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Dawsons Weekly Times and Union (Newspaper) - January 1, 1862, Fort Wayne, IndianaSip volume 22, Eort 19. Weekly times and Union 1c How pleasant and instructive for Tho mind on Cir opt Stiim silent Wing to be Rafiet Buck thro Tigh the of stir n icon to Contemp lieu lilo develop Nien Tottoc great self government inns established by of the liberties of this i Caput 9? Hue has sped on and Down its dark j those gifted intellect spire tid patriotic hearts to Ihu silent sea of Dalh Tibet list a Tho Fiat one great principle to have As a people emerged from colonial bondage put ii uni iut Atily led among Llie governments of Eartis revolutionary struggle brought Petit. Union and a free is its Rich hits Ings to three millions of pople. They Hud tast Nernof Cut try Imich of it an Imbra Keatir. Bakes and Rivers titles Lorod whose on without i knowledge on the part inhabitant of the Region through which they passed Mountain abounding in Nii Lold. Mineral we ally which Clinco and in Lar Lui not id reveal Wensu Fertility. Exceed those Diu in other Porton of the lint Tali so wild style Lead not been invaded by us ave and it hint time Freedom Purcla by the blood of the Pilgrim to richest thai of itself was a foun Dation we Anil upon which Long ild a tuition but it required whine with lilo it Jibril of Active enter Firth to should ensure a glorious failure to tie a Otonier. On Noc a was Imp Pliml Fri i or Landu. No sooner it known in attn United staler having achieved their . And by Tho . Teljii of a gave evidence that Lluy Jed formed a Gwen Ideiil contain in the ulu. Inputs Ami Estali Suheil instill i Oil of so Liberal i Elci Rector nud Tuv unto thu Protection of nil a Titis Iti thu enjoyment of Luicir Riglis that vim a Frisini every Norton of the civility to Earth Crow ded with the in nov of toil Houghl our Totore Tell o ing Frum Lett of Lam old in Krc eddium lend them to n land of Liberty Alliey came and Cist us i lots with in devoting their energies to Hie development of lir resources. The Ehud tie Kyj Virit of was Mannl fused in Tho giant stride to by Tho Atn Curkan j tips Lei in vol Way i Foro the Hardy Wuu Amiin i Rio. Tom Husbandman caused Iho dish Toni Ohio to Al Rel. Jill la apr Zirlea . Through tiling ilm Tiller an . Gilim upon our Utun Liliu margin of it in Lieut Ami mid dulled our Pra Rhea tin is if by la Volco lit liter Toliu Covert the wild Morrow Nelly Fri Iod with m rapid hit improvement unit Tif Trade was with tint a of our Rich Tittl our liar we a filled with value jul in col urn Lam butty hum of our evinced in Llma Branch of Industry a Power fill Limuti Lvi to were added to Imit or until Uny More than Doti lilo. Tom of our Futi i d Fetn of Ami to anti Tinl elision honoured and Rcv i in nil peo ple. On the crop and Tuuk of our Lillou Ulitin the of nil Tonij Colic Rivers and Oti nil our phew i Orre lid to Tom True Tod Falfa to Urti Jinn s Iril j Arii Linnice upon nil n a Wojic Wlms thrill Liliu right of who Chilli Gnu in Ihu Niril a ii Una. Ton in Cru Liler Altira tid i Cincu at Cal Hon Tut la i a Euvia ordained Aid in profusion in Iii ecu Over Ihu can leu of to Ltd pm Jinni of in Nitoke Mart com h.? menial food j land in Luicir ing Iest of no ring win lie sunny of and Tell fruit Wheeli gwm Uji a Limo pro Mil j Moit of Lwills. A Huml every earthly wish nud Dwire of the la firt i iwo Ger Rabia Cionti i filial to ing a Micro infill inns of enfolded in of True Anil so retd Euni Tsily to Lii i aril thu Mill Inri