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Dawsons Weekly Times And Union Newspaper Archives Feb 19 1862, Page 7

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Dawsons Weekly Times and Union (Newspaper) - February 19, 1862, Fort Wayne, Indiana Waiko a to is i Viii ii. A court will Man Convene of a a win Teto us crib Ivy a go not Oen. Stone a of Dot if ii win be a Tywond porno Mouce of to pm to ool i Kef Ehmka. O. My Inch. Our Gomul to a nil he Sis Ned Beetow lha to go torment a a Lowed us pirate Sumpter to trait Iti ports. We under Ataii ump us Bui boo Aist proc love has shipped a big Loon and it ton to Cairo forthe a Kiis if Filli oct ii Iai Aidor tha Duke of a Plinston that in Mtyr loot a gun Cap Tuffil a Tkv a naion a Harar Feught our Temh Teloy Phi hmm Hava top triad him and Hia Guna. A Hertia Gen. Win and his army Buie a Hii us army but w to is Vanda eng stamp in Sainich of Ricada and meet of if mom Uig 92rwhat is the distr Roe but iras a cat and a Dogma set t anal Ona has Daira at the end fits Ian in and the other Haa pauses at the Eod of Ito Clai of Phillip whaler who waa injured upon the a Ilioyd room two weeks ago had one of his arms amputated Yatt cuday. The a ration was Perfin omd by doctors daily Brohi and Brubaugh. The patient is doing Wal. Considering the recent visit of so Many eminent sons of Seu Lapius. Ftp tha triumphal noftion of Mason and Sil in big Laad consisted in their being Loilo a m Cess hotel by two Mutto ser Bijoor. Weight will be us successor a Tea Mia Senate. The will a a Good one. Laa a a a tha gom meat has chartered Katy a Cin Annati to transport troops to Kulm Knaad Teane sea. This looks like do lag Aam Susag. Law Fatura in Day etiquette was pre i Owr Ati Aeto to Day. A Bull dog Knagg a Rashaa brate How it the 4af was the better Brt Rathe two. Kcf fag Bough and a. Price Are a will ii with Coeh other. The pubic will met Tom which is the Gater scoundrel Otheim a Socy Mali Ejiu it Emir vet a a a a Wiiri Assof Warsaw now of a a Ehmed. Va., writes that two or Iha Hoyt Taka with him a. Hobler and Jim Magosin Are quite unwell but Uia Thia it Hei this Good. We Hope they May soon of a san of president Lincoln i ced eight years is try ill with typhoid Ferer. His com is critical and a visitors Are excluded from the White House for the time being. Colp Batu Bill at fort Wise new Ibex too the thermometer for the six Days previous to the 18th of a Souciy ranged from Aero to Eglit ten and twelve degrees below. In the pools of the Arkans River the Ico was six or Chat inches thick. Mas. Of Abbai. Lake s Cabau a Dpi Iolin . General Lane s 6ne car Raip presented to her Dur ii her late Stey in this City was completely demolished by the a Duent on the Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad on the 7th theme. Elba Rich old dam idol the one who has numberless places mistress and diamonds and who was once the husband of the Prince Mathilde of France has just sold Elba to Louis Napoleon for 1.500,c00 francs. Tom Sayers and a circus Nimsger were followed through the Streeto of Liverpool recently by in excited crowd who supposed them to be Mason and Stidell. Such is fiume. Command Latia Atad Wiki us others to the upper part of tha Island where they Laid Down their arms. Elisabeth City was about half based by the rebel soldiers. The people sent off a deputation to Coamo Odora Gold Borough asking him to Send a Force to asst in eating pushing tha cold. Fly a tha feb slotted of Stergh Mic was Filpo Ftp a to night of us 7tk. A my and Rob Bil Imlah chs Iamatha Aasa. Tha met Octan Ware found rifled of ther the Lubbers thus for have eluded a tar Flea Rama. In command at Beaufort fists to the Over intent Shalf take charge of Plao Tationa of us coast and go to Rais Lif Tim Aii Nying the negroes. We the Iii los of ii imply has a Omagh of trouble a pfc Asmo and ask was to Tei bout Ahme. Hand child by Cal Mph Daia Lynch the commander of Ahkim it when his hit trots bearded by the Federal troops. Jump. Asci spam Siad Haa not Brea Beard from. A up peaked that he was drowned in to swim to the Shore it so Quot ail is ii a kit Uhde Leiea we Uve no Tours to Smith has been elected Kwa beating Ingles the it candidate 21 vutes. What kind of la the in t certainly not a partisan ther can it be called a Union Victory a he Mph the Komi Iriny Are All in Feivor of Una an in i is a to Luigi More or Lew than a Triumph pm a Eav mum Lang Woof it wave. She Stone my a Maramag a Heit night Abou t 12oclodt, a a to mod on the Wem end of was sons aimed by Tat the to Boap Kaiim the so to and to it tha adjoining build ii a. It is said the irn Puaa of Tho House Truyn Daren of it us rep a Toua chars tar. And had Oenski Denby for Soma ume past. I0rl la re mond thai of. Fri font is the aaa Afeei in te8sl a Ama to get a Loag a think he Aho Ufal be allowed 4s> in a use to Sil a ppm tha Foti in ant Almy Mim m Iba