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Dawsons Weekly Times And Union Newspaper Archives Jan 21 1863, Page 7

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Dawsons Weekly Times and Union (Newspaper) - January 21, 1863, Fort Wayne, Indiana F . Be. Ko.37rauc Limo ate lilt 9llc�oi in Viktos to those inter Stimly. X now pro Euto wet Blisston to Cut or my a a it a t mowing Braueht in hip at Itomi la Altai a re present cd full a Iid list tacit Money. Mboi get iii dieted to the for costs Ara a fut a to make. Pit mint Telic Mic a Llly a i Lintt farther ii the a a i in tend to re so cure to pos Witt a Rar b no it of free let in of co Sci Rcv. A Pecco iii a Tiou. 3 to a Furtis to people or orb of lands no to com it Recti go from ten my Oppre Samoa a of Vroni. 41 t l of Etu the the memory of the to Umerji of this great Republic and of their Worth or and immortal such visors. ,5. To Tench by c�>ven.\titt, cd Blema and �>1-Cibii Curc Anniest he Barmoy strength Aud of sector do a Etas tip Itol iwo of this pm if ill iii it of to the Good it kid mid pm my a Rao Idlitt Entina tote Etui setian of tet a a after the ant off Emma d it. Flt if yes will govern then elves . O. Helson Ute gu1c. Dro. 33,1862.to consume it yes. My of Raj Mimi in the Ity and a of iwo a a wow Ilen Drlicka Uro pie to the Senate of the United stator. Mac Fer 7. A. It let for if of Tia it Tike Short Foti a Telf to tet re. A wet $3 40 to $8 80. Hat a i i. Aii9 by Fis Wiirre Vii a very Sowull Kytt a 1416 cts. Urd Rouill it a it Al a vol of 7 cts Alf ii a a per Dob. At York a per cent. Beauty of National Unitt. Forfi la inform Ilion. ail by Law ii amp a a Wplf for the iii Lieut to John Trio blew d. D., Bux 6s93 Chicago Illinoia. . I86j Elj i pm Kkt a a bitters. Tiit Lvi a mirth i a i inv Igor to Timy Mcmo a he ii Lily air min Tbs a Are no stir fms a tug at or afr a a it Ili flt. Tiv Over that pm ctr of Ili it my Ilion inc iwo a. To lick a or Kra the by Enham the Bikul. Titre a envy Kiev Kiib in Namfai utlant Arven. Tler i writ him by Val am a Cir i y of Tow in Macli. The y Cara a a a pm Psia Attil . Ibec ctr in Arthea a ill Rhiahi c cml of i Ai bpm. Tar eur lira Ca i ill Iai and kit Ixam Lead Cly. It pm him visit by urn a the hmm was a Ritaa a Kin a. A a Ltd Are ebb i att a asian mat tar am. The Rar. Made Topi Iris get i Lois Kum he celeb note Stivali it a. A Kiark a Jota and Hrew and,.-Ir� to a Wilb the of i Ilion to a1 a of t a of div. To Nice a a rom it la it i list Del ale Peir Bho Lem Rittir a Rulle a Tiuis Ivi i y a rum a a Iloie adj Izmir. R. It. Drake co.3us , York. Orly kor a tub after Tiger Haring Boen Reitor a to he a Ith in n new weeks by a Verj Idiarte re a Edy flt Rhi inti suffered several years with a a Evere lung affection and that dread d setae a a uni oui to make known to his i Ellow the Means of cure. To Alt who desire it h i will sad a Tom of the Previc Ripton Uard Ive of Chang Witti the it lir it rations for preparing and using the same which hey will find a avar Cira for , Ash to lao chits a. The on object of the advertiser in spending the prescription is to Benefit Tkv a six Ted. And a press information Wilt Ai be Sony dts a to be invaluable and he Hopes every sufferer will try his remedy is it will Cost them nothing and May prove a Blessing. Parties win Hinc the prescription will Pleam add Rosa aka. Edward a Wilson Williamson nah. Oct. 1 63�?w3m Kings county new York the in iii Stiie it. Wayne ii id enlarged. In consequence of the immense increase of our business we have enlarged our store making now the most co Ioimo it ious room in Tbs state being j 30 ice Long Anil lighted by four Large so Aughta Dir Stock is now the largest Ever brought w fort Wayne. Over 100 sulcs Brown Muslin at t10 and 120. Quot 60 cast s by cached Muslin 8,10 and 12. 