inon iof like cot try in ii loved. Mont i ii Flor Tonth. And Day after nigh a Rule in Etc i cold Mai Nirali Stern Ilia voice Comus with tie Lituss ukr a Warrior u mid Liliu licit bub to Klein Ilicia to when so any Otisie we Aye do not it 11 Dili Biol Littin twin Choini Wini lil come Tolian it Tum it Tell it Corr louder calling both Cut from our b Mil Lliter Linc Savill prouder aft hit incl it dding la icon Ernst to Hie Cual to defend Luicir free tits said Denly Llie Call . Loudly Ulicni ii Mac tic foe Repe it and to Atli proudly Noldy the Well when will Winniw touch of tie Irwin cirt pure nil Wlllie Linin full of Letoi Miaw u Cal Jar Grotlu Rrt Onmi ilm can i of Leonir As fur from in Liq rom face Lilicy Wiir i Iii i Orritt where Llie bravest ice Low t sadder Yeins Elran Liiv t i Linn in Orolim ill. Nelll full t lib Ali air Lull 7 Killil in Lioi i we link with ilm Fri Piti at Anim lib frito an Callol the n a Rinh r Kvin Ollu fluid i tumult if liar re on Tom in Rof loved la a Van ask a l 11 still Trio Ivi illicit Cru 1 ult no i Ami lit Almu in Haj Bair i by of Llie of a Lii Ltd of cell Ilicin of Meli Furtun Ari thu a mid tie a Titan in Rry Livor Tyml Lilc it wintry forum Kulil Otom Ami Totilo never from t Ron Luicir Lioi ill to Iii the of anal Icorn of my Noa mid Liu Boom i ill of lot nil of til. Anon of n a Tonji Friio be i Ortizt Ali Nevrly Lily Ali Ritell big Lillerd Tiu it us Dill Nisi to 1-Lmmim Wilt tin Liml Lull of firmly nil Ollk tul Xvi totally. Imral Lilik in lit. 1 Oiin Kiili . A Lilly fund Tehmi Olio for from Lam Nellil Llu will by i lorm. Civ Foilb Ami hive nil i , Ami Nair to Compili next Nuoc Glicr n r i Fonde Liy Stur vill Silino out when the prom Leal Aliaf fail-3. Lii Oinui att Tiv to irishmen in the North unit Smith. At a Merling of the a Linnal Tsu i Ziriak thl no their a loins. No. 2. Marl Slovut on Tia Many , n Oil Nutt Jdc Vood a Fqy birr Rister. In the , Tom Rawi Lutious moved and cried that u Havn viewed Wilh Lac deepest Sor w the fratricidal in Linch thu states of Vinert ii have been and that in the Ince of Tho Poski Billiy of War it wet and United san los we in Elnra on fellow main laymen on the Atun nut Titi Clit to remember the deep under vhf a Len a to Hil i ii idly government of ilm in ill stages. The Mil Torii rat a lift owe to Haftl Ali air Homes i Irr lust Notich Ali ulc them inti Esile q3 Trio to ii a Lollio ont at washing inn Aken from n Kha coi Sli that Lifty rounds. The 1.4 Nopar Cully a in flu a my but instead tin m alter ant it sinus go no ditto by women that ban Imen discovered. I Imil Titti Tom Liliu in nent for Liliu of destroy Trio i the people of Tom Statni and i Jiri Vinc Lulun fill Liisu by n Toi Ninon no Iii Lonncia by Hortn that your Nanny to in stir Icid Hito an Ilia of no a to Lilott a and you Wilt Itric Llma is lipid la if tin Siu xxv Metis away tinier a Hjul bum Sun. The diarist was made a Hon Llort not ump Guido to Iron Iii Toldt Zhav a Utah Liurni Whit Voitle Miike War Flung it thit nil to list Huff Law tie Olti 1 urn Muir bin of Otid till which in now to a e pc cult of Luy Jlon Lark Julie i Jet Rustle in d ill klines into or. Carlisle 1 reside tit the and Rin Ilni tic in Sidcot of the s a Iii d in made a very great1 mistake y set tuition is Inutile lilo in clip of of on non ifs and i Mccu Tho who is to lend those in Iii in the held Taitl thin Teliski in hint Didiw if select i Mona Tor from is mint i is very easy for bravc.j-Tmtluml-n1 in1tlieir private rooms of on Trio carpeted if i pm Ticic military lint