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Dawsons Weekly Times And Union Newspaper Archives Mar 12 1862, Page 1

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Dawsons Weekly Times and Union (Newspaper) - March 12, 1862, Fort Wayne, IndianaJim j i i. Of i r t re Indiana morning majr ii 12, 1802. Times and Union. There is now soms stir upon the pol Ottic Ali Luis rptin3 m Why is thoring and Suboh the re Trio be seen. We Are f All that it doing a tint depart for Lac got Rani Cut has1 the f army news and it i not prop to that the Luj tatting d hash should Send tic country Tho Ilfilen tons of our com wanders in Advance of their Ali oily to Day Tif Affif Thot Fino if Liat is to hts no Trion of tin cd Ftp As they Rench find Hurto pm Etc though Lottre nit1 respects nimble Ali close Tori fact the i sons Dah co upon the enemy is Ticong Load Troni Trio right grind in Ray on the Potomac we Kirn Ali i in Banks bus crossed Wilh Llis division into Vir to font and of cupful Harper 1 crrjr4 Iris j id win stud is menacing in Chester at which latter Point a 1 Force is Itu Al very Uiha Nihil in Wilh that optical it Lank nun. Man Tripon Mann Rajaa. Being Diw by i Tiff he Mirpo Milioti. . That other portion Oviln Art in concert with oui links Man mesas k t formidable to Ilioiu to attack ind ill Roqu n. Great ctr m investing it mid Thiu Timi. In a plans for off enslave. Operation it. The necessity for caution is Appa rent when we re sect Fiat the place defend by a Large Jinny trill supping with ii he urdu acc. Competent in in cart ibis will occasion n great it ind rash slip tour Elf re army which would be infliction the country is unable to Bear without Reich government itself. Utke Stoml Billiy of defeat and guard if cond full Jun Allair brei Rpdvan Togo ugly. Becu Clcil in limiting the Prev Carat Hunt . J tic abolition press have been assaying pc lint Pait s x Mouth on no count of i conservative Tecau u the could not induce to no Rindoni that policy a title a Mph it and mini it my Ion of the Gor my according to their notion upon tin. Quici tinn their upon have not had Tho effect they desired which was to Force hint to Comisi Pilman of the Irwi Ami in the pro ecu ton of the he patriotic Conr ii he hn3 pursued has been to ha1 fruitful source for of thu ukr win of Floc party by which he i elected. Failing to make Niy ton smarting under tie Many re kick lie lieu administered to the Iivori Ollil irked a talk upon inh lady her Llie Ulm clot in Jill criticism tid Ridi Euk dragging Lier Bot Bruise p to bloc arid ing upon Glicr conduct for l lift purpose of pfc nor hut a. Id a Whit think 3 on lire Thech Flag a flu Jusuf tin upon Nonoi tin. Pc relict f Public it rep penal n Diann Del she Hinr t to he Priidu ital m and giving pin Tias sit tic stat no is Biol this Mic nil t thei till Intercourse betwee jul on of we f social Frie Tialii e and n this against her hut have do will doing the Wini i thing. Indeed society h instead if Tui in com title would Sam Mill h eve cry uite1liei it in in nine to inn m Pic Hind i. Toni of through which thu i Uidl Trion i arc cd i lulled ind Friend ships Ximei ill m As to make lift paws is n i it urn lil Drunin nil without it tin rid would be Lillerd Kwh Mcmilli copy. We would or win from the in Ali t Limo in with no outlet from h of Mil in fruit of lilt soul could ii towards our fill Jim inc Prim in enl in in t. No rom Lvi i flu is the cum a my Utt i gains in pm nov a i. Her Dut nil it Jit do in Iichi her in and Shiv her e Turpin nil of Ihl inn Trio or t of in. My hut the her Home the it Liitt Oft lie in worry or those not try Lii in i in is select inn her just oust Mij All cedi Are ii Illus in thin Jim Divilly and Uny nut Hay been Over mitc us to of in r trend Iier who no nit Havu lie i rented Liy her Wlllie the it it will in Cluj i in mulled ail i can tuft Cir the Jiahui Clit to Oulu r nit in outburst of pc Illus i inn have men in Itu Condrill which Ilid not Omi port will in Jimh Ihle . In 1 Elji in link 1 woman Alluh pain. To in partition of he wife n the i re Hli it Tif Ilie United and if dial in would nut i wiry in Idun titling the in Iii inv of holding her up o Public odium. S if left it Amati that should my. La Lilli r or in Najj Aht Hoemig to sex Jive every Hillk Litt inv Uhd Ripon her friends who