Dawsons Weekly Times And Union in Fort-Wayne, Indiana
11 Jun 1862

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Dawsons Weekly Times And Union in Fort-Wayne, Indiana
11 Jun 1862

Read an issue on 11 Jun 1862 in Fort-Wayne, Indiana and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Dawsons Weekly Times And Union.

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Dawsons Weekly Times and Union (Newspaper) - June 11, 1862, Fort Wayne, IndianaWednesday morning 18cj2, Ali icon. Fram t a Capell no Tillon one and Union which we Baillou the Union fathers on principles which i if i alb by this pc Peel Woi ild Mako As the c if the War wore Overto in Jwo Jonm still hate Inious , because Iii airs of Trtat Union among direct to in u Ope Tilg on the 1 a a Cru Rint of tort or men Olio grand error to Frontc All _f., Trion to the government Isle basis of my tar inter of together Troj fart one great Tow Page of history which Foo 5 Block Tafado. A May Well a pall the Slot in is we reflect upon the extent to Termi Ltd to but we Haft not Oil led it any Otic on , it o quae the_3pirit of every of his country very Jurn Crick thai we direct Aitch Joh to Thia ihfiniiotis1 Story its icis ii is Iii Omo to Tor the country Ahtl forthe inn Caples of he times like the present jul ice Ilio idd be no to. The Plangere to erf Unn he acct he Alfoth to direct our by tie him Tiki Otu to the Union is not local. And at uie Smith if e Roubis tlint1 stir Ihorn ally of Soi Therri i Stukity of Jini Crew lasting fact it tic tent a twill Irion us forfeiting in uie i Csc Cucit Vincnt of the Premjit Lii Story of the by which Tui do roid to look with leniency -.northern. Antong by Castim wily the War against Tho Sudith Trif . Hat Hare Midi and we Sci cat that to Radical Alk Lilion m is in favor or a War for he old no candid be Fuini r to Day Sliu denies Trtat to a restoration of the Union ,j., which to Bueno Tui rail int Marty will to found ready to itchy thai Tkal Laru is opposed to the pros culion of the War in we it or lilo establishment of some sort of Untim in Ali Ich ticks of slavery shall Rule the in Tulita Terri Fiir Cal f Trojan Gulf Vak re Bolling tucks the Monr dilution and ii macs its defend. No Hern Niu ii andr Hon Len slate a owl own. By of to the def cute of the Coli Ilion Ninny of atari Rolih cd Biu wide in Lucca Lor Prad. While a third Jerly. Pro to Stead thu american Union and iriv Carlo Tho Wall Oji Otily Ion fwd Lily regard Tho Union with my Abhorrence of Nomen Eri Quinal chained. Soalt Nuino and that Uil a uphold Italy Benusa they Hope to ii Etc it Edl cd Flint to fktlc.l1 to we do not Ubo our own to list quote finn the icky Len of pm Litreal Radi Kilimn. Ivc Nittin fatty att Cricina who him at Drift the trite in tire turf Iho Union to few fact in which Vara to Iuar be we Ahall Kuto Noil ing that i by win of Init a the by. Pic twice of. Lii teits the a a Onolfi at Flint she is ready to for the of Oiler. Negro cd of the hut by in tons her soldiers Fiir Trio arid proving Tinl null hers Al Linn and patriotic it tvs riot yet gone to thu Lle lil. Ihil who love the . .North.is, we a Cricri earn is Tiv Al work Tor in Iii Union. Trio Row ii int pledged Lute Irto Coati Catho who mail the North with a St tin and Firtik by Niota Mel Eidht Teader win to lev Thiol inc Iho United Stalian Ain fal a det table of us Niina of american unlit Lollio in ii Way they in All the Ken i Hii Tuin us. Treaty that re Hilt. Tart of the Ironto Opp Otwe Iio Tho into and Tho Funi ibid of an a tit Mai flit local gradual it Ceri Aiu Iraq he two done Mit Vertu Alf a mud find Radical for run Cara. They flair la Union lations u they tar with die inv Morallo words Tow Constitution if Kufel with death and covenant with they Abowd Iitto Tow town Uhr of Ilu Crft. We Back in Ono Uirt in u a of Hun Droit that were Titi a Ita Merj quater of this in tit and of lha to Ltd men the in defence of lit i fifth