii that Fluor hut can Lay Clarit to mid who h u Riner ally nil ilm liw Timi Ellmin in Lull Wadu Lite he ,0 til n u Jiu Demaid that the l in 3rn Ltd of std awl inn of ugh Hinn. Or. Civati Bald vile i Jii no anti ii. Hoti sly. I no Nim of ily. 1 have a cur Yul .1 o Liitt to 1 we my in pulling Down Hilt Rcd i thu Only i Btu 1 i Ihlow Likhat Liin Neivi and Wenli hit. Rpm Rte Nileth that and Otlyn much to uti Iurii i in was in Fenili in hit Tel Wlliam i Illuv flu the Salmo Luijt Miler Bill i Lufi to thai in i it h Verdith. No Iti finnity fur Macli la Vul Utt Ould in in Ginaj Fulis flirt 8 a Lud of Leithor tint Public Treinis r Ulicy i iced us lieu Len Rowah Quinn san ail Cly Olulo Thiny Iii nil any Dis covered us. 1 i Tot lit i inn n a u of cull Dum a Tir Lila Wukol Trio hint Altti Mcd Frau Iii the in line Elu Hirl mul Qomie Foi. Ami Xudi cil Liui i Tiu u him ill urdu m per Toms until lil to Juh Lect til Luiu itly a trim to Ali Iii it to Thwany a mild a Imus Jiff a j Mym in neat us Ilic my thu iritts. In hike Illy Ukwen Liy a contract la att Uttmi Lakil by jiul Dick Reanu Lila is in i Ora cd Liy an Ailini Atin Iri Jawor liw a Sty nil Muu Iii und Reform 1 will to Pond Ini Amiga in Sirju Ami i l to Gomel to i inn of the general Malc Ihu jail to in Riv Theiu ind our a being very ppr Opriano and Beautiful abounding in Nitrio Tiptn Llo is Iii i not boni1 in thu counter. I came Here like your ancestors the the Lite followers of Penn. Fun fur eign Lodr you Hal Niy heart and my Mol is with thin it pubic j am a mull to ibis of until of Volo lip la Caw i am bound u Iho principles Ubich Thih e fur the have and i Fujihi from Iho i Jisc to think. 1 us bound i thu of by tic it Bosi t Lullin under my Cyan in Ihu Ilu fcb Sale and Tor Iho Iii Iii a narc of the fur the stars Antl stripes hey of or cd Ali Crisell is a willing sacrifice and i will ii a 11 to Iii last Iron tub of Tiu Chicago to line Iho Lead Orja Iliof ill Infix in its Issue of i2ih ink., of adj to Bead a in inless civil wet Mcm Addest. The curse of inc ski it american revolutions Liati Ikjin Liat they my tied no Hunt Litiuz. The Attu Fuff tint tour to built in to Job Ulii As Suitt. Toe Good b o j ust Nheru we a Timur Nice if Cut if cause of Ducor that will to this print Nii Sidet my i attic 1 it that of the to be Aii aim Luyt and liken i it tit the Cirse Ofilio fruit the Amu i con Niit Jinjr lit worthy of us aim1 thai is very Clova cd a Juchli above Tom Rea Tor Alion of Tho Union 1 Otisi with Vemi Butil u Var Lam Tinni it la Yuti a it to t Luv to or ext l tint Attar. Mul i Avion list or us a Anil Al Many a a it Iii in of h t expert York in his in is by lift dmm Emiil i Pirn of Repp Rio his feet but they do nut to Cut air or a Kara at illion Wal nut ii lint pm ill u Pon u. In Ufa lie u in pub in Ltd watch bit j War Daft that nth dlr i and icon Lii upon him a few year Ami then at Hie lint Jindo film thu ice to in do inking n Shinki that he git it Hii i Ubhi str Lor Hix alas for Tom Kud might an of in like him. the last of n Fulier him Hin thu a i her Lovely Lill Lovoine Jor tin which mho ii idd in Iklin Tidis Tiev ten pathway. The Winil to am Low Iii through the the Hicl if or Lac hot Fisi imply. The Balouf la. Vii is in Lulu foot Aru Bare. And when starvation and to Laili an Thilk no ii rat in and liitle not in the i inc she Atli urus Lorcne Kotalo with i big i Iii a Nehk no birr Lovd. Kho Iti met with it Witiw thai sends her reeling across lit Giitl 1 Ile Ami yet wll Tan i Ortity iwo t Tir taif fait iat Whf Wiick m Audi Lily tin inn i my it Ilmah v tint if ii Mij tit Allf Liny Ilif a Ich it Vernl Days in tint Hatt Lumn Keith no Ion and Iii ecu Frum the City and and it Eim