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Dawsons Weekly Times and Union (Newspaper) - March 5, 1862, Fort Wayne, IndianaHrino 7km3 Oil Jirl Nib sit i old Teo Iii Ai iut a Rou Rioko or k t number 28. Al Kegu. Of inuit will str pro the Iii cd by Faderl by Ono he netted thit than yesterday is. It one Union Mui. Tow jury in or bad just air Bill was dually in etl. In the House a Bill the right to the Wing. Jehnwn. Ipod from fort Donelson. To i w. S. Smith to the chair d for was passed intended to nullify to a contain i t in the United slates by by the Csc Olio a f new be Nati Fie Ritli any hmm to limit in Down i to Lesa consulted and Flidr favorite to Traduce that and in possible in Advance the disloyal f pack i a Itri King at hit and charging bin with be Wrig lit been to Long ind Faroe ably known to the. People Ofish. He has merited and inc lived. Their con o to highest and most of co Luicir and the Trust reposed in him has Utin faithfully Dis .the.pcople. Of ii ave Fey round a Public Bryant upon whom they bul Deiy. Why. Issic that Loo those _1 who were or feigned Jef taxi Fri Nija is it the axe ii. Tho some has conferred up ii Kiili a scat in is rial and the Chili ital is soon litre been Tiller edit by tha mine course of Iii get do. Ounce Stanton the get scr. Halick. Nutter and k Host of Ibey All Alibi lionized because of to their Devotion to sheif Cibin Ker aliment Alvs or charge in vain can a Kingle Lino lie Lias written or a in Olcen by him to nov manner favouring Atal fan. Raw in Why to i political us principles a that while to party Boloeil bin country Tor hit was willing try and devote to saving Tho Cott try. Tha Fitch list in in a Man in the full is Titi in favor of Thoice who Pmj Iii rebellion a punt the Goteri Ideiil into old hence to the Lawett in . Utun Siino Vijh Wittig rend out of r wit a july. When Liotti Lilium or we at the court of 1 Russia Anil Lut. For Uio upon Bla a count Thyl War policy of Coin As Only Shihi d Atid Tho govern Hiil Wirig ibid units of. Past week Bow will Foini some authentic but you Ivil pc relieved t liw reach Sypit. Telegraph Oid you Ere this f Pur great Battle Anil Pur unprecedented vie fury " i Ivi Sli i could Iii self jut nil Ibe world will to familiar a fore the soldiers Lii is army will have Brince to cad Obeirn v Iii a Otily Koiv asyl hat Thev h cd e gone la rough i desperate fight Mil won a Bril Imrit Victory Jim reject me say lest in thai tip have done 1 scum to p Rajs nys if Iii the. Glories of at All i g Riv a to truth ii Lack with tic Lic Roo s oj1 in o p Miinte leery and should else we tithe Liotier of real cling ii id time ii t p re scr Jet ital it Teviat Yoi Duie meanness of. Lila wlm to Iio Norl o -for.iiiiyjjcir, 1 can oily 1 t by i Iii expecting to ii t inf ii list o r tic ii Liti n rid Tonij i in Brij Ltd c pm ii in nerf we to be Hie Day Lar bed out Blu ii in i it and to 1 it to to put Iulla duly to Slind by Llie old lag of lilo nation to dial in c Iii lip smile and lie called tilings by their right Hainan by boldly that to Lul 1 lion Tajii he Mill to Susitti drily a dealt willi., country i m to above Tho partisan i Duc Lirgg of bin High duty m it Patriot fur j inn Ami thud Tiit a Auta Teil and life hateful 1 applied to him. Bis con run it ill Loren fur 12 no rant political a moult in uld who i tilt ii mid limn i Thein Savoj and who Tia Ciuc Raiteri Loithi " tha councils of Ilia nailon1 in ii fear. They Ikiyo Rizir at or their1 railing comes from Ilu Loyal tits rib amt would Arinsb Agni not Tho poverty trient fit Wuh not incur cowardice Tny if by Stich Kiwitt la Lity Ktuk to Iii Jialu Trio incl Tinco of