Riiser narc Tigli limn with lives that thy Kunj Jilom lighting to be alone b we from be and a Taitl for this or. Martyrdom. A truth m this. The management a f country hts ctr men they arc too Good i Ajuis Brablc and a Brothen Tai ii fall Llinat their Liv coping Iho foes Rofi he. Nation a than any other olt Ivor master noun May Titi riot Tyrai Imi Aud owl is thronged above exposed and their in a Musket also it won failed to sue., in when men Nam it Tow right to when one of unman it and. Their to. "f1 c c. Fiat Rioliso and 81 Akitt of in i lit a it he of the most glaring attempting Loir restoration of frequently those who lick of my a regiment of Noi Diers perform press. const and rank us productive of n feeling i of nil parties Scro uniting Vern Mantl these men Evo hit Ion and a War read 10 pages in any work upon military discipline who of a people United a if i Fotiny men manufacture ,1 Orcsi dents out. National existence and Trio acts and movements of Jimima Nocht Aii Iho High they iad served a thury of wealth so in Ity or them to be in u la Lions of certain political to Public Wellington or sonic other renowned Mill. Without not in Vul defence bum May Prate to Devotion to party f we Are talking about in to limit that Pitri Otini we fringe Man Friend i and lilt the Ilehr their Praise but. We do they Ali Ould not descend to h in a Emu to Ilin Parago Linen the thai Llic lending our uni Icin and Loo slow and declare Flint such it place for cd nip la Iticia Intond Cotildo Laken by Iii chins immediately upon u. Their ideas of armies arc that one Hundred men can transported at easily and with As Quick of citizens arc Loo lies of an co Bra has Only of Tho Pool bared in its defend we i regard Khoi ild be no list actions n we Manifor striking in a team engine will run upon a. Def in Liliuse ins Lutio driving at them. That they were a and further re to say unit a tier till a Sand Why i presume two of Young men Seldom Cir. Country but leave y the poor. There is in sons of feel to ruler Llic ranks of and for her restoration to i Jshii Iii of dignity and ruin Wutt among Llic iia ions of the carib. And when Liis Noble wife who never left .Diiriiig his a tool by his Side nil saw the Shadow s of death Gate icing Over him is tic Rick failing he jew Iii. Brover drawing from in on intr i express Iii. Heft inc left her Wii he Kim Iii ight which i devoted to Jimmy Hub Iii i Havo Yair Iio pics to. Yoiiro Bililc turning towards her Willi n look of Appicci Kuttig the fondness which prompted the Juusol Iorii his with a portion of its Ulii fire his heart Cav my Noble Liioi Iphis which were Afono my i so will Milo very a what ii Rotor. Iii til u his due. Of what have in sch fall Nillon. I ulv tics nothing to do with Tho Dufeny of thin great .pjvonut.ent, ardent i for the Union acid cow Tillion. Are did enter into if a Nalion Riti Rob cud Frum tha untold i Groom of civil War. And a fervently Pray Thall Inay it. Sonti of discord aiming the nil Acon Lenl of two tin of All Pai Riou in Tho to spirit of to Occum plinth so Garcal a result and the of Neric Vurnion Liq upon in the gov Iwiller Tho Only in our Way no a Thallon so Lithern Liot Piura and Northorn Ami ties will neither of than ground the Armulf their rebellion. Thu be done for country Doimer Ralmo Camut treat Wilh in Riim Aga Imit the the Rac Aung of Corinth Aro Happy to Twy from Moro recent not Surron of Iru lit pand every adds jute tie torn brow the twi tilt Haa lilo ukr twin it a amount , fifteen Lii Ourand Qutul of anew. And to a Thow and priv Nora and ni.111 he in cram jul what i Llian to Olwe u that to army a totally do in com a Bam no Ruting i i to Drin Nix i Mono. To licit the rink m. Lilleck d Utrata Jay has Iwon to a Ulroy Iho urgent inti Nival Anny in Tho Lien u net lera for which 1m merits and will or chive the of All Loyal heart. In taken and orrery Rod passed Owr strength tiled by Tho err Clfon of Furll