i Wist v Waare it mis a of Cost a to a new command will Liml a a n exp Csira Experiment . Few Iam Dir on Aero Antof his health rom Luthc vat from Ira Job Haamid. We to first this for a is doing goad Are vice and has 4ha Soklty Iii Osaer lady. He has aug a eed in opening the Baltimore it Ohio Uail-sos4 Asiar As Hancock md., so that troops cd of War a be safely Tinq sorted. A Psi in Ste Sim and ladies Wayne to erect m. E. Church will give a Oiffer supper and festival in Cal Erick m if a eve feb. 2ut, of Ottum Benefit Al farm they will Endeavor by the Vai to of air Otto and Vanda to gratify the tastes of tip a oat Foa tedious. Doors Nam f Eft admission 10 cents. Few a re aware of the in Ottavee of Elicic Klix a cough or common com Quot in Ito first suge that which in the beginning would yield to a mild remedy if neglected soon Atte eks the Longs. Quot Bremme Gnu Kiml 7�car�,"conuiniii Demulcent incr diets allay a Almonacy in Setien feb. L9-ir8m.______ Tal Nable and comte int. Umm Brm Mai. To cab in was a r Kaawa m u Steinb a mm4v Ier a Mutto few Macu my to or in in rat Aad Tam the Var Are of Gfa it Nam Ftp Tow a rpm in a Ktelis tiny m it a Kimm by Kmla Tim Wywie dorm Mumby a Flemimg Hwy Cattia a a by Teal a Gnaim Bat May at As Ham a mid wit i pm fat a arty. A Izaak Alai a Asumaa the to Patapas af-siate4 with if its Tai Auto a to Badiaa Waie Paitich ivly at Ihil Wapaa att a year. A atm Xai Griir. Ca Dox a a that Ara Lagaay Iaruta Tiaa. Aak sir Aad a it amp in Saiy Quot Bow rom t Araa Caia trek Wuehr Leaf Azupar Kaaea has a a acid Thair value Hivia Raa Zivad tha n a Liaa of Phytila Iaan Gaa tally. Aa4 Tiai Valasa from Aai aaa a a Tail Ighani tha aaa atry. Fah.l4.1i�3-4a�l7. The following is an est rate from a letter writ ten by the Rev. J. 8. Hoime pastor of thepse a Point str it Baptist Cal Loeb to Oflyn n. Y. To the to offal and messenger Cincinnati o., and Speaks volumes in favor of that world re Nowood Medicine Mas. Winsow s Sooni Iii Tab this. Wesee an advertisement in your columns of Mas. Win Auw a so Thimo Szaor. Now we Nev Exsalda Woudia Favoron Apt Teni medic one before in oar life Bat we feel Eom died to say to your readers that Tunis no bomb ugh me hot tried ii my knew Itie Emu it it it Fob sly one of the most Medl Eliasof the Day be ease it is one of the Best. And Bosoff your readers who have babies can t do Etter theto Lay to asap of Quot or Strumbus it it a so Romulous the curve the blight the potato rot of Mankind. They Are vile and Fothy As Well an total. They Ariae from contamination and impurity of the blood and Are to be seen All around us every where. Cue Quarter of All we meet Are tainted with them and one Quarter of these die of them did foolishly too. A canse they Are cd Lable. Attis Sassa Padilla cleanses out the scrap Hlonas corrupt ten from the Good renders t pure and his Althy expurgated the fool con urination from the system. Night longer groan Onder your san it Yolous disorders since their resist Lile Attu has provided Hix masterly combination of curative that , Waterbury it. Edenton was Token possess in of on wednesday by Commodora Goldsborough no of Pesi ton being offered. Norfolk and re mond papers attribute the loss of Roanoke Island to the blundering inefficiency of the rebel Navy. They still persist in asserting that 1,000 Federal were killed. They Alao charge soom Roanoke Island of comr with deserting and piloting the Yankees to the Only Point they could effect a Landing the Sinding being flanked on All rides by an Exten Sive Marsh. Despatches from Memphis to Norfolk admit the Bedersi Flag a As cheered on the Tennessee River by the people and assert that the Feier als neither seized nor destroyed any private property not even Cotton. Oover ror Letcher has issued an order for the formation of Home guards for the defence of Norfolk Petersburgh and rid Nond. Bishop Ames and Hon. Hamilton fish re turn to Baltimore the rebels refusing to Scrive them. The Richmond dispatch says a Tennessee exchanges give us gloomy Prospecto further future in that part of the of unfed a. Several leading journal intimate plainly that there is really a threatening state of Lafiura in East Tennessee growing out of the idolatrous Hgt be of Many of those people to the old Unwin. Tha correspondent of tha Meas his Avalanche write that the Condit it Ilof tha Interior counties is not improved by the Pas of Tiam. The people apprehend an Imo mediate Advance of the Northmen and traitors to the South evince their any in every Villega and neighbor Hood. Tha Unki Shoara making Demontra time in Many of tha Northern counties and even at Mem Psia there were Demaat Rayons of Joy on tha arrival of tha nears from beae i Grove. Annex bands of Johnson s and May nerd s followers Are prowling about in All directions through tha so Rantapaa. In tha Remote counties Many have been shot at night in their Oam houses who had adhered to the fortunes of the Sauth. Baltimore feb. 14.