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Dawsons Weekly Times and Union (Newspaper) - January 15, 1862, Fort Wayne, IndianaI Fri Salt so it number 21. From Ilii Rij Tom of Bali. J hold in ajl is inc if it to own Bockst Itas a Fink pc the he High privileges in his Possession. Lib is protected Iii the enjoyment of All his rights a i near it least As can Ihal his Hisaji Roperti his religion his Home Alvonya sacred Iii the Eye of Trio aggregate of All his earthly blessings Tipo to the institutions unde which Hoh vc3. of that thu is the land of his birth or and option he is under the most weighty obligations t of All tint he receives -0 be Faith Ful and True to . Her Honor and her welfare Aro his own. It should matter nothing in of the country Liu happen to live for the general interests arc interwoven connected and mutually do pendent separated. It Oftle . The Church apostle Paul said to the anti Ono member Fulfur All Ihu one member be honoured All the . Ilu now Aie they Many members yet hut one How All know Himeur Iricks am sir very it of Wera loud l the tyranny four . Or 4 the or Kaul Kiter. Jalc Udod until hut loyalty Ntuli list a Enlil Only in hear the inc till innit Ink occasion of the reception of or d was Liot a vow Man. La do Khy who Llzkt he should or not. J m Lili Ull whether in him id to Hiick 10 w Tel mlle a Iho Tild a five Nihill Vilente himself ti1 the Onilse i f a to thu chum of Ireail wiil Jin Jik Demtd lift to the Vino of the South and Nitu Hyrc ail Oji Poi Tuii ily for la Fullil a Rolfus tinder tic . Of neral or Chelun has the let it Iii nil ordered him Ortix Jmc Iii Jelly. Titia May not the Arl Lelm of War but it seems to Tho into not Nikle fully Noii Iain cd with those and refresh the memory of Tho individuals who-.may1 have forgotten any i skirt Ion of their history in which the dwellers in mountains As a general nut posted from causes Biol necessary to nlatc.1 there arc a few things no titled to in Trio mra snug which i n Munji Writy of. The people May not expected to Indore. Hut in i artious thereof the re Mizii licences. Tid the injunction to he line to god to oni selves nil to our Conni try i can Well Law taken and with Trio us few will Sinjin it Ionamay receive Lac Anijo Allied no Proval full. Vthtnplrnt-.f1 in i it Avont in Tel Cecii. Of the Kui Shoal it ii. Olscher on a recent visit to Huai fort bund at thu it cannot he denied time there i Are to in found everywhere in almost every Nook and crossing of the land some few who to any a voc tue the separation of Tho Southern states front Stich to he found in every nation under Trio whole heaven. Lioy Advocat to Whitt notion Rea the the most set Lisle motives. In every country Aro to be Futino Laid Kun who will readily Bror that course of conduct in the com Lvcas or or tit will by least Likely to operate against what they conceive to be their inter cuts. not Sci icily in All cases per bad people of no i cd Call n soul Votion to ours Cun. Lix Eil principle., certainly they Cli Erish no such thing to their. Heart. Of s us a pure love of country. Kelt Lucr arc they far horizon is . We have not a doubt that them id far infinitely greater Public Penes and in great respect entertained Nair and Lorer Thornl and political Devotion a than there could . If Wales and Ireland were separate kingdoms. In Loubel Cidy. There arc Many evils to by corrected there has a cacti much bad a gelation in Ninny things there is a total want oltion. Tiu re is much complaint made on the Wrt of Ireland and j it we have always Felt time Ireland s troubles or a Good share of them were rightfully to at. The door of others Llian who government. Vint there s a of the us Noat privations seems Rel Hurto increase Ihnn 0 diminish and a Large share of her wretched is to be attributed n Trot it Clinch. Nit. I Chest int clergy. We Triy tlint_5tm of a Huud Liol be As fur advanced in social in iut ions adopted at thu at Indian polio yesterday let Allah judge for Thonise hcs 1. That the Lysloff Timon to Power of Ali democracy can Alovic preserve the Union an the sons dilution. 