Dawsons Weekly Times And Union in Fort-Wayne, Indiana
2 Jul 1862

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Dawsons Weekly Times And Union in Fort-Wayne, Indiana
2 Jul 1862

Read an issue on 2 Jul 1862 in Fort-Wayne, Indiana and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Dawsons Weekly Times And Union.

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Dawsons Weekly Times and Union (Newspaper) - July 2, 1862, Fort Wayne, IndianaTimes Union. Number 45. J in our. Lender o few Cibij Utomi tits upon Nostin mid Lions upon of Init former tend continue our train of thought an propose to Ouin tense i part subject. try Turnt of less will be deemed 7 if we. A ought to Lhoir. Willits an desires but n Lorpu i Yuri to. Ihcj., race to Fht oth Era ii o. In of it Irr Mil govern been nyx but that res Iliin Liu equally apparent of part Itai in n Lutvi Juuli i by Lic Iii. Ilii l Viu ill Invfio Wil if for Tiu Mil Nuzio it ill you lint. 11 to tic if Tho in Una a a v Chw unfurl Tina Tely is from our n Turu having ils Root in tin Strong-1 tic Hilti ii Imu flux lieu Ilyf ii u vermin it is the Poi intr . W la Jurj Al nicer Ani Ruht i Kharlene l y tag spirit of in ruled j Slort. Mis Lill a jilt Mill to Susanin . n vigorous w r -1 i Liufu rebellion til Tild Al i j a Roll lit. We Tiu of cof political Roit Lackl ii this Violet tank and to Rich j oth Truiso in by if and Tom ii it of ii Hwy the rms fit Tiitus Cutie thu i i Wintle my Mizio Uii pro Lut ii Iii i any 0110 who hits jew Etc Iltong political will to truth lulls Liberty 7 j the it of it 11 to of opera if if t Ufa Kloid Witch fire Iii May Urt Riu tin Tii Ilie Luo Ilc or a in Iii Lily Siut utahn Mirely ii Law it Vui Labov m in cur Loloi of our pm Luhlo Cirtlio-iiiiiiniim1 i Kiil of that d a to the ui1 their which a Tutt they it ten of dior til r Ling Loylett to Llic majority bit n vhf u Ujiie right of Rcpt it will aim per stun Zatk Navil front liar cult of Urty Khawli Ihly Rimaur Mowl m to Loio of Ilia cnut Niqui i Bra ind Linton my of Tho. Nation Olimi it Chi ill iof full big which hot inti Chirac film tile us tribe Oiw Irimaji Loihl under foot it Titi la ruin i Iii inc cite it inc Dundi i Jivu Iima per Liliu arc the tue by Ciarac Larj Allix d try Iii the Poai Ile and at Xyr Ciuc to ,.hy a fell Fri inti to lilo entire nation. Wii Carlod arid1 Ulburn j by Tho Jess Iii. N single Boi ibid a and with a morbid Nucci cow pure to twi jilt Iii Law t i ii . T a relics tie records of Trio Pajl Dis Dusa a limit Servo to a unto us u i Jure Vliem. If destroyed Ither in 1 Lions to inc pc " ple How h Opo Lite Wrhen we have of Aurum the Huic Jet Worful an a cd Vincnt our country wus will Ami lean. Us wisc if thelit to be heavy in mercy ruin party i mro wiling to we Rifulco the country to it. La Patriot Liuyu fruit Tow ice iter to the to trea Itsos Dot limit great and linear thu it tie in Iii acid in a Tia Iaci v of Chamoni Tig wit i Tel cd r blood Trio Battit Flold i of Thi Lizul party Anil acerbic a ii uie Jini of these Inonu Traci than Tell is it not Limu l to a brr in our to crush of partisan. Warfare thirst a Carfo one of of Ranee we Jim peo Jile were thundering1 nt1 the to Cic if said Charles Ald Tor thei Tirpik Icart co Mytryk until do ii i incr hic snip Lefor free join s dust in Ris Iliof Diu o or minds from government Ful not Iii of thu n to ii will soon by acc omit a flip fal Hosrof Lii Tili in r to hour test ii timing the Vla in fro Iii looking to ii ti7? Tor Milf Iii t Iii cd intact Effii trl Titt Fri oar Issic Opl fic 25th june we discussed the Dan Gerotis i Ler Katic y of ii arties in go