75 cases Cal icons from 3c. Upwards. I pay a to it Lusht Ivi the shot Ira did Trou rats Roaches a to 4.1� a i-�9. Of Whin i�yon<9 Katharan. To i it it in in a Tel it to Appicle for we Sertac s9<l Imi Yini the in. Man hair u Avik i Tiiu Jbv Llue Ita a heir iii Ltd in in it Wib Lulf Gilt in of if frees a a it Ltd fat a Aii it i it kill and Ait Paiit which fire a a tit. A. Flt Fiur. Christian w. O. Aneo. Ism. Hmm i Fri hmm Wimbis Fri to m. W. it ton am a a a Mai go Tivitt w. Jillian we Eia Kinod to. It a Silit a to a Quot a Quot a la uhf mls a imbed it i aim a Aad Tib me Cefis a Teil a ale Stover ene Mil. Lim by legally i u >11� a old of cent a Saiffe boites. fijian Tuott Lii can Ealr be aug l a a year Wber it in Airai known that the Sailiai Vii in Law. Ibe mat bait i Iez it Iak in the worm. Bat tha ii Clef ittes him be or Mara and a Taa Hiff gig a a the hair a shvely. Tieh. Lurria at a two the Aad Irett Ata it fro a to Caiaff fray. Us it Are Muia nation a Rah Kao Wiar. A he Haimm it Wei Rufh tor a Ter twelve rear Ai in a de Enbert Jiam a lion Ahw avar at fld i Iula Rivair Wilt the a Itu Lii or an a Kim a let. Ilth5ldt�e d. 8. Ballme pub co., saw Toas jmm.9% l80.-Ifcw��. Ivy Trifco Tomk out m his a Wirach has Malfav Ikea 191 tit to it it or twin it a Finif of Crmim of tie daa Fertell smms gym cd to my it old an l the Baad. It Hel Usri it 4 of i Hirabi a hair . It is hot a Dye la a i final Calor by a any play the Casillar Taber with Amaril a a a Teaa Aee in Paitel by a it Diaeatha. At to aet a a i Quot to eco Pic eds Flanar Elartie. A Vias the Eit Alliv awl he Diirr of the Bair. Aad Aller i of ee�k5�i a Ailt it it fair sitaua c<4>riaf it 9<df a Erturk by clo in Baum is Catar by a away piste a vhf give Iba Bair Law Friant Bruant to hts a a to Hotl Mph and bin of thearijaarnalroalwiy.�t-. I l . I. It a i Ltd so by Rifai Nils a Busi Igwe we a Dwa adj Ladi it. If it a Lou by All rat Vedable pm a Oread a a. V Vrh juy he a aft of May Erial Agni u. 8. A Ama. Stich a a to a Fco Ami if a Fri it Ihu a two frat Cylid of the Yii gifts to try a at pm m who imsland a Hall Phi my Itah a by a in it to a Salt a Khz my of artist a id by a Minto wifi at Manu it i to. N. Y. To. Mite a Brad a it a ctr a a my or Teini m la it Ndu a it. No. To a mses me eau Aad �1. I Cuianu l Victoral. A Waum a rth to hmm to clip it a Falat Way arg rare v��rrt4leat, a n l it iii i a. The a a Ier it of a in a a Iriate to of Fate err a Tayroah the a end Opl Aiato a Bow is me a turf Aai Minnie Tawifa Raitar hmm Biache Maca of the Throat and iai4nf Tum la the astir a Yueai n<i4l Elt it Ray a metical i pit Ever Marie edit ii Elam no a a my Law Alt to jail tit it it Cebado Pretoria. Irith the b it a to ii i g re Alt to Allea Ltee of a Nariti luf Maeoza Whu Piaf Irango. Lip the Rin or Pani i 8oia 11tjv a to lev it croup i adj St Oli a Nevronis Itri Utility pc. A Nifke a. J. J int Ifim a a that i a to a a erf a Loetia Prnto a a Retota for a everal year myself Aad a any i Faraj f v a Ever l blame a y . A my have Tco of it in lil o May oth it hard Derrr see a it to by Gmell Quot no ill 1�zl� in Quot itt Kbyii her j. J pm Ter by okla. K y re Gwo Quot w Orvii a Rye Fly a eau Hoad 0<jati�isten#lvclt. He pre aced a Bovry g it. Cable it try Aad Tom it Abercr to the we a a Quot Iris can of Melaad my a a by by. Of Tsieia per won a maae. Vol Lve it . An i that by Var a or Ibry