�?partiea who com Tuia old dim Bool say it we it Portal in Norfolk Yeata Day that fort Donelson had been captured. One despatch from fort Monroa Sakes to allusion to it a reliable passenger from old Point says some workmen from the City work at Rich sufi graph eur Geo. Aigel has arrived at Spring eld Ului Hia dial ski a of the Federal army. Price Haa Folie Hack to Wilson s Creek and it is to might will Amke a stand. The next news a expect to Bear a that he will been route for. Arkansas or. Some other Safe hiding place. We do not believe he will dare risk a Baule Irp Howai be Defeated. Our forces Ara Aston nixed to air pure us if Posa Tilc he Saay i Eli of hot or them. A i Proa Loam that uie ladies soldiers Aid so a pm Timve responded to the Call of capt. Of a minis of co. A 30th regiment in the Mih Stantial manner they Baro furnished to fax articles required. Thus have they Given another evidence of Devotion to their country. Their Elbirta Hare been untiring and their to Hon incessant in providing comforts for Tho Vidi Stoeva a Ace the War come Senad for which tl0y be the thanks of ovary Patriot in tie Lilli amp i Goa Basss you latties our country will be saved. A a the ship Black Prince which sailed la it a Job Boa for ship Island with a Saigo of army ass so and horses Mii Vod Aii Tod nation after Sta my voyage having Tost Sll tha live a few Honsa u by Wen said to Beim pipe Ray pocked. The stench of the decaying Al Pula a waa such As to destroy Moch of the after St rss and the health of the Crew was Aflee Tad by it. The loss a is tinted at thirty Llu Send Debais they were a part of the i Assia and stores for the Butler expedition. A Rwy said when we returned from a visit to a Crittenden s division of the Federal army that if they remained at Calhoun no ene. By old approach them and they had no Roada a Var wife a they could March upon the be i Rathay Hava air Freeo ordered to join the advancing column of Geo. Grant and of enter Maia Hwi Fra Calhoon to Henderson which Alaei a a a us fetch Apon the Ohio Rivaro twelve a a a a he to we fun Folk to the 440� Indiana and will now Hava the Gratis Lessy. Thiafi Viliott is or Lylw wimp Fth Fostiy Oas of Cavary and Tiro battalions of artillery. Springfield to feb. Is via new Creek feb. 14 a our troops Taok pm Minn of Springfield to Day Arit Hout firing a gun. Price evacuated the phew yesterday afternoon marching out on the Faya Terille Road. St. Louis feb. 14.�?the follow ii dispatch waa forwarded from headquarter Tua a. M 2h leu. Meet loan Wae Kinglon Tho Flag of the Unk it a now Plunto Over the i Hurt House in Springfield. The in engr retreated after a Short Engs Gamut leaving a Large amount of stores and can App a Atrich waa Cap lured by Gaa. Curtis. Our cavalry is in close Pursuit. Sigm h. W. Hallock. Major general. Fort Monroe feb. 13.�?the gun boat Sten and stripes arrived Tina soon from bum Side s expedition with a bearer of dispatched for the Guvo Mymit. They report the rout of the rebels As Complete. 3,000 prisoners were Cap tured and All their gun Boate burned or Cap tue except two which a scoped in the canal the Federal Loos was shied 42 wounded amt 140. The rebel loss Kiuei about 30 and their wounded less than look tha Advance from Hatteras took Placon wednesday by it Ming the expedite a consisting of about 60 vessels. The Fleet Anc More doff stumpy Point that nit and next Day a to needed to the Entrance of Croatan sound. After a Deconno Assance the attack was commenced on Friday morning the underwriter leading the column. The rebel Fleet waa attacked and dispersed in half an hour by the Navy while the re Munder attacked the land batteries. The fight Oon tinned till dark. During the night 10,000 men were landed and on Satur a morning 7,000 More. A marked Battery of 3 guns was soon discovered by the skirmishers and was attacked in front and on both the 21st, 25tb. And 27th Massachusetts the 9th and 51st new York and 10 Conne Pisut were particularly engaged. The 23th Massa a Musette and the 10th Conne Lieut suffered most severely. The fight lasted Only two or three Boura when the Battery was abandoned. Our troops pursued and apr rounded the rebel Camp and took nearly the whole command prison a. 0 Jennings Wise was shot twice while in it Deavo ring to escape in a boat. Col. Russell of the 10th Connecticut was killed at the Bead of the regiment. Lieut. Col. Demontrice of the a Epin Uiel zouave whose services were voluntary waa killed. No other officers were killed above the rank of lieutenant our total loss in killed and wounded is less than 200 and the number of killed is less Umusa on sunday p. A. A Fleet of 15 gunboat started for Elisabeth City. The place was shelled and having been evacuated and partially Biart by the rebel troops was occupied. The seabird Whit was the Flag ship of Commodore Lynch was run Down and boarded and the galant Commodore escaped by swim it Illing to the Shore. The news from Elisabeth City was received at Roanoke Island on monday noon. Gen. Wise was at nags head and succeeded in escaping to Norfolk. The rebels made no flight after being being driven from their in which was done by tha Hawkins Zoas Vas she tha 21st . Yong Wise resisted tha atoning Partos till be we a bonded Sod curiae a off w in i fort Monroe Febu 14th.