Jii. Who he ill try Brt vol Uil Stak in their for when their a fun Mill upon the trac Titchmon of Stalf Flint the new fat tatar will in two to i Compaq Icid by Tutt warm i Carifell n in speaking his Praise. To would and Wonleh Laid Etc of questionable to saplings their own tips tji itt for the night in front of a apr firc. Tho Inclima Desmall fires front of the. Lines Large Onea of the would have disclosed our up. To tie enemy and we should have been shelled had crack crts to Tuioi Ripper and to ret but not to could. A Licay Jick i. Was throw towards and by to licit arms As a. Night attack . Third. Was by tic of Iho iwo non c.4 All nig tit ,.Bull the a Sciny did a not All Nek our main while wilp general every moment i was Kuni what cd cud so numb i slept for in tvs . And thai j Rould in v we Iii i wave fid it Ivas and i had a Blanket of Ritow Niy a Jour an hour Laler a nip to Inq Trifo of a join were Hull dugout and it was conious .5-t.-j.ia. He intr of Iii Dii ii fires Llie i till Jia Tii Ligpit n Aii in Josie Ioviti Ostl its rest of the Lio Soin of Jobus triumphant or sorrow Aivil pin j Roii find heart pc cell tic to Earth Mill its Vingi Jimh Iiga Iii lout and behold Tecc so fair mid thai Lii tit Oliy forehead ill the glory t by lip3guslmigpywwiui.sons. Sueb Are sinking in r and. The Aii Ilicin arc rolling the lore. Bright glory if is inn Ling to burst from its prison of elite arro Impf heaven Anil Wear impure a him Iii i from dust and Llie to Nilli of War err fall cleansed and a conqueror n Crown to join with Llie full chorus no till lira Virly by Quail ii t to not jtniitr.1 j to Tom scene or cot a Lect we were briery1 hat the Fin no i j i Cly but n ver when to Chufort i Penis of Llie Tild really arc lot in Jii Trosh Hinl it is. One thing total this tip it i Aslos Jutt hot who t i ill. Tomt when Trio i Ropwr time Liliy May have Uio and 11m hit Thuv l of cent Ami ii Mhz r fair of to Brit Dikler Hij to try will the Oll Lllan Ofa ill vote in n to principle of free and May ibid a Brit too Laic in re trite la Iii that icy Inch Tutt Trofi wit i lilo Clil Tny Loo new set mind will Taka Jill Cir it the Clil Kiriu of the acid in nil he act Liao in View Trio of the c Luilus Joity Union and Lawn and. Rouru Lajoi say lilo Levit Ciagne it Lii the Afif Incont Iii Aud Alt it icky of the Sauk and Llie Ortii Cost of ibo Ira i 1 can film Itil on Yno of Aioli he Ilu self pop Loti lion Jug Hon men Itie manner in which lie Utomi ii thou and led and Cha red to Iii of Praise blk by be men of Cuil a nil Wilh Otil n in Saruta Liiv Lull it lab Raj Jii Clil i by result i i wild Iliili ilium to 1m All elfed Utji it Liliie thank Tib j Ivy ii ave ii Lii it Rah Al list r and now title Imi Cli of the Timi it tul la my in Vorlyn fort he pout he Hulda Nind who a be of my own Nib Toltl culty Torii Twilo Musil i to nun who n an if a very Oittis rent it Choc. 1 refer it Slowin Loii. Tho Tresl Numy of nil Iri i hit my wait Wynd nil p Ralic the Ball kill at mind him Hans Nin Loveil Urt talc. A Alonjo tli6 Lod w inf of lid rep nyint wherever to Lily called wherever i ibid Jikit in a Tju Tirl Utji wherever Haci Giuld do in tiling liar Liliu fallen or by won or on i hero lie was in be , and All the Lille by to Hin own Iho Tiab All danger a tamil input while Many oth Neil Iid tit in to if m bravery it cod and that even we Chi tint of Iraq of in Cal away i la Cal id Lectra who Shtil civil t Lull Riddit Loti in Lisann Al Lccy ill i conceive the it Waii Ltd to Iii there i a not a tree or even r of 11m of my Erin Iii tha victim to Flint t in Rev in and Troni Wilh Lill Lucli from Ibe Lou nil s apparently of c Nolb Ami to filid Nii sex Multi Iii them Tomt Unden Isaili tie White car Tot of sub we they verb Trade of i Viii Wii Wake soldiers 1-.