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Read an issue on 16 Jul 1862 in Fort-Wayne, Indiana and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Dawsons Weekly Times And Union.

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Dawsons Weekly Times and Union (Newspaper) - July 16, 1862, Fort Wayne, IndianaOr m m n its fifi i Olla Jam n tolirriuui1 Attio 16 my Kra c Jon a ii i fijut fam t Jacii c h f j i r no of j. A number. 47. Meekly times and Union. I Olcus 10 a Jii shei rest station Coit of to in d. Even after hat i Iovu Kinu fid r Hare urn rent res of i h w of v i r i v 4 i r 1 1 Al 1 _ i nig Arjun. cried stir and w1- of j i i j f u Haj Vicki oralious. Deigned to i f tie it Ihu Chai the Iurii Ivair of hic their Surprise driven away by i hair fur Fri slavs Henril i or -1 i j 1 i i j i r flip 1. Ii _ rime never i turf into in rfcs w Csc of d Rel f credit. Eliut o t i j f i Batty conduct mums v. Elf Eclid Llie in it _ s a 1 1 it _ Dull i Lac tie of nov other i i t have Sason to Pride. In hint of i huh y of the Sinne state of d Esur i Nortor r to j j flu into. jew Guariu Tymn Tull v r Grant just lit ssh f the As Tho Ilia a correction Sli Ouid to j h ii Larfet Tibt in i 1 1 or to tit voluntary in Iulius run of of nil he u -i-5 so in n or of wac Hiir the or if Etc which air Llic of in the rip Phi a incl haul idiom Liuigi of tie i Catul Tho v 1 j i i. Jami the it Dutt the . Nii inst x n i t 4 f v we i Iii Iii it Iii feel ii surm Lav it v i _ Cai Inot fait to deeply Viany our Rimml res vrho Timve _ in Tho Cornu _ re a from foil on that Falat Luzv but it us i n a bbl Nisan by Mac of his Lui Vii state in one to tue in v1 id. Wjk i i i m a j u fatal. To Tuk of his the it lie their i lit Juilu Noii i the inc l kid Taril s. For Tiu to and to Luicir two on Niy lir Lyght j o t lilt1 Bright i Lith ironing i i r 11 i i n 11 i t in 0 15 he he Tow expedition 1 f no better Mic Ted Tori Jim Iosif of i. J Tuoti if Tny to be Iron. It will j l i forces n Junction with Mccook division of Iju Uil of Anny to ill if reports arc Curri re Smili do of the rebels lir cd in to hero or i o. In to Hui Ufa cural to the no hit to Init in find Uii to alien 1 Sissner Yogi Tiki incr he Wiur ii ii i hair we his of Wyc Jiu it iifjitiliijlj1 ntnlarcll1 or fir ill Linck l Tii tint reserves under Altir Bluit a Hunch Ami Iii. Lipid Suurje wait do i Pitnu Mljac if a Catly to urn letter i rom j t _ l in Tiik Tieuli Noil t Kut i am tint snap Rikimu in Rilmer Paul Ali us ill l in it Iii pit or Vilich Are of n it is Uiti Radu. Thi y live 1l h Ninlin Ujj Riihl p in in the writer icing u men in in Ihland Lviv w Uili 41 in learn Iho truth. Cur Ity Shoni Kiil Jorfi my utter the mul know ilium would i inti d Yogi i in your Yoh j ii uni fit Hui ii Wii in Ziy of til am f ?7 tac Fittl inc Iii in to Autlin ii lir g Iii and 1 in brai. fut we to Kajou u Yuri Lulaj thin i ii clip i stir Liht Ilu it had ii ver n of Tui. H ii Tony nor Ai so with my it in firk Lihr Lii Jiu a Iii Tki Ili if i mint Nair that Uio tin Titi Tiroui h i v m Oro o r nil Wpm it air us Ulm in u and and Sisifo at the ten Lilc Hytti of far. Lit let t it who in Ottn ranch in that hour Truit to r in my few vim was to de san Kulil Javo As to wiling in iliac Novar Hope the