Dawsons Weekly Times And Union in Fort-Wayne, Indiana
26 Mar 1862

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Dawsons Weekly Times And Union in Fort-Wayne, Indiana
26 Mar 1862

Read an issue on 26 Mar 1862 in Fort-Wayne, Indiana and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Dawsons Weekly Times And Union.

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Dawsons Weekly Times and Union (Newspaper) - March 26, 1862, Fort Wayne, IndianaWeekly. Times and Lui ii. Tiie till. Jar. Ican rebellion nil Somo stars i licit Slid Cli of twas making Progress in enlisting the upon Liiv Pitt Piscina of misleading spirits of that Alonlo the Federal government. Offline thai to was enlisting that Powe behalf of Iho South and soon inc Retog Hixion would lie Iii their fun ror. In the midst every arrival from foreign lands asset lain j that of Yore ii War being gilded la l u at rest Ait fair who. Trench. Striate Marc As much direction As the went of great Ami Point packs 7 is the further f it the the Crew Niju Jet fan both is i friends of t in Federal this Alluri limit a tiption and in a a Cilmi a tuition. Fun Ruif will i it no nov Uio cd ii Niwo r Ilic Rilk Allon the a Jiing mid . Extended to Ulici i in Gruini an. Liv wend of Anict Ica mid will Lam Furril a Jajjo Tonji tits Uio fact inc he will nol Iri Loicl inti Iticia tin Liy quarrel our Puli Bilics ill Trio Senate on Macc to ainu i can Uliey euro ipod Irnita cd in cd actin itt Lio a Hii lion Urcyl a iliac c Iii of of thai cot inlay Ulm if no ctr we Iii tilt to lib jew War for snore limn Iii Ilij j Lliott it it Tili di1 i life now a tit Ita bul Warks have in la red Ali two nil inner no Tlell los id in tit him it Hitt Uniti Wii intent in ill to work a Itawi a r to to Bol Stu Wal in in o Amis. Und Taii is n tap fail Tiller exit Wal d t 11 to the roof Flat us Ling Etc inti Iii jul Lihr live rom in tid Tudon of Tia . I a mind Lvi la Una a Uko Lilnette Tut Tott to Ltd uti Uili an dig of lit View it a cml Liuyu Wjk ii Lii ii Tosi and Liat i Cro written we ii i Lowyns us Oil mid Poilu. i Ilia senile Al. A Hoy fill nah n i for Lio uni ill find of it inc old h i Lind in i Liq a Tifis jul Tatj our Owtis hat finc no Ilia run Iii i la flu us Lour to dlr India re Giitl their Cuticone. In trend of Nichet Jwili illicit Vrljic in Iii we cd dirty i4f i Law w Lilli hmlhi1 of with twin to Liao not u u Trio i wow of . Olio to Ilic hot Iolite is mid to Ltd a fun san for Thryl dirndl Tionel of Lilloo u la to to . Vlcan t tit of it Rivall these1 Nippin tetons into met who i is ten of tic Tornal Liliu in ill a new Liin Sii iut it ice in h ii Jimini Shifon to co Oji Orali of Fiir is Iii ills tills Decsi Raul it Tilty to to Leto Kimii Utju Elf. A Lucli t t i Kvinta Imit dial a Lite i Iii rur Luv such in of la Nim or hib under or for Tel Ticoli a hint during Trio Tel tit Wulling with Goti. Teri Bop Nita Short tit not tlic1 Cottu Hilair. Fair this lie in lie Lis grafted. In trial lie by for cd mar Riiff Cri Zirul Wylli his or the Ltd of the engagement and his tin itly non uni save a 1 1 Omas army. To was1 Prius rail Gallau upon Yvel in Carufe Lio t the we flow Luimus n system of attempting u Fleer Ovid Niro of Liin bravery is a coif no Iii Utu Niue. Poll Crux , have not at Lizuart Trio gory co or Utu interest of Iii Fiu Ouid ims cushioral., let j Ini Donu to Mun Hon by giving hit Lacu of Gen. Lion Inch to Lias Kli Wii to j1h not Tuko Fitton his Corii Inal repro Coli for the Pur Poku of Gratifying Tho Viutti ii of Ono less Burnsi Ile achieved not Hijra go Oliotti Victory a Ikon Lorn Jorth ten thousand1 troll Clad by entrenchments i our were totally routed. Futo i tic work Anta Tiit actg an very Day Utran Gihei the Ihal the full form of in loyally Han hint its fury and Puco will return to Gladden the i Bill to Tyr tha South in but Moro or Loris Tolian a scheme for Disso lying came Bilbro Contr ass s Nacri and a motion i was i Nile to Iny in Onilio As a test vote tin do Itlie apropo sit run Lay table acc did by. Yens Hays go. I Wii Ltd the Netlie veto a bold be so for thu character of life p to acct induced us to conclude that not i Giorc of votes in its for 51 put Thrim Jelics upon the record As disunion inels pm Posca to to provide for Crri Brial f in stitch. Tylij Srob be done without Hist annulling Sla l Liat l nil Viruet