--1 o clock in lbs mining i was j re inc ii l u Back to the train of Iuni is and to Ibe Attu hurry Forward forage for food men. Fly Limo the show find Cdr Alt inc Jallis and ruin tvs naft a our Man Titt Ritzig top Marcia of Tho previous in ii ind Tai a get Ting bul us tha Range of. Our though i Botler got Iochi and t rave led Lio to Nair Nind to hot Way Iho i thai Iberi Weygol of the Woodi it Ivas by oaf Dav Light Nhi Yoi Iier directly to tie foil in Steintl of to thu Bratt Lii Kelly to crossed the i tie of Nii Illinois Lap men i where we h Ari cd tour or apr and there i Linn lilo right Tut for ibis to should ii ave Mic Iii and Prou ably limb been my Iiorio Watt und so smooth Kew Killet Viilu Liviu tin inti Csc jul i bad 10 in foot Irwin i Lynn owl us Uio ii fits it l Over. I in and. I a the a a w Nigro Axil Lilicy i Woof c liked our Tho u a will Mient the Public our Friend use thu Tijia Iho Iirth Imalle is Tut n Mii i4 Riller inc can form an Idun of Woltal and. a Lyrta o in Gur country. to Benr from Oil Friend again. To Sui id by those porn lion. Light i and Welcome cacti heart thu now Moi inc i our. Lia a Klo Riotis k u ill Unstad a Rigi to to very Elio the Ifni tid pict Fie Eltar ii tier 1 the Darla Aua Ilita Roiff 1 and nurtured Valier he Manj n lies Iii Nii Lurt in Holcli Penir Lrol Dick d like sunlit oct Index Ith of Lowern of gown Xiii Iti i old cd car Ami Hoij Fly Ruvi Rii Noii Nthan Hil Ritj go on uni dark Anil deep the Roupli lore its Wlifred to Ltd a Undine j Awn Usiri eat their Britt Cut Ca Alocci. And r it City i Eric Lii Lii in Jim like in polio Ali in Atli tip Pui Ichii itty Ami Hunt i Ivl there Prielu and b Mii it Allce for this Alrui Ishill Lilii k in auit Wasiw Isku. Lii r or i Titt a Toni roccivc.l1 tint of Etuati my wife ran Yff in i to i to 5 feel a Laria Tjas la tub in ibo up. Guttin Vou ii itty lil he re Liq ii Wyco so Liq River i a tied he insisted i Al have her Telic i up Nihil in Hurp Rixe if an Ibali Hufi Bra the displayed by Ollor no Niv made of the Hui Indiana. When to Ara Batin Llie Tutlo of 1 vol in Mali regiment run Ali cd Mota Cli idl a service t the 41th. Liry arrived at Purl Jpn Chou Fri Dave and were in Phi ilium tin ill. Evening of thai with the ibo Batlle on Salu ulay Limo Riding hey Monti Trio ii Anil continued had net evincing a bravery and skill by notion Iho Foeldi yet no Trifi Stiim made of Lliam bib the acts of pulled. Men Dii Serva higher prniflo1 then inc Inen of Tho 4-tlb, and to fliers new More daring than of this Are inert. Col. Elul Bis men them on in hit of to fight Altoro Tutt Din of Kittle his voice of Beard and bin org Zinent wis first m to. Yet he remains Qinnn Ticco by Tho while thei achievements of others Are magnified., wonder if Uio ii minions us Isert Gadier pc Marla have not something to reporters lured to pull into Honor Iota that they in airy receive prefer to vials in Ninny instances Tho Mita Vii will by of col. It cd Bat be would scorn to Rise by Suc i Means and will for him. Tjit people of Iba lob District you h Nye Iusi for Raj icing in rep resin w in inc by the Gallant the toys covered themselves All with glory they Mot the enemy with Tho skill and deter mined Conigo of the and during i to Antiro conflict Tioy never gave an incl of ground hut pressed on to Uio enemy n Dater mind to their loss seven killed and thirty wounded among the wounded is opt Coppy of Whitley Dojnia their a tiny and lot the Cit Isons Peak . To Mojaro known to our pair Olic four Puoplo to their to