Crri Marius Al of Stu cd oiir1 Posi Radii thought Noii nation engaged in War a common danger to lond teach them of re nillion against Lite those who sus tsim it and desire its aside1 and cling together wit i but and thai for if in is their Mitiu. Period peril one sentiment should he , Olio among us the to preserve Tho Vyn Slit by enforcing nil parties should be Olio . .httiitrokc.nl, i his Timetta Riesau waived Tipon them for thus Theu Iid. To wifi g will Renu Lithe . Kosih on hav Jig in bul Tine onion of Tiu. Re and sonic scenes enacted Oill of Tho army will with greater Ninon gel Himin. Wilu Lilov fwd Titan in i i Iliff Rall Arr they mint nil Lis Losi. For stand of wielding t tic against common they May employ them c Vert Iii Tiai i to flier i o. Action. I ii y ii Iii Iti Laid for ilm puns Tiu Ilung to Rev Len Iii Lutitie Nurl con lip. Jwuc of Pitini it narc to it luvs and Nair lion. Which Lirl n tall am i Iii Tiitto in tit t in in re to Brifil to shut inc ail Ililau , Wailtl i kit i d am in land Liry Pallilo Tymn Inyl will not with fsr Tir. Llinat Pati Lut Ami sri ii Nix Taco Ipuru of Jimj. Ilott in i Huck Wutti Lii or u Cirtain Iltchi will Rihal flir Chi by Kiln a. .1. 1i a Liow thai a Trad Litton u and Beauty a Imp Vita u Tot maj Iarud to party a and Pipun Nullar to of off in Itula to Uvlin font Ufa lit4 coins by Ilow Noi tit Servi ilm to and Kllc Hill Hrvoj n in to if nil Kholl Quill Iii for Itoline lift id a Liiri out of us no j. H l wit not nil in Limi opt Tiiu a an Cadi Riviar i in ii of the i in ii of the the eve gift d Usu inti icon or Al m Kuliew lies " to find iut that Nii Waii any Miarl Tuur kit in cud , Winch. Of. Lbw or of thu of ii Init , w Iho . Hut let ii re to Len inn Mumuni it w. Cit in in nary . By . Free the pc Cebu no mini in Iwori Tineal evil any Tartu in or Beitl fit Wlinich the Chiw can Al any Timo j Solil Nii Iii Laruex of my Moliis Tunis us a Welly Axil. Slack with a Lumini it Fiti a l la. Sign. In laites thus Manifest the Lanai or inc Macii will ii follow in heir t our cot. Llie Laws lie initial Man. N til prevent a in Buluro. Tow Dallas Ortii Moring Early hour a urge . Lii Linny Ali in. to wit Trio of the mini thu con i Mcneil by thu m Loury Luis handed tearing1 Dowie the in ital Hales Ilir on hit Al i of Apt Lasu the. Erected lit front of Liliu portico Ciptik to Tho n Tirilli. J a i Iii i . Chalco Viditc Ini inner u he critic in View it " a is Valry in i we have no Ilo tilt .highly.prized.ihe. U a Jinil it i. Will. A Iii l Lle of War keep us in head k about Hundred next ennui Iho in a Nikon an of Iho la Iii Willbo Tho Dro Adful Van. Par will in or Grid y. And Only mitc and lieu slut in u nil in Tho ii Tho to presentation to. Tin he3.iqunrlew Pep. Slack on mum pro Sente d ii 1 vely tips a a Wiick Yvo Stredny of Carton being the in thirty fair. Liufu in disco tinted it Al Slack ii. A substantially lag of our View f of i Ilij City. Take "0 Iwar if aloft i know arum will never allow it in a Slack ,110. Re twi ving us to Gillig which j to 1 h accept two in Tiu Nama of was of of our or Liili Cuini Ridi Tho Otery nation on thu ild Gratin Imp Yipu Iryll Tatj fam f to narnia new tie the land for tha in we Hava waited ims to Aeo no Evi Donco am on those who Havo profited by their and Hal Ronco to it. Wait awhile said when by and it was vol a bluntly. Ilii City in in and it Finhall Cari Lonua to wave Anil incr. i cml Crotsl with i bearing headed View Procenti Ion to Tho i inert played t4i the fill wine u with after inc wry Oiin doth co cd to Uto Tano of Uia l3pan of to of judge Humphrey ing ii Fri Tho accused failed