Dawsons Weekly Times And Union in Fort-Wayne, Indiana
18 Jun 1862

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Dawsons Weekly Times And Union in Fort-Wayne, Indiana
18 Jun 1862

Read an issue on 18 Jun 1862 in Fort-Wayne, Indiana and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Dawsons Weekly Times And Union.

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Dawsons Weekly Times and Union (Newspaper) - June 18, 1862, Fort Wayne, IndianaImson s weekly 22. Fort Wayne Indiana wednesday morning june 18, 1862. Number 43. Weekly times and Ini ii. Path taxis n in k Iii in h o. Kwh tit gon Tanka and reported that a was in arching in that City was intense and danger seemed Tho Call of Uio War department flashed along wires fur troops Tod Euid cry moment s Vulaj was deet cd pregnant to the capital Llie prompt re Sponser of the to it was in additional evidence of the estimate do upon thu bits of free got eminent b a Loyal Coj it. Iti and Villi go of who North and West there was a. Rush Busi in Laid. Aside do. Standard. Ami wiring. To in defence of Ibe governing lit. 1 lure was no Ami Gotham no partisan line it Mug Dut Iron pled to thu tented a fitly Tuul they Folio Wui its teachings. Adj for the Ohms there War Cajio laggards one spirit animated moving mass. And the r thought of land. Nerved i Ier heart Iii slender j ouch acid the slavic if Man Fin lure years. To licit la w Cuc 1 us scr in the ranks the Saine disregard of life the Sime courage was want leu on even a he Vilor of senator my Chioran one of the minds and most Ultra negro Xor ship ors in Trio cum tied Striate War loins towards Qynn the most vindictive can. S a people who thus Rush to their Conn Landard to Bent Back its foes Attr be can the Power ever.sub-, Jug ate them y not while one Khali Wield. of Roii Elict in i be Dedi of their forefathers time in their souls it Jim Ien Charlo and their love of country undying. Hyer proud we in the reflection thai Home thai in re clan land to Jiava an abiding that i Chi privileged us to live glorious and should to Mihir martyrdom Rul Lucr than the he Iube swept and to loft to our Way among thu broken Oll urk through dread abodes of death Iteni to Tho most fearful it Narahar. And Iho flow Poisal Blu of ruin. White once stood in grandeur the Sai tiled shrine of n and takes occasion to give expression lollies in Low and vulgar language thus has the faculty of merging the dimly of s Alvr in Block in was recently engaged m abusing Llie commander of Tho army before Richmond to a s Malbi Zig crowd in the Silling room of Holczl nil Mifelow Gil Tihon he. Was by a Gallant army of incr a Orrest Dent thus de scribes Llic Cuci Laboc and Ynn cml Sun or from Michigan is mud in hate Betti Bugl t up nil standing a few etchings since at Wil Laidre while denouncing most butt crts and Tingier of sly Gen Cuellan Gen Whoso eared id Missouri has shown be a War the Oheir was near and heard the it and it Ping up civilian remarked i do nol or but you Are n liar scoundrel dirt Duvward. My United. Suite the thur this was or nut i other to Mcculo the result was a Iovin adjournment be How is it possible that i bar room who Usu Minke Public exhibition of their a Ign ii towards the Man who by prompt in tin saved the Capitol from being captured by the enemy Enir be patriots or with i minium Biati in their judg Uii Nash Gid at h o millions of. Knelt and through tie drunk the Oflyn a Wii Tiu. Mua Torii g Ofilio by Llic Limnal and though to Oliai hut. Ajili Cahla to in thai car Twig Feo Litiff . A tend a Inoh better it pm lilo fur to Giro. Stiie a the War no Siatt Isioro Wil Iino to Nikac Marshll Cid for tha nation limn Tutlo Ham a by with truth to Tjit Jiho in Usuf lilo original to Lily to can Torii Itilio nut the Union Ulic will Bot to Ned to i Liq editor of the Jour nil Al Mikil Kytt it in in Uriot. War in a Lilly have Lind the Ilia in Ceil alarm in i her the hike Lacto of another grand Dpi Ling of Trio wih in icon him and in Uio ii Linn iwo i that la thu