Scallons an in of being driven Hack to have Notts Protection Asa fist if Lucli a dih Ailer Al item. The of Tho hire Iling Force must Verv wary be slow and Tho propriety expediency of every Advance carefully calculated to in from the in lilo Cincinnati on Tho May we extract the from on. Mcclellan it Catnap. Trio u Bini Iglitz a thann cd incl lotto of Plain . New Orleans our naval my Clef Iii line til it kit Hal Chilli Kirc Wincn of a. Hattoy thai world has seen. Cha going Alfair ind had am been in to the while amur can Navy Iwen Deil Wynd she was Lunn Fucci lung ave i ought it to make in regard to he action of Triy Oll Cert towards the ctn Ful 1 Tho Wultich action i and stistairi.1 i adv rate cd Flint will Otto in castigation Shoi Ihl to take action in he jualtcr., tie fact will appear to and daily to by demons rated at the pro Jar Lime. Hat the Elf Ogof ill Netherlands Over arid conceal of under in Frum 10 operation of tie United slates. In hands. No person can exceed me i the respect i Hhill pay of All Nationn and to the consulate authority even Litlo t i made under richest Nabob in , Anil if it was proper in make any Dit Linclon in Shuhl be in favor to approach in care must of tic men Iho vice from tin no App aches not to expose Tho trouts to Ira Slaigh tired a foul Lead an army Ign Imil a Battery Anil have and Miry no omit acid not moved by the induce. Men in prolactin Many instances ill got ten Gati it. We know a poor widow in shia City who sent her Only ton a youth of Yunni and her Only the Iralette held and in .1 if to Rcman intr to turf lift Ini Yon Cali ant Twer each of Yoi fir Vii Uriv Kes we shall have gained All for which Tho manhood and thu Honor of our Jou Wilry uni i Liall. Have vim Sci to ability of we ii ill a jul Chi in a n restored am a Ileal to shall have in Cunt Lull Iii tory which we were Strw a Mali or it hiding in Tho present in shall Havu writing history every Day and Overy hour the Molhem no for clip Tutu Han ii hath pc Oliou Jalitus slain wll Milt any thing other than us Dmitru Colon of an army. Titty River of Macii. Hut l Liy a off Bauerlein to Glo Ami of Ilg cd him with her prayers and tears she u now supporting her Lirra inf Tel Glera by washing Tinnil he in tie Privi Dunco of Ood he u Ike Mitard Lote turn. That boy a life is us dear in Llinat Uiola fax to 10 life wealthy non. An Liq a he Mont ardent to u ours an Nasu Rudly As that Pant and thin present Are cover Anil print eco the Luis Foree flail pre t a o Ulfo u Tel Glitta of military ability. _ who Aro so Anlo no for Hasty move. Their n who a Tho army to to Uji Oit Chiw front Cion. Eccl than has pro ing Admir Hui Liatti on or. of tub can .11 near urn i . A mi.1 no. 1s8. Llic the will uni Parry fur balt i Al u to Elf tin 4 to mice and will in entirely uni cum Xinh to of nil will u Tho Eastern of thu und Cir Tully parked. The men i their pc cd with the Tiuis and will carry Ihrcke Rali onh in in Tho anew will in Pul Iii 1 Cal order before us groups in Orch and a Fiti Insch Cli Uii made of them As Well us of. which in nil will Tiit Nin at least rounds. Tremy Addi incl will to carried by hits in Cir we sets. Of Bat Lowies will to thai their umber and Caisson boxes arc lied to their utmost capacity. Army will devote their re Mil talc Nuudi to Iho of thaw and will personally ecu Liml Piper a Cru for in Ukini Ami properly inn Long the trains Imd Xiii liw big Sigi inking ii thu Karph their boiling ought in imply to tie front when needed ill Nelmi take to prevent Ihu am my pc t Uio inti Spaun Gnu tilt Lei thin . Tim i Vocata of sex Trettie Weed to in giving Neil to Iho enemy and punning. Course Tia tej Cilc ulal cd to destroy Usu i Loforti Tifft hold in and a ports Merw be a owns. Much in Thusia in was Mai Davry and anti inc can Roa Lutio Nufi. The following Wax adopted the Coard w. And with 1 "10. Tho Ilii Tolai Ioni of the present imperfect Ahdi Union be Iiralo to oreo and