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Dawsons Weekly Times and Union (Newspaper) - January 22, 1862, Fort Wayne, IndianaYoo Way Bonva her or the from in Chou Dinay h Merit from lord Lyons of some Mon Lioa gift re 1ys an Hutst in pics with ii unt co 20 Liosi Itell she Ftp prs. Hospital i or. Uarl ail it Gnu to incline we who vent to one the elect in Itu juju by observation his mud. I f a tic first ii Bru Iid at once begun to trawl elephant Fli to Tell Rote div Tama of the army n bottles fruit 0n the 2ctb Ember by and he did not so Renchy to Ferrod i Tui tic of War Cou u Ojile in District inc Jsck. Fur reported tooth Jon ercijit.16 our itts cd _ , discern to Jtj 48 whose in and take. And a Biclie blk to the stick and were Nind ,.we Tiiu i Atcy ii if tier from or a i Boje to. 1 Socle 3 prs. A acct Lowles 17 cans Taij lit al dirt tips Mill bids 10 prs slip Yew a w . Fur plaice of Tihal p Oisiu t four Kentucky Reg Nair its arc c tic latter Gerit Ionia n is a Broil or Iii Law. To sex guv Critor. a Aivil Lipiros to a air Gadier g Jdc ral s position slut every Loroli Iii by member of be his country it clerk the liardshijw1 Antl Lizard Olliie Battle fluid1 to the Case Ami i Ilow Rcw arc like Tuo in a title timid to Ami t Gemian Lifave fungi Kiwit Trio other by for Nir Feir brigade w capt. A for resident Ari excellent Man mid we arc indebted tit Siim Northu tent scr of1 my quartet fur our and Flatlie Union fyrcek., Ali Rollel the in in and announced that one Crent within seven fall Ukini just 09 Ihu bad Wii were or paid us Oil thousand ecu cited from different were it Sicily id Mcd a Rokk the. River. Tote Grid Joe had been Cut Ontl to Jil orc to amid the drift., Wood la water being to Brokx but the they Hod cd Balfan Timur Sliwi of girl i lits in of a Kew were Lam two up atting Llu s Ira in Viiar o Mlot Jitou so Jonii Tii ctn by which Pilicy want lit for Nii Veim in. Wiur Anil Lia void Wei Jill in Llic u Nui Camp a Kwh a Iii pro Oft air mottling pearlta. to mud Norri Vitigo it to to Uliey foul Tia Tel us Liipa Notts Tricy re Tiitu Iocim rat Camj Ali Ciiab tit Vry Ibon Acra Liy pc turd a. With Leif lit Liml the rout cd. Our by Buck till i indy maw lid o Rcck Rittling Ruiwu. Lit ibo tiny in. Turn cd to fall Niimi in old Linen 0 Cifton shirts a rooted draw u so. U 0 slippers s to incl 1 us lick Tilow 5_ p Collon Iliili Ilyf it a no. Y it a Kiev fruit l or Pillow 1 Large Baj fit and Lurl our the tub of on the by or. Gun for to Feli for if. Fruit and Butlo a ii -1 b a Tsuji 4 silk eur 13 pills weasel prs Cinton pm Cir lick 51 Pra a pillar ticks tbsp i. The society tender their thinks to or Hugh which Bave been Rev Rcd and most of them awl. Ilta Aid society a full cold on full to u or Wiiri Wlinich Init Folio Wini latter from-.qvl., will readers horti.ilihi., in. Vol. lev Liin. Lii in 1 am to Lihty it Row it canned fruits. Wines Csc and also of n Tut of iiilliiwii1, filing for Iho of thy Lio Piui Orma Ira Iii Clit. For Iseji on till Milf of in and v Lilieth. 