Nuy but the Union As their1. Sought to Plano i first step Gutc. Iho. State Ali i ill Tivit a deliberate to dissolve i Sci Road vex hint t sought by Iok acc i i l Thoj Reat a incr inn Union and we resist i d by on net will of it is those in arms Lam Loverti lit thai Bond ii Suu Ito Public blonde it it Ilu in Iii time and in is a Mai Bennf Unpi to to sock Linns to Tilrico Onu thu re genl Lleni Yutuc Trp of Fedt airy re Hullious suits and Dew re Wuh them by i it Iii if. To live Arr and win the the by Luicir in birr hid it Boli Wilf to Cimasi Yum i euro o l Liu lairs hit we never Tan in Chi the for we Hulk a unit i a of Leicil a nil it Cirpili Lluli of can in Neil Salumn chitin act try which Iviry in roof . No Iki Power lit sever Lluc sinks from t lira italic a and the lir at Fitti ily of Loo Mic i Iii Iii Tel Tiki them and to l in Tiai Ion tit tin Man n Elliis Tolian Ninny Oil irs if a Hor will i inti l ii ill i it hut Viu m it i Fec Llie Aii Niliah squirt list Lii Vail by years my and Kiino Tomii win a nil in Ivi to Lilli m Niy Natl it tit la . In my i tid Ivr Neil us n in at Nulion. It tic a to Iih-asur.? try of Iii hit new Lii a Tell tit n n end mid thu Unity his Down it Tho to it of tvs Illius Iii Lory a s dry Drtad fit Ever. Hut Ithai u insist Riton Litis i lift 1 Iii Otic Wnm n Ali. , we land Chi mint of Llie in Inu Fri Iii Len Luj Hillh my Avld l.l., Nihil Ltd u n a not Lii d let tiny. My. L a a Tii Ofa Laii m 4 he till i dipl Jui a sit ii ilium of he Lias no h hinted thu Irli Miry j if Iho Liti ii Iii Lei tit say thrill a Lii Tira i in i m it a in inure a chitin if int Nevi a he kit Mil toil Hill d ui.inled1 lib insult Lio lib u a Tii it in Civan o it Tiro in i Lunic pfc in the Mitic jew manner Hilt Tenn airs Iii lord to lie Toni fut walk of life a la Viii if ii Nind cart of Rte enjoy in Titi-1 inn de their in ilk ills a will tilt life tit Lleni wives of Deli Radii to tic . Lefiu 1 the Union to Iho Union which i llicui.1.0 if str pit Cor Fri Iii t of to licit Boi Ilicin Fric nil vial in their of tin Iii Hiraml the Iii Lillion 10 Loci Tilv Rock Ltd and m my Iceni Stales in ,.tliat Ihm Ronld Nib until Ihu on furl sum a lit c Liviu til that the fail end of of tit Rumi i i in fur Olvir in Cal edit Thini it. Ilium Aniced their Iel a Iii inst co Etc Iii and thur Why him Vitlin re owl ire i Elk i and my of Forl sum i thin Rev Otsui in. And r not evil Rcok by within inc. Usu in inns tin object of the ally i hit ii ii u Iii i. Tiit to i Tevini to licit Orrne find Mew Iii Thi ii on Mimir of into in o party if the North to in d it Wiir administration ii Ihu Only ii Pius it ing their c Limery. Vonl1 n i pics ibo it l with to i to id liar Rilliet nil Lylial i a dour Evolt life itself Lor tit it Irvn Tonii of uti Iii and tin t Onu Titov Ion nil to Thi in Al in but i Iii have Gavin lit Tii a rep is Nuudi Iii in Muiir Doii Tiki he ii Tutu i a sir the it Enkich it i Pirrly of Tiu North to Tiu i fun whom traits ref whom Lluy Renil Iliili cordially a. Llic us Ilu War a i Divi Birrd by von i ill your Public Nam Vul. 1 hey Nilly Nii Inin von with n to urn Eccl Ilott by my of your in Nulty will Himrum no id in Nat Duiho Union and in Liis Lluy Cru Villi Llin Urpi Ibl Clatl ill will i the h Tito Ilu Snir. Is now a proposition to Titi to Llie i Ihu army tort la Woicul. If Uirt duct nut in to n Noji cd to Fop so the Gnu Lur it hungry pan Iii Iii aliud fur he jul of Iho Jil Trottie Gito Birtt vah u t Suiku most Lusi Inucci i ii his but in Linch Lanty aspire it May Tito Ini Dichl Oluic nil Uii Tig not in the Liu Oltof a it and thru my i ave Becuti Finui Omny dual Lis for in y certainly that the you Noil Tim Hilis tinos of scattered Copl a of for Colum Trio forces the in of Power j in imparts of Iho Constitution and contending for Trio qty Tuio voter Mont we in our Jaru. To ear Avo War Canji Avail Ngn or i. Y. Lio Ihu Dur Wilt won Over Iho Lith twins Globin peace in Hariw Nof Hope twill i Jam Bri fitly and Rubiato f tit talk set 1 i loud to old to Llic demo Crtalic political .iliu1 and , a Cotlon lie rights Liy thu air Dot Iii of fave Lunk composed of Union is any the pillar Ain the Ritof will full move the roof and Liuti inra Utida our country will jew str can Ritli wine i lit prostrate or stand shattered on the of i ave. Ku.i7.Uil up Tiu and arc a por Lioti of Ali o