a Mot Linin 9ml female Rrapi Itali should Lia nut Iii a the a lit ill Kareim in t in much Tutini May w it Niimd Fiir Tilic it . Thu of in half is wrong hut we Caw not. They no Nile to to Lute red vim la it Bald Thi itch Liliu to till if virtue and we have fid Nutt Dant of id Jairt Jeal Juh ill Orliw. Law to Law try l Union in Luovern no Turley la o Colin Tow All l Lini Tan done jul Sitf in Oriyu Truid unlit to. Aro Nali Slid Ilmet Nigl Colca their duly in ill let panic 1 Luv -. When. General my Leluti assumed the conic and of that a panic had Tho they were at not an army at nil but n j Mere anti Inal and de Kite but a Ocscar from the enemy. That army . And they were retiring rout thu aural cd their t i in inn plated by other . Since. Ill period m Large Furce Enli Tut disciplined and Hromiko with Arm Imd to lie done and to 11 muck slut the Credel due of prep i n a tin it m. For Ali. Field and , if. Ulah Ai Urmi a to Ulvi u full Luha Agni not la Liioi lie now he it u in Jint to Tiiu when lie is no lid till patriotic Man finder p a tire Ilion he rear to ii Jiser Ion . Waul two Iota ill we Wuu in lit Tula tune an 1 what they thai i Haj no not lit comic Llyd to fir Ali t would i to the Vireil cause in which our til dem am called to Flag in. All is nut on the 1 Potomac 1 1 h of Lam War Steed h Hoard of Cin Tittl tic Soun Iluf soul inspiring Jennii Mil tha Pic icing. Limo Trouit a bad u it ind and a Turk the riot to it of the i m t quid the per j to Uia which u null mod to the to it tit an enemy who would destroy Inntilu-1. To la dearer 10 us than Ulfo mid who re Tuiiler-1 Lia All our for Penis Whirity Phil j who Wuhu i Ivi l it Nii. J Kimii for Tow no Munter lid Titi two ii Lonj to Hattiie vials of la Haliw Thuy to a Trike a fou who with uni j Ifni. Noir Lidi Ilg Feinle ally arrayed he. Imnet Liy Lif her Hogue entering Tzib holy Zirul Cipley of Fra Jun a i Oil Julie world her owl and ecu sned to Confer hanti Imbt upon j Lii while eur jag d in the Indio lion. No lie i j life repro spot later of Iho when vie j j St tas it War Wuh every principle of lories upon Tho Field of carnage adj Illse yen in which u embodied Uio. of in Tho clean Tiu of Wall ill Ccu a Piciw to. Nothing Call the Brivic tier cd by in Sulci a holy Misu no this or Xuy the Nim of men we a Dong Ilia Cap of War against in nov siry Sta Inland w the dived list my Alidai of be upon and whose to destroy the of the in free Jel the u kindled and Huaxu Ibri Clilly upon the off Cir toil until Iho last Ami tin Lait enemy yield 10 the authority Olla. I per Tutti in Iii thai inc human heart eel la Wotan ii Mill Honor her in her Empire which in her Homo Tho of1 the i i Siik it Elaine less and if her def Ami re Imd one Park of inn Manly furling in Thor thu a Winold Soru thus to act towards Lier. and Iti ust n Sorl to Ovett it Licking it int a continue in cxlstenct1. Tho Kichin und despatch Robul a near the following Oil in fur. In Llie Rewl army. Swik to Crenus the in Lux alluded to tic stale o to Iii Gran chg tinder Tho Federal Yoke and Airn iting but in to fret her Elf and join the Southern Golf ukr Acy. This no sooner came to the Kim la he Liml Good old s Ilc Triin her pics St the following patriotic Ocso latib n tit Tai till of the her re Boiku to. The hurl Hack language pro Nonnce it a libel the Hrisi in Lovitti Impf Siul i Tion of words that by the. Constitution and Uniti 1 Hiex set inaction Wilh and n to maintain the fathers made it and re but Alln templs to Ovit Hirow it. In tin tons Littion a Correl Jive for but of Power to secure Ihm inst i upon Slit by general lets thu not Brinad of Urvi i i a tit uni of institutions i in it in lotion s introduced by that Iii intent Union tit Auu n it pm it m p incl from ill notions Lilii to Nim for intr Ivisic Vii tie Lolic. Veni Nimg it for the unnumbered blessings it Tuii pc Rcd Ripon n unwilling to peril it the unholy w that now a cols to destroy in no Ono can read this enunciation by that la live Lindy of their Princi Jilch and not Nam inc the evil intents the Timi. He Lii Inid Llie inn Maul tout in which Uliey the Ofira few a rebuke it Seal off Ilic Loim upon huh Icli Rinion and no Jurvig All re to Pius of r nud he followers our to inti Bendy Itice tins one of 11 the Rocc Isio Nirula and. To licit Union which Wii my the of Luu