a unit stir Iii tic of fam a half a Wellton of men. Edh min Livy that what a Rotti Tik Wenry lid Bitil Ivial our Strw nearly Iff cupid a the victors at n s find urn Tutti Kelcil Jackson to real after Fow Unoura tend to have will Chi Cly follow film. A May Rita sad in routing Tui he for to Pra Vunt Liin cum mining further . Thorn Len onco of univ i of Tho a a think in would Ira Wisdom Tho farces of Cronl mid Fremont in Adlo in Tittl them any future raid undo by Jackmon 0 any Ophir it Towl Cihi Inaudi a. U in Hahlo that when the re Mil army at Richmond Falls Hack in my Divide and Olio in Liun of it i tiny Liia Reh mull of Alpoim ii Lull no i Pili that ratio which i had it lit Boon fit that a Collun would Liao been Iti Kich Moisid. Ilia put Wun matured narc i Iti Force. And vigor. Could not Havu Imwon Flop pal but it a tidily a question Tif time with the commander i Felt for the Lime a full Seiwo of the vast ubom to of Tho Cocci Ding heavy burdens of Tho Rupo Psi Billiy which his heart and Hijii brain when 1 Haw him dismount Liia horse v and Hiaring his an Prole Ray to it Tsiou water a in his. Hands. Overburdened liar Toul for May the god of Bat Yeimi cogs pub Viiu rent the As Road let to Nim on tuesday Knill not no nil was race Ivill with an of Tibursi of Char ing Frum Etwary Altha Olf ti11c of lilo army of Tho 1 Oto Annc Ilavu Ful Iii Tod at Leuila it part of my 10 you. You uru now Oncu to fuel with the r. H Ara Clil at Bay in front of the capital. Lynal and i Attu is i Huml. Unk is Vou your just Hilory Trio it Soll cannot in for a Momont doubtful. If the who Law ill Fml fully and m Al Yor Uttin and who i bravely leu hard lights at a cwt Vint Ouirl Liokhe und a r. Oaks 1 a if a Iii or Dantsi lift Antt Linic met Batai Liitt. Will lie wit i you in this Iii Hond Shartz its Dali film Ivl Whyou. Our Menco in other is new founded Ulm ii Iho the Clr Niph Ann Eutimi Shields Dumm of army tax . Ilia Foo c. And after a terrible Trug for Hubli Only cont set a Thyl dial Figov. Being five to ills Llor. Luthr Iloilo Mouth of tar him wild Ali jilt. Uni ton it or Rug Lif rtt Tim Lam tip Inch at Lover. To. In not tar Tufit Tutu int a Cintio Tif Ascani Mil Howardi it would Ixo to provide for then. If Llie army u Kimico the War in Al in Olid i amt the us Jet should Ira to Jirec lint they May nol c noon Fralc in Bodum Vul Churo Fri mull in duo fur illl1 Iii prompt to Aid i Hui land of a itux1 in wild near keel or dig land had Loii i in ii dying and. At Iii Rah one of Tho or the pah i Tim Khoii Ona of Qixiu. Round him dead. The did j Ciui Hidalla wid Tuv in or recount of her lit it knit Nimir hut in ii i i c a l a Oiler Clad that i had pit n new Jiem of Tapo in Ihn i ind m. I to Iii of Tomt and lord in 1 could around i it in i Knofl thru i his with my Thiloh and linger and i Flur to event Olf like a Home Cominoli ii no it lit Iltz somatic Curpen. A Kuji Erial Froid France in Boul iming Ucol to Rountry. Fjord w on the eve of the Arluro fur England these things of Jive Rise to much mid Alford food fur who augur danger in the fut no. Let the Public nerve Cim Liuto to Wal Honl Ahful for tha time has when any foreign nation will dare in Eforo in favor of the Rcw Lutious states or attempt to i Weslor up no cause. The St eau ass of their he Issue of the coming Battle. Lot Ifil meat justify Lim and crush him Here in Ihu very Centre of Liu Chc Liun. Koi a Kirikos Tho blow which i re iture Kinace Ami Union o this distr cell a land. Valor discipline Anil Mutual con lid Rico the be Sulla Row non. General umut Landing. Or. Lilik Rilio opinion. Or Spica Ink of Hie Chick to Pott Llie Ilio a Fucci of Revl Loii Dun la . No Tii interference. The Lite Pool Post of the 19tli Utt a junk in of Tom rebel cause Ady its Tinl ii is desk re ate and Yozie their was a tune when the English papers with few exceptions Ere Dis posed to favor the club re to disintegrate this nation and and parliament listened to them t would Havo taken to assist the South Ern confederacy. They seemed