ibo. Country even though a bound pass them by , Homo arc admiration of Hlf lir Acilio towns. .1 i of Llin at Indianapolis where tie Acra even the c frantic univ Pur Orvn to to Sci i a wit h Iho out him r Black Caum Ofa Uthil hit Ivory and singled. Sarol you Aro the nil . Of nil the 4-Ilh i have Niilyn i Iii Cind. Room i say now i us Iti Ohl crw Giitl men in pc slim la id of their Mark and a i fact us and Ali or District Ali Ohio fur the fallen that Dibsy bravely Felt. I h pm Oil the second Page of this letter to vim Why t not in the in talc Lut got of Iha to do Justice to my Brave us Perm Raitid in Cuiru moment to it i ha.1 Foard h to lieu of Iho a Withim to which l have a Uil cil. I Iii in Lac Diqiu to and if i 1 any real scr Ico tin less by Lucre Chance. Trio Fket Ott which la o 13ih Buffi in Flocs Amu vat. Me Oklun i by tha ritual did Tho Tumie of Loti Villa and Jen Leal Lack Al Btij to a Lucuil Lii fins narc ibo Ali pc they con reined Liu tint ii Liliu ii ill balt Aat f.irluinwl4on, and Milo All it Urt Lori and of to Porfeli inc Ric Lury nil Iuni Iio the Brick re pm my a tin clip Emetil hut or loin to stud Sci knee. Will not Liu waver in pm cd con act Lullan in not Limiti it Lipinn to the army of Iho t nto Tilic at or tits is a lit from this in Vaimau u u that our Yankee Iti Vadoni it url it uyal arc Pii if rapidly for Uril Llie in Lech they cull in Rudy a train saw Mill at Edik l of to that they Bageac Buck in try in. A the r few cd Fth i Lii Tomt they Tivo i mar Alibini to Guj train Len sftsi1 of tie new York Ami Jinx on a Calls for in Iii Lihui to Heric t to 4lb March next for the Rel army. Think to to . The Lime Lor recruit Iii Trio has if not Furini Isic a that Lii Iio he Brenu is this Lindic iils an in Ului ill i arc not now As snitily duped by so ii Fiou in Ailers is at to of the Glo. 1 him Iii not Rule them they a Villel Nind ask thin Selyus for Arhat they arc att Miil Iny to overthrow Llie and runic ii Boring inc it Uii in Iii year to a Iii by in pinot Jan a h in longer to War Ngai ust ill the Oiw Erno r of the to 11 r Tore i m of Lindes of had Cip cd Aroi Tui to wife she wan in custody a Fiji Patch was the of. a him ii the lit atm on Hail tit cgtifmnt1 Trio by of he inf in lie Pfahnl he cd hid to priv tactile mul Cost her in ii hint foil Vrr. Cut Iii Lii Jevc or his in Cleil up a Bis even while Llyn Sooil then in Ibe no Tow in tha ires cacti Olla its of Illel i4w, to i Niiro than Blifil Todi wat my Lillie Maitil Liti Inlow in a Leeoin were hit Tad a till nit Trio table Anil divided Kilt Roeii die peril Vii Slie Pletl hut Money tightly if. A Rulif Teallie carried in her wicket to ii Ted 11 silk Ilner operating. Film part he Over tic wife at her said she Ihm or. Never do so again bar old i i Embr arc took his tvs with Litnor i duct tit. Is i tip Tiu Arr veil the where Ilis a Tift w i l not lip Lohu Rcd Wiir As the Staci ibid left Soivio years in land Day Iii Ahl Theofi fit info in tween lilo enem Yund to Reed on the gunboats preset Duji ii r flip ii fun Csc the fort by Ahi Ather to flops u Cru 111.march at Niico to to o id ofal Iolj and with thu Furco nor Ciulo Ali arc land. Pro-1 Grant Limo far night i Issue Days mops add having and p y leave in v stores on lie boats for Otic Day p to to fit Sotl cite d tic and that to bound go Fis Nizio if ills to remarking that i covitto easily re Tiern Whu ii Tho Roud to the a.Bull at Ull Tinics to Cloar Anil att Emit i o a Iii so very easy or Safe As you 00" tic Al Teil rowers now attempting to Ugto of a lift Precilo Iii of Liat ii Cly to powerless by disc nations among Ilie mexicans1 have unit cil in defunct of their