slave Slart would a Sull in duct form tin of a Laore Lavery theft erf that Bici Tafar end with the Rikuo Ionuti tha. Suit Hon Guilamo any Atnel Meniw to Mun the to devoutly a no Thor Rowitt ution that it wet to of v in the two. Iho Ihn Moalli of allegiance the void big was Oil with Hearty cheers. This w a substantial Ovid nto o f Union sentiment an Mhz the tip when relieved of Tho presence Airt Lons of the rebel army. Thin is the her fog loyalty Iii Kos Lorn w acid theuns win erred throughout the length of tha pid do Ninion Anil the Taki Jiroud a Pattion among Loyal slates the herself of Iii at in Wlinich Anasih cd sons Inlo to Rawia am Tut Reao Luton. Of in a Haimof one Dinar two urn of the in Tho country in Wal imn Roo they. Hot admitted to hut paper but it u a of. The Futory of Otto to inc that the nmn who acted i to Lii meet hot woes Coo of Tnp with i the i pop i Litins my pain then going on nil Opo Tod to twin iffy Tiawon to be no Ginial paper hat although Thor proceedings Wen Lia cd tha Iri Butte had no iwo no Tio for Iho men who Ope with Southern Hij it blame the per pm acting i a Phi ical that far Pofi Tiea Lect thai in Hocti we he Kim it v i when t.i. Yot Fata symph Siors pay Trio giver Zinent Anil Tho spirit Al of in sleep of her bord urfi will Knitl the Pihrt of peace is Iuliu in cd deep and fava Fiir the Britt to Lute or. Wirich bus made us a mtg ii by Tiu acid her proud and Lime honoured tit Iier to revered by her throw Oliou v Bee c Livirt Marli alled and from the Sci a vim for in Procter. In mail and appropriating Privato Propri Kjof Union men to own hot and Oiler of. An pan of Iho Mic acc to d Strong to Tieti barely no Touhl i Niader rus to try ail. Tho army operations am min Progri Ivain Louit Ai nil Pontiu Iho enemy i being Ami Yukon ii sit fight Tir surrender. That Lilicy will not Giva ill Lac in any Largo again we fuel cd Lahi Ami to capital ale in their Only alternative. for i Telce to coma Trout Llie r Lic forc Mother Tui la and lilo return of All hut Iho to Milf sulm to the let icon i cwt u for a Guiua remain sullen hut when they Tii Cir to Thurott to also will Leardo trn to licit Owr Sion and Ackon Riwk digit the Sunn. And sri jews and under Ila Procci High n and sock to forget that they the Swool Junius a the . And in Ali air Fult Lynw the re ii Iglo them Nuil an 1 Willior Cnoc to the upon which i a with the i Clit f any in oops. Tiesu vehicles must follow in lie rear of All the troops moving n the tinny Road i Gunrud and a Tate of Lucern will i defiled to carry out these Orden. The in guns will in held in readiness to Inar Cli to their respective he endrs id hat lories at a Man enl k warning hut will it Cross the Chiska Lominy until they arc my for. All Quarton Hamlers and Crim acc ulcers to trains. Ii in thu Nenadal commanding that inc troops will pre arvo Tho discipline which pm has to in Nrec and which they Bavo so ,.ifily Ibsch Rcd. Lie Calls nil of ulcers and sul Dii is to obey prot Nutly Ami nil orders thy Tuny re Celivo. Lift them Bear in t mind that Tho army of to i Womac has never yet been let them press Rio inti Tutlo it sure of Rizic Cess in is of cup no Thois nil Ruly Tipon Law a Conru Chin Minnil of regiments Aro Remir did of Tho rett Pons it rests ii a him upon their Cut Ftp now judge Junu Tho doa Tintoi o i hair Sucic Sion in Day a f i ii i Ity Coli Mancl of a Nebr general to Dir not the solemn Coin met entered Lohy their fathom for tin common Good of All. By curved marches reached the Alloy of Trio entering it in the of lat ton it army of Misite slim Borg Nis enabling the re lick Force to escape up Iho Alley and hence his forced March uni Tunuto ii Liing Ami him Brilliant As u Call it is a Mill try abortion i by Iii nut Gen. In Mont enter Ihu Valley higher up say then he have been in the front of inks to ii my with marching upon its rear nil a do Home no of Fiir cd Fruth for Hijii and his entire command would