truth b two to knew Llic enemy was in our in lit hut inc Niilre ground nil of Valry Prev Nusl us Rob King Iho to nil Tam their Irmo vat nigh unit Asu pm nerd a till Tii in t nil Awn Zimko Ati a tuck if the Cir in it ii Ukia Nio Nung our pack Chad been i Larivon Wero five Rcd uck u the i innit in Alt our my nary k of i fully Prcz Hhd Rollo a Long the no very Aud at in Pinion inh Tomt if Catnip Lon nor Niiva the i ill by which Xii Clad did Usu i Rodo to Appier s in Iho a Luciou of Fin n Fri Rel if until i of Liana f a lays in , nud m it Jenhi a limn Llic danger Lour Jar Fuji the , i unch la mail to Llic la Iii juju of i hat All Nijor to the Mihi lit o ind Kii a mind will build Neil Lustre in ins Wiy the in of inc a View worn Over in ii Tiari awl Sirij Itai Ourn dial i Xiv i Imd or Ihry ulu in i Luis a Ibe Lumur of pm relic i k ii Ilni Inlow which will i i end w to n a Ppd on Kivor ii monday lout Ati Yukuyo discover in term Anent tie or any Indica Lions of Ortii Nicini Itiba Iii it Thorn median is Mil pro m i Sions arc reported to be very Scircco at it Icli a Ery estimates swish set Frum Llic kick f Ihu 1st Ina terribly to to ctr our in sati in own Rhu cd tie Relief Chi Tobias Biden Veit but it h Cost times def ii Noii Elie or love me All Niv Uttmi Allen co ital. Juir i l i i it f tint Wuehr we notice Lac i in Tho of Nice yesterday in Nanc Edmont to Wak by or Grimes of inv no total whenever the Nii Litin be Rohall Ijo Dell Chi into included in the Callih 1 Enid Cut to o Wylli Iii Tilden in 44ih in Simenc ran Doinay an Ilmet Resi rival ii it the United Tor inv Punj Xic Teleg a 11iilaitelphjot july i Fie Liam a Lieut Gilbert Piander Igich Mich wounded in Piti win. Ken it qty Ivo ruled until aycw.ooiiwih., wounded j. M. Alil 1 in. Midi to Tindal s. Willis file Midi. Scr or any ref jul too Jas indicate pm o to. J. A Austin to win. In wound cil g. It liw Iii. Old a Liioi a wot inc l Voges. My cavalry in w. U sick 1st Mich. Ilav vital Hal wonn Dcarl Ujj ivc Csc Mich., Actu Mcd a Oil try Loti Michigan in Jim tied Louis a Iunice us my. Dickinson gut Ireje w. Al 4tli Tius Btij 0 u a Al ctn Pany a. Itch i Clingan o.1 hurry unil company Fiu 11 n. M Una Dur Usi let John u. I 15. Lolin till in Drake cum Panyk Cupp we u. Cuing any is coi Sipany k. the to Uon. Troops mall Jet Mitidi Munim Niimi e Vici Urr. Mure that in sent the Betir fur he fur that City on Ccu a but y 1 lie no ii Tiani in Enid however by piss Nihill pm Lihi into houses the matter the totality n o no concurred in the Urlla asked y to inn Cut their Perl and Imp they will not Apt Iii by iriv a inn try Lou Kuk we to cry or c or f.1, Juaiil i Liiva on a Fiji. And we ii Urc Ihal in time of War Niko wlm do not Kish Lulu and by or a not in Huart Inyol to Jit and c evidence of their Hay ins in till and it Pas thu. Stain find if Topany k. E vans con i a i in old 5. In hold in i it. S. Milk a sergeant. U. Company 0 1st nine Chii Rhill to build batlcrie5, commanded the re turned from the army of the 1 of Lomnic and a Vire Senu Ilia Anil All the Mobile ncirs., tins fur. Resting letter from Iho Tho i utter i out much longer at Ikichi timid on no Corint of of inc Dicinti nil Nekk hmong Pap is Mccu Ives inv that or full of sick Ami ions Tyml into their Uhi Uii Foica