�?the following is from to Day s Norfolk Day Book. A Rumor read this City yesterday by passenger from suffix a that the enemy had taken pos Serrien of Edenton and also of Plymouth. Later in. Tha Day it Wai Rwm ored that a couple of Tho ene my s Veasey had proceeded on a Coo Naissance As Farad Colerain. The Day Book also gives a Aketch of the new rag adopted by the coat Nittole of Congress on the sub act. It is a Une Mao of a red Field with four Stara a form of a Aguare Araia the Tomn. The Richmond dispatch of Friday Haa tha following a a Gen. House and sent Down a Flag of truce to Rva Noke Island on thursday. A Norfolk Telegraph Maya it Isbelia Vad the mortar Fleet i intended for this Petersburg feb. 13.�?the editor of the a Prem Haa Rao Elvrd a letter from sufi ilk dated thursday which says that Edenton and Hartford have both been captured. Five gun boats moved slowly to the wharf of Edenton yesterday St 9 o clock and landed their troops. Very soon afterwards 15 More gun Boate arrived. The citizens re we the Whito Flag a Between 3,000 and 4,000 troops landed at Edenton. The population of Edenton is about 2,000 and is Distant from suf blk about fifty Miles. In the afternoon 2 gun Boato Well in cheer Van River towards Winston and several others toward a the mount of the Roanoke. Hartford the top Tui of so. Waa taken by the federals yesterday. A Nashville Telegram of the 12ui hut. Says Quot a dispatch was received from Jass Bernaad City this evening stating that one Federal gun boat bad appeared at fort done Loo and this morning opened freon the fort but without injury to it the fort returned tha fire Aad the gun boat retired. The Federal Hava Laad Ted in Force Anda Battle wit Light artillery commenced this morning. It 1� a ported the Federal Force is from 10000 to 1000. When the Steiner left for Cumberland City tha Battle was raging with great Parais Tasss. Nashvle Febi 13.�?a dispatch Firoozi fort Donelson dated 11 30 this the firing of artillery commenced Tina Monr Fng before Sunrise and had con Tinard Nacea singly up to that Tim. The enemy keep a respect a fun distance. Tha Flekel Art Iuey is is id a Al no the line. L.vtka�?2 46 p. firing has ceased probably caring to a desire of the enemy to Chai posit pm. So for a have is pulled tha enemy at every Point Kawg tha Liaa. Our loss u Small. The Federal gun boat Hava retired and we think they Are Aerio Naly ii ured. Day Haa a meat passed Aad a it a still hold our Owa. We Hava is pulsed tha a Amy at every Point Aad driven Back their Gua boats. We Hava whipped the by Laud Aad Wator. They will probably attack us to am a Row. Our Amsia not very great Iwiula that of the enemy must be heavy. We have repulsed the enemy everywhere and Waare satisfied that we have made them reuse twice. Our Linea Are entrenched All around. Few York feb. 13.�?the steamship data from Liverpool on the 1st inst. Via Queenstown on the 2d has arrived. Her Datea Are one Day Uter. Madrid feb. 2d.�?the Sumter is still at Gibraltar. Don Almonte the mexican minister Baa arrived at priests and been revived by the Are Duke Maximillian the Austria Garetto mentions tha re appoint it of Archduke Maximillian As com my Ore of the austrian Navy and contradict a the report respecting the Dieme to place him on the throne of Mexico. Pans feb. 2.�?the Independence beige As Arete that the so Ruthem commissioner have informed the English government that in return for Tho recognition of the Southern confederacy they will establish most absolute free Trade for 50 years a Bolth the external save Trafla and emancipate All the Blacks born after the recognition. These offers however will not determine lord is Menton to abandon the policy of neutrality. London feb. 2d.�?the propose Tom of or Gregory for the recon Niton of the South will be discussed soon after Tho open ii of Parlia cat an interesting and exited debate and rejection of the propose Tom a expected. Liverpool feb. 1st.�?Cotton Salsa to Day 5.000 Bales Market closing Stordy and unchanged sales to speculators and exporters 2,000 Bales. Breast urls quiet and provisions quiet London feb. 92 c<$93 for Money. . R. R. Shares 48 �@43 discount Erie r. R. 29@29>. Havre Jan. 30.�?Cotton sales of the week 11.500 Bales. Market closes quiet but steady. Stock of Cotton in port 11a.000 Bales. Paris Feu 1st.�?rentes 71f of. Bombay Jan. 13ui.�?the of Saltpetre torn India except to British to is pro hinted. Detroit Feu 14tk.