Licen forced to surrender. This not being Homie Eji wipes with All , trains Woty and prisoners. If Gen Eccl Clinn had Omi Bitteti this error to would Havu 1-Cen us orely Chili Ciuci and ruthlessly Awai Lud by my portion of the press which i arc nov land in the Pulli Pindur thru May be Good reams for Fremont pursuing the course to l. Kenly w not dead As at firs nip arled is wounded and a prisoner if Iii Dimitor Virginia. Lid will ebon la to w marching int r 1 of a Amend unit Lotrn moist a Bill Mado in the Senate the pay of As so sir at five dollars of per any this into High.51 the should to reason on. Sight lists appointed Tolacon mail in Alie deportment of Liliu. Sho Nandlal a nip to Lla per s _ ferry t enter upon his duties. Uis ability n Mil Tarr soon in foil in that part mint fill As deep and hrs Fiir lips any Miltier Iti tic Jat id her , ail in he to Luln paid to Ilia burled a Thiofil ctr a wooden Box to in Caw he re Melita. Bit slut weep big Mother him mild liar Gray Hajni a Mil Jet Down in sorrow ii Iho grave because a ing Friend to com flirt Tho kno lost a the ii Olof lick m Tupp it and slay 1ml Lilicy Whyl of a Jawor and Liq child was in Oloc drily. Jul it is Varally different lieu Wiio of Llic Wiiri iof wealth Aro an a River from every itch Navid fam ily Are the Decca Kil receiver h do Jimi. The burial Otic of Limoni graph Comlia of Pride and tits toil adorn remains Are in Koi Iio in no Nicch Are nol loft to Mil Der in Home Deli Ilac upon with car cd two feel of coming to secure hem from Bacanu and Liili of prey. And when the press with fill Wim and kick Ailtie nation teem Willi tint of Trio out and forget Iho oui or. Equally meritorious it should cd Killo in Uio nau5n in luring Nunin All equal flu Lull Kim Natl Slind and full together upon Tho Rit Mon Haile Field with the Only distinction Neaile am oink Lilieni of who contended Mowla no hem bul i wish it most distinctly ii in order to be the Consul us. Each and u be Mai Eclid. 1 have the Honor to be very Fercl fully your Obe Dienel servant in fish. V. H major of Corral Botn Sun Lihcit Leto and they con eluded toll or Pic or haughty tone and Nate. Ent Ercil the l or Octant whom a Oittis carom a Fuk tie b York trl Triin. Willing under to the mom fatal that Tho very yet rtt Siwl by lilo fit North Carolina Al one u in of Olimpo of m Tho acc Cal in Tito us Ull Kilili i Pocica u was the animal lax on Allic than 10 yearn of i in Republican form of government rests and Ianuly for the Constitution and the Union or ill in their Lio Arth rejoice thai Alliey were in upheld most flu slowly the alarm and Atrip cil 01 whole to in Llic cause fab Lei Lamoni i hold of Hen Van upon All alike with no in old Tiluy were no from a lift rust Tim of of Vej Mulican wigwam then christened by Ali higher name of a Linnol . Lerud Lorah As he had done it Springfield i Ica Chud and hit Ruil Trio hurls Lic inti Knoils who tiling his ii and ii hts Lon to Trio mull rings of had been of Pienik Inu which Blaino cd him higher than Cinn dim what or if Nalor whith Ntoni t Liim Huru Patriot and Statts Aii at ins dins. Al the waiving of in enchanter s wan sunk a ii Crins to the ground and to Day urn kilo hut dying in Tom nostril of in ii Ink to his t dying do i Sny Liat is in Lew Loo trim. Worn Dowa h fatigue and mental anxiety Hep re any mini data Tell upon re Torch and Wor soon porn train upon a of sic know from which i never hew in Tho bosom of Lam Suto howl in veil who and we we Raith Fulty to Yinchu in aft i i a peril Iri the Kun Iii few last Taccki his Tho i Over g an Over. To and ictus Thali fit 410 Over if a till Over to Allie Icsis Tell ill 4tt, a Sara if Nas it May item Thini in to a Law by a Large , and id ult digit lit slate . Of Citi Irrice lilo ii ill exl Twive thin Modo of Luxation As at War a Lull Ohr Ulian were it Hockad think thai Hudi an Tho Ltd in in thu to nary. What Kelt Nch la incr do no twee to Levy a us