Dawsons Weekly Times And Union in Fort-Wayne, Indiana
14 May 1862

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Dawsons Weekly Times And Union in Fort-Wayne, Indiana
14 May 1862

Read an issue on 14 May 1862 in Fort-Wayne, Indiana and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Dawsons Weekly Times And Union.

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Dawsons Weekly Times and Union (Newspaper) - May 14, 1862, Fort Wayne, IndianaTimes and dniom1 Indiana wednesday morning numbers. Foam my ins b in invest ment of Yorktown Itie forces Ulm of tile com mind at san to pc elation Uto Kanoni Tisu at thousand Strong were strongly entrenched and Welt Forte of Stan a Percsi declared to Lett tile Southern was in it Battle tit a tax 1 Hurnt the Heid of1 i hair inflict red that the last great Strung the Tutu to Toku Pulici. At that. Point it Wiuf la flair they in their own conf ill cd Tunis to me Troin the portion and of thur Hilld it of Mitt any Anisiy the Federal , could con Mcellim at the he idol the Ufi turf Laid siege to it reeled breastworks punted ins 3uih marshal led his hot unti Batlle Arno when rebels acting upon the old axiom Iii to discretion mho Bel ter or fac valor id Tatung their guns Ami army Korea to fait into the Handoff tue i runt Ard followed by the Union Arm achievement War How Inucci be Mccoin com unnecessary Man fico denounce Rcv la sent incr and him there be Tain for he Hus earned Pho m a juju i of the people which a will us til to. Its. Placed Al head of Tho nation and nil tin pair. J to or jubilant to d in in the conviction of of the r u foiled the to Hare Learned How in e lint of tin. People fur Ilu. T of Iligir their of oui tented Purthy in incr that Iho autury of tofiq world in Pink Ltd and kid s to con Ilion n United iwo the Tistle Stirt pm t i i Aliou put Oil the and Jiu in the cup j to t your i dirt Fly my cell Wirtz Inot Kotiw of Delight no Ems d of richly Uilk re nth it. 111pok k r decision. I judge. Swai no the newly appointed judge lowing important decision on the subject of treason against the government coming1 As highest Judi Al tribunal of the nation it will to read criticised by the pass. T u i touched to uic3 lion As to slut is treason in giving my and drum us reasoning and is factory on Una Point circuit court of tiie Soti item Santu is it tows in urn to quash thu indictment swathe Iho indictment con thu Cut ii Aither ire identical in u the question now 11 by decided the first will be pm r lie curly a adverted 1 j t i that there in i mid Muir a bums Tho government of the to stud Biti to per son nil themselves thu Umfer Durale Blatch of America unit do defendant Gllnn and owtnj., i sent ii. To the United knowing Thi. sus but not _ the tit if Cuciti Nati Iti the Souther Zixt Riclo Ohio did trait by adhere it the so Ling Plum As and Jet the Mien of the United Stile i and the it in Tho he Button olins tin Tiroui he Ltd Jiro Eure supplies and munitions of War to wit Navy re Vulva. Nil patois 10 live Mineji in Stuls and livers Oiler piers my unknown with1 intent to deliver to Tho Alyi Iii i said Bilipp Litja did i 0 to Jan and no l e j 11 e s Nyp Jolil v e munitions of War Lor the said wit Lytt and of in Uio old and Tui Nimett Mil 7 at Ili 1 i a blvd to Lut Cuil court. April Urivi. 