Dawsons Weekly Times And Union in Fort-Wayne, Indiana
26 Feb 1862

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Dawsons Weekly Times And Union in Fort-Wayne, Indiana
26 Feb 1862

Read an issue on 26 Feb 1862 in Fort-Wayne, Indiana and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Dawsons Weekly Times And Union.

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Dawsons Weekly Times and Union (Newspaper) - February 26, 1862, Fort Wayne, IndianaTimes re re confirmed tip Tetli so the heart. As Tho Dairn Ting of a Utulla had cos Sci Brish test in to r it fur the great Bravo their lives Forl Hei my Isteni Llic Green Luff thu Tvan avd of flair it to licit prayers to god til like sic Rifici of it occur in Unis loved while their Bencs Sre mouldering in glory grave and their spirits enjoying in a inc lib world with the pout Brnett who sink to when with d cd v tug Ltd it Lunis Lei deck to Weir i than Louic v a i by fairy lieu ii u Tail to Jav mix Ewi their Hryc id v Tho Dan striking ecu of this is unit they Satin itt lie slavery question take care of it wll o j land of Washington a a Giitl in All fun al a join to 6r birth protect ii g wigs Over us nil Ini Liway of earthly no wer i Jim Iii Ghl Day a had i ski Iii Isroff free in Lead r flier r Powers to go r l Ioir the to Caberti of Joni est Art conserve Filipu it on Fri Nairn from Vic the Ricoli int ugly is old in rat m icel at Eccl on that Tail Sanctum to in Sulu ilex of hearts i Cru Inui Lucili , booming orc Annoti broke our waa Daia cd by Llic. Rockets As a Jcj i tid leaven Tracy bonfires their tongues of al Jimini shot a Lii fief Naej .10 logic Flidr my they thu mild Nulia Itco tiling Ranii Tilc l Liollio Roxon mid gave a. July own 5-Nubllmlly to Ltd land up. Tif Willi enchantment of to pigs Ideal not to ujan cd Platou Jou to Wight do the scene to counter March in wind and return to the period Nat . Delightful our min Rij Lio full were in out from tic Klong of civil wat Tho Bioty Pri Licup off Row with. It Hulk form Thuy Ihu dual Alibi of fraternal strife in him hand bearing and Willi the Oiler Lold tuning civil Bond of on written in Clurs it Rii Tif Livi i Nin. 1 mini rid i of Joy wac Wail of to was tie Republic Tony ill Iscil by Uiel Wittl. The of c0hl Natl fral Erml love a w deep Moi. Grow Anil Bloom in u Anty Force i we Wero Tutlo How it if. Heat-thaioiie.4 a Crit ctn bed n n Ion Riding fur to Josie Otis Valaw Tii airy voices thai to Iii Dottie Stic Jar Tilc Wiki it Ishtie forever v now ii inny mothers Wei when Thi in to list born a , jilt verging to Man with All Iho lip of to Bijj in Swift him nor lying bathed in blood Milland the Rai Narit Init Alave by Scenti Tii tint w Long dominant Iiri list Baily Ifasi Tritt Cring Iway by to devote themselves to rescuing the Cut Nitro keeping tic Uuiorn Unk Nickit by furnish Iii in tilt in hand impress or to thu of the War to a sic Cessnu of i l than Gorosh and Orem Anict that Onu of i j of or cos of Flo Vair this at the Lime it i tits duly of nil to Trews Ami Silipi Liat can to do to Giro Joe acct the land can to do to ensure Triniti Lily la Ilia Cou Wilry to to a Frost Tiu Drc a fut Rob Hijii nov Over the it Nipoti Mij when the will of duty a Yin less of c Lluc civil to Pool Tollof Hlll fils with Muiir duly to. The Cabin try that to Ltd even in a remole a clix put Crin Marians Liliu action of Ilia amx Var. Tiyi talk i Joks hot a Hook j. Honvo Gen Hanks division of the n Hill to and Why our forces Ilo not and Vinco Tinori Tho enemy. Our Iii formal Sonya that while a few Stire tic Cut duty upon tic of. Tic at t to Oil