Nutte Rutlen. M Jhaj act Hosi intercut acre Qeti Rcd in kind in 1 Tut mull nor it in the Purcla 1 Hend chi1 each other nu.1 pursue unitedly o Tiati onal Pmj Teruty and i res idalion As ii Irma Lene num dark n a Lent of a i n nor an than Girnt i hatred by to it Lull till he i re want in Ion often Rock Luik it tied in Piihl of the to called sinks tint United in it by memories material will a lion note to speak with Unsil Illch to ii unite liar in Shiy to the Sunho u is thu to Tom in Altig coct Pat and Good Luisio of pm i to that Smrha Nasseri Iii Hunt inn Nejiu by their Lichta Aat my led it air Tolt. Tits Affif Tomt Sulci a Mulliiin u in Ninfi inned Ntuli go tvs in Ninny the i Wool i Lati in Lii led of our Brethren of us. Under by the Acu of Ami of a few Uro but by lint Pond ill i Tif Rii Icli Heth Roii of Lam fatal re Julia Jura la Fullor ram tic course Shioli they Iivo Ininee l. Non Tnora and More can. Of the obligation like of itt Terrett and of nil to us no n ill Uii 1 ing to Llie Iti fun devised Fin uti by Nur fat Liew Asni no to Itier Kitrina and poll i , and Tho pro Pitt very Lily Mali which they fought Ntuli Lilc achieve fur us i a the Lioto must to. Kur hey have boasted Ilmet Colt ulms was impregnable and forces could nut make , the Chain across tic River to Check our Whilo la tour were to Delmy them Rii uric frowned from. Fort i erected on All Llie rounding Hills and fairly thousand Gnu Ria once it who declared themselves. Eager to they put on thu i will it own of Defiance and to their a Lime Law it said it a being a portion of their Cannon and a amount of army retreated firing a gun. We have our we thu a cowl hosts. Uiva Halle Oliero can they to act a stand a Ucli doubt if in thirty Days they will have in Nanny jul of iced Iii the Mrossi Lippi Iho trips Distinti for the grand arty. To Ilic to new Orleans Viiar lie pressed pc str Ord Anil define the Orange Blos coins pit Foi twin Lac slut i All i removed to tin navigation of Tiu River impression by us Wing that never was Iii pro Aiu people the Sui i in Fauvor of the War thanti at Iho present line Ili c Rulh that no one will Volunteer and lhu8u Difu a Largo Nikki Euils for some one fact danger for them if their confederacy is Worth contending for.? Ilu they not git willingly the Sciulli tie re Ritli of of micral fit Dur Cote Iilander Tif nuo dives Luis of Thi in Iii in Vii ten Tom of and t i to. Slik id has he ii to Tinl Coli mind this is certainty in up p Linin not i to to to unlit and fall to g be a Man Nith Energy Active and Feirl Sti and like Llie in Flint Linder he will keep column of inc army doing . Unit. Shields in an Irish Iii try birth Ardrill in Lux to do Clcil country and has provid div nation to it the Buttle . Tho mexican War commence.1 Haft he Dii Iii aiming Tho Lirett to Volunteer and on Llie Cloudy i thu of Mexico huh Gallant Dur ing won the wild Civ idol Mil . On one of the closely contested Lielie inert a Infin int wavered to saw the line a lout Way he rushed Forward hem Liy presence and cheered them on to Victory but in so doing to received a Eliot the Lungi a Liili Rah pronounce in inor no but to it Lime scum he recovered Imd when services no demanded mics lord Are to Aid in Hiil gluing Insu of stir cilia lion. Ali he lie i arc cult eng upon Cut Idalia to Send them Nide Jio Shoum do it but Jelfs Imi id i full elsewhere and cannot respond to Thi or Call. Uis Chi vital is and lately Hern has been discovered within which is giving much trouble and it n quilts Aliis Power to suppress it by Sualp crud Pory Onsi. Lie Iii ight is to dip Tiluy dry with a ton Spain Fortio can never crush out of the hearts of Iho Intel Ligotti cil wins the Clovo and it was bar exerted Power to the Una of Tom free and Tylich Unicof Liob nit the ooh. And Lowell Cobb related a Lilly to Pic exch Nga 0 prisoners nothing More. N Saj s they will slide Tho lust drop Lili Jod by fori j Al Lucy n a position to shed it Lier evidence to us e thing Lola the Era Litrop. Thin is Iii that the retain to at the end Tell Weir a Foru to Delruy the. Gorrit Titrent. Ire ref Tail to. Tho following to Vail to Alutin Sherg in win to ten Silm Liinus fora Good Urt ilk by coins airy. A or Gomi tit ii whonic ire Fnu ii Mill airy con Irnel. I will pay a of Fanini Vitoo to in. Call this Sibri might Tooji. 