on Liti Naii beings that a tar a Mure shocking har Writy could Mil . Wan greater insult Ever of Fer d to the almighty horrible 1 iwo Rihl Al this Lago of Iho Jenlih a 0.liner, Fatm Milf on pm my Ruib in his place and reminded Kenneth in tier Liml the clue .1 us licit of the United Stales once Gava Alec to inn to Tho left it thai were ant. Lit Reglita that while men Wen bound u re pet and that he endorsed and approved of Liml decision calling it one of Trio Niue a profound of Iho ago. Or. in know f Tom pm Leinan s Ted in Orionn n change in Dino in what partial r. In it the gentleman m or puck thai u of ringed which i4tho most Hor "1 would remind Iota said or. A incr uis Ciatu Chi Are so suddenly outraged by Iho Milru Burtlon of proposition to Levy a tax i minx i that they All with Oil i a to up Idun linear Lily coned Iryl Rich Tho us r in. Licci Toimi thai slaves Ara property a Coit in in half cd Dunt Liml i ctr cons Dan have uni Leogono no Hango on this to Jeci ice we Are Lead to undo Island that the pock m alone Are Alft Ceil. It can in Reg Alcil As ily a tax on nol on souls. 1 also 1 no up desire to Call the nation of Whoso gentlemen who arc his inn Surv to Tho fact that Alliey and the Chelly instrumental in carry in Carolina out of . Vex gun it is you who were m favor of ii a great debt by carrying on a w the Union. You claimed that nut chary in Oiler to give bettor occur ill Iho of slavery hence in was it id exclusive us Tiofil of your pro forty that us Misiou took puck Anil Luht a Nora Clad and All if Thih misery and Laughl r brought Iho country. At Ihu com Lon Clinent of s Ossion you wow it Rittir. Und thai Llie South must Piccin of blow cd treasure. Font Loman you Havo succeeded in forcing stale out of Tho unit Jou have also Itsou Eilund in saddling a a rent dust upon the late thus tar wishes have Iwen real wed. Yon have had you Way. In Gratifying our wishes Echt Host been _ n Ilavu rom ined at your while Tho to Irful a niggle was going on and obliged Thosa who represent in properly to fight Ich. That Ihu debt him been contract cil y you who Tho slave intercut of the italic you Nouri Helass Havo Tho ,11 the Tutini a Lartig you in Tho fuck to Rise in places and refuse to in taxed. By old to pay your Shortt of this or Cal debt arc obliging Whoso what fight your o any it fur you. 1 desire to know if there can in and Ungren Tetil and Iii Hui Han a Lii 1 and no hand m bringing about life unholy War. I was nol in favor of ices inn and no Natl now. I Lovo tha Neil Union i ii Imig to return lit i had do in contracting this licht i in pc Idun nip in nil along. Is this. I in willing int my slaves Shenul by to cd h a ily to lieu Iulo this unjust debt i won was rejected hut week was reconsidered a Iio Oso inc Stercay and Bill and certain amendments proposed to it referred to but Cial House committee on confiscation to it will by action of the Houby in a few any to. The now King Laid senators very hard prevent a Taftt on a Colton. The Jimmae Ujiie him tits Tvan wept 80 o Compromise Tho Principe pcs of it Iran free Jacii it it Aux on ii Gro slaves. L he was rejected and Senate of 80 1 a tax of Doc half. Per cent Ott Tho Komi Thorn Tho new England who had things far Boot any Ori the us Bill to be highly., Chi the the Southern accounts of tic Battles of sat urday and sunday last near kick Mon tale ill cause. Jeff. Wavis Anil Iraq rebel army in captured 500 Federal prisoners and12 Pewee of artillery but Ai mifa Terr late pm of among their killed general in Adi Livion to the Etc no Caniff we print coniing further Partis Itura of sunday s fight by Irish the Federal i under the hag Only tie property of Llo jts a of tie Wallior lion in. Untrue. Had other properly which i could not by a be ims property or the pro port co o to tits l Hare Aki Indart Pray Dant proof to or i Many pm to be Bignal a Clories for the Confederate there no doubt but that saturday rebels