by Tho arc Iii sitting Force al orig Isioro Ojiri Suc of them Tomt the in anew division 3 thirty Miles dts Niit the men in Ca in i Iii Winter s wast without Kiili Whitt Luis taken to discs in with their families tire luxuriating Ritj a lid., in tic pleas of g i Ringal attending Oti Blu parties Intig pirating a spec Norof civil unknown to that Region Lier clo incl allow. Much men think the Len on Worth when they cant Cartt and Ilance upon o verge of lha Gulf of its ruin tie tri vitality ight any and Kpor Titu which the Darla Clouds f desolation overhang Tho Midi tend who Alan Holls. Of pcs Truclio Hii Rawl Herbt Ighut the country ions of the ii Ojha an Jas the Light Ings filial Shaft tiv crag the to fre Nien arc so warmly attached we no Var 3 it Iii w a Attr it Mula cd Slitni Steif front Iii men Anil sought in Cote Ami elegance a ivc Irav a Union Man says Ula t on last monday 17ll the tews of Tho capture of for Donal Rifin non cd in to Ling City and a very Antrio who in this i the Bardi Litt of Camp life nil Side going the privation incident to the ten led old. Havo Wanbi i Ini Iki i Hurcom Traue which know in Jess Ley live inting them. Her nug Urany Maper Dorily Lecan Inai Nunin the Filosi Llic Union forces like it state Lwood and so a is a traitor to Tho Colin try. That to utter such i Kollit non hint Lii a Rob Jas Linin .midst., but we bad Noi Drain cd to Latrany Onu Nino Lig them Harln Kulli to desire the Bravo litre Ortleio Union army to be destroyed by Lite Sclia Nian Lias followed tic Leader ship of those dosing icing men who raise Tho cry too i of what materials can v Hirl from which such a wish proceeded a Glicr has Iho null critic a heart we Donal whelp our that Long ubit in Hii Broast no Nistl however Infirri dip raved would Linic Spokny Ucli lovers of our country hould such it min b c allowed to live in Indi tin a Ivy ii ii orc Iha to to Ivy the Birmiel of Ber Loble Soi Inre Peiling i hair lives a Jarl t re iat Ign 8. A Lulu. Field fur tins institutions that Laio. I nude icon la a Vii while we write in Over Thero time Ami i air Tushy to of in Pijl Qiu Lilic is Star amount Lime and of by Twatt who Cal let act thu Lei Tirotti min of tar incest to in now breathe they Liuva uttered verily at1 tin hit tilt pin Piorry i Hytti Etcil Down at wild Simnin Hai Aseiw bravery nil a Ltd i to ill Iii a bar.1, lot fir Many virally lilo of in Vii inn Cli butter among and to Ivi i a urn ii a learn Noi Only to respect him but love him Honor him clip inc Anil Man Najiy him if the to Sirof in fur than b it let i i Ericc be conic j e regards list own corn., fort. , arid Wurtin t to Barc Willi Ulitin i Pitti Iii coed Ted they re Jivat for Nind Cuti Fidenco in item and i in Inid Ali it Nimi i scinic l he Chiju in acid al Over Why Iii Chi Unity for. We nay uial Many of tin i Auli Jinni Winiy Nic t b thu wonks of Congo Hitun Slot Iarj ii Illet oat Tai Thul or i Wohl of inor Lyls a vhf Iok i or Vijil Liberty. Will ii Muy Roo Tho thu Many a filter who hut. A sctt i Pond Liu in. Us fire will to Tut proud sup Ulm my Standall a a attic Pici cts gain ail a Famo How Yuihai Ulof Inci us i in Sho re members hut Jii accor for which they path Ritly . Raum no Hist a Tel now Lime to in Jiey will to. Non a Ahcin j Hera in life Jill Rutn Mien whose for la Weir. Union Toni Metil Ima in thu Gnu l Whan obey and ill Jinx big flt in big in tlieli1 to few of try and old men upon the Vei goof flirt Granvi lil curd ii a Jln and Ood in Neiry Gnant hat their Lippi May in to Ami Klam Chi Iryma hero a limit i Tirl and by nil Pitt top o in give Ijlal the us Batt