10twenty Sahlu he dict sub r Ini Iii a fur whom n Liberal Tot surf . It Iii dec Essary. That Tonso lion res i Dutieu Trio stall of Virgin a apply to at my l. Llo Llady Gary Street two Dwors alums to. W. In rom of. Ohio has Coli Llred by. Sennit As a brigadier Ficner Nvvf Trincu to left return i oui Iho foreign i wion i which lie Lind teen by we have been looking for Ali u i or Kiil to Call into the fold As a commander. Nii Loury cum made it Dotti Rohlo that Mccur Tittl to the country lie has heard the nor Omi Auland Frincu Leader Lic forc lie Contin Tuu d an Ohio Rigi Mcnol in Mexico and a s a Oum cd in one with the enemy. At lha Lima to was wounded Llie charge in which i to he of Ira via e so Firas 111 most Brilliant Iii sons to 10 of car not in Lutlo trill Torind Mullic y Lioto that he not of car tit fat Tioy will i Capo fighting for j f to Lucre a any near Qon. Morgan till to on their woo Lut Iilo them if he overt tics we to should . Gjoci a few Diioro Buch iof Tom Nanio kind. It would greatly our Faith that Soi nothing will lie Etc Cora Plis cd. Now in against the con Lilii inc Mark that he Froni Tho Atlantic Tor re sync c of tic ship Vii Iun. Do Oliver in Latef cd min int throw Ali Tuy troubled Drunin 1 mid Wal ill e Stfort it Pule with littered will Wlms name t the Rock around repent tlie.Loti.1 tiie Gomil to lip Union bound tied Licup. Her Anil her Trew and Aatu old Ilig a list o Muir us b Uiol Taluto i 1 to r Lif Aht. Ami in id of Uli Ribton. 1 at look loft it i Tolin frill Oft we ii Ironi Tim sky the storm Toa bark m in Al Liy peril share 7 0 nit , lint tilt cars wind or e 7 tin Niekro that reel in will Kuc m non0ht to Klvac o i ind Finati not lion i Wlliott to loll to allow t Thi crib Virun Sling Trwnik Giuld my Iio v Hiti Ihor Oxhill Honor Ali Ruut m in it ill Liveli Kywi . May Imi. Ilso out tin. Number of shot my so ill ring Lin Mill t a i Gwo. Our pith to tlingit i if pc Kiln in tic i ily Iii d Jim allow us Hvidt in i Cro in in inc Lutr Iliili c to Ivel tic Natl in i no treason litre t it too Dent Anil trim ill Irvin the Ituen tic still on Maidi ill Iii ii in a Tii ii i it hum n the Ulici Imtair to to Iii Light on Roziler ii Felt , in ctr sonic lingering Iron in m any u a claw Irr 1 Lerir Ilett Eti Iloni Tiu Tion Lalni Ali Oktje Llie unch and Liliu it i Alonnie i Llic breaker Licor Livni 7 Ilvo Liitt jul Rcd ii nit i i m. U i Lui i Cuciti la Jolil lint i it ii Ghl i lit to Liioi slurs i d the Llu Mio Milder Nin it the lir Nih of Tut u Thyri ill fair la n Illert ill n and Arii it i cmdr a such n in of balls to Volvo Hundred Miles the world never before Vincit Jicile such a Corso Iliof armed ind Jerri i u Host i the Vindicio Sofan insulted ing ignored Uii hts mind and to attic. In with vet Schohl. Is n Ulitin said there Wak smrt of nil Nanny. That tonic tact Ai d ability o in Tolian i 5 Jartun Nastor it and in. Lens i thin the of thu War ten want n no nun will Hull a. I acc Iii of of Ihu coun for Iho Jil Ift Nihil a it Nistran run of hint department than Mlej Meigs Ili in ride Uil Wilmot Etui fiction Tieu lie it net Al Imp Tiwu till Cor Nii Ranti of he uru keen sent t nun f Ever to watchful of inc it i i. If Lin United san los ii Lii ass cd he i hate by Thi in Bijj exhibit Bucu Tcatch ind Iii ii Hon Catly that in Taine Tel int Lut Ink her mint in to ctr place he hns d would also Felt a Idle Gen Crul j t in i tul i n nit qui t n in 1 i Uigh everything in lha til Miro of a plonk or 5irf, even of nit lit he left itching the raid folded carefully Over Tho left Nam and lie wearer enters inc Long gallery it fit. Jamck u a nil limit tier ii irn Romes for a she in Loti Piven to thu 1 Rosinn. Clift it Tfir which is Liuti in it Liy to a mix she iinli6ttcd o and on i m i Rolicki kill i Lull in Olinov Tomt Iho of ilt.mnuitmi1tcr m Vornea la or at Elk Lior Ciuc Alii Ali l Lulu Ami Wlllie Tiliti or nu.1 Elinor tit inuit ilium i u Hars Tho unt., it Tiit Nitora nit one Iliili lid i did unto Lutu to in enl Tilio Niit lion pv.tiuor.11 Only Wontka lord Ned Tullie Inci ii. A and ird on which the name is Itic Rilk Ilik i handed to nit her he Lii wailing Miaso Imhuf Catu the i tue loud 111 Tom Utah has adopted Iho stale in Arrivi mount live fire her it Ltd Frait Iod by Mut it our ten inn our Nativo land Lii i i reign i Ive