it Llano of on Yulyes nil in tin in Tiu Insu be Lioja Cir a ctr Sci ten in for Tho Iii selves out of Tho rum s. 1. Democratic Hilling Maku nil., the Iii Lucid Audi ii Lii Privi Tel Clra Pratsi Tiomi Wotila with mis. Both at Init. And j t wild Paralyn a Korylu Eru Patriot give life for tin. He loved jul Iurii Imus i Tio Niv list Begaii Sindi b holds Sii crud life pit Fiji pcs of their pros Urvi Iliyn the of Rynler Anil Law. Us Welti Itie korlir.ii9.tlu Allih Tuohig Clit men know Ibi it n re Niblic a Este drive tic United . A Kiili and interests pwt pin. Nil it the. Lii Wiiest ii. No it is thai it cry Tridib Liberty revolts from of in Itlen Etc on t int Cunt tuition which leaves Virry Swie fee to i in till it i in the Stib version nothing ii Prospect like each l to Iii Cun Linual Jiki ilium on Tome Iii which Liberty shall crushed Undi a to Lii Iron Arintoc r an Mic ii a him any Friend s 18 Nin with confident Hope and n of hint princ Qili sees act but n. Cluster of hostile . Pic a Ipoh of v. Of i c Lia Raly Sis which Aii Aliah trod Rico in Many ii enat in Only la Vlaj to that uie in Orth Antiona t Tho Icso r Wurmli Init Pilc Tho crime of by enabling Cluj re butt twas with some a eur Spinney Iri Labij a Iii it . H wild Iii Ilc in ii y to it Hoitin. Nil i Ricc that the North us Ell the Uii Iju. Which i Nulo them Onu and Nic eff wily the one iras ii Nich to big Atigh Rizki Iowa idly pal it Sejin Jill and jictijilo1 ill i Oli Lui. Kill it is snid Tomt slavery is the cause of tiie rebellion nil ism fore k Khoi Ihl in j Xici i. A ital. Tin is it remotely and Fri tally farm Menith jus Lilliin Tiu of Ihu of slavery were Killick it to a Nisi tuition would Fivel a Llave it Cen Furi cd Liotti would Mil Havu Skud to three Scon leu. If a livery were of sleek Wailtl in Malta a Jii Ilien till Shi Schumers u Ruhu. A Fiir is ibis from inc Riith thai the Impi Ron Stdeni Ula of Nioni them look Hui Iii tin kit Dion Ned uni i is a Motily Outi Idt Prolic Liuigi which ibid has. In their v my in shut in other a tails which pm ninth he tint return of fugitive Fiton by this ilm Nuon of Luc Colloq slaveholders a i Iii a few Gross Ulm Ruo Vliet Clim Niu Tiv Pruiti of which could nut in los Hunel by has been Ifica tic Iii lifts fill i Pace with it and to r coct lion ii to Viart far thirty a carry und in of Usu. Or Crim labor a ii enl a s Lilit i Csc profits would Havu not Grenter held the1 Southern i Fitin to Cpru i it la of hired. Five in Sleat of slave with tic inn Ichisi u6lils of ilm i inn icily to Colton within luvs though of their they amid Rule is Kins t la Ivy a hid Liiv As Brut it ii Ihu Uii Ion a Adco Uipi Uzial idul Povi Itin it ills of civil d Lial Trio rulers of those nations have tit Iii this. Rubell Iii or by which Llic i cad Fri an and Comici civil Jan uly they say to those jirouu1 nations Havu the Wivurn. And intend Touse n i lies Coltun Babwin Nti Yumich Cost of Allej world it Tumut Law broken and mis would hint Colliu Yapul ii mid i Ulm sum. M l Ditri Linig Avila say us to tit Only it u us your Cotton but Nisi Ore to us Ali Annir United and Pua Coful omit a Liili your new Ittai Nal will us co m Pam tidily of Little 1 urn Lionil must defer my next Otic Branch Ihu gilded ii rights it tick in. To Atu Uinam Uhi Ncneil i it Loihl a unlink it of no i Isteni wlm numb i Otid Hwn Rity in their lawful a new Bey nil Security in to Weir Law i no Kittli Rugiel Alluisi a Waif i a in world Ami its Niew Unghi us Ali every print pit no f to Luisa Madu i to give up . Luthi Vleta slavery pm a ill of Union Rath it kit iwo Nari its fur i Eweul con it re Simcer Siwl in slut than an ilium Bill one Wheeli Tuny in Nellt in in 111. t mtg. Tho la l men Tlyas urls have i Lew no Ceil Mitti of in it trivet a i Uii War ii to Arajuo with Watlam it it u .lit., l Ltd r ii Ltd which. A Fivi a Siwwi Lam relic Iii of mid How am Llyn Uli it Entik ii n Nii Tiomi will Metw to l in dolt d Inifi Ali Iris Poitr n the Thiol Iii Luik atom Jitend All Flint Uit Ninon us 1 fail nil no mini. 1 Ltd ref Bur i Loroch. In til Klinl Woldt into trim owl Cipul lit lit cd Lettu iut clip no lit Atlantic to bit mid. I Nett it. With no parity to ii try to Elhiu tin Lilii Iii 1. Lint tiling Ehlt i Arlt Lars blk Velv or mainly it kind i Liyim mini Lii Ibyl ical Ali ill tin tilt Iho Lii rebellion mid i i far urn very. Hns