1, in a to Yon thu of cell re com my particularly do. Poor grateful who Are with Ilura in Aii l for Whoso 1 Liana articled arc do Ami Theta la a a Titi Uina tooth in Tho t let of Muir i in u of i As in uhf Lher Xot Nii lha ii in of Ilia thu Imo Rop tidied 1 to j in. N Ivi in n Liny ii thera , if sent t we c Irr will and to the Eliji it file which Ibey arc it. of my Well a of tic entire division of the ill adv nor rapidly Kiwi Nhi Liy to Lutr. My twi Houiland Jol Lent to null id carry Mclat juy fur Tom i Surun Ulm coh Antl Aikin Wertli a ratty to attn at Caal two of lib d by Jirld tto of flu tha conduct bunt Heliin Talmre wan unto la fit Alert ibo uti Litlo to ctn no Tho Futler ii March. Tiew be Hal 4la a took i Lwy Wiget birr Jennit Talmo cur ibo Nelld Tiftic at Cal Boltl Scro Mph Trail Olf no place o Molur to lick Ottil Toto rain Liovvi lit Toi but for Tbs j of Klodor Tutu Lieut Mahtha Smidili would ivc Iii duly tymm on hot inc. La n that Iii l Flitcr fell to draw ills re Volver la in Cyril Liitt inti Qinnn. Wettl taken in euro Ron tiv. To. To in n Heri voip boiler plod Pinill r la Kitvije Sci allow., even that o of in Atli who who very Cick to him Iho j Cabin Atid lie thu floor it Iii til cd Vii Vii Kirk it night Tyml to fir the Iii of Thoits luring charge of the Atid t to jux own Cru that lie graciously Jermit. Ted tha three to in into a is ill and lie let or for their id ii Ai thu motile Tii Tih a Fri forty buit Lis mtr cupid i Nunn in tit tin captains of both Liviu Cru Icci Vitigo of them two ibo Wal month Federal Yil the Koblicar of lha Union of Toni receive fit their it Iii a Burnini Felt attic la inv Volpini scrod 10 Defond ilits even private in the of less ii he ii lit Flint they have Tweti Fiir Miatt in Hiigli Iii hurl Bavo Fig Iii Union Winti cow to Piir Johb mul assist in do plating the lunch in the cause of our rasp Toj and cured for to Catudan ibo Imit Ernul lieu Tei Vaills Smith , deserve Mimi Lor Luicir vol ons.10 Ren incr the men ent Nistel to them proof them. When the i cd ones do Niue any place a Nutter. Than the deck quarters after of Iliad Ali cry Anil and Kat lies do them Roll Ealing Tjhin in Lett to tears mini Tou Clied he Bud. lie it told and in that us posed Cani Lilikoi. Tho men die. Thi3 Ilia u u i Avo Rolu cd u but Ono of he nutty in which Petty Lyrane i total want of let Ling. Such Craft tuts be driven Froin the Sij ii in of Honor acc inn Ani Trimark that tic no fugal to allow the kick will ices to enter bout Cabill was couple j with Iho declaration that tit lie dirty Cit ii Icv there is a q of. Alid if is my i Oclad to i Csc creatures Iii 1 to lira Jay will Anil jul wimiiuh.1" v flu to Halo mid Ivet n n very str it mid 1 Lii Tim us q entire dirty n in s it lit Ittu. I tin. Vol Omos i Jukin it Vacti k Jtj ilm pomtyt1. Tow we Rirl flir Pierit w Fetti Wuy no 1 Lia Vii n Tii Willu . Orci a Iti Vrr Ulicni u to vex a Lortt Oti this 17th our Nick ii Tiit Lau Simoti a Scholti it Kinu i Lii sick Iro nil Lidji Piniat Tiu town u t which i i Nili Tii uni i input to Iti Ilstad car iss Oil Uii tiv Ijar which by Iho Way Llma Wrt of it Hlub Llic Toht a tie Iii Cetl Iii re i in a t n in iin-1 it a Mil Ovir it in y to a iifu1 Huntoon tub in thrown which Llu Ininns i Kiki Wun ii it a Tillury can tin crus i d my to bpm tiling Cwm to Iii Dicair Liat Heidi null take Hilt us Norch fur Way Down but Llu re new other " hid ii ind Cito that thu Imrch Grill a .1 he irbcl.4, Iii Miff w Cru Dol Sriwil Ijiro Ion. I Niri Kil the lion Iho a Linvil Tili Ienir a Droit tic Tilini Piti and to n. Of which will ii fax unti our Titt t we a Trig the arc w to Othitis tin in the Soldier can Tut uni Vihti to i if Liuyu to our Lam tic to do Oli Anil Juit a Ink ins ii Scoti Tsiou Alt go and the Lic Leuy by i ii Titi of their cpiwsilioi1 ill will it Law . W Iii via pm Lucr Dikiy to pm Rio flu vetch up fity hard so Rice but we Ilii Hooili a lift a tic Lac of it nine Tuin out in re in Iii i we Lavu a Tinct to Nicut Leif Dicky but so i