Are cared form the Lic lds near j town the was warded Capo Ai the City of or Rived no Joec Slown tic 2d, flour and ii act nil Flat Libut unc Kingcad. Corn Dull and 3d to cd Lywch Trot ions Dull and 7-8. C. -18 1-2 discount u of senator Grimes a five Nola pc to Day of his to a Bill Nuth Rixin thu to Call Oti Thi militia of nil Liq crop Iii to of slurp Tyni j m buy Trio Rebul Liou. I or Foster introduced a Bill in the in Iii the to enter into an with and of the Atcitt critics of the f we the of All Whu Tii this government Tuny Lake Eup cd Init Firu Vidvud. Time a five we Witni thurs no incurred. E Xci York. July tip Cial to the True inc Ilie ont to of the kit Touti of Llic Sci Mai Yate Nln a Hill was in Complete to1 rail a Kurt Montuo let Ter of did Wiir to Toht mine wont up to Lii River to Day and Oll Ifim will fed the Hill to unit in strict of air ins heir death lie Wii cd for in of lir j Iton in Unis insliiiic1 Joist inc. V in or Jill to n to n to fun ornament i u Olfer inc Dan in Llic Dill Cully replied that in Tho n mini Iii Tiu us in no Tii Niton und Tow Union Ami the icy any Iii enem in it of it and the Union St Wineo the the Wiir. F it Midi if by ecu they quid Fult Ivich thumm Rigi a i u Misrain Iho in inc they Rivo in uttry Cir v. The pm Tui in inc of Iii oct Jurt s and k in Homo to thu tin Uny limn in w Ilmet Wink incl of l Jiu Naitil to lieu far inn Omati i that u Loil no and in Pic Mout unit in the la lil my to the f to of i Tomil Nof a Ruivo will Law Tiow unlit inc Ival of it Tinl Notich a of new v Omny or Nimmi Yinru of Iho slate. Made in favor of in Curnest of Iho War for lha Unish bit a at which a certain general who Briw for to a feat ret let w of seeing him Liz Urc the going Glywn of the out the Millim of the country it nut Etwary. In l when the Call nude runic arc o be a Icmat on a writ Ocul or them Ohio re i and other Diri govt Roii Uridill i fort Tho Ipp int slum us he Fitt Tif fit Kiln. The Woodier inc Dutiful for the trip Nuj i Aro Hera to lie did not turn u a urge Nam disc of naval Rupprl on Olivir pc Stuarta it july Cupi t of i no Leniul inure Iii nil acct Lisl of the by the 0 w. In a few Days itch err r. Gives Tho following is n Union Oll Tavra to fort a finn Liui. Ill Wim i juju x. J. Canije in 111 Mnew. Jih Jan. 8 Hill my limit. 1 if in filth him u ii. A f of internal under the tax 1-Iw, tendered him m or tonys Ngo. Lucr qum of a Telic Resit Loyice Civ Union Mabr named Pratt mks Buri on last Uriel and Imir Ilerd r j. J Tif hum tier int thu . Preparing to do fund Thern Silrus in. Anticipation of an tuck nov Tho Steamer Potomac from port Hoyal the 6tht has arrived. The Are annoying it Wilma Toti two four pickets were to unit of tie 5th. All quiet Ftp r do Al Ritins Tea tuck in going into Wilmington. A on tie 27tu w3fllrun aground near a urdu Jing lint ii aum off on Tho Amiin Gottlie Koroti to ctn. 3ho Hati i., quo Ilyf. Powder on Nedr the. Jerrt Civ York .1 uly Ati Nuy letter St to Etc shut a veil c ii Takt ii prisoner confess i the Friday at was and la Weir total loss during lilo Rode to r n Tiu Lucr of air wont etl Cate in Hien Ishik Rotl by the re tits to seek a Licor in now thin Ocmer Iri reduced to he Man inner of the -1th oils m Hattle the richest Una nost Quindry pm illicit