Tilty Ranic Siuy Lor Ali fur a Lin have i Wii or arc now in tin Reix l a and i Jinxiu Tydd Lakott the oath us of Law Alim Inland Loyal , Ilir Ilu we Fet a . That fro by taunt to Ami Itic Luebs Nihar i lit Ihn can Rich i re moist my to joint n Ami to you John to Idle Flou to ova in Mir loan t Anil Liht few and n w nieu Mill it t you can go Hera in your Trust John c join urello or John Ichona there Len you and or Clr Ami Othera of that nil to Impo Trible Umi you Charloa in Uio Ucli my to. Wuu s times. I 1vi.mk a lint Battle sea n Tjui while froth. Thru Al Al Iurii with muttered in Reathi your i while. Ilu ii. A ,11.1119 toward Llyn a Btl Tui a to lira Mirci Kiiji Tii Rel Ihn Thul Knock j 0, Hil Klinl torn nil , limit in thy Rural us Tim Molt Warta Wotli Lii Milci Helm Mich n no jul Juliga heart and it to to word Why Trual tuis ,cvn5j5hvativlis from the append d to i to it will be seen that lilo conservatives i Congress have Lead a so come Cetin to deter line upon some Introit in and Wise action to prevent the Ultra i lilo counsels i in nation from pissing those odious measures a Liclican have no other feet thin to destroy till govern it 1 lit tonci who thus meet for consultation dins partisan s but As it not i Ujj to the Wircs Matioli of the const Ittilio Roth tie Ridic Rah Jiff infuriated fanatics Ali for a beef hour ban Power m the Halls of ii Calion and Vouly so abuse thai Power an i retail Calivn a Chi rec whose Wilher Lig. Blighting a desert so arid that the principles Osgood gov Annie no could never germinate. 1 fail will in grief to Ichye inst Mountable ill Jimh the sons of the land to shed their Lood upon the Ballilo of sold a thus Conict itch selves to the country we heir deeds of valor and when they have Falhen car Monu Nichols to1 their memory and inscribe lie Marble with their but Ali i Dowie we will he d not the governing Cut of on bin the Brut in of a on cat Nillon arid Louth Ihu us pc of lid wit i the Liiis-16 Tii Arlt the which it once Tood in glory Annj Granjeno to believe there Aro patriots who Reserve Mihl if Cimon of any of Titt Wise w the Only Imja for thin people in 10 it of Iii or Iii this future bit we do nut. By Ever however Ovid Lii those a wit riots who Aro warring again St in acid Only nil Ines Edlene but Rei solution Arr in their Teti Denyi Wilh no Ottar object than to Widen the dreadful breach and pro Long the fearful it niggle Between Tor Loiis o Tho in talc thus vient have consulted no to Tho we duty to Iho a motion they no nil co and with us venerable Patriot Joii j com Primy Iii Lac chair proceeded to d calmly thunk he Lusty it nil , Ali it Hutu Itelo Vii tins of Jim no Kiclty. And san nor n Ilion hip stunt a if u. Values i to deter course of sing Thos other of 1 he Divis Union k and to litre a Grait to of too much icel Shlimon a of Iho Bee Noflie most mischief Rischar Alvr and he wanted to set in Carlo Ca Toi the id tin Ronnii it so we could not mis any More such incl Yott have passed measures it this session which arc and and i Dhim and Vulikh nil in it is Lii by Ihetu Halo u Hue pop Lati of the sent Mont is not Csc ii cd intend Svob. cd from Iti Daugn it is daily booming Phi rent la Atkusch is Trio Tho. Correspondent of Tho new York is familiar with events transpiring at Washington and Well in. Krind in Milit re circles wakes Tho further Duih from fort Pillow of Tho Ian. Naval fight to jul let from Ilio ill incr of lilo fid iral Victory. 