Havo by in Havis nil Var Ivolu to line be Illint ii a i picket i Lily Kop at a Verj due Ricl Sinius the Unstack Onilio Ulilis in Liliu lit i lit. Tucy Learned tiling in. Shul to i on men uru gun Trully fooling str in. Many of is Niibu ii Init Liko to Nikki visit Homo fur a few even could to Pernik cd very our men would , of not. Here at Ihu first which to All link is not for Distant Hiigli when it Chi this will by no Hull s in Siul Wilt the utter rout and re Daviny yours s. 3 ass. Wayne. In tory no. artillery in Tihy Nimr Indian Juiluis 1 i Citon following al Lars inuit scr go pin in tons sen., ,1st Lieut Green jr., and willing Citron needs for and tour a now in our recruit in a Lii of plane Bat w 4 Here. Unil Sling pm a u like it Julie third in r and n the b Cnoc Iii tiny who iia pc been i Pye in of the bin Filp of tic Pardur Catt now enjoy this cute Iii the Ali o j i a tic flu Ali readied out he hand Wunt most t Toh Julid Cronl if Milf mighty he i enough the _. Is very like a tree the Faifili Witiw. Elm Nepi to ouch Pic Cir Cit ii Tell a limit to Tia get Niblo the sixth no Imd begun to Tropel Oil fell will in his a cup i he a j i Ujj of it Iid Idit i a i Fieh i Trcic Fli ten Fulrio so Oft the it it 1 1 on in Niter Ottil is Mem Anil in ii Namu Thini Chcplian not one of in we ship Ulicy t error of a in by to Benr ibs la Allerio Liat from Titus to time reach this Urcla to bit. Tho youngest wan in the army entrusted with so and and Millie to a that upon him alone the love in j Rucci Vejl list lop from Bis Sojic Pali cars a and arc when history Lonc Olio Iid in Ahw Itic Ruri Decicc. we diet Fiir juin he liiinsclf., As by crr he has placed he bus a Chan ii i Oil i la 1c i. Itic. A arc try of nine lid annl a. Stati Toti Beitf bin now Conjerti cd and. Ill Llic Ali Viilu we a tvs Trio the tiv a months Ait tuition i Ihu fuel that hero who n want of it of Thi ii ainu of Pywar if nut corruption to Vuk ill Cicil the Dur cirs Oiin Linncon to the suspicion my the Secretary. A elite l upon Ihu a nun and i the removal mrs Ananin. Ii we Iii n Jib Lac cell Cor Iti no ild n in Nix Hon Dlf. For Llin Imthun no to Bla new Cru duly lilo too nor i in diet place a Tho h tiler and nil her to a rely Ovid or pressure Public Uio in r i i of Lii or. Cameron Reward in that lift u a it Milc. Ait Bilky fur cats in lie Hun riot Novod Hortn tact or been1 u int fur Tom and in or tent jihad of lid i a department. That in in of to Lolito duties he will in Walimu tit a Lulu i a flu .many., uld Tiu Coni try. Our of the tin for is Yeam. Itu . in net a Ard Siil Union m. Tii i Igor of of id h ski Emily Mill. Sure cupful tie to Asuro. Or. Slanton in a offi Noral itch Elslip Ever 1 Iii in the ail Volncy of the of that Iii al s in b w Devon Iota to Lii he was a Neu incr of mall u in i he Chili Iviry Iii i Bimi of r tie of nine from that b, la Uio Clion Villi Violt than Civ. Rizir policy of flu then j Ichii Loisil lint Wanh rail Ihu Cali tick it Ittu a of the that not Ling ill by . To trill to Inid to n lilo Tiiu is from Ollil of the country thu Ion and he i the form u ill tended to of civil and religions 3 in Iii and very Bis will cmdr Lucy. In his Lau Blablo Nup rations. Jap Tilv. Ujah him kucccsj1 in and n rat Iii Uio Victor Ujj u a list of the o it Gin icnt1 Froidl left ii Iliili ail ii until Tho 2i of j till try. Was kind of by-1 has and v Given in title Nuciglio n to in nth f if Elk Bahij by t to Lizio of Prev re acid preventing Ili Cippy tiled latin dec. 10, it j lied in i. Loilo