Bura Union Nutil Loti i May la a Tam Nin i Union Trio in 0111-. Tel Morv a Lilly Lin Iii r Ovir Hull to Nir Union our attack winches might Lingo upon with cd Stacy and tic Leru Foro the army in. Front of Washington spirits of ili5 celestial Climo have Wil h i Iii for Rei Foix Emels could lit cd with Delight. The War worn Veteran la in three hours Sulli Ciullo to know the Wilh of thu govern Mictil and fell in Helm Hanks division. Think the Henrt the Ispir Liob of Devotion Tsitri icing Long the Rhulu nil other emotions. My Flod in if to arc right ill of Ira in cry of san re to Sec the Union Nisiotis before one More shall Lugo j Lisle a thai to May i Kranko the ambrosial there will to such n general fruits of peace once More of Thetro Opaon Holh Sid iwas shall j Iteld of waterloo., Trio carnage doubt i Kkt in dreadful shul our leu in in the Odd of he Vititia of if cml latties Wilt Perch upon Iho Union swept to la lard. Al Onward to will will Echo along inc m Hola line a ill Ince and our Cannon thu inner along Trio Hanks of Lames River the a chs ingress will Ulm and inc sort Nius o disloyalty the innit dried up and Punco again reign where civil strife Lor Llie last year Heht Iho tha Poplo return to Ali or allegiance to Tho and Law Govi Troil happily through Tho Wise prov Wilim of hint inslrunicnu1 Mcavon Grant that Powlic Lions May in for they Aro Trio ardent prayerful wishes of our Howait. Gui Mullock to Elm Cindy. Here t will Tho 1 i of Chile Liis Amtius the Shiji. Sub was t of i met such n Bountiful girl in the Street to Day said a Genll Nunn in n lady Friend to whom he was doing the not Many evenings fluto the As Drc Jwied Moi Irviing i think i have coid.1 it to no Iwen t Mill listener smoothing Down dress nil Glau a Iii at Tho can up to flee u Uliey were _ Frt ii say Olio Rould it Hapij a cacti first acc the Cormui Cement of the Wir it three found Point uth Toi and la together Nini Mcclur cd for the intern Tient fitly Pomi Ler. Rev Thiu darn _ Huntly one Hui drug unil a for Ike sgt new Hun of h till kit ibid to til to i Iwers Livy m Inch slut who Inch Man us Slit Len i kill Lei is i 3, trill plan h now in begun to in la crushing tub in the a knit 31 Tinl fat str a nov on i rum1 ill confiscation Hill and both in opposition to it. One was by St Mitor it Coujil and the Ollil Obj cow in of i inn Al Virn. Inc Hll Tri a Rcpt Ilicin but con scr Altic and patriotic. Iii the House the Long Proni Isid defense of bin omit wit Slink of ind n member of the Altir in Mimm Canp Nign on scam the i run Duit while tins Resolution is Thil it s the adoption o Irp no claim 01 out he interfere Ettli Sowry within state limits the in sulfite control of inc us Lycet in each Ca t. Is referred to Ollil interested the action of Cun Gres Ting merely Nedvit Iory the print pal to ii Keiit he Iii support of Ilic policy acc in Cink d to Congress and in be. Initia Timon of Grid my e i Trinci Phil Iii by the Northern slave san pcs till to will Illino Strull to ilium in Libon. O Jock 2joofthc i tint in no not a of in tin. Urn i Mot Anvi Trio to to Iii col Niibu on 1 Tanir shy the rcht.1 Comnick cd thur ruin it he nil Road to atm Iln-., and i inn port to Sui Points on tin Stern Thi.1 prow is. To hts till Rise list of their troops left Oil the rebel work Cru it on ire on 1 a dlr and their destruction will Ringli can Plu cd before Kukral troops of Llu Ninon and it 8 o clock Ull Oun Liott Hotella from Der com 1 jote Neil Milih it. Rain in my of if vermin nut cull Tim in Bonne Collim Jup riot ktiuwin0 the rebels Hantl evacuated the town thar sur prize in Alk when the be Dynit hi., Hying from the1 he Nett wire a atty by the Rewl batteries. The troops were landed amid scenes of the till int enthusiasm our at co Lii Titus who accompanied 1 troops front sends tis full and account of the Condi t ton of the rebel win my t lid re vac a Tion. The norwegian with English a nerf to the idl Irr Irvil . J Tim exact Cost of n and w lie in Tho , Rorr said Thi. Tab stir had Iwon worse than Throin Ivity Ned Hudin to tic threats and menaces of the Sigil it. Was Ulvid Visnie n in gland to inflict noting on that t a tight Tkv Centurion to remove. Of car lie sting Hak . Tia ail dress of is Senate in response to the Limner speech Reil Nitek Tenli Seiil Neu Nih by blk Tim Ines in Finnoe