enamoured of the idea that the greatest nation of Tho the i mighty Republic of the a cml to he destroyed rebellion of one portion Ngn inst. Tho they feasted with might to ten h the Prospect and Somo of them in r vision fancied that upon our ruins the archives of the old world would Taku other Pant strides in jew War and greatness. But when the mighty Power of the Loyal states aroused and the avenging Ami of the gov Erin incl Uia Ilc and Itu prowess brought against the rebellion causing those who would disrupt the got Rrime it us cower putting their armies to Light and supremacy Oft lie Coral Hutiu Timeir now they Sec nothing very or copy sowing in the Southern confederacy and take occasion to say to them thit their cause is played out. The full Wing is the article re hired tons published in Ost. To Saij a few weeks ago that Tho Sec i Nihls and been used badly. Friends were enemies. The Lorit and the i ranch. encouraged them in Iho belief that it cast their to depot. Deco would by recognized. Thu wish being father to the thought Liia restoration of the uni in pronounced . The kor inti scr Alary Atad to in Tho British 1 Arlia nent and the of the South were told thai if they Nehru cd in assigned is Ilion Diplo Nncy Wylld Titko action. i ind Only a few we eth since or. In Munch Chlor Aftin cd the Lor Tupino conclusion. Wan in Accord with tha French at was in avow Tel adv Contu of and if Lynns lid not agric with m. Murcier thu Smith non. Urr Cit mainly believed that he Ilid. Liun Tho i Tii Glish prow with exec it innit Ini Lulard in Imthorn for Salthu being generally to jul due of Puli Liu ii Listini no merely us of the Giinta and the times was dead m he people of this country pay very Little Nellc Milinn to to foreign policy of Uio Rabi Tull Hoy Aru i Graford generally Content la obey generous in pulse or Taeri flu Tunnel in Al prejudices and in Eonik Suenee thu Southern Dement in Force in had to Dilli culty Gir Itig an fairly direction o Public opinion favor of the so Oil i. Naturally enough Iho Catimon Iriti from All this and. Fondly Kullerud to he Ilu calve d. Tut thu dark Klavu not was to Nair Cau jul and Kur Ninean Nova Inonu Dunrud not face the Imp Lar iridis Sutlon that wit to turn to Law try oud by anything Klong or limn Hyin palsy for Ihu in Ilio the North put on liar tall Karo Tigh and Drew of Iron to Ted whole Ivlo of a cd ral Cie Pinda Imon utterly fulfilled we Chi the Pawli Colont of Southern have i paved Wjung y untrue. A recognition of and the Krooni Uijun of Linch prevented Tanha hurtful Kimyo liven prominent in r 1 indent in Iii fur Ioma or at 1 Rinc Chc to riveting their or poly Maiu a. Of living of Dill Rubl we tick not to Public eur known. Reckless untruthful charges approx Brinnis eni units. This toffs that their principles arc indefensible thou squid Dollum Olti trud in Southern paper for Ilia hra.1 of Oen. Lutler. That is ism full Prico huh mail has been Worth More than that amount Lotha Federal government each he has occupied now Orleans. We Havo thought for some Timo that Tho. I Odin Iho Chota were using won deficient. It is Windom in them to Idrain to Obulio one with in it. To Furco of a surrendered Hytt City. To or Aiumu the Lorae of Tho mine will compel the surrender of every rebel position. We have Long thought Fiat Cannon balls and bomb shells were rather Foi Nii Illila and arc glad Tho Reb Els no sensible enough to perceive in t i Iho Vicinity of Quincy it Limm Tho wheat crop has been almost entirely destroyed by Iho hessian Fly and chinch Bug. This is the intimation to Havo Neon thai in any portion1 of the country the crop ban been injured. In this Vicinity Iho Prospect for an abundant yield was never More promising but there is said to in Many Tho cup and Tho slip Between Tho Condor Rativo party in in gland Are concentrating All in stir to meet Tho retrenchment proposition of lord Ralmer Triton and probability a that they full. A be Succorso the rebel army and everything Blablo in the country having