i Troici Vieau. It in Harmie. A Iho Yaufan a Haas a at u a. J and eat it off r i a Titi to into the a a a a a a Quot of rvs. Quot ii Matt. Are a Ltd a a. Oar Mer. Fawn Tripat of the Migir. I Bav Ebsen a cd with Bina chitin d the past Winter ,ir�wbla�r�tierh1li> i and your a Momu of do trek syr cd i ii let a seb or atle a Kron Eliout the us it a. W3m in in a r Laio ital Fco i in a to it from of the Bittie fit old no Uata �ni�eumy�ia�h��,�themn9tmn-> to met Elbe War id Tkv Only one it in timid a Dick Ignazid Pou aril itary Principio arrange keat of our co my the a tier woj Jicy pm in a a of 4aainiii>di get a i Nentl the Mil. Sittg Ijiro Imos me Rio lit a a it i Tife left a the Elk Fias tip .vl.e, Tret and finite Scucces excite sad it Uio ii an i Carris a the Mia to Tkv the Biff of Atul Wagram. La a mtg by 1f�mti�zoor o. Ail Tai a Hae i spoken. Ike jct Krs Tivy fsr ar�ipiili4aircbaschl Gay Tbs �#1 by old of to to hopi said Meti air Sec . War bus its Kle Tioff a Bro adj demons in Thea Bamasi tortures the it make the Noble. The Ute to Ati a i sum in a Tili the Dis veed Juan a. If a i a a of of others give Rise to a a Liput i again . A by mkt is won Htee seeb a ape a Wivis pm Tara a Drui kor a sans a path acid j.afinto��4ilia even Here the a k�7 la Heuer a ire in Beano we a pm a voor Lov Cili his than might at in Mam a Maii tila to Triniti in ref Iri i Herr and Ali a a Nee stood. Quot it la a. Anzui Bigatti Mir Ting he suffer lbs and saving soldiers is a i at onal a less no. To so me a i Bisbing results from this skier of. It is Well boy a Tho feet of by tit pin pow car w a a a Tea a Tai i at. Pulpi a a Addallo tie inf by of Omed tip a Noces in Tjimis part Itolar Hiob Taft he a form a a no a Era. A1low�d2 their pay a a tic Virok other Wiseiii Tiall-#18. In and a to thou go the wounded Oam Roita Here Tia Divit Iob Juring a paleit nod Oil waa w Little Quot be article Acta upon tto omd a to wort inc<i�t0rebflbaible a Nattei a la and Rit Hoat Aba onem a the it originated in tar Benin Al the celebrated cd Lara Jeff a. It. T All of reserved in St. Croix a a bulb fit i a it Bacig a secret Sugre Knawa in Tho sp�itk�9st<aespr�viou8 to the Var Amadita Pittra an Agen of Jet flt son Davis rec Malm of pah it a to a priv. Gugsa in Skot Fia Boviall is daring u a War m Thuch they made the following reply Ute torn Jan loth 1862. V c it of Tami t to Taal a pm a to Foat cd min Tamika troit. Of Terii Quot a a fifty Hoo mid Iolus for Che re pc and right t0 Fluke the Plaa Mien Fot your bos Tai pro Paea the War we beg to May. Root Prim libero it it gone can Siderius it Wottle boat Elt it Lyie and that other Iriano we Ean derive to Rovo be lira a the Sut Fth Ara states but or a or dates to our and oar ideas a Feun Aristei would Al Low to a it Cutaia it. Although it might please Asl Naa to egg tvs of -y.�. Misguided very respectfully , p. H. Drake a a co. These gentle Boob Siro a be Bistor of certain fair Orienta of their article for Over two Hundred Tow Howing that through Ali changes of Eafton Bosch Tala inform d me that one patient was urls tit and Eramay Odha Dant slept an Lott Isajiw a re a Lmh until a by Plantation Bittera Aalto to Bla knowledge when Only May a triable ii Rohiy. Re Lilje Ltd a to ii. I a Fiaai in Lailoon Aad i scr tip a it Are a Ai aay Earh Etc i Simrill Quot. A Al la Thayne. A 1 by Reed pc a k ii m Eye St pros. A it la no Chi a a it Tir a ii Nei Ltd flix it. Notice i a Breas my if it a a Ilnm-1 f a it has be t my bed and Board without Jast etus or pro7�<i�ioii, it tile is the re it fore ii Ere Givoni 11 All a a sons tto to to Trot or bar by a by butt my a count. An i will Koi Rufty aay debts of by to Cunt rating from Thia Date. A ctn 13t��>3. D to Wated do i Ivl Attr 4 to it itt it tic la notice is hereby Given that the undersigned h is been Apt iii Ltd am ii Trikur of the my Tate of Walker late Oallen county deceased get last it Suh Poitz t a a so Keiit. R. Maynard adm r.