2. Jul horses the heretofore up Forth by the National convention of the parly 3. The existence of the Union on the faithful Observance of the principles of 111 Constitution. T Desla rvs the present civil War to have mainly ranked from slavery agitation and the consequent organisation of a geographical party in Orch producing its counter Kirt in Thi. South of. Fico Hsion disunion , Tai ice to the Oei enl government causing the calamity Alfich we have now to must an Loya citizens striving to secure the Best Mode of Sot Ilc Mcnol to test orc Union and liar Lony. 5. Condemn thu course of the i the inst Uon Gross for rejecting All Pence lira i., 1 each and Gannony would now reign Hod Lac purity in Power shown the s internal dissensions Hin Desi recently sex a lawyer of hat place tote to Ochle Southern fat. Helena o Amio on the Owoc Lucr. .3950. Cd Mihl Khette warn . 1 he Obj Nix of the society in nerd o be to resist i adv Rel Povur Ninon dint filled Hya Sci Dorily fit will Ike Renu inhere trial Millard Kiln arc was Ihnn and expresses the rend Lutts Netho Infin or a to Olky the cell Ollio Stith to resist nil Trio Rikhus of the Iii sent Chi. The Wiliey it was Tot diet Nelly vowed in the of the league it the friends of such a Nilep could a Juilly co Ltd avowal in Putli the careful not tilth. At. The rep Nln Iii Clini the association on jail. A was i severely in Omicini the Iron Jiwat twp Tell by and g thu us Lowuis a Vowel which com to the All bilion of Uil Tao who noon id Xii Herti of having pm invoked re Linin by thu in Noli slaver in and of Chc Foa try Etcitt Calif. Iii litter unit str Slih my Siwl Unitt tool skill finally All Polit int Tow Nerton with1 new a in Rufi a few main flirt Toht Trtol n it to fun no wiil of non Leniu Rollo Suic to econ in men were Dufeu d by Intini iils to icily or Ali try of i Marc tir Valvo Nickii Lxii of thu Artso Dation re ii1 int Lilit Trinu nil Kym Pathy with thu air Parade Hub Shawn of a Ruth j Liu in Inners record in Celini tin Lulu us the of they Amplo that thu the by if ilm worn Ai Delenn ined Levun j Exira a now ibid Only kept i pm a Clitso they Lull that thu season for own no iou Hud hot arrived Lac Iii they contain res Adverse to nil own and Tui Ioctl Ceu Ocull Inq Latu n am soda Lions aft Vulli oar Olimus a Wool Ikall i i. Iio Tii if Loti hint Wilto tha1 army of Lloil Olin no if Cli the Piolo in to. The our Jef Smyc been Active and than Triam Nulli of Lott , Liidi they Umcil the lieu it jul a i i inf of two Rells. By the result of their til tile i. Sen Tinl try a Tate. Tid to already written nil which will to in the trans Cliona of the ii is Tori pit Fantt Tutt. 00" Thor is Rcpt Rawl via the 1 Sonly Irish women Largo Chic Titi and Irving shown one asked i it would to he a Thon jail that it to lilt it the mask hit of produced i Ihm trial in would wanted.-. Tho tin Tho Del Kun Iid milled Hay were going to Cook Llie clue Ken is Kaftor tilling it with a Annily inside of it i for Anil Send it to a will Prol uhly Pas Futy. anti Oil for Itsell at n Nam Nieset i fam to o to admit Sioui into. The Union Nisi Del Gate Cri Fotiu this county o Eccl fro Iii Othur com to a in the old iimt., to draft unil Consi Tulion and Citrin of Santo govern loot to by Suh Milstid to Tho people for their nov Planco or injection ingress for the Iho Sirubi Iii. Hiits4iuti of f Ittem kill a Lull i Ihu following my id it As having Nyji ezied to a Soldier in re Gizmunt at 1 