i think then one Princi Jill to Lindt in not a thud Tiili Loiry so not Acton longing Tor from in at sense thai is amt we a a Victo wild not half Llie disasters n do feel should in Fiji we . I Liu Terc in con nencc.4 if Ivo Tild in us to tin country than any it Nellle to Vicli i be out nihed from any impatient mini movement 1 i id Lii pc that Tody of the Perpe Ihram Ignont i villing to rely Pipun thu Wisdom and discretion of the it jmeir and to Wail to mail they Are to move. . Or i surprised to Hinr senatorial hot Twenty millions of Loyal pimple us ibo to contend with Liliu Livo millions lilo Wabia in the Rel Milliou is lenten without liberating Mil Liun in sir Flint is n Eft i feta Tom of weakness i am unwilling to were to Lang Niit like ibis n year or two ago and it a Pirics Iron Gen Leniun who us then unit a lice four Ini Liun slaves Wero of Wink Riwk Hie Titie gentleman then laughed at Hie ill i tuned uni tit and kid that Lam t of Atli could not be kicked out of r. Ibis is in on lilo part of Tho eral Guver Mitiu ii to insurrection int Ita Luxmi ref lion and while it is our ditty to Down rebels it Iii Gnu Nelly your duty to it str decl lilo von Catt jul ail war1 upon thu Oulu of Sigil sri u in hotel i Imp i in Der foot Ihu wok a n of Llma Mimi Mizii wait i by Iii Ihu Union i have sat sir. And then Morii Llyd and my Lienert .s Mink Ivi Liiri me in seeing thu precious Nie Tilk eos Sinim d in slavery in lhi.1 Ixida. Blay we not to Hun which Cru no Tiu thu Louin had it origin in and of Davery. Iii my l has in in it hid in. A by Hohu who a Lii n lies icon i in of Nfn the Power to Tumble Lliam to at Cint the of their unholy a War for the the Milt it will no 11m a simple or Hie of Lehi uni ii and of lilo of tic of Tom it. Hut t pitl to n fur thu Uvrl Luniw of Lam toil ill lion it will Lium inhuman and in Lily Crotle Olgi Hinl Lilier Irineu Hie Loyal of tills Colin try to Lii Ali if Iti Mil a. and not Lor Tho it Loii but Ifni it in in Oil primeval Rocka e if it Tver a Scro the k Ildeni social Liore Cariie soil t o or w.1 the Forest Lic Rcd and open a Vuai Iki Orn. Trek Stirm ii.then Mintal i it to Eli if Trio till fold by Ait Llie Siroi Elered and to Anell Virgin i ." o exile of Pic Wrath at Kun the Refuge of tiling. To Weir record must in the Tel rpm in Lac glories of Lily front lot tit Mil Rimml Uhli in spy Chain to fun Liei let jul ilic.-, will the a lilies told fast thu of my the Cvitic Mcrae licit Iii litre no dark Lido of so link hit Solidum firm that Stiim Auu i Ifni Kin i be found i of hit act Olieo Witmor l l i of on in wrong by Thlu tin. Grilii ill of pc Irett Ulici gift of Paillot tie r rown letter from col. Cordon us n Kiili Timond. Hint publishes n Idle from col. Siiro Arnii of Lam. sixty Kintli . Donuil Uhner Wium j j. Teferi Iny to the Foci of Liis Wenj held a be for Smitt convicted no piracy col. Turco ran says la j lie to accomplish Lac for we Iii 1 held la of Lii Sijoon Loii the ing in Tho a hint of aiding to file my native inn in run Trio Yal Inifi Yoko of oppression tinder which Sliu into Fecil hollering for to litre could be no Uther cause for which 1 could More Content Lofa Cly Oil up my lift limit lilo undo Avn to in Ninnin the Florin in Ilai whih hns no Fonvil a Home i tin n id my oppressed in the went of my 1 shall vide nor love a private utter Lell to be deliver mlle you. 1 Musl Bow Iver injustice to Thun Only ii Caru that Bent in thu by Nants of the rank and Viilu of our Anson ctr that Home Mcash should Edlor no Lon Piu per Lull pen Doc