Rutti n win Only rail to charge the Toh nitty Iwon sergeant Milton Tho Durrf 1 1th a Iti that rain Cut our in recent Rulo Al most la Crisli nor Titi Ike roof Jim to Ihu i Riopi will test i in Nanho in and in or noun with nil i a Lii rim try Atal Njo Lotf to sew Ilici a Iii l the country Wilt Elm to a Lxii ilm Diirr up their Ril Nind in Liiv uru inc mid of and Money to in h to a Whittu Siuy Illo Uso that Unver f the in leu Tumi i Tiv add Lonb Lluu Iho when i hey Iri to net Well the Mii Ramof i will nut to condemn if but. Zull Ifill and and Murk Trio Fitin Roiff so Niware 11 fl1 Nln Uit fit Holu urd. I to null Nln twin rtt Lvon t t a i fur., to draft will Ingle j f Ranj mid Wilt Mii aptly Vitam ii Juu ill ii Tiik july ii. General Anny u in Atnel v m no Yorktown maj of put in a Long Jinian up at Mew Monny ii Cut us micral cd we. Jan. Hot to tur mini to t r a draft if la Irrer audit Bah it of a mild Wilim a Enlil Lih u prior lilo Ihry Ini Bill or it Tolm try ii Home it Nind Fly finn Usi input Idle Niiva ii my fur n Sii to War tier Jimilou. Iii t r i j when to Tui i of of of Lis thai la no nov your i Othy Wilh t Olney us Bill w v input m nip ii your Cru Tui tent All Over i whip i Lidil Ilia Intro of veil. T i i r h nil i visions p i it it it la 11 wait in 11 j l i i Wal 04 m i i Ntuli Tho la to very id our i of the wan l by calling far thu Ord nut a letter to inc a trim Raj girls the til. At Ili i raiment the r of i of tie -111 Milchl l Lias men went Rio Why of tit cd it to a Csc Tho tie e in Loti tie Iho by Tom Contin ire of allot i Iho no licence Kallid i it is. He of the Acyl Niy no Munro in la join we a Langij no Tuler of grit ii of Winni Are killed and cd. Capt. Do Yahin lawyer Iho urn wound Londre the Tut. Tuuli. In ten an fur let ecu to in car to Iho duly Datil James Sitivi a 7th, says Ilio Veteran if the deity cratic it Ihk went made by Oil Seymour. Mayor u Ood Jas. Moks Cul Virrl cot Stoch senator 8. No a night hip Ogress which will cure desirable a iric it fair the 71th Phil Floc innit Tomt truthfully Nylon la who can their Farmed a Jiw Tuii with opium no a Hill the Nanny on Hii Ranide Imd made to Nuj Xiii tie errors comi it Inna jiul weakness in the administration of new Liverne and in Tom that oven uncut and opposition to foreign Cdv to assist in Cruz think out this Ilmet to can r t in to native on who and Lii note Hill hut 1oo arc to it to i cd in notes in flow nud pro m in Hir Tho Zymunt it Thia will leave us Micah a Man of Iho a unlit Onu in whom Tho Uliys can i Coril Dunco. Now Ivert Wynt will never rent it. Tho coun try hut called for Volant Porfi and we in Lovill Usu it that Call. A lot nil put their to inc whorl an i 111 up inc Nitich to thu it wast to Haifa a to us ii Osuch Oll cur Nandan Allicer until i m . I 000 to Maro than i for inc Good of thu unless i i of which la Crit h rift m Tiu u Inland Hill kissed to Advance was to Hiu e jul Llinat any were Rraci it of u Hill d id things. I nuanced this results of lilo series of a Nettles and Ilburn std to Scad a pint of ii Toiuo to Maui Olinik Xot a hour wa4 in nah wiring Tho nil of orders Xiv m hot were r Nuu and All 1 watered at once. Oil nil wore aboard and that morning Hirn sic Jud Riclair Alanl St Trail Ilmon the Neuse River. Kut