�. P. Whedon or Quot fort is Tyne ind. Licensed agent Dorsol dlr claims Back pay Bounty of one att pensions. Nov la a Fly a. Dkw3m we. Ermala j. Namil Toa oko. Mbura Baaith. We. Edsall a a co. Commis Sieiro merchants on canal St. It. Wave pay tie by ghee to Price in Eash for All kinds of produce pork hides sets Beans be. Bihler to and Van Ces made on property Oon rigged to them fair on stifle it cast-dec-31. I a la Dawt hogs h003, Hoos. Ii Tanto a ii Ina add i toss. Either alive a Ordress a fowl Price will be . , 1862. Which the highest Market we. Bosau it to. Dawir Babbie Folt %�7ehave a very Nice article of Printe mrss to pork made of Square 4tii pieces Thini ride and shoulders up up with Greit Cir in tre for Sale. We s. Edsall k co. Dee.ai�i�63. Do off nicely trimmed Hamd for Kic Dee 31,1863. Dawt Fork Jackimo. Nyquan Ity o Leaf Laird to ser to a it ire rib Piff feet ii formic a by a it Ltd our Packi g House. We. Edwall amp co. Dee. 31. Afe<63 Daw Tif arse and Fine Salt Al wave on band and of it a Stile at we. S de Saul k o s. Do Dawt 3000 Vaili Blasof to loan to Farmers. I or pm tic Telara Eti quire of . Compart. Dec 10. I861-w6m. A Titi la Trator ii i fitters of have been Grint Ted to the unit Ier it i Iid on the Istatt of Nathan j Coleman late of Allen county. Im., deceased at persons l Vitta claims against said a state will file Beni in la Ltd Lerk sign office i said coup in a i bin six Momlish irom Thi Date and Thise to said Etta ease Roqu Irbid to Nike i Midi it to tie i undersigned . The Estay pm solvent. Ilioram , Jan. 14, adm iii curator. Coombs amp Drake Cesora to j. Ii. A Kaaa it will continue the Sale of All kinds of notice i will sell at the ate residence of Nathan Colt Man Decea Seil in m Irion township Al in county Indiana on Juii uary Suth and lbh3, All tiie pc Sonal property of said estate taken by the widow consisting of Fiona is cat tie. Zoaa slip up Faiming unti cml com in to e crib Wesit and in the granary. Grain growing on to get ground Clove seed Oats in the Straw and a Quantity of Llo Weihold i urm Turc. Terms Mailt-1 Nown on the Day of Sale. Hiram Coleman Jan. 14, i863-w3trd administrator. State of Indian ii alien Poauty 8. Court of common pleas april term 1863. Losing e. Hay i a a. It divorce. Enma r. . It App Hiriams to the a Iti fiction olt the c Erk of said court that std it i tet d Jet t.4 a non Rcd Dent out Testate olt Lucia Tia Ivo Leeis therefore Iven said non red de it be i id it of the filing Anu Pendency old Ald a jul of and thai Anil a Hap mss Nallet be and a Mim Befoy Joder of said Alio i circuit court on the 1st Day of Ibe next term thereof to be held at the court House in the cot of Alle it in Tho p the judicial circuit of be Sutz of ton the 27ih Day of Alfh Texana answer or demur to mid complaint Tbs aame will be heard and determined in tier absence witness my hand this 15th Day or january a. 1863. We. Fleming. C la. J. Bltfcckexxidof., att v Corpt of. Jan 2l �3.w3t. In Energy and to �44itiivatmmirtuli like lir. My Fla a the weas Caldiera Eltag to it like a brother As take Quot a Jurj a we orgy an info an an Viking i for try a to pies to he Tion Bittera 9m i Bavy digressed in my next i Shalf apm of Gatke Riog in the to imbed. Burvin the