appear before Only having Sec a cod if avoid Ira to Fourl Iii try. .4 our Sijub Orye thu Nln june we f it Elf were rebelling Lig Aigist each the Lead i Antic and its it to resistance to the authority of inc Grant mormon Church la Rightn Vining and thai Hicso two Ajic Tiuch been Linen go d in this is hut ilm beginning c com of Lull to Send of Virco l tidy inn pc ilium live at with teach lifer but to i they. Of Llie in Ted it Etc to Al this time they Giro ii cling not sigh Villi into tin ten twin if it bit Well w o a i tit Ntuli in lit Sitf a Jwj Riili ill a Tii Lor them tits tin ii fit nit Knuit Tlell for As thu other. Tach Thorn tvs and we Ortii they Given k ii i Oramis Cro Tii in the no ii till t did tilt Ali Pitt it Iio the Aully of Iii Collin my i Nim pm of a pair. Arrived no. The mini to tier undid Liliu form Anil a spa sch Al wow in tier of Tjie crowd looked on very no any kind Ali Tny Attru Oflahe Inin Iott Ihal Lilit i a Titi i Wii Uhl iia Liko to fact out trial the c pm ency Tho a till by if to the very lust Iii intent. 7 ,.b at Jirec Isely ten Ini nutes before 11 o clock lit Cord the drip Ell with 1 n icily Uiti acid tilt Hinl a mortal of a in. U. Tim Ford dangled by Uvyn Earth a v a very Ucli Nii tie River pain Lwalsh it Mhz Tiu Ilo Atli jul Trow Liilo no Liuti Uio tooth Mai Ai i Orloo imral tall made on Wei by inc nnmuvri1 a i chel us , Trio Molitui cily wan by Thol in Iho uti Wiit efts l. A u out of u Crew of one Witul arc hoi Lorn Cua be Bruni Alius we Mii Cli of Rood men to hum la Irit dfltnotmtrttlori1 Hurt Winil their and Iwa ought. Tho to i. It 11 Willilu Ilia h in Ilid twi Liglin atm Hij 1 y v r in Ives the c to Birtcil it Milf a d m As 1 v r univ it cig is o to Tjio if in Tii lilo Twilight d j think of when i qty Snow and in Art will t iffy Vylva Liviu i Iii Tilini Iii if Nevin Lulu since tint Timo Awny air Hilll Mollus in Utah you talk i Ioji to Kettle will hts id by i to win t any Seiil to Utah la inti lil Tii a Lii Lii . Linn. Kin it m. Of aver Lii the Over land mail Conj wily of tit dlr Troi la Pius and ill Ilce hit Hll Hll to 11 Bill two Neil ill. They Art Lill Ilij tie cult Ltd of Llujan nil . Tin ii thu in Nti item Ilene Ami lir Ittu Tii met mfr nil Mulo arc Itma Northern nil Dillni and tilth Long. An lit Iii Niibu ii chs ii Ilot Minilie military urdu o Aioli Tyr mail Misti Paziy mid Mil to ii Lylial Ali if tie Ruiu ii toil Lilliah a Puril Clary of in fun raise Ati l Job Iii a evict in if hid a of Iii Inird inn Illint to Kiln of Tho or with ill Gnu by huh. Nan in Iii nigh he own Toi hint Urnik till a Rve or lung ii a ii Tirril it Tilitile try Hijii of Lite Uit Lettl ran reach that Ibler Lury and slut in it Aiila Riwu la in Ute Moss tiny chief Iii tic Slit Ieuv. Tii Utah. It Klof Nevi Iio imral ten of Lutah. Vox Dpi Oral Utah. 7, i it Imit Kuiv Votuc a thu Anil treas. Overland mail Chinjui ii. . U. Yowk Overland mail k. ukr , a pal ova Raihl mall . Juski in . Adj font l Lamdri his Linn Oil i inn d Mitil co. Of. It is Iritano Kil peril ten debit Cit that Kait Cut. April 11. Jill Jolgui m. unit u Teti Guam in in cd Ziniuk hero mar 1 Yai ivc Fuller Kinney and. My. Lulu ref nol Tine l whom in it resilient Ter the so Cic Lary asking him to jul Hitriz Jii Meh d duty of to rain id older a lieu Lor flirt of Uio Inix or until United stolen cult lunch Heth under inc no it a it Iii is that a Ert Anil mail some any and Liliu hello is Are in in lip a huh in Miusiu ill and Msty i of Iii Sutlic Bitinis. Want Hersck their chief tins in in this Civ Ami near it per cutly d it is a hit to Liin bund Lle Iho ii Lilia of Utah an moly