been consumed r carried away poor women Aru repro led to be in cum Dute want of the common a Cessarina Omic. Yesterday at is. Louis Appeal Halle cd for Aid was nobly Tiik to. In the is to Thi of Emetics of the co of priming Normich under and Mcdowell we look fro Mitt Jib being in a very critical Siton Lton. Ii thirty Hoo or forty i lust from Railroad com inn Calion and Unks a or Gojii no now March b to Itutti jct Sun May by Able Longcr Hill Pietil to overpower in Federal army. The a cowls Are not More Mil twelve or Elf Lccy Milea from so Taunton a fro i hey Havo n Railroad cutin Collun wit i ice Linmond via and n few Ghousi no troops sent from the to to nid Light wildy Amiblo that re Hal to rive or Chuml him a lid did Batik it it Flacum absurd to that Fremont u and Vahrid so far South without Ali Amplo to Refl Bung on in Way of Rol Forca him the rattle on it the bravery f our Boldlen appear to have Bce Nasrawi i Coppy tha following from the tote do i ad.-, the loading journal Iti North Western Ohio. Will wac of Ihu whose editors worship Al Iho Slin Iio of Tauali c we give it Public Ltd or Are this to indic list against Mcclellan As to to unwilling to Tom now York Tribune makes flow Itig remark Chi on Trio haute before Richmond Trio Mutasku Sci Iii to Havo Wuu commit led on our no Means for tha hint Hajj to ii tip our to it Ait to u Ark. That arrival brought it want Preat Dill Cutty that tha enemy were at Loi Isth Tho of Tom Hay Onui Ilmet they own cowl Llic Luck the next Day and that in All in their loss wan a Rombly very n with Tom of Benj Gagu and artillery Tyml to was Attr twid with our dead and undid that icily by grail exert him and the of inti Terry to Ward la thud for in Tel defeat hint Olto Livmon was Over whelmed by Superior null we and in convict cil i fore. He country by Tho commanding want of Sinco us Lime Emu Atler Tom Bithlo if Hull in when a similar a Riclo in the Trifuno to ill Hus of or. Rouly to Havo Tuci. Nothing in thai. Tut As this. ,1 a spirit of Halo fur Tho Coquina and Tirol Tom army of the 1 Tomac which utterly ii tit Ila author Tho conduct of n Public ural. The York times in replying this thu Jinnu does nol Yeum to aware that in cd cry in Puntiel Slif must he in Advance and thai Tho Advance always invites attack.1 that when attacked our Advance was hat Tho enemy they Scro gain Zulun cd of attack and Tinl too Willi Ironton duh ,, by info Lillo inti Mcnut acc Mosnot he least to Tom Tribune. They nol achieved without hut n Gie Al Many in killed and wounded and our Rie tory was Only won by great ext a Linin and Jim Masl Dolen Ulkei thus Cir deprive the result of All its glory n Iho Tribune s eyes what would but Journ til have victories without Effort r danger had them it Mana Mas Al a town at Norfolk to seems not on it demanded by digging. D Corinth Bill i Whit belter l. U wan Tel fighting Cam. Costs Elul and labor and life. Tho French Havo a saying that Ono cannot make Uio Letts Nitro ii break Pitt to must not aspect Brilliant vice Orion without paying Price. On it Enjamin wot i member of the Sousa of from new York is charged with com run Ivica Ting the re and Resolution passed thai body to invest Gate Hia Case. The charge a based upon in initiation received through Tho state depart tent. If to is disloyal punish him do act with regard to him As in Many other cases cow rus inn and them notoriety by an arrest confine Thorn at Lorl Lime then Willio Cha Lunation let them go thus tha they hate been charged narc std and Impi once wrongfully. It Tho rebels meant by dying i thu last ditch Al Wiki the cily without Hodding one. Drop of Lioi blood. Thoy blustered while the Ballu afar they yielded at Tho first sight of the old Flag backed by Loyal army in like an inveterate Hacks Down from All on Gagon Jurnal ti1k Hows june i hit. We have no news of be Eitl interest from a army. A letter to the Phil Ituau Tryr says our troop i ave buried 000 rebels killed at the Battle of i air Oaks. U of tic army except Porter s and