Fommo Giuin. Khali it la Ithna mint Wiir Mcnol friends ought lobe satisfied i Villi the Illy f4ildi ail Rock in y of o Uro Iliot unix in apr in ii thu in Ute Nult Iljin ii Liblit i Lurl Jill is i it tha it in a Naif k f Tomt Flirl Tiitu Ali out it clix. Latte us Brut cols a limit Nerur my Tritth Mellon it it mini wot nut he own Inpil Ivins in by thu to Criso of bin ital a a Las of Milf Tel it Liotis us we o tit cite Priit m Itti a Tsirli u Luy Mai tint Iii Lrtil with Leto tick Kun of the Hwy and n Tai a live til Lii it lion o Lii if. Ivi Ith to Oscr Cut tit y us my to their ii Slotik. Mul ult Fly re Neitli few tit envy tilsit a in Alvort Licci i Ivow Mhyl All Lucyl their Mann Hunu Dnard. Ati l by n Cahnt div Ihor Danhi of ulc wild r 7iw, Taufi t til he the t if Mir if at i fit Afat Jam k a 111 my it Tel 1 Lorri Ivor in Thea a Etc r the in Sivi wll in my Hist in hat Liliu cause a fuck Hijii Tho synth Iti Lleni Tiliti in stiff few cred that l id t lion if Hon very. Which Bey Imd Iii mini Ronli of util if guru pro iliac culty hired labor in ills us in it in Trio North its Pryllis n Ould nol greater Plum Thoy arc now Liliu ant Iii shias in lint my Liuigi Xiv Liili have Jii Vneil there u a Virly in the n Ipar Tuv y a Mill no pack Viitel when fur Liliu Mijiu us in would win Rel in a i Inird thousand Ivun and a if Xor Librn Money Willii int Tyvon the Iii ipod of any to it in. Etc Lux or thu Puoplo of Tho Hiam in Shiuli thu a live. Inv Pilj Tan a thai i ii Otic Tulion tin and of Ilu of who Union on Tulier j hex Nimit a Unciul but know. Thai thu is Mil Llin View in by 1 be Gri at if lint Xii Litu Thi i a live thai we still Tom no Wash Ngum Merit Llma War u Miil in in def civic of Ilia con id Tullon Ami Liliu Ideiil mint lint Union Breiu tin Sci Misti he Tomt if i Ditl it would to will Vilips it until Tiu Are to Tinh Mit in to us it Tomt to act i f inc Rucci ded hit Ilov not in n it Iho or Jin Unco u. Uhi Vulpi a them to Union win s Tiki my i fill. Thomi on Lite a list Buohl not i Lite us Liliu Anni do Raul n acc in tin Romul pm Lou is Siul Dimnic in site after state they will than Dan Ihu Lii Unith nil i hair and thu in duties a inv Iuri no fiscal it til the iwo gluon of the and Diu Cmil and Imi Limi Bill Pim Ulim ill or paid Tih can Rich in of Tiluy Liao forfeited Itier of. Of into Fotij and the Jill to Lori Nind Loci of Iii Tolufale Hli Torti and Ouw Sirtl Ishmil it cd n i Ilott Viola Iii ii fico . I Low far Ili uld Law carried it ii Icson of us Audi a ii Jav Neil a Iiri Filiti Thoj Ami u it it lulls pot ill of vow Ali it t tit Ailrad Hoci Tiri in Jihuo Mirtoli be Content with which thur Prili Cipoli Hutt tin Intuit . Mitil of i Lio Bill under cover Folti Kli Laurily. R the Isai Lunf anti Tinct to to licit Lla r to Ilju is Giuili Imi hav Ollier j to Ami. Lint 111 id n Yorlli Ait Nii Hli Hiil haul Tony suv4-Lioliu-m m Llie Fiorilli if holier Nolb Chi a it Lois. Unitha Plait Ivy in . It which land Mui Mitlo live nil to to. Lii Llic a fico state Tiu a Mali. my Mil Tii a ii Ian to often n Ruth us will ail Soulli Tho of those j Union army burning their in tinny i Volt Aga Iurii govermnrhl1 con knitted Nim it Luicir and Linn Dottini the till by i hts tolling limit Hutiu mud of Litho Lavt Udovc Nttah of Vinancio Stiim Liml h t by h Anillo in in v i my Ftp hit nil u making Tom Cal him of tint Rel Raollon my Law Mimi Neil up in i the of Nuj Iti Felicy . La Trio Nurah the not Cpl the Ela y ill to Imlej. Inti its i Luiey a to inca Iii Tiliti ii As Ali wac. Ii itch ili0 if i tit ill lab mini he Imu Ciplic uti Liidi u is muted in .11 owl Rvl atm i l Anjul full him. Hut o principle Uii in Holcli u u 1 in soil. N Kol Kiiu virtually us Rasiul the uti Iun in Ihu Aid to the Cliel Lii smolt. It would Flor sent inc Loyal so Lirk to ii Nylotis. I Ion to at Terri til an Enlil i Hud Murthum hut Iho the is Unity fur any Ixia us May l trotted Iho nut ill also o Maun of a Volini Iii not Luigi but Lite Mich .1 Iho Ilni in Law Many ii Sutow or a Mill try ties kult to Havedon coir Jucal and u he whole la in Tihor a Tor i a Emu Avor Ruiru Ful y la the danger und Folly of nil such prep tired change will a Zmudy Lam Ifcic lentil but we firm Obilt in will in Cavaso Iho Ijiri Nowr to Ohio dul Clinti m Tjw if Tho new Ami stringent Irner against pro fun Tyi lift Ivory it or to at Voiht me Tai Vitril a it meant Intuit min win tip visit Letim is a ii Iris Jujj h pm tin Fly i k l the i i. Alaji in in Tito i offside it of the if. Sliwi knit sin in Niy letter 1 he i us Rod to i Hirw i Hytt Tiu Only ice Iii n Tufts Crof us War is integrity he Iii i constituted of n Iii enl slates. 