mid hint Liq civil War. Wilt h the door tar if not reign in . A warlike fueling in Fri icing be Austria and in skin. In had hut thu ill Border slave Lutcs unite their of Ronnei with it. The thinks tin Ulit Loti will end j is. In. He so called Conr Den i tit Etc it Cosimi itch . H i a no m of in Torch from win ilk of Coin a latter a Yeti i Oik fur tvs to Ipp cars lint i inn comprised 17 Keri Hunts of 1tifmtr Biltl rits of Natl Llero Mil . of Conan and to. I timoted it Ijuro troops Gui in ttys not no Emil Muc acne on up per Lotour 11 Recti spoil ire Cingcon joint Nhin ced my ski run is ire of duly occur Renic the retails Mio w of to attack on their Ipiniu body i Froilo Zwaili of g their Grinj t lie next Haltli on the we ten lure to be the a Vii fought Oil this Cohutt Tiemit. The county Uomini Siom is arc in present or Hall and minor. The following allowances line in Ioctl Nide alien i Toi 00 u. Idi Duin own Jacobs a so ii o 11. Honing. A Low Nyji Imp null t Honi Schele inn Lar Relief of cams. Alt leu lint i let Nutik set ninlltng.ra.1 1 airs Havu juice to Why an that he French Troosh will not in withdrawn from when withdrawal f Duox take Ince the Kierna cily will income the in Pill if Italy repress ii Andrew Johnson 1ms live ii Zoitl Lemd not Dri Gadett fit neral of a Oli Inu cd Tiiu placing Lim in n Lon Ilion to accept the military in herself a 1 , r Al Damn i Lull los melt if Tram Prend out by Olliej wily for the t Vale b Mumm my Nail and to put a Ith in in a Niue so that to line very Low and n i most Hilt tint i intr Kneel thu who if the Ady lie a Peerless or a Lor Ortiz wet j if intr ctr co Lunior Iii Len nil her hand to in a Urical Liy tote lady e i Tui Linvina Dune pm Ami Utah Twig Nti. To Thor court Iylo i Rancu and to ally of the toy no Kunilla 1 then Faux toward my fur those to go. Out of pres rite act int Archduke n mexican throne is to la oui wised by Ali Khalid. I Ilsi it the of lie Mea Lii a d i to is Jurai Lipton . My Nisei at Madrid dated january i Wuh you to rend to Mani Hal Ivd Oliell my m. In roil id la tit us tin pc Muht Ntuli to a litle of our pc invention which d Tenn Flint our elite rat Dillon is to do tid what u hot lnltntllc.1 10 do. Will Point will that Ajir not tit in use for the pm june no the it Flirl it Tolu tint i fit of Timeir Nan of Nam j should Tom mexican it clip Rusc to Cima Liuto a of car gave Priit. Which can re More order in Nacri fryc Tilic Lilc re Lanioh with nations her government will Delight to Hall uie am support the in if Sulci a government. If tin Trio Coniry the do foreign to lined a pm Croni Timil lit of Mexico tit Lluy military Force her in Jentje a giver Tenent could expect no other result from such an at. Tomti Dit con and in Inch a Case Allied governor this Enild Only i ave to Chouse Init eco withdrawing Niin an with soft or or. Risili Zuj to lifer Liei Nihil the i Inion in a ice scr to sir 1 0 -15 111 t of. K Fiu w t 17 20 0v h w 1 w 11 w Al 50 a order for limiting every Man subject to Mil jury thu a hero Ulics for o a Cir air Tileti for them than Len l coital Anny. There will to us Sig of will ice Poleat Milf. he Union Honl Ablah cannot Ralael Terf at Tho Recti Tigon the twin Editn pcs div Ownne i wire Tunde for the Relief of Volin Airt Ihung in Lawu a Weffald to and for advances to Puipuro sundly nth r allow Nunci to were Milr the order for Relief of volunteers Wanh re url nod. Vici sen re Tell Weri to Laid j. H. Rio Ltd. Ucol in Peru pm Vii to Diml Wilcy t 4c re Kirl Ofa fining Union feel Lite 111 n Ruth Efini Aln Bailin. U i policy in them not to do to ii would their deluded in Kui to plural r they Nolty Itsvo Lliott Gli should rim from Tho dead. They will noon fill the truth of the when Rygl menu of a Loti Homi Orn Enisley it pm Torii Titi Tirseo and Northern Aln Mun old Iti a flirt imn ill of the and Ltd a Tennig to protect to their tier Sotiri and jew Jurty Iho Illa who Hovd i of i Ini ii and Trivitt every lie Al Lailyn Utti Fedt Jicy Dino Itie nil Cal Kojl Tif Iya All every Iii the Southern conf Der i was in Llie it Ottum of the a Crit and no Logi l any tit by Aro tired if s conf limit and do Tiitu a of Walton . In i Hurt they . Tha Intuit Karl Linn woe upon Ili Iii mint Sci Turk 4 will san ecu cure Alliey took thu i word they to. The aril Nimit of blood. They