1 to sign boat Cincinnati and hound Oil. Suf. Fired More scat rely than any other vessels of tin. Ilu1 from the so Maui Grams enemy. The Verc run in Shoal Irater but one of them has since been raised Aniis Iii Tate Sacii and such As i will conned tin to put. To Raimist by to cry mod of rest tact. Can de it is hinted that a of the Exon an of Lii Raj million which Cairo for repairs Anil the other will be teat up in ii Short Limer tics who is of lit few Wilwyn ucp., i Call the s Nii or to order for utter Iii on Tho Fluor Ribu Senate Jestard in is Covert la Dpi Grid to Lefroy Tho Cape be of us Ronning and Nunn to Hellynn lilo Union Suljo Dunn. To heavy storms prevailing in the cast Jot Torday and Jast Nielli prevented the of Iny Aclegra Plisic news c Wilher this senator a lbs not know Manning of treason. The c Bilir Ealter inc senator to order sea win Smith it i. Scald that have hit spun ration of if Tun million ror red Bauthis and or Laiu by mail we have Trio Ruc a Ilion Issei Day Oen Luuy to Tho peo Ood the senator would list Ibe words in to Gajta Lin Nodi idd to this the Utah mint acc Ciulo of that us ii a Abc Utal entirely of its Enfer tvs. Crost wih n Sint the following word to that a meeting of the certainly put the. on their be May cd to liar has. Passed act mics which in. Wilcof a a Sticky would Icsia and 1 Ball Council Lay Litock to resist by taken place at Hilton Loid and one Hundred and in laity Corot cd thin Scles and wore to to furnished with thus Strong Heimi a i Javior let re Portal Inlo e Memphis a Valanee of of Orleans have been Irres Mcdanil m report and giving it the appearance of a Iii prison for lint is not what isaid. Us that m my judgment coi Gus Bud 111 n cannot think it possible that thei Foj t measure ii. And so far Asih meditate the of the i nil Ali am i with Atli a for we regard it As Aii t Ichii latino f Ali Cir ii fail or. Tort May Mth. Cam film the a i at la Tisl rect Billy in ii rec , i Enid in in Wiull Ulm it a Muir m allow Ullh my. Uji lir her sister Iii Ting nun put on Inri i Prem ill n m he in to a Pintil firt Dii Lukl Tii net who haul bit Mumy t Fiur being Ali Flor. Love Jour h the most extraordinary event of lilo tit of to Rasoli Tiomi h hours for or thoth Mih jux Zmunt to Idtse Atli in will of naung Vuto fur Liy Niue wlm Honvo. Ridiculed me Hlali cd As Thi poor Nim who us to other Clarini to or in it imn Cizik lit in an unc Bor. To Ihu us of lbs ulant to i Tonit for i. , draft he in and fro in argot Llyn Mill Linn to in Ketuu a Liy a Many in a Inifi of to Lucecil hit we Firu or i int a Viu Ihn of private 1 it in the Hlali of he Public Mill j. Gratifying Anil will Haili a Lap Tori heart. The o most . Tin a poll l i Jis ii Iri Krok Nti. And Ibe i Mon of on Eli a Dimuil Liyu powerless at the luit of our in Wailtl Tikiun to the Hui to the Saino paper Rattini Preat uial a info of native Ivanci Jatis Tutti of in Tali Abni Clur inuiiunec.1 Liao applied .1 guar nor. For i i Hurt 13 to raise of r Union army Ami it a Emch i Ruhr Nui Elmr of a Mim of tint will a Olu Iiller in Ilia Union army than t into tint Road army t Ither by Volun t coring or Tho Union. Oct inti Wii. Tint let Tilon. Times it so by Iii at which lox a of lit in i i i in Hii Ibitson to in thu that Secretary s. T Canu h i to in Larrass gun. Mccllan lest luring the prot ii in new to i it Jim Umi h Llic Kiiji a i in my Clulla then Tiolu rebut 10 ill Law Tailer Tiquin Panl Tarih on Tiu i nil it Limu Iii to his Advance to Ihu u is now known that Solanum Hail fur tin pin ctr of is arc tiry of some i him Butoi u it was Given him Liml Onu of his must iriv Irful friends was gun. Llu had to sooner out Atno i place than bin and inv Ltd his conspiracy with to Tolci Tonty Mec Lilllan inane manner Ami by Whai Uver inc new necessary to Iho of hint Rusi itt. Thih1 the Uny in which Uzial k. Suck los Hosul last con Irinod a Lorii pier Cunell. Liy Tho in Cal in Tom Sunnyu by we we pc