1801. Thu. int list. Untied inulin la to a litre Ali must the unite to Floc Arlo Section Rico vide it us us id to Letl Cis it Only ii by Nikki Ukia 01 in to 1c their Mickie of Dit if ii Iii ii l n lid t he acl of of april Sec t follow to us nny1 in Wili or Ifni Oil own air Nlle Ginrich of y xxi tie to or halt to the ii i Hin nli4 n to iof us Why Olliner t lit will will 1ko Attil to bal War will by and Fontin Ilio a Muir Anim to Mig Lead a xxx at Tui Pras tit term of ii Mohoi i i Jolt ctn feel Iligir Juli ii Emu. Incl no. Iti Eisimi i Llma tint Lul Imam Tel tint Ali Iii tufted Lunid of Lam i Tho Muriul in thu run i in Alt 1 Eoin Loi to kei4 id a Publ Ivai i Lote to sex Jenc he i Mutti la tile Iii Lac Lilii lil Trio of Iii limit Itkor thu Lillow Lefiu will i n mini tit i int a Hallon. Watti Eliv Otic end i Zell u Tui Lam u much Dii Ntim f at hid in Ftp that to Hail out Trio with Fino Ifni Tiberti null Wax to tiny Oliai n nut it mum i1it moral Frise the Neitli inuit in Liliy Fant Teit hot the population i Lini Ritj Iii hts Oit lib Liliu tul i Ottlia 1 ii men tilth Lukitis Khalid to Tel did Fri Liisi Itutti mind Waltom films filth can Walju 1mfp in Hnin Ulm i the world that it re it. If in the Calixt i Btu car Rydl Rev met he and to xxi Ktihe-5, Infin Lyhl wit ii Tim in ii Arma Iii to Iii in in Mont Ali Hittl nil f int mud my opinion Trio it wifi. Lluisi Viilu d tin itt his Liyim mid of Tui stut Rii inc tilt court to Iii pal Adjui its j. A still 3 v mid Tho Max it Lila Oln we Loti clip ice tit i thud a the Mic Siatan of u by wit o til Itiat Irpel in. Rilk Lilloll a Tell to ill Itlo it loud giving Rhein Aid and Iii Ndini. Tile Wah a sad u i mind in Ullon it Raf 1 the Litton by ii t r must lint in if Iii at git tip Ali Iii nit Niton Tifrit i he u Niit we Judd we Leavil Intili Emmalu a Lui to Iii in in atm a i instr ill Iki Vistim of this Wal Iota of to til unto. That unix Taimi exclusively to Adl Iwine i Ihu of ibo United Siw is Tufui my a my a Jorl. Tim prior Pink Talon ill Tom ill Pleil Slaiw u Luijt Ninnin Tivix Toni lib thu Ali Oillion in Lens Mui Loit and need not m file Loci Tow nce Otid Rorison in literal trn Tiit Ditri Tom Iii Infin of Ihu Iii Yiboon Ihu i r Tut tin but cd in the i Luton Hoit to n r ,.1 in of the to it in Licud Mitt the Iii Tuioti i tint Titu ti5, twin third Guion in Duma of will duh u foil Ticic in Nsouli to inti my Loihl Rah us i n in Len in til loll i Ruhela or o i of Xci Nylof pc w int to he undid sit i in lilt All her in it flt Siml 10 nil 111 i Only to Elioso ii in old wild Cootu Fiatt Nofare Itjin mid Tomt it Lin no i to iwo the Elk ecu Iti of domicile in Attorri it or Rewl toll the Var Orvn Tim in t la isl i 1 t 0 0 Hrc. 1 j to shiny or. Lat 111. Uoiii., us j Dink m ah., 1117. We Lingo carefully to inn Llred a Lwirt Aii Liori Tii a sushi Iii full Ihu tiny Imp a Mihui cited it i Clui sued by Tiliti uni Insul for the Duff Ndel it t lift i Liliu Elf int Ilio Len Vittit Lici h Tlush ten up a k Himsl lit n i is h i it no 1 n is Tiki n xxi tit tin i l Iii me is if Vingi Iliili is in Jii us. Liny 211, Llie hot tuft him i Rulo Tomt what Torver Btij. Air i it Tei air i Ichii ii at nil id Tubo to it ill Uio ankh la tenders ipod in the tins is accor dunce Willrath the Tim Lori Cri i Impi Liliu Subj it the Lam run ii i nun d f r inc in Mai site Lvii inv i Lowll ii urn i Lull Tho i n it ii till Btl Rich Nii Iki n Cuse xvii Hin Llic nut in t it i urn lied in lir i Tiki mini Maui Enfilio ii Usu l to