�?All tha Banka m Unis City a fended Mia payments to Day. Monday they left there fit a want of Wark. So great was the Scarcity of Iron and Coal that the works there were being suspended. Coal was enormously High. The Mai say there Are few if any Sannon left at due him it and All having been sent away from time to time to other Poi Tel very few of tha defens a there Hava any Cannon mounted. Mabria Oss Withers k Morris office la this City Febra Arv 17th, 18121. By j. D. Weyden. J. P. Or. Eucha Marsha in to mis. Saba Mab shall. the i3th inc. At the Reri Dene of the Bride in mount oiled Ohio by the Rev. Amos Pratt or a. C Fostof new York City to miss Katib s. Hoosby of the for Ner Fesce. Or. Foye was for some time a resident of this Eirv during which time he made Many warm friends who with us tender the Happy Erie a heir congrats latinas. We wish them a i or Accetti and Blissful voyage Ever the Stormy sea of life May the mils of their i Sarimo Al barque be fanned by the zephyrs of Ive. And Anchor Fely in the Haven of pros Purily and happiness with such additions to their Zittu Erem As shall be a wearing unto Thom. A age was not made for them no All the Wise Dennse itt ice thug breath the snows of time Aad love my a i and Only warm the soil a Mammoth cake was the printers share which was devoured by the types from the editor to the Devil. Disc a in this City at Tho residence of his Mother on 11th february of consumption or Joh a we Hubb so eds years. Leo Allan co safty on the 4lh Teal. Doctor John c. Champer aged 35 years. Tea deceased emigrated irom Cantu county Ohio to this county some 13 years ago. During Hia Reid sense a Tong us he themed Aad died fomented by a Latfy Circle of friends he was buried a voiding to the ancient custom of free masonry of which hit Raity he had for Yean been a devoted and Asaf til my Toff die1>a� his Essid sea la the Al of new York on monday Febra Arv loth 18�3. After an i Nam of four hours my. Jobs com Obb i and Veara and twelve Days. Tha deceased was that other of oar Well Knawa townsman John Conger or. Esq. Or the use of i. H0bttbr8 Sto Mach bitters for dyspepsia fut Leoca heaving a of the Stoma or any other like of feet Ioa. Is second to none to ass erics Ora Braad. To be Able to Stote Toni deftly that the a Tetra Quot Are a Eer Tato Caro for dyspepsia and like Dio it eases. Is to the proprietor a soared of a alloyed pleasure. It res soviss All Mormad matter Tam Uia Straw i purples tha mood impart renewed i tasty to the nervous system giving it that Toad and Energy so beam. The numerous of in Superior excellence and Bias Lulal Rosaly Hava assured Tho Popr Petoia that it Sammt but Prada a great Eure to the Amie Ted sad impart vitality to the Thoro he Etem. To a see advertisement to another Kolassa. Orka mov a a Calcai. Do Ovava two 3hoertolly devote to or. Kennedy Aad his pop alar Medicine a portion of our Tolamaa to Day or we Are Well aware that the Quot Diee Overy Quot is doing More in one week a the eur tog of by bows of every deeper option than any remedy that Haa evil Rte Miete we Ems article la tha ii manner for we have taken Unlusu a i pm Tusto find out whet Herlt Walsall that i peo Tobe. We have visited tha Laboratory of or. Kennedy at there Peva sed the Fertile Atesom those who have Baba eared Sony of them known to us As persons of veracity sad truth. it Marown Feuu Vesande Meads and have had persons Rezatto a what the a discovery did for them these High estimation in Wuehr to hold this remedy do Oso. H. Keyser agent. O. 140 Wood Street y a for the regular army wanted for the United state army for the term of Kluun by am Able bodied Yaag Mea. Between the Ages of in Aniss Yeata. at the Cloee of the War and Moath in pay of from �1s to feb ratio aet Quarter Aad a inform coast motor Tell shed ism lately on enlisting. Inducement were never held out for Len to embark in the Yauae of their Merito Rinios Young men Jne a Row Ime my mkt i rat us time m. Luk int. A Xmas. By lbs. M. C. Basoa. Alone of word of Bittera eee who ran thy mean aug know. Or Trace within thy narrow Bounds Sash Depths of untold woe none but the blew iding heart bereft of All its earthly Lovoy none but a pitying father s Eye that Wathea from above. Ahme. Time lips Fiat smiled on me in love and Joy and Pride. The same through All life s trial Yean As when a joyous Bride mingle alas with ashes now where shall the Mourne a hide and dust is on that Noble brow great god that i had died. Died Ere the heavy Wright of grief had premed on heart Sod Braio. And sent the life Geod cold and Ehul through every shivering vein died Ere that breast Long Yean my Home. My Refuge and my rest. Had singled into mouldering Clay i had been doubly Blest. Father thy pitying love to Neimfa a to guide me to the end. Through Griefs and fears and trials still my Ever constant Friend help me to walk with willing feet the path thy