government Are Grilii arc Xiii and Wolo beat kick her invade Cut acid ainu Nuiji Ber Republican form of soon As the rebellion w crushed to May Aid her to Hixt never submit lit Hakuai Unnasch crowned pan and hence Cahnt to indifferent to the strip Kolc of that Puoplo to preserve Tell liar fryc institutions. It is Wir duty to Aid fill those Ara contending against Lurany for lit Ortyl if Minn Saiia t did not find it j Tho Rob tit Send All their trip i Rill Soo by and West the Hardy sons of tic Well we got in marching order and started off Jii Kint 10 o clock Friday morn Iii i ii Ellb his in Nova Nice nil Day was covered Wilh in Row and it was cry cold. To with cold As i lid that any Niril the Rul Luwig night and Nev in order to vol cd tiie shells Woro aged to Lake a very it this route manned a Eliris or ten Iii Las by Forb Arrivin at Sieleit May Hayo a. Chance at Ibum. Wiir boys can in one ballju., let them come for to want to get the Job done., before Corn planting. A Ali arc arc no Jull Vitins in this Ray him and the on Tho Missiti Hay not to Arnod to Retreat Iboy study As fur a a Ivancic Licu Stop and Oft not Fisck. Loan Oil any thing the Vicc is Cyca of Pettij Sylvanin. It whore our Lino of Batlle was to Law formed Jcj in a Fow Days a of. Cruft to Maidt Liis division Ngali isl any cd Una Mun immediately to. Elioso Bri Gitile division wan fighting that Wiir 3 Wann hand arid Wing two bad inn in to i by to fun. Fifths Ihbe m we right Roth Novi it web nearly dark and ibo firing hid afm Osl 1 bar of who Saiid him West to will then have a Chanti if to remains on l he to o fear in will not hate an Opportunity Titi Fottis Tho or mind ii not Hind Iho roads Thoy Are not afraid without Thorn. Lies go b ure tonight from the left of. Oen cml Lull i attached to Yeii Cartiff to Luti Liru Otico that Amblo sati ining Lias readied Iofe Mijck Kani in w if Over bin jiitlitiit., his presence ii Mylik urn Loyal Eji Ift find hta Ibarr alive of Liliu Civit a comm loud by us loud the Treasury Nola a Gal ten been signed by to president and is now a tall there was a opposition to some from the honest1 doubts in their Imrit As to its constitutionality and others opposed it per haps from Luicir desire to gov. Ernie tit b e it was by their after or. Uny Luss being Culle prion did in a patriotic Adi Orcsi in Winc Biclie lie clod with the Lial Lle i political of Impi ends. Kwh judge them a Gully. In this it the in Cuso partisan to the manner in alarming extent time Hoy ire to cd Jive enemy for Rifici Trio for Ascendancy to Man who looks Over a till for one moment contemplates., the struggle Between io3 Nelly and disloyalty of the nation Ifa Patriot but upon by that unite ten Freeman to to Freedom s Empire to Giro to Cir efforts to sus twin the rightful Tittl Jority Tho Constitution. Our institutions arc Imper Rillus Sund by Uio and if in positions where they arc to provide the Means af.1 they Shoil Lri not he relate but Vole men in Suffi Clell numbers Lind Money of Kif Ficini it amount Weare n to Ignotis prosecution of hica5uri. K to Iii orc uie Laws Thia As to Ibe twin incr of Jujiro of fitting objections -08 to Iho any Public exigencies Ore of Nudi it requite a nost that and is a Soltic in self Ery by Theof Sechi line men amid the clip War of Iron and Leaden Hail poured tie Rewl forces Ilis description of lilo. Confeld int of Turin waa inc fasting Nyrl from we to Niiler not deemed la Weir position covered fun Aien of five from Dedreu clips. Ave arc would exist the an Roii Durid of Kort Dainelson of Whiteb lie was an Eye will pm. Ring big remarks Jim gave an account of the the Lelih Teri Nicol a 10 hours