Franklin s visions and the Rene res have crossed the Wickni Hominy. Our troops in pc been within Reo Miles of Kich Nond on n . The Senate has passed Ami Tho House but less will the Bill training lands to the lilies the proceeds of the Sale of which arc to devoted to the endowment of and Mcchan Isai colleges Iti each state. For cry member o the Hou by and Senate in ingress the Stales ire to Etc civic Ros. This will give Illi Nifisa total of to acres of land to Law Tivol of to this p Urmose. Similar Bill passed the Lack Congress hut its vetoed by 1 rest Ilcent Pituc Liamin. The territory of Utah has applied for admission into the Union under the title of the late of Ducret. The sub Milfeil passed by it convention which Al at Salt Lake oily Tost Ami at a a Cine election received the unanimous vote the people of Iho Popup on of eight countice i of Utah. In tiie census but from the Roiti ausing six unties no returns were recited. Tinich whether the state of As its senators and i elect in Washington claim for it hers being no negro involved in Tho admin 011 of Utah to presume Tho territory will arc to wait some years before it becomes a Ember of Tho confide racy. It will to very Fol Chilt to get up an Aklu plurality wires to litre in one Tiu political platforms Ifju i the twin i Gen. Hall Cuti compassion a Slwyn touched v the of starving women and Ceil in in us of Ouri nth. Their Lew and Oire Siro form. But this is Only met of their plan to alienate the Border stack Ami drive them into Jeff. Conru cd Picayo Timai fall met it the Lii Batule Fath and Brothers having been bonded to by lha contribution of Orth of Previn Liik which i arc to he soul for to i Irish org to ski East pitch to treat the Contr Laud t Memphis in to very Way us except thou who Caintic to Mem hts with hit on Inland Cru Loik of Ludo nun the lateral lines and Trio to thu in the guv Nimuel service. Of urdu of the military the commandant does not nip Oil to sex Crisc any authority Over Tho Peculiar inst Ltd. Ions hut Liin Vei the Subj eco with the Huttl ail Hor tics who Havo not cd been y martial Law. Col. Kiln 4 Julior in k to with Dull. Tall Lack d tinier no the b do for the collection of Federal lasts the insurrectionary of the Tutu Ali us by come Law. It is a very kirov filing far the Sale of real estate Watro owners have abandoned land to in i Tho rebellion Ami directs thai Tom same it Hill to to Highl in by Tom United tales shall Imi leased by Cuit missioners at macs or ii Ion shares to persons mid Muring negro raiding upon the tilth. Of Uio it Weevils of tides or la ass one Ruth Jyh to he Devoti d to maintaining in the excl slates Loyal and our Millilo uld in Holouin tin. Catayo i vacs. Cli Artur Gambera of. The Star of Lope Temple of Honor no. 60, pursuant to a on the evening of june 11 the inst., where they were duly Init to cd in the mysteries of Iho Temple by Lodge Deputy Jyro s. M. Lib bin of Wabash ind., ssi Fittl by Iloh. G. T. 1 Ulmor John and Joshua Dickerson. Alter which the Fol string Ollices were elected and ins tailed for he ensuing term John Jas. D.-1 or Roll c. Whittaker , i. M. Urn Toni in. Murgan Mcnac Carler or. J. D. Morgan t. In a Ngovan f. U. Kin Onde . R. W. C. T. W. . W. R. W. A. K , , w. U. W. W. G. W. S. A. C. While taker l. Dip. On a Uttof thanks m hereby lured to the Iii cite and members o Tho Alert l l. Co. For Tho use of hair Ball on wed mesday evening june Lith Mui Wiit w. U. Gen. in his Row i of his Ile gives his loss at 30 killed and 155 wounded the 44th Uvegi Mcnol in the Battle of Sigloh lost lore men than and they did Liol run. To do not Bol Uvo their was any necessity for w Vijai Ilott Stan Iriate and if a Micro had been it general in command that army would ii ave by and Battle almost by Catnip enc Al. Gen. Stuht after Simca a Battery lid Rhel cd the rebel position it Ivan cd the 8th and new York through Tho Woodi into. I open other Side of which Rotny n right was concealed in the Hest i advanced gallantly under m scary re but Wing