1 shall null erupt Ali t int of the 10 Boap it n bit hid. Cui Tuv Lien Tel principles of it no scr no Onu Tiopilo and one Wilum oids a fur Nullie Stit Stiim Nin lift a you. Outside of that Impi tvs Aru to dirty finer in nil him Iid thirty for nations have any Moro Richl to if Cit with Ihu local Laws mid institutions a not than with inc Laws of and itni7.il. Tho people Ollio Sutti in Rtin under Trio to Ilene in to licit loo3l. by inns if a the duty Liu United states to uphold arid in the Itu Mph. A War Ninfi died to Figioli an object would not Uteri Ihu uni de slates wert1 the Klimt. So far Glicr Cotte As t in our May Vnti cd Ngai wit Viilu Luiis Triin will u Ich a and thu n Orlic re Trot in Nannt will nne in truth what they now subtly a fraud with Wui Iton a Isa lants of Ulmo nut . Thus far the War Lias in. Of Ihu 0 is Ron find to in and Trio la tiie United in their Alliod led la Tom United Elliis firm and plan Loim that Llie War is Lierck flair to lie waged Nkani isl Law Farid instill inns of tic Lioy will measurably to Kil Iuit of. Chimo Citti Rall Lisiy Giro to their Canso a Coloro Ai us Stu nerve Thui Rann is a Isioro Diwillio War Fronio Iono pot or of t Luthero Uil t Riata to lie Almite Clil i Luis abandoned in the trial i Lack Vilh Thul their Pridu Cine Loii in any Hoa mild nil in i which Binning nun directly or . To get id of a Tho sikh in Ruih Wui nil Llu in is thu Ylst it Ihu prom it no la la Iii. Thu Ulm i i full Atli a folic Sim it Carolina bind tit if tic of n com Nunley pm puked of Gnu Omen and labourers in which shall in nuclei s till the us Iris their slaves. I o Lliam end. They were it Eliric the Relk a Linin broke Oil now idly in Hir Truf inc african irnili1, Nind Havu Siuchi Suauu Llyd Wilh 11 iwo to a restriction in Luicir do ii Lerall const Lulion tie tuned by an Appi u Len Siim Ifni it Mil lie Safe at r to out Nijjer the of lha civilized Oral. I tit there k claw of slave Iki hers cupid Billy in Ila i Etolil Iii Stales who do not exile Truiti Liitt Aioli Pittley Lutr. U is of men tit Niode Riib is owning but Finiw so avert1 ai6 the men Whoso Iii Lusty Nihil co Nynie. Ini o enabled Ilion Onu ii vow and seen it work in the same fluid with Wii negroes. Thoy not Wilh Trio Chi tits Rifie anil1 Ilan Lars to reckon their Szvcs by hundreds Mil Vohu never my Landh. To the Luw Ihu Hue or thu a so Sliwo St null my dvrs. Numerically Giorc inn Trio Richer have no to a in associated itt a government cont a loud n Jurt by Ihu Tieti of the North Annj t i iut Aliy Ponseti Lulious Mil to Ujj slavery docs not make them cd is m _ Flat in to it Nore porn Linc Clafli Uoti hum shoo in the Pri Lii of and lust or a hich have a induced the to Billiou Lough Utah co had cot Ion. Iko Whaul of Toul Corn been a product of Llic Nurah As Well the in cultivation would not Havo been a source of inor Timu in Haltli to soil Librn plan tors for urn from la of Ilio Morulli a told their have won Bronchi nto Din it. With thu slave Nhor Olio Smith and Usu Price of the Arvicio would Nave Beon mod Oral profit. Hut l climate has even to Trio a null n Mot y of ibis culture and ill a Tuono Violy not at no Dawm Priit on Ihu exist enc of Sam very ii still cd Tel is As now if slavery were swept out Alt Corii Porcial gift it would probably in Thal Viii be a of Llic Price. This invention of Lii Cut twin pm and in Rdv inc milk. In Machi imry so Iho preparation acid of Ilion in u Tyhof j Ort Toyal in South every mitral whom tiny Law Koi fam no punch unit u la Muir Mas. As Ilia. or tics adv anus into urn Iii prior Oiler will Itti and i cd 1 to Tom riot Mhor Liy l r Llic if itchy and Ali rally Titiro u ill he my limit Lett ii to portion of the Stu but t Oserud slaves. Tii it Hal if their in Sci a persist to their mad and Reu lion Tom com Sti ution Liliu mud will ii a Community n 0113 n i Oriun of Tiu Southern com it ulcer Liliu Irot Juliun of Ilia unit u if he War Ihlo Iki by the Listi mice of thu Cut Lon the u is a result the uni Uil status1 cannot Avert if they would. Ity confiscation ilit1 slaves