Able care the _ Jinns and Are Able and willing to Imi if Callol Iii Hon so Tod of he Iclet Gram Are with in Lar we know. Young. To them 1 will Only add that i deeply to two . I very much respect Puller and Doi acid the m the indians have i think to greatly. inter i a Mac Cecii Liti ies m Lite Noiin there was Alix try. Tho pro Hunt Init. If the of the Oasis Road who Are buying up. Stock for. Llie Salmon a incr u Iii of Iriani Stirek. Soi Miia. Hmm a Southern Democrat to to hts a in Kays i Tiave men Trio Liger is Ridge Willi .sue1 ,.lt think Fri Ciu. In h by no an Sigil to see Tho Blae kind hands of inc dead a fail a if in Tori for decent burial. Ifil turn , the Balanco of Ziy in clicking .Donlh the instigators of this infernal ret Liori it in doubt Luks a Crimo to for to Hirn Houise . Tha Man flu , or All of Huso crib my is an Anu the Nisi gators of i Vidle a which the Kret nout oct Tiptop is one of attic Mot Titti Ful of jets of Earth tit Only is h i Ciuci for. Fertility of the soil but tic Spuney t grand. The of 1 Lonj Izirer gives u description of it w publish in Colincy Tenn with these tie Corric Lancsa of Liis description is. Allestad by Pur own memory forever before us crowd of our Yout i ind with who acc null Cliotis of the Piik Cru attic Montion Iii Tuiai Spirro Tinl Llam Bonu Tirril and the dreams Liat i Insu their Bright through it in our. Milid i we can sen As mint Pinion every in Oti Silun up Nice o or her Clivy Titt Bijj in every ii spy to and a Hotd in any portion of the Erlb. When we knew the Valley it was Iti Habitud by who were Bravand Loyal devoting to the of which form and Iduru human character and to Ihu of any Canto. It was to All other portions Uii Jiow. Changed now., to Lia Bitanus have Etc Cossio taken ii Jinni tit Ejvor Nihil ii Thuy desolate its talc a i tics trend Llic soil once con Etc Ratcil to Freedom violence aiul11 a in Ulics Insil lib Crimson foot print of inny be seen in every portion of it. Ite hit ban ners float the Graves of our fathers and fearful Roar a Tusit the hirer to of it love Lias a patted save in Liichi Kland a like defying convulsions or Iho to thick of in a Waters lit Gnu tip Ilutta but their in tits Sci 14 Ilia Cotor ii by thei ulna of blood. Pereue Tieso i la actions they May be 0 liar read end acid lire Inosia painful to we conclude by Nuj funding Tho Dan Critton re erred to above in t1ik . During Mir Emsly Pursuit of Iii Kho ii. From rave tire to i Nheru wat Hilt Iti Ilu Jilin cd for to Mhz fire thu Iii atty cd Wirnik of the rec usury in Usu by a Laiful Valley. The of ran inn in Dpi Imp Idiell and til Lelh a Lii Tho Nir Tirion their lewdly Crnin Itri the off Perl the the tron dirt of Iho wot tided Ami the Tiki mild together thu Tali Dutts of toil. Til Day Inpijn our rot urn no Ucli no Iii a attn injun the Lovely Volt by. Ity Lemr f in it u Piu Torti Luli Hui Low ii Xvi Ever will Ciuco. The to Cincil Iti to i a copy if Lodi the Guidon from Llie Kllc no slim Lull tin Nii Iny Ken to Tim Dun Oil in Lilii int Ulah the i jilt by Ollu. Ahuj in the distance they turn in a finc Itil cur of unlit they Hie Otway to Pitnu Sylvan in Laval. As lit Pii Fdl cry Wall til up Dit Vii Tho titles of the ii in Lih Minim Mihu wild to iwo i thai set m to in if Blifil Thill Heleh. W Lorn Lotti Tat tit of War him not Iwami we Prtrt a Tad an a of Grain test ill Cliine for iti4, Era lit the and on . Miluin Pudim Ofahl pm Flint their Ellb Uio Miu. A shiite of Ilia tie cacti Long their lint ii Tlly arc 1, with it Khz it u null h in. Djiji inf Ned ill Vallej to Lily new lit ilm windows Len nil tin no ire Sivit thu