and the Cool Bov Tomt the impregnable Liles of tar Risbry Anil bad to be obstacles plan cd to nip de to Iron Russ of an attach it army Oili Cere from aiding in its enforcement under Inri inlay of dismissal from ibo service. It Oft be Brood of disunion schemes Irlich no Lias Milc cd Sucu the War i Wynn. Occupied by troops. Jun. A cull in sunday it this Litas of Pordon Cionni Jinx . The act i i alter com mining Al manner of Spreda Oiin on property i destroying rail Rand Bridge bask on on the Nash jello Nind. , to tiny to in Impi Sou in vast of the Capitol. It is Tho t hey will Avail themselves of Iho Mountain and up poke Tiu and it acc of our Ahny into Northern _ Gen. from Felling Limber and piling in i join Bowling portions of sic of which Ali u Uii Ion Daviny Harc Lionil and mitc Beil Leil them t Cir country they Diirck to even the fut it every to mint and compel. Lii Lliam to surrender. The valor display cd ui3 troops clips Tel a Vii that of the trained of n Tirol urn Iii Trio Palmiert Days of trial Reat tic s Civo the Field presented after the con strewed with Tran enlisted the wont Cost of ills for those thin did Nind a Jill edit iils ror Exi am awl it Oswilf , Tor inquire eve particular tic in Van of its def once conform of Jubo in Tim r bin of to r9vornwicnt is lated by and Tho Blind ones of Cunnion no Beard Nihro i Rhoul All o in Durh it death of those Nundini in by tie Ron Blic piercing the Nir awl mrry ii Imine calmly Iii Iii Tinct no or a Igent clause by Altai cd Toubl Sanctify to Means Lun to inv a Tia Nnttie from a Imit Untim to a cup t hem from depreciation liner in to Nark it. Llma lilo the Prcy tender Waji i Zer Citie of Nti exp rat in licit or. Doubt Wiver. It was Ihrl Only Way to tire Brut Tho in to Lett paper Froni big in swim Ihfe Skilor peril Lunic their in pvt inca i e win Lar tid it f Toifl of ill Nti Mcd Rhu the Izuto vital it a Cuvo in it and i Rump Miraim pert acid 0 0 runt sanity of the caul Imrik of Iho River invent fro Iii Ncry inti Arlor Wlllie Memphis Fulti Nind the of West Hill in new till to new n , Lua a co it diet let a fowl Chufo it to wat n Lusty Iri Al nth from the place a litre u Milic pc annd would Natlo. Nip of very can inc a Large Rigi Vilior of. I ecu a and to you sided was cnut Urcil mul Loti re bal to Retreat up Haiti by tint Ibey bum we Jill anal stake Kiln of killed Aid wound Cal. mortality ill larger in. Mack Ruid s Divisi ii Luno u led an , with lib of the Al Lem a Watts nod a Iii Usu Gallant conduct of Liliu i men of the Noble hl4thiii this Nice Ali Atiqur est Mcd follow citizen col. Hugh fully met lha of Bis Iii rails Eric Iii it filly in filled 10 our and a lax tug in our in Iory Ellec Trionfi for Luis Nubia d on to Bill Momu Ruble occasion that Hii Jor has Soiu Illch himself ohly arid la equally entitled to Wiir Confidence in i Lacu in Wiir Meir tory Ard i Gallant conduct on Tho Field in Hying his scattered and a Lac inc tiny a Kuni Ucko intent i ill lied in Shnir Ali Gilt Hrisi Kuti Llie is of our Noble 4-Hh Tho Knod Itter round id Roy tinted the of a a prior Force driving Uick the enemy and first that Tho nil Cerit and Nidini of Elliis Gallant eminent Are entitled to our d Llma re trill Trca Iurco with pile i he Nuudi Able Prtrt which they took in Ono of he cart it Bill Law on thu Coni Incani t lilo sit Tircui by it evil we St Bra. Ettli flit Slaff shall to Chenn Lio. By to a a Cine Ito of of n Deli Licud Pool to a Viii att Cupit. To Dost Rny Tho beat of Vern no aver instituted Iii my men. That while to have just Cnoc of Pricilo and for Tho Noble conduct of our s and men cannot but our sympathy for the sulfa Ritis