Rich nor a Slutt Lluke Tutor m vis Stih Cecil Ouri Tik Lam Hist at the Lime of. The nil Ullh unt n without Blank Yth nil in Many Wasyi such Uli of Tiu heat Lyrl a Hillel or ii Row Oil Bilu on the the l. Thu Alnio Vouda with Oil i thu Ned yet v and t pvt pm a few fun Ritis dec. Ac., vital nation to air sly and with that Nanji. Aloma hive turn the Oil would Dext Inton Wutoh Par ninth of Ilia i there were much who Lort Tot t Fojtl Juto Ottilia Judd demur eth but they Urc fut. they pm in Iwry indeed oct i to following from Tho that Liston Mercury Savours of the spirit of tie in try ii Sci trip Iii Niznan from a a Itig Sof and Insch Ribhi to any Eti Iii Ion but the cold calculating hellish arc ind Itati in which of the most firm wish Niue Iier opus Susk to deter us from destroying the City by the Rcv Vuini threat that Liliu prisoner s a of War taken ii Jii bailie1 Field shall Iii. Placed in. Voden Bilili Iiga Ami in that condition receive the shells of stir or. To and in cramps be dust Mcd by fetid of. It is Loo Motill Riis to contetiiplati1, Iii will horrify every being let can Compro fiend tit Tiu Rinely. The damned von id thud Dent tie Jive a a privity of the or Liture Scicli a icon Gill. Nojem by Ufuti Tiu thin in Hrh . It nitwit fall the Hihns Foilb the Roumen Timof the City Mist be like Mojto tie will isl hint Ali Cimpl Lort build in but form and Appal forever Lalk wildly Over the t Pori Wlinich it _ a u promised in the Liliu key eral in Coli Ingli Bronchi Down Tii int All of them ii attn Hiu iwo loge Ier wifi w Tunny . The government to Send from mond. Be divided Inlo Chni died thai . Be Dis Ond placed in wooden in All Liliu Ruic nud tent notice be Hen Hunt by ten of Tritico to the of Llie Loiret of r Rory nil a till it tempt i Lien Bis Myn lir Ihmi shall Sill events be Padulo of Ihu i incl or ire a Liili lipid Kline re for Llie it Icoler benefits of Muiir and we May in this any. Force Ilung devils . Inn Hline to meet us Giuily on incl at the Jingo Filiti i Youet instead Ai i compar Alively Halo Dot Iannce and a Seryy Taij t out . The is by wry anti Artri inc Fiir suit if Lime hit intention. Ift desert1 Kiihr if is to by Hench Enli Slid with Inlet ton me wet has on lid Lih of december i8g1 to nest a lines a Small body it Marc est whom for Rebi a Lopre alien Roll Lac in formation Iti his Amonjr a Biclie was statement Intel id d Talit Nio in stuck of n an Ontl Viii i Tekut ii Jon Gina to the anti ont in ii scr Tion thu in deals. For coupled m Ith Sincli Trench cry there Nii Tio i i the look Llie p re serice if Bont pcvcn1 soldiers Jen. This the Lisl in Liliu army of flute Polom the of to Lii rebellion. Oct dec Ethyl to Jonish tie Elf Piunt Cirr incr since in ctr cry give swish of lecture Bat Al Bibity York. On Lii Glrst eve citing the spacious halt trait Crovi Pedmo Ore allowing itch Fui Cui poking the in Ger ortion of Lam an the vast crowd Ync lady sni for the nil Only one Tho or m my. Gott Riidu Vecihe in Oil the next evening at thenaid when thetis Ienco Imd a Al Hbretl in Indr thadies fat knitting fur Hie thus Liliu wintry Lead its Al fact to say to Otic is d likewise. A liar a Charil it Sanii a hits animal not Liliu Sia cof Mic if nil int ibis is not Iii richly Truo. We arc hint t Here. U i Onu of these1 Alt tiny i Intilli Dri need by blurs in Hie Woods Liliu iiti3of and Pitiot count twi my track was discovered hint Winter but More win la and Inisi hint until Thlin Odny last an Lii line a thud a be in Pinny Iii s limiting in Ihn Vicinity in his dog York in Rau a list of All the i lain the vessels rec Nily Purd Iascu and added to of him m Riew Nuj with then Muliero carnal but Adi Price Ami when purchased flu list it Ilo Esil what it Lvii and pm Ray Linn uie Navy i Martini it in Hulie ilm Iii Immi Alile nos which were Mado earlier in the nation. 