Wisdom shows. And by with Meek and patient Grace life s burdens and in woes. Thy love can All my Griefs Anusaga each rising fear dispel. And teach my Murm ring heart to say thou Doest All things Well alone not now my spirit inde White last ii of thy breast a Sweet a Riley from every Pato and owne Ite mag by set. A Star Brovall Aad baath wharf Ara thayl ask Boi the lonely too Plain the Mour Afu Story com to their Beauty and their Puidok to swirl the Vanka of glory. Scarce any Home that has not now some vacant Kiriy chair look to the Forward Bathe line our bravest a Ara Baa the nit Agi toe gory stops our Lathen Trad of Yore avenge the sacred blood that dyad the stones of Baltimore to shake from off our Banner s fold the dust that on it Lay god ukes his mighty cause to hand god guides them m Thane was f we be sent our Best and bravest Forth to Thasa unholy wan to lift our to until s Flag Agato tha glorious Strim Aad stars. To ight As gaunt Lton fought. To fall As we Mator fell to my Persha Aea a eol Dler Bavei 8o, at Homo the Auiona Here tour my an Ord Muice 0 to protect the Punk from come Fyk or Jim Grout diseases semm i. Beu Rahu Dufat pm Man Smeu Fetke cd if fori wig in that it shall be a amp Al u it hereby made the duty of the owner or Oce Paat of every House a nid Day wherein May Pertob May have do Small pox or other dangerous and a Oban is Dir cases to give Nouyee to the Pidi Ile in mediately of the exist ease Orang Tjitte. Ease in Sash House by playing need Flag in some cons Picana place of the premises where it May be been by persons passing on the streets near said premises and in care the said owner or one Pant of such Hoo so shall fail or be get to place Sneh Flag As aforesaid it is hereby made the duty of the marshal of said City As soon As he a informed of the re Tarence of such Dis a a it if it a a f a in any use. To Ca sue Haag a. Hull Ali to be so placed a aforesaid Aad Sneh Flag whether placed As aforesaid by a. The owner or occupant or by the mar accommodate my largely Tncrene-1 Shal shall remain there until Sash Pering by Wiaes a i have removed my Croce in amp prot Iai store or. O. J. Balm Niu Phi unix fill Cert car. Cd Leaa a Berry Sis. T. L in Cuixia. Jew Murm Tonila of May Hayes Aai flt Iuri Iatha Assi Ghl Hoiass Alana. To shed our bitter tears. Whue eos ring Daylight lads As Stib Loving prayer that god win tahe oar absent Oaas in his almighty care of Mother wives Aad maidae. Have each Dene what Yon of and. Ton to crushed the Mouth to big and sought your Donn tyls Good. Ton Vou to your lips to and bravely met the Day while Youra die harder lot it is to wait and water Aad Pray of women Noble a offering hearts Hope for a fairer Dawn the hand that dealt the Tim will give a Bright Nim Bra or on then with a Muty Faith. For Freedom s right and Laws that whosoever live or die god save his holy Calm Aad if they full Fea u1 the my i with face to the foe r. Father Eom Foti Scad is with the blew not Only for yourselves we Pray. Oar 4tave Aad our beat. U Oil guide them safely throng the fray. Or take them to thy reef Aon having such disease shall la amp be so far recovered that no danger by infection shall remain. And any person having neglected or ailed to place such Flag As herein required or having taken Down or destroyed Sneh Flag when so planted before the remove of All Langer by infection shall of on conviction be fined therefor in any sum not More than then a doll an. See. 2. No person having and Eon Tagios a Treaso shall go out in Fivi or pass from House to House Ilo App in any Street of or i a Public place in said Eity until he m she shall have so far recovered Virom each disease As to pre cantle All Ding i a of infection and if the Eniy shall see or be Init red of viol do to canse such person to be taken forthwith to he or her pm aloof to my Dene if within the i and if Sneh residence is not within the cow. Then to Sash place As the Board of Uenh out provide. Any Penon Piol sting is Winoma a by of aim a Ana a a a to a pcs so pm by Fly a _ tit Mitnit Macomia tha Smigiel is Verf Sta Fla i Pmj to of wait vim. pc knife m cml a so urn i i Asam lae these will the Subj my Stuj Iii Rel others. Cita Alara Al to c a Stu Asmi a Anat a from Stewart s to by Meta the a mss a i my warm Block Corner Calhoun and Ber j by Street where i will Bel pleased to see All old and As Saha Pisni i Prieva Manv new customers a choose i see or be Inion Metal of a a Peison Fin Immi Tion to my general Vasor taint Tulette the i added thereto a Inge Quantity of stove ring 4 Ussiker Chiba extracts Ott War a out provide. Any person pm Wug the provisions of the Section shall be fled in any sum. Not piece diag Twenty dollars. Sac. T. The occupant of any Honse we herein any Peron May have been sick of any such disease Rii of the death or recovery of Sash Mon from Sash Divenee fat with ill Troy Laa burying the clo worn by rat m