will be set free and thru Gli the Tiac Ilic lauds us their in stars will 10 Len Tii to Julion nil with int Couslin Tuluii l von nov there is a a Colony to preparation acid Nisi to it into co Petit Eltoft Taviti Imblon Condil Ioas Wilh every other Dan clot lung the human by r it so a idly increased i int a routed j Ort Toyal under Tho Prus Chiun of tin in Unal fun rfcs mid in fit Luru Extension nto an Conin Dimity depends of to Lunoy of the planters und Tho Dou ii of tar. Tiu this is not nil. Four of ill Iho Iho on Stalin Cru now Iii Fulty Hlili ice Oil acc Imit of icon ii son of choir masters. Mow for u q Urfe Liiro of their us in r their lives shall he carried is Qiu Tsiou Only ii nil it Simonof Kiwor. Kiir Fitilis of nil lawfully set fms Tiit Tom a Ini Inci Alion of Liliu other my follow. In this View of Trio sul oct but. Iii Ives ave Trio Almini Lionisio i ii our Ali t u ii into Aii Tif tic Winil Mtnlion by making gis cml Sli and of of Llma lie direct old Jirvil of Tho War thus color if right to the rebellion ail in a the especially Iii the South patriotic men May Well i Lilker As it to a hich tin pimps Musit of shall to Carric in Tiu Titre my they. Chorine insist that it shall iks car ried. Extent of Ami soiling o of All the of Stu a Tomt icy May wit Miil any incl pc of Tiu con Sutu Tirton and is Ricly they would ims to nuclei on that ground than any Vlcher. Why Iti ii should laity Nam he the Clit Iii Lihn Juil ground not act Wilh Conha Lity Toboso who re k riving in a Ninnin Trio Ron Joti Putnm As u d that the Chou of their by i Norw of Liuigi Tindor its authority v they May that their object if aun Nablo at All can Bundru Cisily attain cd Elliis Mode Ian any revolutionary pro cd dings. A Tho time for considering Linw fur it w the wit Iii Tho was no the Prico o 10 raw material until Alpbas re Alicd a fir Alvo iliac of Aliy article which Jin lie brought of inc world j Lilian it Tirol m i Markcus Osla Vcra a Lalifi Vijh not injl4 it entirely try it carry Tom punish Canth has in a rest of the c runt of treason Nolar Rifici. When it Doet Ali Lynn Law decried not in Micili by Tho Gyhl of Tho traitors by Iho 1 10 Loyal ,.ft not nil nil if blood if lab lending re leu of thu do Siml Ion of and e the Lia of in never More United Ian know in. To suppress rebellion at Cost of treasure or. I Lubel. I Zuj Iii fire Pence a till Saf Oija Aiko Iho Only thai by Shiuli thu nation can Recorr Lam Lont pet Maininie and re come Anil resume that care of pc i or Iii Vvhs Ich wins ii ado of r Coli by the find of Trio world ii revolutionary of Rifin the North int to or a Uriu ism but Lei will him voice suss Lek it is Pinr scr in ii Lutri rtt Reimt a lion Pence Iii Iund it if it a belts Iii Little in Ler upon a gun Chi Lisco Tsiun of the Bla cry Iro Kosc Iii Iii Tiger letter to Tonoli ii Iii one by incl Winch Mure Laii any Uther link i it am03 a Badalu ia.-18f.ii i senator son of has pros cd Lac is talc Sivo Lucil Ieti ident the assign Tho co my nand of any Field Lonn officer without regal to Sci girly. -7at the first a Lance there Klc Iii Iol to be Linch air the men Are but upon a critical oxime nation of inc of his Bill in in one Mure. Itil Porlant and Dnn Crous that generally Titi us it is the furl of to so Cin liar ram him Way gnat inn to gratify Iho Nuhi Titi of an Jim Eye on the Tilic Coli Manj of Llic Union ii Niy Foj r. To explain illicit tic department of tic i it Oinna timid or Mack and Lam Mountain under Gen. L Vult Tont a Jin Trio , is i Jim in Only Tho Coin Mandry Linic title or nothing to Iai done. Alm Lilion is triumphed Vic Loty is Coni Pluto j for Tom Only object Ion rum Iii of pub Licius. Not Nolti Gla Virv enough for hum lie loves a Riwa f in Luu Ltd id inc re Tho govern More of the Livich it Tiirik in Tho if rebellion Ami not loan. Interference wit i Liat instil Tulion. In this Point lie in a Tali it mid seeks la. Can Minim our Rej Ribucan inn of Aai Ullic. Chiist Lallon and innit Tinin Ihu while. New Ilion do Lien to i Unith the ruins of nil these tid a yield Jiny if Ibry us Power Ulic All Llic of free y Lind mint Ilia thereof itry Nii Glit i nation a form of Utji Bailly to flan i lies Miry be shia a awful in Ondr their to powerful Iii a Imil and if to Trugli in tiny Ahw cd in Manly we Pfurr titty la Iii Jious to Usri a to Ali did slut oppose to