had Lite cwt of if for on sunday morn alien Al they wore occur inf to division can pit of guns. Couch and Casey awl and removed Tho Xan Nanri and Arnubi in roil to Dut uy1 n Ori the disasters of the pret Iota Gocel the occupied Bett attacked on sunday. Gen. A Halleck yesterday Morod he Hwy tint cars to Corinth occupying he Hogue in Vacat tid by Teri. Fope till in Puri Tuit of the rebels who ire non Ranf Lfong near an English off Cor escaped from1 the Llwyn had 12o.ooo men at Corinth Bill upwards 000, at to attempt to Ilire him from n hit. Duty to Tho lie u Tho Rig tit Man in Iho right place and the if Liq Loren Imant an Safe in bin hand. The re Bolh in their alack on our Tinea on he Loutsi Ann troops is 1 deserted by tie time the army arrived at Hoite Vulto. Tab in Abolitz u absurd Asir my of Tho Ata Teniente of Gritl Qinnn from the South the Bill appointing a Boal be Perill to plan Fortina. Uld to be though Trio Tor talc the fast Tho Northern Frontier Tiit mind tin erection of found try West of lilo a i Iea and tie eing the to carry Toner Plain film netted by Tow Hoard into execution he Click Hominy on saturday threw to licit tent troops on Mcclellan d left Wing with a View of Cmari Alwg a Ami pc paring tha for a general Roulo Hli army. Holh Jeff and a Vornor i etcher were it the fight it Tchad not Parade Vick Rburton out further action was left verday Defeated in the you for. U Otic mention of for this Vieka Burg Daton of tin ult Hare twin Seraphia. At that Timo the .hutour.lnwps, to Naiad of Loang ground repulsed the enemy Anilado Fanierd heir Uncao Wonla rebel Thuv n Brief to Hava been the us Jat of Tom alack and Tho Al Londing a general Meo Lullan ulcer Palm a it i Joo on a held. W own killed. Nuts Atid my swing a Federal up River. Tha rebel at Point arc of a Romil Dable chant Ter Tod add will to in Itlo to Tho farther Thiol let. Hosti Ulim had not comm end up to the 3ul. Y tron Kew Prepira Lory to War Crumton Previl Contat Cairn Trimay of Tho evacuation of fort i Ihor Lull or with a Cargni i Hai on quinday the rebel Mill Kepi up a Liow of Reml Aldaaco probably to Onur help Retreat. Ati infantry Force under on qty Iphy Jas born Tor Jonm to Law Organ Ltd to co Opo Ralo Willi tie flotilla in any Oloc Nuevo nov Tetil u of la Lila ind Luna about in Nuu ibor. Nothing Dell Itte iian been heard of the advancing up the Hinchc in reported arrival at Al Luburg. Humor placed it no Hill Dayi 18 far up Tho int ult of White Kiver Ivlow main Pili but Trio Tat men t it been confirmed. On monday the Advance of 4 Irmy filled a Junction with i run Ion Aron. Nand no Suras Lorg. The int we Wero punned Vilh great Energy All Day and Klim Ishing Between Thair rear guard and was ukr Nglam. On monday night u in Canipe a few Uii Lex beyond stack Federal of spying Trio torn. Wutid.sl4ickulhuic.cn South of Stras Burg and lilo mine distance from Ltd the terminus of the ram rail it Sclitt cd the rebel general Wilt be Breed to give Lial Lle or olso i Retreat will by come a or Eccl rout. Our correspondent at Cairo reports that Gen. Tope sent out immediately on Tho occupation of on nth in. Pundit of Ihu rebels Han in bagging u. Urge nun. Bar of More Iho Uva Cral in Leniu Hal Leek than he known what Lolo with. The troops captured am lilo so who were forced to Zimko the retrial on foot owing to the Success of col. Elliott in stopping the running o trains on Tho Mobile and Ohio this rond it Lobo immediately opened fron Corinth North to Coluni Hua thus placing Knitl of Lar thur i of he in wow Nuutt. Ity n h. Luce. Tifton. S. Itco of Ivow York Ell i it t. Niton of now jct re dough t to i Jilin t n. Stratum. New pc Rte Trio John w. Killinger of lob Jato to. Linle of i Etith Elvania i. A Halleck Willii. of Iho Mississippi. To Havo an intimation that l jew ration of Ihui Irgal it forces have been sent list to attack Qun. Mit Civell i Villa and All along Tho Mobile and Ohio Tau Ruail bul