Pold Mesi our a oils to. Son Dunn Sueh sickness Rndall bed. Clothes a by such person. Duni Stich is Ekno a and a half ii i i Iii i it if Puri the Hooke and in m which sad cold Walsh. A a Stich a Ani to oomph who the Section Ahall of this be fled in Irani nil less than ten or Nife than Dol Larn Quot a a to Iii in. Adopted Zebra nor Lith ibid. F. P. Randall Mara l. T. Bonn of cry. Pebm9wtt. Quot a mercy it together oct hot did Gaa. Floyd get oat of fort Donelson Fetiu Lewyl 1/v�oa bu8helm or a a Fulero. F Usu let to Farmers. To in Pluto , d f. Cox tract. And become of Teers of Tho army. For farther information enquire at the Vee Iuit bag Rendes Vons in Nill s Hall Foci wave. Capt. John b. Miller i3a a aunt u. 8. In Taavar feb. 19, a wet Reed uiting seer. Dou Jown of Mumm the irm of of iwo c. Niu k co., heretofore of braced in tha drag Busi Bess has this Day dissolved by Watusi Eoa seat tha Basi Aem hereafter will be continued St the old Sund by a l. Bin Regis who alone is author ipod to Doucot All debts de said irm and who will pay All just demands. E. L. 8turois, g.c.1iill feb.l9.e�. Wltd9w Tinta or Ladiana Allan Cha with Catherine Peterman a a circuit court Ben Peterman april term i8f�. It appears to the satisfaction of the clerk of said court by of Davit filed that said defendant is a non resident of the Stote of Indiana notice is therefore Given to mid Aon Reri deat defendant of the Ilia and Pend Aey of so id Eom Ida int and that Ullem he Peff tonally he and appear before Ibe judge of the Allen circuit court on or before the second Day of the Nett term of said court to be Holden at the court Honse in the county of Allen on the 90th Day of april 186s. And answer or demur to said complaint the same jul be card in Bis absence. I d. G. Nelson clerk. W. 8. Sniras att y plaintiff. Feb. I9-w3t. State of Indiana Allan chaat be. Before j. D. Werd a Justice. Adam Hoffman i to tue Ament. Henry c. Grey. I notice is gives defendant of the Penda Nev of the above entitled cat be. That proceedings in attachment have been commenced therein that by id cause will be heard before mid jut tace at his of Leo in the City of fort Wayne county of Allen and Suto of Indiana on the 8th any of March ims at 10 o clock a. M. O mid Day. That if mid defendant fails to appear at said time and place thu cause will to nerd in his absence. J. D. W Arden j. P. Feb. 19th 62. W3t delinquent tax Sale. By virtue of the City tax duplicate and War it rant att bed thereto to me directed by f p. Randall mayor of the City of fort Wayne Al it in count state of Iii Diana for the collection of the City taxes of the year 1861,1 will expose for Rale by Public aae Tion at the oort House door in said cite. Of the s7th i of february 1863, Between the hours of 10 o Loek a. a o clock p m. Of Seid Day the following described property is eyed in the name of the following prions and the amount due upon Aseh set Opp Orito their names i Smi is go psf ask Ltd Quot n Quot to to a a ass a a ssh Quot Quot a i eur s Quot say a at w Quot Scis Psi Hows a a4 97 is Mem it a mlle a Wii Kownat 7� a la in re wer h. N by tvs Orr. L Ort Wayne. Ind., feb 4, Lk&Amp-dltv3t. Leta my re 9mh of the Laden dined Bavis been Faal led As executor of Henry Rimann Der mss with Foo win Anoe aed will As such Exeen Torin Assar Faaee with the provisions of said will before the com t House door of Allea Douai a of Fig tardy a the m Day Marek in. Between tha Honra of 10 o clock a. A. Aadot a Doop ab., to Adi the a Ebsa Lagdan scribed real estate to the highest bidder to i part of the oath West Quarter of Seetia is town 90, Raue 11, Aast coat Millmr forty acres. To snob Uberti and be known on the Daff Kotsala. Lewis go be executor of Henry Neimann deceased. Feb.�.lmihr9t. Is Lection Totice. There win be an election held on Tho Fth Day of february 1881, at Bower Chapel Hist. Joeeph township Allen county in Elsaa. Cor tha Parcase of electing five trustees for the method amp to episcopal a Huish organi Sadioa Wuch Quot Hil feb. 19 West. Ram Parent pc scat. Am to Amend an or Dinnee entitled an ordinance to a Stawish a Board of healthy Sec. I. Be it ordained huf the com Mon Council of the City of fort a that it Avail be the duty of every practising physician in the City to no Taffy the Mavor or some me Mhz of the Board of health of said City of Etc Case of contagious or infections Dis eases in the City within twelve hours after the Ezi stance of Sneh disease shall come to his knowledge and every such physician Ahall in artery commencing with june 1802, report to said mayor or the Board of health every Case that shall Ocener in his practice in said Day and the canse of Sash death and Aronld any such physician refuse or neglect to comply with the requirements of this Section he shall for every such offence be fined by the mayor in any stun not exceeding Twenty five dollars. Sec. 2. If any person shall