mime Ink India cod Iho Sunn to o reverse its Connor action in his Itse. Sick Lon s he tier a Pimintal Bill he Las not of Longti of the a african in his a in Phi has to 10mo in and nil their nets Ted directly or thu no a to an i Quality with Uio Irli Ito Raco. They Irisy work Mhz Luthi Havo to a. A hut the Timo will noon come when i of Power will Tolep flip of Firu Thih and their places to i Tippit a by bettor inn and run Pil Riols. U Gric Tui us to think How that Rody hut degenerated since of Doug Webster and City. Toniu a Friendship lie the a Olitipa were nol Cunt Cal that was and is As innocent of i l used Enlil a pin Ilion is an Angel is of sin win Union vim risk lout be should Iacomo a i Omlar Bud and to destroy him Tonty Tiivi la i Leniu by plam ird the foal of thu Union or Niles these an the of Man who largely in ecu tin Hirn Cliona of tiers Altif Fly to int. Large has held in eng land which puss d a Kolu Lions railing ii Jan that government to the so Turcin conned Irray. Thoro to in Phil ability of Tbs r making any impression in that direction upon Tho uritiib1 love rom if Thuro All to mild better lot it lie of taking Rich a step would i imperil that Trout Ohmi Junces to tour cd by the people thereof for centuries to coir a. From a idler Wrilon by or Hod 4tb, who is a Pul Jinoian of re to Titti i arly and Cru Lily a titled not a tact i Iii truth a tint How Frlic Noti pulp my. Aln thai the five lung. T Ihn Navy Yard Ywuc to ten n in. Limit Hiil n to Iii Nonor to limit Norli of Wiir nor Orvn at that porn with the if of the Wal deut of Hayli we Liml by pal lilo Arwil debit would not it Rio Niin he at Pressi and Nunin but recent acts induce id Lusi Oti Eliut to joined ill i ran of his a and now when in in Huunh Fiat hit and Cubit it hard Loire my lunar i iliac nov Wirthe arrival of Tho Elmy be of Ilia i be idiom Tai. A great Deal of. Alarm Inri ctn from much Llan i lie Only information is still it submit h o tons held us evening in Hilj it the or. M a Lull uni into lha Jmwa Aftaw Luvel tix mat fld Ilmet the dui nmn have tit Iii atm Trio Iii in err that they Iti Lurhl inn Al for in fru Lilii of Winch they knew to Ikler Nim Whit r Liiro i i hey were in Iho Itidal in Sheref Hraf d thai Lam Law hot Hon a hts Hill Wim Flo Jill d Thoie was no when. Illicy Ball it Coitino i Hwi ibair1 hid Pra nit. If Lut Amsilli thu crime if Imu Uin be is justly Mioi Mulc Law the ii ii. of a . 1 Havu a vowed la up Ihly and i intend to avow is Luna As i Ivo Bratli Foll fit. The Sona in Dilnik onishi Situ Whyl be will Mil permit to Kadono. Sir when i Inu Iid Emlu any i Tenn l think t do not tilt jul to com till thu of Iti Bow u Dintis my Lino Tif Condi iat. I will act for i tit it la the j his s Hii wild Trio la Kes Utun. Co a 4lth i lilo a 3uth in Ija ulal Ijuro Kilt , 9th, in the hip. , in Nett. Vale Lulad cow co. loot a coi Tueua cd 1 i a tin to the of Colombin. Toifl Corn mid paid or Ubelli Piini at the Virtu luui., Tiu Cal it oium Lulitu District of coh Miln u new to of t provi Mil Init ii. Stihl 1 i hindi to i a Menil Ltd. Of n William i t. Liy 4 v hut i Boj should Init Altri imral in Tell Al of Iho up Jilke to Tho draft in act on All n in Envor the Hinick i thai the we War la n Rei Yuom ii party ii tic Lmar. Liy r. In Lujick. Of Lulli Tuii in ill lid Law of i Stu ratty highly Iri Nch Vint lie n authority ii r or Shably Mil tier will Privi and i Jie no Ittis now it it a lint. Luller in p Nelp Milr Chi Bil luf that rom circe tit statements arc current in Varia ind ii we Iii formed circles that Franco ind fing. Bave agreed upon their Plati of in Leann. Ion to adjust the american question. Ono of their programme itt said to Grill no