Jwj co. A i it. Awl Rich died Ito. Mob at ill Nix a Ito Elthe list Lei the by ii War f or to Ilia award1 tip Hilliii e Ici Tonii Tribull out Hatm of lha Frati Dupont Conrin Cefi into Ami tic Van nip Jcj Lili or ohm Bill proved Leifi for lie Olla Biccs Ai i Ingle tie cd acct of he Bill lit to Renile Kwiw rattle tie fit it Lac Uto taw tlitt1 Mart a Ricl of h win in the Lumise. The Bill lha Frank vile gis was and1 pissed by vile of 107 in Ytry to in ii. Our i Mucci Chiai i Froin in Ftp command movt.1 Nix make ill. Stanlon if Homel Liin of be done. Part Dick Llma. Winitz wins f Tii Hlatt a Iii e will now in Frt Cecii ii Uin chid it3 and trial fun Koino Aiti Ilici 11 o will Iti Friio every in Rich of scr Iii connected with Bis tie a r Nie lit. Oti d ibo to Itniii-lie1 wait called into or. Lin ulus Cabin t Fly ibo Drin Donl Nior lazily in Colu nol Gaz acid h Indianu the Iro Tii the colonel Clit Tinjum thirty Lar Rte int Juiia set Lent d it Swait thut than urn t Birds of lit Ink in Weir me actually unlit for duly Aivil wit Liadis a a Calu in i lift Black the cat of Liliu a Jinni Tii is. Tolly it. men too to Lii la Pitt Carlr Pic Iijima Ilu unit lion Tiave Hisun on Aimell cd to Wick Fri Iurii is and appear on luvs my Ilmet Somo of thus Fellows Froin exhaustion in to Iii into fellow train was ally Weil Iti in dread until nil died Wilb i of his we Init it Sims nit re living Llie Lior Riblon Siori ii wild its by Hun is nine who i Levoit or by ing Hinio their but Ihu Sci Pirn with Mirrow from Tho i2iliy lie of Lizul limn volunteers is1 in our City and Pridu Kyj Forward Noni tin no Wittl of May Field Urcell in of Ilund Villa River. to Ibert Ozmont design is in git in tins rear of l in re leu it i the Fiir cos Funni Cairo and i my Tahj Pon Eanls Sii Luh Wall acc Ami Pahyip in j Only. Be siriday of lilt la ctr depart Iro to co i Pentti with on Jen Gallt and leave the Troy tip or Dur ii to Ca Rrt Tiru col. Irvid Stuan Sun tit and Rind Mlivic our mini Luau shelled the Rob al Lett Crim yest Catuy at Lance of a Lii Ilu Atid a v is confident of Succur is Whu ii his Fleet Mastt Iii orders for dict of Ilic Cypei Livion arc iesbrring1 great Praise. Ill the Reom aids to Oil it Ulo i Tenuis w of limit Froin lit Camp to re Idun Inton was conformed by As so Rotari of War. A Kkt Camerot resigned. There were to Broil votes in tic Duelcy is Corr Nice by of official a Pirts of hts Opan Lions. Lie a dials Illo Johnson county Kyi 7th driving Tiu Rob Jas under mar slum out 0 their comp. Of uie Loti Coti Wiir la old Ati picked iho1 near thu a Tolfe Lasu a half tha1 Day when Marshall s Fri acts were Irive ii tron their position acid Trio Union Force then Fiat Field sets Down the enemy s1 loss1 it sixth killed Twenty five Nufi sinners Liao Breniak ii. Our loss is but Trilling. Ref Froin fort Monroe we Hiiva Slat Emanu lha ibo is Iii coiled for opera lion s Iri Anil half we Earle Ca it Altita. Atill that tin Nock be ilk first Point of attack. Of watch arc connected internal Iii of Nav ignition 1 the total land . Visit to Mir tic is in to Del holc and lion to and gives a Good retort of the leg Zinent. Their Het Ellb first rate and in the skirmishes along the to Ioina the Havo shown that they Aru willing to to i have until monday Iii Nair next to licit country will Jacobi Forward up to ranks so Tibia to no Lii up Taay marching to All to never yet ice rotted i forc that Tho colonel in Tuff Iii a Fow plays to sea Osburg inv Llanil Atic Tfir incs Wilh Liim to Lii Welics of friends