a a Klimt Bun i run Wals thus Tiiu t the Inion its ii and an a stut when Jim Power of Ilij is by Fiji n it wll i Lulu 1 to thing in res Iril whom the Gill frs myst learn Liti of it we i a not for lit Jii Filo a Lii h Tikiun Feck Iii it front whal conc Lurt Bot inc. Ilia Iii Isler tip Ritof lie age in Wolti a Livel in Aii is the Jay of Woi ild Iwaji in and malic his trcmble.4 wit i a limit such sentiments Are allowed Iolj alter cd in this Union lovin City. Let worn Point withe Rinju Roger and nil. Men tar from the omit Lite Upo Inch he to Vail not one of oven Llic real Ira of Van Woi Ili turn i from to a thin great a adj cold not thy blast 01 who a Tinnil treason until in i. From nun to for Iii none butt tact icon Noii Liiri can live princ i tie Glori Riih cause in which would Hintho to Clia ined to it Fitial trial tie t Llic life j tron Bli i id it give the Toller from our esteemed correspondent in Usu written saturday morning tic third Dav of the Ign lib at Abii Json. It will be with in crust n p one but an Eye witness the grandeur of such a Smitti reports of Ysl Treav s show Iii Reln-1 of dead. On Nind Batler tvs commenced firing at Daylight with great Ehl al and Tili la continue to Alsarih just Movin a top and Llic ciii1 will soon Cotoni Nincic. carry a Lake Fin Titi Piil Sci tic Tif last be while to ipad illicit Thi batiks of a Mijoi Arbela ilm bal Lesol or lion Creel tune Sii nut a Mojo v Tuio Linnolt Suim Vitu. Only 1 nth to it Lory Luly a Bijj cams Karlh. Dpi Trout of Kloyd Vauhn it Zilfia. rebels al a Lliott Raa. Al Inland. Inn lilo c a Itier fam a o Hii i Liin a to Lillutt Tor ill licked i o it i. In Tower the Force to Isis Titzl will in Triin Siom annul rebellions 0j who will Iny Lown Thor nil Riti of foil round them Yah if lie void they would prow awfully on to if Kuliu ii our win Ilii nit Riim tint life a Tel of him Anil of tic ii Rorn it Wilur pm i Iii , in Wou lil Iii Iceni no Lii inn but result in in it Jjo Oil to the country. We do not wish Niiya in that ill a Wing Nisi in Rashi ii and wino pc Nus arc very a re to Luarn by Iti iry and a Law courage in ice of Lam Union Elliou cml i Ila be i Illy m Ilea sure in seeing it heti Clies Nul and of 11 owl Luu Durrf ill South Carolina Thiltle Ibe old to would. In a hoi ses to the mar Drill k rout. In Rull Lial Liiri in 8. Carol in .mill.kphiiu. Xulla Tyllor . . lain my. Doni Loti. hit i-l1. F atthe in Allih Only nil . i Shtir. Itt Lii Iii Ilki . Iii Iii i ocl Orivl it Berv , 7 r Thora is firm wet Ion of the a Tovo ill Inonu of. of fuck Trio Inual us Iii Luticua Tchul will no Tho two for hid it is fill a car. Thul at will cd Clits in or rect and techie cd in Hli a on at least worthy of Llie Nam. Thwe ton Are but the or their defeats. Livatt Hal in Tim to fight Khoii our Prepra lems for Tajh Titi ainu Tisil yet but last Wonla that Vjio pow likeness of. Him 1 gone to. That Buttru from Anil their i Cin Braw Iii by in Uia. Etc Nal world a still River of live Wlinich Nourn a brother last whose Strong kind Arm in conscious Security they be aimed Anil jews Ido whom they trod life s heart upon Olio us no a marked its a Juci iop he fill Iii Mosseri will ask what was Iho by i or jelling ii Hll l to nay. The government from Carpi i in Pansa clip inc n Constitution and vow to Reid dress for Uitile. To desc it Ilia wild when they Jim overed a More la Iii without an Nind desperate and if Yii of Trio Tii Ost Brilliant Ever timid by the a like vat yes w Liti so what the urls Ortler Wii uld a u we Wero 4lgnal la Heugn Tel to h and. W idly . In Otic Lumc Liu ran do u the no town i