to Long unsupported by the 45th" id a Dirge by were finally forced relink was seriously and Tho whole b Adly Cut sing not less Tau Voo More than half Reid Goth. Tho was checked by Attil by arid withdrew Hii a stronger Hank note pm and holding til j Wing ilium of Geo Cral Kilroy advanced his Center rapidly Uio Lery fire Cui impel Tiu the a Timmy to Giro Char Gen. So Lincic on the Buls who attempted to turn his. P Long our whole line our Niril hire n Ilson s with great Viper id precision and the final Sussons is in to it5 effect. Tire enemy sufi jowl Maori or. Of rebel regiment lost num two in attn Tutini to captured by which i Cut to attn to Picc Cit with a Napster i paces. The rebel batteries Acra Wpc at Day Kiln cd and forced to abandon their potions col Chasse Rel with his weak brigade us and Licud Ihu Center of Tho in Catuy o Posi. On and his Encampment 18 thur or forces wort outnumbered at All Point but occupied the rebel hues and forced Luein spared of the Dpi a Lieut of the Shin Atullah. Such Blim Dere bring reproach tic Cour go of i hair men. Cal ii his refuted to huf under to our Heel and will to Bomati Rudd. The foreign con tuls a note to the a vral Ortii omit my that Tome spot hould be where they could Ted Iho Tho reply was that it was impossible Irr to could not Tell Liat course Shonn Juiell night take. The on were preparing Orn. Vigorous defence and Scro confident of heir Nhi Lity to hold the Sily. They will find themselves Smiliy Nua Uken fur the Iron Hail from the Union Luel will sweep every portion i flu Island and City. Vet a Little White and the old hag will gracefully a Cist the Balmy it Raczes is in floats want Protection Almy will it on to Ninny the 1us ship of the Union Lander. The Uii Iloilo staid so Tito it consider the propriety of reducing Trio mileage of cml Kra of Roii Gittus to 2ucanuner mile they nay continue to Ait Siiter it but Ono thing certain their Delerm nation will Ira that it in Offir to reduce it for it would a touching their own they would much rather tout 10. Trio army advanced Early this morning in no of Battle hut fading no enemy column through the Wooda Ami Tow uhf wintry to Ivel Joe pubic a very Wavra a Ftp of the Battle wait fought at now Ljra id Tach that name the rebel Tow was rally Luck ring to hey left their dead and Many. Obo Field. Not Ion than Coo won and Tony two of their Lea behind whig i to captured Usu it Wrt reduce the pay of the r fighting the Bat Les of the nation than to try the upon i in Korr a Voll Drohm it citizen and held out he Baisil for Dix. The Cit Iwin Olford him a Tho in Xor taking Biourn fill a Tirve of Lite own dilapidated dire i have too Many already. Is Chi Unmil in Iho rebel confederacy to Call Lulu St Wilhern filino cock Kwh nit Aud hit jilt Iima to in a cock with Bia comb Cut. Inn Tail frn Learh pulled Yard out of order. ate Ritli Galatea Liat a hat u nil tha raid in that City. At Iho Rale Tow War program Iii Tho Aalto general will furnish n Model fur a tick tie that Rili yet u extensively used at lha South. Telegraph. The tort Ile Public near Whert Jaik Soli it Arm i caved Oon. Nova no Uii monday in snip ill Village in county va., 01 he Hhan Audrah at its Confluence will South River. Tho Low Aboul 30c Hahl iavits. The fact that Jackson was or bled to make Sode Merminod All attack on Oei Shields command overpowering and compel it to Retreat until reinforced dues not Calo that Iho Rol Els were vory bully As that of thu Rubald is re Prusell d to to a Voru. Our men fought Wilh in Amin Letl bravery. Oen. Division has been doing very heavy work Tiu past few it in arched from Xuwu Market to to Mcdowell Hul on Thoro it was Ord Rod Hack to Tho by and to Liow find it of crating twelve or Fieten Milia from Staunton. There seems to to a Conlin Zianco of in Milita y affairs in the sheim Noah Region Why Heso continued successes of Jackson. The Ninios of Fremont Hanks and Mcdowell All up Posztl to to co operating not no Iuler Luss than men yet the owls appear to do