their error Ami Wanh these at Dies Ion inc any of rebel lion will lie o or and Tho Csc of Pence Kuito up Lay u arc Kirinic of these stirring in Lions. John minor a Olla and Twenty other Coli sons of wealth and Posi Limi Fri Frisou Oil charges growing out of a Lii Haud Riding on the Wall. We the1 in Eliot once f i How a Mac men is near it hand. The real Cut Panie. In the cup ital owing to the resent reverses of their in the the work of re opening the Baltimore nud Ohio Railroad is being pushed head Wilhen f Ray. A portion Oen Hanks Tran in. On Tho i occupied Martinsburg 10 Miles writ of i Crry and Miles East of Hancock where a Federal Force is concentrated and from which Point Lam work of reconstruction is being prosecuted cant Ward. Do to. Jackson Lillic cd to near n i rec Ntuli Well equipped a cowl Luiree. Our Iron jew if such a move is contemplated can and Vinco on Wili Chuster by from Clr irly in in the Northeast from rom Cyon the and from Marims Burg au-1 in cock on tin North. Have Cru coition. Noel jul Lor , us Tomt the. Virl Ihu War Ronnii orig Lill in the 1 Rrt i Oil now Thi 1 Lluu mice of Elton dates to tic 21st Fob Ninny. An interview had taken place near t Era Cruz Liew can , the. Mexican Blini Star of Koie Gil All Virs and Ocie. Vim thu Spanish commander at which thu pc Linden for negotiations at Rizalia Between Jii Alexand the Allied representative were a need Tho Ann Cui of the three Powers arc and Vance into thu Interior out of Raih of the which prevail on inc coast. The democratic stale Corr Tum of Mioshi n met at Detroit cyst Niay. Trio attend Ancu was tnrg.-, comprising upwards of representing neatly every county in . Hiim Llis life 1 Tiili Cirii Stilu 11 on Mitt the Pricr Union re 10 inn h u of nil the. Ion surf or their rut in Riti Irful coins Louii. H in Hurt no alight i the Joii Litlie Alfill just u nut against Ulm no Midlil l i to Stifil Llie for Lihu Denmei it u in Wortlie of Cill Mil Mii Hui nip porn Only Willt Nec Lionnil faint inv forthe Union Dir fire it Iii Lunil nine it of Lului Ciler to Milf Jiing Milici Noih tint i Mill n ill Coli Tiniuc re my i if i lilo a fur Ili or re-oh-.that in so list i Glinell , Imp he in Juaiil v Mill Kivit will tote ton r the re Clellion of inv Eriina Trnini the Roulx Jiuu a until. The rebel generals Are now indicting Procun nations addresses. A. Long they will i Rohaly be indicted themselves. It is said thai i i itch Nind they Are Dis n-sse.1 for tallow to make candles. Humphry Marshall would n l Law Kofu there. People com Timi in is tit slow but undoubtedly Lloyd and Low and arc very Liisu Gen. In Caneris now in fort Warren. X i doubt he will win As much zloty there is he did in i Oft Uon Cloit. The Kurt were sadly in the in re at o clock inst night the Convent inn was is ill discussing the reported by inc on a Solu . Thu convict ilium. Has decided not to Noi Ninnec state folic cars it this time. Win. L. A Dicey having reached Havana in on a British unil Steamer sailed Foi on a rebel Schooner called Lam wide awake. Vessel would. Lio Sigli a Iii times the 7tli. President Lincoln yesterday trans Mill Dlo Oon Green a special a Casaso a a Illume lid Iii i he Tomt t want of socks and Orant gave the they Tell us that Kari firn Fri wat noted Uralde it i Point tint he lights like Ainsil were sent or. Tic ult. in the list we notice Tia Juba Fiig Captain k. I Villimil. Coins Uii Elsila Iti. S s t i f. Company 1, Width be org Cero a Iloilo cots tiny 6. J Uii Olicurt Compaq in c. Dolt to Guilta. L. A 13tti in Diann. Oliver Plumer culpa ii Jedi Rizw. Churl so. In Killiard Oliver sergeant company a 13tl k. W. Company. I Tod. H.rjltohbhi3. Con wily 15.12iti . vat in ii u k. Sti if Ehry Stem a c to company a i3lh fun Lynnn. K or k. report in Llie Troy if Point Back upon stand. O the opinion their stand will be if joint sort rat Rowling believe hey intend to was brag Axl played Fiji and soon they will j n Oil fora Lojec in Donie vast o Hull us rum the Yankees. Coii9piracy of keel has Kimii handed by Tivo been Miido by Trio Lovci no ii l tile society has been Blip act was Longford to lion to their or Rop Orl j Vert Pence to Nile of Trudt. Lip think by fro we ii user Commin j Norfolk is to for know Soma who arc Biol r few hat arthould in tried Nihil Civ Nierod fori Hong and Ute w of