1 lots list is wit hint hide Livel tit ruins a Iii nud. Tiring inns u a Chin Pii Clu wed Rit n Coalo screw i Manurs carry in its Ani Thiim have i Wutti Flor also la car Reitik Al j 1 and it Jiff ii it nor aug 25 Liuyu a in Attilis Suim . For .2 my Al canal big -1 and for t i a Ful a Jinn Jertie in ves Tsien o nil Mir. A i 11 with Cut would Day n the India was Inich Fri Kliu Iii in and ran for lilo nearest the Rulh of u Wimch de for by or. Whim to thai Tho 1 no Otto re the Senate or. A ethic i i to ii Pink. Ii Natl ated feeling Ilo met scaled Cecal Brilain Itti. Or. In inner red pro Ettli knt Jenid would i to on this of Ausnit our arrival hero of two dispatch front ciiiro1 Mitio Vitic s from1 be to the of it Navy nerf Given Iti ilm list nos to kit. Car Imi note my. Nod k rain us Bivil nil to to Intel Odrlin Cut Ulli us that in i d into n upon Lam i will Wiilie Milnic lid i a the country. If nil Lionet not to la of Ilif in to sonic i und not to it it to Nib nil Immiti Rel Billj. Nil Down Nielli d us and in fail Slair Onvil Listii do in Vierli Placcie in Irir a Iii Inai to lie owl Lor Lului Imti Lily. Unlit u Louvit to " i i la i l 10 lit it Hie of Lam thu which of pro hum to lie or Lam if to Union ii Ever in Iki re Tiou in ii u in in then upon of Loyal people in the a i Sinh a. Luji pc Thimo by your in and Yokter Union will i i Jive Lily Tut if you Atu Init of Tui Ultima by Ihu to into Iliof Lii Lisl. Will Nikii Union no Iko bul lint Tusl of my country nil 1 will Lump by no Diu Lilius War n it Iouli instil Uliosh Steiln d pin in in Isi uns. J have Peri led von Iii Fil Haliw what it it to i Purala Inu from him Lenl. From and i Jiuu Varly and ill or . Liu1 Putli Only w3k on Lac u hand and Hie of ilium and i. Did lot to Tiku my stand. And a from Tiu would bul talk to their a Noti inputs who disc Oll Iii Siviia nol Oiw Oil this Ili Uii and if they would Lull one title Inch is Pic Loyal of the slav child in Small s Dune to Correct Public Point in b Wouldhave Nernof Good la twin Tinl Zunli be Peaco u every Nart of Lilia disc Teu a Unity. Or. T Jirl Irile close to by asking Flint would Donu with thu four million slaves Riund it Wuu u m roil 3. To Tiona Tiu to out of in Norv and that not n throw obstacles in lilo was of thu Loyal mini it fuse . Smirk a him Albany a few Days in ctr i clergy min who in i pro went out of his Lio Sint is to 1 resident Lincoln for re Namvinh Tho Onisik no Gallant and iffy till it the Virtu for hissed y Tho Amu Itice a which in of n i Rinmo x Fulton. Hint Firlit Fillow in clearly n thinly Donld am tvs sent fort. V i i Navy it Van in us Psi i Inonu to Huzil roly ral Luiu. Our i kit be. Pity on Tli-3 Licud want in bom u hero Nix Lime Alan Only a n nit Var. R my fro of or Mitha Toliu Liti Dwa nil Milvor Noti Lucli Moil o not 1 a conspiracy non the Elict it jail. To a tip 1 Liml Ilfin dollars in him and Llie Prev int it fim Days liable lid Sun top 1 Travo no from i inc 1 gym Olly i crts Iveth inn i Tui of my if Imi the of Crim whom they Jmar Tiliti in to Nocom Paziy Xii Neuit a in a Flory it War. We Oliucci Iii in the complying with Alrtle to him and it tic slim limb him to Ullh Inq vices of Pitilon Elva Iii who it Pun that to Rosie Una greatly hint the War