very much aft they please a Secretary Cliinton again Tompai Giuong. The in being Dupond of in a singular manner. The Bill came Back to the Louse from the Sorelie with in less than Il-1 but Tho Houtho instead aking up thu and acting on thei lilo whole and then Oskosil for it Okiw Alliv in Tiik , Cam i Nti a i Otto Allerue Lic june k. M. Sre of thu army left Ilani Tinburg at 0 o Doc. A. Anil us so Airlock my the re Lulu about 7 film from that place near in n Church. Tho enemy wag very and Vanuga Ihly fast Cal Iti the Lillior having Chunon Hia jew Silian forming a smaller Circle Titan our Vii and wit i his troops formed u consisted of Jackson s entire Force. The i Tlle Becan Wilh firing a1 11 o clock and to Stool with Groat olt Inacy and violence until -1 o clock . Sovino Skirm Shinji 1 artillery firing continued from Liat till till dark. Our Iron Len fought occasion Nelly under Trio Firo of really Superior numbers the hottest of the Small arum Llroy being on Ali left Wing which was held by slut u Brig Axl consisting of live a attn edits. Tho Bayonet and Iii Unuer shot Scro used freely and with i us fact by our men. Tim Losi on Boath aides i very great. Ours is very heavy among the Ofui Cra. A full report of those who Dimin i itched will be made without Par us Iii ii Hahn vet with splendid gallantry in Tho Surv co of Uio artillery was especially and in Rahic. Une Arpod which May both Inge in at any moment. J. C. Fli Kwost Muj. Gen. Cotus g. Social to is times. I.atk11. Gnu Kissiy Juno 8. 10. J Jackson Nadu a Hinnd at this Point and we attacked him this morning. Tho country is in favourable for open fighting boing Hilly an woolly. Clen. Stahl Wai on the left top Portt by Gen. Holm. Gen. Milroy in Iho cd Etc Sun ported on Tho right by Qun us inlay bad command of the at about 12. Tho c Itury had in excellent position and Dir commit cd of conform no. This was .0, and Tho Biu will a inv go before that com i tace. Tho Conan Itco will probably her Olizi Tho Dilli re Nick Between the two houses and report a Bill which will to adopted. In is Tiu Bill in some form will Baccomo a new oily next week. Of com so Ilio slavery question enters into the consideration of Tho admission of wok Virginia into the Union Tho territorial committee of the House in is Sai-1, will report a Bill admitting the state and running in bound Ira eastward to Tho it no Iii go ins Leni of Iho ally Ghenic on Tho condition that slavery shall to wll Whid forthwith. Tin flt ate has already voted Largo my mity for Iho Graml Bart lotion of fib cry. Clow not satisfy the in they agitato the que cation in their fire Well but be e killed on of Ai pc As Luiu ally fall by Cannon. Con. Stah Nade an adv no nearly to Tho River driving the enemy Hack hut they the Tannin column of him and to was compelled t retire to avoid bring linked. Force Cam out in Cutler Anil our line was re Fortach in bettor position. Up to throw u Ulock la Rann nailing was Prisoc but after alack Oil. And now at Llva o clock everything i a says Kwell Leiofi hot woe our right inn nitty the River with 0.000 me when our Drance foil Back tha Flomy i not pursue preferring to maintain in politic and thrown on Tho Burden of the it is thought thai Jacquon lulling Here to Croft at Alt Crawford whom to will find no Bridga either another Ateo unt of the Battle Stahl on Zemra Milroy and Sitnek cola after found the loss is heavy on Boath i Talca then cmdr if ring a specially from our artillery. The 1ml nearly Tom 25th 0. Tho total him Coli Inard at from Roooto Xijin kill Cal. Wounded and cup Yalu it Worth 25lh Ohio and surgeon Vonu All. It Ohio arc wounded pc ill Beu fought wholly under rooms were formal to and fancy 1 of Tho in ctn v n and was by , Sci non it faithful handing of Hin. Troops i and coolness and to termination with which he wed his Saccos. The fight was fur Oiw three hound acid continued till near dark. Captain Kroc icon Captain Zutl Antun of clan Conj wounded. 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