tint Oil in j upon he c. Luct m 1 Kui Utu f in a u met a Lulu ii nt-ntr11 ill r not 1 1 Pmj no Clad with t Joii nut it in in ecu will m a twin wily not in Trio i trip in la i in Murii was Miny u Towt fail Field t Ivr 1 Tel n l a u ill Pirim Fromi he to disc h and Tulc. Of Llu hour la % to 1. Ihu Ihk milk Lefiti my Feii in u a it Llu pm of. It 1 . B it to our us Orini in f i i. Leu r b and m l 0 n inn i Mutt i fasten in fiet Liliu Lii blunders country in the of As Farko Ever Drew the Siward in def cite tint Dix fit try or Duteil. To j Circiu toil 16. Tho. Charge Eft not Disu Sicre. J _ id Tostock incl follows " i Lio duo in Toledo Mil Wambli cond jul to 4 of 5g lining the Price to Dity 1 ii Liliu Couvion n Lucli u in a i Ait or Lio a first a in How r a made rate Furge upon Trio n _ nun Pairin in 1800 in in 1801 Al Jefe 000 it Init 7 Ocelli on unit 7 Ceni. On Dosother with i in motion mint k Trio in on i i Lar 1 n _ Fiam Uii i Fitl attn Nim for i Miziul it Iii a mile hell forthe lie Tan he ill m the d lit Luil Muiir Tho i this a Ckon lilo t i Jill a in is african , a flair skill i i i i null 1 Pic in in win it Tull the or it Tel i i n with Nfn j jus a tit tin of Llic kind it nit it till m Law .11 Nii . In Tad Mil ill i Hircn-ir.4 Vur nut the Noi thurn Sutton. I Bui it Iti Luru imn Trof 1 Jyh nor it -4 Uiel St or of Liln Tori Tishi All which except Iai ind Zoldi in a on or Licot Herdan Fri a nun Lourlee Rihou Fifolt Cifes arc Morud an directly Lioma it Lufi minted it Laic entire into an in inti in new Ilmi Ink Hoot i cart lit nine kit in mum lie m lift is or Fri Iii plus ant of Natl t fore their in Tiu fair ii Morv drip nature to say Tului w to Lalifi life Una Husvik a awl Wilri Inkon ver Kiiu Nin if of Cut in Vii of position and sense of Abs Uri from Pic of intoxicating Bax cringes Tho requires is use of All thur film Iuit unimpaired by Annj donor Nhing so bar men Are Alt tags More competent to lit charge their duty than those who Are not sober a forgot them so pcs a c Tydd to the fictjcci.10 Lii it plur and Bleep their faculties in Poison Ous a quid totally ing Ihei Heues Foi any occupation much lags to been to tinted with the intercut of the nation up to Tim and nuns pc will not Annj More than Oil and Witer 1 he o in can Raisl in Pic same heart with the other and to sooner Ihbe vice of diff Imti oif is Chi Del d the the to Witt Snyr he Mhz Witt re. U oppose this itch will to thu Basin if another Cli Arjo big Anat him by the disunion press but he Wilt be by the Jwo Pic what now must a the Public ii is High that to null successes of our armies will sop ii close Tho i re Bullion that when Liliu Torr cowl Orius Sciull by capt Rcd Ordiso trud Puacz will boat once so Vicil durably restored thai the. Mighty War pageant of Gox com ii it May begin to be its expenses curtailed and Coin Mur Ennd to ill Elmir old shun. of our judgment these imply Liopas Are. Con linguist to mainly on Livo of treat of Tho purposes of atoll lion Sui i Congress ant gift it and Vurl prov through out Trio North. If to Lieari things shall not to done How ctr successful our armies May be the will not to ended. Ave May hold a conquered pc Plo by the strength Xvi Hwy. Rob rights under the Consoli Lution to buoy Retoyi unionize govern men t More of to actually Tymn this South to do fut thu slur Kalivo costs to lilo government that l must Iii Iuliu tit i Wonit Cvar