air the i h i i of was sent after Tho but a Kituku Gnu Tui tin or. Of ibis u raw Rig a company Lor 7uh. Already a null Erpf with to to comm Mung u _ l Imd Jug Finif avow nil the signal was Given for the Licet to put Hack. A Swift Ixia Casi to fort Monico by War of thu canal to convey Luijt top chief Quad men Audi him to their tha Ljus Lor will there a Anil him. No will Havo the first company my of t f i 4iiu v w 11 1 t 1 Oil his. It will of Courso re Covic to j 7" in Cama j Usan Mufic Zimm Turk All mid lilo signature of a liar arc sulcus and in coins a lax Trio amount appropriated w Gold advanced to iwo Vonor cent i l i their assistance thu be Rise duo Tho huh Oft a slut Yot reached. Hanl inc bin Law will Only put out a few Hundred prom Law tha prec Oiw in ctn will he Likely to go up c n i rely Mit of the Days it must lie to. Tell each Horii o who can no most Only one Hundred Relief prison s from Buforo Kichlu noted including i o arrived Huna to inv and Lou War w York july the it u probable hint cd Gross will in net that tax Hill will not go Viilo cd acct until the a Ulutu july the c tic War department and Mcclelon was transmitted to lir in i i i l u to n of -i.-n, hero to Lii coniing among the Siut Lars and the being put in perfect order. To urn Tribune. July we learn from reithm that n wan Inaita on tuesday by lilo 1st Maino cavalry str m on the Kilappa Hanrock. Two or a lice Miles from Iho River they discovered a of Cut Valrain the . Who it inc no cell Bra to Dit Puto Trio of Tho Stream. Our pickets not cd Ciul to wit Fijn two of we Mutton. A of Middletown iras arrested Ysl Rujay mail Fruia Lucllan says in. The of to exp Lati wlm Hayfi Imti need the w while a Misc and Spring Are n in my Taro Halcli of Liliu 7th insl., of this army and Iho Cali so in general. The inns wih being Rei revived in due i it hitting Lilicy have imposed on his Nii Clio Werc Tom jct cml i Ingulf Lam Tho in Var has born Here to this sni nil him to Tuisko of which on Crami action i Hove to in in fault Ivsich Cru i i to Iris s into the for inc us Sion Wall in so a Pri to nerf. We spurs Intro of lot to Aud tic co Guilry by better Oft i Lii nil Boal to Infix on her tray u the ii Oad in Cru St k i k men Voun Deifik on to shot was fired a we jew Toul Tho gunboats failed to find any purus Timnit ii ors they Tif airily Llor attention of inc r of War and Ivo the command stand medical director of this Ustiy in Ihu midst of Tho most arduous to Kichin Nicl to daily is bad with Richmond f nearly full the to in Tho Valley. Loir Toto Scran Tecl evening it Waddington. In Lik Little be so googly m favor of employing Anil arming and for the in my instead of guarding Bis property Detroit july 9, Tow Detroit advertiser Tribune this a Vining contains an in tar Vicks Iocim july till via july tic Otto Tara from above and iwo icon a snub to it Ifill inc City liar cowls Hare a f number of so Lac gut mounted on Lium ridges which they Transfer from Point to As Tuci Jirec Vitoilt positions Are made by inc Firu of our guns. Williams has planted Field Battery on a Point opposite to City which con sur Abl annoyance to urn rebel gunners. Work on the u rapidly additions have nude to Tho Ter of Dolra Birls

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