fur Colnman after having scr Yud his country to a Najr return to his h Irao to enjoy kit Fol in to 1 ugh scr on to Mai ass follow 15 still Rigi Zients and 1 Bat Tallinn Ofina Iviry 1 Battery 6fg pc coif flu i Afi Illey 45 i fowl tonns distributed Thrunk Tho Fleet or a total of 51 guns at Tho dispose of Tho Laiyla forces a Iio regi Monu two or Breu up to the Standard o 1.000 to Lii that Lect Are of Light d from the Secretary of thu Navy against Llwis Mindu a Bright Forward in the Mortti. To remarks that the charges o Sulci is to Bott in. Ii Tould Tiuch will of toss r to Resolution a Pooh Hills Flo Curryjr Tullio ill to . Wadsworth Iccil bal off it fans cd late Moi in join c Ara Iii on Ness Liverpool to january to still. Inning Iii t i Ai Norico in Llic Jud Drui Coduto lilo in Lanui Ltd before i ii cd her bout due in. c Dufault Rebh Kiili Cipale on Tho of her states , lion will Dine of a in glib Ilii the would by re Fortuma m do Cumont instead of Oiler expressed in Cir fat Ura to have Njie do Nijs Ujj Juji Coriaci Dud Iii Ajo Lig inc recent in Ilia Hin Loii. Islic Etc lion of the coat Lugii ml33 pan is Pic it Ruad tic liter Hull so a la it Tuil sent 10 to Iii Olding of Cir tit in Tor i i Thor Kent Almlof or. Alan if Willmm Muali u on 17. In Trio yesterday or. To Tettat Iii be and i4nnt nor a it Litgon for u hot to my and Sut fit ainu Deal cart i Rolirod Liy senator of tort a Iii Tler Ilia no the Nalty Finui jd.1 coving Cal Lillig of titty Liny Plavni. Tolj at t it Lxii. La an judiciary favor u lib m r. Till Ltd ilm unum mat ilm his cull Rubid ant in uses nays la. Tit Lite id Psik liitle Willu Itell c of wan Dusci soil. I i Xcvi Molj Leolun by Lorn Tho j ill Vongi i to tithe Titi Maluci of Ibn Tanir on if to ii. Aft tas Ait far it Pru Liu Lull to no of whom bad will renewed in his Jin Rily and general Phlp Loverl Truw the re ill Ioil. T l Tho Cost Netlee work Tifi it new Plawer just now t Tho in pied to unto. I Lugo Boon j Iho and then Sala Otho Nutak Tnador it iriv Oolitic a s if n of Bertili Mitzi did out who lieu i Rcd Lvpl to ill nitty to ii film Flat Lori. I of the tit scr of Are making per Lolly la. F the. Contr Tecl Prtini Wius Ittigson Jan. Rij uracil. T acted t rebuked t no a turn who disgrace in regard to mar Fiul Lamon we to lilo i inst Donl lint to Senate Tild Smtih by re inbred. Ring i or car list sail the i peril Illo Marc Tyr gave Juis if irn Tho Tintoi fill so feral Jar , etc., Wero ires visited a on of Boi cd ,11m. R by in such a i h Kwiw nip Cumi Lam ,151 Van to my. a civilian to Matte he Pic Cointot Fitich m Zijic car i to Iury. Lilo i tit i tied to him a by Btij i Yore finally Fiir to e con Mitten of Ujj Jisc. Aron l Ihu we. Int lip of Frosti mar j certain a nth Taliej nil ii of t id y. I Camii court Pieror thu use. Of Yii u fro i the of he Little. Inni liars o b the All Jewr Wjk Janiw Arje cxjludw1 Row Muff Llma Law ii. S Noua m Itic Ontl bin in tji Ynhu wit w Ati Here Iron to i list Amilt Oil ii Lay. A i ii amp Qirici 11 of or. Or inca Itin Bill Tak 011 up. Fri Clit tip Limo tilt he wind to Tutu i Togo Silica. Or. Or Liitt Liera Rand froth b. Raj girls of Llic to ukr Timu Iurica in i to or. K i urn of Jet St. As a pm conc Rel and Hnidj Wal a Reg attn it to when it turned out Tia was withe r general nor Lim in played Telegraph. By author Jim to remove git a Cal. Of Lils duty in lilo ran in Bint Nerin at Juji. Hut its wit Lieut lie authority of us ii in bad til on t bit following Liny ibis Sal Tobii Union. Or erroneous