Nicodems. State or Ludian Allen Kunuty is. A Fen circuit court april term 1863, James so off for ller by Sifft r. Complaint to set aside deed. Mary Ann shatter j it appearing to the satisfaction of the clerk of said Ltd it Urt that said defendant Llu try Shaft or is a resident of the state of Indiana notice is therefore hereby Given said non resident defendant of the flying and Pendency of said complaint and that Imbs she personally be a old appear before Ilie judge of said Allen circuit court on the for to Day of then it term Leholden at the court House in the get unit of Allen in the Lois judicial ctr Cut of the state of , on the sf7th Day of april a a. 186. And answerer demur to Stid cosh plaint the same will be Beard and i determined in his a enee. A a a witness Lay hand and Seal of said court 7tl ibo a �1� of Laimi Arv 18�3. It , clerk Case Wither amp moral St atty s for Al f. January �4, 18o j. A to h Ard w i Idiu Imus its. Nail8�bubber Beltier Hill saws tools ac., a at Taylor s old staff 115, Colne but stre6t, fort Zed. July a. 1862. Ift Wpm m imm Stdek n. P. Stockbridge has opened a new clothing store no 19b. C Columbia Street one door East of Hill k Orbison a where May be found the largest and est selected assortments of ready made clothing furnishing goods trunks Etc., Etc int Edity. Fort Warne May 16. 69. Do win mme i insurance c o m p a. N a fort Wayl Fhi Indiana. Not More than two thousand dollars Ina Rad in any one risk. It Cou amp is risks to the Dloss of property and is essentially a 1? Arici i company direct ohs. A. F Maix Svca. C. Macau lasts. John Morris we t. , b. W. , it atomic a c. F u. Meyka l. A Anoka officers. , l.a.aifgfm., Tret ident. Sucre Tarsi we 8. Smiith r. Moa Law Favicco View fetid Eric. Treasurer. G c. Cal last a general agent. Fort Wayne july 19.1862. Of cwt Labb a ft�ini8 Tarp by Autt. Comity lad a the 163 of consumption or. Isaiah c. Parent aged bout 40 years. A Watt to Tan 21, iw63 a Loar m a ass a Crago. A. E pm Romh. Erm. 105 1 00 35 400 50the c Rufes Sonand experience of a poor Young Man. Gentleman having been cured of the results of Early error and Dis Rise will Frobin of Beti Volence Send to those who re truest if. A copy of the Abo e interesting narrative published by Bio self this Little Book is deigned As a warning and emotion to Young men and those who Auster from be avos Dali Terr Loaa or my most Pakini Stoak use a Etc ice supplying at the same time the Mezins of Eure single copies will be sent Oft or Seal by a 66velope a without charge to any who request it by addressing the author. Chas. A. Lala Uberty Gree Point. Loi Ilg isl arid . Dec. 10.1863�?w3mo. To the in Emple i can give steady employment to Active Young men to solicit orders for the Little giant sewing f 15�?hemmcr, gauge screw Driver and extra Needles. Will pay a Liberal salary and expenses or allow Large commissions. County rights Given to agents. An agent wanted in every county. Fur particulars desc Tive catalogue address with stamp t. Page Gen l agent for u. S., Toledo of. Dcccmbc�3,1862�?ju w3m�j. Be. Elm Park nurseries. attention to our Largo and Superior Stock of for and Orn mental Trees for the in Wing Spring Trade. Trees delivered in and part of the City or at our general depot for a Sivc Rifg to pc Soiu residing in the country. Orders directed to us through the Post Obice or Lett with u. Ii a a a Ler on it. Wayne agent will receive prompt Aricia or. Hosier is also Otto general agent. A Kukoff Frilson la o Jan. 1.1863, do Whf o. I Iai. 1862. I. U claim a Opall kinds. A press goods Over 1,000 different styles Spring