Cost. That Milt iry porn a of until and their ill be wiped from to evil of their nil hard such in Auer Lnu n rec ble to the Tiu unit to say nothing of tin i a civil s up f Ihu on a Hui this is founded oo0ht we not to to the sout Milru people Back to their tit Tion by pnuin., to them that Rill not timely dui Nilion is in if the Cibin try Ilij of to ivling uni gut the in Llic Ruso Ikra Ful slate of things. An Oil incr from a tried re in n City Aci in of idiom. Tim arrival of thin Box Camp Iti lilo and Tom Ofa most breach of Ditico Pliny. U a cams la ill lilo olt Lccy and men of Loti Ipi enl went Calliel i which if it had been i could not have More pure City i to work injury to Llie rvs Tenient. E Roin brought on by in thin proceeded Tom conduct Oft Hij Iiri Nur this urns no of he soil Livic but in Lillon to it. Kounou evil he Liuch old Tinct this army in to that Sondi lot. Will enable ii to acc of plus All Tinl True soldiers can an the Ico of it the Caria a of by Jur which Taro tried by . U in to eat me Ilia a it Ullh Ilmet would nce Ruo to the from Lui Acup Triin of n Raj solution on the part of tin Qili Wurf to set Ihler non Ati Niani Ilu of total . It would him Irth Lifty thou lid men to tha turn in of lie Nemy of Euplid sri trait Itji Jukin her i Vicinity add was of jct of their jew Del hate for the. Ramin . Bur Wmk Al the Lime q Lintia Tidor of a Union i int still not to dec Ard her Elf , und it cd onion to lha cause of Lam couture. my Nho in Wai thai Rcd Liu tidy and. Had it ill Iii her ii farm. Mob u worthy of All or Niit and Hera . Mull i plied f like her the liable of a Liujie patriotic to ill m Insp fro ice that they us her in jaw Antly for Llie cause f a blot thing Doti Witry. To simply stay ova tha Tatul in which they Livett would not sex. Ruso Tacti to it my Adora it in their heart of hearts. A letter Etter from an oyo Witt exd Tymn so Alison mrs. I Xii i of Iho of i i Cluj. I to Ilion tie to the Loble fun Talitua of Liu wife Fuh and Tho into Lutt Llo. La 1.1 a undid f tier Oliai Down to Tho Headquarters Arliw Jutt in of nip tic lil to i i4 r in Riotis articles of com Orl for in foul Ali pm her Lins build h and Mim ii o line ii Jet a Hil . Pit Cha of Cotton clot i we Puli. Mho had Biol there Umoru Teutli it for hours xxx Luigi the tattle Ohio Mimril and very soon her Lien Uvo it Wero Oil led into . Tie Soldier who Teliin that for ire Daityn so urn print in her pc Nional if res Strahl of the thu Rottma in whim do d caring fur Ihbe Kurt idol such Noble und Croick conduct shows that we Are not of Elmul Tomt instrument any More tit Iii Xiv will us lox it to to violated by others v if Rock jct thu of the cops Titu i Uii and Provo that we bold of to Munu whish. Uti Iun in Iti in our p incr to preserve them both cannot by thus patriotic then the future Bai Foj Rillis Juo Plu constant and civil commotions the of Xvi Rich will of thu Gnu crib in it and Llic Appi i a Chis in of Lii Cut vill do acc Niy per civil Aiu Horitz and Lud ally he into Retith of tie us xxx 3 Inan ii Ami i Tho Bitite Lite lilo now. Cud for Ottrus on lakes in and Ontario tha provisions As to an Armor o Lam Shal government of not Les than Twenty a arcs sit unto contiguous loth City on Tho Chicago River or Lake Michigan the Navy Yards Are to be located by ill president c f 1 he appears to hate been sadly neg m Congress As a Congo quench business of