a atop of the Bra Nilu in n Viil Tillain of Iliin limit Diu Trio tit he evening Tel. Front Mil a dolt until la do it Nway n Trio think cry of the Valley of Kent la As dts a we fit u Allilea Anim Nihro Ujah Karl Gate be ailing to 11 in ill ii Muni Llly. Ken to ten glory so Lii Ren rally until flu to that Secretary Ranii Loti is in w in Tho War , we Hank there u found Tioli for to. Of to Hli Nihil to Muld a a Vurro blow in thu Chi Giuld nut to supplied. Mali item Iii the Man Fiir tie pc to tit Yho Tiki dil Jiu Well and Blu Ai Luinis Rainn of lint Duparri Piont virtually Row licit to , la rom no him Al this Imp would Infuso new to Jajor into Lite re Bart Uit l per new in atm Strauh to lilo Hal Ivo the off Uzi of vex Ciuti thu tit tic mind Nold distrust of those the Oll Loon of lie Lave we in Citurs him unix us of i to Lar Ralpk Tho t a dirty making o preserve the last Oil instigated ttys pallid for Tho Fri erect Teclu nil Puntch them. Trio Grid yes across Tho Lalaji Jianhan Mck have in ii away by tru i hut on Oil Lii lit of Liliu How will in ukr Mcdowell to rebuild them v in army Cruss Itiat Rivi yet air docs to remain inac Tive upon its Hanks looking no nitwit Iva tent d build Bridges Only to have Ihm it kept ave Jiru Simic he Wilt have Ellem Rozaily two Mouths for Trio next Hood. Rimes Regn Idri tanks defeat Mol ror tent Success of Leto a and draws Roni in the inference that n now Union is he coining More Ami More . The Riim now favors thu Mcd Tatton of my t it acc nil hints in this Conrow Chiun that Media Tuii delayed the of the will have lobe hut or proclaim Patton and edicts at new Orleans re denounced Wilh great Dehut Nance bulb Jit Midland and France and Trio a Woiten of the own order has elicited l Arlia Mullary critic min Iii Riim pm Itti Spiik Scott sum u w that Lite general soil has been nud hint Hun Numen of Fri in tit and Slit Els ant Fulling Mackto we Lope this inny we air we desire to the Reh lit in riven Roin the Valley of Tho Shonnon Dovidi and when m it in file from the annoyance of troops we Bali Eva thit will return to their just love and to Ihu will take Llic place in their hearts i Oil i stud by disloyalty assure Tion Anil Union sentiments will soon a Tuilom innate among an Lutnick. Oehr Alioti after says a line a Filer As we now feel und their lives worn As nil Init it our own. They Sitku Vajmir while nature were the As Owci. Of Luanzy us when lick her lol a. The Hull As Bright Over our a4 they now Are from ii our Pallia the world will in pc thu in inc attract indic of Tiibi guv that Sho had once Vetali Llly while and All the the robing heart to bulled nil we Hull in at Rusl i wind its Way nil prayers will my then wc5hall la hot Lonn ii silence and dtirkuc.4 for thu Anil it inny to for a flow it Timo we to of hut 1m tiling of Lilii will creep in. And our names will slim . I Days will Toni Tim move on and laughter and will be in inc to in in which we Ilies und ilm Eyo shut for will by in red with Joy and even our Ili Hilron will a East to think of i and will not n of a Pontoon Bridge hat men sent from Wasing Totri to it ii. Fremont this looks Tiki preparing o Cross is so Jack son Wilt Sofin tvs Olih Retreat to do not believe the Al fire that Tho rom Iftner w Milci pricing Nown winches neither in Iro think he is West of Itlene Laid our in the in Llcy Rien some Kadhim. I should know him of i Weru 10 a him fur i have ecu hit i to urn.1 the Dir Rel re noved his it it Tho Antt Are Teleg Raph. Liliu United styles Jitia me i june treaty ill for the extra vent and punt not fraud o ctr Strtt with malting u part of a Racla on "11. Ehlt Bilyi great Salt Lake City june hand son i int milk Rin j men women and Hildrud Niider tie leadership of one Morris to claimed to in meet Moses re no Miami on a Forth for nod a Settle Merit 110 Miles North of Titis City cum Millie Nui Terouk k upon Llie in thu Vicinity ritzy refused labor for support u Lieving inc lord would Supply tit air Wanti. Three of their number Ilist Isid with the piled to Leavo and were am ii confinement heavily ironed. A writ nah Nowns Coquia who Misura Kinney was treated with con Tnp Timo having for ill Irod Luttan of Ito a second writ Al Geller wll Ltan order for tha arrest of Mori citric Majit and for Lunf air rest of Toto air Nurte Vivus for Tom of Chw n of infantry and Rolth by wins Ord red out on the Lluli by act Kuller. Morris and Muti was humid St ninety in Trench d and United. A in Suvil. To Ufah a Renthal ii in my a Lakil. On tie Liui a Bolsi to l a Linnit to hand la jilt a untied Vail he Resu Ilid cd the death of m tin in and not lick loader oui idea. The i were Fili ally overcome women and children were killed lilo Tiliti tha murmdtc4 refused to remove Lient to a 4 of Haf itty. Lii i Ritonen in Imine re of and Are to in to ure tie Liniel to Inorg or. I 1th. Hlali he Lus no Ujj tron Colon took place on he Piid Bill ran a Muty of tic Decilio Tarncy. Ltd Collet a Tierkel. Ticket called the regular Democrat id 1 Ltd entire Union near my maj Only making he Relativo veto no mint two to one Lor Union. Add on 0. Gish so governor sleet is. A As Sci neural to Orv of from ecu to Micro has be ii iras Akin Niehing for the Laal i Lioi irs Tony Tiquio since the Battle of l Ai Ronks. The condition of the sent no Lor an Incarno. Intent has rapidly improved within Tho last few Onyn. The Tnora Nicols of the in cmdr to Ilay Liao Hern their Piek Elx at some Points have been drawn in half a mite while at oth trs they remain at a by the i re pfc to Clay Kocat oath cantal of Gen. Price. No mention is made of Tho whereabouts of Emty. R usual. The ground is nor held bar oar Kun York june Lincoln was accompanied As far City by Gen Scott. In response to Lou cheers at City rns the train was leaving the president will to the effect that Haj wait to West Point Naa not to to Tutor unmake gon i Drill. Jim tins uti Ilid court the Rasu of Muster had Huu to work on rebel it fort Donelson judge to Altril declared in Gro fryc. Gun. Toy la comi Imming u. S. In kf., urd cred of thin City to fit a Iwuc in a proper manner for rebel women who do or say any thing to incite Rebell Ion. No. 3, p. M. A War our pickets on the. Left y. Irsa cry Haitko Sicly. Or Uteri 1 irin5 still e , maj. Oen. Come g. Or in ice Joule Xoy Juno 1c. K. Elf. Iffy the enemy Are to the he Vancu of our picket lines. Kearney and Yno half of Hooker s men arc just where i want them. I have this moment right Wilh a Brigith and a couple of Guni and Hope in a Low Iii Mateu to in Nivoli it work Nolc Mcd for to play. Our men Era behaving splendidly to in Etny Well also. This nut a Batik we rely in a oath of a by Keyona and us far nil Well and to hold Evory foot have gained. Ii we Nice need in what to Hare undertaken. Twill lie a very important advantage d. Ixia not Tlam far. Tiu up to thin time has Ibsen y Loo Lei ii division which he be Haridas i4 Inonu on our right 1 Orler ail Chicod Tho i Ivy Iti Lii front. no. A to Shii. 1c m. Bunion. The affair it nor kid we Hare pined our Gilfil fully and with but Ultra no with Asdhig ilm Tro Bijj cwt i Hnry Llinat Uulu in Curt cd. Thai Griir we Urle Alty in Eddo by two that dented pro tight into undo very in i to dealt circuit