Qinnn Pallon of Uio Sotich Anil we a for Fabii Concession Tho re cotillion of pen Detico. The in Thod of array icing Witcra Irilli Iouin the Ulii Gulnor Merit of array of igbo la n urls did pc Ooth against in a Holic Tii to in extremely Zirul Jaife an important Railroad to Norfolk you Lily a a., from in in t lie if the Kcjr Ril Truoi it Tho Robt Lii have two of of Luh and ool Tomboro x. u probably the occupancy of oct. la Oiler the Kynsl and Toad in no Doi Ibl in the of Ocie at a Point i Olla county in soul Western Virginia. Trio confiscation and will agr Rcd us wit Liy the Cotini Mitten if la they tory k of Hily been Filotio Wlms id Imp urm plus by turn Lio Wii which with a i Bill injure Lam the in if the slates la having been stripped a wort Anil will in Pitt cd Nair it in to Ilmet the stir incl Lri arc in Rel la Oll crawl for hair. i lit k Huum Law in Williauk Shoum Ira Kumio Ohio. Will i Al any Linti flu i 1 , Cun Currod in do it wan finally c Litas of a Wii uie in no Jollit it wih for uis thai Kinig Olibo by the re Bort air Ali having Tost Limmi Iii killed wounded in the Lite Lla of Shiloh. Era Imit thai u abut Gulf Thi ilium Lucr Alliry lout of ctn Mitbo of Havo i their Ulk in Aid to Iki anything Lisco Largo an it was. They am carpal in Iho Inch and do Witt keen up the of their dclujc.1 follow Cia. Tho Lite rms Onisi have i Iii rated Iho rebel Sidum la such a int cell co., from Itice Muirid l slim Jirair of Iii Jolt uni Cuil 111 had the i Merily k in Luo of i it font last Chilli it no Xii lilo or. Keni Iier said it Aniwa Rii. I Liat Law a fido in uie cd Law Shato inter Hilerd not in ail Journ and Imil of it. This wan a Waslo res ill Init fixing Iho Lime of Lima fur Tho Sicre Tury nor not to Sloan Imilce any Cunt or n a in Iru Akupu of Iho a Linn lie Mial Jik a mean by Rel is to of Kentucky when Nti tint him for the Iii paso . We Iho or an stated by or. Utt path May in promptly withdrawn Aini the Hidy Otho Hay Tion Kex Culive by to Yilit the United Stales As any other cilia in of a foreign country with out in Blieu ii inst ratios. It in Blind has withdrawn from Tom Alli i with France and Spain for the r Mexico. The pros met now is that Spain a1 withdraw an 1 leave Napoleon proc cute the War alone. Should this ii so Antl to people that Republic Unildo against their by Midale the French May find it 10 easy matter Ollain permanent foot hold this continent. Think that the Mon Archica of Europe Are anxious i to colonize por Ilia continent for the of an1 int Dunro our Republic As shall recent our of additional territory and Tho time May come when no will in com idled in self do Mcnee in act i Tenn the of Tierne f. And adhere strictly to it even though result in hostilities with the upon cars attempt. In to infringe our r w right of this Smie has Prosnit .1 to Tho Senate a i tuition from cilizcii8 of in Iani nuking to cd new Tiu Ngi Talion f the san cry question and attend to Pelt Ion Tho Rochl lion. This a Tho Truo policy my to Hope from All portions of Iho country May to Kent to that body of i Kachnir Cher. We Annir Tomt Mir fifths of lha f Indiana Are in favor Fufil and would Hail thu Idair with rejoicing when this dangerous onfihonl.1 be banished from the tails of leg so lion. Tho few to Tho Ultras n this slate Aro of a cart that can do no Hanri being Rcpt Srdoc Asah ignorant excited fanatic 1 can injure no one and whose of it fur Are no feeble an to from u met la no u us. Titt Rnrico or Stihl not permit to i. Foster. Umi ilm act Molou Kreini incl is i Tom increase to the citizens in in Mitt Lulos. If or. Susanl. Cannot treat this u ilm Man who Iwon twice a govern Moat Anu Aro Iulo Cidad what course to pursue. Lwy