Elisa cola Whit a Malohm Lent and Blank. Tluck o tint Ugis of hot water to Hii Jonii comrades went out find a ticket lip Obj of Iho it own Hent ii Var during Tho tort two it at thu lire and Vii ovum sick Una Ianuly incs Hejl had lost its cup hut had not exp Ludd thu heat of comp lire Ray had failed to in Olyion. Tho t int Mappy to learn that no Ono it in killed by Iho talc Novich of for edit Lori Laski mud tie Tho Folio Iii table Froni Tho Kati Oiin Tel Llyl he cancer shows Tho Ween Iho a. Viespi great Britain and Iho to tiny Kii Ilore j i fico i Juniji trek Nuudi undertook to a mkt Bis neigh Hor s prospects used Loo Short a and. Got Uwin u juy. Zient i j general Scoll Ittu sex ept fit Tiu a there arc Mon Aptt Lis who have from lie lir Iii of the first gain at he doctrine of lulling the Soith if she its Ami this doctrine we foresee will the incur United Inoru widely spend in pro ration is we feel More and Moro Iho of no nation. Indeed we have Felt from the inc grinning Htit there is not prevailing in Ali North Llinat thorough truth and importance of the Causa Tinl prevails a Liliu us ugh. Have not As yet felt1 the no do nine As limy1 feel no it we have Tsann at have no to it to the death.1 a Largo in nor of Mir sons at the North Are actually by our National troubles and thin begets , not Pitri holism. Fear them no North of Ihu 1 olo inac and Ohio Rivers who Whu Iho War lax it levied will cry a tired of this Bettr Loci heavy enough already. us give up All a have been ibis Dellsite set Tenent by additional constitutional guaranties Piest ions at Jasue Between the two sections 8. The Kerub Chatis have fully Demon Sam Ted their inability to conduct the government through the present Dill Cuttica. _ u. The Tuvin heresies of Northern Section Iii and Southern secession arc inimical to the Constitution. 10. Of Neuls to waging War in the shap2 of a for the Over la ruling or interfering with the rights and inti Tii Lions of suites. Al a War for the of the re Nncy of Fth constr lotion Ami integrity of the Union sustain with nil Ohr energies 1" Ijen Oices All j loj position to Arni negro Cit i disgrace to Iho Imti on and calculated to a lord the suppression of the rebellion. I i. A disregard of the writ of Hareas car this mid of citizens of Loyal states viol Lions of Iho by. Chw pro Minc Stima Halo rights to and formidable to tyrants Only. 1c. The seizure of Slidell and Mason either Ireal or illegal if the former the unlit been humiliated by the surrender under _ threat if the latter they Honvo a Cinoa ii Rcd up before imprisonment. 17. Thu no party cry of Lle publican it hypocrite ii in View of Tho partisan cow racer of All civil and Jearly Ca Cusing 18. In onions fraud to Teplica Ting he Adit of War and a nov do i inn n thorough into All slate and in Illumin and a and i inked example should Buindo of All Sulci bin sol prey Ait me tiling the com licit of lha in every Hatillo Flam rectory Jarc tej on Tho National in Terr and sends Trio Kra eting for their future in coming Cumella. At 5 o clock p. M., pc Din a motion to a cml Nat Gnu Didach Sutlo Tho Conven vion till h o clock to Morrow. Over dior a. Wright in on Iho life and character of Stephen a it the Hall of the House of a Tepee for state of i Cora Wero Lii talc yesterday uth Indi an polls by thu democratic stale . Fat of Jennica s. Al Hon of Clark co. It Larriw. Of mail hew ukr Ejof county. Aut Litver of lust no offo Nuin a dimly. In of to Chillon co. Orca Roll. Honl co. H. Hopkin of in to ten firt Vituj Mitt Emont. Tho to a raft in ale following Cal Hal Nili clo upon thu Public Taeu Tancsa Lur it for aril if Tho army. H Pant Tomso Oins Ress and editors of who no continually if the delay of our or Inlet and to Lurry Dan Orvii Tho . They show that they