truly Eddy it on. 1 vet if if Lite Houch of or ported what will say to the Wendell k co an Strtt. It Chru Miller of Hauy Olto who wan Ilion i h rough he Al tic Liatto of i Ticle Llou Wilnin liar far recovered that m it Tiia the Aro we Ute he will return home., in in a Brave Man and Well of Tho co Uulrey. No i vol Forward with he a the ground lout by Tho Hui iou troops us in Loti world or lighting. Out Lor Jour Tillig Tiura from this list award the and it u Lunoy Btij continue to move in Iho lilo Conof hair Kotiw. When the will ill Back. Uliey Wlla not Tun toil to f Lutol Placo Slih the s Filomon Klimley of a Mells to Ull Iii Atli lit ii the Wou tided in Tia help. Daniel Powers of lid 4 Ullh at tic Samo Voutil did Iii both in Huston i Mit the tote Geneil in Nhung of Tuatay Public men at Well Public ill limed Journ Ali-1 ridiculous Tali met to monarchical n half mourning fur the death of Visico Al url vol has elicited Uio of in Pic it just Trio ii in Bioti Tion. J Heru is a net of broken Down Castilon Wilile Leremy did tellers new it life purlie Uit of tin while i Lin who lilt or Trio we Mcneva if vanity and Taku of n the custom of Hiigli no Kiuly to inspire 4a sin liar a in and a is As Niport Utu is in m att Suid. Tieso to or Liuato their own enact Tom Rule of orig to Tom fully at Lam scat of. Iovanni int which Ninky lilo Audi attic. milking fearful a rape in i memo onions of Luiu. In Trio town of Jur. Lllan Clial has Huriod wife and. Live child Ren Witt in three Wucki. In Laio ilium Linzu swirl rail in int Froin thu h three Linic lest nil Lhoir children one has Ifrat Giitl Tivi Leo Flavo third each and ill jul half of the forty families Havo two. Cedi one Hundred in nil. One in Eli Iyun of Vondo Imiru Livion Linn died mostly children and to Tylim. In 1 veed oui win. Mat Kotono. Aged a Deil while walking in room in Deal to obtain respiration. A death oct Rcd on Dunlay night in Lucli till further proves the wicked Nesh of thin canst Lewt rebellion. A Titan named Lloyd whose Iii Thor now a very old women h vow in Washington event South Njmen while Iii Mississippi Leto ugly a Strong Inion no Italy toll l Inta l to or Liu wont i Avail us himself of it. To was u Ken prison Atli the ii. S. Government has Hiitt a great us inc soul and thought Here while at the Hospital off Freily Conr Erseil with Omny indies and in left men a Tel dying liw he proles led that lie was t t Nion Man of wreck to Lake up a Row against the round re int Law would go Najiy have ilcs-11 a d against Soto last seen was marching the Nilca Ginotis never m Teu Toh any Santu which Tuny adopt a Hinnent of six very Giring to such to. Ilell Cylc. Tho mount sickling Humphry Marshall Liui fur dinner. Louk Corn in Liat kit pc forc. Stun Willa u sinking hard blows Jit the front of Fth Stout Hora Cunfu Brach whilst our 1 Oulu is vigorously it work at rear. Wilh Kyoto the sent of it tick is Tom soul of Honor. Ali Pitt of Arkansas used o write poetry for thu i Louisville journal then he a Cunnin n and was circled then to turned now to in a 1 it to Siul Sun prison it. We Tiv Down Ward Caracr-1--. Under garments lire to demand in Ilia Southern Nanny for Lixon Tea think that oni run Muc Liing right they never ran1 Pic article in their lir is. Of to in Chien ii in Tel of Sut Lihty says it has in Shihi it 1ms no Reni ii to Pinr Itlen to the cd oct Tomt john1 a. Linw in com Nind at Iii Timoc has i Wen us in to the of the d engr Tinnent. Of senti icky in place of of Neil in null. Our of Sili Wilny speak of Titt. In connection with the c elect Vallort in Inre vat also Stancil that the military Parade would Liao far greater had not so Many rooms Liechti sent away. Thin w Oish Wein to imply that a Large Force is on in Way West Wner if Lilii Cost s be Vii. I. T0 Nuhum. Era dual Iphil Whinen of Lanry Giring to such stale Iwuc Niazy , 15 it Ihli Law flinch slate dis3n-lion. I Lim a. And Privi of for the in by a Natal Inry operations in Missouri Lia Llis said to u ii i Elk they arc easily Tui it dec tick of Umil in up to Low and Floyd Art with men. There w much Inith in in Umhay of their taste Mcnod. I is known they from that am the Union now Wavan in Triumph Over it and will Amli Miu to Host up Manhing those who aided inc re Willion

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