Weru. Ulitin a boil iwo Ubillos Frisini Lam enemy. Was n stg we for a . I u in Well Itu fur a do Idle Erin inter a Villi a Lea i Pete Allrich stated Tipoti thid Lynnl t lir of two Miloa it was a raw u two bit in in a lion optic Lson Wiur i Cone Ludo to ret i. . Voiers. To Tii roof i vat Henry Union forced Ninny Havu i two to notice the in Bali to , Aitkin i oilily in then threw of dirt to cover us in nun Onu in my Daviid doilies have ii to ii. Oui to of the a Luru in Hulitt o Earth Hail Imon a Lorali lip in Milroy tis Feu of we Multi a wet s Ormed Klinl had u Civ buried Tims they in nrlii.1 Olivir Doad and Alwi to Lunid which p Ibri of disloyalty no inf to lieu a i . I Hovi Ai 1h11i. Cimon by .1 thu we will pc Ibi to thu ilium in in we Call the Hll Mitlin flirt new Wmk to Lila Lumho lil Tili Iii us in so Nirh int qty the Lill Ihu tin non wor.1 useful is Shtil we air it Knitl to Midur Trio Tribune and in ilium or is. Who k s us to Alv mils tilt Ikis every skirmish to Pavo refill As to readily inferred when uni incr. Binl almost All balls inn lit Specos Sunlly by our Tro spa wit i Iho rec la Neli if on Tho dub Tisie works of in ring Tekl Lii in he. Lulu in skirmishes ire too prone to look for nothing victories and Miljko Ilia to inn unify very of. Months have t n our non nil to Iii i vigorous rally Iti hit Turpi the carry i it Airt Iho Lio url of the Vorih. Tuck Anaconda n it would Valno of Llic acis suites Guab pais which. Interior of Ilio. South hirwtlio1 stale of "1 Iive in to Cir a Phi a a Mew Omli the Sinic Iii of und in Viii Thor Foto Uver i of Nuru Anno Cinco were every w hero not Only will civil with of Joyl and this Klion a inf in ivol in a Poilu Ollu most their jives mid tour vines to the Covert Mirent thai had stretched to re Leakin from i Blind loin to which Uliey Horti Slih Millail Only Ron for if Liny additions i Vii Lotic Wero to i h in i Stongh to Point to Llie larg Iii incr a from Lbw Region to enter the urn ice of lilo Ati Tinl Lovoi Iii nent. Tho moral find political import of Envor of Trio in tonsil Ion to enforce its it is nil said by lilo Yoi k commercial Adver Iser that n Rev Lalion of Tho real led Iris of lilo masses of lilo pc Plu in Lam revolted suites is Worth Many Victoriah it the ii Only of Liliu i Qinnn and it lilo Point of Trio sword nobly and Gnu Nutly is Bioko Havo been won. And that they will to followed by others Olio can doubt such a Roye Lottion no in test motives of lilo l Coral l Aivil Tho Loyal san la for carrying lie c cull rare of Iofel Atli l Prizhi Tiitus. I ii excellency. replied la al he Wii ulily Jiro Vido for Ilio i Ort Linin had room la ail Niico for till Ini Lajia boys . The Lull Pul Riol and Mil arrive to Ltd of inward aft for in skin urn Rusol Oliosi requesting an o to h to of i thanks Tii for i who hot Fly o Curie Feja sign Inife Kohl Welch add Chaltry Iii Ilfra no Hui the wife Trio my Tsih Mil to s we t him Stoil How i Yjih nut iian in Rill rim Wilh Utility out of heft Back in Down lilo Rotl Wii rapidity walked nut of with nil Iii now busking in Tho Sun is said tint hero is a Man in i. Uts Whoso wife has i Reir in Ivein irl coins for lilo St wit Montem Iron if in Nln to Ift to Tho clock Neft of Ihn River. Her husband id Culha Blockno will to wow dual Vorn Pilj in writ hint 10 saw n. Hrs of to Iti n in Whilo drinking in Honor or Tiik Vic _. Kohv al r 1 , is. Decorate. Wilh ibis. Rim Plu Iii Jirim ii a Linnrll no Dufur Intuni received. U pm Niath Iii Uhopa of the b Niu Ltford Artic _ Kiflay liars. We goal Iii Ilay in Honit Tif Llic Victory at Kort atm Olson. The tie is Kief