ilium Lonc in Long if they Tiu pm it in far of Teget a Tisl riot of Iho Conj Kicky of Gen. Me for a Moi it Iho Ultras Are unit in their and Tom h it Mccu Lati and Fremont Oia Loil Jukin nation to Jumma Titler Iii Olivit of the Oliai Tom to Polo will Idil Jault Tii in if to Thoy inny in for we of ctr Lylial it wild bit Diana. Roun to the country and in ail Vatick warn thu ill of Alt Lilion Aga int it. Heir Machull mums a traced and what Lioy do Iro in to did and. Thu Man they Hutc in Tho lion of Luicir in Lumli nay iia is Nick dump by Consielia Tiu fur they Liny hear Tho of Lam Volcano of Ruvo tinn and Nea in Bunting fort i from heir very feet to Chin Sunnio them Tho go vent in ii to ii full and Iho wreck of All ii duly Hopes of Man Iii great of Elf . Our country above it else Tiit glory is our glory pro Kerily our prop City and wac Nguot willies an at it ii indu Tii Ilc Elroy it without raking our in in idol half we ill ivc Ali if nation Linn two foes a Molly to its Peaco pm tally at War Willith Witt i it they no Bolil Inkuls my secessionists. Ii at both Ami will War Ikui. The so fluid cd our in Ion will Fol Ivor destiny and All Iho it coptic Tia Puy but while Citler of Liew dangerous elements Are uncured and allowed to ferment Cimon a among the against Llie got onion unit All that As a people we have is endangered. A Joice Tomt is it to the o it Iwu Clito la Inch tiie l Orcsi Ilcent Treitli thei Jiso Youh for ii has Tjit he will All nil any Dorls to ii ii Ihu foul Bat tried of act fiction Upton tic it or of Liliu commander of Tom o to inc or any other commander is lie duty of nil Union Loving citizens to in upon and nil and every Ali jul to complicate our National Dif Licul Lien by thu negro question Ali Cuciti. In can Only Huven disa Strigus cd oct country my into Lannu the Day Xvi ii Cinco shall Jill Diw ight Uitti Limo Saiid Tho Memphis Avalanche holds Forth Fortuin Xor Ulicni Cit Sti Ali Artyv 1 to Siok i Tfir in ult South will not much longer Frnnk i Lyndly wrongs mid foul a Sulu in a Iccil dash Nils they will. Nol h longer tic it Annilu d to Horras our people with Tho Day is it a Liy in veiling i Enn sol Vunia and or cup Turing i Liila Maryland and Virginia will to re lion a and Liy Tho Northwest and it no King Missouri nil Rill w delivered front Irir oppressors. Tho nned Hong from la Jinns Judiann Ohio v which to lick arc not Ovi Uruu and will lie compelled to Liy to the defense own soil. This is flit sheer bluster and comes with d Grace from the j Wfong for which is Ono of the organs of inc Rock is. Truth of invading tins Stirt Hefti Why wish to go so Fai to find men to fight when Lilicy no in yom midst just stand i Foro Elioso Wel Avo Jthn of sumac Yon defeat to lick Lic Fure you boast of invading Iho Korth and West. Hut in View of Tho cowardly flight Froni their Strong hold ii we do the Cir will lie much Moro fight 1115 cd wet upon paper. They arc braver in pen and Ink Conlest than Linn the and by Ivi cry the j us i Quattr is Lith moves you n few Itelina Liidi Hwy prove in cresting to the readers if . A incr. 2lst cd Ribary thu the to ids were almost we went Liv Siy of the like Yulii b Law i Hurt Ica tit Anil most of la c to Alvic wit i a Toliaf is Lii Carit by Ritj Jig raging Thiv ticket Lay we a Cacilh d Willij Iii pwt. Lie re we re Muncil n Souriv old Llic .1st then come to Marti Fiji Tii i Laid u r Dixie. There w and Lii univ of in a tit Ali Woitiw a Only Hud one Compa Lye the Lijah i iss. Passed o Var Glrst Hud Talieh lie will frail Tho Ilo Usguhi were now Iii the actg Hill Wiit Cli each company us they St to on the old Doi Iriti in by Ali Etc cheers which Shook tiie cry Over Trio Hills of which made it Fiji pair As is we were in in Tiv and Llic Hotsic us he it was a lion thu rep mint hear two for 12 tiles where to arrived at 2 o clock the next Loutit Iier lint Fuji my that the rebels had Rel cat de however we took a Lew provi Jiin turned them Over to the pow in Law and of the Fulli pro Cucile on our Way to Lluli Crull ten mar ims Burgh j should Jinn slated in Jit tiie Iri Vatu As Jii Ibric properly it martinis Iii re is before gun. 1 at Crinion ii a Taij in Iii Itiat lock the traiiir7 to hem lit Rihori Thi the Chi fire tick is i stroy Llor i valve Iliili it Lithe Slif inv destroyed the of tic Jii Ion min Talt ii and in Civ soil ice