and summer dress goods at to la a 15,30, 35, to 75c per Yard. Cloaks shawls Huro amp claim dealers in lumber in Essed siding amp flooring custom work promptly Bono Mill on North Side of the canal West of the gae works. i is was Shaw Pic from 79c. To cloaks of an King silk Mace Barge and wan Rwjr await let. Fact dress Sll a a splendid Stock of fancy Silks from 25c. Per Yard upwards. Black dress Silks at 75c., 85c., 90c., and $1.00 per Yard. Hoop skirts 100 Noz. Skirts at its. And a a warm. Udies misses amp do old Regis gloves hosiery handkerchiefs. Hair nets mitts attn lets dress trimmings ribbon and a fall line of All kinds of goods at prices to suit the t pcs. Der look out for the big sign no. Of to Colombia Street Mcdougal it co. April s3. 63. Whf in Start ii fuel Stop your i Doug p Uii Ify your breath Ntreh fifth a if our a Oil to f it r spal Dii go Throat confections Are Good for clergymen Good for lec Furbus Good for i Blic speak efts. Good or singers dood i or Dentle Naefel cd Raj Spaldin a the Oft conflation late Arifi delighted with Spaldin a Throat conf Cottons Abii Dottin cart foil Spalding s Throat confections. They relieve a cough instantly they Clear the Throat. They give Stren hand volume to the Vole. They impart a delicious Aroma to the breath they Are delightful to the taste. They Are made of simple herbs and cannot a any on. I advise every one who has a cough of a husky Voi Feora bad breath or any difficulty of the Throat to get a package of my Throat confections they will relieve you instantly and you will Siree with me that Nhey go ngut to the spot. You will find them very useful and pleasant while travelling or attending Public meetings for a a tilling your cough or allaying your thirst. If your try one package. I am Safe in saying that Yon will a be raft we do Sonmor them India big. Yon will find Thorn at the drag Giata Aad Waalen in my dle inca. Puce Twenty Fite cents. My alg nature la on a Adi package. All Othen . A package will Bement by mail prepaid on receipt of thirty cents. Addrena Heivry a. 48 dear Stree Snaw York. To Datray 70 Butfoy to Ditler vhf to Dittroy to Dut Froym to fist roof to duty mis. Opposition 18 the a Impje of Ella item -.mice, Molcan tied Tui. Bed hug it. Moths in furs clothes pc. Matiu Itoch and fleas. Ina on plan and fowls. Timise Taon animals pc sad y Forin Aud species Over e. L. St u pkg is successor to g. C. Nill k co Soith West Corner main amp Calhoun its Rort continues the Trade at the old stand and Ott to till Public at the lowest Markel or ,aeiitl.\e8,chemicals, pilfft8,01ls. Let a it it stuff of window . He Hopes by attention to business to merits continuance of tit patronage heretofore extended to the old firn. Lie will keep Constantia on hand a Lull of goods a id persons desirous of buying would do Well to Call and examine his Stock before elsewhere particular Mitten time Piid to a Prei eruption Ems into feb. 9t�. L�62-Dawlv. Ladies Emporium mrm. Sulci five milling Al and dealer in fancy goods. Alus keeps on hands a Irge Stock of , ski it a trimmings . Lace and silk Nan-tll1�s,and every Sofai titles needed for lassies Aud children. Yomer of wave Aud Callioux streets oppo site he Mayer Feu e. Wayne april 30-62wtf.fiu�t arrival of Winter Good Woodward amp Young a Are steel cd a fall �1 desirable Coontie. kerch amp Ameri Uil cloth Sam \ wires Dos skins hats hats Cape Tipsi a full Vishini goods amp clothing id eveil.yboi>y-94 Columbi Street Ito or Watt it to Ltd my i. It Ltd its. It War the drug Trade. Meyer a brother wholesale and retail hate Ltd it Antly on hand