knowingly Intro Daee or Aid or assist in bringing into the City any contagious or infectious disease of a loathe some or dangerous character such person shall for every such offence be fined in any sum not More than Twenty five dollars. Adopted january 38th, 1802. F. P. Randall Mavoe. Attest l. T. Boulb clerk. Feb. 5,-dltw3t. A say so h0��8s, South a we Mai Sci unix , lad., eff be Tan foor we us a the tone Mwau tort wayd0� Luidl Jacob Fry in Rotor i have erected Lisibet Eale Nilva Tan y just West of the Stone and near the West sad of the Aqueduct and prepared to and will carry on a Large Besix Neesia my Trade. Of Ahly ads soph a Are anally a a Aaita into leather i will pay the Ikea Iris a 9m . jul by Taa and pay Aalt go As Othen. Ikea faadaaiw9f la re ii Ai say Mdfee it Ooi Nutua St Vori Tayim Harmess upper Kip calf Amo sole a Batter. Myrald patinas jul Akia take Astlef aft Soi if fort Way a lai., Oai. a a my a a Ami _ _ a Dii a Aiyla sin Sjo Jet Tif Core a ctn of it of to Zym vex no Pidd a a a flu rent not attended the econ a you acky the Zun. Tysor a emf to even ton leg Jyh his ism a sewed that the of Are the p base Oramou hts Giro a a Friia Jar few Craig i a a am Mummiani and a to my Bisa a Mai win. Grass As Estable Miriiam far Salato Hal Laflin Taar Osla la mate mamas Noy. 26.1861 Alai Galaif Ladief i Saable cheap and Tbs Are examine A. Asst a new Stock of Vau a we stir Mimi which win be Amad Bettar Aad larger thaa. Ever. In temp Nisei Alu Hebbel Aai Hessl Itress Good Merines Cash Eves Ciresi Lens de lines plaids heavy Domestic Singh inns in lies etc., Ete. Also a Fine Stock of Broadcloth cos Limeres sat Netts flannels Linss and wont i goods Genelly with a ill assortment of Staple my of Imit mrs a Fine lot of Woolen Yam of tha Best i Pality of hand Aad for Sab cheap. In great variety very die i. These grads Ata All War rain de to be of Sopor goal Ltd and hav ing Tea bought Asela sylvely for Ehas jul Bazald reaper than at any other Placa. A r�ccrle�9 i Are Warey etc., a fall and Gaad Stock. Call aed examine Saau to and prices and Yon will be sati sled a can me Money by Par chasing. No. 84 Colathia Street oct4.��,l Date Fadu Onahue tailoring Tiai eme so Bro. N. A Cim amp we warm Raspet tiny a Joanee to of All Aadu cd cast Ems that we Hava Jast replenished on Fea Aad american cloths Oass Meres vesting a. Which a will Osaka a Nitha soft Fth doable styles. Also a Large Aad fresh Stock of hons Xada Clon mro. Hats amp , rms Mur a. 4c. prepared the Hawrish a Stamen on Short n Tice with aay thing la oar Liaa of Basi was. To salivate a share of Mablle Patro Aag remember Corker of co Laama and Clintia streets. Thierb k Bro. Fort . 7th l8slwtf received Thia Day by express. An a Aagaat As sort sent. We Sra la Dally receipt of is Aatifa. Yea Cubi a a a of of by a in Una Sontag gloves gauntlets shawls amp a Zehavo an sex trendy huge sloth of Verr thing appertaining to the Trade and Logergren Lar h4eoeamnta thaa Everta be Yessik town lets Wykum k Bam. A Siania Hij �wsa., Mpa imm kov.918sf-D�irtfbbbd a Wall Hewon i n. S. Area a i Saala id rata it a calmly his a Iii lib Odim also Imd Ollie mme Yib Tail . In dts Dai a i i Samts Amaal is Lii Simiti i sign a ovum a a in a Kas fist a or either aft a ask All i Jhew thei add Regaw wed for a Mil Basiisa Sai Sci pm a i Thrata few Days Belbena fab 19r�9t secretan of a alias my. My Mem Matlum Taimy i a la Jilji door it Jas a Miff. A Huml Aad make to Bovo Wolk. Be smis a a Asam had n to their and Vaataja to give a ask a flt Wana Stadta he wed Deoa not of a Ead malarial. Quot Haahr Riaia _ a bad Jaik 9�, to Wolf. The weekly Suges to fort Wayne lad., and Coldwater Mich. Daily Hack to Mich 8. K n. . Good Lively Stehle la feb 96th 1861. Way. Notice is a sri by Rivca that the co partnership Berat Albra is Detlaf Bai Wosa Poter Oknee Aad James sweaty drag t Niimi aads tha Sasmor of Pekats Weott into Al of seat a Tea Ute of of Braan in. A pc saas having Euist by a lag said Ina will can and i a Whir is Amber the same. The Shew win boat Noe under p. Oil neck. I yet is Krnc feb. 13,18t?-ir3tp. Roofing Sieper Taii eff a a Ilia a. A Alula title Andl ratty of to the to Orteta had Mew of cloth shia Tho Law Smikat rates Aad Lavite tha attentional Par Essers to our Nock a and Price. Niliwat4� Ift Maek cheaper than it Una Baba Dena Elbra. Parties at j Ssali Iel a or a nosing will fad it to their interest to Call and a Sassine the same at , Colombin of Ash to View i Fer Twayna feb Isth a Al. Del wed Ward a Tomick her Cliatt to fill re tii Ltd wlin���atmti4 Bradt Iuni Dur ave cd it ref fld is 6<io�i Acif out of f Pire 139 lers la of my or St Job a a Fri m a a a had Apea again at any Kwh la the Day or night Idt via Bast of at Ika cd nah Back of Baindu s look eos a rec Gale my pm our a May o us i Wayna Sto. Eek a. So. 18� , a a a Irik a Kkt org a

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