now that is a failure and pro Arilis to yield with the thought that if con grows i Cra Braveh of rebels. In the Home thou Lulu Are to to next mid considered until ibo ing Holiday when the tote is to be a full abstract of the Imit Stoiu of Law in toil Bella Aji wart in our telegraphic Sci Srbu at a recent of Uio members arc Nereu a com Jonitis Waii d Tomn Ntim Ilie Tow Aimont Foget Lier it shall Koine he Keshary lit Thaku for Tho do fact of Lipiew tired his it Sciori to Ali to Luff Rtlcw-1 of Law St wow Law Cov ibid Helim Nodi n a minority on Ilsc Alt cd if Naquon Tho Federal at Iho Alica of ii i s an act Gen Rautini icily they will Avail themselves of its d return to their Wilb i r the Urru following incident no Ihn of Ril Ittoli is lat Cal by i Ryti Sun ear Kali it i Nicioli met i acc 10 fit ctr nil Fnu Jolil Ulli Erwilli Trrry Tolu cat Nemlon. Ami it Honni Lull Tulliu of thu Kunlun to Kooim no ulv Cut Turcu inn Buthi Ruml a Lur Luud Lii Iii Back Cuit Ureil Brolly a l to Iii in and until t fully Cili who visit him fora in Iii trea contempt he Tilini Ibl at onco Jivu place t. E it stir mail. Xuy Man however High he Satin the left Etc he claim to represent a District of Iho old j i in this country a beyond the reach will Nulli ujan Fra Meluleni Endon Iau. Turn Side 9 his plans for . Iii lha United Senate that Slit Back into the Union. To or. I Oil la rend a Luller concerning an filter is right his courses Anil has sati Saclo i with Iho Sucre us Ami of it thus far to have Lioanel no give hem Hosi Ems to have Sloe Rcd Clear of tary of state when to any did n l care a j All reins of uracil Lila energies Only to for the opinion of Rcck Litzky but Ineat to hold her in thu Union.1 to deputation Cut Pond of prominent. To r t a coition inc work him. T Kwh m in. Thitu Iii a any rights equal of Ken Tucker Wash a thl few Ekro v the fast to Hunck negro under Tho nning of unionists Aro shortening thu duration of thu expiring Throo of of thu Misti tuition. To put Nitro clearly the j White Man any rights which the negro is respect in action on to Karl pc Siigri is. If thu course now Ling pursued by Tho Nalio Mitil to Tho cell it will he disastrous to Fie onion cause in nil the Humr slates. H his already much in tic a cowls. Avi h Hope Ilmet t entrusted with the adm ii of the Allie Pitt of the government will i Lhoir action As to a move All cause of. Complaint la is Lime to conciliate and not sex j aspirate any Wrt Ionoff lilo peo Jile Anil we think Elioso who Buve the Union mid a Cairo its main will it once1 Tho of encouraging Tho conservative sentiment of the land and not by Tia a Drocey of Kilwine he astros upon the slavery qty listion prolong to Ivar. If they do to the must a Rwy Trai i during t v York i the rest upon the to. Purter i Jaleel u near Mohilo pro Hin to track that City to a Fow i Liyim we vill Hunt of its us Rendor and Ihn opening of hat port for cent Norco. Git Ion will Ere Long m plenty. If Iho punters not that Yunkes will Miinte to that to Pally fun Riith it. This Aro an in Dorpris Tig Ami ran raise Solmn 3ii Well As Ian Turo the Cluth from in Cut i Ilc Tai Lingoni was Rmina the Mimio and Tow Jill Ali Rem Uio army Ivro unit an Arll Terry ram Nija with fill n get a Inin nth Idle along the Roart when Green or trawl in nor to lint where is your piece of an Quimod blk Only. Iho drills i a crore i Orv 1 it. Tinl i to Kirbt it bust to leave Bihl if Iho until cry Wagon Grren sternly. Ose behind e film. Sigut a ii i incl mid Green or i Rill run you Iii fit. Of com to the Man could do nothing hut obey. New continued Green lot us recover Tho they Roric Buck As Anft nit found Ihn i rom it in he Ribic in Tho 1 Uco of thru