not Only the duties tiie in the Senate yesterday a Bill inc Casin the number of cadets at Watt Point t j 350 a considered it will be rejected. The Bill for bidding naval officers to arrest o Delain fugitive Slavey under Penally of from the service was debated incl a test Yot upon it indicated that it Sennoto. In the House a was received fron he president transmitting Trio reference to . Belicen messes. Vallandin Ghosin and Hull Lions of Ohio in which the former re attired on an Wilher prediction Ilo snid we would be at with great i Uritam in Lees than Thrett Inonu he else lamely submit to the re cognition of the Southern confederacy. Or. Thonius of mass., made a tory hitter speech in denunciation of he course of great Britain. The and lock merits were referred to Tho comm foreign attain i the constitutional convention yesterday reeled a permanent organisation by a Choice Rullon. W. A. try Sidcot and win. Springer Secretary. The. Democratic nominees were chosen for the remaining of Iees. Several committees of inquiry were appointed and among them one on the Power of the convention to elect k Printer. A democratic slate convention a Samues at to Day disc fetches from then. Any the convention will to Well attended a hut although there arc Ull rusts it Huttig the delegates Wise and moderate councils will pre Vail the Are that the convention will make nominal on ii s from Washington Auto that Gen ii colds is in hint City and will probably be a signal o the comic and of the Brigit let Reecyl y under Gen. Suit non. washing. On id now rumoured to be Iho a party who 1m or some time pts communicate. Ilai nig Ofiu in Emidd by Tho still try pro acc of lie two a a Rcd Dayn preceding. In he thought that Ackson Ilia rebel Oen Cral had with co to moot Kelly who Wak rain in Muley in the direction of Winchester. In. Lander u to take command of vision and Gen Kiili Altu to command at unlock. am i Wing rapidly Irown Wal Wardrum Oil division. The min Hern a Ujick received at foment Lonny on thu shh con in b Dii Utch thai Tho i of vral had icon nip Ultch in the South and forced to seek Rofugio under the cover of their gunboat on North Duto . Tiik loth. In Tho Senate yesterday a Bill making an j important postal Clit to was considered it provides hint nil dead let tort he returned to he writers instead of being destroyed -1 o on the judiciary reported in Waldo a Job Huisin u. Schnor from Missouri. Or. Ilalov submitted t Antich acc tied Bill for Tho punishment of Pec dilators Only Rollo Active for the Benefit of the , and Tho californians. Or. Sumner the chairman of Tho in foreign att sirs made a speech defending Tvr on the Trent qua Titi judg no from the telegraphic a tract Iho tip Cech Necly i cub oration of Tho Secretary so want. Or Hale initiated Aarau m scr Clary welts for authorizing bit Welles hot lick in air to Purchase Veichi 1 or Goren mint service by Liteh the remit i to Ltd nearly on this ground or did nut Irant Tho Money placed in the i scr Conry m hands for Tho construction of Wenty Iron Clad St camera. Rotary was Seter Cly censured by a number of j a publican san lors tend feebly their. The debate was terminated by fall to c on or. Welles for an explanation. In Tho House or. Klc Hardson a Bill to an Arsenal at a Bill which has Pix cd Liq Senate so Cral times for the Nho Lilion of franking Pri i i fac was consider cd and debated during tho1 remainder of he Day without arriving it imy conclusion upon it. On a test tote to Lay Bill on the table the motion was deficit of our special disc watch and mall from Cairo his in Uncial in Crest a Force ranging from to men is being concentrated there and will move in Tho direction of tht5co1unin will Louh Llam co opera a in in to Domonta Wilh Gen. Huell s plan of