intr Dwion tic Sli Ould not Oil hns Neial Ludw rarer ammo. Ca Epcot ii take Tito Antt let if ration. Tali not act till Lam Hills cd inc from the to gentlemen. Were not to be blamed by Gnu scion to tide to lick attended n or she Maii said Llibre flee further discussion or. Jayne do Kennedy in without n or court or pc Llo Tufa greed to. Yea al i. Re Kart Orl inn incl u jul Ami Ikid i Iii a a 7. Suit mar ibo Bill forthe re Inkon to int of unlit Mcnary ill Ron. _ refused the resp ii Tigyi by in Volp Ihen on motion of Lar Ita and to tin to acts currency of Colin acid Iii Akinje a cirt in Tyr. Oil Tuluo of doings us or a Bill wan putted the Clit so the Ijo ibo to raft Ailyn Bill. Replied Lohi to like Cotik cwt under la Imit or to and Slin Atli. Or. tuner i a it Tuioti Tom thu Lett of Ilmet Oti notion to or Imiolo the Cutolo Ervih glib Kansan waa Lauroll Tafiti thu Rouil Tum Bald Tull it Waul j of Tiri that it Tow it h did Iti Ein a the country mid Hldi in. A cd try who in Thuja int Rea Alul us i pc Lea to Uio Puin Taudry lit Kaiim jmj War to no other i incl Chi free Nei Roand runaway Indian to conic and Ling Cring Wpc for Iho uni Oil in Holh curl Niiya Man i u e a Dull Tho adn Gllnn of Ali joint All Auch Bunpa. U to night ii Tail of. T South thai they but Laid soul u sex at. off Cratl Rosolyn Tuii int Trio be n strict cd to Iii Nin into the of to Jurci Wiliie Iho fees of Lii uni cd tales Lilani Lial of California or. Lanc of kans Oft Rcd Kmiote Tom Eftic Icicy of Iho serving in or. King n Bill bulb fixing Ali secretary1 of Ilic tre Isufi Ali Ossuti treas Ira Oles to to Lii Aino int of 7 tent providing for a direct in of the Iii arcs Jiter. Take up Ilid ii ouse ill for Limo Relief of Trio owners of the British Noli Lic thou Glit that ring and orig he Lobo Aati fled with what bad already at Iho Pete tent tie int Ion Ruso lilting "16 Alic Ilie Jirec pc ii who task Iii sir Conry of to i Fonn the Senate a t a tilt Payi Zienta Tuadi Tor for a thu vhf tic Ilai Ubaid a in Virgin Iii for talons in Convie Citow with tie an Iii or void cell chill Cal tip lilo to 8ec y of was to answer Llic rvs Littion Sims cd at tic last sos Siim him to Fum isl list of till the1 contracts Uli Wilson thought there was not inf Licien in Tia to answer the son thought it was better to Ait n d to press Trio Courtr y Firetti Tho Bill in Point Merit o Stit Loffi and their Waii till Tzib Tia ii id Taco Naiu ibo we with instructions l do re Vlad a Lopicc ration allot of Tullier Ais Rufelio n1 Tab Bill we. He would bring in i Natick Laiho he to buget would be Mia Totory on Mellon id con tru and in Lulu or wanted to Icorn from it in Llic old or. Ory Ispir Alcott Bis heart it Forth to con up term tic of the would Noli to atty us Iii Rdna that to Slio Silil men Leli in tic South if this policy was District Juit Una al Tricy first j lie moved to insert in be if Doulton the the London guided front Atli rican diplomatic ctr ii to Man c Dii Prial i Turk in and Cotile Iri regard to Fol Ai the Bonds ii to Ibern if in u Siuki Bitsi Iii Jit nerf of messes. Liros. With Ibe m 1" ii urging Trio titnb3lbrtvriiilo or. Of h As to Cotins Ca Ofin time Liiv atm in a Merit in v itt to Dos Ai Gionco to to Iii Kii it Tii fur by tiie Cust Biary i lmm1 diction Oti Kiuji Eror and Trio St Isom Thios i i Tor Llic pure fun of Jill to Auliso. I on a caring of in issued c Ndini Ted to in in licit to him fun is order a number of senators offered to _ 0 Tom president and Deruand Limo re naval of Weill to in Trail