low�atp.ne�8. Drug a my a my a Ici to ump Utti Oil ski flex i to rpm a Tine fms of a Maui a Jufu Ltd Oil ale Okal window Zimm Olato a my the ,clo9��, e�tt�etlog�99diliidig�,. Cailor of Sweet Oil kerosene of Coal Oil key Enoil pills cure sick headache Cephalic pills Jii Maui med Cephalic pills cure Biu aun headache it by the use of hese pills the pref Fotine at tacks of i the fms a or Sie Headtke May vented t and if Takei. At the commence rent olt an attack immediate Relief from pain and pick Nam will be obtained. They Seldom Tail in removing the if Noem and Hemd Taketo Ichieh females Are to subject. They Genii by Tipon the to a la or Covini eos Tivener. For Ute Rary ,0el Cate Rematas and All persons of onus try Kaka they Are valuable As a lie motive improving the appetite git ing Tane mad vigor to the digest a a organ8,and rest Rinir their natural Chat deity and aug Nodi to the Cephalic pills Are the result of Long investigation Ami carefully cd ducted experiments Havivi i been in use Many Yeara during which time they Haw prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and Alf flying from headache whether angina Init in Tho Nero a it system of a deranged state of the Sla Kaci. They Are entirely vegetable in their Pomposi Tion and Fhy be taken at All times with perfect safety. Without making any Ehy Ngy of did and the Aisea a aay Iwai Recek Ltd a it Refl Era it easy to Adt minister them to Ekil Feu. By Watt or Counte Fisfis the gel line Haft five signatures of Uejo re c. Soj Romju mtg on tech bo9> sold by dog wrists and All Otho re iii in mod icings. A Box will be and by mail of a paid. Do receipt of to reprice 35 a tent. All orders should be add tossed to Hewry a. Spall Iivo 48. Cedar 8trbst. New York. A Sii Tele but tip of Spalding s Fito pared glue will save ten times its Cost spa Dis ski Reci a Lnu Spalding s prepared glue Spalding s prepared Glne Majk sri ii Economy dispatch a a of 9th�,h ii Imp a 9�t�9 Niht. As accidents will happen Erin in Well re Gulf to a families it ii very desirable to Bavo Sonde cheap and convenient Way for repairing Fnrni-tur�toy8crock�ri, a. Meets All such no he a Al old Ean afford to do without it. It is always Rel by and up t6 the Point. Quot every House n a nil Epieh Price 35 Cente. Addrena Higl Vry c. Spai.ii1ivc�, no 38�clarstreet, new Tork caution. As Certa a unprincipled persons Arnatte Nipuang Topal Moltoni the Unius pitting Public imitations of my prepared glub. I would car. Tion All persons to or Strola left fit Puc Asing ands a that the full name. Spalding s Prepa cd glue la an the outside wrapper it in la of Fri Are win ills . It. Wayne Lachine works Wayne India. co., Kern or Bimo Lachlan. of steam engines boilers Mill gearing Ash . Muley. Sash and circular saw Mill. Firo fronts cd St fronts for build Ings and Vedt Ydeen repairs on boiler Machin cry promptly a ecu cd and on reasonable Snia said vol Hamas 8. 8 Basit president Huoh bpm we Ouaack Jmwa Shire tar skirts skirts skirts i Call the attention of the ladies of for Wayne and Vicinity to my Large assortment of skirts just deceived the cheapest in the Market i offer a 90 hoop skirt for $1 i solicit of All an a arly Call for for Aalo retail and wholesale by h. R. Schwa Lomaur Martha mud dlr Nvvf wholesale bookseller of blvd Siat Rollel to. Fall amp him Street beings the Pion Elm Book Mph of Northern Imus my res pc ten by i Baa the largest Atoch of in Tho City which by offers to tue try a tip a a so a Fly a a Fok Carfl. 