importance transacted inc Homestead Bill passed thu Senate and now. Goes to the e president for approval to will All the confiscation Bills in Werc referred to a select committee which is regarded As evidence of the inability of the radicals .0. Carry their sweeping. In the 2ouse, a Resolution for the impeachment of u Iurilli judge of Ennessie was Jias Sud. A Tuci fic a Railroad Bill was nos o cd As is no Hope of a Road being built Olulo Tho r resent War continues the Nessaee of the Bill we judge is Mercle loin Vest. Cd ruin fat orites with the Possession of France was to Timit. People which is to by Ali ii Lii Grout Ojni cat to. A Biclie Ali in tha were perhaps a ballot Battle in led i and i to of a with a Nece Vii by the u Creme milk of Tom country must be must suy Anu Tlene of Llie Squill and nil alike in of Burnini lilo Contil of Tho Shulo and Federal a Tirc Union will he restored and Pence and prox Ity i Gjin Vinit Xvi Fly i Alluin i Init in of mull Dut Church in new York the writes Lohu Jijo Loii arc Lilieni in Surv mud Thi extract tvo i Java from Thi Tiu Lirui ring of Iho Iii Elu ii. N Anou h . Anil Pii hitch. Houija Ltd truly a Toltl la Ivo Lou Cleil hid r to let the Swilli Nainiu no Tanum of ovary Jutt riot in Llie incl Titi we could wipe mls lit la of trait try Urey i the rib Tel Foj a Llie North and trea i dict Titi of Lam Recti Pullon Wold 1 rent Tel hit the world Tymn two ii urls civil no my thirty i inn Tonj furn no and urn la the u Trio Riu Illik 1 ovum i ii mind of Jour Fzli Turk in Vuctir 1m to i i in Wiir to Jetti Liy a in Lon Lliel Jim Art 1 Alt h Vradiy. And Beill Itri la j Liitt Iliili Taitl nor i toil Tyr m Sinh unit a an 1 t m Trtol come to your incl Raluy t talk of nol u 111 Ami the Muiir to Clotil Lintl nil lieu of in to 1 null i kill Ali rail Cluj h ugh 1 in Uio a Hilo Ihrk in nitwit do it Tioy tic u t your Isail Flat .1 Mil Only Nariti Ulm in tent at Tui n h Iii it Irolli it wot to Lac it blow Tor Liberty i Illet " and lofty pm Ltd h Pilot Cal Molli. M lev ten Emilynn my i in or u to Iii of t h i. To o m. The for you u on taif a rho Tiu Rico r Ahtl Liei. Tim null hit Ritli by a Rulli Tinl Jain Ursuy. If you ill m ii Ort pm will i re Turtte i tin of my in Noli from tin Virr Imuro of Lam Tut Alan rally mul 1111 i i Enlil n i Billouin wit i 111. K Art Roll err Llu Hill do Vul my Roill try my family Lioti Tir. It u in time ii in u. Atlow to urn ton 1 nil sort Yogi to id Llic i Osit Ofin Hulmn Fiul Niji thu 7. S nrni3" Are our mar cos from Gen. Mcclellan from the Camp it front of William no ii at 10 p m a severe ski Nikuli took plaice on monday but can gun Alai Cuck h comma till and rebel Liri Fenile in which pro Sustin d a Losa of 17 killed. The a Nanny Lea a Nilli i larger number dead on the uld Olio word buried by our troops in ail i lion Lime lost "0 Iris Oil rk., the a cowl de fences Al Are very Forini Dehli und Ihu. Putni Nisula Tho fade ral site his went up York Rixer to West shelling Ihu re Luis and driving i hair and Imron 1115 them. Inti lewd with it Icli Anund i . Cut Oil by Tiu Ilc Ilarue Tim Tho Lii panh. Of to Toifl secretory of Telegraph 1 press seems very Dille Ull of okla nation and is Ca Kiil in to Cranto thu censorship Wai not no plod to it e hum Liroi a of Tenn Osseo Lias in Imp Caecil Tufoni Tho United slates sen of i its Dislow ally has in Cisco iat there is no doubt of the charges