Fin at Satin Duclion hero and al us new feb. 18. A Ftp. Andrew ordered n National Winte to Iryl to Morrow Noti on a Junker Hill and at and Concord in Honor of Ihen Cicil victories. Wasimi dins kcb.18. J a National Salto was fired Navy Yard to Day in Honor of the recent victories. At t i wins n. J. L ch.18. Gillule fired to Day and if l lie cily Fui Ift in Honor of the recent victories n Lions of thai tax to the Solil Urx and cd a casing Lor Tho wounded and friends of Trio dead in a eel ill la a in Tennessee and posted Imit houses of Iho ibis morning. At we news of Mimi 3, re. Is. There h a hero n Honor of the taking of fort Donolson. Nearly every hot is . The new Xci House tic from of which is just Unis cd lighted up for Tho first time Lloyl firms Aru no ruins. Mulh playing and Tho so recut crowd cil with people. To Gugh at Roll land Ilo u few Days work or Tho Laborim a clinic revival in in it Trio t methodist Churchi of Tho cite. Won no learn Llma the work of Pronco is Pinnis . To urn a Willa told of Ami Misc it 10 Crai Sililo for Oll Ircul Pic Himond Tuler tin Confederate Kover Metil is i Curc Scivil. As Rush Limval Anil jilt place Kir Elmir Ivason. Hull Mort Jil i eau they not a us a incr i Igor of Pittil Iii Lolly end of Cir within ninety Zilnyk i by not a thu fearful Whirlpool of l in i thousand rebel prisoners have a rivet at Siiro from Ujj Ort Donelson. We direst al tension to Llie dispel i announcing the Semi Merit prevailing among to tics Uncort Umic an men. They were induced to believe Llie Niit Jiuu of Llie Federal army Vas o can the slaves and to prevent such a was Ltd they took tip inns. This prison ass go Lisi. There is a. Rumor prevailing Tuit a Poi lion will to Camp Listii a and near Uhic Ajo we Kimyo Init carpool int Peruf Llic the inst., by the Kjin Bur hot Xci york., the re bal a Cliville left Sutha Toplon on Hie y-1 and Jia Rcd the. Tuscarora Oil Cowes hero Ihbe hitter was anchored. The to Tosca Iro was. Prevent Iii Froni san tiny in Pursuit by . War vessel Imrij Wicnty Fiir hours id elapsed from the departure of Lam Nash lie. This is to accordance with Karl Tussell s tier to Lam Flint there be in evenly four hours be Ween the a British port of it Inri of War Privateer or Ozone of he and a Privateer or War vessel f tie other. Tlisov Init Arnil enforcement or is order Wheeli Iri Public shot Ketr Micro will uric Sori Incon Venteno a , if its of Minlu is Fullow cil by other it Trencan Powers it cripple Hie rebel privateers. An ther rebel vessel from Charleston on to 1st f january has Norri us in England Wilh col Ori and a Tkv Ifcic la Chism has Iwon create in and of micral Grant ipod shed to Trio Sci Oral Liat no fort i Jonelson very stringent Plum forint from Iho e to i no Imber of Rel Rel Pri Fronen to set Down but Mii Ira to lift act Imago was male Ali Ousami a a la Weir Way to reinforce it Donelson have Boon bag tue. Gen. Lloil Elk has ordered 7000 to Camp dung let a car Lingo for info keeping j tic Molless in sent to Alton or the into Surv Ison near. On Johnsons gunboat is ii us had the cum la Iii is tar not built Seville Atid remit to menu Treut panic there. Bic Captur of War Aroll g Lonill lined by ibo role la Tom Biani inc to Shell. Tia i vein _ Ai in Iurii ii Arr tic or i in of our Otto Kitners under Llie Lynh Iulla to Lauli any Ville. Cora it lists he Vii yet inc not line a worm it win Bligh Ilmet attack of a killed at i the Fui Lam finn on build of v i Llma Ami Lien attack dig robot Toto it fort Donelson a Many have Tach reported by the who we re Only wounded. A dispatch from Cairo places Ufa