in in porn Ini and to jul if to i Nisi a Lealiu Lurf Hie i Neof the i i la. Jinn. Alfred Kulyj Jne Illk a of conv Wii for 1 to y. Do Trici arrived it Haiti from Lupin toil 1 nit in pria i itch in Only Ullh or. Kly was Bat Leof it till lie ii pm rest the a Ouchetti people Nulud in d to i Flores and Mai Iruin ilk it v. T at n or Yoi Jenyl fiume maj ii to fris Icli King Waitr. Ill Mlac Wiiri f Praco. Oti Iichi Lafof the fill. I Riv a Lii Irful u " we Ali Ink in 01u1 Ullh Salt Lull Bull twin i l a Fidel la Tel i Liu .nil will Tope in or copy Havu Noti Iota a i Good in film in 1 lint Willm no to Henvy plan Ltd ill Lam sule. By after 1 would i if 1 Imd hot to tnitft1 unlit a and Tara lilt a tra. I am Well who an. Is Ine of Lam i Sioux to Iho Thio. Majority of re vain void my Tutolo of 1 i Lunor in it i i Tiili Dally to .1 warn nil i that urn Fulli Vitiz uni i lie i Tuhill tilt orderly so Lilii Hinl Dir Lefimil in Trident fur Lam jux a caillou of our ii jct by. Din acc Minuit Illey Mai no the it Mii Lynch of Eity riven .i itch a Viry Lind lid flu on i rival. He Lias kindly adv Aiichi d Iii Noomi Nony i Macli tin Ollir of us Ihlein b a in ilits Ratsun of 1 to be orc Lul what a tit Clusin us i re Iii it Tom United Kluh a Luil 1 a. I Litorin it it inti Lynian r. Ten and Cylc holed Liy k lit ii in t Nruh of in the y i that Otler Jmc of Ali Al Cilny Wero Mil to prompt la r Fth ii a i porn Oil thursday lint a Villi arc Sajous my hint Lac m ibid no and u Tow writer wlm is a Pillion Al Only Hitler fun Llie a i of Che Llma. Keck much Impi in of nos Are anxious for an this May in forint Niilyn do Lam stir Limnal in Tell us Thal i attn. Zolnir Tuoi Het Ullh and is n Lintt cell is common nor Cool Ami Bravo very Attu live to thu Lieh ived by them after in hint Terin Sof Liu Junction Llie Winter maybe so on Friend Adji Alanl Case a a Tiu nerve to Najj to his army in to of him i and Liliu Inri piddly of known Tho courage of our Friend and feel amt Vici i the Iii culs thu foe in will ibid in Kinin loader worthy of thu in Gulioso in raring will win Tii news hmm i it pulp .111 not hire Ibl Marc i Lith they Cru in the Insl disloyal polio n of t Lliott iia Xart of a it Lotf. Boil Cvar who on. His attn Fuenty to s on id a Tecc Misity i Ingliss his army too is in Imp Fri no him. It Nillo is not it Tylor until iia ready and if Fichti. A Lii Gnu sri fur Oil. K t a Iii and Tilto in. Ollit it least no Pic Connll trip hit All the. Has nor inva Nilion n the Coli lit Ami with Siivo Lilc Oral on hic Jurji Esteil la a pol til . It was a it a Lull Eck from to proposes to Lix uie do Tiv on molasses at g Cuis Matt tit and Bill in acc of dance Wilh the ,ti01isi.of lib i5ecretaryl of the Treasury. It incr aged duties Only tic pro it do Hij articles sold imported in Itilio bid firc tribe Toi Ecaire inc Sogar crop by coining into the i Bun to rur rive. To lieu . Ill really Rion in Antic Wjk Lioi Rof the thu Curnow is Nix i his Ulianio i8 Hup Posod to Bond Ilola hawking. Al is reported i tit k1 whole any of negroes ind. Men Aro known to have by to lick. I v the i Monera Tho Bill Lill to morrow., and j i i it Tineil. Input prof york1 u Asli Kivlon Lilic Ollil ii la Intro i .i.3. I it. Nuriu it Yor Lilott ii danced a Bill Fiir thu my it Trout in Vinci Llcy ments and imy if in lighting is done to share in it. The to Green i incr while Iii Balliu of Tho German progressing Anil tint it Lilii at danced a Bill Fiir my .improve-1. this City Mut of to liar roof writ Liu it Atli Wero i a i is. Louw. Stu. Koi Ilvin