against so ill non non. No u lord a Bill hip list nuo if it to Tut Lull of lion Woite tit t Imp Luin feb can win three Nimuan children Liry put them i a Jar pitl it tar to Tait could lit Aldu l since a Lime -01 Iligir Truhls and la guru Kua Jolt lint it Angelor put Liun it where to you und Nestura Tiey put him i n caldron in of Hilm Neil ruled Nim till Naglit ind it Toluhi t of not filth Pierc was Diu ice hey put him Den. my fellow d you think to Wei Ulm t a Litin h Den for Sliv for Pray Ilig Turci. Don t to Alna Ineil Brit line n my slut t-sr3111 stating Thil he uni Infirri Eaton that the rebuts intend Dupill Jig every ship to says will run Liliu risk of it least holding them in Check i m Fiudo Llie original thou Hund is hint is Force h to that Zofih rebels but Sims t a will do All 1 can with the Al my Cun so it mints refer to the interference by the Secretary of wet Wilh gon Mcc Mimi it plan of Campaign yet this seems to Imi lha Only reasonable solution is Crit Sirj Slanton Senum not Haio published this dispel cd with out its being of accompanied by some sort of to re Civo Uio Public Uii Iid of the solid Udo it naturally engenders divisions of Gen. Matleck s fir my Reccio de orders to comic no to licit March ii Tho Tuorto at Corinth on Midnight think any of you will Liou Adan. R get in Secretary of War Lias raft Erminet to out Uio. Twelfth Ami Sixlo Wilt Indiana in anti Tillit Ioctl for one your und Al erred by Trio Sutic u Tiu Gonell Ovorn out Ali file Timo will Empire in it few Days French a . Napoleon is raft to obtain a foothold upon it when Tho people arc once Thor ugly aroused to Tho fact that their As nation depends upon their uniting in to iting in veer of France that nation will of umut i of Cal Ramt i Leutged Tho r Well impassable and night t Rod Cong them Tho Mont but unless the ene Niy evacuates Corinth lha dec Isis o it lab. Will in All Proha Hilly Cirod . Gen. A Happy piece of strategy on sinday last succeeded in capturing two of Uio enemy s regiments Nam Bering nearly two Khoii kind men. H is nov Beau Conrd will info Kef r do scr find i work 10 h them. Ato a tend it Corinth inc funded there to tins Iho cd Rico of , Grenath Neil Memphis Lor Buluro movements. Arnold Yoston Lay a Hill to the a Louisa for the location and can. of k National Arinoff in the 8. Tho it Descry Cal thai fore Molny Aat noon no pears to have been Holly Rob but the history of forces i Devi air the enemy non Dotice their Lino i it Fence Icax 1115 sick ind hounded did retreated a Jond Tho Cyneka homing 11115 the in incs in Bur Delaat Oei Mccall in to in Pursuit and boys to to live Oiler will Len to ice lit before Reat Hajj it Climond it now occupied Federal to Rocus it Clellon hiring entered thu town on monday Nielli. Tho Are represented la have been Strong at Ili Mosburg on monday 1 Lieuru Appel to be a attic a Cess a dispatch of packs of the of Federal prisoners Ami Cannon it Ali Arphice. Communication with Gen it Leckt army in wit i the orders of a citral. Him i Wii it Lirely Cul Oll Liao tooth tits from pitl Burg Mace Uunila ii who Mote a cols Are in Progress but Illey Ari Slif Oded in Timpon Strablo i by Dacius and Ruf us Cha at Cairo Trio Nuu Cut reiterated that Corinth has icon ova custom Ubo that bean charms any half Al Loti uck on Grant . He to tar Onia Nunn to hate news from com Hoot of the 27itt out detail ing ii if tie