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Tho table of these Mac Binca a 94 Inch a Long and the shuttle will bold six times As Mach thesul As the so attic of those used for Tei hiring Nar pools. The urge machine work As fast a Tarall Onca. always on hand Hob Miler silk twist. Linnen and Cotton Throat. A a swole beat machine Oil in bottle a. R a. oar own Wood Waitt All Persona using oar mar Jlas a to by and Tobais. We know that the Vara a a dlr a sold the met inferior a a a Ltd a a it Hijar prices than a chaise for Tbs Hett. n��91�a sold by As Are manna Charad a epee Msj for oar new Ai. Chines. A or edit a a re Masr to amp a of in Eyssi am Chiae a Iamb. A is less. Oar customers rest Assai. Tha All oat Bra neb Ofelea Are Lori had with the Quot cat Tlly in Cash of . Tho Saebaer say be sent in Postr go Stamps or Bank a. Tar a Monde no will pm Oast write their Naan a do it ineptly. It a a import Al a bold. In a Cash know the fou Ofle Cozatt my state or a Parsons raq airing inform to Wjk a Almat a swirl Sixes prices pcs. 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Oar by Ehia a a a Muo by bsh will eared mrs a my by Withams la far thana ii Oclires who Ihor in i Miuda of. Oars or . A fac to Thomara whew thana Arathar Nab in a a Liiv la Cal age Nib wanted i.m.siii6brac0., 4m Broadway my a York. Lidi Anapol to Fie Odd fal Towa Bau. Washington str it. Fort Tayao Omi ceo no. 3. Aveline House. Lcai�hl�ld6�-Dawtf off a no a my la a a or j3fku�s�z�s, at a Mif Fht a thud a us h a limps Remer of r nerdier led. Often Iem Vitea to Iau Fec in Aux pro of if a Porf Cioe liar in Ltd a a Wentt a or ii a a a a cd v its Jirs i Tara in a he in log a ii rsm i i if c��4iu2ed�e,�cc� w will Roca is Lime a. /�g.cmjultt/g,, i i arc jut intr Durr i �2cl<m Yean offo. K his r of Al that is i an to Mut Artisto fam Ihm put a Juist pm a Kim mtg a a Cir t z. Mkt in a my sixt a f. a a Gir inf rid. J a a air a min or or a ii grit w. then off us a Fer Eula Miff s in a i Vaiau. A id h / id and gun Tara s to mod Isina it is cents per lax. In Sam Quot sle to stats St Quot a Man blk Cui iwo strut Betom col Nibia and Maia Flor to. A vol bad uhf Tirail books. St Mirt m my a Glide get iii and Yasm Yiao tax . Pablit Atte ratio u a a Llod la car aloes. a in Auto give a a store Bali Aida. Give mail go Dye in a aia of a a a iii Kumm mid Iran Mac a tuft boy Dis Cash Bodka lift books veto books receipt books record boat we Serap Boldn tic Isar cat mme keat stack w. A Mew can a and lion Flea Uro. 4, Calliari is Bendim variety Orst Allois. Try. Bought for Cash. Nov. 10, less. Loi women and misses calf Lack by a the Ftp do a Rappu let led on the mos oeral t it 1 j. M. Wilder Alfred Butte Iisley Eis Ami my iii ii brass founder h a vow has re motto to his Lem Side main Street one door wast of Miller a cabinets hop by he eos band fall to ii a a As flite res us k t a itt Umphy and All kinds of brass work ale made to order. A Ril 11 the c2. Def h. A. Wagner to ult. Offers to the Public Ai the Dir a St my a a a try teb is Stock of Daws flip i Clinest Ira aft pm its Lliel a a Ialie. I Adit air fila a ratty Urai idea a re. Dry part bin to my fall and Winter St Edco Mumm Mem t33sf�01�<8 Baa alb olt 96 co1aittbia-8t, fort Pajao m. Ital log Tom the East a we a Aav and Well so leered Stock of cloth. Gami Erbb. Vestin St. �te., my Tkv Vuk a Fargo Lotof Seady hade do this Bola Fany Ody Tehla he in rely pro mired to Ai a Ufim a by Ai Lerm to a Tuio Vilumis minute in Dot eel Ostia to it Vam i Raof Tfir Townley Duwald amp band. Dee 6, i Whf Oft Shefi a Tob Imp a Ikea Ama. R mass Ort fat a a pm jifc., no 98 Gal it Waya Oviad. Sept. Is. Ice Der

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