to Tilitia in a joint1 t Oil of the Newrid of it is nitwit hit we twin Liat the in Sci Dent is u we incl amid scarce r rat rain i Haiti and tint ii Riihl their ust former thu in it Vicki Iffe or fight. Ii will do i that Cut Tho Troy in in or Lictro an no mid thu of mrs. La for Inelli of n Pru Tini to fit Miho Stup and fur twelve Montik Tho. 1 Lection my War direct lax in mis Mneri. Ii it Ftp i r be Mill were allured to 1 until this t null Al fun of Triou of hid , and National War direct lax in Missouri. La flt Rcd. I of Jim. In until this t will us Kidulic Power at his a Mukand in on or . ,u., n Ini Lioy escorted by their Apton Utmar favor if Tho Elloul to or not it culs and it Breaks a i out in a Sis Lalion. Hut i give Vou tit. Assur r a. Irvn it for Arini iia. Liu furn Illo Lilicy will Viiar Moroti Lorello of mull Iff mice now that will Honvo to Tiv flip mint cola. Is lift Bill can ins.1 in. On .1 udiciar1 arc their tin Fidance that Tom president is Dis com civil in Tho it in them and Luicir a foal Tor the of i Resolution proves to them that the it pro Lawious Iii Mexico. Y i us curved to Usu comic Sulev i i new Ymir pc i or. Walls n Hill providing fro if Mac Riitto a for uie of claims owing to Indian Jan Tori d for Tho pc sync a Hato Jim not an hour since and n con fort tip with inc i am sure is i Lii ends Ihu Temnik ilife taiw.1 with to a Poi has men in jail to Rico years and i of the Sninch nor All the article of ii Nii much and has twice been Simi tonci d to private adv Jim hid i Lvi i it which Asa ii Evic Nett of Tom in i delays nil Renli is irom at. St May Lulu Fiat to lion l Ormil to see line Tharo can to Bill me nution cml Wiir slab i Slu Lurlein its till iils to Ell ctn Chan a in criminal Ami the ability anal and lid Lily Ladley. Have Romil Juslin of set. Loose upon lilo in Thor of is foul n Crim is suit Iid lilo irises d of Wilc snitily. Was Pray or and preaching much visiting plenty of Good citing a Fine show of title upon Iha Kotrc emf consider Toile Ilrine Kirin Ken using tit not a great Xin Gunt of us order. _ the a ivc from the from mlle w Trrry a thrill of Joy to every t Oscr alive a North and son i. Soft Fli Chesti r Ocmer in Tho u a if Don daily news Der into of is to Linnic incl tafe Rii Pool Liml inn who icum no o it lie Public mind n Greali puny Nikloi insult in Tho Itri Riith in Ibi Flat of Finger w giving pm tin War Thyl Tom tic Tilousi lieu resumed the consideration the a citral Otlie fhe referred to on Friday by m r. F no Sinius Union were jct pesto Tec on in Litiby to lilo or Ilish i an dialled Ihu Fri Lush info f the find Viln tildred for Fiir clan service. Nov Fern g llie1 com 11.ill Jiff Tufi we Croley All Ulike in lilo Mili Inry mint was Al Init to noun Lucr of Noel com uni ird san Lam a Luigi ii of Faith thing Oveis Drill inc ii Momii any xxi lion of Iho unit i hair Raapcctivcjroiii-1 u of Ina Iidro for Itie of retain King Fuji tit scr Kiwior aiwmit1 Avci Piile for Olla cars Vio Nln do article of-1 War by from thu Sci i Ort j air. A toll Llie lalilu.1" tic Nolion was Ortii the to was alien a lopped 07, nay .4 not count on notion tit or. coup Nitea on in inquire Itito-hil1 Fly or ill Purchase of Arnia in eur iho1 lately a disposed in favor Ofa resort to or Disi lets and to report by Hill or Obe 4- Nincic was report that a Kinnish look Phi pc Stordy i j i Liq Mon Alfred Lily from Xci into this a or a visit to to for Iii Ellinor c., r. Troy to let Loti a i Luion 1- try 11, nil

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