preliminary to of a Paturi Ofiu old jigs tlio1 attack Thorell on ii tit id Days of constant Kim and a mortar lire Shleif cd and fourteen Hie ancient Lii Uleva Wipt Iii River rebels lout cwt in Pitcl Ushii Uto Stablo my ii Ieni Iho pfc deist Lua was fifty rate and Iho i lip latter Minu in a Wetli the Inin Cuil Webster Joth went blown toothed Tho account us Jita Uca to lilo of the Jcj Chol Lloyl in tit Ali Efth leation Ulla have Iwon refer rail to commit misling of a Mars. Clark of "x.1 ill of it Marl i of Lotta t Coutt of Ctm of Masa t n v f Lloyd Croli to an i of to us rather a fairs Nator Harik Are ranke.1 a Cumi Matke eth tit Sli Tyni and we Jlse l in Striler hot Ilia , not in 1 cities the of Tow sort Aie j Hetico a Luis Iorli Wilson Tarkam Larlan Del Utida drat Llie cd ipod Yang extra tip views Arce Jiunta Lylall any by a Itu Johnty of till i. Trim this where Ocie Mcclel in i Anny it among lid tiny Artatis items of ii Ewi this u that Ilia Date. Of our Invulnerable Iron Ifil Stiver with two wooden its in company. They propose to Cut nil the is rain of the a cowl army Canki Jaii Ica us or Law Side Federal Aldo. We mean of la Cemond. York Kivor to Ivi it in in of Uio us in army and the re Bola in on Tho Peninsula with on Mccu Lati s army in thu rear. From Hibar my the dispatches give cheering recount to. It n the in cml Strait lit Furnard to Holch to Tel. To arc Fedj across the Chick Aliotti and our Are in Active Pursuit i he republicans of late when it suited thur Purpi Tep Haxo him mfg Clcil n great Regnol the teachings of Dpi Flash Buforo in gloried in Tho vindication of t popular sovereignty principle in its apply a Liy it i opponents to thu then cell Tolj tar Tonch of a Colne and Colorado yet yesterday in thu Len Pic a Bill pas.sc4 the from Tho or ii lation of those territories and Fiu Stit it Tig in la a tend the arbitrary Rulo of Congo i d intervention thu Wilmot part View of to Mexico i "181c if n the War with thu Southern slates of 1sc2. 1 he Raco of the you Rona w not i to abolitionists neither learn nor Ciu cart Hito of to Tho in h with die Pic it Climond in Homo Leal att Turre in other the Plutta Terrt in Olin Hilt Piffl ind Uil Dai Mgo Wii a poured by taking Trio Iti Juril Anita acid to fetch taut mail a Catt trait wus Iroler fit ran Tutu the Cumberland Tutelio mip tiled Liv Nulf a better one. A Kim Ulruan n Uli army to ionic rat Fin has written n letter to a Friend in Liis City from which. Tro no Pennito flu Takt tote Tidlun Wiig i tract lilo no Lvuv a Tel soft inf thu Grumld of ins fat tritium Wotli the Nanny in w very a Tifa. 1 will rat l Inci Dmit that came unit my own Ohser vat in i lorry to a Richt fort Mouros to Iho to thur to York River Ria Toiny morning we taken Many prisoners Companick but i Carnot learn of any Large bodies Halog Fatta captured 1 to con Payee of Tho 8lh to Moa cavalry Are reported Gen struck by a piece of Bue was 4not injured. To opinion if Franklin s division to m Timo n great part of Uit rebel Tref will take at a Sonera very Bud condition by wifi Tali eur it nip ded 8 he american s account of the but Leo iat wll a Ainsburg Tihe Battle in was a troit far maj t in to the roughness of the i Tad condition of the roads but a Small per team v if our troops could to brought into j 3en Sickles i1 act Sior Bra Giulo and qty Oral la Ouker t. 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