and Priva of the Nick Iran did and lying Anil the Orts of our follow Tawi Tanun. Al Tor in Cocks cons Lintn sympathy. N the 12tb and Vii Iowa. A Cro killed. Wounded in ibo us and and wore killed to Talca a Tiao Bijj 9ib Sam Psi were killed and .115 bin their i to to licit Donu on a Scaks of Floc Mai Ign ration Luiei Day Iio Foro it . Its remarks arc sons ibo Iii Ging Liy Fri lulls so far it is tie in Della Rentable la Iliera in a Story Liml to Nind that ibo nost Sig Neil serv can now t Render to to country is Tho surround or of the Helm to Abler and in Prisc stand Proha to future. Of liar Rubis a litter and Ery awl to mixer Alec for out a child with a Bauble ind old Man with i Young Nril partial in lust Lions of Lam Depin Ralfe Folly. Ament Ortii it . As a Christian Ami rapist. Surgeon of the has fully Mot Tho Sipic lotions 01 wifi aug to cur full Uhl Conli dance and esteem for tha Uini Sibr in which i he Lias Lam do tits Jot Olvid him during this occasion even to to in oui ii Noui idd and dying. We tender our Uin Nufi to our Fiu ult s. Bayless his i Tinni cd Uris in ill inf of our Anil cd and to Lively in Crest which to has Token in provi Ilij for the comforts of our men and Huir families. Liat the families and friends of Puc Load sick to Wiir that it is Wiir duly to in Ali or Comfort and Coqui olanic Caisson. . Stefy adopted. Meeting then gave la Rico forty foil Rah Tkv Gimont Izreo i Waers for Tiu Mann Anil Ibric c Clu in on motion far As we Honvo any record of Regii Tunu engaged and Makos the total killed 1 18 of Wou cd kind no least those taken Pri no tiers on the Day before the Burrum Crof Pic fort Tia statement ii Inkes the Trtat Federal Low in killed wounded. Us missing the. Victory was a. Glorio is one. But dearly the feb. In thu Senate the Bill pointing. Far tic wid cultivation of Southern Cotton Landa without action. In provides that to Fodora government Ritnell go Cotton managing and running a Bill was passed icing to mini her of Mcm bark of the House of Kepr Sonta lives at 241. The Starka Cam uru Larcea up. And or. Sumner Romla against admit lift the on Pii senator on Trio s d of Huttt disloyalty. Or Rita Davis replied and told Tiu Sluss cuu Fuji senator to bad bettor lie care Ful to precedents far a maj oily Ami i Lari and in buy ing no free to an additional by Leif arrival of total final la Iba i Royiw of Uhink Jinni tit u. In All. ii it in with f dignity. It icily Ign yrs a. 7n cd Italy of thu ii it itary Tot life Nwiwiri Ofthus he Pilsner will Boci Izier Ronilio lit Citico Tyror i waded dirt r to Tia Dit a or Virlair Irtoli to carry Piil the just 1 the Liu iroc diet order to Jmel Tuliau Arrila. La Isdo Iti Ihnot vat Fany of the v i a o. J the Flo Antko Inland Vork m Obilo Roc drink to Trio Oll cars it Bein a cling the a lie uni of an in Leftreg which Wjk Tut Iii 0. Jenninns Wilwand Mij him Hall of lilo ninth , to it will no Lyonl to him by or. Colot of the in i am sorry to Sec von under Uick Circum sai.1 major Kiml wll w the turned Wward Hui Uia Boe betraying the no oily in endured Bow Iris Are not filial and that will recover u inc Shook bin head with an Tats Hoit us his belief that Budaya Hui Lipf. Cut major Jim Bdl. Liat ill time will coma fall by Reu tiled under that hag Union i visa Shook Bis head again Aad in it firm m Toto ejaculated a Ever. Nero ver Livo under that Flag Aga Iii. Erory Man Iii Imi mid in the South is ready acid Hii Iff to pour but tie Lut drop of Ifim Haft fore it shall. You May put nobly Annie Plato but can never Radii cd us to Tho condition of Woll. Zapiain responded Kim i. 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