Roy leaded Lien wore from to licit Fuji of Houious and Iasic Ltd boar to live which icy Havu Al Wyrt Revere us to which they would now if Uliey Ilam As t stated before we Lifjar Cirod on in luuk Ujj Tilev the coniing of urn when we san Rcd fur Winchester. Iii Llie Moarity Otiis Fly i Ibi itus nil his Fri cd except what crossed it wll Occil pistil and Gen. Nyji Srotir itmnney.1 a clock our came in sight of Liliu no by four Tnil-jmtrotii1 win Clies r the Laili and. The Wii tit As hey Taro vat in Liliu enc is Jalc Kyls acid Laid it it Row Lucli of Loti we would have Priscil Linn even to thu Knuth of Liliu lint As ii rus we for the and Nix Souly in blvd the Day to Al pics in Luik. Luy Tho real in. B of log lit Over the Brand old of Wilh a orb than not Iii jilt Tidor which Addoul flt Enesi 10 Tiu no ready Nind hearts of every live Luib Ino Rihs l j h a la Chi Llic West of hot Ixia Twitt Advance on Llic Dutoi Montef he Howa Anil at Iliad will co that Lam Ulm Luwi Matiy u us he nil. Cornu in la b Racli work i of Iris id Obj pygmy g Nti Dall pc. Titu Elji Kiwal a to in killed and. Tom Suu Tuu in the Der of Hattie of 1 in Atli ice it m t it bal the Kun ii 1. Hawx Frouz i d i tit Del ii being lit no Sci ii Tuin of Iii in Miil Inucci Dio t to Rel Tel k my at of very . Ohio Ortha he rim Cei Ziloti they is Iii i from Trio gun to Ranii t be utter in at 1 Ohio a lid Wen ii Ink in if Tii Iii and i Iii Goti in Ina Titi few 10 Carfl sol River to cast aide. It Cirii in Ouight Flo mis of Trio tug ii Bati could till Ihilani Ivlow hid a cowl by Lii High Imti Iii Guirron Ilsc the Iraq t the eager desire to Gen. Hunt Tovo tip Blind i Luand by command was Gra wed yesterday sit my instead the Castant ocoral ital crating , on Trio Virginia Lam Public a Tully Antic-1 of paled he is Olfa Hundred tin let to Ami Jujj Inovia ahle n Tamica bound hns lung if and in thu Illint Battle and taken of the that Dmn Iutok Ohio it to Iown of n of Lorn. Ought on Krit Lay last u of Battle was thu. Of t5 the nest of thu Rocco a Contu Sli Wim decided Bya Lime tilt articles of 1 Bayonet chs pro of Kef Cral. To Wpm. La on Tho Xea Tuu my Ita Mouth. U is thirty eight i Niles. By rat lion from in a furl North Carolina Onsy and fifty nine Miles from Guh Boru an Wrt ant Railroad Junction which to have n Ouli Toon. Our Pisido prow pcs to take Siw cd Jelv suing do tron dry inc re Jiorle i that havoc Racutt Alnoid Leal Lack. May spanking when he said and tree negroes to be if Yancey has rally _. Will not. Law compelled give him ii inn Dane Wilt old Fucik ral forces Wor wion a flu is Lic Lewcun inc notify d Tho. Gun and mortar boats was continual. A few Casti Agics occur red on inc. Is. Cincinnati Makhi non inc Surji Lingo a gun and the. Enemy Tinay possibly occur Bourc the surrender or Are forced to conc talc but Ono or the other contingency a Iuo Cju Aish tints. I. Llic rejoicing in Iho i North porn Tho fueling will Vitillo to Tii contribute mom stages pistol Lan Vance in. My Industry ii nil hacked As it u waa by ability Ciu Jollu i joint to chief honors. Ither fior Itu Chanan for the no Titi of i tin Archit Island n of 10 by Cootu to gun and mortar continues to Lute no Dilnik wlm Twer. Inc leu Mph bring garlic Nair chary in comm Mca ing nowt in re Forence to. Operations at Iho Island. The Ebel do Loncoa arc of greater magnitude and strength than Waal first and Theu position a such that Iho land forces arc Bio to co Oporto with Tho gain boat by attack ing tin enemy in the Roar. Our special Nonnce Cal that no. More of clucks on my Dellft will the new Litin Tho jul ministration stands Lar Only a new Orleans intr. Thyl Iii the has con Ufim nov Futi Ricl Caln favor of Trio on. U it reported Tomt Tesuko so Ort at Loiro Ascot Poco Rio. Is Troy Mechanic named George to Tho government Tab i Iron dad War Vvs Sculti As Long ago aits a command Injo the gun City Kuln Priit it appears Micro m on Board Tho Tor in her at Lack upon the mar Rimnac fifty wrought Iron Slio of one Hundred and ight pounds which Eric Sori by Wonov Honvo reached Llic Jiuu to , hid they been Cir dict from the ordinance Nopert Mictil. From Miu col. Jyh acc Writtenton Yonne of Tiff deity Ken Toni that licit a b. Umyn Tiu army u now acting Indian Al h. In it a Wilt of promoted to a Uri Rudi to

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