Campaign Kentucky and of Eccl k Junction. Wilh Gen. La s command. Karl to Niino a from Elrd a Inq Tenut Iowa we of Rcd on from a while Acot iting near Tiar Caton and four killed mid ten wounded. The constitutional Contention by a vote of-15 to i Nape Toltl. Lions declaring that Tho Jib War of the ton waa a Prame. During the debate it o conc Nylon had Trio pow if la to a and slalom Lucert and that us Odonall Turon o the 1 no cd that Nawaa tin Only mtr thai on a Llu Nof tech Lily. A rom Lutish a vault in gently 43 to rec Ira of Leo Convent Lott Tafat All al Uratani or Amund Zienta to Iho Atli Riili the cum loud u tha for heir auroral or Raj Mctkin ii. suit Sittg Titch was Elaud Thi thu Talty graph u Iris worked no idly y to Raj that a am Willious Una fall guilty of it Kurnat of trility Vlier for Tomitry f Njuki met kind to act in disregard Tho report of yesterday u if them. Ilia duly to obtain an j adapt j Bricf and incomplete. In the Somite sundry trl liter to the c the Detuno cratic Halo Cohnn Tion at Indiana in mounted it Tii Tlle Murday torning after Outing Nomine Tinl can Divito far la Hute to in tilled Ihu All. Tow election Doca Tut Uko place until october. Tha Moduli on adopted Are i wished cd Sewert and Wilt a Rcpt Public attention. A portion of Gen. Dillon item front Ai minolts yesler Jayr Lor fort Moi Roo. Hen. Lublec Kitias taken uie Mutto Ripma i under ii charge. In last general order i to dirt Cul All outs i to of St. To a crispy of their paper at had Quarter Cor inspection. A failure to comply will Ren Der the paper Latla to s Hurt and to let j were still muted. In the wasps lie liar red by ally a Laitur Itu it jul cd per noilting letters of sailors s to Quail Tel without prepayment of Post of the Telegraph of arc authorized to sex Amine witnesses a old Send for Persona and or. succeeded in gutting solution through calling fur Iha total o1 Union end tha head the ha-1 i cubist 1 if Almu builds of men hundreds of of Money Lota of abroad and at Hano Ami per hips a Vanl in total in sinew Anil we Wigint no similar Price paid far any Kindred i cry. Hut for that terrible cry of to we in Liec that the end of Mac Tho Rul Rallion would Cru thin luvs Boon in full under whirl thu Dell had been author id to View of the whole it con Raeita. Canadian Wilh in Girth to the uth arrived at Halifax yesterday with and Ety continued in England Asta the u leu Roe Eivid. Unt Lime leave i jul gig win. A. Hull of Kaii i of thu american govern Nunt on the o . . A so Titi la _ n nth Iii t. I the following Ara Ihbe statistics of he i Hilary Hospital in Casc i a till Tsiona into Atli i Hou Piil. Kulij. Lyrl Loai and Slidell Allair. Juji Ury Filli Luiis for Winil Wilh activity. Thu times finds a thu Trent f Case during ilm War in which to Alec Una ii n i dutch vessel cup tired Witti anic rican 0, 1. Morton Ull Grap Tod or w. 11. Of ii in City on beaten Lay tender him the Poa Ilion of burgeon of us told i Tho or. Car Mfd As surgeon in. Tho Throe Monalu Enrico and we Tho Hoys will 1m slowed to Keo him arrive in a Iii with his apparatus. Lie starts fur the Tegi mint on monday next and will carry letters to the from their Here. To the i m i. Lie. Owing to the very frequent enquiry of arc that i Anc vre progressing and Aliw a report probably bated on Tho of col. Itin Kin that Tho lancers would Nurer into Ilia held. 1 publish Tho follow hoping that those who i Avo been to i Riiff o Whoso unjust reports will at becomes citizens for Tho great Union. Caul c. Kijcgsbuky., Khz Detroit dec 18th 1hci on Boal trial the Lla covers i Beciro Anil a pow Rotl to rain vessel proceeding from Ono Neutral i of Lincors Niit horizon by Tho y o Earl Lumell x Iii much to warrant so Tomber

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