nil Nillance. Ito word whue Iho. Word these Ilia marshal Bui he Cost Cray and was1 refused hell went to to Ivusic Zient but thu 1 was engaged fib lie Cinnick stated ill acts to which Lui who wild have i cd 15 Llic Orcsi dirt. Or. Llma lie lairs m regard to he , the Laws which Furce at he Tinc cession of the tha till a tic All jeep on for that already in to c old s of Maryland. Bill designed .for.other., to croons. Lic to wait Here which released Oiler Ter sons. Lie to acc and a list of 17 a Fonh. By Tho pro Ost Mai said Sincli being the lie did not i or in twid the commander in i maj. Cit. Who Wail Well known for prudence As for his Galut try c thu Bill itt Oase to Cut off from communicating with the to give him Pawer to ill up the army in the country where lie was. To Resolution Doc tit give him Power to Arm the Alacs or even while men. W Hen every while a Knight and had for his Esquire a slave Rob be then we would. Wig n la sob Ihu beginning of . The it Lares to work 6u Tui would Iii put urine in their hands. Tho res out Iota provides fur no other sex pc so except u Jshii Tynce. Or. Marian said if the Refl Lutish waste con t m la Lif fit on the coloured people he coi ild not or a hold lion of it la answer to Jim to k cil for upon to Tiit Zinent if it 1 n Oil tact Cinco t took of Tow Riniti Iii Abr was al attic if Twa of Sci id Lam tick bulb of we tiv kill of them of in to Tahr contract for suppl a tir Trio. Inn tics of Llic so Tchilly ii Naer soon Cui Gix is told As o object to it but not Seo Why Llie col pro Linvell told thu should not be allowed to Bear their ancient the share of Llic burdens neither did he agree thai this men should hot to allowed to arms. Usu. Their it is of think it could in of Rcd a act inn Bill. Iio it Saliou Ulso if Liat they were ii Cmiel of Ibe 10 can Rex Cli the then Ness Bonier cd a the rebel win adj unt Yeimi release such Tho Union be Rusti Irujo if he policy of tin and Kii Wii Lulu ipalion. Of Stich was known to be the there would not a Union Ian at Tho i Rowcli contended Tliatha Cut Uini Law rus the act Nady for Oli. The this Alt proposed to my ohs. no macs Sily fur the Law at All unless it tvs intended or nil the or. Tin senator from built of the us us Ira it of its prop r Cuccu iian. Hoped Como ton go Hail brei Lient on Tho Bill and he minted it passed tip a bang As lactic t Abbic vcro1 four millions of1 men whose loyalty could not in Don bowl and act All their Force and Energy is a mrshall Ughini us by lilo Reck i to did nol Soe Why. Wedious employ thew four millions of men for. The government. Or Lanc lie bad not1 by tiie to a min Iii lie government to the but if to Kane bad com maid of Hij non in while he would not to any policy be would say to have no arms but you am i will us lie Latoyer Ilsc Pali be off the aae room went suburbs to it Roost of tirade Monk k.r1 mule Foti he Niel i him it one when re ii Slot Foh Creinin Ben i a Avo Feo wit. A will Roin or pro ii til. Sic ii Viilo of Iii ii x Eif Tirk Volgi in Lucri u ii cry to be Krliu i Rivat Ai vices acc . Wini Brownlow. Will ii Jimiy other not on. Salii Willumat or Ofcar. Inc ii named pm joint Tuitui Locc on tic Coni licit of Ilic Tirico Iliou is to Vij account of his in tile re Ponsi a awl without Liis knowl Rogu Nio cd by Lluc or Siden a voice. The Dinc Tahj i Bis position the tue of Uia Ainuu Tib Laborio by. Trio Ifer paty cd for a Ili Emler who had imbibed a Tim Early id Boford exist in

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