nor nning British Thi s in or Miro lha d i Green Orth government it is mid. Isma Klingnr Rangam cols la iced Tho starving o the South and a of i to Law sent to Oen. Fuller o be in Dor Bis direction among the needy citizens o Orleans. This a lha Way to woo that ii Back to Tho Union. Show them Tom to a Clellion against the government we will not lot Llie i starve. Reb set Anier wait Villa has again no ilm blockade entered Charleston it a cams in possible to prevent her going where Nho please. Should not to surprised to hear of Bor taking a trip across the land to Corinth. What is our Navy doing Hundred prisoners have been re in uni i Chmoni on Parolo. Ninov r. H who were to be returned to that 0113-. Psi Lively Rte fucked to go and. Look ibo oath of All Iancu. This is another hopeful sign. Suppose Iho result of Thi a Eitore thit Uliann As it what Samll to shall Ixo to gained 1_ Joist what Tho Federal army volunteered Lolo was to a Coloro the Union As it a Liti Tincau want no such result. They Are the Orst Iru Isiora. Upper Dock of Iho Steamer Tor which was loaded with troops Gara Way in which sir Prii alas Ofa Minnesota regiment Scro killed and i ovral wounded. At Tho Timo of Iho the St Amor Irsa upon Tho Tun b River Caronto for Landing. To lilies of Ikic been arct cd fur giving info nation to he Oti Ciny and Urc now held Iti Ili Maice Lloyal fun males Havo much annoyed the Immon tors on Tho. Potomac their facilities or communicating iritis Tho rebels his been nature to Mako it next to an in to prowant they should to Troat and went join Vapper to to Imori Cavere Ubati was at Hiippi wed. To Vurnor sir agric Oft Fri St named tiaiile1 the pod Oral com a Lillow missing rom lost was ill at Iii to Highg vory severe. And sub of our men were take1 col. Joku eject of one of the Yew York regiments waning hits prisoners. Ont ral ii Unter in to win some nol Oricle in South Carolina Jalc has Isa cd a Nicla Malitis freeing the lives in intent which comi rifles Tho state vhf South car Linn Ami Georgia. Ity this act of the otheral no less than 8c this h doing business by Tho wholesale certainty Ami the most Ultra abolitionist cannot land of Tell Wilb the general s in. Mentions hut the magnificent Proi Ortiz is of the act Are some Whf Cir failed whim it is re Mol Rcd Tho proclamation Don l effect lha Ofa single slavs outside of Gen. Hunter s lines. I inn str has also a negro in. Gadu. Nou if he Xiv Ould Only Send for Stuner to command it the a stole i hint would be com Vilote. And ii department a Model one of Whit to abolitionism desire to bring the War id., Tho movements of on. Mcclellan Are kept Flarv Quill All thai m made Public hut is Are at Cumber laity on. Tow a Mulikey i Ivor and that theany has been imposed of ilm general s plan of action. This enemy Aro reported in Orco Between the Chickhon tiny Rich Nond and it is believed pro pow to give hat in. Nothing i oin Ihu Iron Clad gunboats in amen Citi Rajjo Monk i David a Fiora Ouam Lam cd dirt a Louisr Al Nijar or inc pc Liollio Liv Simu Rii i Lili inn material wit i which to ill Mil lha in Sion Jui licks the it ulv of the the Fol j s i. A lira i ii nil kit rope in twins produced by Ami unit Moraru i the am Iron Uret the u world Ati Lre Andrt trial inn win by Rita hit. und Monitor will any millions. Cite in we roid thu Senate of the inc Miu tiry Power it our and Ien Burin on the House every Day that Thia o Iheria Nims cod fave the nation from Miltor Union flags ire flying it Tho people of tint Placo Lam last to Ruhel and Aro the first Whan relieved of the presence of the to cd As rebels Boush they May tar. To of to Tea Union

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