in Tim enemy wan driven in ill Liu 1 front Thini and All in now quiet. Signed l oct Maudling Del a Cutlan 4 army atau Liat our Flint Turco plated Andelt in aug tilt coed that rab0ul cannot to Nailer 000 men in whom they am my new York Lohn Muller Lac Memler of rely to make a Cli arc on us or Aland one he a Loci a inti Missouri. A nne Isco june gun. Cart Lon x o hat in Tanto amzima.1 the Advance col. A trading Turton about the thu Lisco he old Hijii Kolf Ain t Yor t you look i Aon cd. The stars mid Ara i wasted Laii to see y i Thiis far p i inca emitted Buforo Trio r 7uo, i of claim n i june 1 Ostal con one san iof tits Bane of Ihn Jackson ii Numi it in he Jimiso Memphis tit Liliu Zolto of Llie old Clil Fuin. Tho a Cocrel uni in must he part hot veil Alifi Vilo traitors Ive by Enid Cal Tho word but Ilia attempt a Pillion in Weun United slates and Maxi Al Pleu a ulal Nii on to Lumont Luti Rii How ill of the in to ref new Orli inns will new York june 5. In Mornay pan. Scott a to or. Slanton Secretary of War with Gori. Ilanon As Arisi Ita it Matij that Gen. A Fri Lia Tilix ambit Saiid in lilo hold while Dowel will to Feiven a Tattoo another version Scott con Zaander in civic of did with Bonks Ai Secretary of War. Piloun Vilf. Jann talk Ndal n. It in Mill Awin if Nihil to it e tint Ali Fri Caius a inti Arij to rim Situu u Rit til Vanl is i Elii icily v i i i i in Mil to in Colin lie in very Ili Tui r to my lie us lir . Lief if Ever inc in was la Day promulgated up of that j marshal discovered and look Imo he is Cushion Al til wraith of new utc., to have Lieen Solun properly. They have recently seized other Mill try Gotoiu under similar circumstances. Rexf York Strain Nhinh coat can Lens arrived from new of leans Almuly Mouid half Oast 1 u Cluck this m. Her Dales o t m inst. Thu by Iii Triin but very Little news. The steamship Snik in on the ,1 Init if Ern Aiice l is Rvan by ire nil a i in hit for Huston Anil -71 logs Linds wa1 ill a number Ith refreshing a Kaki. I holi Morita uni t i Mcdowell Nill Corw no a Vuril in front no . A Ilu Tir Way to i rms lloy alums m.tium.irt1 Bliwn illusion. Thu a now Are or Whent tiny in Riihl lint in Lilc my inner Emilil make Mich u wild mine in it its Kilmr to Iwar Tii Yurii Iriri of sugar sold on Llie h in and 17lh inbuilt Al 5 1-8 for fit i in Noti it i was lit. An order from Gen. Shriley military under it new Orleans permits the return of confident to olbers s to Tho that they immediately n Nurt t the implant Ulm take Llu oath not fur Linof Ngn test the United m r Wai Milish Ltd Bifid to Trio enemies of the Federal Icv. Lolita 0. Wagoner Cor Miral of co. I i Indiana did on inst., Al his c in Wust . Lay co univ of contracted in ramp. The Torch Light says in leaves t wife and eight children one of Horn joined in army with his and new with company until they an leased their parole. Exchanged or to Orleans Adri slate that the four men to Hung by on or of Oen. Duller for robbing Chi Xann were executed on the 7th. Glut. Mortar in Chad gone to Vicki a to. Korngut Wpm Liu fore Vicksburg. A onion of inn Licet ind routed to a enemy from Orand Gulf. One Man we killed on urn a Anim Ami four wounded. The Dank of America at now Orleans was in link Uon. The toy had vetoed several acts of the Xiii Neil which were calculated to in Jure the rising Union fool info in the City. 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Gnu Man connected ill Cape hat try was drowned and two Liow Tes Fillol. Tho Acci jct waa n train. A Juno it. S. Fumii new 18lh, arrived morning

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