it is a Intro Numor. To Iii will prom ably to a very important Day in Congress. Tho vote on then consideration f Bill be taken in a con Lance with a previous order of Iho Llo Tuc. F reconsidered the Bill is to be Nwodo a Little Nure palatable to the Republic is who vote against it last week in Trio Hope of catching Noigh of Thi in to in Tho con to Rativo strength will receive Iho addition of to Moro votes those of Allonoff Illinois and stil Misof ten Sylvanin mently a lated to fill vacancies. If Tho Hill Ladly i All if it a our rest or Lac liar l. L of a Williim we Len Thio r. Her fun of Odmin Atlin a a. Trimble of Ouirt us pm Iier. Of l u mlle Lill of will All Rrt 1. A Ortr of Indiana new Conur fit lilt on Tho Avillion Burk City Hank now York Tim Majo in Pijie Aranco. It a a Good Milf tits of the it inuit Bill and u Well calculated to dec Tivin. On left Liand upper Corner scaled tin a Rock with figure below a View of female teaming on a shield in Tho Centre with a Hgt Ini in on the right land upper Corner and the state did below. L. La ugh u. Head of in Ustiy the or Hili regiment he been no Ninaud by Tho i rotini legit for the Jinai Tion of i brigadier thu a omit Reward there the not a Man woman or child who know him but will re Jota at his promotion lie has nerved his country Well and faithfully As colonel and in his now position will so act u to Gito no cause to regret hid Elevation to Tho command if a attend him and nay the god of late Loti pan Cero his at close of the War permit his Safe return hum to arc Cirrone cordial greeting of his legion of hc1 Kew York papers an to Cic Cuse the regiments from tha Stata thai in a in the late Battle on the Chickahominy. Inst them receive Tuc Een siiri Lilicy deserve. Indiana he no running re Iminta her sons stand Fin. If they to it Isala Dot Ohto Quick to meet the enemy. Better Send a few regiment from this state to Mclellan to show Eastern troops How to fight. The House in will experience no dial culty in getting through the 3enalo. Our so called conservative Petit will then have to Chico of vetoing or no pruning clue Aijo times. Gen. A Halleck in a dispatch from he had in tors Al Corinth dated yesterday confirms such Kwa of. Gen. I Ope in Cap hiring retreating rebels Willi a Force of men Uon. Has penetrated forty twi South of Corinth Ami in Closel the flying i has this far secured As to Liis Miu lion is Tho cause of tie War and we t never if Fri until a i Dattal William a. Graham n did Iten very Ablo in favor him messes Lesley Trow Nell Foster , Warren Many others lie Molnrr Al Tel in Iii Vincinla Eoin Mence Lime Complete Liia Moi uncut. At hit Conlo crate prison cars and desert ers and 15rlxk stand of Oon. A Halleck to la graphs hint to hounds of Tho enemy arc lir owing away Ali or arms disgusted we sup Wilh Waii Iii Ortuno a of Jolt Dave i b ool Elliott s to Vinent on Sijoon Cuvillo twin locomotives were cup Turcol on Iho Mobile an Ohio Road. fall cock slates that in result of Ibe of Mullion a nil thai Coul Winlun the Volo by Ali Iii it emancipation i n Tho Kank i i the u Hurra co. Danny new Jermov Ore lir own out. My Dinorci Literl. At a Reitik the r ii Asbyll on i Tanc of America. Naw Yort. L is n in Tallon Arm twi Iii Hihl Eagle to thu right Liu Trio on lower left Corner. In f her Prestil Koft to Tigh diidycaii.1 . Pon her rights so a woman tit Ift wrote very temp Rcd and Nancy note to the cot Iund no of kor. Was lilo cause of ice arrest and Ltd to her detention As a prison r. Tho Gosorn rent is not req red to boar very Thirsk Teft from a woman. Hot proud pint can Illy Brook the restraint of her Libor y. Let her be prudent Ift future and not do Krinch briny Havo been Defeated and drawn from Musico god a Scopio wow Strika for their Lily Ray our sister Republic of Mexico has done Welt May he car uni til action and Dito Tion to int Iii Ami of bin

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