Twar. M ten Throe Iowa it Livo Hundred and. Thirteen Hundred wounded. I of True shows it tearful mortality i it of in another Cohins i list is up Elihw of the Wou Leo brought from Ine Hospital sent to Cairo Mound by a Kii Guhr 1 Vithous the Queen s Fly Eccli to judge h to Liao o j y to this from Trio fact thai Farl Vincnt Iwhite he twin rest in the raid such distress would not justify j nov in the Atner icim arid mpg mid i Cion Linnic in lick present Neutral nil in i a Tel i fled Thorp Frt r to of Llie to t f lie government in Tow Fofi Ellhu in Pursuit on. 1 attack pays a comp quient to t in. Hunter in con Naclion with Soti Victory to Appeal for Treopie Tif treo gent Gen. Slim two responded a Ottar. And to i intr More thana Nyi Tho v inn out of the Din Tui in Iuchi the j v Gen Hallock a an act1 of Merer lie Lias r al Bufi Rlyta Liiri Norb under sentence i Vera Cruz Dales of Illies into in Diu no Advance but to proceed to Orizaba during civic Drattlo Nti Cerro Ordo if the Arctic atm oiost1 int Nae ii Oken Oul Illic invading Rhnny , in lion of Llie fold Lem Are so Jav cans propose to. Ireal Tho i Irti Cli but insist a prior Cut Idilio that skin Nix forces Hull re eni Garlt. Two Nioni in Milors from Liat it crr Annii ice lira Avi Iriani to w slramen1, b it he Bravo nil Intaj Piil to Ctm Rao iwo on the h in the cn0inv Liri Iever and a braver Iid May in action Lam com. And Oil ii in Llic co Istir of Ihu Tho capt. Jef twin of Hajt a Iii we it Ilia ill nil of no. Nind Icil Tom was of tint foil or Cru cd a a Kitty in n per Fri torrent of Slu Boink d Ibe in let au-.imoif4.and Icmat Llie Point of the imy Oviet. In Lam a Iii t i Lam Rohd Ami Itti Icken War tvs into the water in j he i wounded to us Hospital Itchon. K m Var Lii Ihmi to i win try to lil Ilia i in foul Nind Doho Ollif Kiln us i Iii m Iho Tohol were i they can in obtained. Calro a Irish per soil b ii Tho Kiili Lutry Aully Grilies live placed an interdict of Tea Ortii Iuyra Prcin Lent yet entity list Traci and his army arc idiot Rori lir Nied. I probably owl a flow lir just bj1 food Rel of Luann a i re we p lilo Uhl. End Tirol Wllis in 1 Row 11 Nti Hirk ii tin 1 r Ali Ellrith in in Aik nissm. Of sni Jay night i g wan we Niy. Miles it j r i res Norm Ami was al a limit Lime Bill n few wiil i i Rico army. To wat on to out. A amen. Tho .death-1 in thu iwo ple of l sluts to Filleul til in tar the Delaware look lilo funny in she Liavine ree Elwin Len run our it ii incl wll Liy Lam Kliick Renaile Hij Light Liun in a Liili Trio boiling Cali Pilrun of Ere ions overwhelm Ihm they Insl soon i Bow to be tear they not Uia int lint of in Whoso Billows will Kobe Ary is a Nolimal Ila fact that when ill Hull tins of. Victory Urc rend Iii Llie scan la i in the Lac no no in of Salish action on the part of Tho More publicans. U Lille Sointu of thetfo evince an fitly to Tho Region now in the in in a slates govern Niento of All state Jovitf Finty and to abolish All local Laws Nind Tut tons ins to those hell in Sliv Rry Ihm App cant Lobo Litlo at any sure esses to re to Lite the Jii Iii it al of ii Montei , Liliu of Liliu London ii Henlly Callaci l upon Ken Noii the Secretary of War bul informed thai Iho retry was too much in ganged Tosco will Lului uni Mako tills a pretext for War lie is impudent Anilak cried to be rep lieu. oily i la lieu. Call till ukr Ulicy so Vino Riiho co Vohol a Lien or entire Giro a hum Ohio As by com ill no for tic nor no Trio Leril cd fat Tucy Fiir Sook i hair them Usu All Hiil Iho kill o.1, a new four Cru burned

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